Kellogg's Special K2O Iced Tea Protein Water Mix, 0.49-Ounce, 7-Count Box (Pack of 6)

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Customer Reviews:

  • It's ok
    I thought I liked this at first, but it is really gritty. The pink lemonade one is the best so far......more info
  • K2O is great... Powder best value
    I think the K20 protein drinks are fantastic. I am a vegetarian and am always looking for ways to supplement my protein intake.

    I first tried the actual bottled drinks for K2O; I was disappointed that there was only about 5g of protein (about 2/3 cup of milk), but when I tried the drink and found, not only no aftertaste as many of the other protein drinks out there have, but excellent flavors... I was hooked. My problem is that even in bulk... they were priced at around $2 a bottle (around $24 for 12 bottles) which is out of my budget.

    Then came the powders which you can just mix in a 16-20 oz cup or bottle of water. If I buy a case of bulk water at my local warehouse for around $5 (or just use filtered water at home) the cost for 28 bottles is now anywhere from about $5-$10 less than the price of only 12 premixed bottles. Plus they are significantly easier to transport to work.

    Now I have the best of all worlds... added protein to my vegetarian diet... low calorie, great tasting drinks... and a very reasonable price. I have them on subscription now!...more info
  • Helps Tide Me Over
    I usually work out in the afternoon, just late enough that lunch has settled and I can elliptical or run without feeling sick, but early enough that when I'm done and showered, I don't want to eat anything and spoil my dinner. These have been great because it ensures I'm drinking water afterwards, and it doesn't leave me feeling ravenous by the time I sit down to actually eat.

    I have found that the packets work well in 32 oz of water versus the recommended 16. That leaves the flavor a bit lighter, and I've never had issue with the chalkiness described by some. I tried it in a cup once, and definitely have to say stick with a bottle, it takes some vigorous shaking to make it all dissolve, but well worth it. It's a little pricey, but I'm willing to pay for the convenience and I can reuse water bottles. ...more info
  • yummy and convenient
    As a gastric bypass patient, I'm always looking for "snacks" that are either "low in calories, high in protein," etc. and this fits both bills. Even has 5 grams of fiber, and who CAN'T use more of that in their lives, huh?...more info
  • Surprise! It actually works
    I got this because I am a major snacker and I wanted to try something that would help me not eat between meals. My previous experiences with water "mixes" like this had not been good - too sweet, off flavors, etc. I was skeptical that this would really help curb snacking and stave off hunger between meals but I was pleasantly surprised - it actually does work. I can drink some of this an hour or so after a meal and I honestly do not get hungry or want to eat again for at least another hour and a half or so, by which time it's time for another scheduled snack or meal.

    I am only giving it four stars because like most products of this type, a whole envelope is way.too.sweet. I have been using half a packet in 20 oz of water and it still works to curb hunger. Even half a packet is kind of much for me. But I love the protein and fiber content and it's worth it to me. In addition to water, try adding this to unsweetened iced tea with some lemon in it - very yummy! ...more info
  • This stuff is really good!
    I was looking to increase my fiber intake so I gave this a try. Boy was I surprised. No grit, great flavor and no calories. I drink one of these between breakfast and lunch and it really knocks that desire to hit the snack bar down. I only have two issues for you, the first is that you'll need to let it sit for ten minutes or so to completely dissolve and the second is you might want to use a 20 ounce bottle as the common 16.9 ounce bottle results in a fairly strong taste to me. If you like instant ice tea, you'll enjoy this....more info
  • Awesome Product--Serves Several Purposes--Tastes Delish!
    I absolutely LOVE this product. I am a diabetic and also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, so it's hard for me to eat regular food sometimes. This is a fantastic alternative for me to get more protein--which helps my blood sugars and the fiber is a benefit for my IBS. I've tried the Strawberry Kiwi and the lemonade--those were OK, but this one is great. I love Crystal light iced tea and this is even better than that. As a bonus, I've lost 16lbs since using this product! It helps by holding off my hunger--when I'd normally not eat anything and I truly think by adding this to my day, it keeps my metabolism elevated, instead putting it in starvation mode when I wouldn't eat for 4-5 hours at a time. Definitely recommend this product and especially this flavor--YUM!!...more info
  • Kellog K2O ice tea Mix results
    This product works great. It elimiates my hunger pains between meals and reduces the amount I eat. Highly recomennded - it works...more info
  • Tastes great has protein and fiber
    I've had a few stomach, intestine problems for the last 6 months or so and my doctor and dietician suggested higher fiber. I'm only in my 30's but seem to need more fiber even though I eat very healthy. I tried those big fiber tablets but they are too sweet and stick to your teeth like glue.

    I had gotten a free sample in the mail of this product and was surprised that it tasted so good. I thought it was going to taste like those fake crystal light drinks that have an after taste but this didn't. It tasted like the powdered iced tea mix that you but in the can. I've also tried the pink lemonade but it was a little tart so you'd have to add more water to weaken it.

    This one dissolves much better than the AllBran version as well as tastes better. The only difference is that the AllBran has 10mg of fiber but no protein. Kellogg's KO2 has 5 fiber and 5 protein. My stomach/intestine problems after a week of daily use have improved greatly. I recommend it over those pills and tablets....more info
  • Awsome for Gastric By pass patients!
    It's good after the first sip or two not my fav but I like it now!...more info


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