Bissell #14005 Little GRN Port Cleaner

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Product Description

The Little Green compact carpet cleaner has multiple cleaning uses. It can be used to clean spots & stains on carpeting, upholstery, car interiors, stairs, and much more. It is lightweight at 12 lbs. and extremely easy to use. The clean and dirty water tanks are simple to fill and empty. The Little Green has a long 20 foot power cord and compact design (sits easily on a stair) so cleaning hard-to-reach areas is easy. The included Tough Stain Brush helps get out deep down dirt and stains.

  • Bissell #14005 Little GRN Port Cleaner
Customer Reviews:
  • Very handy for both upholstery and carpets
    I was able to get this unit at a discount from my job, because the box was crushed and it was missing the nozzle head. Luckily, Bissell sells the heads online pretty cheaply.

    Since I don't have any carpet in my house, I've only used it on upholstery. We have a set of kitchen chairs with white upholstered seats that get dirty despite their plastic covers. I used the Little Green Machine on them and not only did all the dirt came off, but they came out looking almost new.

    There are some cons, however. First, the nozzle tends to spray in a pretty wide arc. This is probably fine for carpets or large upholstered pieces (like sofas), but it can be kind of messy when cleaning things like chairs. Luckily, the machine will actually vacuum up a little bit of that large puddle from the floor.

    Second, upholstery doesn't get dry from vacuuming with the machine. In fact, it stays pretty wet and can take a couple of hours to dry fully. Vacuuming 6 chairs over and over to get them dry can result in hand strain, so it's really better to give in and set them aside to dry.

    Third, the trigger for the spray isn't in the best place. You really have to adjust your hand when you start vacuuming or you might accidentally start spraying water everywhere again.

    All in all, however, I'm extremely happy with the way it cleans, and I don't mind that it makes a bit of a mess. The cord is super-long, and the whole unit folds up into a nice compact package. It's also an advantage that it can be stored with solution and water in the tank, though I always prefer to use hot water rather than cold.

    UPDATE 10/08
    My cousin borrowed our little green machine to use on the carpets in her apartment. She reports that it got out baby food, salad dressing, and some other stains. According to her the stains are now barely visible, which is good for a such a small machine....more info
  • Junk
    Although I truly like the idea of owning a small, portable unit to aid me in keeping my furniture and rugs spotless, this little green machine falls flat on its face because material defects render it virtually useless. The design and layout of the unit are straight-forward and logical and, in theory, should work effortlessly.

    However, the design requires water to be drawn through a hose into a receptable and in doing so, dirty water passes by a seal separating air-intake and water exhaust. Unfortunately, this seal quickly turned from impenetrable to quite the opposite. True, on the surface, this is not a major flaw and it is seemingly easily fixed. Unfortunately, the break-down of the seal allows water to flow into the motor of the unit where it either causes severe damage by shorting out the motor, or (and worse), it can cause an electric shock.

    My hope is that subsequent models no longer suffer from this flaw and hence, I advice you to look into newer models and stay away from this one despite of its more appealing price....more info
  • Worse than Junk!!
    I bought the Bissel Little Green cleaner thinking that it would be useful to clean my carpeted staircase in my little townhouse - but never did I realize I was buying a useless piece of junk! The cleaner is so badly designed that It was leaking from all over before I had even started. The suction power was so low that the carpet remained soaking wet despite my spending 20 minutes running the 'Turbo' brush on suction at the same spot. It certainly was making a loud noise - but doing nothing. Take my advice and don't waste your hard earned money on this appliance. Bissel is so bad that it doesn't even suck!!...more info
  • the best small appliance since... since...
    hmm, guess I can't come up with something to compare. I just raised a puppy and have a geriatric dog. I have two cats, a husband who is just learning to wipe his feet at age 40, and live in a chronically muddy part of North America. We have only one small carpeted room in our home, but it's immediately inside the back door. We have no storage space. I'm frugal. After 3 refills of the cleaning fluid tank (and 3 'empties' of the dirty tank) my carpet is blue again and the room smells incredibly clean. I know the intent of Little Green is for spots and stairs, but I figured for a little more than the cost of renting a cleaner (plus supplies) I might get a tool I can use again and again in the ongoing fight against muddy shoes and geriatric pets. Boy, was I right. It's a great, storage friendly little carpet cleaner that's worth every penny. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars only because I wish it came with the 6 inch cleaning head in addition to the standard "tough stain tool."...more info