Cure Tooth Decay: Heal And Prevent Cavities With Nutrition - Limit And Avoid Dental Surgery and Fluoride

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There is a holistic alternative to conventional dental treatments which can help you heal tooth pain, reduce tooth infections, halt tooth decay and inhibit gum disease. Learn about a flexible whole foods dietary program pioneered by the head of research at the National Dental Association, Weston Price D.D.S. that proved 90-95% effective in halting cavities. Cure Tooth Decay provides clear and easy to understand dental facts so you can make healthy, life affirming choices about your dental health, including a non-surgical approach to halt baby-bottle tooth decay. Learn five nutritional programs that Nagel used to cure his own cavities, and halt his daughter's severe cavities. Restore dental and oral health through nutrition and lifestyle, not harmful chemicals and surgery. president Dr. Gallagher, the President of the Holistic Dental Association says, "Cure Tooth Decay is treasure-trove of wisdom as it takes the mystery out of dental health."

Cure Tooth Decay reveals that cavities are not genetic, but a result of our environment, and primarily the foods we eat. Many people can avoid and limit dental treatments while bringing more balance and health to their body.

Discover the formula for having long lasting healthy teeth. Reclaim your dental health!

Customer Reviews:

  • The advice in this book really works.
    About a month ago I noticed that my enamel was stripping off. I don't believe this was typical enamel erosion. I don't eat citrus fruits or drink soda, don't have gerd or acid reflux, and I'm not bulemic. I have patches and dull strips where there used to be shiny enamel. I bought this book and changed my diet immediately. Within a few weeks the stripping of the enamel stopped. And all of a sudden in a matter of days, I started noticing vast improvements in the surface of my teeth. I read that tooth structure is lattice like, and it really is. You can really see it! For a couple of days, I actually watched it re-knit, and some of the patches have shrunk, by refilling with shiny enamel. I cheated on my birthday and the progress slowed for several days and I didn't notice daily improvements. I am just starting to see them again. There will be no more cheating. I don't want to slow this down.

    My daughter just started getting her permanent teeth this spring and they don't have any shine to them at all. She is also getting some enamel finally. Hers doesn't have the appearance of lattice, yet. She is just now getting her first vertical lines. If I could capture this, I'd probably just post the pictures online for the whole world to see that dentists are wrong! Everywhere you read online, "enamel does not grow back..." But, it does. I don't think this is just the enamel "like" glassy coating that Rami refers to. I really believe this is actual enamel re-knitting.

    My husband is getting improvements in his teeth as well. A couple of his molars appeared to have black decay in them, and the blackness is fading away.

    A bonus from this diet, is that I am finally starting to absorb my nutrients. Both myself and my daughter suffer from deficiencies caused by malabsorption. We are both doing better. And the proof for me, besides my teeth healing, is that my prematurely gray hair is reversing. Premature gray hair is caused by a lack of minerals. So, I must be absorbing some finally.

    This book shows you how important proper nutrition is, not just for teeth but for all health. The teeth are not just for eating. They are not unnecessary and expendible. They are keys to your health. They can tell you when something is wrong in your body. Dentures can't do that. If you have cavities, or enamel issues, it's not just a "dental" issue. It's a HEALTH issue. And fillings are just a bandaid. You MUST take responsibility and take control of your health. Only YOU can do that. No doctor or dentist can do that for you. It is hard work. Change is not easy, and not always fun. But it is SO WORTH the effort. Not only will you feel better physically because you're getting proper nutrition, you will feel good knowing that YOU did this for yourself. No bandaids, no magic pills.

    I also recommend Sally Fallon's, Nourishing Traditions book along with your purchase of Ramiel Nagel's, Cure Tooth Decay. Her book will help you keep with the guidelines that Rami suggests in this book.

    I just want to add a thank you to Rami for his hard work and dedication to writing this book.

    ...more info
  • Coming Home to Nature

    This book gave me the insights I needed when I was in tremendous pain and fear because of a dental crisis. I hadn't been to a dentist in 20 years, and because of this book, I was able to avoid them long enough to gain the strategic insight so I would not just be another casualty of a society which forgets its origin in Nature. Coming home to Nature has been fulfilling on such a primal level. I feel more of who I am as a physical being on this plane. All my life, I've watched the follies of Western Medicine, along with the good deeds, and have been surprised at the disparities. Diet & Core Beliefs are my first priorities when any physical ailment arises. Addressing them effectively has ALWAYS given me the results I've desired....more info
  • Clear,Concise,Complete Information that works
    All information needed for good maintenance of dental hygiene has been answered in this book. He also includes natural supplemental products and foods that enhance healthy, strong teeth and gums. I for one am most grateful for this book!...more info
  • Author is confused, but basis of the book is solid research by Price and Page
    When his daughter's teeth began rapidly decaying, the author embarked on a journey to find a solution. Through the writtings of Weston A. Price and Marvin Page, and his own experimentation, he found that tooth decay can be prevented or stopped by diet.

    The book starts with a brief denunciation of modern dental notions then reviews the work of Price and Page, paying special attention to their recommendations on diet. Next the author presents his own recommendations on diet (including both the "best" protocol and an alternate vegetarian protocol). The book continues with more detailed discussion of tooth decay, dentistry, and prevention of childhood tooth decay.

    Being based on large part on the work of Price and Page, the book's main theme and basic findings are solid, but the author, while railing against modern dental theories that, in his assessment, parade as "science" demonstrates his own poor understanding of the subject matter and inadequate critical thinking skills. As a result, the book is of somewhat dubious value.

    For example, on page 6, he rails against the supposed contradiction of the "experts" by quoting the website of the American Dental Association in which they state that tooth decay is caused by sugars and starches in our foods that contact our teeth and PROMOTE bacterial growth. He then quotes the Sugar Association's website where they say that sugar DISABLES bacterial growth. He states, "Basically, what I am saying is that if you leave a bowl of white flour and sugar outside next to a piece of raw fish, in a few hours or days the fish will be ridden with bacteria while the flour and sugar remain the same, nearly impervious to bacterial destruction." He neglects to notice that the DRY item remains while the one with moisture is the one that decays. Drying foods has long been a method of preserving them. (Beef jerky, anyone?)

    He also makes some mistakes in summarizing the research of Weston Price. For example, on page 27, he lists the principle sources of fat-soluble vitamins that Price identified in the diets of indigenous groups immune to tooth decay. He states that the third source is "Organs of land animals." In fact, Price names the sources in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration which on page 282 lists the third source as, "the organs of animals, and the eggs of birds, wild and domesticated." While few Americans eat organ meats, the vast majority do eat eggs, making this omission non-trivial.

    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Page's research, so I cannot comment on how accurately the author portrayed this research.


    * The idea that tooth decay can be halted or prevented by diet, coming from the research of Price and Page, is an important idea to get across to people, and this is the book's main point.
    * The book is engaging.
    * The author's own experience with diet and tooth decay and what he has found to work for his family and others is useful.


    * The author's lack of clear thinking and resultant logical mistakes.
    * While the author ridicules the idea that bacteria are the cause of tooth decay, he fails to realize they do in fact play a role, if not the most critical one.

    Rather than reading this book, I would recommend reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Price and perhaps a book by Page. If you can get this book at a library, you may find chapter 4, in which the author presents his dietary recommendations, thought provoking.
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  • A Must Have
    While I haven't had problems with cavities, I had a problem with sensitive teeth I was told were caused by receding gums, that are apparently natural. I started following the author's dietary protocol before ordering the book from his website ( and in just two weeks, the teeth were hardly sensitive at all (just mildly). I was advised to use sensodyne by the dentist, that was all he did. I stopped using sensodyne for a week and have reverted to ordinary toothpaste and it's only the gums which hurt a little. I started out by taking lots of butter, liver, kidney and cod-liver oil and haven't taken any sugar, bread, white flour products or fruits since.

    The author is only interested in helping you to take control of your diet and health. The book was a product of his research based on the work of Weston Price and Melvin Page who have been largely neglected by modern dentistry.
    ...more info
  • "Cure Tooth Decay" an excellent resource with real support!
    "Cure Tooth Decay" has truly changed my life and that of my family. I no longer feel the sense of helplessness I used to feel, not knowing where to get the answers I needed to improve our dental health. Instead I am now hopeful that I can positively impact the dental health and health habits of my family. Improving health is not just about having healthy teeth; it's the basis for living a long and healthy life. There are not many authors who offer the kind of support that Rami provides via his website on how to apply this book situationally. It's reassuring to know that there are options out there and people who really care. You just have to look, and ask. Our family will forever be grateful for the positive impact his book has made in our lives.
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  • A Wonderful Addition To Your Library
    I'd like to introduce you to a book that I think would make a wonderful addition to your library.

    "Cure Tooth Decay" is a unique and groundbreaking book. Empowering the reader to use whole foods as a preventative and cure for tooth decay. Imbued with well researched and documented material.

    You will surely benefit as I have.

    After reading Cure Tooth Decay I am not afraid of living because I understand what my body is doing and why. This book demystifies the modern tragedy of tooth decay and gives a plain and simple protocol for preventing or healing tooth decay and taking part of the fear out of life.

    I highly recommend it!...more info
  • It's About Time!
    I've always known deep down that teeth can heal naturally.
    When my own daughter began having dental issues, I went on
    a mission! Already been down that path, and being very
    scarred from the dental experiences I endured, I knew I couldn't
    put my child through it. I found Dr. Weston Price's research
    and my instincts told me this was it! Ramiel has now written
    a book, drawn from Price's findings, but specifically directed at restoring dental health. The result is a very comprehensive
    book that lays it all out. He is honest. And the truth is
    an incredible eye-opener! The protocol works. Get this book,
    especially if you have children....more info
  • Definitely Worth A Try
    I must admit I feel a little nervous about eating raw animal organs. Rare grass fed beef as well as sashimi sounds safe, but I haven't found a source for fresh organic sushi yet. I'm just thinking since meat is really decaying flesh, don't we need to cook it to get rid of bacteria? And at what point does this become an issue?

    I have been rinsing with sea salt water as recommended in the book and that works quite well. Getting raw milk seems like it's going to be a little more difficult, but I'll be heading to the farmers market soon to see what's available.

    Overall, I would say the book gives some sound and plausible advice. I'm open to it and willing to give most of the advice in this book a try before I have my teeth irreversibly damaged by traditional dentistry.. again.

    David...more info
  • excellent
    Wonderful book consisting of the truth about tooth decay. Also read Westin A. Prices' book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. It changed my life!...more info
  • Very eye opening!
    The great thing about this book is that it allowed me to take control over problems that I had once felt I had little control over not matter how hard I tried. The information presented makes so much sense and it is something that you will most likely never hear from your dentist.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in taking responsibility for their own health and want to live a life of optimal health.

    I want to also mention that I had contacted the author via e-mail with questions in regards to his book and other issues of health and he was always extremely helpful. I feel it really showed he has a genuine interesting in helping people....more info
  • Choose Carefully! - Don't Trade Cavities for Heart Disease & Cancer
    I highly recommend the book to become aware of factors affecting tooth decay. We definitely can eliminate these challenges from ourselves and our children by providing the proper nutrients in the diet which promote a healthy environment for the teeth/bones. The author also very wisely encourages each reader to investigate and customize their own diet. Don't take the easy way out and just use what's provided. Think! Think about your own needs and creating a nutritional plan that serves all your needs, not just your tooth concerns. I encourage you to follow the principles of creating the proper balance of Calcium to Phosphorus and to reduce the acid level in the mouth (and entire body for that matter) using the foods you eat to eliminate tooth caries, but be cautious about exchanging tooth caries for heart disease and cancer by converting to a diet high in animal fat, organ meats (which are even higher in environmental toxins than other meats) and heavy use of dairy products (ref. "The China Study"). Although I agree that if you are going to use dairy, raw, organic and grass fed is preferred. In case you have not had a chance to determine your Calcium/Phosphorus ratios, it may help to know that tooth caries appearing on the crown of the teeth indicate too much calcium in the ratio whereas when caries appear on the sides of the teeth it indicates too much phosphorus in the ratio. Most foods in the typical American diet, however are much higher in phosphorus than calcium which makes achieving a ratio of 1.5 Calcium to 1 Phosphorus a bit difficult for most even with the diet provided in the book. To achieve a proper balance without contributing to other disease consider utilizing selected fresh vegetable and vegetable juices, mostly greens such as wheatgrass, green beans, cabbage, spinach, celery, carrot and kale, naturally fermented saurkrauts and tofu while reducing or eliminating high phosphorus foods. Diet & emotions are the key to all good health, including prevention and elimination of tooth caries, but please think before you choose a diet that may trade one type of disease for others....more info
  • A must read for parents and their children
    My daughter started to have white spot on her teeth at the age of 3, this is why after many search I got this book. What a great revelation. A really interesting way of viewing on how and why the cavities are formed, and therefore on how to tackle them. My daughter teeth are much healthier and myself as well (I was having ongoing problems with bone loss in the jaw and gum desease). This book is a real eye opener.
    Thank you Rami....more info
  • Old - and precioius - wine in a new bottle.
    Rami Nagel is an "ordinary mortal" who has, by virtue of necessity and courage to dare - and the remarkable archive of anthropological-medical data created by Dr. Weston Price achieved an extraordinary goal - arresting and reversing what most people and practitioners routinely believe to be an inevitable degeneration in dental health

    He has come at his subject with all the doubts, hopes and vulnerabilities of a layman whose inner quest will not allow him to be satisfied with the pathological state of affairs that modern medicine takes to be "normal". It is normal in the truest sense of the word - meaning, the condition of the majority, the mean, the present state of things. But normal is not necessarily natural, and the quest for the natural is clearly what inspired both Weston Price and Rami Nagel.

    While there are many ways of providing the essential elements required for the job, Nagel chooses to model his approach on that of Dr. Price, who did decades of detailed study and analysis which few now would care to undertake.

    However, other - not incompatible - paths exist, such as the very promising potential of modulating the pH acid-alkaline balance in the bloodstream, a pre-condition which is pivotal in virtually all other and later developments in human physiology. One brief example will do: it is necessary for the salivary pH to be at least 6.5 in order for new enamel to be formed.

    Even if all other conditions are ideal, and this is not the case, the desired results may not occur. Ideally, "primal" nutrition would create such a condition, but years - perhaps decades - of extreme imbalance (even on well-intended diets), but experience shows that, at least initially, more aggressive measures may often be needed to rectify the all-important fluid state of the body.

    Nagel's book is admirable for its honesty, clarity and inspirational power, and deserves to be taken as the deeply valuable resource which it is, collating hundreds of pages of clinical research and distilling it into user-friendly form for impatient contemporary readers and needers....more info
  • Empowering, Enlightened
    I'm one of those lucky folks who never had a cavity, despite a childhood filled with Lucky Charms and spaghetti-O-s, so I was shocked when my daughter showed signs of deep decay on her two back molars at age five, especially since I was trying to follow the Weston A. Price dietary protocol. On closer inspection, I realized I'd fallen into the "Whole Foods trap," you know, where you cook the bone broths and rich gelatinous stews that your kids pick at, while in reality they feed on the "treats" like organic cheese puffs and sandwich cremes. I was also relying on raw milk and raw dairy as a magic bullet. I drove an hour to a good holistic dentist who uses digital x-rays and no fluoride, and he recommended healozone, MI paste and a protocol of encouraging remineralization. Ramiel Nagel's book was just the ticket for me in encouraging this process, and I'm deeply grateful, both for the pragmatic guidelines and for the enlightened parenting. I agree with him that there is a sadistic force at work in the way our children's dental health is treated. Apparently, it is not uncommon these days for little kindergartners to have had gold crowns, to lose molars prematurely due to decay, etc. Then, there are all the little "mouth breathers" whose facial structure has been deformed through lack of fat-soluable vitamins during gestation; visit any McDonald's or Costco on the weekend, and you'll spot some of these kids with the abnormally narrow noses and palates. It really freaks me out.

    Here's my 2 cents: For anyone fascinated by dentistry, I'd recommend the naturopathic physician Louisa William's brilliant book "Radical Medicine" in tandem with Nagel's. Williams has additional information on the use of homeopathic cell salts like calc phos to encourage bone growth (for wide palate) and remineralization. She includes a wealth of detail and photos on holistic vs. conventional orthodontic practices. She also goes into detail about the link between chronic dental focal infections and overall health, and she's especially good on the insideous focal infections caused by improperly extracted wisdom teeth, resulting in silently gangrenous pockets of bone tissue.

    I'd also recommend to anyone interested in homeopathic dentistry the usefulness of consulting with a good naturopathic physician. In my daughter's case, a naturopath discovered her dairy allergy and prescribed probiotics and herbal drainage remedies. I wonder if the dairy allergy could somehow be linked to her cavities, perhaps proof of the lack of homeostasis Nagel writes about. As a side note, my daughter's chronic anxiety and stomach aches disappeared after avoiding all dairy, even quality raw dairy. I also want to share that I followed Weston A. Price dietary protocol during my second pregnancy, including high vitamin cod-liver oil to 20,000 i.u.s of vit. A daily and raw liver and dairy, and my second daughter has an incredibly wide palate; it will be interesting to see how she fares with cavities; unlike her sister, she had no fluoride drops as an infant and was only partially immunized. Nagel's book sent me off to the market with a renewed sense of the sacred importance of feeding children, and it turns out my kids love chicken liver pate. ...more info
  • Oh the pain!
    I was ready to have a tooth pulled, the dentist told me I needed a root canal but had no money. I was in pain and the check had actually started to swell up. After some herbal medication and fasting, within three weeks of trying the diet I could tell I was turning the corner. The tooth stopped hurting, my teeth over all became whiter. After over a month on the diet it is hard for me to feel which tooth was bothering me. To look at it in the mirror, it still has a hole but the tooth feels like it is healing. After being out in the cold it used to hurt so bad(oh the pain!), now the cold has no effect what so ever.

    Thanks a million to Ramiel Nagiel for writing a book on what seems so obvious to me now.

    Leroy Transfield...more info
  • Reading this book was time NOT well spent
    I bought both Ramiel's books: the earlier version (with a cross on the cover) and this one. Essentially stating the same information this later edition is slightly better written, but still fragmented without a good flow. It contains useful information and even though Ramiel's research is minimal to none, most of the data in his book is valid since it is taken from credible sources. So in that sense it is useful. But why not spend time by first reading the same sources that will give you better understanding? The same diet that strengthens teeth will also strengthen the skeleton, the glands, the muscles, the nervous system and improve mood. What else can one need? So if the book budget is an issue read first Weston Price's book "Nutrition and Physical Degenaration" assuming you have time to enjoy all of the 500 pages (in reality the first half of these are devoted to his expeditions and the other half analyzing the findings so you would do as well reading only the latter 250 pages) - see [...]. If in a hurry (or pain) and you need IMMEDIATE results from a regiment that can be applied in our modern society then read "The Recipe for Living without Disease" by Aajonus Vonderplanitz and follow the suggested food choices as closely as possible. The results will astound you! It will feel like cheating nature until you realize this is simply the way true living was supposed to be!...more info
  • the whole tooth and nothing but
    the rare combination of detailed research and first-hand experience, "Cure Tooth Decay" tells the truth--even if we don't want to hear it. Its amazing to me how many educated and health-aware people automatically think the only thing that can help their dental problems is a visit to the dentist. Ramiel Nagel begs to differ. He shows that we have the power to control the state of our teeth and gums. It means being conscious of what we eat,and how we eat it.

    He doesn't preach, and he doesn't want to be your guru. Nagel wants you to find out what works for you by showing what foods and protocol worked for his daughter and himself. Then its up to you. There's before and after pictures proving that nutritional therapy works. The body wants to heal; your part of the equation is to give it the nutritional building blocks it needs.

    Yes, it means a change in habits and attitude. It'll take an effort, and initially it will probably cost you more money as you're buying quality products and not the mediocre compromises most of us are accustomed to.

    The alternative is to pay the dentist thousands of dollars for short term solutions that only delay the inevitable deterioration of the teeth and gums, and even causes said decay, according to Nagel's research.

    If you have dental insurance, it may not be an issue for you. Unless you realize that your hard-earned money paid in premiums is only further sending you down the road of aging, poor health, and degeneration.

    Dentists tell us that food left on teeth is the major cause of decay.
    Nagel tells us that's like saying that rain causes the roof to leak.
    If that makes sense to you, I strongly urge you to read this book. Its a
    life and thought changing book written by a man who's not trying to sell you anything...and how rare is that?...more info
  • A Wonderful Addition To Your Library
    I'd like to introduce you to a book that I think would make a wonderful addition to your library.

    "Cure Tooth Decay" is a unique and groundbreaking book. Empowering the reader to use whole foods as a preventative and cure for tooth decay. Imbued with well researched and documented material.

    You will surely benefit from buying this, as I have.

    After reading "Cure Tooth Decay," I feel less afraid of living because I understand what my body is doing and why. This book demystifies the modern tragedy of tooth decay and gives a plain and simple protocol for preventing or healing tooth decay and thus taking part of the fear out of life. ...more info
  • To better teeth and health
    Very good informative reading material. A must have self improvement book for your home library. Easy to read and understand....more info
  • fascinating reading
    I have long belived that we as individuals can regain our health, if only we know how! This book is a fascinating read and alot of the suggestions appear to be simple and obvious. However, when someone else has done the hard work in researching the facts - it's always easier for the reader to make sense of what is in front of them in black and white. This book is a must if you believe that you can improve your teeth, health etc. However,you must be prepared to make changes to your lifestyle and attitude towards yourself to benefit from the suggestions in this book!...more info
  • This book gave me hope!
    When my 4 year old daughter's teeth began to have lots of tooth decay (for her age), we visited a few dentists and all of them were blaming me that I did not brush her teeth enough. But I did... Basically, they wanted to do dental anesthesia on her and repair all her cavities at once. My husband and I talked and decided not to put her through this. After all, she had no pain at all and her teeth did not bother her.

    I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I started researching about tooth decay, and stumbled upon Rami's web site. I even wrote to him, and he was very helpful. A while later, when his book was published, I bought it. I already knew about the diet from Rami's book, and I was implementing parts of it, but I guess that was not enough to protect my oldest daughter from tooth decay....

    This book gave me hope for my daughter's teeth - and now I know that we are responsible for our health. I have also forgiven the dentists that kept showing me how to brush her teeth, I mean, they don't know better...When I asked one of the dentists if my daughter does not have enough nutrients in the body, and that's maybe why her teeth decay (because the body takes all the essential nutrients from the teeth first), he disregarded it and said this could not be the case because all her teeth are formed very well. I did not argue with him, because I knew he was not taught anything about diet in his medical school. I just stopped going to dentists and now I try my best to follow the diet (for my daughter and rest of family) Rami outlines in his book.

    If you are discouraged and don't know what to do, get this book. I was very worried and upset about my daughter's teeth at first, but now I am actually very calm because I know I am doing the right thing.

    ...more info
  • curing tooth decay
    Rami Nagel's book is a unique combination of information about curing tooth decay, based mostly on diet. Drawing from previous research, like that of Dr. Weston Price, and personal experience, Nagel's book is readable and helpful because it is written by a "victim" of tooth decay - a person like you or I. However, as Rami outlines his research and experience, one sees that this book is not a step-by-step guide to immunity; rather, it is a work that encourages the reader to step outside of the box and question explanations offered by the experts. Rami's book asks important questions about why dentistry is shaped the way it is and the implications it has on our teeth.

    However, this book does not stop there. In addition, Rami guides the reader to liberation and independence with diet and tooth-cleaning guidelines and recipes, all the while emphasizing the importance of listening to one's body and following one's instincts - insisting that we do not have to be victims, after all.

    In addition, the book has a substantial section devoted solely to children's diets and the connection to their healthy teeth.

    The diet recommended in this book can be adjusted to suit vegetarians; however, vegans will have to make some significant alterations to their diets in order to take Rami's advice.

    ...more info
  • The bottom line is, it works for me
    Read the book, made a few adjustments in my approach to my diet as recommended by this book. The bottom line is, it works for me. Thank...more info
  • you control your dental health!
    This book is based on the work of Dr Weston Price as well as the author's own research and experience. It provides a comprehensive nutritional plan (in both vegetarian (not vegan) and omnivore forms) for strengthening teeth, preventing decay, and possibly healing existing decay.

    The book has excellent information on the cause of decay and the effects of various commonly used dental treatments. Nagel challenges the reader to take responsibility for their own dental health. For example, how many people regularly examine their own teeth in any detail? Most of us simply believe the dentist knows best what is happening in our own mouths. Not that dentists are not necessary, but they do not have all the answers, and some of their treatments are highly invasive and potentially problematic. And of course, very few dentists work on a nutritional level, which is the focus of this book.

    The state of our teeth reflects the state of our health and I believe that this nutritional program will help to improve both. I am trying it especially on my husband, who has numerous dental issues and I believe was malnourished most of his life.

    When I bought this book, there were many reviews stating that people had success with improving their dental health. These have been removed. However the author has a website, [...], with more reviews and information....more info
  • This is the book I've been looking for
    I have read Sally Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions", I have read Weston Price's "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration". My family made many dietary changes and saw much benefit. Still, I felt a lack; there was something I wasn't quite getting. My family members stopped getting new cavities but old ones weren't healing. I thought I had done all I could and I would just have to give up and start getting them filled. Then I came across Rami Nagel's book.

    The difference between this book and the others is detail. A protocol is clearly spelled out. Although we had a much improved diet after implementing Nourishing Tradition ideas, I can see where we have been lacking. I am in the process now of starting to implement what is detailed in this book. The reader is also given some good leads on sources for foods that aren't easy to come by these days.

    I feel we have a chance now to beat those cavities. I have also shared the book with friends whose little 23 month old daughter has severe tooth decay. Another friend is waiting in line to borrow the book. I fear that I may not get my copy back for some time! Fortunately I took extensive notes on information I need to get started improving our diet....more info
  • Comprehensive, 'tried and tested'.....
    This book is written honestly, simply and in a very easy to comprehend manner. The Author has actually 'tried and tested' what he advocates in this book. It clearly states that curing tooth decay is possible contrary to mainstream thinking. It looks at the value of good nutrition, and how modern day living has attributed to a decline in tooth health.

    ...more info
  • Quack..Quack...
    The author loves to use the terms "likely" and "probably" in backing-up his personally-researched theories. It's a great, non-binding, way to make a statement without actually having to do real research or backing it up in any way. If you're the type that takes everything you read to heart, without an ounce of doubt, or reason, this book will sound like the new Gospel. It will change your life. It even says that it will.

    There are many people that believe everything they hear or read, as if it must be true if it's printed or said. Does saying a phrase make it true? If you can find someone..anyone to publish it, does it then become true? Is it enough if it just sounds true? ...Lazy brains...spoon fed their beliefs....sheep.

    The fact that nutrition is fundamental in whole body health is well understood, researched, documented by real people who care about improving the health of real people. Intuitive Healing, on the other hand, which is this author's "profession", is less well understood. It makes promises and puts forth theories without the burden of proof, and makes a tidy profit doing so. Why waste all that time and money with proof when there are so many people willing to just accept what their told.

    Like this book, Intuitive Healing holds to the belief that education, research, experience and science hold no true answers. All the answers can only be found by feeling them out. Like they way he felt that his daughter's teeth should be allowed to rot and fester in her mouth. Kids die that way. Look into it. Google - "Death from a toothache". Don't just take my word for it. Flex your brain. Eat right. Exercise....more info
  • Tried the Cod oil, and boy what results.
    I recently tried the Cod Liver Oil by itself for a tooth that was bothering me for 6 months, and boy what results. Having gone to the dentist 3 times and getting fillings for the same tooth twice, then being told I needed a crown and possibly a root canal, I decided to do some investigating. Tried the Cod liver Oil that I got at GNC, and my tooth stopped hurting that same day, and everyday it got stronger and now I can chew on it. Our bodies are amazing thanks rami.

    marc ...more info
  • Must Read for parents who want to take responsibility
    I'm extremely impressed with Rami's book. As a student and fan of Dr. Weston A Price, I'm thrilled to see someone lay down an easy to follow protocol for parents who want to prevent or treat dental caries in their kids.

    The typical party line is that there isn't much (other than dental hygiene and avoiding sugars, neither of which really works) to avoid cavities, but Weston Price was able to arrest dental decay in his test subjects by giving them high quality special foods.

    These foods are available to everyone and cost less than nutritional "supplements". And kids love them! Every parent who wants their child to have glowing health would do well to read this book, whether their child has cavities or not.

    If you would like to read an interview with Rami you can do so here: info
  • I proved to myself that it really does work
    I noticed some deterioration in my teeth last year, so I started searching online to find out whether anyone knew anything about healing teeth. I found Rami's website and decided to buy his book. Although I had heard of Weston Price and Nourishing Traditions before, it was through Rami's book that I really came face to face with that information. It made a lot of sense to me. Especially thought-provoking for me was Rami's message to vegetarians (I had been one for 15 years). It was also helpful that he had actually set down a dietary protocol whose specific objective is to help teeth heal, which Dr. Price reportedly did not do. The protocol is challenging for me, but I have been introducing elements of it to the best of my ability.

    Then I lost a filling. The first dentist I saw diagnosed decay and a probable need for a root canal, and said that the tooth might already be dead. Her pronouncement caused me untold agony over the next several weeks. Then a holistic dentist determined that the tooth is alive and recognized that it has totally re-enamelized. He simply replaced the lost filling. He told me I am lucky, because most people are not able to get their teeth to re-enamelize like that. Well, I am now a believer. Nourishing Traditions is for real, and it was with Rami's explanation and guidance that I found a way to help my body contain the damage in my teeth. My relief at this outcome is immeasurable.

    We have been conditioned to believe that the only opinions worth having are those that come from people who have been formally trained and licensed, but I believe that formal training can be restricted and biased, and does not necessarily consider all possibilities. Here is the work of someone who questions the knee-jerk assumptions of the industry and who has taken the trouble to do the research and the self-experimentation in an effort to find a better way. I am very appreciative that Rami has chosen to share his findings, relieving us from each having to go through the whole process of trial and error from scratch. And he brings some much-needed balance to a subject that is approached by so many from a place of fear.
    ...more info
  • Thought-provoking
    Well-written book. The information is similar to things I'd heard before, but with a different angle. It solidifies the thought that your internal environment/ph balance affects everything and can be positively altered. Some of the dietary suggestions I just won't be able to do, but he gives others (and suppliers)that should be beneficial. I took the book on the whole and looked at it broadly, instead of getting bogged down in the particulars (because I never would have made it past the first couple chapters). There are some things that I, myself, am nervous about, but it's possible that I haven't done enough research on them (raw meats, raw milk and raw eggs). I think it's a good book to own....more info
  • Hope For Tooth Decay
    Even though Rami Nagel thought he was eating a healthy whole food diet, he and his daughter still had tooth decay. When he learned about the valuable nutritional work of Dr. Weston A. Price, he integrated nutrient dense foods into their diets and, miraculously, their teeth improved. The author has done a tremendous job summarizing the important work of one of the greatest dentists of the 20th century, Dr. Weston A. Price. In order to determine the fundamentals of a healthy diet, Dr. Price travelled the world, studying the diet and health of a variety of cultures. He noticed that in primitive cultures where the people consumed a nutrient dense, whole food diet, they enjoyed both excellent physical and dental health. Cultures that had replaced nutrient dense, whole foods with commercially processed foods suffered with dental problems as well as chronic and degenerative diseases.

    In order to convey his message about the critical association between traditional foods and optimal health, the author offers a great deal of helpful personal insights into his own life. He summarizes which foods will sabotage our dental and physical health. And, he does an excellent job outlining the foods that will improve our dental and physical health including, the consumption of fat-soluble vitamins from foods such as raw butter, raw milk, raw cheese, organ meats, eggs (from local pastured sources) and high vitamin cod liver oil.

    Even though indigenous people did not brush or floss their teeth, the author does include some very interesting recipes for natural, homemade tooth powders (a much better option over using toxic fluoridated toothpaste).

    Not only is Cure Tooth Decay a practical guide to teach parents how to raise healthy children (with healthy teeth), it is also a helpful tool for adults who have suffered with poor dental health and/or chronic disease. I would also highly recommend this book to people who are looking for things they can do to protect their bones, and their overall health, as they age. In other words, this book is a must read for everyone interested in improving their health.

    Pam Killeen, co-author of the NY Times bestselling book, The Great Bird Flu Hoax: The Truth They Don't Want You to Know About the "Next Big Pandemic"...more info
  • Find out what really causes tooth decay and other health problems...and how to cure or prevent them!
    In "Cure Tooth Decay," author and health & nutrition pioneer Ramiel Nagel illuminates the true causes of poor dental health and summarizes the route to healing from it. He uses understandable language and an easy flowing style to point out where modern dental medicine has failed us, and what the research has to say about using nutrition to get our health back on track.

    The trail-blazing dentist Weston Price outlined the mistakes western society has made investing in "foods of modern commerce," and revealed how primitive cultures in the 1930's (now largely decimated by modernization) had remained immune to tooth decay. However, as anyone who has ever tried to read his dissertation "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" can tell you, it is not for the faint of heart. Rami Nagel has translated Dr. Price's research, along with that of Melvin Page, DDS and many others, into a primer that anyone interested in better health can pick up and absorb.

    "Cure Tooth Decay" provides a synthesis of scientific research and updated healing protocols, complete with resources for further research and where to find the nutritional supplements you may need on your road to superior health.

    ~If you or a family member (especially young children) are facing extensive, painful, and pricey dental work, and you want to know if there is a better way, you need this book.

    ~If you have ever had the feeling that dental health may actually be an indicator of overall wellness, but couldn't find a way to make the connection, you need this book.

    ~If your gut instinct tells you that you may have gotten bad advice from dentists (such as using artificial sweeteners or weaning a child from breastmilk), but didn't know where to turn, you need this book.

    ~If you want to avoid dentists and oral health problems for yourself or your children, and don't know whether brushing & toxic fluoride treatments will really do the trick (as we all know they haven't for most people), you need this book.

    "Years ago, when people were afflicted with various types of ailments and diseases, it was common practice to blame evil spirits. People of the world still do this today, except that these evil spirits now have a new name. Sci entists, doctors, dentists, and government officials have decided that these new 'evil spirits' are called micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.)... The current theory of tooth decay is more like a superstition than a scientifically verified truth... The theory that bacteria thrive on sucrose, and then produce acids that eat away our tooth enamel, seems to be convincing. But it defies both science and logic... A daily mouthwash of some anti-bacterial agent would cure all cavities, if the bacterial theory were true. The answer is clear: what you have been told about tooth decay is a pure, sweet, child-like fantasy."
    ~ Ramiel Nagel, "Cure Tooth Decay"...more info
  • Much Needed Advice
    There is absolutely no question that the modern Western diet is the cause of most diseases - inc. tooth decay. The author here describes how tooth decay is no different from other known diseases, in terms of their cause.

    I would (mostly) follow this book's advice. The only problem I have is the book's reliance on diary, fish and meats to cure the problems in the mouth. To be fair, the author offers "back up" plans for those who don't eat these kinds of foods. I disagree with the meat, fish, etc. idea because it seems that humans were much more intended to digest *plant* products than meat. This is why we have a (very) long intestinal track. And I never took to the theory that mankind killed, then ate, animals when all those plants were readily available - foods found in nature.

    Then there's the timing. It seems that humans evolved well before the advent of weapons needed to kill large terrestrial animals. And when in our evolution did we harvest fish at sea ? Finally, many (healthy) mountain people did not eat animals as they could not graze on those terrains. All this evidence is probably why most health books these days (like Acid-Alkaline books, etc.) emphasize plant-based diets.

    This criticism does *not* take away my central point that anyone with tooth problems should read this book. Tooth decay, in my opinion, is the first sign of an unhealthy person. So it's a winner anyway - even for those who want to avoid a problem and be healthy in the first place.

    ...more info
  • Take control of your own health and get back to your roots.
    Highly recommended book to open the door for optimal health and specifically address prevention or arresting tooth decay for you and your children. Using the recommendations in this book will work and there is lots of information to back it up. Discovering you can change your life with real, unprocessed food has never been more important than in our "fastfood" highly degenerated society. If you open up and accept the words of Ramiel Nagel then you are ready to take control of your life and hopefully will introduce yourself to the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation and read books like the following to improve your health drastically: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, the Recipe for Living Without Disease by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Eat Right For Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia by Dr. Peter J. D'adamo, Root Canal Cover-Up by George E. Meinig, Beyond Antibiotics by Michael A. Schmidt, and of course anything by Weston A. Price. ...more info
  • Good common sense approach to health.
    I found this easy to read book about nutrition and tooth decay to be a well researched, common sense approach to health. I have started to follow the diet proposed in the book and after 7 weeks, I am seeing results in my over all energy levels and reversal of my dental issues. I would recommend this book...more info
  • cure tooth decay
    good stuff. anyone who has kids with tooth decay, this book points you in the right direction....more info
  • A must read for EVERY expecting or current mother!
    I have no words to describe the nightmare I went through, because of my baby's decaying teeth, to discover only a little part of the truth described in this book! If only someone could have given me this book before the conception of my first child! Still, I am so grateful for this book and Ramuel Nagel is for me a genius!

    Tony, my son, developed very serious tooth decays on the upper front teeth when he was less than 15 months old. In less than a month two of his teeth were almost to disappear. It was so stressful watching him that in no time we were scheduled for a surgery. The pediatrician dentist at first blamed the bottle. However, when I told him my son NEVER used a bottle and was exclusively breastfed every two hours since birth, then the dentist blamed the NIGHTTIME BREASTFEEDING and went into advising us that if I don't stop breastfeeding my son at nighttime, soon, all of my son's teeth will decay!

    Of course, we never went into the surgery and I didn't stop breastfeeding my son at nighttime until he was a little over 2.5 years old. Though at the time we didn't know about the magical diet described in this book. So, we treated our son's worst teeth with silver nitrate, a substance that shields the cavity and kills the nerves of the primary tooth, a method widely popular in Eastern European countries, where nobody puts a baby under anesthesia for a problem like this. I still can't find ANYWHERE else a REASONABLE information for the CAUSE of my son's rapid decaying teeth. Only now, from this book, I know the problem was in my pre and post conception diet i.e. the lack of fundamental vitamins and good fats, needed not only for healthy teeth, but for the WHOLE BODY (especially the brain and the nerve system) During my pregnancy I ate everything Nagel says I SHOULD NOT eat including cereals, pasteurized milk, food made of white wheat, the bed fats and absolutely no fish due to the American Pregnancy Advisory to avoid fish because of mercury.
    Thank goodness, my son is smarter than me! When I saw him how he devoured a salmon and a chicken liver at a restaurant, I began on cooking low mercury fish more often. Fish and chicken liver became quickly some of our favorite foods. We always loved nuts and oatmeal, the only GOOD food I ate during pregnancy. Though we never eliminated sugar food from our diets (It's just more difficult with children), only after those small changes + more shopping from the Wholefoods market, my son's teeth not only stopped from decaying, but even GREW MORE. Thus, now I am convinced it was not the silver nitrate that helped us, it was my son's LOVE for GOOD FOOD!
    Now that I am expecting mother I'm eager to read Nagel's other book "Healing our Children" and God is my witness, I'll do anything he says and I am 100% sure I will have a very healthy baby!

    ...more info
  • A how-to for natural dental health, that works
    I have read a few books on dental self-care, that promise to teach you how to stop going to the dentist forever. This is the first book of its kind that I can endorse, because it is self-consistent and covers nutrition adequately. Imagine Weston A Price's research translated into a practical how-to manual. Given the amazing research of Weston Price, plus my own experience, I am fairly confident that this book is an excellent resource for anybody who wants to maximize their dental and coincidentally their overall health.

    Other books focus on dental health in superficial ways - they talk about flossing and brushing like a fiend, killing the bacteria that supposedly cause tooth decay, while glossing over the diet. This book is about achieving optimum dental health from the inside-out. Conveniently the diet also supports overall health.

    Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to test the methods, since I have not had dental decay for a long time, due to adopting a diet mostly like the one recommended in the book. (a diet which I stumbled upon prior to reading the book, but that is very similar)

    Nagel's theories are well-tempered by his experience helping his daughter and others (the book includes detailed Q&As from individuals, and answers to implementation issues). In other words this is not just somebody's idea of what works, the author has tried it and seen the results.

    There are detailed recipes, including vegetarian alternatives, though that is a harder path to take. The omnivorous version is the book's primary focus. There is also some information on how to get the most out of a dentist if you do need one.

    If you don't want to be at the mercy of a dentist forever, this book is a must-have....more info
  • AWESOME, awesome, awesome
    Very well presented material, I wish I had read this before I had 1/4 of my mouth filled with toxic materials. I am a holistic nutritionist, I have read "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston A Price. - great book, tons of info, not an "easy" read though. This book takes what he is trying to get across (regarding tooth decay) plus some practical new information and makes it easy to read, understand and implement.
    I would also highly recommend "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon - cooked and raw foods, very thourough, and/or book by Aajonus Vonderplanitz "The Recipe for Living Without Disease" (all raw food - including raw meat.
    Bottom Line - don't have dental work done (especially extractions, mercury fillings, or root canals) done without reading this book first.
    I wish it were available in Canada - I had to have mine shipped to people in the States and then brought up here....more info


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