Data-Vac MDV-1BA Pro Computer Vacuum and Blower Unit by MetroVac

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Product Description

Dirt is inevitable. As we use computers more regularly and for longer periods of time, there's a tendency to snack. Naturally, crumbs may settle on your keyboard and between the keys themselves. Removal can be very frustrating. If a particle gets stuck, it could impair normal functioning. Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner has developed Data-Vac Pro MDV-1BA as an easy solution to help keep your computer clean from dust and other surface particles. It's easy. It's reuseable. It's practical. It's economical.
Today, you can't be in business if your computer is out of business. One minute piece of lint, dust, hair, debris or paper shred can stop your computer cold. That means undone projects, fractured schedules and costly downtime. But now there's DataVac, the world's best computer cleaning systems. High-powered and specially designed to clean computers, printers and all sensitive-to-dust electronic equipment used in the modern office. And, to help you clean even more thoroughly DataVac's "Pro Series" includes a 4 piece Micro Cleaning Tool Kit.
All things considered, the DataVac is a must-have accessory for any home or office that relies on computer use. It's wise to choose the DataVac Pro for both notebook and desktop owners. Compact Size - 16 long x 4 wide and deep / Unit weighs about 3 lbs 19-Inch long flexible hose with air pin pointer nozzle Includes crevice tool and dust brush tools Convenient shoulder strap AC powered Use with notebooks and desktops May also be used as a blower for removing dust from portable electronic equipment including camera lenses and digital media players

  • Includes a 19 flexible hose to reach every nook & cranny;Tool kit; 5 disposable paper bags
  • Sturdy all steel construction
  • Rugged 1/2 Horsepower vacuum and blower removes dust and other surface dirt effectively and easily / 28 Cubic Feet per minute propulsion
  • 1 Speed
  • 1.73 Amps

 Customer Reviews:

  • Beats a hairdryer
    I've had this for a few weeks, and I use it only for blowing dust out of my computer and inside a roomba dust bin.

    I compared this to a standard con-air hair dryer, and in the datavac there is slightly more pressure in two of the nozzles (the eardrop looking one and the long crevice tool). Although the pressure is not THAT different. If you were to develop a nozzle for a hairdry that constricts the air, it probably would be a similar flow.

    The datavac is also slightly more powerful than the air sprays I used. I also like it better since it doesn't leave that residue on your electronics!

    I was hoping for a little more power, but I'd have to fork over another 50-100 dollars for the higher power model. Still, it does the job, and it satisfactorily replaces aerosol cans....more info
  • Works but Gets Hot
    It works as advertised. But is very noisy and heats up quickly. Not the best engineering, I'd say. But there isn't anything else on the market that I've found that is this specific to the purpose....more info
  • Basic inexpensive vacuum
    Bought this for my daughter for her sewing. She cleans out her machine with it, and also uses it for cleaning computers. It's not for general cleaning. Works fine for it's purpose. She likes it. It's inexpensive. From here, price-wise, you will spend much more for a 'pro' type model, and it works much better than a Dustbuster or Shark type cheap-o vacuum....more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent for my intended usage. Great at blowing dust out of computer cases. Use as a blower, not a vacuum! No more cans of compressed air!...more info
  • DataVac better than first review indicated
    Despite the critique in the first review, I did purchase this item and found that it works better than indicated in the existing review. While it has the potential to overheat if used with flow restricting tools for an extended period - I did not find this to be a problem in my use. It is a useful tool to clear the dust and dirt out of your desktop, tower or keyboard. This improves the cooling ability of the fans and improves the use life and operation of the computer....more info
  • Evaluation of Data-Vac vacuum
    Built well but not quite enough suction as I would have expected. Accesories are ok but not outstanding.
    Compact and easy to use. Motor gets quite hot under use. The instruction states not to use more than 15 minutes steady as motor can overheat. It's supposed to have overload protection. That remains to be seen. Motor also gets quite hot when air is restricted through small attachments on blow cycle. It is ok for ocassional use, but not for heavy duty use....more info