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The emphasis of this magazine is on healthy eating and living. Each issue covers light cuisine and includes more than 70 recipes with photos. It also explores food and nutrition news as well as fitness, health and beauty.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very informative and some of my favorite recipes over the years
    I have been getting Cooking Light Magazine off and on for well over 15 years and have always found a lot of helpful information, tips, and recipes. The magazine is well-written, and very attractive with plenty of pictures.

    Some of my all time favorite recipes have come from Cooking Light, in the past, and I still use them regularly to this day. One favorite, from the 90s, was the Shrimp and Orzo with Feta. So so so good and easy to make! Another favorite that I've used for years is the Asparagus with Balsamic Browned Butter.

    My only complaint has been that they are not big on low-carb AT ALL, which is something that I use in my every day life and I would love it if they did, at least, SOME low carb. I still, however, find that I can use many of the recipes in Cooking Light and find them very enjoyable.

    For those who are less experienced in the cooking department, the recipes are always easy and use ingredients readily available....more info
  • Excellent recipes & articles!
    I have subscribed to 'food' magazines for over 35 years beginning with my first, Bon Appetit in 1970's. I have subscribed to every major and some minor food preparation magazine out there through the years. I have a degree in Home Economics Education (now called Environmental Sciences), a minor degree in nutrition and I love to cook 'wisely' avoiding empty-calorie foods.

    Making efforts to unclutter my life in recent years, I ceased all subscriptions with the exception of two: Eating Well and Cooking Light. Both of these publications have terrific recipes but also offer excellent articles on nutrition and health issues. There are great articles on various physical exercises (CL), herbal supplements and even wine. Each publishes an annual recipe book, but the articles from the magazine are worth the subscription if you are interested in all aspects of "healthy living" from food to skin care....more info
  • A Pretty Good Gift
    This was purchased as a gift for one of my granddaughters, who is an excellent cook. She gives it a two-thumbs up....more info
  • The Lighter Side of Cooking
    "Cooking Light" is an excellent magazine offering a variety of health tips, recipes, and travel suggestions. A couple of years ago, they did a special feature of a different "Top 10 Healthiest City",from Boston to Portland,Oregon along with Seattle. There are exercise tips. Their vegetarian section has had recipes from greats like Marcus Samuelsson, showing off veggie dishes from his native Ethiopia. "Cooking Light" offers a healthful lifestyle in its pages!...more info
  • Womans's Day...?
    This used to be a good magazine. Now it is filled with travel, beauty tips and exercise routines which are geared toward the women readers, as a male reader these are of no use to me. If I wanted Woman's Day I would have subscribed to's cheaper......more info
  • Easily the best magazine to provide nutritional information and tasty food in every recipe.
    I've been a subscriber for many years. The recipes make it easy to provide delicious food with nutritional balance. ...more info
  • A Must For Those Who Want To Cook Healthy
    This is one magazine that I read cover to cover. The articles are great and the recipes are actually ones that ordinary folk can use. No fancy ingredients, just good healthy foods and easy to prepare. The photos are a major plus. If you love to cook and want to eat healthy, this is the magazine for you....more info
  • A downright good subscription
    I love my cooking light subscription. I got hooked a few years ago when I received the annual cookbook for a holiday gift. Since then I've tried tons of the recipes - every month has SOMETHING good in the magazine and sometimes every single recipe is amazing. Not only that, but there are really good tips that everyone can benefit from - no matter how little or how long you've been cooking. I recently started Weight Watchers and to my happy surprise, I could use almost every recipe in cooking light because all the nutrition information is there to calculate the points, so I'm now an even bigger fan because my family doesn't have to change a thing! ...more info
  • Cooking Light Subscription
    The magazine is great. Would highly recommend it. What I'm not sure of is ordering it through Amazon instead of directly through the magazine. I ordered it for my daughter's birthday and unbeknown to me, a friend of hers also ordered it for her, directly through the magazine. My daughter is now trying to straighten out both subscriptions so that they cover two years instead of double issues for a year. While Cooking Light has record of her friend's subscription, to date, they have no record of the Amazon, and she cannot yet straighten this out. Hopefully eventually she will. ...more info
    Cooking Light is by every measure the best cooking magazine I've come across. And my girlfriend love it too!

    The meals are easy to prepare, even when you don't have a lot of kitchen acumen. They are simple, with all the ingredients listed. Also, the ingredients are usually things you CAN find in the grocery store, unlike a lot of magazine's dishes.

    Definitely a good magazine subscription to have.

    At the beginning, I tried to make at least 1 meal from each magazine a month. Now, I find myself going back to it at least 3-4 a month. Friends always rave about the dishes I prepare with CL's recipes too.

    Big fan of this mag.
    ...more info
  • Light, you say?
    Heavy cream, gratuitous amounts of cheese, ubiquitous butter, white sugar, white bread, processed foods (like heath bars and corn syrup), white pasta, fatty cuts of meat, I could easily go on. This magazine knows nothing about eating light. Simple carbohydrates, processed breads, and saturated fats are BAD FOR YOU. In moderation, all of these are perfectly fine to eat. Cooking Light, however, fails to reach the goal of "Moderation in all things."

    In addition to the ubiquity of the cream, butter, and processed foods, the magazine is loaded with articles that are just plain useless or at the very least exceedingly superficial. The entire first half contains articles about table settings, Martha Stewart-esque home decorating tips, and recommendation for which dark chocolate is healthiest to eat, set side by side with a Hershey's Kiss ad.

    There's just something about the rampant hypocrisy of this magazine that irks me. Don't tell people how to live healthier lives and then call for 10 tablespoons of butter and 2 1/2 cups of sugar on the next page. Don't advertise Muir Glen Organics and then support Splenda in your next recipe.
    ...more info
  • cooking light
    I think Cooking Light Magazine is amazing, so I ordered it. It takes time for this order, I have not received it yet.
    I'm excited waiting for it....more info
  • Love this magazine
    I love cooking and this magazine always has great recipes. It also has nice articles about many things. Mary Griffith, FL...more info
  • My favorite magazine
    I have been a huge fan of COOKING LIGHT magazine for the past few years. I started reading it when I would visit my folks over the holidays. I borrowed a copy of one of my mom's CL issues and loved the results I got when I tried the Korean Bolgoi (grilled strips of beef in a sweet, salty marinade). I was immediately hooked on the magazine. I eventually started receiving a subscription to COOKING LIGHT. I have been a subscriber to both BON APPETIT and GOURMET magazines, let me just say that I think COOKING LIGHT is vastly superior to those magazines (although I do like reading them) because the recipes are not so high end (i.e expensive) and involves expensive, hard to find ingredients. I also enjoy the health tips and articles the magazine provides. I have tried a lot of recipes from COOKING LIGHT and they are all delicious as well as healthy. This magazine is not just about eating healthy but staying healthy too....more info
  • Cooking Light
    Love the magazine! I read it cover to cover. Healthful recipes, good nutrition information, interesting contributors. ...more info