iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver

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Product Description

iRobot Roomba 560 Vacuum Cleaning Robot cleans routinely so you don't have to. Clean when and where it's most convenient for you. Schedule Roomba to clean whenever you want freshly cleaned floors every day. Roomba efficiently navigates and vacuums the entire floor, under and around furniture and floors. Virtual Wall Lighthouses confine and guide Roomba from room to room, then direct it to the Home Base to recharge between cleanings. Reaches deep into your carpet to remove dirt, dust and pet hair Efficiently cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture and along walls Automatically adjusts to vacuum carpets and hard floors Senses dirtier areas and cleans more thoroughly in those spots Simple to use, just press the Clean button

  • Vacuuming robot picks up dirt and debris with the touch of a button
  • Easy-to-empty bagless dustbin; fine-filtration system traps allergens
  • Anti-tangle technology; gentle-touch bumper system; built-in cliff sensors
  • Self-charging Home Base, 2 Virtual Wall Lighthouses, an extra filter, and more included
  • Measures 16-3/4 by 21 by 5 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Awesome!
    Bought this as my birthday gift to help out around the house. This was the best money I ever spent for a gift. I have a Dyson that now sits in a closet. "Roberta" cleans my house every day then goes and plugs herself in. Just ordered a 530 roomba and a 340 Scooba for Christmas. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Part toy. Part vacuum.
    I guess I've been lucky. My Roomba is one year old, and hasn't failed yet. I've had no problems with the battery or motor. I do know people that have had their's fail. I guess it's hit or miss. My wife loves the Roomba. She lets it do its thing, and sits and reads the paper. It seems to do a decent job, but nowhere near as good as real vacuum cleaner. I'm constantly having to clean out cat hair and string from inside the brush area, and eventually vacuuming with the upright vacuum. I'm not sure just vacuuming with a regular vacuum might be just as easy. But, it's fun to watch, and it does a decent job doing a quick cleanup. Don't expect it to replace your old vacuum though....more info
  • Staw away
    I have now tried several different models and I can honestly say you are better giving your money to charity. For one, The Customer Service is truly lousy..doesnt matter what the issue is, they just dont care and appear to want to make things very difficult. Most of the models I tried, I loved the first week. Cool device that does a great job of cleaning the floors....The 2 major problems....The amount of time it takes to properly clean and service the unit is far too long..You cant run this for a week, every other day and then clean must be cleaned and "serviced" after every single use and frankly, it takes me less time to vaccum then it does to clean this unit properly after EVERY use.....Of course this isnt really a problem since most every model I tried, had "issues" after 1 - 3 weeks. Brushes breaking...Unit making crazy noises....units stop working and have to be re-set.....stops cleaning well after 1 or 2 weeks and that is even with you cleaning the unit after each use.....One or two simply died.......To be honest, I would not buy ANY model for $20, let alone the riduclous prices they charge.....To me, that is akin to paying for problems. Why would I pay $1 for anything that is only going to have one issue after another until you end up with an expensive, dead unit. Heck, if I received one of these as a gift I would not even open the box...I would probably take it to goodwill and take the tax write off rather then using the unit which will only cause my blood pressure to rise....If the units only had minor problems and continued to work, that would be OK...But it is one issue after another until it simply dies and customer service blows you off for the umpteenth time....STAY AWAY...You are flushing your money down the drain if you buy any of these models. Maybe by the year 2020 they will have gotten the MANY KINKS/IDSSUES worked out......more info
  • Worth it!!!
    The roomba is worth the price. I even bought several extra attachemnts because of other revies saying thier brushes broke off. I havent had this problem yet, or any problem for that matter for the 6 months I have owned it.
    It does take a while to vaccum everything but I dont really care cause Im not doing any work! It also forces me clean up since the floor really needs to be clear of toys and other small objects before you start vaccumming.
    If you use the robot everyday and keep your floors relativly clean then you ususally dont need to empty the dirt out except at the end of its work...if you have a floor like mine, usually it needs to be emptied every 20 minutes or so.
    My 2 year old son loves this thing, although i wish he didnt, he is rough with it but if he cant break it, then its gotta be durable!
    ...more info
  • It broke TWICE within 11 months of use
    Worked okay until it broke. We own ONE dog. We cleaned it after every run. We ran it in one room every 3 days (where we and the dog played the most). It ran in the whole house every 10 days or so. Not high usage, just average. The dog hair would get INSIDE the motor housing unit. I kept getting "please remove and clean roomba's brushes". It wouldn't run. It had been 5 months of usage. I called, got a new motor no problem. They told me I could take apart the old one since I had a new one on the way. I did, found all this dog hair inside the gears and inside the motor. Got out what I could and it ran for another month. Same thing happened, "please remove and clean...." Replaced it with the new motor. Same thing happened, "please remove and clean...." My husband bought it in November for a Christmas present, so now it is November, warranty is expired. Paid $500 for it and more for all kinds of parts for it (brushes, filters, etc.). Now it is useless. I certainly don't want to buy another, spend $500 for a one year life. It was great while it worked but to not be able to handle ONE dog? ...more info
  • it's ok (yet)
    A lot of reviews indicate that this is a rather flimsy product but the customer support is said to be good. I'm writing this 3 days after usage, so I did not experience those problems (such as battery dying early, death dances, cliff sensors that need to be circumvented, and most often, the side brushes breaking down - they are very important) yet. If you do, this website/forum may be helpful:

    It does what it says it does - I have both carpet and tile floors, and it cleans both. It requires little attention from me except taking out small carpets (it moves them around), cables (gets stuck in them), and other small stuff (that you would remove bf cleaning anyway). The two lighthouse virtual walls work nicely, though the C batteries do not come in the package. If you have money a more than two rooms, buy one or two of those lighthouse virtual walls.

    The reason I gave a 3-star to this robot is because of the need to maintain it - after each use, you have to empty bin (that's acceptable), clean brushes (extremely messy - see below), and remove and clean below the side brush (that's easy).

    Cleaning brushes under this toy is a must (or, according to many reviews around, it dies sooner), but it also i a big mess. You have to cut all the hair and crap that gets tangled in with the brushes (the brush-cleaner-thingy does not work, but its "brush-like" side is very usable). Then you have to get all the crap /out/ of the brushes. Then you have to remove the little yellow thingies at the end of the brush to take the hair out of there as well.

    This stuff is easy to do, but gets boring quite easily (especially if you use it often), and as I said, is too messy... If you don't want to touch your own crap :) , I wouldn't buy this. And it takes me about 20 minutes to do. At least I don't have to vacuum the house :) For me, cleaning brushes is better than vacuuming the house myself ;)...more info
  • Overall a worthwhile purchase
    This thing is great. I live in a small (1100ish sq. feet) condo, with a cat and a dog who both shed like crazy. I'm a bit of a neat freak to begin with, and even prior to adopting my pets I was vacuuming the house a minimum of once a week just to get human hair, dirt, crumbs etc. off the floor. Needless to say, after adopting my pets, vacuuming once a week turned into two or three times a week. It started getting old.

    I originally purchased the 410 model (previous generation), and shortly returned it in favor of the 560 model. If you are thinking of purchasing one of the older models, take a few things into consideration. The 5xx series are definitely 'smarter'. They slam into things much less (the improved sensors help a lot), the battery lasts longer, and they're a bit quieter. They come with two of the virtual 'walls', which include the new lighthouse mode (I'm still on the fence about its usefulness). If you get the 560 or higher, it includes the scheduling system. If you end up going for the 4xx series instead of this one and you're anything like me, what will happen is you'll get it, use it, love it, then you'll decide you want to get another Virtual Wall and the scheduling system. Once you buy all those accessories and add it all up, the price difference is negligible and you may as well have just bought the newer 560 to begin with.

    While this device is a huge help around the house, it's not perfect and there are some quirks you should know about.
    1. Lighthouse Mode -- I'm still not completely convinced that this feature is very useful, at least not when at least one or more of the rooms you're vacuuming is a larger room. When you set a virtual wall to Lighthouse Mode, you're telling it to finish one room before starting another. Sounds like a good idea in theory, but in order to have enough time to clean each room, it will only stay in each room for 25 minutes. So, even if you're only cleaning two rooms and utilizing one of the lighthouses, it will still only go for 25 minutes per room, even though it could easily stay in each for longer. 25 minutes in a larger room may not be enough. Again, I live in a small condo and compared to a living room in a house, mine is probably pretty small, and I still find 25 minutes not to be enough. I find Lighthouse works well for when I'm cleaning two smaller areas (i.e. the master bed and master bath), but not so well when cleaning larger areas (i.e. the living room and the kitchen.

    2. As I mentioned above, the new sensors definitely help this unit find its way around better, and without bumping into things as much. Keep in mind though, it really only helps with solid walls. It still runs into things like chair/table legs at full force. It's a good idea the first few times you run this thing to watch it in action. Prepare to Roomba-proof parts of your house! You'll want to move things like pet's water/food bowls out of the way; it won't avoid these. Learn the spots where it has trouble; you may need to move things that are a problem, and potentially move around where you put your Virtual Walls. For example, I've got a leaning bookshelf kind of like this that my Roomba gets stuck under *every* time, and unfortunately it will sit there and try to get out of the spot for several minutes until it finally gives up. It happened once or twice and the faceplate of the Roomba got scratched up really fact 'scratched' doesn't really describe it, 'gouged' is more like it. It looks like someone took a screwdriver to the faceplate. Anyway, the bottom shelf is tall enough where the Roomba can fit under it, but something about the dimensions between the shelf and the legs...Roomba goes in there and can't figure out how to get out. I replaced the faceplate and have made it so the Roomba will not go under there anymore!

    3. Depending on how often you run your Roomba (for me it's 3x per week), you'll want to make sure you clean it out regularly, and I'm not talking about simply emptying the dirt bin. There are sensors on the bottom you need to clean regularly, you need to keep the wheels clean, and keep the rollers clean.

    4. Every so often I will come home to find the Roomba did not return itself to the base. Sometimes it simply couldn't find its way back, but sometimes it's because I neglected to do one or more of the things I listed in #3 above. If you get home and find your Roomba in the middle of the floor, be sure to hit the "Dock" button to try getting it to dock itself. If it tries to dock itself, that means it likely gave up trying to find its way back to the dock after searching around for a while aimlessly. On the other hand if you hit "Dock" and you see a red "!" on the screen, it probably means something's dirty (and the built in speaker will tell you what's dirty). Time to clean your Roomba!

    All in all, I'm glad I bought it. Still seems kind of expensive for a vacuum cleaner, but I suppose when you consider that there are Dysons that cost much more AND this is a robot that does the work for you, it's worth it. It's nice to come home to a clean house. I bought mine with the three year warranty so I'll have piece of mind that no matter what my robot runs into over the next few years, I'm covered....more info
  • very cool
    I've had the iRoomba for about a month and it continues to amaze me. Press the button and -presto - the little gadget springs to work. I had no idea there was so much dust in my house; now Roomba scoops it out preventively instead of waiting for it to accumulate to the level it can't be ignored.

    We love the little robot. Even the cat has somehow learnt to tolerate it, against the millions of year's worth of instincts. Granted, we've only had it for a month and judging from the reviews below it is likely something's going to happen sooner or later. Nonetheless, as far as i am concerned it has pretty much paid for itself and every additional day i consider a bonus :). ...more info
  • Good for a while, but one year warrant is not enough and a lot of maintenance
    For three and four hundred dollars most IRobot products only last for about a year. If you open them up you will see repaired circuit boards. Save yourself some time and money buy Hoover products. They don't run themselves but they don't need as much maintenance. They need to increase their warranty for thier products before I but another one. I have bought over four vacumn cleaners and a scooba and they work well for a year and then have a lot of trouble. If you have money to waste it is a good product.
    ...more info
  • Roomba just doesn't last
    I used to be quite a Roomba fan. I bought one of the original models when it first came out. After that died, I bought another newer model. I even bought one for my sister two years ago for Christmas. Well, all three Roombas that I've purchased have died. My most recent model probably had the easiest cleaning job of any Roomba. I don't have pets and we have a housekeeper who does the regular vacuuming. I used my Roomba maybe once a month for a quick cleaning of my office floor. It seems that even this light use was too much for the Roomba. I've replaced the battery multiple times and now the unit will barely move. I've gone through all of the trouble-shooting steps on the Roomba website, but nothing works.
    So, long-story-short, Roomba is great while it lasts. But just don't expect it to be working 18 months after you buy it. When deciding to buy one or not, factor in that you will probably have to toss it in less than two years, even with very light use. After buying my third one, I've finally learned my lesson. It's an expensive toy that isn't built to last....more info
  • Not reliable
    This product is not reliable. Exchanged 4 times and need to exchange one more time. In average this robot will work for about 4 months....more info
  • My new best friend
    I received the Roomba as a birthday present since my husband always sees me sweeping. It does a pretty thorough job of sweeping/vacuuming. Program to vacuum on a set day works well. The only drawback I see is it does not always find the base. Recharges easily and spot vacuums when you need it.
    I am satisfied with this product! Oh yeah, It is entertaining to watch it work its way around corners and out of tight spots....more info
  • would be 5 star if it worked for more than a month at a time
    This thing is way cool- when it works- which is probably 6 months of the last 13.

    Like many others here I have had repeated problems with the side brush falling off- I have replaced the module once and have just ordered another one.

    I have also replaced the power supply, the virtual wall, the main brush module- which is not working again as I write, the bushingless gear bearing holes having worn themselves too big for their gears to contact each other. I have just ordered another.

    Each of these problems has resulted in a 4-12 week wait for new parts. Routine wear parts such as filters and brushes come with the same delay.

    My 15 year old Eureka works perfectly. It has needed a new part every 3-4 years and each time I have found the part I needed in stock at the local vauum store for less than $15.

    I purchased my Roomba when I constructed a new home instead of installing a central vacuum system. BIG mistake. If it worked as well as it did the first week I would have rated this 5 stars. As it is would rather have the central vacuum....more info
  • I love this little robot!!
    I have a dog and the floor needs to be cleaned around twice a week, this robot has helped me out so much. At first i went out and bought a HEPA canister vac which does a great job, but because of the hassle i only used it once a week. The trick for improving my situation was to do a good job cleaning twice-three times a week(roomba), rather than a great job cleaning once a week (canister vac). After doing this i noticed that there was a lot less dust around the house and on the electronics.

    Roomba is imperfect it doesn't do everything and it takes some effort on my part to help it clean efficiently and to maintain it, but it really makes life easier.
    ...more info
  • Ruined my floor and then had terrible customer support
    I had a Roomba 560 for about 5 months At first I loved it, but then I came home one day to find it dead in the middle of my floor - and on top of a deep circular groove it had carved in my brand new hardwood. Obviously, I was upset.

    When I first called iRobot tech support, they said they'd refund it and pay to repair the floor. That made sense, and although I would have preferred to just not ruin the floor, it seemed fair.

    Well, two months later - I've paid $450 to repair the groove, submitted all sorts of paperwork (photos, receipts, etc), and emailed and called tech support over a dozen times, and - still no refund or repair payment. They did offer to send me a new robot. But of course, I can't risk that it will do the same thing again.

    It was great at first, but since then, it not only caused major damage, I've been exposed to iRobot tech support which has to be about the worst customer experience I've had at any company ever.
    ...more info
  • Roomba iRobot 560 Review
    iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver

    There's ALOT to love about the New Roomba 560 model. It has a lcd clock near the clean button where you can actually set the date/time you would like for the roomba to start cleaning without you having to do anything but create a scheduled time prior to cleaning. The battery life seems to last very well until it needs recharging.

    The Roomba I had prior to the new 560 was the white one, the Discovery. (the battery since has failed twice on that one and the actually power cord according to iRobot needs replacing as well) I do though have to give credit for the Discovery Roomba as it was able to go onto my rugs with no problems and continue cycling cleaning. The new 560 Model will NOT do this. Even if you pick it up and press the clean button when you already have it on the rug it wont go far until it stops and beeps at you telling you its time to change the filter or something of that nature.

    So all in all I rate the 560 model with 4 out of 5 stars because i'm unable to clean my whole house using the roomba 560....more info
  • best thing for a lazy person like me!
    after getting this vacuum i now finally have a reason to keep my floors clear of clutter, so this baby can do all the work for me. it picks up an amazing amount of cat hair (i have two cats with pretty long fur). and it gets around all the corners and finds its way back to the charger with ease. Roombas have definately improved since they have come out and with this model it really shows. would definately get more roombas in the future...more info
  • Something for nothing
    I think we all wish for technology to get to the point it frees us from some of the daily drudgery we face. This little robot appeared to do just that and truth is it does and it doesn't. It does scoot around the floor and pick up dirt, hair, dust and dirt. But it also demands constant attention to empty its tiny little dust collector, clean its rotating brushes, wipe its little sensors, and direct it back to its charging station. Not sure, but I think I spend about as much time catering to this little guy's idiocycracies as I did using my old Sears canister vacuum cleaner.

    Still, It's a novelty......more info
  • 2nd Roomba- love it, but is it built to last???
    This is my 2nd Roomba, my first one died months after the 1 year warranty expired. And while I love my new one, I'll be getting nervous when my 560 reaches its 1st birthday. Lots of moving parts here and these wonderful little machines do break down. I always took great care of my Roomba and cleaned the brushes after each use, and will continue doing so with my new one. IRobot also does not offer extended warranties with their products- I think they know reliability is questionable too.

    ...more info
  • Roomba 560 is Great
    I was given a Roomba 560 for xmas and just love it. I showed it to my cousin and she asked me to order one for her. I did so and she just loves her roomba too. I also have the dirt dog and a roomba 530. The only thing is that they do not dust the furniture but they are great for vacuuming the floors in the house, basement and garage. They really do well under the bed, since it is hard to get under the bed with a regular sweeper. I would get them anytime....more info
    Here's the good news, bad news on this seemingly ingenuous product. WHEN it works, it's great. Almost impossible to believe how well it works. BUT, I've had to replace my robot TWICE in the last two months due to one thing or another. Not only do you have to spend incredible amounts of time trouble shooting, buying and replacing parts before the company will replace your item, but you must do so at your own inconvenience and expense. It's a terribly frustrating process. The Customer Service people are rigid, difficult to understand in some cases because of language barriers. The company will not replace your robot until they've received yours back, and then it takes WEEKS to see your replacement arrive.

    Overall, I'd like my money back. It's not worth the aggravation, especially when I calculate the number of hours I've spent trying to get my problems resolved. I'd rather push my upright vacuum. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT....more info
  • Excellent SUPPLEMENT to vacuuming
    If you are living in a moderately small house, townhome or apartment and want something to supplement your normal cleaning duties then the Roomba is something worth looking at. So to get this out of the way, does the Roomba actually work? It surprisingly does. It moves around your home in what appears to be an erratic fashion and cleans the floor just as it says it does. Now unfortunately it is not exactly what you might think it is. As a vacuum cleaner it is not all that powerful. Instead think of it more like a motorized broom. It picks up quite a bit of dirt and dust but it is not going to get the nitty gritty stuff that a regular vaccum will get due to its lack of suction. It gets the stuff you see, but probably not the mites you don't.

    The Roomba 560 is rather "smart" avoiding most cables in your home. The sighting mechanism is not perfect on it though and it will occasionally run into things pretty hard, especially if they are irregular in shape. In most cases though the Roomba will not get tangled up on cords or stuck on rugs.

    The dust compartment is rather small so you have to take that into account on how you use him. You cannot use him once a week as your main vacuum cleaner or he will just get too full too fast. Instead set him to go daily and be sure to empty him daily. That seems how he works best.

    Other than that the Roomba is a striaght forward little robot that is super low maintenance and can pretty much take care of himself. Schedule him to run when you are out of the house and he will clean the floors for you just as you expect him to for the most part. He is best at hardwood and tile since he can really get into that. As I said before he just does not have the suction to dig into carpet, especially longer carpet. ...more info
  • I Love This Product!
    My neighbor loved her Roomba so much she demanded I purchase one. I did and absolutely love it. No, it's not perfect (mine is having a hard time finding its docking station when it's done cleaning--no big deal to me) . . . but it sure is better than nothing. I use it daily and find the floors to be vastly cleaner than ever before. I highly recommend....more info
  • The Roomba is a prototype and iRobot has no customer service
    The Roomba requires extensive maintenance and cleaning in order to keep working. While the idea is interesting, the result is more like a success of a lab experiment rather than a consumer product. Furthermore, iRobot has no customer service at all. I ordered the free software update kit twice, it never arrived......more info
  • A real labor saver
    We have pets that shed and so if we wanted to keep the hair up off the floors and carpet we needed to vacuum more than once a week. The Roomba does the job for us now. It runs three times a week and keeps our living room, dining room, and kitchen swept clean of dirt and hair. Granted it doesn't do deep vacuuming of the carpet but we can do that on a less frequent basis than before with our full size vacuum.

    You will need to learn the fine points of using this wonderful device. For instance keep stuff up off the floor, don't leave cords exposed, and shut the door to the areas of the house that have such stuff exposed.

    Overall I am very pleased with my Roomba and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • We liked it so much, we bought another - a 580
    We had a 560 for about a year now and, because we have a relatively large house, recently, we decided to go for a second. It's a 580 (because a bigger model number should be 'better') but, now that we have them both, we found that 99% of the time we are NOT using the 580's Command Center so, unless you like playing with remote controls or you must have your Roomba 'in black', the 560 should be adequate.


    The robot itself does a pretty good job at fully covering the area and removing the dust. It is VERY good in a fully carpeted room or a bare-floor room. However, many times, it finds it difficult to climb from the floor onto the carpet. The side brush goes under the carpet and, eventually, the robot backs off and tries again later. It is usually successful, following several attempts but this may result in it over-cleaning one area and not spending too much on elsewhere. Our 560 actually ended up breaking the rotating brush following numerous under-the-rug incidents and we had to get a new rotating brush kit from Roomba.

    Another, somewhat weird behavior has to do with dark objects that it should be avoiding. The Roomba seems to detect bright walls and objects and slows down and only touches them gently at the end of the approach, it usually slams into a dark wall or whatever dark object might be in its way. It seems unable to detect darker objects.

    On the 580 you can schedule future jobs either on the main unit so that your robot would wake up, let's say, every Wednesday at 2 a.m. and do some serious cleaning. We did not find this capability very useful because we have more rooms than Roombas and we decided that we did not want to run our lives around the Roomba's cleaning schedule and move it around as expected. Whenever we want to clean a room, we take the Roomba there, set the virtual walls/lighthouses and push the 'clean' button.

    The virtual walls/lighthouses are VERY useful. Each Roomba comes with 2. You would sometimes need more. While we were a one-Roomba household we manage to keep the robot within its designated area in our 'open floor' first floor by blocking it with various objects. Now that we have 2 units, we have 4 of these so all is perfect and easy downstairs.

    While it's noted in the product description, I should mention that the 'going back to base' feature works VERY WELL. The Roombas almost always manage to find their base and go into the recharger when their batteries go low.

    We had no problem with the battery life. Our one-year-old 560 seems to have as much stamina today as it had on day-one.


    After every other cleaning run, you will have to empty the dust bins, clean the filter and clean the brushes.

    Taking out the dust is easy. And so is the cleaning of the filter. Cleaning the brushes is another story and problem is 'hair'. It's not terribly difficult but... you will be dealing with 'dirt'. I found that with the help of a pair of scissors or a small (sharp) knife you can clean the brushes in a couple of minutes.

    Customer support:

    As I mentioned before, the little 'helicopter' brush unit had to be replaced. I did not find Roomba's off-shore based support team to be very helpful. It happened a long time ago so I don't recall of the details but I remember them first being unable to understand the nature of the problem. Then, some unfriendly foreigner told me that they are not obligated to send me a replacement immediately, given that there was some '5 business days' or '10 business days' in the warranty. Anyways, I eventually got my part but it happened after a relatively long wait and too many calls and too much time spent with these lovely people. The funny thing was that, as soon as I placed my first phone call, I received an email asking that I rate the quality of the 'service' provided. MANY such surveys followed.

    My rating: 4 stars

    We are actually using these and they do a good job for us. The fact that we now have 2 of these, shows that we find them worth the expense. The Roombas do what we expect them to do - which is clean the room without us having to watch them doing it. They are well-built, durable and efficient. For all of the above, they get a 5-STAR PLUS rating. I am taking out 2 stars for the not so good customer support and for the little problems the Roomba seems to have climbing on carpets. Therefore, the fair rating is a 4-STAR....more info
    I dont recommend this product to any one. The battery life for is very short and will not last long. When i call them to tell them about my problem they said I have to pay $90 and buy a new battery. Very bad customer service. they try lie just to sell you more stuff....more info
  • We liked it so much, we bought another (a 580)
    We had a 560 for about a year now and, because we have a relatively large house, recently, we decided to go for a second. It's a 580 (because a bigger model number should be 'better') but, now that we have them both, we found that 99% of the time we are NOT using the 580's Command Center so, unless you like playing with remote controls or you must have your Roomba 'in black', the 560 should be adequate.


    The robot itself does a pretty good job at fully covering the area and removing the dust. It is VERY good in a fully carpeted room or a bare-floor room. However, many times, it finds it difficult to climb from the floor onto the carpet. The side brush goes under the carpet and, eventually, the robot backs off and tries again later. It is usually successful, following several attempts but this may result in it over-cleaning one area and not spending too much on elsewhere. Our 560 actually ended up breaking the rotating brush following numerous under-the-rug incidents and we had to get a new rotating brush kit from Roomba.

    Another, somewhat weird behavior has to do with dark objects that it should be avoiding. The Roomba seems to detect bright walls and objects and slows down and only touches them gently at the end of the approach, it usually slams into a dark wall or whatever dark object might be in its way. It seems unable to detect darker objects.

    On the 580 you can schedule future jobs either on the main unit so that your robot would wake up, let's say, every Wednesday at 2 a.m. and do some serious cleaning. We did not find this capability very useful because we have more rooms than Roombas and we decided that we did not want to run our lives around the Roomba's cleaning schedule and move it around as expected. Whenever we want to clean a room, we take the Roomba there, set the virtual walls/lighthouses and push the 'clean' button.

    The virtual walls/lighthouses are VERY useful. Each Roomba comes with 2. You would sometimes need more. While we were a one-Roomba household we manage to keep the robot within its designated area in our 'open floor' first floor by blocking it with various objects. Now that we have 2 units, we have 4 of these so all is perfect and easy downstairs.

    While it's noted in the product description, I should mention that the 'going back to base' feature works VERY WELL. The Roombas almost always manage to find their base and go into the recharger when their batteries go low.

    We had no problem with the battery life. Our one-year-old 560 seems to have as much stamina today as it had on day-one.


    After every other cleaning run, you will have to empty the dust bins, clean the filter and clean the brushes.

    Taking out the dust is easy. And so is the cleaning of the filter. Cleaning the brushes is another story and problem is 'hair'. It's not terribly difficult but... you will be dealing with 'dirt'. I found that with the help of a pair of scissors or a small (sharp) knife you can clean the brushes in a couple of minutes.

    Customer support:

    As I mentioned before, the little 'helicopter' brush unit had to be replaced. I did not find Roomba's off-shore based support team to be very helpful. It happened a long time ago so I don't recall of the details but I remember them first being unable to understand the nature of the problem. Then, some unfriendly foreigner told me that they are not obligated to send me a replacement immediately, given that there was some '5 business days' or '10 business days' in the warranty. Anyways, I eventually got my part but it happened after a relatively long wait and too many calls and too much time spent with these lovely people. The funny thing was that, as soon as I placed my first phone call, I received an email asking that I rate the quality of the 'service' provided. MANY such surveys followed.

    My rating: 4 stars

    We are actually using these and they do a good job for us. The fact that we now have 2 of these, shows that we find them worth the expense. The Roombas do what we expect them to do - which is clean the room without us having to watch them doing it. They are well-built, durable and efficient. For all of the above, they get a 5-STAR PLUS rating. I am taking out 2 stars for the not so good customer support and for the little problems the Roomba seems to have climbing on carpets. Therefore, the fair rating is a 4-STAR....more info
  • I want another one!!!!
    This is the best thing since sliced bread!
    I injured my back (herniated disks) three years ago, and have been unable to use a broom or vacuum cleaner since. There is something about the motion of sweeping that causes me great pain. This has been very frustrating because I have indoor cats and a large hairy dog.
    I had my floors redone all in tile to keep down the dust and hair, but going even one day without sweeping caused little "tumbleweeds" of pet hair to roll across the floor. (Those of you with carpet have NO IDEA!) My husband was just unable to work (he worked seven days a week) and sweep the floor every day. I couldn't afford a maid. It was terrible.
    For Christmas, 2007, my husband gave me a Roomba 560, and a Scooba 5800. I love them!
    This is not a toy! It picks up as well or better than a vacuum!
    I use my Roomba every day in my living room, kitchen and dining room. That is as far as the battery will last, but it is a very large area. I am amazed at how much it picks up every day. It is simple to start (push a button) and simple to clean (remove the bin and empty into the garbage; remove the brushes and pull out any accumulated hair.) The Roomba 560 can also be programmed to come on automatically every day, but I don't use this feature because I have cats (cats can up-chuck at will and I don't want that in my Roomba!)
    I have a 2100 + sq.ft. house and really need another Roomba to cover the entire house. With just the one, I have to let it re-charge before I can do the master suite.
    While the Roomba does make some noise, it is considerably quieter than a vacuum cleaner. My cats are not afraid of it, but they are terrified of a vacuum.
    I have to admit that I did have some problems with my Roomba at first. Every time I had a problem, I called IRobot and the technicians helped me. They sent me replacement parts on several occasions. I don't know how many times I called, but they were polite and helpful every time and sent parts for free. Finally, they realized that my particular Roomba had a defective cleaning module. They sent me a new one for free and that solved all my problems.
    This product gets five stars! The Roomba performs better than I expected and the company really stands behind their product. I couldn't be more satisfied.
    -Donna ><>...more info
  • Worst tech support ever
    I bought the 560 directly from iRobot as a birthday gift for my wife. I received the unit on 8/28/08 and have yet to see it clean anything! Upon initial charging, it gave a "Charging error 5." The owner's manual gives no explanation of what are apparently up to 20 different numbered error codes. The only explanation is "call tech support."

    So I call tech support, after waiting on hold for about 30 minutes, of course I received someone with barely comprehensible english. After waiting for her to get her own model in front of her and disassemble it, she decided my unit was defective. I was then informed, via email, that I would have to send my unit to iRobot (at my expense) and they would, in turn, send me a replacement. It is now 9/15/08 and I have yet to receive the replacement.

    This may be the greatest floor cleaning product ever, but I honestly wouldn't know. Their tech support is truly awful and I'm still in disbelief that I have to pay to ship back a product that was defective out of the box. I'm also somewhat amazed that I have to wait until they receive my unit before I receive a replacement. Every other company I've dealt with has sent a return label with their replacement. P*ss poor customer service and, thus far, a worthless product. I did call today and according to their automated system, they have a 10 day delay time upon receipt before they ship another unit. Need I say more?

    Update: Received the replacement unit after approximately 1 month. Guess what? It is defective also. Returning it today for yet another unit. Hint: call during normal business hours and you will get tech support in the U.S. They are much more knowledgeable and helpful. Still, I would highly recommend staying away from this product. It's junk....more info
  • Warning: Unreliable, bad product support
    Unreliable, bad product support

    If I could go back in time, I would not have bought the Roomba. I used the I-robot to do light maintenance vacuuming during the week in my house. We have no pets or kids, and we take our shoes off at the door when we come into the house from outside. I read the manual, and treated the I-robot with considerable care. I cleaned and emptied the vacuum after each use, I made sure it would not get tangled or caught on cords, I checked the Brush to make sure that hair (etc..) was not wrapped around it, and so on. A month after the Warrantee period, the Roomba stopped working. I would turn it on, it would go a few feet, appear to catch on something, and stop. Then it would give the "uh oh" beep. I called customer support, they had me bounce and spin the wheels, blow compressed air into the wheels and wheel wells, and do several other useless exercises before telling me I should buy a new I-robot as none of the parts on the Roomba can be replaced, and no service is offered (even if you are willing to pay for service, they do not service these machines...period).
    Paying 200-300+ dollars for a vacuum that works for only 13 months is a bad deal. It is also suprising that there are no replacement parts and no service available for the Roomba. If anything goes wrong, replacement is the only option (so they told me).. Here is a list of reasons why I would not recommend this product - some are facts, some are opinions:

    1. Roomba is a light duty vacuum and does not clean well enough to replace your regular vacuum
    2. Roomba cannot really be left unattended -it needs tobe supervised
    3. The company is not going to do you any favors if the product goes wrong - they are "by the book" - my warrantee was 1 month past expiration and I-robot offered NOTHING. I was very polite, and spoke to several people. Both my wife and I called - both with the same result. When we were first speaking with them, and could not remember exactly when we purchased our Roomba, The representative from I-robot pushed for a date. When we told them about a year, they were quick to suggest dates that would have placed us outside the warrantee period. we eventually found the receipt.
    4. No service is available - if something goes wrong, you have to replace the whole system (except brushes and filters - those can be replaced).
    5. Questionable reliability - dust and hair can work into moving parts through very small spaces. For a self propelled vacuum that is designed to turn off when it hits an obstacle or gets stuck, this is not so good...
    6. no way to clean the wheels or other internal parts. In fact, if you take the Roomba apart you void the warrantee...
    7. Many of the positive reviews you read on this product are probably from people who purchased recently - when I first bought it, I liked a lot it as well - I told everyone about it. That is because it is a cool idea. However, I am not so happy with my purchase now... I feel like I was ripped-off.
    ...more info
  • Step forward, two steps backwards
    This is our second Roomba which we bought to replace the older model which battery has died abruptly.

    First impression we had was very positive. 560 could get onto an area rug old one could not climb on, it wouldn't get stuck on rug fringe, and in general i seemed "smarter" and would vacuum better.

    First thing we noticed that plastic thingy was broken in internal brush (probably when we received it) and needed a replacement. Big problems started when side brush broke and we waited for replacement to arrive for a few weeks. Needless to say the replacement has broken too pretty soon and side brush is not working anymore. Roomba complains that it needs brushes cleaned several times during a cycle. Since side brush is not turning it cannot get out of hard situation and gets stuck trying to get onto area rug often.

    Overall it seems that iRobot went with cheaper parts and bad quality to keeps the costs down and it really hurt the product.

    It probably will be our last toy from iRobot since they don't seem to work properly for more than a year....more info
  • This really does work
    I've had mine for about a month now. I have three shedding dogs and have given this vacuum a good workout. It's really great for doing a daily sweep of the rooms, but I still need to periodically get my big vacuum out for a major deep rug cleaning. The docking works sometimes and I'm having trouble with those lighthouses actually working properly. I'm assuming it's me because most people rave about them. It does fill up quickly with hair and dirt and mine needs to be cleaned after every cycle. I definitely think this is worth every penny and wish I had bought one sooner....more info
  • Good product but you need to understand how it works.
    I bought the Roomba 560 in March and have been very pleased. However, I think you have to be realistic about what it's capabilities are and not buy one thinking you are getting a "perfect" machine. First off, the Roomba does an amazing job of picking up dirt and hair. We have two cats that live exclusively inside. The Roomba is scheduled to clean once a day while the family and I are away at school and work. I clean out the Roomba daily as it clearly states in all the literature. This takes approximately 3 minutes to do. I am still impressed with how much hair and dirt is in the machine each day.

    Second, I have had to learn some of the quirks of the robot. One of the first was when the robot went into our laundry room, closed the door on himself and knocked the cat's food dish around. I learned that a virtual wall belongs next to the cat food dishes which (with my configuration) also keeps Robby (yes, I named him and I know it is not original but I like it) out of the laundry room and closing himself in. So I solved the first problem. Not a "problem" with the product but just a reality of life.

    The next thing was to experiment with the placement of the base station in order that Robby can find his way home. It helps to have a (very) basic idea of light patterns. At first I had the base station where it looked like it was wide open to Robby finding his way back, but in reality, I had blocked off a great deal of the infrared signal. I repositioned the base station so as to have as large an infrared footprint as possible, and now Robby finds his way home to recharge.

    Robby cleans my kitchen, breakfast area, dinning room, hallway and entryway every day and has plenty of battery life to spare. He could do my living room also but can not because I have a sunken living room (bummer). I do not let Robby into the bedrooms unless I am prepared to have him clean there because of the number of things that might be on the floor (i.e. - shoe laces, kids clothes, papers, etc.).

    I have watched Robby clean several times and I have observed the cleaning pattern that it uses and it is just as iRobot shows on their demo video. The roomba cleans the floor very thoroughly.

    I do not use my normal vacuum cleaner any more as it is not necessary. I will be buying two more lighthouse/virtual walls which should increase the efficiency. Right now I only use them in the virtual wall mode. With the addition of two more, I will have two in Virtual Wall mode and two in Lighthouse mode.

    Again, the Roomba is not perfect (but there is no such thing as perfect anyway) but does perform as advertised. Robby has neglected to return to the base station on a couple of occasions but, with the exception of 2-3 times, I have been able to determine why he did not return and eliminate the problem.

    I plan on buying another Roomba in the future to leave in the sunken living room and may purchase a Scooba next year for the hardwood floors....more info
  • Not worth it..
    I bought this new iRobot Roomba 560 for my Mom, and besides some initial smiles due to it's automatic moves, turn backs after collision and all, nothing seems to be good about this Product.
    1). First of all, forget about all the obstacles like tables, chairs, sofas - Even in a completely empty, flat floored rectangular room also it doesn't clean all the spots. It misses them. This is due to its weird moving algorithm I guess.

    2). Then, it cannot always return to its charging dock automatically as it claims. The second time we used it, its battery got empty in its path to the dock. (It should calculate how much time it will take to reach to the dock and start moving there beforehand)

    3). Third, the third time we used it, it stopped moving and started rotating at a single location!!!! I don't know how did that happen, but the machine was rendered useless as a result.

    4). I have placed a request for the return and refund two times on the website, but no one has come to collect that :( ... Although, the customer care was good enough to assure me that they would schedule a USPS pickup to collect that soon and even if the 30 day window closes due to this, I would receive a full refund. I'm waiting for that now. :) ...more info
  • As good as such things are likely to be.
    This is our first Roomba, and it probably won't be our last. With a wooden-floored house and several sheddy cats, we were always struggling to keep up with the fur and dander. We've been very happy with the way our Roomba has changed that. It's hard to imagine ways that it could be better designed. We expect it's going to last a long time, or at least until another generation from iRobot improves sufficiently on it....more info
  • Roomba 560 Review
    We all like the product at our home. My wife and I run the Roomba daily. Our dog and cat are amused.

    How much easier can it get? Is there a robot that dusts?...more info
  • Breaks constantly!
    We bought the Roomba 560 in January '08. So far (in 7 months), we have had 3 of the internal brushed replaced. The side brush also broke, but we have not been able to get a replacement because they are back ordered (most likely because they break for most people all the time). Then, we had a problem where it wouldn't clean, just spun in a circle and gave us an error message. After being told it was the left wheel module, we waited a month to get the replacement part. Then, I called. Come to find out, they decided we needed a whole new unit, but never contacted us (they had my e-mail). So, in 7 months, many accessories have broken, and the whole unit has now broken! We had to send our whole thing back in and are now waiting for a new unit. Be careful investing in this product. It is often out of commission for us, so does not serve its purpose....more info
  • My Mom loves it
    It's a Christmas gift for my Mom and she really loves it. The machine saves a lot of time and very simple for my Mom to operate. Definitely, it is not perfect but I still give 5 stars based on my Mom's satisfaction. Few things I would like to see in the future Roomba models:

    - Reduce noise level: I cant sleep if Roomba is operating.
    - Side bush should be more robust. One finger of side bush was broken after 1 month use.
    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I had high hopes for my Roomba 560, but it failed after 10 days and IRobot's customer service has been very poor. The 560 does a good job of vacuuming when it works, but it started telling me that its brushes needed cleaning when they did not. I called customer care three times before I got through, and after finding that the Roomba gave the same message even with the cleaning brushes removed, the care person said IRobot would send me a new cleaning head module, which I will have to install myself. I was told the new module would arrive in 7-10 days. We are now at 15 days and counting. The jury is definitely still out on this product for me. And a friend bought one on my recommendation. #^#^@&@*^!*!*! I will not be recommending this product anytime soon....more info
  • Makes life a bit easier
    I got my Roomba about 7 months ago. I run it every day at 2:00 so I can come home to a clean floor. I found that the lighthouse feature didn't work so well so I just use them for virtual walls (it almost never found its way back to the base using the lighthouses). I have a small house with tile floors so I run it in the main 3 rooms of the house everyday and then manually run it in the back of the house where it is less dirty a couple of times a week. I find it does a good job for the most part. It is not perfect but with three cats and an enormous long haired dog, it has really helped. I even noticed a lot less dust on the furniture. It cannot get everywhere but on the other hand it gets places that are hard for me to get to like under the bed. It doesn't replace a vacuuming with a regular vacuum but it surely keeps everything pretty nice between major cleanings. It requires a bit of attention daily....especially with the amount of hair from my animals. If you don't clean it the brushes get wrapped up with hair and start to bind. Cleaning it really isn't that big of a deal and takes far less time than sweeping up daily.....a couple of minutes and its done. It finds the base about 80% of the time, it gets caught on a couple of things that I cannot help and sometimes it just seems to stop in the middle of the room for no apparent reason. It also will lock itself in a room sometimes, it pushes the door shut. The side brushes do break but irobot sent me some for no charge, I think I am on my third brush. Irobot's customer service is helpful and easy to reach. My only concern is that my little roomba will not lead a terribly long life. I would likely buy another but I would hope that something this pricey would last a while. It does work hard for me every day and cuts down on my daily housekeeping so overall I am happy. ...more info
  • It is the future, and robots clean my house
    I received this little guy as a wedding present (along with the Scooba, woohoo!), and I'm really glad I have it. If it were a little more affordable, I would have purchased it for myself. To provide a little context for this review, I am a person with neither the time nor the inclination to clean my floors, ever. I do own a broom and a mop, but mostly as decorating accessories.

    The Roomba is not a perfect floor-cleaning machine, but neither is it marketed to be. It's round, so obviously corners will suffer a little neglect. It's non-sentient, so it can't untangle itself from that nest of cords you left on the floor before turning it on. And it's small, so you'll have to empty out the dust bin once, maybe twice each time you use it.

    But compared to nothing? This robot is amazing. It's cleaning a week's worth of filth off my hallway floor as I type this. It sings cute beeping songs, it can find its own way home (to the charging dock) when it's done, and it does a pretty good job vacuuming floors! I have wood floors, so maybe I'm not noticing spots it's missed, but when I watch it wander around the room (which is kind of an irresistible urge when it's on - you'll see), it seems to do a thorough job of picking up dust & dirt. (Note: I've never used it on an actual mountain of dirt, just dust bunnies and crumbs and the detritus of daily life.)

    I haven't actually tried the scheduler function, though it seems useful if you can remember to keep your floor pretty clear of obstacles on the day it's scheduled to run. I also haven't tried the invisible wall things, because they require D batteries, which I haven't owned in something like 10 years. I just move large obstacles (chairs, garbage cans) from the center of the room to the doorways I don't want the roomba to exit through, and that works fine.

    Overall, the robot looks and feels sturdy, hasn't had any issues out of the box, and has made my life (and my floors) about a thousand times cleaner. Buy it if you're a slob, but not if you're already ultra-fastidious about keeping your house clean....more info
  • My Cleaning Buddy!
    We bought our first Roomba last month and from the first day we were very impressed. I had thought that it was more of a toy or novelty, but this is a serious cleaning assistant! I'm impressed by its diligence in cleaning around obstacles and in corners. Yes, corners -- even though this thing is obviously ROUND, it has a small flat brush that spins around beyond the case to get into the corners.

    We have a long hair cat and it does a great job picking up the hair. We clean it after every use and I'm amazed at how much dirt and hair it picks up. It's easy to dump out the dirt, but it's also very easy to clean the brush and roller. I really don't mind cleaning it because I know how hard it has worked!

    My wife likes this better than I do -- because now I'm in charge of vacuuming and it's fun! I suppose the suction may not be as great as some of the non-robotic vacuums, but because you can run it more frequently, it gets more dirt and our floors are really clean!

    It's easy to start using it -- there's even a demo mode that acts out its basic motions -- and tells you verbally what's happening! It navigates cords and other obstacles very well and it gets hung up someplace, it's smart enough to know it's in trouble so it lets out a little tone or says something and then turns off instead of grinding away.

    One last thing -- a pet peeve of mine is that many vacuums are so noisy. This one isn't completely silent, but it's pretty quiet -- even quieter since you don't have to stand over it -- it sounds pretty quiet from another part of the house!...more info
  • Love this robot
    I just love this robot so much. It did take quite a long time to clean one room (over 30 min for sure), but it always does a great job. Comparing to the conventional vacuum cleaner, this one is much quieter and smaller. The only problem I have so far is that it can't recognize black or even dark blue carpet area. I have a rug with a dark blue edge. This robot can't reach those areas. ...more info
  • I Can't Believe I'm Satisfied!
    I was definitely a skeptic when it came to the Roomba Vacuum. Years ago when we had lots of energy and small brains we purchased a Kirby vacuum cleaner. That thing is like pushing around a Volkswagon but since it cost so much we were compelled to use it for eternity...even if it didn't work. Luckily my wife has been out of town for a couple of months and I decided to take matters into my own hands. That's when Ruby entered my life.
    Ruby the iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuum has removed more cat hair that Ima Jean's Groom-a-rama does in a year! The little brush on the side found all of the cat's secret hiding places for chicken bones, rubber bands, popcorn, sweet gum balls, and what-not. The only thing that would make it better would be a built in chipper-shredder. And maybe a little dozer blade on front. Possibly a larger dirt containment bin...say a half bushel.
    Seriously, this thing is great. I highly recommend it to everyone that hates to vacuum. I've had it a month and vacuumed more than ever before in my life. It's easy to use and clean. It also seems to be of good quality....more info
  • Was Great Then Something Happened...
    We got our Roomba for Christmas last year. Once we got him, we programmed him to clean six days a week with one day off for him to rest and recuperate. For the first couple days I barely got anything done because I was so fascinated with the Roomba, I'd follow him all over the house marveling at how smart and maneuverable he was. Also I loved to watch my dog and cat react to him. He was just enough to make them comically nervous but not enough to seriously upset or hurt them. They got used to him pretty quickly.

    He had no problem with most of the surfaces in our house, though he did like to rearrange the throw rugs. He ate a couple shoe strings, a magazine or two (I shouldn't have left them on the floor anyway) and rarely made it all the way through the cleaning cycle without hanging up on something, but the house was SO MUCH CLEANER, that it was very worth any small effort I had to make to get him back on track.

    We were VERY happy with our Roomba purchase untill his brushes began to break.

    First his little round, octopus brush started loosing arms and then his other brushes rolled up a hair clog and actually warped the square ends so they didn't turn properly. We bought the $40.00 replacement brushes and installed them but Roomba still isn't working like he used to. The new brushes don't seem to be turning so we are wondering if he burned out a motor when he ate the deadly hair ball. We will probably wind up sending him for repair.

    So, when this amusing and ingenious little gadget works, it WORKS GREAT! The negative side is that, in my opinion, an appliance should work longer than 7 months before it needs major repair. We have plenty of fur and hair around the house with the dog and the cat, but other than those two its just my fiance and I, so I doubt we have more dirt than the next family. The Roomba comes with a one year warranty, so I will update this review once we see how the customer service works out.

    We did wind up having to send our Roomba back. I contacted their customer service and the first thing they did was send out some replacement parts. Unfortunately that didn't fix him. I then received a set of instructions that weren't actually as complicated as they first appeared, directing me how to return my Roomba. A new Roomba arrived in a week and so far all is well, except that now his charger is making a funny high pitched sound... Perhaps there will be another update soon. I hope not....more info
  • 570 Cleans Great, but Lacks Quality
    I've had my 570 for almost a year now. I have to say it does an excellent job of cleaning. Unlike some of the previous models, it seldom gets stuck and usually finds its way back to the docking station. When it comes to keeping up with the dog hair from two Golden Retrievers, I am completely satisfied!

    This series uses a modular design that makes changing modules for side brush, main brushes, wheels, etc, easy. Should something go wrong, iRobot can simply send the owner a new module to install. There should seldom be a need to send it back to the factory for repair.

    Unfortunately, breakdowns are all too common. The quality control of the brush modules is very poor. In the time I've had mine, I had to replace the main brush module after about 5 months. It has now failed again as has the side brush. Evidently, the side brush units failed with fair regularity since I had to wait for them to be in stock.

    iRobot sent me a new main brush assembly the first time at no cost. I am still waiting for the side and mail brush modules now, after a month, as they sent it to a non-existent address. Needless to say I am far from pleased with the quality of the new robot.

    Bottom line . . . it cleans great, but the quality of the brush modules is very poor. Until they improve that, I would have a difficult time recommending it to anyone....more info
  • Hurray...My hardwood floors are always clean!
    I received the Roomba 560 for my birthday. I'm a goofy guy, so having the Roomba (name: "Dusty") totally fits my personality.

    I live in a Manhattan apartment with hardwood floors. I mention Manhattan because if you open a window and leave it open for a while, you find your window sill and floor covered in a light layer of "city dust". After a while, this can turn into dust bunnies and it tends to gather together in a community of dust bunnies under hard-to-reach places, such as my platform bed. But now that I have a Roomba, there isn't 1 single dust bunny to be found!

    Every weekend I wake up Dusty to start cleaning (every other week I empty the dust bin and tap the filter clean). While the Roomba vacuums, I can simultaneously clean the bathroom and dust. By the time I'm done cleaning, the floors are clean. Very nice!

    Overall, I'm very happy with my Roomba. It has a few very minor quirks, but I would totally buy this if it hadn't been gifted to me.

    * cleans under hard-to-reach places, like under the bed.
    * charges itself when it's finished
    * seeing it makes you smile, and it will make your friends laugh
    * perfect for tiled and hardwood floors
    * does a surprisingly decent job getting into corners
    * can be scheduled to clean automatically
    * comes with 2 "lighthouses" that act as virtual walls
    * cleans carpet/rugs as well
    * comes with 1 spare filter and brush
    * very easy to empty and maintain
    * bumps into furniture softly
    * does a decent job avoiding getting caught on cables/wiring (see Con #1)

    Cons (minor):
    * gets tangled once in a while: I once left my Roomba alone in my bedroom and left for work. When I got home, the Roomba had gotten caught on a thick power strip cable and couldn't get out, so I found it stuck there, waiting to be recharged.
    * can trap itself in a room: the Roomba once closed a bedroom door and couldn't escape (the charging base was in another room)

    - If you decide to get one, and you have several electrical cords where Roomba might get stuck, buy some cable hoses or zip-tie the wires together....more info
  • I wish it was better
    I really miss my little Roomba 500 series! I had to return it due to it's multiple flaws, but I really love the concept.

    Pros: It made vacuuming fun! I would tidy the room, move things out of the way, and then turn it on and move on to the next room while it happily did its thing. The Roomba picked up a lot of dust, hair, dirt, etc.

    The virtual wall/lighthouse feature worked well. I liked being able to divide my great room into two areas for the robot. I think it made it able to clean each space more thoroughly.

    Cons: After the first use, a hair (just a regular human hair, nothing heavy-duty like dog hair) tangled on the rubber roller brush and actually cracked it! Not very robust...

    After the first week of use (about 5 times), the little side brush stopped spinning like it should. It almost never spun, and when it did it moved in slow motion.

    The unit would crash into some of my furniture. It can't "see" anything black, so it doesn't slow down, and it was just barely too tall to fit under my entertainment center, so the little "eye" on the top kept crashing into the bottom of it (evidently the sensor judged that it would fit underneath so it would hurtle full force toward the unit, only to be stopped by that little plastic piece sticking up from the top).

    It was too tall for some places under kitchen cabinet toe kicks and would get stuck. Again, it wasn't that good at judging where it would and would not fit.

    It really didn't navigate well between my hardwood floor and simple area rugs. In fact, I think trying to climb on the area rug is what broke the spinner brush.

    Cleaning it every time was a bit of a chore, but I would be willing to put up with that mess if it really worked like it should.

    So in conclution, I actually would still like to replace this Roomba. I just may need to wait for the 6th generation model. ...more info
  • Amazing Roomba Roomba
    My fiancee and I just got our roomba the other week and so far we are loving it. We live in nyc and have a 1 bedroom apartment and it does a great job of cleaning the dirt and dust our of the apartment.

    It is really fun to watch in action and it so far has made my life a good bit easier since i dont have to worry about vacuuming once a week. I set it to clean every few days and it runs while I'm at work.

    I wish the collection bin was a little larger but all in all it isnt bad.

    Here is a video I made of it in action info
  • Poor instruction on usual manual
    It is very poor instruction on manual. The discription on battery side is wrong also....more info
  • Great if you don't have dark carpets.
    I really like my Roomba and it works great on all my floors; however it does not work at all on black carpet. Most of the floors in my house are tile, so I have one large area rug and two runners that have a black border around them. The Roomba sees the black as a cliff and therefore it does not clean that area. The Roomba is really quiet compared to my other vacuum cleaner and it does not scare the dog. The one good thing about the Roomba not cleaning the area rugs is that my family can still play Wii while the Roomba is cleaning. ...more info
  • I'm in love.
    I have 2 dogs (one is a puppy) and a cat, along with critters that come to visit with my daughter. So keeping my floors clean is a challenge. I have friends who bought the Roomba, and raved about them. So when I started looking, I checked out Consumer Reports. I bought the Roomba and the Scooba in spite of the CR reports, however.

    I have to say I think CR got this one all wrong. CR did not give them high marks. I think the paradigm has shifted. They evaluated these robots based on the standards they applied to old fashioned vacuums, and so they totally missed the boat.

    The Roomba first off is an excellent vacuum, and cleans my carpet, tile, and wood floors better than my upright. I thought my floors were already clean when I first used them, so was amazed how quickly the bins filled up. Added to that, it goes UNDER my furniture, so it cleans more of my floors. I set it to vacuum when I leave for work. It cleans my floors, then docks and recharges itself when it's done. So my floors get cleaned A LOT more frequently, thus preserving my carpeting. It's also much lighter in weight than my upright, so I can carry it around the house easily for spot cleaning. I'm not as young as I once was, so the ability to haul this puppy around is really important. Many times I left things unvaccumed because it was just too much trouble to haul the big cleaner around.

    It's also very easy to clean itself. The first couple of times I used it, I had to empty it 2 - 3 times per room, but it only took a few seconds. The brushes pop out easily, and are also easy to clean. The engineering on that alone is AMAZING.

    I know folks have mentioned docking problems, but mine has worked without problem. I know too folks have mentioned breakage on the brushes, but I've not had that problem either. Finally, folks have mentioned how frequently you have to empty the bins. The first time I use it in a room, the bins fill up very quickly. Now, I can do an entire floor of my house, and only clean the thing when it's done.

    Likewise, the Scooba. I confess I vacuum first before I use the Scooba, even tho the Scooba does pick stuff up. It just does a much better job if I run the Roomba first. Again, because it's so easy, and the floors look and smell so nice, I'm doing this every couple days in my kitchen. I do use my wet swiffer to get the corners, and to speed up the air drying, if I'm at home.

    To sum up: The are both extremely well engineered, make cleaning easy and convienent, and do more of the work for you. My floors are cleaner, my house smells better, and I just laugh when I'm doing other chores or playing on my computer while my robots are cleaning.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic Cleaning Machine
    Pros : Cleans Effectively, Hassle Free Operation, Cleans Under Furniture, Deep Cleaning Ability, Covers Entire Room, Pet Friendly
    Cons : Frequent Maintenance, Some Corner Issues
    Best Uses : Pet Hair, Tile Floors, Large Rooms, Hardwood Floors, Small Rooms, Carpeted Rooms
    Describe Yourself : Pet Owner, Busy household, Homeowner
    My Robot's Name : Scooby

    I just have to say that this product is Fanatastic. I purchased this for my wife as a christmas present while vacation in the US this year. It has been cleaning our rooms left right and centre. It cleans and cleans well. Our pets couldn't bet bothered. We have clutter in our rooms so we sometimes need to move stuff so scooby could get his job done. Because of the clutter I just purchased additional virtual walls/lighthouses so that we can strategically place it in a cluttered room to make it easier for our roomba. In the end we really have no complaints. This christmas, I'm getting the scoba....more info
  • Not quite "there" for everyone yet
    This review is based on an earlier model (the 535 - a special edition), but I just want to mention a couple points that probably apply to all the models.

    The main thing I want to emphasize is that you really do need to have someone in the house who doesn't mind working on the dirty brushes, getting the hair and fibers removed. And it does need to be done fairly often, although it will vary with the number of people and pets and how much they shed.

    I was glad to find that it wasn't just a glorified bump-and-go toy with a vacuum unit attached. However, it apparently doesn't have the computing and sensing power to do any advanced mapping and trap avoidance. Certain arrangements of furniture and walls or other obstacles can cause it to be stuck in an area for awhile, going over and over some odd corner until it happens upon the narrow space giving access to the rest of the room.

    It is also small enough to fit between the legs of some chairs, which allows it to clean under them, but this can lead to it becoming "lost" in a virtual maze under a table surrounded by chairs. Likewise, the low height which allows it to glide effortlessly under our couch and some other furniture is just high enough so that it gets stuck at one or two places under other items of furniture, and you might not want it to go under some things where it would disturb small items you are storing there. Proper placement of a Lighthouse unit can solve these problems, but if you are using them for room dividers, you may want to buy another one or two. Then again, you may find some simple physical object will serve as a barrier for places like that.

    I am happy with my Roomba, although I've had some very frustrated moments. I just want to be sure that purchasers realize that a Roomba is not like a regular vacuum but with the ability to clean all by itself. The small dirt container and the brushes that jam up from hair too quickly make its use and your experience with it quite different from that of a regular vacuum, and its tendency to get more or less (or completely) stuck when confronted with certain furniture or arrangements thereof means that you may have to make some adjustments or keep one eye on it every time it runs. Take note of the measurements and do some measuring of things in your house, and consider how complex the arrangement of your furniture is. The remote might help in this area, at least if you use it in time to save yourself from having to get up and rescue the thing from the low ledge under which it would have gotten jammed.

    I would certainly recommend the Roomba, but only to people with the money and an interest in robots, perhaps hobbyists, or if you just like to have the latest nifty gadgets and modern electronic marvels. I've recently ordered the book "Hacking Roomba" through Amazon, and I'm looking forward to doing some experiments that might improve my opinion of this machine. I have already read that the newer models (even in series previous to the 500s) have a relatively easy to access interface that can be used without making irreversible changes or voiding the warranty. Again, not something for just anyone, but a bonus for anyone with some basic electronics and programming experience.

    I'm tempted to say that it might be worth a try if you have a child who wants a pet, but you have reasons for not getting one. It would be much more like a real pet than the toy dogs and cats and humanoid robots I've seen lately. It isn't friendly or cuddly, but neither are turtles, hermit crabs, etc. ...more info
  • made my life so much easier
    I have a pyranese, two lab mixes, and two cats. Was I concerned about the potential for spending several hundred dollars on something that couldn't handle that kind of hair? Yes. Was I frustrated when I would vacuum in the morning and the next day the fur balls would be lined up for roll call at the base of the stairs? Yes. Could I resist when my 530 series (has the base but not the scheduling feature) went on sale? No. There is maintenance involved. I empty the bin and clean the brushes before every use. I pick the up the cords and unplug the air purifier and the stray sock here and there before I push the start button. I find it a very fair trade for being able to walk on my floor without feeling the teeny bits on the floor on my feet. It moves from the area rug to the floor without problems. The rug which used to be covered with the long white hair from my pyranese, is now clean. It does better, like the manufacture recommends, when I run it every day. It has less work to do I suppose. The cleaning doesn't bother me either. I pull out the bin, tap it against the garbage and pull open the filter and give that a few taps with my fingers as well. That's done. The brushes are very easy to clean. I don't care for the brush tool, I do a better job just pulling the hair off. The design is easy to understand- anything yellow can come off. It takes me two minutes to clean and ten seconds to put it all back on. I find hair wrapped around the ends about every other clean, but again not a problem to pull it off; it isn't the vacuums issue, it is my pyranese with his long white hair. Again, this little bit of maintenance saves me so much time that I have zero complaints about that! I have had no issues with any brushes, including the infamous side brush I've read frequent reviews about. I use the lighthouses to clean one room better before moving on to the next room. It finds its docking station about 95% of the time. I don't know if this is a fault with it, or if the brushes needed to be cleaned and it just stopped in the middle of cleaning because I've started it when I've gone to run errands and come home to find it in the middle of the floor. When you press the start button it will tell you the problem, but I tend to just place it on its dock, satisfied with the cleaning. There are corners that it can't get to, and dirt will slowly build up there. I vacuumm that up with my regular vac about once every two weeks, sometimes longer because it isn't very much. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it got the walls and around table legs. I am now working on month 3 with my little vacuum and I don't want to be without it. It is less loud than an upright vacuum but does make noise, but cmon. It's vacuuming! For pet owners, I would avoid the scheduling roomba because you will have to clean the brushes frequently; you might as well save the money and just do it before you press the start button. I do love the docking station. Again, I highly recommend this little guy!
    ...more info
  • Works Better than expected
    First let me mention that I have all concrete floors though out my house and some very small thin rugs. It keeps most of the pet hair off the floor and cuts back on our cleaning duties....more info
  • Should buy it earlier
    I saw it in a friend's home. They recommended it strongly so I bought it. The purchase was smooth.
    I had to empty the dust bin every 10 minutes for the first cleaning on the carpet. It really picked up some dirts even I thought the carpet was clean. After that, life is easy. We just clean one room every day, set the robot before leaving home in the morning. This $350 robot is worhty because it really improves the quality of life....more info
  • My Floors are CLEAN! :)
    I've wanted a Roomba for years, but was put off by the expense and poor reviews. When my manual vacuum died suddenly last month I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Roomba. I was apprehensive, worried that I was wasting my money on a product that wouldn't work, but I have been pleasantly surprised!

    Roomba works well for me on several levels:
    1. Being a recovering slob, vacuuming often fell to the bottom of my chore list, but now the whole house is vacuumed every other day and it has made SUCH a difference.
    2. We have ideal conditions for a Roomba - a combination of low pile carpet, hard floors, not too much furniture, no pets, and we don't wear shoes in the house.
    3. Since my time is not devoted to just getting the floor clean in the first place, I have more time to pick up and mop, which almost never got done before.

    I read all the reviews here on Amazon as well as the Roomba forums on the iRobot website, and I took precautions when I bought my Roomba. Anticipating the little spinny brush breaking, I ordered a set of them from Amazon right off the bat. So far the brush has held up fine. I also invested in an air compressor to clean all the dust out of the Roomba after every "mission."

    Cleaning the brushes was a massive pain at first, but I have refined my technique and found the PERFECT tool for removing wound up hair: nail scissors. They are awesome at cutting through the hair and grabbing any tightly wound hair from the brushes. Now I can clean both brushes in a couple of minutes using the nail scissors and the yellow cleaning tool that is included with the unit.

    While the lighthouses do help, I could probably use a couple more if I wanted the Roomba to be a "set it and forget it" type of appliance. I find that it works a lot better if I babysit the Roomba and move it from room to room rather than letting it move on its own. Moving the Roomba manually means that I get better usage of the battery charge. That said, I will have no qualms about letting Roomba run on its own in the fall when the house is empty during the day.

    With a little tweaking the Roomba has really made my life easier. I feel it was a good investment, and the only worry I have at this point is the longevity of the unit... obviously I'll have to wait to find out about that over time.

    If you're a recovering slob like me and are willing to work with the limitations of the Roomba, you will find that it is an excellent investment. ...more info
    I have a large dog who never seems to stop shedding. I have to vacuum every day just to keep up with it. When a friend of mine bought me the irobot 560 for a birthday preset I wasn't sold on how it would work. After two weeks I cannot begin to say how impressed I am with it. I have hard wood floors and some throw rugs and nothing seems to get in it's way. I turn it on when I leave the house and when I come back the room is clean and the unit has returned to the docking station, charging up for the next room. Obviously it is not as fast as doing it yourself, but whole idea is to be doing something else as the 560 vacuums.

    Its nice to have a product that does exactly what it says it will do. Thinking about getting another one for the back of the house so I can get vacuuming done twice as fast. Very satisfied !!!

    ...more info
  • Fragile
    The plastic roller on the extremities of one of the brushes partially melted. Already I have to buy a replacement after only using this thing only about 15 times!...more info
  • Not ready for prime time
    I've had my eye on iRobot's nifty Roomba for a couple of years now, and when I saw that the 560 had a daily scheduling function and auto-docking, I finally took the plunge. However, despite my enthusiasm and desperate attempts to rationalize keeping the roomba, I finally decided to return it.

    Some background: I have a three bedroom house with tile floors and throw rugs, two cats who shed copiously, and a husband who is allergic to cats. We read lots and lots of rave reviews of Roomba from people like us, who used the robot to keep daily pet hair on the floors to a minimum. Here are the problems we encountered:

    1) Roomba doesn't really do very well transitioning between hard floors and rugs. It can climb onto the rugs just fine, but due to the seemingly random way that the robot crosses the floor, it never cleans the dust and dirt right next to the rug. In fact, it seemed to push the dirt and hair up against the rug, then never vacuumed it up.

    2) Roomba doesn't deal well with rug tassels. I was concerned about this at first, but then read on the website that if it sensed rugs, that it would stop sucking and back off. It might actually have done this, but it still ended up with lots of rug tassels wrapped around the brush.

    3) Roomba's "lighthouse" system doesn't work as well as advertised. On the box, there's a picture of four rooms that are arranged as a square with doors between each of them, with the claim that roomba can clean four rooms then re-dock itself. Well, if you're like me and your rooms come off of a hallway, then it's a little more complicated. I used the lighthouses to split the rooms up, and occasionally the roomba made it to the last room (more on this in a minute). However, by the time it finished cleaning the farthest-away room, it couldn't find it's way back down the hallway and into the docking station before it turned itself off due to low battery.

    4) Roomba just can't deal with the amount of cat hair that my two cats produce. From four weeks of using the roomba, it seems that a lot of the cleaning it does comes from the three brushes. They spin the dirt into the vacuum which then sucks it into the dustbin compartment. I didn't have the problem that some other reviewers had, that they had to empty the dustbin every ten minutes when they first started using it. It seems that most of the cat hair never made it past the brushes and into the vacuum. It got stuck on and wrapped around the brushes themselves, but worst still, the brush bearings and the brush joints. The only way to get the hair off was to use tweezers and pull all the hair off for about fifteen minutes every day. I might even have overlooked this, if Roomba could have made it through a cleaning cycle without stopping and asking to have its brushes cleaned. But the Roomba hardly ever made it past the second room of the cleaning cycle before shutting itself off because the brushes needed to be cleaned. Every day, I would come home, hunt around the house for the Roomba, clean its brushes, then set it going again... etc., which completely defeats the purpose of having it scheduled to clean while you're not there.

    The breaking point for me was when I looked in my dining room yesterday and saw that the roomba has left a line of gray about three inches off the floor-- it looks like the rubber from the front of the robot has left marks on my white paint. At this point, I have to admit to myself that Roomba is increasing my cleaning workload, not decreasing it. Sadly I returned it to the store today.

    On a positive note, the scheduling function was easy to use and worked well, and the "lighthouse" concept is cool in that it allows you to schedule roomba to clean one room for half an hour and then lets it move onto the next room. Too bad it didn't work for us.

    If you have light cleaning needs that don't need strong vacuum suction, or even maybe a fully carpeted or fully hardwood floor, this might be the thing for you. However, my family has found that the Roomba 560 can't live up to (all) of it's promises. ...more info
  • The Roomba 560 is great.
    To put things in perspective, understand that we have nine cats. We first used the Roomba in our large ceramic tiled kitchen. We hadn't vacuumed for several days but the Roomba 560 picked up all of the dust bunnies and stray cat food.

    When we used it in the carpeted family room it stopped twice and asked to be emptied. It was full of cat hairs. The Roomba likes to work under the sofas in that room. We seldom move the sofas to vacuum the carpeting under them. The Roomba glides under sofas and eventually comes back out. After four cleanings, it's still picking up hairs but is only about half full after finishing.

    We purchased two lighthouses expecting to clean kitchen, family room, and foyer on a single charge. We tried that once and it didn't work very well because of size of the kitchen and the furniture in the family room. We prefer to do one room at a time.

    We tried the docking unit once with marginal success. We don't like the idea of leaving Roomba on the floor to recharge because of the cats. They like to chew on things. We charge it on a table now dedicated to that use. BTW, the cats are curious but don't panic. Of course, they take off whenever Roomba heads their way.

    In the ceramic tiled foyer, Roomba does a great job on the floor and on a throw rug. It will clean the attached small powder room without getting trapped inside.

    The virtual walls work nicely but to get the doorways cleaned, we place them about a foot into the adjacent room.

    We read the existing reviews before purchasing a Roomba. There were several reports of side brush legs breaking off and trouble ordering extra side brushes. We ordered extra brushes right after first using Roomba. There were 3 units left when we ordered. We also bought an extra brush kit which included one side brush. After 4 to 6 uses in the various rooms, no legs have broken off the side brush. We've removed it three times for washing. The leg tips become very black and stiff after a couple uses but they seem to be intact. We've noticed that the side brush stops rotating whenever it encounters an obstruction other than table legs or baseboards.

    The Roomba seldome gets stuck but our family room is a real challenge for it. The open gap under our entertainment center is just high enough for Roomba to attempt to travel under it. It gets part way in and half of those times it can't get out and shuts down. We're very comfortable letting Roomba work unattended in the kitchen or foyer, but not in the family room. We do that room while reading or watching TV. The sound isn't disturbing, in fact, it's quite nice hearing how much work is being done with so little effort on our part.

    In a nutshell, we're very pleased with the Roomba 560. We're thinking of Scooba next for the kitchen and foyer floors....more info
  • Please Stay Away!
    As you can tell if you read these reviews, the Roomba works great until the day it doesn't. On that day you are completely out of luck with any servicing. Ours quit operating properly shortly after the one year warranty expired. I would expect to pay for shipping and even pay to have my unit serviced. But all Roomba would do is offer to sell me another one. Why would I buy another unit of something that already broke once and that no one on God's green earth can service? It is a complex machine. So about a hundred different things can go wrong. If you are beyond waranty period forget IRobot company helping you. Their phone support is pitiful, and their service department does not exist. Any company that wilfully turns happy customers into unhappy customers everyday will soon be out of business....more info
  • Roomba not good for hairy dogs
    I love roomba. I love having roomba zoom around my house like a slow moving a slightly curious cat. Roomba does a wonderful job, if run every day, keeping the floors clean and barefootable. He vacuums under furniture, avoids things like piles of laundry and does a great job in corners.

    However, roomba is not up to two Welsh Pembroke Corgis. Every other vacuuming we have to take roomba apart and give roomba open heart surgery by picking the dog hair out of all the little gears. If this doesn't happen roomba merely wanders around the house pushing piles of dog hair about and depositing them on the edge of carpet. Our roomba makes a horrible, bone grating, noise as a result of his issues with dog hair. If he isn't making this unforutnate noise he isn't working.

    Also, roomba is passive aggressive. He will wander around and around, avoiding the clump of dust sitting RIGHT THERE. Can't you see it? Arrgh! A remote control now seems like a wonderful idea.

    Rooba also tends to be a bit obsessive compulsive, vacuuming the hallway for 45 minutes if not shooed out into the larger part of the living room. He does also shut himself into rooms by pushing the door closed, and will vacuum our 4' x 4' bathroom until his little battery gets tired and he goes to sleep.

    One of our dogs periodically runs past and bites roomba, but roomba doesn't seem to mind at all. He just putters on underneath the couch or the chair like nothing happened.

    Overall I'm glad to have roomba. He has a personality all his own and I've gotten rather fond of him. However, we need to replace the red cartridge full of gears in Roomba and so far have had no luck with iRobot. However, we have not exhausted all of the steps that we have been asked to do by iRobot.

    ...more info
  • My Dream Come True!
    The roomba works like a charm on hardwood floors. We have 2 dogs and used to clean the floors three times a week, with the roomba we only clean once a week, the scheduling feature is awesome as you can run the roomba when you are at work and come home to clean floors. I was a skeptic until one of my friends got one, and now I'm a believer. The only negative is the roomba doesn't work as well on carpet as I would like. ...more info
  • great but not perfect
    works great on our hard wood floors as well as carpets. it can avoid cables if not too many of them nearby. but when there are several cables nearby, it gets tangled, and sometimes it ends up pulling the cable causing whatever connected to the cable to fall from desk. The other problem is that while trying to get over slightly rised surfaces, it often gets stuck forever (ex: door edges). Otherwise, works well in most occasions.. after seeing how well the first one works on the first floor, i bought another for second floor....more info
  • Roomba 560 - happy little guy!
    I love my Roomba 560 -[...] -Anyhow, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and the Roomba just purrs along and picks up the hair that is all over the place. When we replaced our carpet with hardwood floors, I ended up vacuuming 3 times as often because all I see is cat and dog hair. I have tried all the vacuums, including the Oreck (which does a great job), but I'm sick of vacuuming all the time. The Roomba is worth every penny just because I am not locked to a vacuum cleaner. The noise level is not bad at all. The animals were fascinated watching the Roomba the first couple of times, now they could care less. You do need to watch cords that are under the beds and pick up things, but that is fine with me. It even squeezed under my couch and loveseat and found stuff there, too!...more info
  • Can no longer recommend
    I used to be a strong proponent of Roomba products, and I still have the original model that works well. However, the newer products have very unpredictable battery life. It's not clear whether you should leave the batteries on the charger or unplug them. This confusion caused one of my batteries to no longer hold a charge after only 10 uses. Customer service, which used to be very user-friendly, refused to replace it for free. It's a shame. I always used to recommend Roomba products to all my family and friends, but I can no longer do so with a clear conscience....more info
  • Worth it
    I was doubtful about the effectiveness of Roomba machines since they came out, because I figured, "What could a "fan on wheels" really vacuum?" That is because the Roomba is not meant to replace your real vacuum -- it's not going to agitate deep dust and pollen in a shag carpet like a powerful vacuum. Those vacuums are heavy and loud for a reason.

    But if you let Roomba work regularly, you have to use the big vacuum a LOT less. I bought this model last year for our new house, so that it could crawl around on our hard wood floor on the first floor at night and clean up after my 2 year old and 4 year old. IT WORKS. My wife is not ordinarily a huge fan of cool techie devices but she LOVES this thing. You know if you've got a winner if you can buy a boy-toy that your wife loves you for.

    Here are the pros and cons:


    1) You can set an automatic schedule and it vacuums by itself. It starts up, it vacuums, it returns to its charging station by itself. All you have to do is empty the dust. (And it picks up a lot!)

    2) It charges itself!

    3) It comes with cones which can be either "lighthouses" (to tell the Roomba to vacuum only a certain area) or "virtual walls" to create invisible barriers to prevent Roomba from vacuuming certain rooms. I found the virtual walls useful to keep the Roomba from vacuuming the dining room while we aren't using it.

    4) Being short, it can vacuum under tables and even some sitting furniture.

    5) It scoops up dirt in crevasses near walls, yet it knows how to avoid power cables.

    6) You can put your own colored plate on the top to customize it.

    7) Has a convenient carry-handle built onto the top.

    8) It has a set of easy buttons to start or stop it when you want.

    9) It's also easy to replace its various moving parts and brushes and filters. And it's very easy to empty.


    1) It does require some regular maintenance. There is a little red spider-like whirling brush that is made of some kind of material that breaks somewhat easily. The arms eventually break off one by one, and Roomba will sometimes cannibalize them. The replacement arms come in packs and won't break the bank, but you should stock up on them. I usually wait until Roomba has broken all but one arm before replacing the brush, which takes up to about 1 month if you use it daily.

    2) Roomba does get up on area rugs sometimes, but not always. Sometimes it bumps into a thick area rug and goes around it, or sometimes gets trapped. Given a chance every night, it will eventually clean the area rugs.

    3) Pick up small objects such as toys and clothes before Roomba works. It will either snag on a sock or suck up a child's action figure, which isn't good for either Roomba or the object. We have a routine whereby the kids have to clean up the floor every evening or Roomba will eat all their toys. (It works, and it's not a lie!)

    4) Be careful about the size of the area Roomba has to clean. Ours cleans the entire first floor, including the kitchen and back door leading into the garage, but some of these areas are quite some distance from its base station. If Roomba gets too far from its base station, it gets lost, and when its battery is low it can't find its way back through the "maze" of your house to the station. You have to keep the base station somewhat central if you can, and keep Roomba's cleaning area somewhat simple and not more than several normal sized rooms. Also Roomba can bump around under dining room tables where there are lots of chair legs for a long time. It can find its own way out, and if you use your dining room regularly, this actually increases its efficiency at picking up dropped food, but if you don't use the dining room that often, I would keep Roomba out of there, it'll waste a lot of time.

    5) It's fairly easy to set a schedule, but a couple of times I had to remind myself how to erase a schedule. They could have made this a little more intuitive.

    6) It's a vacuum, so it does make noise. You may not want to run it in your bedroom at 3 am.

    7) It does get trapped on certain furniture. For example we have an area rug next to an entertainment center, and the entertainment center has a large "foot" that is just a little higher than the rug. Roomba sometimes crawls across the rug and up onto the foot, bumps, but can't turn around because it gets tilted. You have to do some mild "rearranging" to make sure Roomba doesn't get stuck. When it can't free itself after a minute, it shuts off with a depressed beep.

    8) Roomba doesn't get every spec of dust all the time. It tries to find and get all the dust it can, but it doesn't vacuum like a human does. It doesn't see the a pile of dirt a few feet away -- sometimes it just runs right past it and vacuums elsewhere... But you need to be patient with it. It will find its way back and most of the time it will get that pile of dust. If it doesn't this time, it will next time. It detects heavy dirt as it passes over and will circle around and spot-clean for a moment. But if you're in a rush -- like if you have guests coming over, you need to resort to the traditional manual vacuuming.

    9) Don't use Roomba on stairs. At the top of the stairs it will detect a drop off and not tumble, but the stairs have to be vacuumed with a manual vacuum, unfortunately you just can't automate that.


    Keep Roomba away from kids and pets. That is to say, don't let them mistake it for a chew toy, a skateboard, a giant robot made for wrecking building-block cities, a flying saucer to fly around the room, or anything else. Teach the family to respect Roomba and keep the base station somewhere that kids and pets will not mess with it.

    I would recommend supplementing Roomba with a SHARK VX3 CORDLESS SWEEPER if you're in a rush to clean something (such as when guests come over, or the kids spilled dry cereal all over the floor).

    If you use Roomba on a heavy shag carpet, don't think you can throw away your heavy vacuum. At least once a month you need to vacuum up that pollen and dander etc that settles deep into the carpet with something that really works it over.

    All-in-all, Roomba has really increased the quality of our life and is a welcome member of our family!...more info
  • Great product! Lots of improvements. Needs some patients at first
    I am impressed! I had not realized how complicated and difficult making a product like this was until I saw all the possible conditions and hang ups they can run into. I was really surprised at how well it could adapt to constantly changing room conditions. Even moving furniture around while it was cleaning did not stump it.

    Summary (More details below.)

    1. No more vacuuming!
    2. Hardwood floors feel noticeably cleaner on bare feet
    3. Less dusting
    4. Amusement factor of watching it
    5. Detects large objects (walls, doors, etc.) and slows to a stop before hitting them
    6. Cleans under furniture
    7. Good at untangling it self and or getting unstuck.

    1. Noise. It is a working vacuum cleaner so it makes noise. Less than a normal vacuum, but enough to be annoying if you are on the phone or watch TV.
    2. Its probably not a good idea if you have large pets or kids
    3. Needs to be cleaned/emptied frequently.
    4. Given enough time the rotating edging brushes will break and need to be replaced. Pack of replacements is $20 - $40.
    5. It humps things with a shallow ramping base, like floor lamps, fans, etc. If the base is at just the right angle it may try to drive up it. It will try up to 5 times before giving up. It makes it look like it is humping the item.
    6. Runs into items at full speed if they are too thin to detect. This generally does not matter, but if you have something like an extremely wobbly table it is possible it might some day knock it over.
    7. You can not leave lose items on the floor. Leaving misc items (closes, papers, etc ) on the floor will probably cause to have to stop, until you can reset it.

    At first I was some what disappointed by the items below. I after some time I realized I was wrong. You just need to give it time.

    1. The number of conditions it seemed it could not handle.
    2. Not effectively cleaning areas it covered.
    3. The amount of maintenance it needed.

    1. The number of conditions it seemed it could not handle.
    When seeing it run for the first time it seemed to almost randomly run around a room, and get stuck cleaning the same hand full of spots. I eventually realized you just need to give it time. There is a method to is cleaning patteres, and it will get it self un-stuck in most situations. It is even able to un-tangle it self from a shoe after it picked up the shoe lace.

    2. Not effectively cleaning areas it covered.
    When I watched it Many people freak out a little when they hear you have to clean the filters and brushes after A couple of times now it has picked up and dra I can even untangle it self from shoe laces.

    3. The amount of maintenance it needed.
    Many people freak out a little when they hear you have to clean the filters and brushes after A couple of uses. This turned out to be a non-issue. Emptying and cleaning the filters takes less than a minute.
    ...more info
  • The worst thing
    We have bought it in December, in May it stoped working. Custumer service told us, they gonna send us new one next week. But we haven't received it yet, we are waiting more when month. They told us it's backordered. Do you thing we can live more when month without vacuum?...more info
  • Your going to wait: ORDER ALL PARTS now
    Its a great product that needs attention.
    I'd order all your parts now they take 6 weeks to do anything. Anything....more info
  • Great product, excellent support
    We bought the Roomba 560 about 4 months ago to help keep the dog hair under control on our tile floor (we have two dogs). As much as we swept, we never really got into some of those areas where the hair just accumulated.

    Since we bought the Roomba, we haven't had any problems with dog hair at all. We scheduled the Roomba to start during the week just before we arrive home from work, so the floors are clean. On weekends, the Roomba starts around 3am and is done just after 4am before we get up. So the floors are free of hair during the times when we are home. It even gets in under the stairs and under the curio cabinet without any issues (tough spots we cannot reach well with a broom nor with our regular vacuum).

    We haven't experienced the issue with the arms of the side brush breaking off that others have experienced, but we have had to call customer support to replace one of the main sweeping brushes under the Roomba. The Roomba had gotten stuck on one of our power cables that had been running near a back door...the brush apparently was getting stuck on the cable over a period of time and the connection of the brush with the rotating collet had gotten stripped. When we called customer support, they answered within a few minutes - pretty responsive. Customer support sent us a new brush at no charge and it arrived within a week-and-a-half, since we were within the first year of the Roomba (I recommend you register the Roomba after you open it up and set it up, as this made our experience with customer support much easier).

    In summary, it does what it is advertised to do and we are very happy with it. While I cannot attest to how well it works on carpet as we use it only on tile, I highly recommend it for folks who would use it for tile or hardwood floors....more info
  • Great for cleaning---but...
    We purchased a Roomba in May for our brand new house. I wanted to get a head start on the dirt before we moved in. We have a dog and 3 cats (one long-haired that sheds handfuls). When we moved into the house in June, I scheduled Roomba to run everyday.

    It worked great!!! Picked up dirt and pet hair that I couldn't have reached under furniture.

    Now the "but" part. Roomba worked great until about 3 weeks ago. Then it would move a short distance, then say clean brushes. I would clean the brushes (even if they didn't look dirty) and it would run a short distance and say clean brushes. I made sure I cleaned in the nooks where the brushes sat but that didn't do it.

    I ordered new brushes from IRobot and when they came, I installed them. But they didn't work because the rubber beater brush was just a hair longer than the old one and wouldn't sit right in its notch.

    It also developed a clicking noise and a little hop as it moved. When doing this, it didn't clean.

    I have returned my little guy. Maybe in a couple of years, I'll check back and see if there is any improvement in the product.

    I would give this a 5 for cleaning but a 2 for reliability, hence the 3.

    ...more info
  • Love it! LOVE IT! Might just buy another one!
    I love my new iRobot 560. I have had it about a week now and my house has never been cleaner - despite have a cleaning service that comes once a week! We have set it to vacuum every day - once a day - while we are at work - this might be over kill but I swear it is like coming home to a freshly cleaned house every day. The rugs look freshly vacuumed and the hardwood floors/tile floors are clean. I have a crazy little dog with a dog-door and I'm used to dirty paws, small leaves, etc. being tracked in on the floor - and this little machine has taken care of it. I set the iRobot loose upstairs and it did a great job navigating over/around power cords, under beds (which seems to get skipped over in the 1-week maid cleaning) and I swear I'm even breathing better. I'm amazed at what it is picking up.

    I have had zero problems thus far with the side-brush breaking off as other reviews complained- and I watched it climb over power cords, dog toys, etc. get stuck, unstick instelf, etc. serveral times and it never snapped off. It seems pretty hardy to me. It is extreamly easy to clean the brushes and empty the dirty-bin. Everything is marked clearly and color coded. The thing will even talk to you and tell you what is wrong.

    I think I might buy one for upstairs - and keep the other for downstairs. I also know why my new house warming gift to people will be! 5 stars!

    ---- UPDATE ----

    It has now been a few weeks - everything is still working just great. I actually did go out and purchase another irobot for upstairs. I have had no side-brush issues, etc. I think from reading the side-brush issue complaints - this is happenning multiple times to the same people because the Irobot is hitting the same thing in their house over and over again that is catching the side-brush. My suggestion would be to "observe" the first few times the IRobot runs so you can see what, if anything, the robot might get caught on, and fix the issue as needed.

    There is some maintenance involved in maintaining the unit (you didnt' think you would get off that easy did you?). You are probably going to have to replace the battery every 1-1.5 years (as it is a rechargable and that is their lifespan), the dirt container needs to be emptied every 1-2 runs (less often the more frequently you run it), the filter needs to be cleaned after every run (otherwise your motor is working overtime), and you need to clean the brushes and dirt/cliff sensors periodically. Now I think this is a piece of cake - and I don't mind buying a battery every year or so - but it is good information to know. This is not a machine that you do not have to take care of - it wont' last long if you dont' do the basic maintenance! If you have lots of pet hair in your home - your maintenance will be more frequent.

    Would I buy it again? Yes. Would I buy two again? Yes. My house has never been cleaner, it does not bother my dogs (they just watch it), and the maintenance chores are minimal in comparison to the benefit the robot provides.

    One warning - if you have dogs/cats that have frequent accidents - I suggest NOT running it unless you are home. The robot does not have a vomit or poop sensor and it will run right over and through it. ;o) ...more info
  • roomba robot
    it seems to do a good job of picking up debris and covers all areas fairly well....more info
  • Wonderful helper
    I owned this product for a few months and it is wonderful. The side brush are still intact. It cleans beautifully. I turn it on when I go take a shower or watching TV and it will just do it's thing. It picks up more dust then sweeping. I have hard wood floor and it works great. I hate sweeping b/c I have allergy to dust. It is a wonderful product. Well worth every $$$....more info
  • Best thing since sliced bread!!!
    I love it. I do not think it does as well on carpet as it does on hard surfaces. It does a good enough job that I can mop when it is finished. It is slower that you sweeping yourself, but I think it does a better job because it doesn't blow dust around. It has some trouble in corners, but not too bad. I wish I would have bought one a long time ago!...more info
  • Terrible parts and service
    I recently bought a new 500 series Roomba vacuum cleaner and the front brush literally broke into parts within two weeks of owning it - makes me worried about craftsmanship.

    I ordered replacement parts and over three weeks later, they have still not shipped! When I contact customer service, they ignore my emails and do not respond. This has been some of the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I am stuck with a useless vacuum because they don't keep basic replacement parts in stock and they are not avaiaable from any of the larger chain stores that carry other vacuums.

    Overall, a bad experience. I do not recommend.
    ...more info
  • A Model 'T'.
    Don't expect an Aston Martin or a high end Mercedes. This little gadget has a long way to go. Right now it is equivalent to an early Ford model 'T'.

    We have several different models sitting around in various states of repair -- including two Scoobas of which only one works.

    Do you remember seeing all that film footage showing early motorists cranking their engines and (I think) swearing their heads off? Well, if you join us as Roomba and Scooba owners then you may be swearing a little too (sorry Reverend). When they are good, they are very, very good but when they are bad they will drive the most patient soul up a wall.

    Think of it this way: You're part of a pioneering movement!!!...more info
  • Very poor customer service & warranty support
    I had the same problem that everyone else did, the spider brush that sticks out on the side broke immediately. It is "covered" under warranty - and although the guy I spoke to said he would send me replacements, 2 weeks ago, I've received nothing. After 2 weeks I called again and after traveling around in their phone system for an hour, someone else came on and said there was no order for the replacements for me in the system at all. Further the brushes are backordered at least 6 more weeks. Even worse, she said she could not place an order to get me "in line" without the serial number (which is not with me at work) - even though I am registered in their system. So now I get to go home, locate the serial number that I already registered, call again and spend another 1 hr trying to get through the phone system to a person who may or may not actually place an order for me......and for a technical company their web site is unbelievably poorly done and it is impossible to submit a question successfully on it to customer service. ...more info
  • Good for hard floor, but think again...
    I was a roomba fan for years. It works great on hard floor. When we moved to new home with carpet, I realized that it is not so good as before. I dissembled the parts, I'v got to know that the vacuum system in roomba is so tricky. It has only 2 inch wide little back of the body. It's like a toy cooling fan. Basically roomba works with the roller with combs, so it's worked well on hard floor. Think again. And I strongly hope that roomba manufacturer would make vacuum stronger, then I must buy one again. ...more info
  • Works better than we expected!
    Got our 560 about 4 days ago after checking reviews for about as long as Roombas have been out, and finally deciding to pull the trigger after reading alot of good reviews about the 560 and checking out the iRobot website. This thing is just AMAZING!! I had vacuumed the floors myself two days before it arrived but on it's first voyage it picked up an amazing amount of pet hair, dander, dust, and general dirt. We have mostly hard wood floors except for the carpet in the bedrooms (where the cat and dog aren't allowed), and linoleum in the bathrooms. I was ashamed at what I had apparently missed in my vacuuming (I do move all the furniture I can't get under) even after what I thought was a good job of vacuuming. My wife even gave me a dirty look when she saw what was in the Roomba's dust bin, after being initially skeptical and thinking this was nothing more than a useless gadget. It navigated around everything and I was particularly impressed with the little dance it did when up against the walls and in corners to get those areas clean. When cleaning under the dining room table and around the chairs, it actually would nudge the chairs just a little so it could clean where the legs had been. I know this would not happen on carpet and is just the result of moving up against them before turning, but it is neat just the same. We have run it three times so far through most of the house and it keeps picking up unbelievable amounts of dirt, and my wife and I are both "clean freaks"! It doesn't get hung up on any of our throw rugs or cords. The only minor problem so far is that when starting it's third cleaning, it dragged the charging dock with it before shaking it off and going on it's way. I found that one of the screws had started to back out of the underside, causing it to hang up on the dock, so I would suggest doing a quick check of all the screws on the bottom for tightness before running it for the first time. Emptying the dust bin is a 30 second job, and removing the brushes for periodic cleaning is about a 5 minute job from start to finish. Have had no other problems and I just can't help staring at the thing in amazement while it is cleaning. What a load off!! Right now I can't say enough good about it and think it was a good investment....more info
  • Are You Kidding?
    I read the reviews and either we have become that lazy so that anything that does a sad attempt at cleaning, or I am nuts. I bought the Roomba 560 and I babysat so much it would have taken a shorter time to vaccum myself. It does pick up pet hair but the side brushes didn't last a week. Could not find the dock even when it was in the room with the dock. It does not do really dark carpets because Irobot told me that the Roomba thinks it is near stairs. I sent it back and broke out my $35 Eureka and cleaned up what the Roomba left behind. ...more info
  • Great, when it works
    When it works, it's been great for my hard floors and oodles of dog hair (two big, shedding dogs). However, I purchased this last winter and it's been broken half the time I've had it. It's currently broken, making this the second time I've needed it repaired. This time it will need to be mailed back to them (cost = mine), so overall I'm not sure if it's been worth the hassle. Hopefully I have a lemon and my replacement Roomba will be a peach.

    I purchased the extended warranty from Sharper Image - definitely recommend doing that in light of my experience so far....more info
  • Works as advertised.
    This product works as advertised. Now, we use it to keep our floors from being dusty or dirty between real vacuuming and mopping, not as a substitute for real cleaning. I think the disappointed users wanted it to do all the work. It won't. But if you like to or need to (allergies etc.) cut down on dust, pet hair, etc. this product is well worth the investment. Yes, it does require cleaning the brushes which is something of a dirty job but don't be misled into thinking that removing and re-inserting them is overly complex. It's very simple, and just remember, all that stuff you are taking off the brushes was dust and dirt you and your kids were breathing before Roomba did its thing. 4 stars does not imply any complaints, I'm just not a 5 star guy for any but the best of the best....more info
  • much better than expectation.
    I didn't expect much from this little guy but it's proven to be a winner. I bought him at costco and had already planned to return him after I tested him at my house where I own a cat that sheds and spreads cat litter everywhere. After running him through my house, I was a little disappointed by the random nature of his movements but at the end of the cleaning session and was shockingly surprise at how well it cleans. The key is to not watch him do his thing, just set it and forget it. It's been impressing me at every room in my house including the hardwood floors.

    I really had not planned on keeping him but looks like it'd be tough to let him go and go back to manual vacuuming.

    The only down side is having to clean the brushes every few days because of the cat hair but that's much better than having the hair left on the floor and carpet. I've gotten the brush cleaning down to a science and now it only take me about 5 minutes using my scissors and a vacuum hose.

    After being thoroughly impressed by this one, I also bought the Dirt Dog who works wonders!! I can't imagine being without these great toys. I'm fairly sure these robots have room for improvement though so I'm exciting to see what the future holds....more info
  • Roomba Nees A Bit More Work
    Of all of the Roombas, the 560 is the best designed. Having said that, it's still not there if you have a high traffic house and need to vacuum every day or so. I'm not writing this as a Roomba newbie--I've owned, in addition to the two Roomba 560's I purchased months ago, every high-end Roomba introduced since day one.

    My house is 3,000 sq. ft., tile or hardwood, and I own two Labrador retrievers and a cat, so I've as good a testing area for vacuum cleaners as any. Here are the qualities I think a good vacuum cleaner should have:

    - Good suction to clean well.
    - Hepa quality filter so vacuum isn't a dust blower.
    - Little maintenance.
    - Easy to dispose of dirt/dust.

    First, the Roomba is not a good vacuum. In fact, it's more of a sweeper than a vacuum. As for dog hair, it continues to be a challenge for the Roomba 560, though it does do better than previous Roombas. None-the-less, the 560 still suffers in a dog-intense world and shows it by leaving hair balls behind. It's not fun to have to pick up after your Roomba has (not) done its job. And the filter is not really built to filter anything more than dirt and hair allowing dust to continue through. So, what the Roomba 560 does is pick up dirt and most of the dog hair while aerating dust.

    The amount of maintenance that is required to keep your 560 running is enormous when compared to running a Miele Callisto or Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner. The dirt bin on a Roomba is tiny so you'll empty that every other run. And then you have to clean the brushes on the Roomba at least every few runs. In contrast, I have never had to clean the brushes on either of the two Dysons I still own. I don't know why every Roomba I have owned, and until recently I owned two 560's, has not had this issue fixed.

    In fact, after emptying the dirt bin, shaking out the filter and cleaning the brushes, you feel like you are the one who needs to be cleaned. I mean, why would I want to handle the dirt and other junk that just came off of my floor? One last maintenance note is that the side brush falls apart after a few runs, so you're going to replace that every month or so. And the filter needs to be replaced every month as well.

    Lastly, the Roomba is loud. Very LOUD! A Dyson ball is loud but a Roomba is louder. Oh, at first it starts off quiet. But over the course of weeks, both of the 560's went from a purring to a roaring vacuum.

    The Roomba vacuum is really a good concept but not one that is well implemented. ...more info
  • Good on hard floors - Lousy on carpet :-(
    I was very disappointed when my Roomba started repeating "Please clean Roomba's brushes" like a mantra. It got easily clogged by dog hair and new carpet fiber and cleaning it out did not solve the problem. We only kept it for a few weeks. I really wanted it to work, but eventually it would only clean for a few seconds without giving the error message and stopping.

    If you're meticulous about the lines in your carpet going in the same direction, the Roomba will make you crazy. After Roomba's been there, the room looks like it was vacuumed by the Tasmanian Devil.

    I'd love to have this device working in my house, but for $350 it just wasn't effective enough to keep it. My toddler was very attached to it! ...more info
  • almost paradise
    I love not vacumming everyday! I set the Roomba to go and I refuse to become upset if it's not perfect! I have two black dogs which shed and I have oriental rugs over hardwood so my house really challenges the Roomba. One arm off the little side brush broke after about 5 uses, but I had the brush replacement pkg. ordered already anyway. I do have to clean the brushes after each room, not 3 rooms, but I have two teenagers along with those two dogs. I keep my other vacuum handy still, since sometimes the dog hair just gets blown away instead of sucked up; but I do like the Roomba~!...more info
  • UNBELIEVABLE!! Best money I have ever spent!
    I read the reviews & wasn't sure if it was for me. I have a small apartment, it is not an open floor plan...but I got it anyway. It is UNREAL. On his virgin voyage he zooms around the room and bangs into everything, I thought, oh noooo. The second time, he remembers where the furniture is and zooms up to it, slows, then taps it & then cleans around it, very cool. After the first few days I felt comfortable to set him to clean when I was out. I was leaving one day, rushing around and eating a cookie which I dropped and stepped on, I thought awwwe... I'll get to it when I get home. Roomba had done his thing at his scheduled time and got the cookie!! After living with my little Roomba for 2 weeks I bought stock in the company, have boasted about him at parties and I am now looking into getting a Scooba!! (even thought my kitchen and bathroom linoleum combined is less than 100 sq ft.) Love the robots!!...more info
  • VRooooomba! VRooooomba! You should see this little guy go!
    VRooooooooomba! VRooooooooooomba! Seeing Roomba--the iRobot 560 vacuum cleaner--run around my daughter's house like "The Little Engine That Could" makes me smile. In fact, when they first got it, the whole family gathered around to watch it suck up the dirt and see what happened when it approached obstacles and how easily navigable it is. An added treat was watching their little black dachshund, Molly, chase it around as though it were her new playmate. What a riot! We laughed like crazy!

    When Debbie first phoned to tell me she had bought an iRobot, I laughed out loud. I had seen the early versions of the robot vacuum and was not impressed. The suction wasn't that good and navigation almost nil. What did she want with something like that when she has a $1600 precision-made German model ... full size? Another toy? Just another "conversation piece," an item that would be fun but rather useless?

    Deb has always liked gadgets, the newest playthings, and after the novelty wore off, I figured this latest one would be stuck in the closet along with other products she'd purchased from Sharper Images through the years. Oh, well, it's her money, and to each her own.

    How wrong I was! She's very pleased with the dramatically improved navigation, cleaning coverage, particle filtration, and the amount of dirt and debris the Roomba 560 vacuuming robot sucks up--with a simple touch of a button. To hear her tell it, Roomba sucks up more dirt than an octopus sucks up sea water with all eight tentacles operating simultaneously.

    Another feature she finds indispensable is the easy-to-empty bagless dustbin, always a popular feature in a vacuum. Roomba also returns to its self-charging home-base to dock and recharge between cleaning cycles or when the battery starts to run low. (No, it doesn't go there on its own, the owner has to place it there. It's smart, but not THAT smart. ... lol ...) Its home base is an advanced power system consisting of a fast-charging battery, a three-hour charger, and a power source that supercharges the unit for up to 120 minutes of continuous cleaning, covering about three to four average-size rooms on a single charge. And those are only a few of the Roomba 560's innovative features; for full features, please check under DESCRIPTION on the product page.

    Debbie still uses her regular vacuum once weekly, but swears by Roomba for all clean-ups in between. She says she would feel safe in relying on her robot full-time, but in using both, she's adding to their life spans. That seems sensible to me.

    The Roomba is quiet and programmable too, and once it learns the dimensions of a room, you should see this little guy go. It's just as determined to do its job as the little choo-choo in "The Little Engine That Could." VRooooooooooooomba! VRoooooooooooooomba!

    Reviewed by: Betty Dravis, 2008
    author of: Millennium Babe: The Prophecy
    ...more info
  • Wonderful product when it worked!
    Bought one in December. This thing picked up more dirt that our expensive upright! Friends and neighbors were impressed as were we. It was fun to watch it scurry around and clean up. We'd run it at the door entrance to pick up the dirt from outside. It was like our pet. We ordered extras- virtual wall, brushes, filters, etc.

    A month ago it stopped working. No lights, no noises, no movement.

    Go to their web page and figure out how to get an RMA. Call their customer service to get an RMA. Do this before you buy one! When you figure out their customer service philosophy, think twice about buying one.

    The year warranty is only good if the company cooperates. $300+ is a little much for a device that lasted less than 5 months. Even new things can break down, but I am very disappointed with the manufacturer's service. Mine will soon reside in the local land fill. ...more info
  • wonderful
    I love my irobot. This is the second one I have purchased. I can't imagine my life without it. I am very busy and have a long haired cat so I run it everyday. God Bless the person who invented this product....more info
  • Wearing out quickly
    For the first 3 weeks the roomba worked great, and sucked up all the dog hair and dust bunnies from corners and from under the beds. After 3 weeks however, it is starting to get athritic and cranky. It gets stuck in corners now and at the top of the stairs it will stop. Cleaning the "cliff sensors" did not help -- not sure if sensors were scratched or ?? but it won't clean any more near steps. Roomba also lost one of the tiny brushes from the 4 turning brushes that sticks out from the bumper. I have no clue how it broke off, it was during a normal clean of one of the bedrooms. So yes we still love roomba, but it is apparently fragile, and may not be worth the big expense. ...more info
  • Lots of Fun, But Very Limited Utility
    iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver This is fascinating technology, sleek design, and lots of fun to watch (for a while). However, as a vacuum, even for minor clean up, it was a complete failure and disappointment. We started with a freshly vacuumed room with both rugs and hardwood flooring. Within minutes it stopped itself and a red light blinked because dog hair had jammed its brushes. After cleaning out the brushes, we tried again, and hair wrapped around not only the brushes but the bearings and elsewhere. Every time it encountered hair it stopped and told me to clean the brushes and/or the filters. It might be a great help for a home with no dogs or cats, but clearly it could not handle hair, even the residue left in an already- vacuumed rug. ...more info
  • Agree with most. Side brushes and irritant
    We like our Roomba. The side brushes break off -- it may be related to long hair wrapping around them -- but that mostly effects corners and a round cleaner isn't that great in corners anyway. But it's nice to just set "Arthur" down and let him sweep up. The other reviewers cover the finer points. It's a good device but needs improvement. Compared to the 1st geneation, this one is 10x better....more info
  • fantastic but with failures
    I have bought this machine this week so I have not a long time of use with it right now. After opening it I put it on the floor and was amazed seeing it move around and picking dirt and then it stopped with the clean circle being red. I did not pick at first it meant that the battery was discharged so I cleaned it again and again to no avail. I then called customer support (you have to choose and option and press '0' to get to talk to someone, they don't say that). The reprentative seemed anoyed to talk to me even if it's the first time I called. Anyway, she told me I had to recharge it. So I did.
    After that the marvelous thing managed to clean the whole house in about an evening and the results where great. My little girl like the little robot a lot and like to press the button to start and stop it.

    But I noticed the side brush would not spin from time to time. My wife wanted to return the thing but I wanted to give it a chance. Since the wheel was spinnning sometimes I thought it was a software problem. I tryed to locate a hard reset but did not find one. So I did it the good old way : unplug the power! You have the unscrew the 4 bottoms screws, remove the plate and take off the battery and put it in place again. Re-screw the whole thing and voila! The machine is now reseted.
    So I found a way to make the side brush work again. And it now seem to be working like the first time i opened it.
    But i'm not sure to keep it... I bought it at costo so I can return it with ease.

    I will try to update this review with time. Thanks. ...more info
  • Who needs perfection?
    Alright. Human thinking first. When we see a parking spot we park car. We don't think if there a perfect parking spot few yards ahead but we park in first available slot (unless if your car doesn't fit).

    Roomba. Although not perfect (I would get back to this one) it is best solution in market. This little monster sucks up all dirt from my carpet and hard wood floor. Amazing scheduling amazing discovery and amazing algorithm to search and track your floor map.

    Cleaning is piece of cake. I would never buy other vaccuum cleaner. Only the newer model of Roomba. Very good customer service too. Mine didn't charge when it arrived and they helped me fix it. Lots of discussion boards and support tools online available.

    Now let's get back to perfection. This thing makes (or atleast it seems to make) some random(or better yet unexpected movements) movements which can make you think that it didn't cover everything. But in next cycle it would cover it.

    Best way to use it schedule it to run everyday like other reviewers said. Your house/apt would shine everyday.

    Mine never had problem finding its dock. I have lot of cables and lot of furniture in my 1bdroom apt. But it cleans all three rooms (living/kitchen and bedroom) without needing any help and finds it's way back.

    Once it got stuck with ribbon in it's feet and it started talking.?? Can you believe this?

    Any way don't think and buy this. You would be delighted. Don't speed 100$ on bulky vaccum when you can be lazy and enjoy a servant doing your job.

    We are back in good old days where servants used to do jobs for rich. Boi I feel rich.

    Do you want to feel rich? Get this....more info
  • Much improved!
    I have always been pleased with the fact I wore my last one out which is why I bought the latest 560. There are numerous improvements that are obvious the first time you use the new model. It clean the floor better, follows the wall better, and is much easier to clean the filter.

    Overall, I'm even more pleased with Roomba now than I was with my first one....more info
  • Just OK
    I have had my Roomba 560 for 4 months. Here's my pros and cons:

    1. Gets under furniture well.
    2. Picks up pet hair pretty good.
    3. Gets hair/dirt/debris off hard surfaces (wood and tile) pretty good.

    1. Needs emptying quite often. I can't run it on with the scheduler since it has to be emptied 2 to 3 times per use.
    2. My side brushes are breaking off too.
    3. Gets stuck under furniture sometimes. Another reason why I can't run it on the scheduler.
    4. Almost as loud as a vacuum.
    5. I can't get the lighthouse feature to work the way it should. Virtual walls work fine.

    I pick up everything before running it (toys, socks, etc.). It does better for me that way.

    Overall, I would say it is better than nothing, but doesn't give me the "freedom" I was hoping for since I can't schedule it and forget it.

    Further update:
    I have had it 6 months now and wish I could send it back. It is chirping some "death tune" (not taps, but something else vaguely familiar). I've tried fixing it and haven't had the 2 hours necessary to call tech support. If I would have known then what I know now, I would never have bought it.

    ...more info
  • A Slice of R2D2... for your home
    Remember that scene in Star Wars IV: A New Hope when that little black robot is going down the hall and sees Chewbacca and lets out a little electronic yelp and starts heading the other way? That's was my first impression of the Roomba 560. When I got the package from Amazon, I couldn't wait to try this out, so I started a little spot clean before I let it get its first charge. The robot immediately started a spiral pattern which widened until it ran into me sitting on the floor, and then it backed up and started going the other way. It continued to amuse me until it ran out of juice, and I had to charge it like I was supposed to in the first place.

    The thing that surprised me the most was the noise. Overall, I would consider it more quiet than any vacuum I've heard, but that may not be true in the strictest decibel sense. The main difference is in the quality of noise. While vacuums offer the high pitched whine of a rotary motor, Roomba offers a much more complicated noise which you really can't describe as anything other than "mechanical." This kind of sound is much less annoying to me, since the regular vacuum sounds way to much like "ringing" in your ears, especially if you run it for a long time. The noise of the Roomba you can avoid entirely by scheduling, or simply leaving the room.

    I must admit I had some concerns about how Roomba would treat my hardwood floors. So far, after a few months, not a scratch. I also had some concerns about it finding its way back to recharge. Only once did this happen to me, and I consider it my fault. I will explain later...

    So, there are several good reasons to buy this unit. The main reason is because you want a robot to clean your floors. This may seem over simplified, but this is the best product to do this job.

    Secondly, this unit cleans your floors better than you can. I just don't know how anything, human or otherwise, could clean your floors better than Roomba. I used it after having tile removed put a fine coat of dust all over everything. This unit cleaned them until they shined. Amazing. I think the secret is that little side brush which rotates like a helicopter. Brilliant.

    Thirdly, it has no major hang-ups. Things you think that would totally mess it up, like going over large thresholds, vacuuming over large rugs with tassels, etc don't confound it. It is well designed to handle these kinds of problems, and its software handles its job quite well.

    On the caution side, there are a few things to point out. Namely open doors. If you want it to clean a little room, say like the water closet, you might have trouble. Leaving the door open (at least without a door stop) will give it fits. When it "hits" the door on either side, the door will swing, and no telling what the result will be. An open door that cannot be pushed completely against a wall does not work for Roomba.

    Small rugs are another no no. Little rugs like bathroom rugs usually don't work, especially if they don't have a rubberized backing. Mine don't, and I have to remove my rugs, even my shower rug, since it doesn't have the no slip grip of rubber on the back. It is not that Roomba can't climb over the edge of the rugs, but it is that Roomba has a tendency to slide the rug around, which can "trap" the Roomba into a situation where it can't find it's way back to the base.

    The only time Roomba hasn't found his base for me is when I left out sliding rugs and opened doors that can't press their whole width completely against a wall. If the door can be put against a wall, or held firm with a door stop then open doors might work. Some have reported Roomba not finding the base for no good reason at all. This hasn't happened to me yet.

    Emptying Roomba involves lifting the little critter up by the handle (the black arch seen on the silver lid) and holding it over a waiting trash bag. Otherwise, you cannot open the tiny little dirt container without dumping out some on the floor. Then the filter must be changed, and the rollers and brushes cleaned with the provided yellow brush cleaning dilly. I do this every time, and I would recommend you do to. This is a bit of a pain, but considering my only job is to clean the machine, and it does the vacuuming, I don't mind. But still, it is something you don't have to do each time with a traditional vacuum, so it should be listed on the negative side.

    The price some may consider prohibitive, but you can actually pay a lot more for vacuums than this, especially if you like European models like Sebo, or others. This really seems like a reasonable price to get a vacuum cleaner when you consider you are getting something to do the job by itself with no supervision.

    Overall I would highly recommend this 'bot to anyone, especially anyone who loves technology anyway. If you love technology, you will instantly fall in love with this little robot, who diligently slaves away with merry electronic noise feedback. You have to admit, while some people find robotic dogs or dinosaurs endearing, I find it far more endearing to find a robot who takes away one of my chores and then happily let's me know he's done with some cheerful beeps. Sounds like a lifelong friend to me :)...more info
  • Lousy customer reps
    I bought the new improved 560 robot,it worked in between three rooms with only one signal tower. It ran for a total of 1hr. and 30 min. spending 30 min. time in each room, then returning to home to dock. I was skeptical at first but the way I felt turned into amasement the more I watched it. The robot shows human characteristics but only smarter. The one manufactured after Nov of 2007 has the upgrades as far as bumper extension and improved side brush durability.After six weeks of use I deceided to put it in the master bedroom. It stalled out inbetween the bed supports and damaged the wheel motor.It did shut down like advertised but failed anyway. I called customer support to get a new wheel motor as all the parts are easly replaced. I left a message and no one returned my call. I finally got hold of a real Tec Rep. and was told they would get back to me but never did. I took it back and got another one. This new 560 would'nt communicate between the contol tower so I replaced the contol tower with the other, same results. The battery also was holding a charge that was short lived. I reset the machine to recharge and reprogram all over again. It improved some what but was still scatter brained. I E-Mailed customer support and got a reply that had to do with docking procedures. I then called Tech support and got to talk to a rep that actully called me a liar. She said she couldn't do any thing for me because it was working to factory specs. I think that the 560 still has some bugs that need to worked out and the customer service is impossible to deal with. I took the machine back to the dealer and got my money back. I hope their military robots are more reliable than the 560 or our boys in Iraq are in big trouble....more info
  • Horrible customer service from iRobot
    I ordered the model 560 in February 2008 directly from the iRobot company, and paid by credit card for the model 560. I received a series 400 model, shipped in a large box with NO bubble wrap or packaging materials. Thankfully it did not break. I was able to return the unit to iRobot. However, they neither credited my account NOR did they replace the unit with the model 560 that I originally orderd. After repeated calls, I MIGHT have this straightened out. We'll see if I actually get a product someday. DO NOT buy from iRobot directly--their customer service is so bad it is nearly criminal. ...more info
  • Wow, what did we do before our Roomba?
    i must say that until we had a Roomba, we always thought that we kept our place clean. I mean, we'd usually vacuum and mop at least once a week, even if we'd been out of town all week. Well, it didn't take us long to see just how clean a home can be with a Roomba. On our first couple of runs we were amazed to see how much stuff it found and we thought the place was clean. It actually stopped early because the bin was full. After a few days, it got up all the stuff that we'd clearly missed and now it just gathers up the new stuff.

    We have hard wood floors with some area rugs and no pets but we used to hate wiping the little bit of dirt that always managed to collect on the bottoms of our feet before we jumped into bed. Not anymore. With our Roomba, our floors are spotless.

    Our downstairs Roomba's home is under a built in cabinet in our dining room and it comes out every day while we're at work and early in the morning on the weekend. Upstairs, our Roomba lives under our bed and she comes out at about the same time every day. Because our place is so clean we only have to empty the bins every week. Cleaning the house every week is now a snap, we just dust the furniture and mop the floors.

    Now if only iRobot would make a robot that could go around the house and dust all the furniture for us...
    ...more info
  • Awesome little device
    This is a great little gadget. We've got 4 cats (three of them are black) so the house quickly accumulates cat hair. Our small 3 bedroom house is nearly entirely carpeted and we run this in a different room (or two thanks to the lighthouses) 3-4 times a week and it is amazing how much cat hair it pulls up! Floors look great when it's done. The cat's love watching it.

    There is a fair amount of maintenance (emptying the containers and cleaning off the brushes after every use) but it just takes a few minutes and can be done while watching tv.

    We've had it about a month now and the spinning brush has unscrewed itself twice recently, but we've always been able to find the screw and screw it back on. Last time it happened I screwed it back on rather tightly and it hasn't fallen off since.

    Overall it's a great device that keeps our house cleaner that we used to keep it with less effort....more info
  • Wife Labor Saver
    We have two small house dogs, who leave "treat" crumbs, plus grand kids who pass our way. My wife used a vacuum daily to "not have a messy house". No longer...the wife simply pushes the clean button, and the Roomba does a pretty good job of vacuuming! A wife saver, indeed.
    ...more info
  • Roomba 500 series is not good
    Well, big disapointment. I was really looking forward to using it.
    The first time i ran it, i tried it on a medium size room with a carpet. It would drag dog hair behind it and leave it at the edge of the carpet as it transitions. My dog is a lab mix and I hoped that Roomba would pick up the hair and not re-distribute it around the room. It cleaned the medium room for as long as it could and still had the hair left out all over the place.
    I thought may be if it runs daily and does not have a lot to pick up, it would be cleaner. On the second day it's brush module broke. Had to get the whole module replaced.
    Other unpleasanties include the side brush that starts idling and brush cleaning that is a pain when you have to dig dog hair out of it.
    I used it only for about 4 days total and i am returning it.
    Having seen it work, I would not buy it for $100.
    ...more info
  • Stupid thing ! Be careful if your carpet has black color !
    I was happy, I had it till I bougt 2 rugs. They both are multicolour and have small areas of black color. And robot stops on these areas. We called to customers service and they told us, robot things it is stairs. It is the reason ! Why nobody told this before ? Robot does not clean carpets whith black areas !...more info
  • irobot roomba 560
    I purchased this product as kind of a toy item but was pleasently surprised that this vacuum really did a great job. I have had it now for about 2 months and it runs every day and does two rooms. We have two big dogs and they add plently of dirt and hair. Our big Dyson was constantly filling up. The roomba runs every day at 11 pm and after about a weeks worth of cleaning, I tried the dyson and it picked up practically nothing. My wife and I are really impressed, the roomba must be emptied each time becasue there is so much dirt but so far no problems and it keeps taking a pounding. We have a plush carpet and I recommended it to others and they likewise are impressed, it is not a toy....more info
  • Roomba 560 Robotic Vacuum
    I'm very pleased with this robotic vacuum, and it does a really good cleaning job, but I'd like to add a few comments, none negative.

    I purchased this little robot for a rather specific reason. We have a rather small master bedroom with an oriental rug with fringes under the king size bed. It was very awkward to clean under the bed with a conventional cannister vacuum.

    The Roomba 560 model was advertised to be able to negotiate fringes on rugs, so I that's why I selected that model. Works like a charm. When it gets hung up on the fringes, it backs up, circles for a few seconds to get a running start, and comes at the fringe at a different angle. It did a great job cleaning under the bed. I just had to smooth out the fringes when it decided it was done.

    That brings me to another point. It has a "dirt detector" sensor which decides when it's done. Good idea, but make sure you have the docking station close by so that it doesn't decide it's done under a large piece of furniture (like a king size bed). Given the chance, it will just crawl off to the docking station when it's done.

    There's one more great feature of this robot. It does great work on pet hair. We have 3 cats. Given all the hair around our house I can't figure out why they aren't bald by now. I've used this in several rooms beside the bedroom and it does a great job between regular full cleanings.

    Just make sure all cords are out of the way (and especially pet water dishes!...found that out the hard way, but no harm done) and let it go. I love this product! I'd definitely buy it again....more info
  • what did i ever do without it?
    I've only been using this for a few days, but it cleans by 2 bedroom apartment great! I haven't tried using the lighthouses yet, so I can't comment on them. All I did was shut the Roomba in a room before I leave the house, hit the clean button, and when I came home my floor was spotless. It even was able to go into the bathrooms attached to my bedrooms, and had no problem going from tile to carpet. My main room is large, with my foyer, kitchen and living room combined, and it works it's way around that too! I'm excited to try the programming and the lighthouses, but I already think it's great for what I've used it for. I have a nine month old son who searches the floor for something to put in his mouth, this will make me more comfortable that he won't find anything:) I love it!...more info
  • How could I live without this!
    iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver

    We purchased this a about 1 month ago and I don't know how I ever lived without it. We have two kids under the age of 4 and 2, needless to say that between the kids dropping crumbs and cats constantly leaving behind their DNA in the form of hairballs...this came as a blessing! It is much quieter than a normal vacuum, bit I still would not run it at night as other reviews have suggested. Every now and then it spits out a clump of "goodies" but I just pick it up and toss biggie. It is much better than you can imagine (at least better than sweeping every 5 minutes) the best part is the amusement when my 18 month old follows it or it bumps into him and scoots him around for a couple of seconds until we rescue him! ...more info
  • Roomba 560
    This is my 2nd Roomba. (My first bit the dust within the first year.) It cleans a bit better than the old Roomba, but not tremendously. I was hoping that it would not be as loud, however, it is. It doesn't get stuck very easily - which is fabulous. The front wheel is removeable which allows for better cleaning of trapped hair and dirt. (This is a great improvement over the old model!) It' still hard to clean hair from around the back wheels - perhaps this will be improved in the next generation.
    For light cleaning when you don't have time to vacuum, this is a great product. It definitely keeps the tracked in dirt and pet hair picked up. However, don't expect to replace the big vacuum for real cleaning.
    ...more info
  • Great Home Helper
    We purchased our 560 before Christmas when demand was heavy and it arrived shortly after. We keep several pet parrots and needed help cleaning the house as, while toilet trained, they shed feathers and dander all over. Within limits, Roomba is great and has certainly lowered the dust and dirt level in the house.
    If you are not familiar with a robot cleaner, you need to understand that this doesn't clean as you or I might. It drives around the room(s) in a programmed but semirandom way picking up debris and dust from the floor. When it hits an obstacle, it changes direction and will even sense an edge, like a wall, and track along it. Hence, it can drive right by a dusty spot or pile of debris without ever touching it. The idea is that it will pick it up later if it ever goes over that spot - it generally does.
    The side brush brings in the dust that hides in edges pretty well. We have had no breakage problems with the side brush that others have reported.
    We divide our house into three sections as it is about 3000 sq ft. and we move the dock and cleaner to a new section every couple of days. The dust bin is full to nearly full each day and we have to clean the cat and human hair from the brushes about once a week. We view this maintenance as a tiny price to pay for having something clean for an hour during our busy schedules.
    Roomba can get itself caught in certain situations. We have found it caught partially under a dresser which has a cutout in its skirting that is just about as tall as Roomba. Our bathroom cabinet/countertop will also catch roomba as the kickplate is just about as tall as the unit. As a result, we use a lighthouse/invisible wall unit to keep Roomba away from the cabinet.
    After 3 months of ownership, I would have to say that this is definitely a keeper....more info
    This little machine does EVERYTHING as advertised. We have two large, shedding labrador retrievers who are house dogs, and I use it specifically for dog hair on hardwood floors and tile, and I'm amazed at not only all the dog hair it picks up, but also the dust and dirt.

    The arms on the little side brush have not broken off yet as I've been reading has happened to other people. I've been using it about a month, and don't have one complaint. And it DOES re-dock itself after cleaning to recharge the battery. The dust bin and brushes are a snap to pop out and clean.

    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great appliance
    This product works like a charm. Very occasionally it gets trapped under beds that are too low, and occasionally it takes a long time to find its way out of a corner, but I am extremely happy with it and recommend it highly....more info
  • granny's helper
    I have been paying a housekeeper $70.00 a week to come in and sweep and mop the floors weekly. With a 5 bedroom 2 bath house all tile floors this was a must. Now after purchasing the vacuum robot and the scooba floor cleaning robot, I no longer need a house keeper. These 2 products have already paid for themselves. With 6 cats in the house, this a excellent choice and recommend these to all my friends. Love it. Easy to care for and don't mind the 2 minutes it takes to clean the brushes and other parts necessary to keep it working as good as new....more info
  • Awesome little guy, some issues...
    So I have had the Roomba for about 5 months now and there are a couple of things I would like to mention. First off it does an excellent job for the most part, I also bought my parents one and they love it. It is however not without issues.

    - If you have hardwood floors with rugs and they are pretty dusty the first couple of cleans will leave dust clumps on the edges of your ruges where it transitions from hardwood floor to rug. This is a simple step of just picking them as they are usually just clumps of dust you can just bend down and pick up.

    - If your rug has black on it the Roomba will mistake large black patches as a cliff and it will stop/freak out/etc. I solved this by covering the cliff sensors with paper and using a virtual wall to block off my stairs.

    - I lost a brush on the sidebrush sweeper, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasin sidebrush replacements with the Roomba as they periodically break off...

    Other than that this thing is near perfect, I would recommend cleaning your floors with a normal vacuum before using this the first time simply because Roomba relies on constant smaller clean jobs rather than larger infrequent clean jobs with a normal vacuum. I set the schedule to every other day for this and the bin never fills up, sometimes it will get stuck on something I left on the floor by accident when it cleans on its own and I am at work but I just unclog it, and push the button so it will continue on. It may also slightly move some of your furniture around and you will have to scoot it back into place....more info
  • I'M IN LOVE!
    Our old sweeper was seeing her last days. Not only was she aged but had lost her muscle, was stubborn and a real pain in the back to push around. We were in the market. My mother has an older model Roomba that I had never really paid much attention to. That is until the day I went over to clean her floors, no small task. Half-way through vacuuming her house with a Mickey Mouse sweeper, I eyed her Roomba sitting in the corner looking a bit dejected. What the heck, I decided to unleash the little dude for some playtime. Even though I was already halfway through sweeping, I turned the little guy loose. He was running circles around me and devouring everything in his path. I was so impressed, I knew I had to have one.

    After extensive looking and research, there he was, gleaming in his black and silver suit, beckoning me to try him out, to take him home. He was dubbed model 560. When he arrived, I had Goosebumps. Here he was, ready to be my right hand man, to help me lead a clean life. Before I could take advantage of the little guy, he had to charge for 16 hours, the longest 16 hours of my life! Finally, it was time and with great excitement he was ready go to work. But wait, how could I expect so much from an object...he had to have a name! I knew it would come to me and it had to be something special so I decided to watch him do his stuff while I savored the pleasant task of picking out a name for him.

    I pushed his button, he responded with pleasant musical answers and then off he went, here, there, all over, chugging along. I, on the other hand was unable to do anything else other than watch him, marvel at his agility, his moves, the incredible dedication. He was supposed to be saving me time, letting me get on to other chores but I could not take my eyes off of him. I followed him from room to room, smiling, laughing, and picking him up from time to time to empty his little stomach so full of dirt. I was insane with joy! The floors were clean and I was exhausted from the exhilaration of watching in wonderment. This little guy left nothing uneaten...ah ha!!! His name would be Hannibal Lechter!

    Well people, it has been a month and we are still as in love with Hannibal as day one!!! He has made a couple of mistakes, but to err is almost human. Once he became stuck under a low piece of furniture, (I about panicked) and a second time became entangled on a cord hanging from a piece of clothing. This almost cost him a body part and ate some of his rubber on one of his brushes. This injury may result in an earlier replacement than would be necessary. Other than these two things, his maintenance is a breeze. We dump his dust collector, brush out his filters, and always make sure his wheels and beater bar is free of hair. We have become quite accustomed to having him around, almost taking him for granted. At first, I was inclined to turn a light on for him when he was in a darkened room...duh! Now I just turn him loose and let him have his playtime. Just yesterday, I let him stay in the bedroom which is carpeted, shut the doors and went about my other chores. Three hours later, while doing some other tasks, I went back to the bedroom for an unrelated item. Yikes, I had forgotten about Hannibal, but there he was, sound asleep after having cleaned that carpet like it had never been cleaned before. He is amazing; we are in such awe of this little guy! Everyone needs a Roomba, just not for a little help but a whole lot of love. HE IS INCREDIBLE!!!
    ...more info
  • Experiences after 1 week of using this
    Background: The reason I bought this was because I don't clean my apartment often enough. I frankly found the claims a bit tall and thought that I would return the product if it didn't work, and I'm glad to be proven wrong.

    What works: It cleans every nook and corner very well. It even goes under your couch and bed - things I would (almost) never clean! I can actually feel the difference when I walk and breathe and I'm very happy with this. The scheduling works very well and is easy to set.

    What doesn't: It 'knocks' a bit too hard when it hits a wall. That has led to the loss of a flower pot for me :(. Although not a problem with the product, our homes are not prepared for something like this. I mean there are wires all over my place, my curtains are slightly longer and all these things cause problems with the working of roomba, especially when you put it on a schedule. Over the past week, I have grown accustomed to 'roomba-proofing' my room in a couple of minutes before I leave for work. That involves making sure all wires are out of the way and curtains are folded up.

    In spite of this, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. It has clearly made a good impact on me. I wish I had bought this when I was in college dorm ;)...more info
  • Good robot, terrible customer service
    This is my first ever review -- I'm completely puzzled by iRobot customer service.

    Btw, I really like this Robot, I would give it 4-5 stars, good piece of engineering overall.

    Customer service, on the other hand is terrible. That is why I'm giving the overall "package" 2 stars only. I reported my (classic) sidebrush problem in early November 2007. Backordered, of course. I contacted them again in December 2007. Same story. I contacted them again in January 2008 and this time I was really upset. It had been 3 months with no word from iRobot (unless I email or call, of course). They agreed to do an in-warranty exchange. Great. I followed the instructions, packed the robot, *paid* for shipping and they received it on Jan 31, 2008. So, on Feb 18, 2008, I contact them again to see where the exchange is. Response: "Your package should be released for shipment in the next 2-3 business days.". I call back again today (Feb 28, 2008). Now they are telling me there has been a mistake and the exchange was not sent (and they were not going to send it if it wasn't for my call). Ridiculous. How could an issue last this long? I've been waiting for this problem to be resolved since November (it is almost March now).

    My suggestion is do not even deal with whoever takes the call. Talk directly with the supervisor, get his/her name, get a tracking number, may help (btw I did all that and they dropped the ball multiple times still).

    Completelely incompetent customer service to say the least. ...more info
  • Disappointed in iRobot
    I ordered an iRobot 560 in Dec 07. Six weeks after purchase it broke down. Called iRobot and they walked me through a troubleshoot. Didn't help. Then I waited 2 weeks for a part the company said would fix the problem. It didn't work either. A third call to the company got a new one sent out...arriving 2 weeks later. Out of 3 months of owning it..have actually got to use it about 6 weeks. Also disappointed in several other things. It's won't want it going when you're on the phone. It's dirt sensor is a mystery...picks up dirt in one corner, leaves dirt 12 inches away. Dirt bin is VERY small...must be cleaned out every couple of days. And finally...not very powerful motor...doesn't pick up larger dirt particles. Bottom line: Not worth the money it costs....more info
  • Absolutely the best!!
    I would not have believed it if I haven't seen it with my own eyes. For many years, I've been skeptical about "robotic" vacuum cleaners. But after seeing what it's capable of, I'm a firm believer! With 4 kids running around all day and dropping all kinds of debris, this little robot picks up everything I did not care to pick up after. Scheduling is intuitive (very logical!) and after it's done with its job, it knows its way back to its charging station. This is a Mom's dream come true! With one charge, it can clean up to 4 rooms. It's cleverly programmed to maneuver around chair legs and furniture. I've already started giving away my dust mops and old vacuum cleaners. I have it scheduled it so it cleans floors at night. Every morning, it's as if a fairy came and cleaned the house for me. This is WORTH the investment (yes, it's an investment!) which you won't regret!...more info
  • Brushes fall off
    Just a brief review, because these problems are well known. For the first two months, this thing was the love of our lives. Truly marvelous. (And I would have written a five-star review.)

    Then the side brushes started snapping off. And then the replacement brush wouldn't stay attached to the brush module. And now for the past four weeks, I've been waiting to receive a new brush module, which is on backorder, and iRobot has no idea when it will be available ("we do not have an estimated date"). (But when they do get some, they promise to send me one -- hopefully I'm not too far down their list.) This sounds like they made a serious design mistake that they failed to catch before starting manufacturing of this line of vacuums....more info
  • Almost There
    This is a good product. Customer service is fast and prompt and if you share my experience those come in handy. During the first month one of the wheel motors gave up and the side brush broke. Concept is killer though. I work from home office and it gives me great satisfaction to handle my business, while I am gathering extra points for "cleaning up the house". You have to know how the handle a screwdriver to fix it, but if you do, you will be happy....more info
  • the new butler
    now you vaccum 1/2 of the time, and relax the other's nice to know that your house is being cleaned by a pro.....more info
  • Fabulous
    Got one of these for a family Christmas gift. We Love It!!! After getting some cords out of the way, we let it loose and it is fun to watch and does a great job. Needed to be cleaned after every first use in a room as we had a long haired cat and a lot of pet hair came up. My wife looks on it as almost a pet. We have not had the big vacuum out since Christmas....more info
  • My Wife Loves It
    My wife loves to grab her coffee, sit on the couch, and watch her little vacuuming slave work.

    It works far better than we could have hoped. I was surprised, and disgusted by how much it cleans, even if you run it every day....more info
  • Vast improvements!
    Although I LOVED my Roomba Sage, I had chronic problems with it malfunctioning. I finally tired of the phone calls to iRobot and the replacing/repairing, and got rid of it.

    But I missed it... I took a chance on the 560 and am NOT disappointed so far. As far as the claim of not getting caught in extension cords or rug fringe, it's true! It's simply amazing. However with regard to throw rugs with and without fringe, the unit MAY wind up leaving the rug bunched up if it's not able to get up and over it properly. This was hit and miss, depending on the thickness and rigidity of the throw rug.

    The new dust/dirt bin and filter design is great, along with the modular set up for replacing parts/sections. Overall, I'm once again a satisfied Roomba customer. Let's hope this one lasts! That's my only lingering concern....more info
  • 9 cats and 2 dogs...that should say enough....
    I have had the Roomba 560 for about a week now...I LOVE IT...At first I was very skeptical because I bought a Roomba years ago and it was a always got stuck and I had to clean it every 5 minutes ~ therefore I ended up returning it. whole life has I mentioned in the title, I have 9 cats and 2 dogs...(I know, the crazy cat lady) anyways...I read all of these reviews so I broke down and gave Roomba a 2nd chance...I am glad I did!

    First I charged it and then let it filled up pretty fast but I was excited to see it work...then after emptying the bin a few times (which is very easy I might add) I decided that I needed to clean the floors first...having so many pets, my floors (all hardwood) seemed to be dusty all of the time, cat fur tumble weeds always floating litter...etc... I DO CLEAN...but usually after 1-2 days things start going downhill again. Well after cleaning my floors and using the Roomba AFTER that...everything has been fabulous...I run it 1-2 times daily, alternating between the kitchen and living room and my bedroom and bathrooms. I can walk on the floor barefoot and not step on little granules of litter...there are no is a dream come true...

    I am home a lot so if I am home I will run it in the bedroom and shut the door....and then set it for the rest of the house while I am gone. But I must say it is quiet enough for me to talk othe phone and have it running in the same room.

    As for the 1 yr old cocker-springer spaniel "Potluck" was afraid of it at first and barked at he chases it and tries to "bite the Roomba's butt" is very funny to watch...Bandit my other dog ignored it and the cats were only a bit curious and then went on their way.

    It does a great job navigating through table legs and under my armoire. It does get stuck sometimes...but guess what? It finds a way to "un-stick" itself ...and it even untangles itself from cords.

    This is my LIFESAVER...I highly recommend the Roomba 560...I haven't used the Lighthouses yet but Roomba usually has no problem re-docking itself to charge. Which is great also because who has time to re-charge something? If we weren't Lazy to begin with we never would have bought the Roomba...ha ha ...more info
  • No Brainer
    I have to say I hesitated before purchasing this - based on the reviews and the old line about "if it seems too good to be true..."
    First a little context - we live in a tiny historic house in Phoenix (read dust-bowl) with two large and mobile fur factories (read dogs). And all hard floors. This meant sweeping every other day at least, and mopping twice a week.
    This little Roomba probably wishes it got duty in some little old ladies' condo, but here it has to work - and it does. We set it to sweep every day, via the scheduling thing, and when we get home from work, most of the house is vacuumed and dust-free. It's kind of fun to watch, and to try to figure out its logic. The job of vacuuming around all the furniture, not getting stuck, and eventually covering everything is much more tricky than I would have imagined, and this does it well. Vacuuming under all the furniture is wonderful - we almost never got all the fur-bunnies before this.
    So now I need to qualify this glowing endorsement. First, after more than a month's use, only twice has it actually found the docking station on its own, which means that it runs until the battery dies, then we come home, empty its little basket, and set it on the charging dock. We have the charging dock hidden in a back corner, so admittedly it isn't too easy to find, and the effort it takes to empty the canister and set the Robot on its charging base (30 seconds or so) is a tiny fraction of the time it takes to sweep. Second (and much more important), the little side sweeper brushes aren't that durable. Every few days I find a little brush broken off and laying on the floor. Since the little assembly has 6 brushes total, losing 3 or 4 means you aren't getting much brushing... and as of this writing Amazon doesn't sell those brushes. The filters can be rinsed out, and the robot comes with a spare, so you are well covered there. My advice: when you register your robot, they give you a 15% coupon for accessories from their website. Go there, and buy a bunch of replacement side brushes. The brushes are $15 for a pack of 3, but the shipping is another $10, so I splurged and bought 3 packs to spread out the shipping. By the time the brushes show up, you might be ready for a new one...
    My wife is much more excited about this, and even more excited about the side benefit - we tend to keep the floor picked up so the robot can do its job. We also don't have to mop as often, since the robot does a better job of getting the dust up. Now we just need a robot for laundry......more info
  • Roomba 560 exceeds all expectations
    My recently purchased IRobot Roomba 560 has exceeded all my expectations. Some initial problems were caused by an excessive amount of dog hair and dust that had accumulated under furniture and other usually inaccessable areas. This required a maintenance schedule in excess of that recommended by IRobot. You also have to "robot proof" your house. It will pull lamps off tables if allowed to become entangled in power cords. IRobot's web site and user forums are extremely helpful and calls to customer service with the mentioned initial problems were resolved immediately. The device seems errily intuitive and seems to learn and resolve problems which has led my children to call it "the little guy" after the characters in the movie "Batteries not Included". Any maintenance or minor repairs are accomplished with little more than a screwdriver.
    The Roomba 560 continues to find so much dirt and dust it causes me to wonder how we ever lived in such a filthy house. I highly recommend this product to todays busy families. With minimal effort it performs flawlessly and is supported by an excellent web site and customer service staff....more info
  • Excellent in every way, except the sidebrush breaks easily
    I won't reiterate all of the glowing reviews here, but I largely agree with them. The Roomba 560 does a great job cleaning and all of the features more or less work as advertised.

    We've only had one problem: The arms of the side brush broke off one a time within 2 months of owning it (a common problem in these reviews). When I called, they shipped me a free warranty replacement which arrived a week later. I asked the representative if this was a common complaint, and she basically admitted that it was and said that their engineers were working on a fix. She told me that they would continue to replace the side brush as long as it was under warranty, but not afterwards. I tried to argue with her that the part is clearly defective and I should never be forced to pay for it until the design improves!...more info
  • My iRobot Roomba 560
    This sounded too good to be true, so I'm surprised it performs better than I expected. I'm allergic to house dust, and have extreme back pain, making vacuuming a nightmare even with a self-propelled machine. Cleaning Roomba is a pain, but is still equal to or easier than cleaning the other vacuums I have owned. I need to clean it every time, though. Two lighthouses are enough; use simple barriers for doorways. There is only one threshold in my house that it can't get enough momentum to get over -- hardwood (narrow hall) floor to extra-plush carpet. Otherwise, it gets around all the crazy configurations in our house, and cleans up after pets & kids & reasonable construction debris from a remodeling project....more info
  • Great idea, but JUNK
    Got a roomba 560 for Christmas and have used it for three days so far in the last month, due to a variety of things breaking and the long time it takes irobot to ship replacement parts.

    First the roller brush started clicking, which was fixed by a new brush.

    Then the entire brush housing unit failed and had to be replaced.

    Today the side brush fell off and won't stay on due to the cheap plastic sleave that is suppose to hold a spinning brush via a small screw. What genius design that???????

    I really looked forward to the roomba and think it is a great idea, but the engineering is terrible and there is no way a product like this will hold up over time....more info
  • Needs improvement in multiple areas
    I purchased my Roomba 560 on January 9th and returned it 11 days later. Too bad. I really liked it when it worked. Right out of the box, the light on top of the virtual wall lighthouse that indicates it is working, did not work. Initially, I tried calling customer service, but after going through endless menus, I could not determine how to speak to a live person and there did not seem to be a menu option for my problem. Then, I e-mailed customer service. I explained my situation and asked if I needed to exchange everything or if I could just exchange the virtual wall lighthouse and let them know that I had already checked to see that my batteries were good and installed correctly. It took them 6 days to respond and when they did they said to try new batteries. Shortly after, the side brush stopped working and shortly after that, the roomba would only make tight circles in one place, so I returned it. Apparently, the side brush and the tight circles are common, known problems. I wish the product worked well. I really liked it when it worked, but as of now it is too unreliable, time consuming and expensive to have and the customer service really needs to improve. I would be happy to purchase it again in the future if product and customer service improvements are made....more info
  • roomba 560
    Have only had the roomba for 6 weeks but really love it for every room in my house. I esp. like it in the bedrooms because it cleans under the beds, dressers and tables. Very efficient in the big closets also. Does an excellent job around the edges of all the rooms. I empty the canister after each use. Great job for the pergo floors- Perfect for pet hair....more info
  • Great Improvement over Discovery, User Intuitive...
    A few months ago, I purchased a Roomba Discovery (Remanufactured). It worked great, it came with a nifty scheduling feature and it did everything by itself. This roomba (560) is even better than the last. My favorite feature is that it has a sensor panel on the front and it slows down before it hits anything. My old Roomba would continually whack delicate furniture.
    -Scheduling feature onboard (no annoying remotes)
    -Improved Virtual Wall. I love that! The "Lighthouse" feature directs the Roomba to clean one room, then when it is done proceed to the next. The Roomba comes with two of them.
    -The fringe. This Roomba NEVER gets caught on any of our fringe. If it goes over it, it detects the fringe, slows down, and figures its way out. My old roomba would get stuck on it and try to drag the rug along with it.

    -For me there is only one. When I read the product description, it said the dust bin was larger. From the looks of it, it seems even smaller!...more info
  • Best robotic vacuum right now, but could be better
    The problem with product reviews on Amazon is that for an expensive item people tend to love it because they paid good money for it. They don't want to feel they made a mistake by then giving it a low or even medium review score, but instead give it a 4 and downplay the limitations as little flaws.

    So, my score of 3 stars must be wrong, right? Three stars, to me, means pretty good, nowhere near ideal. And Roomba is indeed pretty good, but I expect someday in the future we'll laugh at the things we used to put up with and had to do for this product.

    The good: I don't vacuum anymore! Roomba is worth it for the time savings. Also, it's fun to let it go and see what it does. We waited some years to get one. When we found that this model Roomba would not get stuck on rug fringes, we immediately bought one. It indeed does not get stuck on fringes, and does clean under desks, etc., which is great.

    The bad: you do have to prep the area, taking most things off the floor. Fair enough, but this is a pain if you have anything that might get damaged by Roomba or that might trip up Roomba. For example, we have two cellos in our living room, on stands. These must be moved out or put in their cases to be safe---not something you need to do when you vacuum manually. This prep makes "setting a schedule" dangerous if you ever put anything on the floor that Roomba might destroy or otherwise get caught on. Roomba does get caught on things: broomsticks or other small objects that it can get on top of but not quite get over, socks or boxers that will get caught up in its brushes. Roomba can escape the bounds defined by the lighthouses: we've attempted to set these up correctly (and what do the various green light flashings mean? Not explained in the manual), but occasionally Roomba will get away, in search of cellos to destroy.

    Roomba also gets stuck on other things: we have a raised wall-to-wall carpet that creates a small height difference between it and the fireplace fringe tiles. This one inch difference is where Roomba can also get stuck. A loose (but large, unmovable) rug in my younger son's room tends to get folded over by Roomba, which then traps Roomba in a small area of the room. Finally, our couch is just high enough that Roomba can't quite get under, but Roomba will try. Every time that room is cleaned, Roomba invariably gets stuck halfway under this couch, unless we prep by putting barriers in its way.

    Other than getting stuck, Roomba is a high-needs machine. The brushes and sweepers underneath must be taken out every three uses and thoroughly cleaned. It's easy to get these out, this is a "normal" part of using the Roomba, but it's tedious to clean. The weakest part of the system is that carpet fibers and whatnot get wound around the ends of these axles and you have to pick away at them for some minutes to clear them. Your mileage may vary: we have cats, so maybe that's much of it. However, I don't have to do this task every three uses for my regular vacuum cleaner, so I consider this an engineering failure for Roomba (as amazing as it is otherwise), one that they will no doubt improve someday. Finally, from reading other reviews, I am concerned about what happens if my side brush breaks off, but happily that hasn't happened yet (and somehow seems unlikely).

    Overall I'm happy we have our Roomba (named "Dustina"), she's a net win. However, the technology is nowhere near perfect. The escapes, the getting stuck, and the maintenance are the three flaws I see. Get rid of two of these and it gets 4 stars, all three and it gets 5.

    Update: indeed, after 3-1/2 months of use, five of the six brushes on the side brush have broken off. We've ordered replacements, but these are back-ordered - not a surprise. I thought it was a case of others just not being careful, but these brushes really do just break off for no discernable reason. Poor design, but we'll just count it in as the price of doing business. Otherwise, it's an OK unit. My only other additions: sometimes loose cat hair will gather in clumps on the rug when Roomba is run, and Roomba seems to do a fair bit of taking up the fibers of the rug itself.

    9 month update: Roomba's still working. The replacement brush we bought is better designed, it hasn't broken at all. Roomba's still quite useful, especially for our kitchen floor. The unit does like to eat fringe - one oriental rug we have is undoubtedly devalued at this point - and there are leftover cat hair clumps now and then, but for the most part the unit's held up and done a reasonable job. Beats pushing a vacuum....more info
  • Great Product
    We have 6 cats in the house - the Roomba runs every morning and always picks up dirt and dust. We liked the Roomba so much we bought a second one for the second floor. It is not perfect, we sill need a vaccum to get some of the dirt, it has to be cleaned a lot and it takes a while to do a room.
    ...more info
  • No support for broken Roombas
    I bought one in November,and two weeks later it crapped out! Roomba refused to replace it, and told me repair parts were on back order !!!! For these prices things should work or the company should replace them. I wrote to the head of the company and still no results!!! Stay away from these people who don't care about customers !! Roomba is great idea but when there are problems they don't stand behind the product !!!!...more info
  • Best Product Ever!
    I have four kids which means lots of crumbs, dirt, sand, etc. After reading great reviews from Roomba fans, I decided to give this a try. We have a combination of marble, wood, carpet and rugs. The Roomba easily moves from one to the other and picks up dust and dirt that I never knew we had. The low profile allows it to travel under the sofa, beds and other furniture. I turn it on when I leave in the morning and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that my floors are being cleaned while I'm away. Buy this. You're going to love it!...more info
  • Best invention EVER!!! Well worth it
    I have to say I was very skeptical of this item and whether or not it really would work. I took a chance and ordered it based on the reviews.

    I have to say hands down it is worth every penny. I have all hardwoods, multiple pets, kids and a a husband that doesn't wipe his shoes. I have had it now for two months and run it every other day - my floors are sooo clean. We have had no problems with it, not even the side brushes as other reviews mention. The only downer is you have to clean the dust bin and brushes (you can't have it all right?).

    If you are considering this item - buy it! It is well worth it....more info
  • Absolutely Amazing
    I totally love my Roomba. When these first came out and were first advertised, I just knew they wouldn't live up to the advertising so never even considered getting one. I hate to vacuum though. Then I found out that two acquaintances had one and I figured if it worked for them, it would work for me. I bought one for Christmas and totally love it. I have thick carpet so was concerned about it not working as it is difficult with the regular vacuum cleaner. It worked just fine. I also have three dogs and three cats. The animal hair didn't even stop it. It is everything advertised. You won't be sorry....more info
  • Roomba Rocks!
    I visited the iRobot website and learned about the new 500 series Roombas and was immediately sold on the 560 model. I purchase 3 of them, Christmas gifts for my two adults sons and one for me (of course). We are all thrilled with the performance of these babies. They find the dirt, hair, dust and they pick it up! Great entertainment for the pets too.

    The Roomba has really proved it's worth recently after my mobility was extremely limited from an automobile accident. My Roomba is keeping my floors clean for me while I am recuperating.

    Amazon shipped them in a timely manner with NO shipping charges....more info
  • Not ready for prime time
    I think that iRobot started shipping this product before it was really ready so they would not miss the holiday shopping season. The 560 that we bought was intended as a Christmas present, but it will be at least Feb 1st before we can get one that works. iRobot customer service is really poor and their reps are overloaded. If you need help, you'll start by working thru 4-5 levels of "if you need xxx, press or say 3". Then expect to spend 15 - 30 minutes on hold waiting for the next available representative. On Jan 2, it took over an hour (thank God for speaker phones). Their first response was to send a small device that delivers a software upgrade. When that had no effect, they wanted to send a new power supply. But because their sale support is almost as bad, I had already bought a superfluous one that I was about to return. After I badgered the poor service rep, they agreed to exchange for a new one. But, they won't ship the new one until they receive the old one back. I wanted to just return it, but my wife (who hasn't been the person dealing with them and is an admitted gadget maven) wants to see if we can get one that works. Based on their support capability and policies, iRobot cares very little about their customers....more info
  • Gets lost
    Does what it advertises it does except it can not find the charging station when it is within 2 feet of it. It is a real adventure sometimes to find it after the battery has worn down. The light houses work well and it shifts between rooms after about 25 minutes of work. I am getting about 80 minutes per cycle before it runs out of juice. I have mostly carpet and it is not powerful enough to really clean deep like my upright vac. Roomba runs everyday and I vacuum once a week to pull out what it does not or can not. I requires cleaning everyday and because I have long haired woman in my house who seem to be going bald, cleaning takes about 15 minutes to pry loose the wound up hair off of the brushes/roller.

    Thanks to Roomba I get to play hide and seek everyday and my carpet looks terrific all the time. ...more info
  • An Engineers dream.
    We have been using our Roomba 560 for about a month and I'm still fascinated with the logic it uses to clean a room. It's vacuuming ability is excellent (It'll bring things out from under the bed that you didn't know existed) and it really does cover all of a room several times before finishing. You have to do a bit of "Roomba proofing" to a room (cords, spacing of furniture, etc.) before use. It is capable of pushing light objects around such as throw rugs on a wood floor. The virtual walls work well but believe the settings. A 3 foot setting in a 4 foot doorway will allow the Roomba into the next room.
    We probably won't buy a second one since it's too easy to just carry the unit downstairs and let it do it's thing. No complaints. A fun helper around the house....more info
  • Awesome
    I purchased this roomba after reading all of the feedback regarding the various models and customer experiences. I have to say, I am in LOVE. I love my Roomba. We have had it for a little over two weeks and I can't imagine life without it. We have pets and this little guy picks up all the animal hair, dirt, mulch, grass and all the other stuff they drag in to our house! We own a dyson vacuum and I was seriously concerned that nothing could stand up to the cleaning power of our dyson. We were constanly vaccuming every other day to clean up dog hair and cat hair from our animals...not anymore! We set our Roomba up on a schedule every other day that kicks off early in the morning before we wake up and the house is clean we we get up!! I will admit it does not have the suction power of a dyson, but this little guy does clean quite well and I am surpised at the amount of hair and other stuff he picks up every other day...where does he find some of that stuff???

    I have to say, although it was pricey, it was the an awesome investment! We are now looking at purchasing the Scooba to keep our kitchen and hardwood floors clean since the dogs do wander inside and outside throughout the day. We live in Fl, so it's ALWAYS raining and the muddy paws....I am dreaming of a the day I can just press the button and the floor is automatically clean of muddy paws....need I say more?

    ...more info
  • Much Better than the Discovery Series
    Any body upgrading from an older roomba will especially appreciate the improved docking feature and the noise reduction of this roomba. No longer does the robot take ten tries to dock. As of yet I have never seen this robot fail to dock on the first try. The Discovery series roomba used to wake me up from a dead sleep when it started its cleaning cycle on the other side of the house. Now when the new roomba cleans under my bed even I barely notice it for it bumping in to the bed frame. All in all, I would call the iRobot 500 Series Roomba A drastic improvement over the Discovery Series....more info
  • Does a good job but lots of maintenance
    I've used the older models of Roombas and this is an improvement. It looks like iRobot learned from past problems and put that knowledge into designing the 560. Using the new lighthouse/virtual wall towers, it finds its charging station 95% of the time (yes, there are still the occasional problems). My only complaint, which I had with the previous models and my Scooba is that they require a lot of maintenance. If I don't pull out the rollers and clean the bearings at least once a week, it gets jammed up. Still,this model isn't as finicky as previous ones. I recommend it....more info
  • I Robot
    Not a big fan of this product. Yes it works... but it also leaves marks on my beautiful hardwood and concrete floors. So not a fan. In fact I'll sell it to you for a good price. A real good price....more info
  • IRobot
    Customer service is a nightmare I would consider ordering this from another company! I would buy just not from IRobot...more info
  • Roomba Customer Service :(
    The 560 is a nice unit. It requires a lot of maintenance, because I own three large dogs. However, The unit has yet to fail me. The problem with Roomba is their customer service. First , the cryptic phone tree .... trying to get to a customer support person. Keep hitting 0 for operator and don't give up! I was on hold for 23 minutes. ANY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY WOULD MAKE A 24 HOUR TOLL FREE HOT LINE DIRECT TO THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT AVAILABLE. When someone spends that much money on a robot of any type, they should not hide behind email support, forums and blah, blah, blah.... Very bad impression. I am so sorry, but to be successful in business today you need to support your products and yes, believe it or not PAY to provide customer support. And please, I mean English speaking support, not someone from India or whatever. Even live chat works of support has to come from overseas... To be fair the girl I finally reached was very friendly and said that the Holidays has put a huge strain on their support program. OH WELL..... what a shame. The girl spoke fluent English and was very helpful. Lord I hope this gets to the higher ups at ROOOOOMBA ..... They need to hear this info. Otherwise, I like the product , and think it has a real future for those that hate to sweep up dog hair. Happy New Year....more info
  • It's a godsend!
    We got a Roomba because we need to vacuum twice a week due to allergies. Our old vacuum was heavy and we ended up going to the chiropractor often, so we finally decided to fork over the money.

    This is one of those things that you get and say to yourself, "WHY didn't we get this earlier?" It vacuums nicely. The brush picks up the stuff in the edges. It's quiet enough that I can take a nap in another room (or in the same room when I'm really tired). It's more noisy on bare floors, though still nothing compared to a Eureka or (even worse) a Hoover.

    Some things I was surprised to find out (perhaps a drawback for some):
    -It takes a long time to finish a room (about an hour). It's very thorough.
    -I have to recharge the battery after two rooms. I divide up the vacuuming into two days. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong.
    -It's bagless, so the person with allergies may not want to be the one emptying it.
    -You should dock it using the "dock" button. I put it in the dock and after a few times I got an error message. It was easy to find the remedy online using their website.
    -Filters are $19.99 for 3. The box comes with one replacement filter, which we used after one month because the Roomba vacuumed some places that hadn't been vacuumed in ages (under the bed, under the bathroom cabinet). The new filter has lasted a while.
    -It goes from carpet to bare floor and over rugs just fine.
    -We didn't get the extra lighthouses (due to cost), so we section off rooms using dining chairs.
    -Works great with pets. It bumped into my dog and changed directions. My dog doesn't mind it at all. It's also GREAT at picking up all the short pet fur.

    In short, I highly recommend this vacuum. ...more info
  • The best roomba so far!
    In the spirit of full disclosure, let me say that I love roomba and iRobot. I have many of the older models of roomba and the floor mopping robot (scooba). I've had about a half dozen scooba units (all returned for premature breakage), but the roomba units have been largely problem free. One of the older units of roomba I had to return for a wheel problem.
    Simply stated, roomba is amazing. A robot that automatically vacuums your floor at preprogrammed intervals! Although it sounds too good to be true, it really works. I now have a fleet of older and newer models which automatically vacuum each room of my house. Of all my house cleaning chores, dragging the vacuum up and down three flights of stairs was my least favorite. I'm more than happy to relinquish that chore to the robots.
    Roombas work well. I don't think they do quite as good a job vacuuming as a regular upright vacuum, but they certainly get the majority of the dirt that accumulate on your carpet. Although I still like to manually vacuum on occassion, I allow my roombas to do the majority of the floor maintenance. Dirt and crumbs disappear in a flash. Roomba is particularly good at vacuuming under tables, chairs, beds and other places that I tend to overlook when I manually vacuum. My bedroom roomba patrols on Monday, Wednesday and Friday making sure the floor is clean and that there isn't a single "dust bunny" under my bed!
    The new model has a few improvements over the previous models which clean well. First, this unit is MUCH quieter than the older models. This is a minor bonus, but when the unit starts to automatically clean at its assigned time, I can be watchig TV in the same room with out a probem. Watching TV while the robot cleans! That is living! The manufacturer reports that the battery life is improved, but I haven't experienced battery problems with any of my roombas.
    One reviewer noted that the roomba had to be emptied every ten minutes. No offense, but my roombas need to be emptied less than once every several months. Maybe that is because the roomba cleans my carpet every Monday-Wednesday-Friday. A crumb dropped on Tuesday doesn't concern me, but neither does it last long on my carpet.
    This is a great product that works well. I'm happy to recommend it without reservations....more info
  • Happy with Roomba 560
    Roomba 560 does a good job cleaning floors and navigating. It crosses between our hardwood floors and area rugs with relative ease. Very simple to use, only one button to press to initiate cleaning, and Roomba does all the driving and thinking.

    I didn't initially appreciate:

    1) You have to clean its dust trap frequently (after 3 rooms or so, more often after first use). This takes 1 minute but you must do it for reasonable cleaning.

    2) Roomba takes longer to clean than you would (30-45min for normal room). It is better to confine it to one room at a time; multiple rooms at once can be done but it takes a really long time. A little attention to this can improve Roomba's performance.

    3) Roomba gets stuck under one of my tables; I tip it over before cleaning and then Roomba is fine. It does a great job with dozens of chairs and several other tables.

    4) It usually misses a couple more spots than a person would. On the other hand, it cleans under couches and beds, which most people do not.

    Overall, I am very happy with the purchase. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because it does miss a couple spots here and there. Otherwise, it is fabulous.
    ...more info
  • Time saver!
    Better than hiring a house-cleaner! I use it everyday and it does great for the dog hairs and dust. ...more info
  • Edited Review
    When I first used this product, I posted a 5-star review. It was wonderful the first few times I used it. Well, except for when I forgot to pick up a dish of canned cat food and it spread the stuff all over my kitchen and we had to take the brushes off and clean inside the unit! And I won't even mention the time my puppy had an accident while I was out of the room and the iRobot got to it before I did. Talk about a mess!

    However, after a couple of weeks, one of the side bristle brushes snapped off; now, less than two months later, it's down to 2 bristles and the unit won't stay on, no matter how many times we screw it in. I've ordered more of these units but they're on backorder with no indication how long it will be before I can get them. Which means, this is happening to more people.

    This vacuum system is ideal - just turn it on and let it go. Bad points, however: Remember to pick up things it can get into and distribute, such as pet food/water. It doesn't do stairs and can get stuck in tight corners, such as between the toilet and wall. The brushes underneath the unit require cleaning every 2-3 times you use it. And, of course, those side bristle brushes which snap off.

    For the price, I'd expect a hardier cleaner.

    ...more info
  • the best maid ever!
    this is the best investment I've done in a long time! My house gets vacumed every other day just before I come from work and it is free of dust! I love it I do not know why I did not buy it before!...more info
  • Worst customer support I have ever experienced
    Bought a new 560 for Christmas - Started to do the initial charge and got an error. The web site for support is of little use. I spent about an hour on the phone waiting for help, but never got a human on the phone. And their support robots are useless...more info
  • Makes me cring as it slams into furniture!
    I don't understand how this item gets more than 4.5 stars overall. I got this unit yesterday and let it go through two cycles, as I noted the problems I had with it. I spent $349 on this item and am thoroughly disappointed that I am returning it. I watched over and over again as it slammed into my furniture and then scraped along the edge of it. Granted it did not noticeably damage any furniture the first time, I could see damage accumulating as it does this over and over again. It sensed wall edges and furniture maybe only 20% of the time. I have nice new furniture and there is no way that I am going to watch this thing damage it. I spent too much on my furniture (and floor speakers) to watch this happen. I am also experiencing one other problem with the unit. It sees my 1/2" rug (with no fray) and won't go up on it. It tries but then gives up. I decided to call the tech support line and after being on hold for more than 30 minutes before my call was answered, the rep on the other end could not offer any useful help. She said that if I could rig something to bumper the bumper that could be removed, it would not void the warranty. She had no useful help with the rug issue, except to determine that it probably senses the rug as a cliff, but in reality that isn't always the case. She said to make a ramp with a towel. I thought this Roomba would be a really great solution to clean while I am at work, but unfortunately I will have to wait for the next generation roombas to see if they improve these problems....more info
  • Great Machine
    This 560 is one of the neatest (showing my age) machines I have ever purchased. This item lives up to all the hype associated with it. I am going to purchase accessories that will enhance it's use....more info
  • Works Great.......when it isn't waiting for repair parts
    The product I own is a Roomba 535; available only through a television retailer. However all the 500 series cleaning components are the same, only the battery life, lighthouse/virtual wall compatibility, and scheduling features differ. Note: This review is for the 500 series only. Its performance is greatly improved over earlier models. When the Roomba first appeared on the market several years ago I purchased one which wasn't worth the paper the owner's manual was printed on and it was returned within a week. Even with the problems I've experienced with the 500 series, it has been improved enough that I'll keep it.

    My first Roomba 500-series died within days with so many malfunctions that was returned to where it was purchased. The second Roomba not only performed better, it lasted long enough that I actually received my accessory order before it too died after 2 weeks; in this case the left wheel quit turning. The problem was diagnosed over the phone with iRobot who is sending a replacment part. There must be a lot of defective Roomba 500 series units, the wait time I experienced while on hold for 500 series customer support ranged from 8 to 25 minutes. iRobot says repair parts will be received in 7 to 10 days. What they don't immediately tell you is that if the part is in stock it can be 7 to 10 days before the part ships; receipt is 7 to 10 days after that.

    When used in the daytime, my dogs would swear on a stack of kibble that it is there only to torment them. No matter where they go to get out of the way, the Roomba will soon chase them away so it can clean where they were sitting. The cat hides under my bed but eventually when Roomba reaches the bedroom, the cat flees and usually stays outside until cleaning is finished.

    To say that the Roomba 500 series cleans well is an surprising understatement. Because I am physically disabled, it has been years since places like under the bed have been vacuumed and it is difficult for me to just vacuum normally. Initially the Roomba's brushes became so full of pet hair and fibers that it couldn't finish a room before needed to be cleaned and have the dirt chamber emptied. After a week of use and as the carpets became cleaner, this problem diminished.

    To do a comparison after the Roomba had been used for a week, I thoroughly cleaned and wiped the brushes and dirt container of the Roomba 535 and my Dyson DC-14 Animal. The following day I ran the Roomba in the living room then followed that with a thorough vacuuming with my Dyson. The Dyson picked up no additional pet hair (3 dogs and 1 long-haired cat) and maybe a teaspoon of fine dirt/dust. The following day I ran the Dyson first which picked up a nominal amount of dirt and pet hair. I followed with the Roomba which picked up more pet hair and about the same amount of dirt as the Dyson. To say the least I was shocked that this little battery operated robotic unit could clean better than the highly-rated and expensive Dyson. To be fair to the Dyson, it would probably have picked up more dirt if I'd run it for 45 minutes, the same amount of time the Roomba runs, but I considered the carpet satisfactorily cleaned after 15 minutes. However, the Roomba is much better at picking up pet hair.

    -It cleans on its own so you don't have to. Great for people who have mobility or dexterity issues. Try cleaning with a regular vacuum while on crutches or in a wheelchair and you'll know what I mean.
    -Cleans very well on hard surfaces and on my low-pile plush carpet.
    -When a problem is encountered it stops and periodically beeps for help (brushes are clogged, sensors are dirty, wheel has debris preventing it from turning, etc.) Push the "clean" button and Roomba will tell you what the problem is. No guessing!
    -Roomba models 535 and higher can be scheduled to run on their own during the day or the night at a time convenient for you. The 535 requires the optional Wireless Command Center to be scheduled. Models 530 and below cannot be scheduled.
    -Models 530 and above utilize "Lighthouse Technology". The Lighthouses permit the Roomba to clean one room before cleaning the next and so on for up to 4 rooms (additional lighthouses need to be purchased).
    -When cleaning cycle is complete it returns to its base to automatically recharge.
    -Soft Touch bumpers and sensors slow the Roomba before it bumps into furniture or walls to prevent damage.
    -Sensors prevent it from falling down stairs, etc.
    -Spot mode allows Roomba to clean an circular area (a dry spill, for example) about 4' in diameter.
    -Dirt Sensor. When Roomba detects an area with additional dirt, it circles the area giving it extra attention.
    -Quieter than most regular vacuums. It doesn't wake me when cleaning at night although I do block it from entering the bedroom by using a lighthouse/virtual wall.

    -Reliability (in my case 2 Roombas failed in less than 1 month).
    -The small dust bin needs to be emptied after nearly every use.
    -Daily maintenance which, especially in houses with pets, includes removing and cleaning the brush assemblies, removing pet hair from around the front wheel, cleaning the underside, dusting the sensors, and using "canned air" to blow dust out from the sensors in the bumper.
    -The Roomba can become confused and sometimes calls for help when encountering in-floor forced air furnace vents. It usually says the cliff sensors need to be cleaned.
    -The owner's manual lacks detail and is in a word, "terrible". I've frequently gone to the iRobot website to find answers for questions or called the 800 number for Customer Support.
    -Neither the documentation accompanying the optional Wireless Command Center or the Owner's Manual tell you that to complete the "pairing" process you must press the "day" and "minute" buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds or it won't remember the "pairing" the next time you want to use it. That required another search on iRobot's website and another 15 minutes on hold waiting for customer support.

    Neutral points:
    -It does take longer to clean a room than using an upright vacuum, but since I am not doing the vacuuming, it really does not matter to me.
    -I added self-adhesive felt strips to the Roomba's bumper which both give added protection to wooden or delicate furniture and keep the area in front of the IR sensors in the bumper scratch-free. iRobot should have developed a more protective design for this area.

    Is it a toy or a tool? In my case, when it is working, it is a useful tool and can clean under beds or some furniture where it is nearly impossible for me to do so. It does out-perform my Dyson and actually grooms the carpets better as well. Although it does require a great deal of daily maintenance, it is much easier for me to sit in a chair and clean it than it is for me to vacuum each room. My house is now cleaned on a daily basis instead of just once a week. If not for the reliability problems I would have given it 4 stars. Because of the poor owner's manual and documentation I would not give it 5 stars. In the meantime, I have purchased an extended warrenty and have the feeling I will be using it often.

    UPDATE and USER TIPS 01-17-2008

    After waiting 2 1/2 weeks for the defective wheel module the wrong part arrived. The problem was traced back to the poor owner's manual which mis-identified the left and right wheel modules. The correct module was shipped by 2nd day air but once again, just over a week elapsed before it was actually shipped. All in all, I was without the use of the Roomba for about a month. Unlike the experiences of some others I find iRobot's customer service to be excellent, just trying to get something shipped expediently is a problem.

    Two days after installing the new wheel module it too locked up. At that point I nearly threw the whole thing out the door from pure frustration. After removing the bottom plate, the battery, and the wheel module, it was reinstalled and worked. This leads me to believe the issue is a software problem, not a mechanical problem.

    Yesterday one arm on the spinning side brush broke off and although I have spares, I decided to try a drop of super glue. It worked well so the original brush was reinstalled without the need for installing a replacement. This may not work all the time but for now solved the problem.

    I've learned that if the Roomba seems to spend too much time cleaning one area, moving furniture, even a few inches, can resolve the problem. I actually moved my coffee table closer to the sofa instead of away from it and Roomba seems to clean better and spend less time there. Go figure.

    For those of us with pets find that hair balls up around the brush ends causing Roomba to tell us to clean the brushes. Another "non-approved" fix I've tried is to spray the brush ends and the yellow washers with silicone spray lube. Hair still gets trapped there but doesn't ball up as badly allowing the Roomba to continue to clean. ...more info
  • roomba does it again! (from a dog owner)

    This unit is incredible, it wakes up every day and cleans about 2000 square feet including kitchen, dining, living areas. Hard wood and carpet. I have two siberian huskies who shed year round and live mostly inside our house. Used to have fur floating around everywhere, just couldn't keep up with it; now I never see the stuff on the floor.

    I have to clean my roomba every day, the fur tangles the sweeper brush and roller at the ends. But thats a lot easier and quicker than vacuuming and sweeping every day.

    I do wish the unit had more detailed instructions on how to clean it, I had a problem after a couple of runs where the unit started to stutter step between high and low speed. Took me a while to figure out what was wrong, the front wheel roller was jammed with fur and wasn't turning. The front wheel pops out, no screws to mess with. Once I removed the fur, it was fine and I havent had a problem with it again (the first couple of runs were tough on the unit, with two dogs worth of fur buildup to clean).

    Docking is fantastic, every day it succeeds with a very difficult obstacle course. My old roomba never docked.

    No pine needles on the floor over Christmas, I dumped a lot of those in the trash. Dumped lots of lint and dirt too. Seeing what your dumping every day really shows that the unit is doing a great job. I'm very happy with this thing, can hardly wait till it can climb stairs.
    ...more info
  • Best thing ever!
    I love this thing. I am so glad we made the investment to buy it.

    I had been wanting to purchase a roomba for a while, but had been hesitant. My mother had an earlier model and didn't like it because of a short battery life.

    I'm pregnant now and decided that I needed to make a greater effort to keep the house clean. I have a demanding job and so does my husband. So, unfortunately, sweeping doesn't get done as often as we both would liked.

    We purchased the Roomba 560 about a month ago and have been very happy with the results. I was amazed to see how much dirt it picked up on the first run. I thought we had done a reasonably good job sweeping, but that was not the case.

    It cleans our 1000 sqft loft apartment very well. The lighthouses help out alot in getting this done. Our floors are concrete with an area rug here and there. One of these rugs is a big shaggier that the others, and the roomba has never gotten tangled up in it. We schedule it to run about 3 times a week and clean the bin out about 2-3 times a week. Cleaning the bin is very easy to do.

    I am glad I purchased the roomba because I know it will help make our home more baby friendly. I'm tempted to buy a scooba now, but I think I might give the folks at iRobot to make further improvements before purchasing.

    Now if they only made something that cleaned showers and toilets....
    ...more info
  • Absolutely Outstanding
    The wife and I have severe back problems and the doctors tell us that we can't push a vacuum or mop so I bought this plus the floor washer. This vacuum is outstanding. I dumped a bunch of stuff on the carpet to see if it would miss anything and it didn't, and when done it reutrned to the home base and connected to the charger. The floor washer didn't work at all so I am returning it to Amazon but selected a replacement vs. refund because the vacuum works so good. Maybe I just got a bum floor washer so I'm willing to give the washer another try....more info
  • Amazing Device That Really Works And Andrew Is His Name
    I will keep it short and simple--This device is amazing and it really
    does work. It is easy to clean after using and something I suggest you do
    each and every time after it is done. It is not prefect but
    very close to it. Our little robot device got under our California King so
    easily and picked up so much dust and dirt. We didn't clean under it
    since we move into our home 4 years ago--Now Andrew can do the job and
    much better than we can.. Does he replace the upright--NO--But who cares
    he can do 98% of the carpets and floors in our 2 story home. Would like
    to get another one for the upstairs rooms but will will have to wait to save up some money for it. ...more info
  • Great But Dies Young
    We really loved our Roomba. And its replacement. When the first one died of wheel motor cancer just after the warranty expired, we got a new one. Also loved. The clever thing did quite a good job on our wood floors, collecting dust, dirt, hair, sand, etc. It was very convenient to set it to work while we were able to do other things. The problem was that we used it weekly. The second one died of charger cancer soon after its warranty expired. We used the corpse of the first to charge the second's battery, a nuisance but we kept the thing alive for another month or two. Now the main circuit board failed. We give up. We will not buy another, unless they offer a warranty of at least three years. If you plan to use Roomba once a month or less, buy one; otherwise the short lifetime makes Roomba ownership far too expensive for our budget....more info
  • IRobot 560 Roomba - another satisfied customer
    We've been using this device for a couple of months now - it has exceeded our expectations. Just program and forget about it. It comes out does it's task on carpets and hardwood floors. And then goes back to it's base to recharge. We were amazed at the amount of dirt this little guy picks up. Just vacuuming under the couch and beds makes this an excellent addition to the household. We'll save up and get another....more info
  • The engineer in me is just tickled pink.
    My wife and I purchased the iRobot Roomba 560 and just love it. I have set the programming to have the Roomba to vacuum the house every other day. The Roomba vacuums the house and docks with the charger. The engineer in me is just tickled pink with how well it works. My wife and I both work at a demanding jobs and house work is tedious. With dust blowing in the hardwood floor no longer feels gritty when I walk on it. My only problem is my wife does not want to learn how to clean the filter and the dirt chamber so that has fallen to me. It only takes about 30 seconds to clean the Roomba and the brushes underneath. I just rinse the filter with water and let it dry. I would recommend the Roomba to everyone. I would caution that you need to decide which version of the Roomba you need based on the size of the area to clean. I chose the 560 because it has a capacity about 25% larger than the area the Roomba cleans. To all happy cleaning....more info
  • Roomba 560 Loves Hard to Reach Places!
    The Roomba 560 is a great machine for vacuuming under furniture, beds and other hard to reach places. However, to clean an average size room could take 40 - 50 minutes. It's slow, but thorough....more info
  • Most useful than I imagined
    Prior purchasing this iRobot Roomba 560, a robotic vacuum seemed like a silly gadget created only for those who are too busy to vacuum their floors.

    However, I have multiple pet parrots. The floor in their room is always a mess, with dropped food and feathers constantly on the floor. I figured what can I loose by trying this product.

    The Roomba is a perfect solution to my bird room issues. It sweeps easily and thoroughly- even underneath the cages. Hard-to-sweep feather dust is picked up, as well as food pellets. The dirt bin is large enough to pick up the daily mess on the floor. And I can set it on a timer, so the room is never in a poorly swept state.

    It also did a good job vacuuming under a king size bed, which is not reachable with conventional vacuum cleaners.

    So far it is one of the best convenience gadgets I have purchased in a long time....more info
  • It's a real working robot!
    It not only vacuumed my carpet very clean but finished (scheduled) cleaning before I got home. Virtual Walls and Light Houses came with it direct it to whereever you want it to do the job. I wish iRobot would develop another robot that could clean carpeted stairs....more info
  • Better than expected
    I was skeptical when I saw a review claiming reduced dust in the house with the Roomba, but it's true! Since getting it, I have noticed much less dust in the house. Apparently, it is picking up dust that would normally get kicked around. Even the hardwood floors that the Roomba doesn't get to is showing less dust.

    The other surprising thing is that when I tried to run my Dyson vacuum cleaner in the family room where Roomba runs, it didn't pick up anything significant! Although Roomba is no match in cleaning power, having it run every weekday means that dirt doesn't have much time to sit around and embed itself in the carpet. The Roomba has two dirt chambers, one or large dirt and another for dust. It's amazing to see how much dust it picks up every day. It seems to do a better job with dust versus larger dirt.

    Finally, the scheduler is the killer feature. I had the first Roomba and I can say that it wasn't particularly useful because it was too slow and loud to run when anyone was home. Having it run automatically at a scheduled time means that I use it much more than I normally would.

    My only beefs is that the lighthouse feature doesn't work that well. It's not very consistent in moving from room to room. It also doesn't find it's way back to the dock every time. About 60% of the time it fails and stops in random places in the house....more info
  • Don't know what you've got til it's gone
    We had owned a Roomba Discovery for about 20 months when it burned out a brush motor. I was disappointed, but as an "early adopter" family, we're used to new products that don't have all the bugs worked out yet. The Roomba still worked, but not as well, and eventually I set it aside in the workshop. I figured I would get around to buying a new motor for it sometime, or looking up the "double your warranty" on the credit card. It didn't seem like a matter of urgency.

    Within two weeks I was desperate to have my Roomba back! Everywhere I looked there was cat hair, lint from the dryer, dirt from the boys' shoes and crumbs from their sloppy eating. I couldn't live like this. I ordered the Roomba 560.

    It arrived partly charged; I sent it on a mission right away. I was irrationally happy to hear it sing its little song as it left the dock. What a delight to have a Roomba in the house again.

    Welcome back, Roomba. May you be welcomed into many, many homes....more info
  • What an improvement!
    We previously had a Roomba Red that we've had for 3 or 4 years. It recently stopped working (battery issues we think?) and rather than buy an expensive new battery, we decided to upgrade to the latest roomba. What an improvement it is! We liked our old Roomba, but this one is a million times better. I have it scheduled to vacuum every morning, and it begins faithfully at its appointed time. I can't believe the dirt and hair it is able to pick up off our floors! Even when I have just vacuumed the day before with our big vacuum, it still manages to vacuum and vacuum until it is full of dirt and hair. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a 2 year old so we keep it very busy. It seems to be able to pick up things that no other cleaning method can, and it does it automatically without me having to do a thing! This new design holds way more debris than the old one did, so it is able to vacuum for much longer without filling up. And the robotic design is much better, so it does a better job navigating around furniture and rooms. My only complaint and the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because its multiple room cleaning feature doesn't seem to work well with our open floor plan. We have a big open space in our upstairs, with a carpeted den where the roomba base is, and large open doorways to the kitchen on one side and the hall/entryway and dining room on the other side. I set up my lighthouses in each open doorway, so theoretically the Roomba would clean the den first, then move out into the large open space and clean it until it runs out of power or gets full, whichever comes first. But it almost never happens that way. Roomba is usually not able to return to its base. I always find it stalled in one of the rooms and have to manually take it back. Maybe the space is too big for it to be able to find its home base, so it just runs until it's out of gas. Whatever the reason, this feature doesn't work well with my open floor plan, and since open floor plans are very common, I imagine it's a problem for lots of people. But it's not a big deal, I just clean it when I find it stalled and manually put it back on the charger. Overall I am thrilled with this product!

    Update 1/28/08
    Maybe Roomba has learned, or maybe I just didn't give it enough of a chance at first, but it almost always is able to redock itself these days at the end of cleaning. The only problem is that the brushes require cleaning pretty much after every use, so it often returns to the dock and then if I forget to come take it off the dock and clean it, it won't run at its next regularly scheduled time because the brushes are dirty. This is a bit of an annoyance, but not a big deal - I just need to clean the brushes and run it manually. One other note - a few of the "teeth" broke off the bin and an arm broke off the spinning side brush within a month or two of purchase. I called customer care and was on hold for over 30 minutes, then got transferred and put back on hold. I finally hung up and sent email instead. That apparently went into a black hole because, while I received an initial automated response, I never heard from them again for over a week. Finally, I called back and this time was on hold for 15 minutes or less. When finally was able to speak to someone, she was quite helpful, the problem was immediately resolved, and I received replacement parts at no charge a week later....more info
  • Roomba 560
    Roomba is great. I previously had the Roomba Discovery, but the new 500 series tech improvements are amazing! Never gets stuck.. well, very very rarely, cleans all rooms, including my bedroom with nice persian and afghan rugs with long tassles with no issues and no catches. Cleans great. Scheduling is awesome. Home finding is better, and the towers controlling room cleaning times is great too. Can't beat this. My dad used to say if you're going to pay so much for it it better clean the floor itself! Well, Roomba does! ...more info
  • Great Product!!
    If you read the other reveiws before using (as I did) you won't be surprised to find that at first there is an adjustment period for the Roomba to get used to it's job. It took about a week. After that week the Roomba really is a great little product. Yes, you do have to empty the filter alot but that is a small task to consider when the little guy does everything else.
    My wife and I have even developed a little affection for our "Roombie" too.
    ...more info
  • A Worthy Successor to the Roomba Line
    We have two Roombas plus a Scooba in our house. When one of the batteries on one of our Roombas finally reached the end of its life cycle, we decided to donate that Roomba to a friend and to get ourselves the new top of the line - the Roomba 560. We got this right when it first came out, but we waited several months before posting a review. It's pretty much impossible to review one of these Roombas after only a few days! It takes weeks if not months to start to see how well they last over time, and what breaks down. Believe me - been there, done that.

    So now it's many months later, and I have to say, we are quite pleased with the improvements of this Roomba over the previous generations of Roombas. So first, for those who don't even have ANY Roomba yet (hard to believe!). Roombas are awesome. We have cats, and we work from home so we're home all day. It is AMAZING how much dirt and dust and junk collects in the carpet every single day. Who really has time to vacuum their carpets twice a day any more? With the Roomba, you set the scheduler to do it while you are asleep. You wake up in the morning, the carpets are clean, the air is fresh, and you empty out the dust bin. It is just wonderful.

    Even those without pets might be amazed how much lint and such the Roomba will find every morning for you.

    I have a noise meter and have done several tests with the noise meter. The Roomba is much quieter than other regular vacuums. It is NOT silent - it can't be! How could it vacuum up dirt and be silent? But it is quieter than the alternatives, and heck, you're sleeping anyway. I can easily sleep through a Roomba running.

    Now, on to the improvements of this new Roomba over previous models. First, it has a cool feature where the speed drops when it senses it is approaching a solid object. The old Roomba would just run full tilt into an object - wall, couch etc. - and then turn around. This one slows down so that it hits the object gently. Sure the old Roomba wouldn't dent the walls with its powerful force, but still, it's nice to have it be gentle on furniture and your building.

    Next, for better or for worse, the new Roomba is much more aware of when its bin and brushes are getting grungy. I admit I didn't clean my other Roombas as often as I should have. And it led to problems. This new Roomba will actually stop and warn you when it's getting full and when the brushes should be cleaned. If you're a procrastinator like I am, this is a good thing. If you're a clean freak that empties the bin every time, and cleans the brushes every time, then you probably won't even notice this feature.

    The anti tangle technology is nice. The previous Roomba would start to eat a cord and just keep going until it was really stuck. This Roomba at least tries to get itself untangled. Still, I don't recommend leaving cords and strings and things lying around. You're just asking for trouble if you do.

    The new system uses a "lighthouse" instead of just a wall. With a lighthouse, you mark out a room so the Roomba finishes with that room completely before going on to the next room. They are like section markers. We tend to just use walls, but if you have two large rooms the lighthouse feature might be really helpful for you.

    After several months of running we have had NO problems at all with our Roomba. No broken brushes, no falling off pieces, nothing. It is still going strong and we are very pleased with it.

    Highly, highly recommended! I am happy to give personal advice and I even have videos of Roombas on my website. I love Roombas, they have saved me countless hours of work, and they make my home a much cleaner and easier-breathing place to be. ...more info
  • How smart should a vacuum cleaner be, anyway?
    Easy to run. Haven't tried to program date/time. Helps a lot to have things like shoes and magazines off the floor. Was a little stubborn when trying to spot clean an area rug, or part of it anyway, which I've attributed to something about the pattern (kept reporting the stair sensors were dirty). Biggest problem so far is that it repeatedly gets stuck on an Ikea Poang chair ( Overall, still cheaper than a maid....more info
  • best pet ever!
    what more could you want from a pet? the roomba is a very effective hunter of lint, hair, and other small bits of debris. just last week my roomba caught an exceptionally large dust bunny. ...more info
  • Good Investment
    We love the roomba! Out mudroom is off our kitchen and that is where we store out cat's litter boxes. We have 4 cats so litter control has always been a challenge but the roomba helps us keep it under control! Just that makes it worth the money for us! We also love the fact that it does both carpet and hard surfaces. ...more info
  • Roombalicious!
    This is our second Roomba, and I must say they've outdone themselves with the 560. We love the fact that it returns to its home base for recharging automatically. As another bonus, when it senses a wall, door, or other object in its way, the Roomba actually slows down before it bumps it! Vacuuming is excellent and cleans up dog hair easily! Much better than the older model we had. My wife can't live without Roomba!...more info
  • High Hopes for Little Roomba
    I purchased this on the advice of a friend who loves it. After 2 weeks I reluctantly returned it. I found that by the time I "roomba-proofed" the room prior to letting it vaccum I could have done the job myself with less work. Roomba had a hard time navigating between my kitchen and dining room where there is a slight change in floor levels. It got down but couldn't get up the rise. It also got stuck on area rugs with fringe, a computer extension cord, and so forth. You also need to pick up chairs and place them on tables so it can get around. A couple of times it got under a coffee table but couldn't get out. Once I set it up in the hall and despite letting it run for an hour, it had failed to zig-zap back well enough to pick up two pieces of dirt. In that time I could have vacuumed the tiny hall in 10 minutes. I think for folks with wide open rooms and little on the floor, it might work. But it definitely was disappointing in my house. ...more info
  • Side Brush Broke in 1 Month, POOR Customer Service at iRobot
    I bought this item from iRobot's website. It worked great for about a month and then the side brush stopped working. I contacted customer support and was eventually told the part I needed was out of stock with no idea when it would be restocked (even though the website said the part was in stock). My follow-up emails went unanswered. I called customer support to return since the product doesn't work and no one was responding to my emails. The sales person actually had the nerve to tell me I was suppose to call them to discuss my problem rather than emailing them, which is contrary to what their website says to do. Given the fact that the product stopped working within a month of my purchasing it and the poor customer service at iRobot, I would not recommend this product (given the cost of it)....more info
  • I got a Lemon
    I got the Roomba560 from Brookstones. Pricey but I wanted it. I have psorisis, and my floors need sweeping a few times a day. My battery lost it's charge 30 min. after using, and refused to take another charge.

    It died, I returned it to where I got it, and got the Roomba 530. So far it's working fine.

    I plan to use it once day. Now I want a Scooba. We'll see about the 530, so far so good....more info
  • Excelent for everyday vacuuming
    I live on a 3rd floor apartment, close to a very crowded street, so if I keep my windows open, I receive A LOT of dust.
    I have Roomba programmed to dust every other day, while I'm at work. The results are great. On carpet and wood floors.
    I also have a cat (that's the reason why I leave my windos open) and it's really good picking hair. On a secondary effect, my cat is happier, seems to like "supervising" Roomba doing its work, I noticed a clear decrease on my pet stress levels associated to living on an apartment.
    I totally recomend it!!!...more info
    The Roomba is Excellent. I have it scheduled to clean when no one is home, and you can schedule different times on different days, or if you choose, schedule a day not to clean. It picks up all types of trash on the floor. Does a great job of doing the living room and dining room. I love the virtual walls to keep it out of rooms you don't want it to go into. Just have to remember to remove towels, shoe laces, string from the floor. It will try to suck it up and get tangled. But it is very easy to remove the parts to keep them clean. I would but this product again, and again!!!...more info
  • Stay away from all 500's until sidebrush problem fixed
    I have been a long time customer of iRobot. I have had multiple early generation Roombas (and still have four fourth generation Roombas in my house). I bought two 560's in September and the side brushes became "amputees" within the first few weeks, with the brushes breaking off.

    When I called for Technical Support (not listed on their website: 877.855.8593) I was told it was a "known problem", and they would ship out the new redesigned side brush replacements as soon as received. Weeks later, still no date and even today "maybe three weeks".

    Now they are hedging on whether it was a design defect. What IS clear is that none of the units on sale have a "redesigned" part, so you may have the same problem I have had. So forget about getting one before Christmas unless you want to go through this same debacle I am.

    I have always had the highest respect for iRobot (despite the Scooba), but my faith has been shaken by this product.

    *** UPDATE 12-03-2007 (and another part also on "back order")

    BTW, I still have received no replacement side brushes after almost two months.

    There is another problem with some of the 560's (and I assume all of the early 500 series). The original two 560's I bought in September did not have a "bumper extension" included.

    So if you are buying from a retailer MAKE SURE THAT THE ONE YOU BUY HAS A BUMPER EXTENSION INCLUDED. I saw a 560 at a store this weekend with this new piece, which is just a piece of rubber that you stick on the lower part of the bumper and a "slip sheet" to the manual that tells how to place it, but does not say what it is for.

    When I called iRobot and told them that I did not receive these with my original 560's, they first claimed "all of them" shipped with it, but they would order me two -- Guess what else is now back-ordered?

    I suggested that the bumper extension might be a new "fix" for the side-brush problem, but the customer service representative said it was to keep the "IR sensors from being scratched" by furniture. To defend that this had nothing to do with the side-brush problem, he said that they had had side brushes "falling off without contact with anything" and that definitely the side brushes had been redesigned but no one in technical support was told how.

    Here is what I think the new bumper is for:

    We have five fireplaces in our house. All but one have a hearth extension height of 1/2" or less above the floor. The fifth one has 7/8" above the floor, where I have seen the 560's stalled, with the 560 eventually disentangling itself (but with brushes soon thereafter falling off!).

    I think the main purpose of the bumper extension is to sense a transition in this critical area (7/8") and be repelled by contact with the bumper extension. IRobot says that this is not its purpose. However, the instruction slip sheet specifically states to place part the extension below the existing vertical height of the bumper.

    I will try to update this if and when I get:

    1. My replacement side brushes and
    2. My missing bumper extensions.

    A few more observations ....

    Customer service.

    Hold times seem to be going up dramatically. I was on hold for 17 minutes and then disconnected. I then called sales (which answers immediately) and was eventually reconnected to customer service.

    Docking station/lighthouses.

    It appears that the lighthouses with the 500-series are coded to work only with the docking station or Roomba with which they were shipped. Having two of these systems, I tried the two lighthouses associated with the other one -- no recognition. This may actually be an advantage if you have a house with more than one. I just have not seen any documentation on this issue.

    As I have said before, I think the Roomba in general is a great product. I just thing they rushed to market with the 500-series before it was ready for prime-time.

    ...more info
  • Rita the Roomba 560 Works Well
    First of all, a confession: I am a toy addict and bought the Roomba 560 thinking that it would be a fun toy to play with. I did _not_ expect more than having fun and seeing just how good the state-of-the-art was. Much to my surprise, it __worked__ very well. So, I named her "Rita" and we have been happy ever after.

    Rita works every day. She works on bare floors and on the not-too-tall carpet throughout the home. It doesn't tangle cords _most_ of the time, but I have moved most cords out of the way to avoid trouble. The lighthouse works, as does the barrier. She finds her recharging station and connects about 70% of the time. Note that our rooms are small, which probably helps Rita to find her way around. We especially like the way Rita crawls under things to clean.

    Rita got stuck a few times, e.g., under a rocking chair. We moved the traps out of her way, and all is going fine now. On average, there is one trap per room.

    Rita eats dog hair (terrier) and has surprised us with how clean she gets the carpet. Dogs either ignore her or bark at her: No problems. Rita ignores the dogs.

    The first few times we used Rita, we had to frequently stop and clean out the dog hair and dirt. We were not happy about this, but after a few cleanings, this was no longer a problem. Apparently, Rita the Roomba found all sorts of dirt in our rugs that we did not see. Just for the record, Rita is easy to clean - takes less than a minute, including brushes. No tools required.

    Although Rita is not perfect, I still rated her 5-stars because she does so amazingly well. I am sure that even better models will become available over time, but Rita the Roomba 560 meets the minimum conditions.

    Bottom Line: I liked Rita so much that I bought one as an early Xmas present for my sister....more info
  • Outstanding product - love it!!!
    I bought this product because of my 9 month old baby boy starting to crawl and we have 2 long hair cats inside as well. This vacuum serves its purpose very well. I am so pleased with it.
    The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the maintenance to clean the brushes. Although it doesn't take very long, it is a little difficult to get the hair out that is wrapped around the ends of the brushes. It is still worth every penny, however!! ...more info
  • Believe the hype! Embrace the epic sloth within!
    Oh man. Man, oh man. Love is too small a word. I hate to vacuum. I'm a bachelor. Do the math. Visitors to my bathroom wear hazmat suits. So, I bought this thing thinking that it would be a cool novelty. A toy. Nope. This is a serious piece of dirt-destroying techno-zen. Reading other reviews, I knew I'd have to start out with clean floors for this to work, so I hired a professional to use a van-based steam cleaner to get my carpets perfect. With this done, I set the Roomba to work. First of all, it is amazing entertainment. I let it zip around the tv area for about ten minutes when its factory-charge began to run out. So, while it was charging, I examined the under-brush. Matted with hair... hair the steam cleaner didn't get! (I shed a lot. I am gifted with more and more forehead each year.) I cleaned it. The next day, it tried to do a cleaning, but got hung up on the circular base of one of my chairs and powered down. (A book-barrier solved this.) The day after that, I came home after it had done a full apartment cleaning. Bedroom. Living/dining room. Kitchen. The dirt trap was nearly full and the brush was again matted with hair. This tells me that the Roomba is very good at what it does. I expect less and less hair and dirt each day as the Roomba scours away the layers of single livin'. The extension brush gets all wall-edges and a sensor detects dirtier areas and focuses the Roomba on spot-cleaning them. I have come to the conclusion that the Roomba is more than a novelty. It's actually a really, really good vacuum. The fact that it's a robot isn't just a boon to the lazy. It has nothing better to do than clean, clean, clean. I have no idea how long it would take a human to do as good a job, but thanks to the Roomba, I'll never find out. It's as tenacious as it is powerful. This is actually worth the investment. It is NOT just a toy for the idle. It WORKS! ...more info
  • Say goodbye to Vacuuming (almost)
    This is my second roomba. I purchased the Discovery model two years ago and after one quick return for eating a powercord I left lying around has given two years of faithful service. On seeing the new 560 model I was intrigued to see what it would be like and as I can retire 'Lucy 1' to the beach house for a well deserved rest I got 'Lucy 2'. If you have upgraded to this model you will notice that iRobot have not been sitting around doing nothing.

    The 560 is big advance on the original models. The soft bumper is fun to watch, and also reasures as it now just gently touches the wall, the old discovery model tended to 'bang' around alot.

    I love the scheduler built in and it works a treat, now I come home to a clean floor everyday (I have hardwood floor here in Tokyo). You do still have to make sure the floors are clear of junk that tangle, but this is not a bad thing.

    The bigger capacity means it can go for a few days without cleaning, and the sealed system means all the dirt and dust is in one place. I've not had to clean the brushes yet as they still seem clean.

    One thing that I've noticed is that when the roomba gets into a tight space the rotating brushes stop which means they aren't pulling in the dirt all the time. Also this model is alot more powerful and seems to get into places that the disovery didn't. (ie I found it in my shower area today as it had pushed open the door!

    It fantastic at cleaning under things which we never tend to do with normal vacum (there is not a spec of dust under my bed or sofa).

    Nothing is perfect and you still need to do abit of manual cleaning behind doors and in the corners, but this is a very minor problem given the huge amount it does get. And as it runs daily I'm sure its cleaner than a weekly regular vacuum. I loved the discovery so much I suggested my mum get one, she loves it as well!

    Overall the 560 is a great first time buy and good upgrade if you can recycle your disovery. Oh and if you have hardwood floors the Scooba is fantasitic as well. I have both and never had cleaner floors!...more info
  • Roomba works fine but cheaper at Costco
    My Roomba 560 works just fine and it does what it is supposed to do but I am dissapointed that I could have save about $100 if I had purchased it at Costco. System works well on carper but even better on my hardwood floors....more info
  • Do Yourself A Favor -- Get a Roomba.
    I was skeptical about the Roomba. I dismissed it as a silly gimmick. Then I bought one. Now I'm a convert. It really works.

    Will it pick up every speck of dust in every conceivable place? No, but neither can you.

    I have hardwood floors in my kitchen, a large area rug in my living room and carpet in my bedrooms. I also have several small rugs and doormats. The Roomba has negotiated it all with ease.

    You must clean the Roomba's dust wells and brushes to keep it at peak efficiency, but it's a quick, easy task and a small price to pay. I have a weekly cleaning woman; nonetheless, the Roomba collects an astonishing amount of daily dirt and dust. (We have one child and a short-haired cat.)

    To assist the Roomba, I sometimes put the kitchen stools on the counter and pick up the small mats/rugs. But I'm often lazy and skip that chore, and still the Roomba negotiates the room beautifully.

    When I need quickie spot cleaning, I pick the Roomba up and put it (and the lighthouses) exactly where I want them. It's very satisfying to watch it do its thing.

    My 9 year old son has taken to Roomba-ing his room after every playdate. His friends love to watch it. It's become a second pet. I talk to it when it whizzes around my house and coo to it when I have it inverted for cleaning. And, it chirps and blinks back. The Roomba has even won my husband over. He actually had an awed (and amused) look on his face when he watched the the Roomba make its way to the base station for the first time.

    Just this morning I awoke to the pleasing sound of the Roomba zipping around my living room. It put a smile on my face, and prompted me to write this review. ...more info
  • I don't know what I did before I owned a Roomba!
    This is not my first Roomba. As a matter of fact it is my third. I took my oldest Roomba to my office to use there because I am self employed therefore the vacuuming is my job there too. Roomba number two is in my living room and this Roomba is in my family room. The only reason I have two at home is because my living and family room are on different levels. I love these machines. I program this model to come on and vac at MY convenience and I then come home from work to a freshly vacuumed floor. All I have to do is empty it about every third day.

    I would NEVER go back to pushing a vacuum. My kids say I am spoiled and it's true. People say "do those really work?" The answer is YES!! I have had numerous upright vacuums and hated them all. My carpet is cleaner than it every was with an upright and my life is easier. I tell my kids, it's the only "person" in the house I can depend on to help me get things done.

    I would recommend purchasing one for an older parent who isn't able to get around as well to clean as they once did....more info
  • love it!
    Just received my new maid 2 days ago. I must be honest I was a little nervous spending so much, and of course my husband rolled his eyes when he saw it.
    We are delighted!!
    It does a great job, and relatively quiet so we can run it almost anytime. I couldn't believe the dirt, and I thought I had a clean floor, of course with 2 jack russells we do have to deal with alot of hair.
    It does a great job on carpets, hardwoods, sometimes it needs a little help getting on some of my larger area rugs. irobot has a great website forum that is very supportive if you have issues you can't resolve.
    The only thing that it doesn't do that I am working on is docking from a long distance, but hey I can help it...after all it has just cleaned my entire living area.
    I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
    Now, if it would just do windows!...more info
  • "Hazel" our Roomba 560 vacuum is awesome!!!
    We recently installed hardwood floors in our entire house and were so troubled by dust bonnies, lint, and cat hair. Now our floors are spotless! We use "Hazel" at least once a day and nary a cat hair can be found. Thanks!!!!!!!...more info
  • My first robot - and I am not returning it!
    Sensible first product. Not great suction, but does a competent job of picking up crumbs, debris and dirt.

    Not cons, but ideas for improvement - it makes too many passes on a single floor area, thereby consuming battery power which could have been used for stronger suction. Also since the Roomba will be used repeatedly in a single home, maybe its algorithm could have been spruced up to form an internal map of the rooms in the house. Maybe it does that but there seems no evidence of it from the number of passes it makes banging against the same walls every time. This also makes Roomba take much longer to accomplish what a really intelligent robot could do in a much shorter time.

    Does not replace the real weekend vacuuming, but indispensable replacement for supplementary vacuuming during the week if your back hurts or your kids have littered the floor. Especially useful for a household where small kids freqently dirty the floor during meals....more info
  • A real timesaver that works well
    We have a toddler, so keeping the floors clean is both important and difficult to do. In fact, it is what motivated us to look at the Roomba in the first place. We have had the Roomba for several weeks and it has made it much easier to keep our floor clean. At night (or whenever we use the Roomba), we just lift the chairs onto the dining room table and push start. (Putting chairs up isn't necessary, but makes it easer for the roomba to clean under our table which is a mess after feeding our daughter). The Roomba spends about 40 minutes vacuuming our dining room, kitchen and living room. After the Roomba does its thing, it finds its way back to its dock and starts recharging itself.

    Our experience is that the Roomba it does a better job than we would, if we swept up after every meal. The only downside (if you consider it a downside) is that it makes a "vacuum cleaner" noise. But this is not loud enough to disturb us or our daughter.

    I highly recommend the product....more info
  • Robot vacum cleaner saves time
    I purchased the robot vacum cleaner for my daughter. She has three cats in the house and also a 9 month old daughter who has started to crawl. The robot does it's work every night and when the family wakes up the baby can crawl on the floor that is clean and free of any cat's hair....more info
  • My Golden Retriever's Pal
    I've had this model for a month and it does a wonderful job on the hardwoods and short nap rugs keeping up with the constant supply of shedding from my Golden. I do have to clean the brushes after every use but the 2 minutes it takes is still better than vacuuming. Besides, there is an entertainment value involved. It does have a problem with lamp cords and such. You almost have to "Roomba Proof" the house before it runs smoothly and returns to the docking station with regularity. I'm hoping for a long relationship considering the almost daily workout. ...more info
  • Best Roomba to date
    My review after one run.

    The 500 Series has a more solid construction compared to previous generations. It feels a lot heftier than my older Roomba Discovery.

    The 500 Series is quieter than previous generations. Runs with a low hum while my Discovery has this high pitched whine and rattling sound.

    The 500 Series seems to navigate better. Does not get hung up in tight spots and manages power cords quite well. Previous generations just give up when they can't get out of a bind. Also, the 500 series slows down right before hitting and obstacle.

    The 500 Series tire treads are gentler on the deep pile carpets. My older Discovery leaves deep tracks in my thick carpet.

    Only band thing about the 500 Series is that it is just a shade taller than my older Discovery. It can't get under my entertainment console.

    All in all, The Best Roomba Yet....more info
  • Excellent with floors
    Everyday, my iRobot 560 cleans over 450 square feet of hardwood floor without any problems. I would say that in the past few months that I've owned it, there has only been a handful of times that I've come home to it being "confused."

    That generally means that it gets caught somewhere, can't get back to the dock, etc. Two or three times it's stopped right at the top of the stairs, but other than that it hardly ever gets into trouble in my layout.

    It is cleaning a 1 dog house on all hardwood. The performance is excellent and I'm consistently reminded of how clean the floor is when I walk around in bare feet. I can't speak to how well it does on carpet or over area rugs, neither are applicable to the work I have the Roomba do.

    I empty the tray once a day and have only cleaned the brushes a few times. I haven't had any problems with battery life. Every day I empty a significant amount of dirt and dog hair, more so than I ever realized could be generated in one day.

    So far it has exceeded my expectations. However, I don't watch it clean so I can't speak to it's cleaning efficiency. I judge it's cleaning job by the grit on my bare feet, which as I said is virtually non-existant now. I have it clean while I'm at work and I have not seen any problems with the scheduling program.

    So far, I have a highly favorable view of the product. It accomplishes everything I need it to do....more info
  • Fantastic! It works
    I was amazed. It does what a vacuum cleans the house! As noted in other reviews, it wanders (albeit in patterns) and covers the entire room or rooms. What appears to be inefficient wandering actually creates about a 90% room coverage per operation(sorry I am a geek and like measuring these things.) While a "manual" vacuum operation will cover around 96% of the exposed room, the roomba also covers the areas under furniture that are usually only accessed during spring cleaning or furniture move evolutions. The fact that one button sets it in motion and the rest is without user involvement is awesome. The only gotchas are that it does not come with a remote control (the 570 does) and make sure that your lamp cords are tucked out of the way before vacuuming. Two "lighthouses" are nice, but 3 or 4 make whole house cleaning a snap. Parts are easy to acquire and relatively inexpensive. In all it gets 4 out of five stars for the lack of remote and a bit on the expensive side (I paid the same for my Electrolux canister vac with all the attachments.) In all, I would highly recommend this Roomba....more info
  • Great Product!
    I bought the Roomba as a gift for my wife. After she used it for the first time, we were both amazed at how efficient it is. This is absolutely one of the greatest inventions on the market, and such an assset to my wife. I also bought the Scooba. With the both of them, my wife has more time to relax on weekends. You can't go wrong with the purchase of these machinesiRobot Scooba 350 Floor-Washing Robot iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver...more info
  • Roomba: The next generation
    I went through 3 Roombas in the past year. In Roomba's defense, we have 3 cats, and I think the fur took a serious toll on it. Discouraged, I resisted replacing the unit until this newer model came out, and wow! I am almost glad the old ones broke. This one seems to be more powerful and can easily cross barriers of 1 inch high. The old model got caught up in my bathmat and stuck on a door jam/floor thing that was kind of high. I especially like how it will tell you what to do if it stops. For instance, it just told me today to clean the brushes. I didn't realize they were so bad until I actually took them out to inspect them. I think I need to clean them every use until the daily vacumming stabilizes our cat hair situation, but I think the vocal instructions will help prolong its life. It also seems a little quieter. My only gripe is that the cleaning tool is pretty worthless. Oh well, almost perfect! I love my little darth vader vacuum! ...more info
  • iRobot Roomba 560 lives up to the name!
    The Roomba 560 is a great device; after weeks of use it's still going strong. I was originally concerned that the capacity was too small to clean four rooms, but after the first cleaning I was convinced. The regular cleaning keeps everything ship shape. The automatic cleaning schedule and self docking for recharges make this device a great maid....more info
  • Great buy as long as you have proper expectations
    We bought the Roomba 560 after spending several thousand dollars on new hardwood flooring in our house. Dirt and rocks are the enemy of hardwood finishes, and with a 2yr old we felt we were sweeping almost daily to keep the floor free from food crumbs and dirt. The $$$ for Roomba I felt would be cheap insurance for the floor, and save us sweeping time.

    Overall, the 560 is *fantastic*. It picks up 90% of the debris on the floor, which is what it is there for. The 5th generation is fairly smart, as it slows down before hitting walls, won't go off stairs, can be scheduled, etc. Bottom line, for routine sweeping, it works. We don't sweep daily anymore. We run Roomba 4-5 times a week, and only occasionally break out the broom.

    To set your expectations properly, here's what you should know:
    1) It still isn't terribly smart. It's random paths means it'll sweep some areas multiple times and others not at all. This means it'll miss some crumbs/dirt. Over the course of the week it'll pick up most everything, but don't expect it to be perfect. This also means that it'll occasionally not make it back to the base station. it gets lost or stuck someplace and you'll find it sitting there out of power.
    2) It is loud. (it is a vacuum after all). I had plans to run it at 2 or 3 am, but I'm certain it'll wake us or our daughter up. So I'm running it during the day. A bit annoying as I work from home.
    3) it has left some black marks on our white baseboard. i'm going to look into putting some felt or teflon tape on the sides to stop this. not sure what i can do yet as i need advice from irobot... i don't want to mess with the sensors.
    4) You need to have your floor *totally* picked up (no toys, newspapers, socks/shoes, wires, or lose area rugs). It will get stuck on these things. It navigates rugs ok, but it has gotten stuck on our back door entry rug several times. I'll probably just tape the rug down or something.

    That's it. with proper expectations, the 560 is fantastic. It works, and we are very happy with the purchase. I would recommend getting the scheduler for sure. As soon as they come out with a dirt dog with a scheduler, I'm going to buy one for my garage....more info
  • I love this little guy!!
    I smile the whole time it is running. It is not just a machine, it is my pal! It is happily going over my living room and dining room floors yet again. I can't believe the amount of dirt it is picking up, which leads me to believe my vacuum cleaner wasn't really doing that great a job.

    Be patient - it takes awhile to maximize the effectiveness - which things to move out of the way, which it can go around. Once it has cleaned up all the OLD dirt, it operates faster and can cover a greater area without having to be emptied.

    I believe I love it even more than my dishwasher, and that is saying a lot! And maybe almost as much as my ice cream maker! Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker...more info
  • Solid performance, some reliability questions
    I won't duplicate what others have said. On our hardwood floors Roomba does a better job than the top-rated cannister which we've been using. We have a good whole-house furnace filter and we don't get an enormous amount of dust, so I don't find that the Roomba dust tray fills up quickly. It's true that the Roomba needs minor regular maintenance (such as cleaning the brushes), but all vacuums need this, and they rarely get it. It is easier to perform that maintenance on a Roomba. Two things prevent me from giving it five stars. The first is that the product is still not very "smart." As the technology progresses it will surely not take 30 minutes to vacuum one room. The second is that iRobot has dismal customer service. The reps aren't familiar with the functions, haven't read the product manuals, and don't even know what is in the box. In short, it acts like the military contractor that it is.

    Update: After a few weeks of use, several of the spinning arms that whisk out dust from wall edges have broken off. The only source of replacement is the manufacturer, and it is out of stock with about a month estimated shipping time. (iRobot's estimated shipping times are a joke.) If the arms break off at this pace they will represent a noteworthy maintenance expense. It's obviously for good reason that the replacement part is sold in a three-pack. One of the large wheels has now become very noisy but shows no sign of contamination interference. It is apparently broken. I'll get a replacement unit. iRobot's tech support wait times, like other customer services, is unacceptable. Management clearly doesn't know how to provide service to back a good product.

    Update 2: I've replaced the first defective unit. In two weeks the replacement has done fine, but I now have the gnawing concern that the product won't have a life span that justifies the price. The corner brushes already look worn. The Roomba does a good job of sensing and slowing down for object it sees head-on, but it hits corners and smaller legs pretty hard. I don't like the way it bumps into my floor speakers, so I'll have to protect them from it. The Lighthouses have no off switch, so the batteries are consumed even when they are not needed but the Roomba is working.

    Update 3: The main brush on my replacement Roomba has slices in the rubber after three weeks and the side brush arms are quickly getting worn, so I have contacted iRobot: it wasn't easy. The phone menu claims to lead to tech support, but it never gives you the option of a live person. Grrrr. I called the corporate number and after I pitched a glitch they put me through to a more senior person who acknowledged that they have made phone support difficult so as to drive customers to the web site. Grrrr. He also said that there was a defect in the side brush which caused it to break easily, and sent me a new bottom and side brush at no charge. What about all the people who have bought and are still buying units with defective brushes? Will they have to call impossible-to-reach tech support, slink back to the web site, and beg for a replacement? What about those who don't realize it is a defect and simply pay for replacement brushes?

    iRobot's corporate number is 781-345-0200.

    Feb 08 update: The battery has now lost what I estimate to be about 40 percent of its capacity. The manufacturer says this is not uncommon. They recommend a reset and a 72-hour charge. Service rep says that after that charge "if you get 5 or 10 more minutes that's a good sign." Not good enough, I think. Stars aside, I now think this product is not worth buying....more info
  • Many improvements over Discovery series
    I've owned a couple of the previous generation Roombas before this one. They worked well until their brush motors/gear sets failed.
    This new design has a feature to avoid this problem. It can untangle itself from cords and tassles.
    All parts are sealed and modular and can be replaced by removing three or four screws.
    This version runs quieter and longer than previous generations also....more info
  • after I learned to use it
    The Roomba 560 does a great job. I have a 1 bedroom apartment with 2 cats. Lots of cat hair. The Roomba has done an excellent job in keeping my apartment clean. Would and have recommended it to all. You do have to know its limitations. Can't have clutter on the floor, but other than that I have been completely satisfied with my purchase. Also Amazon had it at my door on the promised date. ...more info
  • Good product, noisey on Hardwood and Tile floor
    After a lot of research, I finally decided to order the Roomba 560. Despite indications that it would need 16 hours for the first charge, it only charged for about an hour and was ready to go. I have to admit that I turned it on manually the first few times just to watch it bump around the room. I was skeptical about how well it would do in my apartment that is a combination of area rugs, tile, and hardwood. However, it did an excellent job.

    One thing that I will point out is that it is very noisy on hardwood and tile. I've read a bunch of other reviews and it seems to be an issue that most people have. Not that it is overwhelmingly loud...especially compared to a normal vacuum. However, you will definitely notice a difference when it goes between carpet, where it is very quiet, and the hardwood. It doesn't really bother me though, as I have it scheduled to run when I am at work.

    The scheduler function works great. I've also got the two lighthouses setup to have the roomba clean each room at a time. It seems to have no problem doing its job when I'm gone. Most days when I arrive home, it is sitting back on the dock charging and the floor is all clean. However, occasionally it will get lost and not return home. If it has to stop because the brushes need cleaning and I'm not home, it will not return home to the charger when I resume cleaning. I am assuming this is because the lighthouses have automatically turned off during the time-span I was gone. When I resume the cleaning, they turn back on, but Roomba will not go through the barrier to return to the base if it is in a different room. This doesn't happen often....but it is annoying when it does happen.

    The Roomba does a great job on the carpet and is quiet enough while running on the carpet for me to watch TV while it is running. It even does a great job going over the shag rug that I have on the bathroom floor. The only thing it does have a problem with is a very light area run that I have in my entry way. If I don't pick it up when I Roomba-ize my apartment (picking up any light cords, clothes, or shoes), it will fight with it during the entire cleaning cycle. Also, I should point out that it really isn't necessary to pick up for the roomba to clean, it seems to navigate around clothes and shoes pretty well. However, it does occasionally fight with I just make sure they are tucked out of the way.

    My favorite part is probably the fact that it can get under the couches, bed, and kitchen cabinets. I couldn't believe the stuff that it either sucked up, or kicked out from under the kitchen cabinets when I ran it the first time! is a great product and has completely removed any need for me to have a "standard" vacuum.
    ...more info
  • Happy Customer
    This product is my best purchase in a long time. I can't tell you how great it works. It amazes me how much it picks up. I have two cats and it picks up all the hair from them. I couldn't live without it....more info
  • Exceeded expectations in a BIG way!
    I'd been looking at Roombas at different times over the years, and with this newest (latest, greatest) version, I decided to give it a shot. Well, it performs much, much better than I could have imagined. I genuinely assumed it would miss areas and not be able to really get dirt out of corners (I mean, how could it really get to everything, right?), but I was wrong. It cleans my wooden floors so well that when I saw a spec on the ground after it was done (I can't help but inspect closely), I found the spec was actually a small paint splatter that dried to the floor long ago. It really, really gets everything! Then when it's done, emptying it and cleaning out its brushes are ridiculously easy -- and I'm obviously pretty lazy, since I bought a Roomba.

    I've been using this 2-3 times a week in between when the person who cleans my house does the whole place. We have two cats, and my biggest concern is the high traffic areas of the living room, long (and relatively narrow) foyer, and the entrance to my dining room. Those three areas are connected, but of vastly different shapes and sizes. I didn't want to have to set them up to clean separately, so I decided to see if Roomba could manage the connected, but not traditionally "continuous" areas. It worked brilliantly right from the start. I keep expecting it to get lost when it is in the corner of my dining room or at the other end of the foyer, but it doesn't. It goes over and over every part of each room/section until all is clean.

    I've never used a Roomba before, so I don't know how this new one compares to the older models, but I can say that one my concerns was about cords. I'd heard complaints with earlier models, but it was supposed to be improved with this one. Well, it's totally fine. I don't want to have to put cords up all over, and for the most part I don't. There is one very thin phone cord that I get nervous about so I put it up, but otherwise, it handles all the other cords without incident. It does not navigate small throw rugs as well as I'd hoped (they tend to get bunched up), so I move those out of the way. But it handles large area rugs well, cleaning both the carpet and the hardwood floors around it.

    I see that another model comes with a remote control, but I have no idea why you'd need one. The whole point of the machine is to let it do its thing -- I don't want to move it around by remote control myself. And I have not once had the need to do so.

    If you've been on the fence and can afford it, I'd go for it. I'm really-really happy that I did.
    ...more info
    An excellent product and would tell every married man to buy his wife this as your sex life improves ten fold as your wife no longer thinks about cleaning the lounge constantly!!!...more info
  • Roomba needs supervision
    Our new family addition has needed a bit more attention than I originally expected. It's important to watch it several times to see how it maneuvers over area rugs, around chairs/tables and under furniture. You most likely will need to make some adjustments to your living space to maximize it's function. For example, I will need to raise my hutch slightly to allow the Roomba to go under and back out (currently it goes under because of the angle the area rug creates, but it can't get back out again). The Roomba gets caught on the edges of my small area rugs so I need to move those when the vacuum is set to go on. I've also noticed a small accumulation of dog hair on the hard wood floor around the edge of the area rug where the hair gets pushed off but it's not picked up again. It's a decent "sweeper" to get the daily surface grime and most of the dog hair, but I will need to do a thorough vacuuming a couple times per month....more info
  • Packaging renders Roomba unusable
    Update: The thingy works real good. Now I want one that washes the floor. If I had to do it again however, I would get one with the remove control.

    The Roomba came today with a plastic piece of protective packaging under the battery which had to be pulled out. So I tugged, and tugged until my arms and shoulders ached but it would not come out. The piece of plastic broke from pulling but it would not come out. So I called iRobot customer support. I was told that if I want to get the plastic thingy out from under the battery, I have to get the screwdriver out and disassemble the thingy. They've got to be kidding. Just another case of plastic packaging denying the customer access to the product. Of all the stupid things for these smart people who can manufacture a robot to do, but they are not smart enough to package their thingy so that the customer can use it.

    Just as I was about to send it back, I decided to try just one more time and with a screwdriver inserted in a hole in the plastic, I was able to pull it out. I wish to rant about packaging that prevents one from getting to the product. Rant. Rant. Rant. Rant. Rant. Now I want to rant about things that are set up so only strong men can work with them. Rant. Rant. Rant. Rant.

    Now I feel a little better....more info
  • Roomba Really Works
    We have had our Roomba vacuum cleaner for about a month and are very happy with it. Yesterday, for the first time, we left our apartment in NYC to eat out. When we returned a few hours later (we set the time to vacuum on the Roomba to coencide with our absence) the Roomba did its thing and we found two rooms quite well cleaned. We have a wooden floor and some scatter rugs and it did them all and went back to its home for recharging purposes. We have no complaints and only praise for it....more info
  • An Amazing Tool
    I have yet to find out how people can rate this product poorly. I have had a Roomba now for three months and just bought my second. My first has been great and vacuumed all my rooms while I'm out. I come back and it's parked on the charger ready for its next scheduled job. This is great. I can literally see the tracks it's made and I know how much dirt and dust it picks up because every time I empty the bin, it's fairly full.

    Now I have a new carpet, so I have to clean the bin out after every run, and, I need to clean the brush and roller of the new carpet fuzz for now. But it's been getting less and less and my carpet is looking clean and fluffy at all times. Even the hallway which has the most traffic maintains a nice plush, almost new look.

    This latest one with the scheduler built in is just the right product for me to give as a wedding gift. This beats out any of the other gifts I could have given as this will greatly reduce household chores for a new mom.

    For anyone who wants to keep up on the dirt and keep a clean house, I wholeheartedly recommend this product....more info
  • An Excellent Product
    I found the Roomba robotic vacuum to be excellent product, easy to unpack and set up. It was ready to use after the battery was charged. iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and SilverThe Roomba is very good at picking up pet hair and the only mild criticism I can think of is getting the hair out from the ends of the brushes. Over all, I can think of only good things to say and perhaps the strongest endorsement I can give is to say I would buy it again and am thinking of getting a second one....more info
  • Roomba 560 - Great Product
    I recently purchased two Roomba 560's. Both have been working great at each end of my home. Does a good job on carpet as well as hard wood floors. A very good improvement over the previous Discovery model. No probelms to date....more info
  • iRobot 560 Review
    This product has been a time saver and is keeping not only the dirt on the floor picked up, but actual seems to be helping keep the dust down in the rooms too by its daily cleaning....more info
  • "brainy" vacuum: it's wonderful
    I just received it last night and so far it has exceeded my expectations. It was easy to setup and did a fine job of collecting dirt. It's true that you need to empty the receptacle and clean the brushes often at first if your floors are dirty but I plan on running it every two days so that it won't have so much accumulation to deal with. I would much rather clean out the bin and brushes than lug a big vac upstairs and push the vacuum around, not to mention that the Roomba motors under bed and furniture so no bending or crawling needed.

    As others have mentioned it can be either a great cat amusement until the novelty wears off or a source of nightmares. I have one cat who is nonplussed by it and another who is petrified. That reminds me, it's great at picking up cat fur.

    I was pleasantly surprised that it stops by itself if it encounters say, and earring, and waits for me to dislodge it rather than grinding away and ruining the motor.

    In summary: get one and enjoy!...more info
  • iRobot 570
    I thought I'd give it a try based on great reviews and introduction of the new 500 line. I was modestly disappointed.

    The product is a great concept and I think keeps improving each generation, but won't work efficiently in my home. It is best suited for a house with fairly rectangular/square rooms and it can navigate from one to the other using the lighthouses. I'm not sure, but i have a lot of RF interference with a wireless baby monitor, cordless phones, and wireless internet, so maybe that affected it's docking ability--but it would not automatically dock. It did manage to go room to room, however with my open floorplan, I'd have to purchase about 3 extra lighthouses/virtual walls to keep it in one place long enough to do its job.
    Also the 570 has a wireless remote, mine never worked - I'm not sure the true benefit of the remote since all of the options are readily avail on the unit. . you just have to bend down
    The unit was good at picking up dust and small debris (child goldfish/pretzels), but did not have the power/brushing ability to remove my thick yellow labrador's hair from an area rug (*fairly thick rug) and would actually end up depositing a linear wad/ball of hair at the edge of the rug everytime it went from floor to carpet (which it did well). It was amazing at getting up and off the rug without difficulty, and even managed to avoid some electrical cords.
    Also, it managed to wedge itself under an ottoman and really got stuck. I'd keep trying to move it, but it went back and jammed under the ottoman (about 6 inches off the rug) and carpeting and stopped.

    For most users with basic wall to wall carpeting and a regular furniture arangement I think this would work fine, however in my house (with many odd shapes and obstacles, an open floor plan and a labrador) it didn't do the job as I had hoped.

    It is pretty quiet, and really tried to clean, but in my opinion, didn't make the grade for my particular home. Perhaps the next version would work or this could work in your house. Most sellers offer a trial period.

    A great feature that is missing is the ability to "teach" the vaccuum how you want it to go around the room, and then really maximize it's ability to clean.

    I'd try it if you have a pretty basic house and don't expect miracles, but until the next one, I'm getting out the handy hoover....more info
  • Coolest thing ever...
    I bought this vacuum three weeks ago. I have only had to break out the big vacuum once in that time. With three dogs in the house, vacuuming was a daily necessity. Programing the 560 took less than a minute. It runs at night while we sleep and cleans three large rooms. Once room is tile with three large wool area rugs and lots of furniture. It gets under the tables and around bar stools with no problems. The light houses keep it in one room for about 35-40 minutes then move it on to the next. The other rooms are hardwood with several area rugs. The Roomba easily climbs over the rugs and gets the dirt. We used to find hair balls daily with a husky in the house. No more...

    I have to admit that I was a skeptic when it came to these products. Now I am completely sold on them. A second unit upstairs keeps all the carpets free of hair. I can't think of a better gift for parents or newly weds. ...more info
  • New 560 is Just Amazing!
    I am a single dad and a very busy teacher. My desire and ability to do housework is limited. So I decided that I would finally purchase a Roomba to help keep my house cleaner.

    Well I just used my new Roomba 560 for the first time today. So far it has vacuumed the kitchen and an adjoining pantry, as well as the laundry room. I didn't have batteries on hand for the vertual wall/lighthouse units, so I blocked the doorways with heavy objects on hand. The little guy went right to work. It was truley facinating to watch it clean. Every time I was convinced that it would miss a little crumb, it would end up going over that spot and sucking it up.

    It did grab a very thin cord to a phone charger, so I had to put it up. So I think that it will take a little time to "Rooma Ready" the house. Because I am a bit of a slob, I also tend to leave larger pieces of paper/junk on the floor. After a few minutes of watching it work, I knew that these would need to be picked up before setting it loose. The obvious thing is that less clutter in the room to be cleaned is better. But it sure did a very thorogh job in the areas that were cleaned.

    Additonal Thoughts
    I may end up buying 2 or 3 more docking units, so I can take the Roomba around the house without having to lug the docking unit with it. I will be very interested to see if the lighthouses work. When you empty it for the first time, do so over a garbage can. I made the mistake of pulling the dust bin out and stuff fell out all over the place on the floor I just cleaned. Finally, the brushes were easy to clean, just make sure you align the square nipple in the right receptical.

    I've only had it for a day, but so far it does everything advertised. My co-worker has a 560 and she has used it 3-4 times a week for the last two months. It hasn't had a problem yet.

    I highly recommend this product. But I will post again in a few weeks and update.
    ...more info
  • Great but not perfect
    My wife and I decided to get one of these because our 8 month old son is about to start crawling. While we try and keep our floors clean, our beagle has other thoughts as she sheds all over the place. We went with the latest 560 model as it has just about everything we would want with a product like this. It works as advertised and we will definitley keep it but there are some areas that need improvement. Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons


    1. Quieter than a standard vaccuum

    2. Seems to learn the room dimensions quickly. The virtual walls and lighthouse feature are very nice.
    3. Is "smart" enough to avoid getting tangled in our area rugs

    4. Obviously easy to use as it is just a push of a button (or even better when you program it)

    5. Can use everyday to keep the floors spotless

    6. Have successfully used it on hard wood, vinyl, carpet and (accidently) concrete

    7. Cleans under furniture which is otherwise a pain to do

    8. Entertainment value - keeps the dog and baby interested for a while!

    Cons (or areas for improvement)

    1. Fills up fast - Upon intital cleaning cycles, we had to empty it after about 10 minutes. Further usage proved better as the dust/dog hair was a lot less than before. I suppose this is a good thing as it is picking up dirt that I missed with the regualr vaccum.

    2. No warning that it is full. This is the one area that would be a huge improvement. I feel like I need to interrupt it all the time to check if it is full. It would be great if it had some way to gauge how full it is.

    3. Battery life - Not sure if I am getting the full specified battery life out of this as it seems to need a recharge after about an hour to an hour and a half (isn't it supposed to last longer?)

    4. Automatic docking is iffy. Several times after it was done cleaning, it wandered around aimlessly looking for the docking station. The "lighthouse" feature didn't seem to help much. I ended up moving the dock to a more open area and hopefully that will work better.

    So for my first few days playing with this thing, it seems to do its job rather well with just a few annoyances that really do not affect its ability to clean. We plan on running it once a day to keep the dog hair and dust down to a minimum which will hopefully help our allegies.

    *****UPDATE: 10/2/2007*******

    Well, I've been using the Roomba now for a couple of weeks. I have it run every other day and here is what I think of it now

    1. After letting it clean several times, I find I don't have to empty it every 10 minutes. I can now clean three rooms (about 900 square feet) without having to empty it.

    2. My wife and I both agree that we seem to breathe better in the house now. Maybe it is due to less dust in the house (especially under the couches) or maybe its in our heads. Either way, we are breathing easier.

    3. The self docking is now working great. I think my problems in the past were due to the brushes getting too dirty and requiring frequent cleaning (2 or 3 per run). Now, since the floors are cleaner, this has not been a problem and the Roomba finds its way home with no issues. I use the lighthouse settings to clean each room separately and then I guess they help Roomba find its home. Very nice!

    4. Battery life doesn't seem to be a problem. I am getting the stated cleaning times per the manual and it seems to be enough to clean the 3 rooms.

    5. The Roomba does require maintenance after each cleaning cycle. This requires emptying the dust bin, removing the brushes and filter to clean and, sometimes, cleaing the sensors that may have dust buildup. The entire process takes no more than 2 minutes and, even though it sounds like a pain, will hopefully keep Roomba problem free for a long time.

    I can find no fault with the Roomba right now. I might even consider purchasing a second and third one for the other parts of the house. I suppose I can move Roomba to the back rooms on the first floor or the upstairs but that would require too much effort on my part!

    I am also considering the Scooba for my kitchen and bathrooms but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I might wait for the next generation to see if the bugs have been worked out of the current models. Also, if Irobot ever invented one, I would jump at the chance to get a robot that will shampoo carpets! Maybe we will see one soon..

    ***Update 11/19/2007***

    Ran into my first problem with Roomba this past week. The side brush snapped off and I was unable to put it back on. Knowing that these brushes need to be replaced from time to time I decided to order some replacements. Finding them on the Roomba site and ordering them was easy. Problem is that I was informed that they are on backorder for 4 to 6 weeks!! I e-mailed support and they responsed asking me for my mailing address, Roomba number and where I purchased it from. They stated they needed this so they could send me a replacement brush (a free replacement brush). I sent them the information with the hopes that they have some spare brushes ready to ship out but was then informed that it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get it out to me.

    So in the end, I am stuck waiting for about $75 worth of brushes that I ordered as well as the free side brush they are sending me for at least 4 weeks. The good news is that Roomba still does her thing but the corners and edges of walls are somewhat neglected without the side brush.

    I would still recommend Roomba to those who are thinking about it. Just be forwarned that "due to extremely high demand" replacement parts, including brushes, are currently on backorder for the 500 series.

    ******Final Update 1/25/2008*******

    Thought I'd give one final update now that I have been using Roomba for several months. I am still a believer that Roomba can keep your floors clean but it does take a bit more effort than some people will think. I will try my best to break down the cons for Roomba as the pros are pretty straight forward. You get very clean floors without having to pick up a vaccum. My floors have never looked or felt cleaner and this goes for both the hard wood floors and the area rugs.

    Now for the cons (none of which would make me rethink my purchase but I thought it would be informative to those who are still waiting on buying one)

    1. Although Roomba does her thing once I hit the clean button, there is still some maintenance that is required. Emptying the dirt bin after each cleaning cycle and keeping the brushes clean have actually been a bit more work that originally described. I have a dog who sheds and the hair gets wrapped around some of the brushes. The tool that is provided in the box to clean the brushes does little to help with this. I find it eaiser to get a pair of scissors and carefully cut the wrapped dog hair off the brushes. For those of you who don't want to get your hands dirty, please keep this in mind!

    2. The side brushes break fairly easy. One of the comments I saw in my review is that Irobot now ships some rubber bumpber that helps with this. I haven't looked into getting this yet but I suggest that if you don't have one on yours (like me), be prepared to replace the side brush often. I was able to get a free replacement on my first one but haven't gone back for a second yet.

    3. The scheduling aspect of Roomba is useless for me. Because I have a 1 year old who has every toy in the history of toys, I find I need to do a complete sweep of the rooms before Roomba does her thing. If Roomba hits one of these toys, the sensor doesn't always pick up on it and it will try and go over the toy. This usually results in Roomba shutting down until you restart it. Leaving it on schedule means I need to clean up before it goes off. Its just easier for me to set it off manually when I want it to clean.

    4. Noise - While quiter than a vaccum, Roomba can still be rather loud. Unless your house is very large, expect the noise to create a bothersome sound if you are watching TV on the same floor or if you are trying to sleep. You will hear it.

    5. Auto Docking - Can't seem to figure this one out. Half the time Roomba docks itself with no problem. The other half it wanders around aimlessly with the docking light blinking just a few feet from the station yet it completely ignores it. I've cleaned the sensors and it still does it. I guess it just has a mind of its own sometimes.

    6. One minor cleaning issue - Roomba will sometimes leave a big dust ball on the edge of an area rug when it is transitioning from a hard wood floor to the rug. It appears that the dust ball is wrapped around the brushes at one point but gets pulled off by the edge of the rug when it takes that tiny little step up from the floor. If Roomba goes back over that area, great! dust ball gone. If not, your stuck with a dust ball that you have to pick up (again, for me not a big deal but for those that don't want to get their hands dirty....)

    None of these complaints or even the sum of them all give me enough reason to question my purchase. Since 95% of the dirt is removed including under furniture (which frankly, I never cleaned prior to Roomba!) these minor issues really don't amount to much in my opinion. Yes, it can be rather disgusting to clean the brushes when they get clogged and I need to make sure all toys are off the floor but that all translates into a very clean house! Keeps the wife happy!!

    I'll check comments from time to time so if anyone has any additional questions, just drop them in and I will try and help.

    ********One More Update - May 20, 2008**************

    Had to post this as it has been somewhat of a minor/major issue with my Roomba. The side brush that spins around has not been the best design I've ever seen. I've mentioned that it has broken off before and Irobot sent me some free replacements. Well, this continues to be a problem.

    It seems that the side brush likes to get caught on things like corners or furniture which then causes it to break off or snap off an arm. I contacted Irobot about it again asking if they could send me some of those rubber bumbers one person mentioned in the comments section. The response was that they found the rubber bumber to have little to no impact on the side brush so they are no longer using them.

    They did send me 3 additional brushes at no charge (thank you very much) but this won't fix the design problem of the brush itself. So I caution people here that are looking to purchase this robot that do not want to fork over additional money for new brushes every coupole of months. I'm Ok with it because I just consider the brushes to be the cost of vacuum bags (and the free ones don't hurt either!) but in this economy, some people might not have the money to pick these up when they need replacing.

    I sitll love my Roomba because of the great job it does and the fact it covers areas I could never reach. In fact, I now have a Scooba to wash my floors and love the job that does as well (although that has an entire other set of issues!!)...more info
  • Roomba's Next Generation
    The next generation of Roombas are amazing! I got this product in lightning speed... by far the fastest shipment I have every received from Amazon! Awesome job to both iRobot and Amazon....more info
  • Scratch Vacuuming Off Your List! (Almost)
    Did you ever just fall in love . . . with a piece of well-designed technology? I sure fell for this one. How lovely to have something else take care of one of my least favorite chores!

    Why I love this gizmo:

    (1) Goes about cleaning the floors quietly (forget the noise of a conventional vacuum cleaner);

    (2) Does a better job than I ever could because it can get under the beds fully to get out all the nasty little dust bunnies, and it crawls along the baseboard to pick up the bits that hide on the edges of the room;

    (3) Cleans for a predetermined amount of time, and then puts itself to bed (while it recharges itself);

    (4) Can be scheduled to run whenever you choose; and,

    (5) Does a great job of picking up cat hair (my old vacuum did not).


    Yes, but mostly they were just getting used to its operation. I had to learn to pick up throw rugs and clear the area of cords. I had to learn the robot's eccentricities and plan for them.

    I also discovered that a cat landing on the Roomba in the middle of the night would start it going - so we woke up to clean floors.

    Worth it?

    You bet!

    Five stars, and a big thanks!

    UPDATE: October 4, 2007

    My Roomba produced an error message that I was unable to clear. So I called (not emailed, but called) the support center. The Roomba needed to be reset, and, with the help of the support person, I accomplished this and we're back in action.

    The support was superior, so if you have a problem, just give them a call. If your call is like mine, you'll find them highly responsive and eager to help solve your problem.

    UPDATE: November 30, 2007

    About four weeks after my initial review, the side brush fell off. The part that holds the brush screw was broken.

    I called the company who said they'd send out another part in five days or so. That was followed by an email that said a month. Now it is six weeks later . . . still no replacement part.

    While the vacuum still works, the baseboard cleaning is absent without the side brush. And I am in the dark as to when I will receive a replacement. This would cause me to reduce the number of stars I give the Roomba 560, if Amazon would allow me to do so.

    I still think this is a good product. It still does an adequate job of cleaning up cat hair and other debris. But, I think the price is too high given the quality of that brush.

    In my book, iRobot has some 'splaining, and apologizing, to do.

    UPDATE: Augst 1, 2008

    Now my roomba has developed horrible screaming noises that might be coming from the wheels, but who knows. And I now have the replacement gizmo for the side brush (after 9 months).

    I am sorry that I cannot adjust the stars on this review. If I could I would now rate this product one star (can't give zero). I strongly recommend not buying a Roomba!
    ...more info
  • A Great Product Now Even Better!!
    I thought the old model Roomba was amazing, but this new model is unbelievable! I love it! You'll never vacuuum again!...more info