Airfree Platinum 2000 Air Sterilizer and Purifier

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Airfree Platinum 2000 Air Sterilizier and Purifier Effectively cleans and purifies the air with you not knowing its there! Currently human beings spend 90% of their time indoors either at home or work. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution can be up to 50 times greater than outdoor pollution. Consequently, indoor air treatment is vital for healthy living. Being less exposed to allergy triggering sources and transmittable airborne diseases has countless health benefits. The Airfree Platinum 2000 Air Purifier reduces indoor pollution with the use of its patented high efficient ceramic core. The patented ceramic core kills Dust, Pollen, Dust Mites, Allergens, Molds, Bacteria, Viruses, and many more at over 400F. No living microorganism can survive that heat. The ceramic core destroys 99.9% of airborne micro-organisms without significantly increasing the amount of heat in the room. The Airfree air purifier is one of the only purifiers known to reduce ozone through ionization. In large quantities, ozone is known to destroy lung tissue, triggers respiratory diseases, and corrodes metallic equipment. Replacement parts for other air purifiers may cost over $200 a year. Why spend time buying and searching replacement parts when Airfree can be much more cost efficient? To clean the airfree, simply wipe the lid clean with a damp towel! Thats it! The Airfree has been put through independent studies and proven efficient in eliminating micro-organisms. Airfree is one on the only air purifiers that publishes full tests of the efficiency of the air purifier inreal working conditions. Airfree's exclusive TSS technology destroys 99.9% of all living organisms passing through it, guaranteeing an average micro-organismreduction of 85%-95% in the room. Click here to see the independent research tests. The Airfree Platinum 2000 Air Purifier is one of the best reviewed air purifiers for home use. Improve the quality of the air in your home today! Airfree Platinum 2