Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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A 400-year-old clue hidden in the coffin of Sir Francis Drake sets a modern day fortune hunter, Nathan Drake, on an expedition for the fabled treasure of El Dorado, leading to the discovery of a forgotten island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The search turns deadly when he and his party become stranded on the island and hunted by modern day pirates. Outgunned and outnumbered, he must fight to survive as he begins to unravel the terrible secrets hidden on the island . . . Fight to survive with both gunplay and wild hand-to-hand combat Gorgeous and highly-realistic backgrounds and graphics

  • Uncover the clue to Sir Francis Drake's last great adventure and seek out the fabled treasure of El Dorado
  • Use maps and hidden artifacts to uncover and island that was thought to have never existed
  • Explore exotic locations, such as expansive jungles and 4000-year-old ruins.
  • Interact with Drakes companions through cooperative mechanics and exploration
  • Daring high-speed chases over land and water

Customer Reviews:

  • What A Ride!!!
    I ended up playing this game twice back to back. After the first run through, I didn't feel like opening up any of the other titles sitting on my shelf. So, I dived right back into Drake's world for another run...and what a run it is.

    I was immediately taken by the incredible detail of the world. The foliage is lush and green, the flowers are bright and colorful, rivers and waterfalls look very real, and buildings seem as old as the treasures that Drake is chasing. Naughty Dog spent a good amount of time on creating the environment.

    The gameplay is fantastic. It's pretty easy to get used to the controls and I found that I was able to master the moves pretty fast. The combination of action and puzzles kept me from getting bored and provided enough diversity to keep me well engaged. The two secondary characters that travelled with Nate were helpful in terms of fighting the baddies, but also assisting in getting out of tight situations.

    The few complaints I would have of the game are as follows: the bad guys use the same few sentences over and over no matter how far I've gone into the game. A bit more variety would have been good. However, this does not take away from the gameplay. Also, the close-ups of the faces during the story board scenes come up flat in several places, especially for the female character, Elena. I also noticed a few places where Nate would walk off a ledge and still be floating in mid air. There were also a few issues with camera angles in the tight underground scenes.

    My biggest complaint of the game is the final battle scene. It seems a bit anti-climatic and actually took me several attempts to complete it due to the story board set up of Nate.

    Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this game from the initial boat assualt chapter all the way through the end. The replay factor is very strong, and I actually enjoyed it more in my second play than my first. I strongly recommend this game and look forward to the next adventure of Nathan Drake when he is Among Thieves....more info
  • Great fun !!! X3
    This was a fun game ! I bought this game used from Amazon. It arrived real quick and u couldn't even tell if it was used when i checked it for scratches ! XD The game was great, took me a whole to pass it but still going to play it in order to get all the trophies. ...more info
  • Sorry but its just not that good
    What is all the fuss about with this game? When I read the mostly good review I thought how could I go wrong. This game is a cycle, you move ten feet then shoot more of the enemy. It gets so old and yes the graphics CAN be good in some scenes (reminiscent of GTA) but for the most part its ruined by the lack of fun this game is. Anybody looking at this game, skip it. Go buy Call of Duty World at War. That will keep you entertained for months (it has online)...more info
  • not tomb raider
    I thought this game would be like Tomb Raider, but that's only for about the first 2 chapters, after that it's mostly combat and little puzzle solving. I did enjoy it but it did feel very tedious at some points, I almost stop playing after chapter 4.

    it was released in 2007 but still one of the best looking games out there. ...more info
    I loved this game. It's one of the most beautiful games I've seen yet on the PS3. Very cinematic. Has little twists later in the game that prevent it from getting stale. PS3 gamers must own. ...more info
  • Four and 1/2 stars, PS3's first homerun........
    I'm a bit late reviewing this, so I'm gonna make this quick:

    This game has some of the best graphics on the PS3. The gameplay is simple, but fun and easy to control. The dialogue (if you're into it) is funny, fast-paced and perfectly compliments the gameplay.

    I think the only drawback (aside from the lousy speed-boat missions) is the the gameplay never evolves. The puzzles get more complex, but you're essentially doing the same things you're doing in the first mission. Thankfully this isn't a bad thing since the core gameplay is so much fun.

    PS3 owners, this is a must.

    ...more info
  • Uncharted
    This is one of the funnest games I've played. Once I started, I couldn't stop. The story and setting were the best I've ever seen in a video game. My wife got really drawn into the story and characters as well. We're excited for Uncharted 2!...more info
  • Just Buy It!
    This is really a great game! The PS3 should come with this game period. yes i got it with a bundle but it's a must buy for the PS3! A full 5 Stars!...more info
  • Tomb Raider, take notice!
    The developers of Tomb Raider should take a page from the book of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. While the story is nothing new at all the gameplay and graphics more than make up for it. This game came bundled with my PS3, so I figured it would be a dud that Sony just wanted to get rid of. 10 hours of gameplay later, as I was finishing up the game, I was wanting more. I know the game is two years old now, but Uncharted looks AWESOME in HD format. I was immediately glad that I owned a PS3 when I played this game because the graphics in Uncharted are amazing. You can tell the developers spent a lot of time working out the little details, from the sun shining off water, to fluid movement of Drake. It was a very fun game that I enjoyed thoroughly. It did get a little tedious at times with its Tomb Raider-like qualities (the jumping, ledge-holding, vine-swinging was old hat and kind of boring). But after playing the newest Tomb Raider game I appreciate Uncharted even more. I would have liked more critters and animals to shoot; shooting the same thug over and over again became tiresome.
    A few improvements could be made for the upcoming Uncharted, but after playing Drake's Fortune I'm excited to see where they go next. This game is well worth your time! ...more info
  • Best PS3 game without a doubt!!!
    I purchased Uncharted about a year ago, at the same time as COD4. While both absolutely incredible games in their own right, I can honestly say that Uncharted is without a doubt the best game I have played this generation of consoles.

    The graphics are beautiful. Everything from the lush greens of the jungle, to the character models (particularly the hair), animations, and the best water effects I've ever seen.

    The story is great, and the voice acting outstanding. Comparisons to Indiana Jones are justified - there's action, suspense, humour, and a VERY small romantic subplot that is played off as more of a love/hate relationship between lead character Nathan Drake, and supporting character Elena. Not to mention there's a twist in the final third of the game that I don't think anybody will see coming.

    Gameplay is a perfect mixture of third person shooter and platforming. The cover system is implemented very well and can be compared favourable to Gears of War, and the vertical platforming to that in Assassins Creed - only much better! There's also some great vehicle and jetski driving sequences, and the odd QTE minigame thrown in that add to the mix.

    It's also got a lot of replay value, with plenty of trophies to collect. I actually collected a decent amount of medals before they implemented the trophy patch, but then as soon as they did jumped right in and started playing again from the beginning to earn them. It's just that much fun.

    A great story, likable (and believable) characters, breathtaking graphics, epic music, fun and addictive gameplay - you really couldn't ask for more in a PS3 game (or a game on any platform for that matter). I've always had faith in Naughty Dog, but Uncharted has rocketed them to the top of my favourite developers list. It's worth buying a PS3 just for this game - I honestly couldn't recommend it any higher.

    Just a note - while it does carry a Teen rating, personally I found the violence, blood and language etc very much on the tame side - so much so that I have no problems letting my 6 year old play it. And he loves it - it's his favourite game.

    I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel and just hope it lives up to the huge expectations set for it by this masterpiece....more info
  • Visual lush, Great game play
    There are a lot of positive reviews, so I'll keep it short. The visuals are really stunning, the game play is engaging and exciting enough to captivate nimble gamers, and the storyline is really innovative. I was also impressed by the length of the game: 22 chapters. You won't finish this one in a day or two. Now onto the harder levels! ...more info
  • Couldn't Put it Down
    Pretty much like all the other reviewers, I enjoyed this game immensely. Realistic graphics (strands of hair, shadows, etc), good story line, adventurous like a real day treasure hunter, not to mention plenty of bad guys for you to shoot at... It doesn't get better than that.

    Can't wait for Uncharted 2....more info
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
    It was the new playstation 3 game he wanted for a gift and I did not have to leave home to get it....more info
  • PS3 essential - Uncharted is the best game ever
    This is the best game out there. Amazing graphics, excellent gameplay and great music. This is a PS3 essential!! This is the game that utilizes the potential of PS3 most. The lighting is fantastic and shadows and details are awesome making the game a visual marvel. Gameplay is advanced and though this is the same genre as Tomb Raider, one of my favorite franchises, Uncharted stands 3 levels above in terms of quality and gameplay. Saves are pretty easy and the game loads the last checkpoint when the character dies. This avoids frustrating replays. Menu is straightforward. Music is just right and not excessive and you don't get tired of it. Nathan Drake is a character you will come to love and so is Sullivan and Elena Fisher. They are sidekicks and aid Nathan all through the game in a way that doesn't interfere with the gameplay. I especially like it when Sullivan observes it if you are walking around aimlessly and makes a comment with a hint. The way Nathans clothing gets wet is cool.

    Some camera angle quirks, especially when you are climbing up and down vines or ladders. You are not really allowed to change camera angle to inspect your surroundings to make a decision. But this is only occassional and doen't harm the game a bit

    Buy it now!! If you have it watch out for "Among Thieves" the sequel.....more info
  • Almost Epic
    Uncharted is by far one of my most favorite games on the PS3. And in my opinion even thought the game sold over 2.5 million, copies was an extremely over looked title considering everything that it offeres.
    Naughty Dog has an amazing way of filtering graphics and building backgrounds to the point that the game looks almost life like.... Even today with current games being released such as Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted maintains its wow factor looking as good as ever. The exotic locals will literally have your jaw dropping. Everything looks so lush and vibrant and so full of color. The games action sequence which is mostly cover based shooting like Gears of War is equally as good and extremely fun... ducking and rolling behind cover popping out for a quick head shot...
    Everything in the combat system is done perfectly even the hand to hand combat is fun to watch and the moves are very easy to remember square triangle square etc. The controls voice acting and story are second to none. If anything the only flaw I notice is its way to simplistic puzzles that provide no challenge whatsoever. ...more info
  • Best game for PS3 yet
    This game was the ultimate for me. Puzzles, challanges, action, Acrobatic exploration, Fantastic Storyline, Fantastic dialogue and character development.

    I am a Zelda freak and this game is right up there with Zelda OOT

    Anyone who did not like either never played or is some kind of evil undead alien out to eat the souls of all mankind...more info
  • Great visuals, decent game
    Hands down one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. 4 stars in the games as art category, 3 stars in the game category.

    Good: Amazing level of detail, insane effects, good controls, good pace and length, good weapon selection

    Bad: plot started strong and got a bit nutty, quicktime events, pointless vehicle scenes

    I rate the game fun as a 3 but overall as a 4. The plot made me want to stop playing the game. ...more info
  • Naughty Dog better make a sequel!
    This game was absolutely fantastic! The graphics are beyond stunning, the story is gripping and fun to get into and the puzzles add an extra element of enjoyment. One great thing about this game is the ability to just plug in and play. You do not need a book or guide to just enjoy and make it through the story. If you like action/adventure and puzzles, then you will definitely want to play this one!...more info
  • The Best!!! lo mejor que jugue en paly 3 hasta la fecha!!!
    The Best!!! lo mejor que jugue en paly 3 hasta la fecha!!!
    Para la persona que le gusten los juegos de aventura este es 100% recomendable...more info
  • Incredibly awesome
    This game is awesome! I've played it over and over and still have fun every time. I can quote it in French, that's how many times I've played. Never have I been able to play a game so many times and still enjoy it. :)...more info
  • Best Adventure Game Ever Made
    Uncharted is why I bought a PS3.
    Without a doubt, this is the best adventure game ever made.

    I always loved the Laura Croft Tomb Raider games, and Uncharted takes everything I liked about all those games and sends it into hyperdrive!

    The graphics are excellent, the story is engaging, and they manage to add a lot more gunplay and a lot less confusing puzzles than the Tomb Raider games which makes the overall experience much more enjoyable.

    My *ONLY* complaint about this game is that I wish it was twice as long!!!

    If you own a PS3 you owe it to yourself to buy this game. You will not regret it!...more info
  • Interesting, fun, and addictive
    Bought this game for my husband for Christmas and as soon as he sat down to play it, I was hooked. It's a great mix of story, action, intrigue, and brutal enemies. By far one of the most entertaining games I've played. Challenging, but not so much so that it got discourging. Highly recommend it. Graphics are awesome!...more info
  • best ps3 game
    so far uncharted has been the best ps3 game that I have played.
    the graphics are great.......... the best resolution for this game in hd is 720p I cant imagine this game in 1080p waooooo..........
    the gameplay and the animations are great the game always make you busy so you dont get bored.
    better than tomb raider..........
    a must have for any ps3 owner...more info
  • Great story and Graphics
    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is the first game I bought for my ps3 and what a gorgeous game it is. It looks phenomenal and is a real joy to play. You play as Nate Drake in search of Sir Francis Drake's lost treasure. I've always had a soft spot for games that reference historical figures like this and Uncharted comes through in spades. The gameplay is very natural and intuitive and the voice acting is great as well. I never had any difficulty getting the hang of the controls at all. The hand to hand combat is also very cool and enough to make you want to toss your weapons at times just to validate your Man Card. The story keeps your attention and the cutscenes are not too long or too short. And I think the killer aspect of the game that just brings it all home is the fantastic score. This is what developers need to look for when getting the music for a new game. This is even better than my other favorite modern game score Halo 3. This is also one of the first games to come out with trophies after Sony announced them for PS3 and I will always give props to developer Naughty Dog for giving the people what they want. This is a fantastic game and should be owned by any ps3 owner and doubly so if you like good action adventure games.

    Pros: Jaw Dropping graphics. Jaw Dropping Movie Quality score. Excellent story. Trophies!

    Cons: Um. No, I can't really think of any. ...more info
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
    This games was a blast from start to finish. It was even better the second and third time I played it. Had me wishing next Drake adventure game was available now. ...more info
  • Ridiculous
    This game gets 2 stars because the graphics are good and the theme is interesting. However, how can a guy take a shot to the head and still keep running? Every enemy must be shot at least 3 times to die, so if you aim perfectly and shoot the guy in the head, he still keeps shooting at you, and you need to pop him 2 more times. Just plain ridiculous. The waves of enemies keeps you from progressing to more interesting parts. The beginning was fun, as there was puzzle solving and interesting things to do, but once you get to Chapter 3, the game becomes a shooting arcade, and having the enemy keep running and shooting at you once you have popped him squarely in the head makes this game so very dull. Too bad. They had a good concept. I'm wondering about the age range and education level of those who give this game 5 stars. Not that being young or still not have a higher education is a bad thing, it's just that the 30 and 40-somethings have different expectations of games. ...more info
  • the gamer's trifecta! brilliant
    this ps3 game has something no other to date has had: an interactive story that DEFINES commonly used terms like fun, action, and adventure; intense yet intuitive gameplay; and NO technical problems. AWESOME game....more info
  • Moderate - Worthy of the Three
    I found this game to be just average. It wasn't too short, but in my opinion not really long enough. It did get somewhat repetative and I had hoped for better puzzles - I was really disappointed with the puzzles. I did enjoy driving the jet ski and riding in the truck escaping - but to me those were the highlights.

    Now, I almost gave this game 2 stars because of the plot twist that it takes. I couldn't get into it. I just didn't like where it went with the story. I know some people found it really interesting but it was an unnecessary twist that really, to me, just came off stupid.

    The end was pathetic...so if you plan to buy just be ready to deal with a bit of a letdown. (I'd recommend renting.)

    The game has little replay value in my opinion due to the fact that once you've beaten the game its just all the same ol' same ol' over and over. The only reason to play through again is to try to play at a harder level or get awards. Thats not enough to make me want to play it again.

    As far as real length, I saw where one person took around 10 hours to beat this game...roughly the same for me. Wouldn't doubt that this is kinda the normal.

    The fighting engine was good in some respects and bad in others. I fealt like Drake would take far too long to adjust his aim while holding the L1 button. I guess I'm just used to quicker movement. This was nice though for using the sniper rifle.

    Over all, I started playing it on a Friday, didn't really play that much on Saturday (about 10 minutes) and finished on Sunday. By Sunday I fealt like I just needed to finish as opposed to actually wanting to. I'm finished with it now and will sale it...not a keeper in my opinion....more info
  • Lots and Lots of FUN...Even If It's Over Fairly Quick.
    According to the game's timer, I beat Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in a little over 20 hours of gameplay on Normal difficulty. While I expected at least twice that much play time, I will say it SEEMED like a great deal longer than 20 hours. I attribute that to Naughty Dog successfully creating an environment that truly DRAWS YOU IN the further you get into the game...In fact, the actual ending seemed a little anticlimactic.

    The scenery is just dazzling. The controls are easy enough to master, although some spots require precision when jumping or you'll find yourself respawning back at the previous checkpoint...This in itself can be frustrating when you're near the end of a protracted sequence, only to miss a jump and have to start all over again.

    I really liked the voice work and it was a pleasure to have your character carry on conversations as opposed to Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 2 (the Orange Box) who never, ever says a single word. I would suggest scattering out the thug comments a little more since the predominate "There he is...I see him...Shoot to kill!" gets old pretty quick.

    The difficulty curve was a little weird. It was pretty standard fare through about the first 85% of the game and then BAM!...It ramps up to where it really challenges you in multiple settings. The plot twist near the end was also strange, but it's a video game so you just go with it. The only other thing I would change is the targeting of enemies at certain points. For example, you can be behind a crate or rock and peek out to see your target, then when you try to lock your weapon on him, you can't see him anymore. So you nudge Nate out a little more to get your shot and you try to lock the weapon on the enemy and again you can't see him in your field of view...However, Nate starts taking fire from the guy he can't target. This takes away some of the "realism" when it happens.

    In all, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a GREAT game! Can't wait for the sequel......more info
  • Good mix of shooting, platforming, and light puzzle solving
    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a third person perspective game that combines cover style shooting characteristics with easy to navigate platforming portions. You play Nate Drake, a descendant of Sir Francis Drake. Nate is a treasure hunter, thrill seeker, and general all around movie actor Dirk Pitt sorta guy with an incredible vertical leap and ability to stick to pretty much anything. Uncharted combines third person shooting, platforming that is intuitive, lightweight puzzle solving, a gun ride mission, a few vehicle style missions, and wraps the entire thing up with nearly movie quality cinematics. Nate will spend the game hunting for El Dorado, and uttering exasperations at being beset on all sides by bad guys with pretty good aim.

    The environments are stunning. I don't want to spoil the game, so I can't really describe all the different areas -- but know that there are a wide variety of interestingly laid out levels. Lush environments, very three dimensional style level design, and some interesting locations are really the highlight of this game.

    The shooting action is hairy, plain and simple. Early on it starts manageable, but as you progress there is, unfortunately, a spam effect. In the end the amount of enemies you will face is ridiculous. The AI is pretty good at advancing, flanking, and boxing you in. The enemy AI is also very good at splitting your wig. They'll use grenades to flush you out, they'll rush you with shotguns, snipers way off in the distance will hone in on you with laser scopes, and guys with grenade launchers will carpet bomb your location. The cover system is manageable, and the ammo plenty -- in some cases. Near the end of the game ammo becomes a more significant issue. You'll get a few different weapons that have different feels to them, but weapon variety isn't really this game's strong point. Sometimes you'll have a choice, but depending on ammo usage you'll just end up using whatever is lying around. The grenade tossing system makes use of the Six Axis stuff... and, at first, is irritating, but in the end is actually quite usable.

    The puzzles are very lightweight and shouldn't take too much actual thought to complete. Mostly you'll get a page out of Drake's diary and you'll have to play "match the symbol". The platforming, for the most part, is straight forward, although there are times when you have to look around a bit -- and think in three dimensions. There is one puzzle level where the environment, itself, is a puzzle and that was pretty neat. Again, stunning environments in three dimensions.

    Lastly, the cut scenes are movie quality. Yes, the story itself is pretty run of the mill -- treasure hunters, intrigue, betrayal, twists, good guys, bad guys, and Germans. Yes, I said Germans. You'll see. Despite that, the story is very engaging, the characters believable, and the cut scenes are immersing.

    The game is not without its flaws.

    The game uses a checkpoint based system that is silent -- you don't know when you've crossed a checkpoint. This can be a bit irritating as sometimes the checkpoints are very frequent, and sometimes they aren't. Sometimes you can cross a checkpoint, get killed, reappear, and be facing the same group of bad guys and get killed... again.

    It has moments of cloudy pathfinding, overkill combat scenes that end up with you repeating them multiple times because that one guy to your right keeps headshotting you with a shotgun at fifty paces, frustration relating to odd perspectives during platforming that result in you falling to your ragdoll death, and so forth... but, overall, it is a very fun game. I'd say that I was very surprised at the quality of the game. The game does a good job of mixing up its elements and varying how you play through each level.

    A game worth of sixty dollars....more info
  • If you like the Tomb Raider series, check this one out. Not groundbreaking, but good.
    The Good:

    - Immersive story keeps you interested. The cut scenes are well done with good voice overs and nice graphics. The treasure hunt story line has been played out recently (National Treasure movies come to mind), but it still makes for a fun game.

    - Overall, the sound is good. The musical score is excellent and really sets the tone for the game; however, the sound effects fall short in some areas.

    - Graphics a pretty good, especially the details. Water stands out as one of the best details. The way the light and scenery reflects off of it is amazing. Detailing on the buildings is also very good.

    - Controls are easy to learn

    - Game is a good length. It took about 9 hours to finish the game, and kept me interested almost to the end... more on that below.

    - Nice selection of weapons

    - Vehicle sequences add some depth to the gameplay

    - Climbing, jumping and puzzle solving is fun

    The Bad:

    - Although the controls are easy to learn, they are very frustrating at times. It takes forever for Drake to turn around. Very frustrating, especially towards the end of the game where the zombies come in. Pressing Triangle to pick things up doesn't always work... you need to walk around, turn around to get it to work. Firearm aiming is decent, but not great.

    - Some of the graphics are poorly done, namely the enemies. They just don't have much detail, the blood looks fake when you shoot them. Seems like not much time went into that aspect of the graphics.

    - Enemy movements and motion is completely unrealistic... very arcade like. Time Crisis comes to mind, which isn't a compliment. The computer AI is also very basic. These are some of the dumbest enemies you'll kill in a video game.

    - The amount of enemies you need to clear out gets ridiculous at times, they keep filing in. This is especially funny when they come in from an area that Drake had to scale a wall to get to... how did they get there?! Also, they have a "stealth kill" available, but there are slim to no opportunities to use it in the game. Seems like an afterthought.

    - Zombies... seriously? For me that killed the last 15% of the game. They're stupid, hard to kill and there are a ton of them! It's as if they decided to throw in some poorly done Resident Evil action at the end.

    - The puzzles are almost too easy at times

    - The jet ski is very hard to control ...more info
  • Decent
    This is a decent game. It's not great, it's not awful.

    It's funny that so many people spend so much time harping on the "the main character is an average Joe" line. Sure he _looks_ like an average Joe, but he has positively cartoonish abilities such as leaping inhuman distances, incredible upper body strength, and the ability to absorb bullets then magically renew his health. So the "average Joe" thing is really just a superficial coat of paint, which isn't surprising - the type of people who worry about whether or not a game character is realistically portrayed are generally smug and self-satisfied enough to be mollified by such superficial nonsense.

    The game has problems with both of its main aspects: the exploration and the shooting. The exploration is hurt by the environment being muddy and dark, so it's usually very hard to impossible to know where 'handholds' are. The designers realized this so they stuck all kinds of clues in, and then repeatedly tell you to refer to the journal so the obvious clues can be made even more obvious. The thing is, there are big gaps sometimes where you just have no idea what to do or where to go, and can only find out by dying repeatedly.

    This is hurt by the camera which is openly hostile to the player. Sometimes it will lock into a view, so you can't even pan it around to be sure if that thing that looks like a handhold is really a handhold. Other times it will get stuck on objects, spin wildly, or sink into the environment. It becomes a constant struggle, and actively interferes with the platforming.

    The combat is just tedious. There is a small amount of progression (the game eventually brings in snipers and guys with grenade launchers) but in reality the combat is exactly the same all the way through: cover-based bullet swapping. Right at the end of the game they try to mix it up by adding a 'surprise' enemy but they aren't really fun to fight, they just kill you in one or two hits. But running around in circles and pressing fire will mow right through them.

    So the platforming is sometimes fun but obtuse and tedious. The combat gets repetitive - and you can always tell when an attack is coming by the sudden appearance of those ubiquitous chest-high walls. The story is forgettable (chasing treasure, Nazis, ho-hum). The dialogue is frequently well-delivered but the jokes are lame and telegraphed ("I'm always careful!" and he bumps his head, etc). There's little to no progression, and really no compelling element keeping you playing the game to tne end.

    But most insultingly, the end is a complete letdown. The final boss fight is incredibly easy, alternating the normal gunfighting with the most hated fad in the history of gaming: the Quick Time event.

    A pretty ho-hum game, not memorable in the slightest, and one I'll be selling immediately.
    ...more info
  • This is what passes for adventure titles today...
    * If you want a first person shooter with slightly more story: this is your game.
    * If you want an adventure game keep moving.

    I played the first 5 chapters of this game -- and was bored to tears. There were very few puzzles and the solutions didn't make ANY sense. You get to solve such exciting puzzles as "locked door" and "how to get over there" over and OVER and OVER. Apparently the only problem anyone ever has to face on an adventure is what sequence of stones to jump from (how to get over there), and how to open a door. Frequently the solution to one of these problems will be to shoot and ignite a powder keg an enemy has left lying around for no good reason. The resulting explosion will create a path, or blow open a door.

    By the 3rd of 4th chapter the game abandons any storytelling and just drops you into firefight after firefight after boring firefight. You will die a lot because you'll be low on ammo and the enemies just KEEP coming.

    None of this is really fun. It's as if they wanted to make an adventure game but found out game design is hard and just went with gun battles instead.

    The game has a few technical issues as well. The controls feel a bit clunky (but way better than say, little big planet -- so there's some credit). The other thing that drove me nuts is whats called "screen shear". This is when half of two different frames of animation appear on the screen at the same time. It's kind of technical why this can happen -- but I've *NEVER* seen a ps2 or ps3 game that had shear artifacts before. Some XBOX titles do have these and its one of the reasons I buy more PS3 games than 360 games!...more info
  • Mom
    I purchased this game for my son's 17th birthday. I sat and watched him play the game and it was so entertaining. He said it was better than watching a movie. There is alot of foul language in the game that I don't prefer but overall, it is a great game....more info
  • A weak third person shooter disguised as an action-adventure
    I can imagine the meeting - "We have this great adventure game - gorgeous environments, fun action, interesting little puzzles, but it's only 4 hours long, what do we do?".

    "I know- let's add waves and waves of enemies to make it last 12 hours! We won't advertise it, we won't show it in the commercials, and we'll make the AI dirt easy so we don't have to waste time developing it."

    That's what they did. One third of the game is an amazing action adventure game, with a beautiful jungle environment, great controls, and thought provoking puzzles. Sort of like Prince of Persia in the rain forest. This is what the reviews, the previews, and the commercials emphasize. This is false advertising.

    Most of this game is a slow, boring, 3rd person shooter. The enemies come in waves of about 20. They stand behind an obstacle, and really don't move. So, you're at a stalemate. You can't move forward because you'd be shot, so you have to poke around, kill someone, and do it again for the entire wave. Then, most likely, another wave pops up again. So very boring. It doesn't help that you can't keep more than two weapons without even being able to keep bullets from your previous weapon. This whole sequence makes entering any new room a dreaded chore.

    It doesn't even make sense. You would climb some perilous ledges, make some scary jumps, knock down a pillar, find a key, all to open a door. What's behind this ultra secret door with such a super difficult barrier of entry? Fifty enemies just waiting. Wait, what, why didn't I just take the same route these fifty guys took?

    However, this game really shows off the PS3s amazing graphical power. I doubt anything like this could be done on the Xbox360. The story is your typical ultra clich¨¦d story which is just a plain rip-off of Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones. If you play games, your used to this, so it's not that big of a deal.

    There are some other details. In the middle, there's some jet ski and driving missions which are actually done pretty well. There are also mutants or aliens of something near the end that adds some difficulty and a little twist.

    All in all, if it was an action-adventure game through and through, this would be one of the best games around. However, most of it is a boring shooter, which makes it an average game.

    Amazing graphics
    Fun Prince of Persia style platforming
    Great adventure/action
    Jet ski is well done

    Wave after wave of useless enemies
    Enemies stay hidden, making the fights long and tedious
    Bad weapon handling system

    Hours to complete: 12

    Difficulty level (on easy): Easy-medium

    Frustration level: Medium
    ...more info
  • Awesome visuals, epic scenery vistas, decent gameplay
    Uncharted sports truly breathtaking visuals and exceptional level design. The story is brisk and keeps you involved (just like they say: like a summer action blockbuster movie). The targeting system is tricky and there isn't quite enough variety once you start blasting hordes of bad guys. I look forward to the sequel....more info
  • very COOL game
    This game is one of the Best games i have ever played the graphics are very good it has a very realistic gameplay by talking in the game, it has a very interesting storie. I recommend this game to all Aventure/Action gamers.BUT I MUST REMIND YOU THAT THE GAME IS SHORT....more info
  • If you like the Tomb Raider series, check this one out. Not groundbreaking, but good.
    The Good:

    - Immersive story keeps you interested. The cut scenes are well done with good voice overs and nice graphics. The treasure hunt story line has been played out recently (National Treasure movies come to mind), but it still makes for a fun game.

    - Overall, the sound is good. The musical score is excellent and really sets the tone for the game; however, the sound effects fall short in some areas.

    - Graphics a pretty good, especially the details. Water stands out as one of the best details. The way the light and scenery reflects off of it is amazing. Detailing on the buildings is also very good.

    - Controls are easy to learn

    - Game is a good length. It took about 9 hours to finish the game, and kept me interested almost to the end... more on that below.

    - Nice selection of weapons

    - Vehicle sequences add some depth to the gameplay

    - Climbing, jumping and puzzle solving is fun

    The Bad:

    - Although the controls are easy to learn, they are very frustrating at times. It takes forever for Drake to turn around. Very frustrating, especially towards the end of the game where the zombies come in. Pressing Triangle to pick things up doesn't always work... you need to walk around, turn around to get it to work. Firearm aiming is decent, but not great.

    - Some of the graphics are poorly done, namely the enemies. They just don't have much detail, the blood looks fake when you shoot them. Seems like not much time went into that aspect of the graphics.

    - Enemy movements and motion is completely unrealistic... very arcade like. Time Crisis comes to mind, which isn't a compliment. The computer AI is also very basic. These are some of the dumbest enemies you'll kill in a video game.

    - The amount of enemies you need to clear out gets ridiculous at times, they keep filing in. This is especially funny when they come in from an area that Drake had to scale a wall to get to... how did they get there?! Also, they have a "stealth kill" available, but there are slim to no opportunities to use it in the game. Seems like an afterthought.

    - Zombies... seriously? For me that killed the last 15% of the game. They're stupid, hard to kill and there are a ton of them! It's as if they decided to throw in some poorly done Resident Evil action at the end.

    - The puzzles are almost too easy at times

    - The jet ski is very hard to control ...more info
  • An Amazing Game Overall

    +A good challenge overall
    +Loveable characters
    +Fantastic voice acting and cinematics
    +Good sense of humor
    +Creative puzzles that aren't too difficult to learn


    -It can feel like the game is holding your hand at times
    -A short adventure overall

    About a year after the Playstation 3 launched, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune landed down and became one of the first games to really take advantage of what the PS3 could do. But beyond that, however, Naughty Dog has done a fantastic job creating a simple adventure game that's easy to pick up and learn and yet at the same time can provide a challenge.

    You play as Nate, a treasure hunter who has just uncovered to coffin of his ancestor Drake. In the coffin, Nate finds a treasure map leading to the Lost City of Gold: Eldorado. He's got a journalist tagging along who wants to find a good story as well as a partner named Sully. Of course, Drake isn't the only one after the treasure. Throughout his journey he'll not only face the perils of the ruins he discovers but also have to battle pirates. There's nothing original about the storyline, but the characters are incredibly likeable--particularly Nate himself. The story and dialog within the story is also incredibly well written. As you get yourself into certain skirmishes Nate will also give his own commentary which is sometimes humorous. That's not the only thing that's humorous. Much of the dialog in the cutscenes is also funny. It's a game that knows it's clever but is careful not to rub your face in its wit. It makes a simple story all the more enjoyable.

    Gameplay is pretty simple to pick up on and play. For the most part you'll be doing one of two things: Solving puzzles or participating in gun fights. When it comes to the games puzzles, most of them are pretty clever, but none of them are too hard. Some puzzles, such as the jumping puzzles, can seem a little threatening, but for the most part Nate does all the jumping automatically. All you have to be doing is facing the right direction and he usually lands a jump. This doesn't mean you can't jump too early, but for the most part, Nate is good at grabbing on ledges. For the most part, gameplay flows incredibly smoothly.

    The other aspect of gameplay is the gun fights. Just about every gun fight plays out the same way. You hide behind an object, you pop out and you shoot at your enemy. You can carry two weapons with you at a time and each time you down an enemy you can have their remaining ammunition. While it seems like ammo would be plentiful, it's not really. Even if you manage to make every shot count your adversaries can take quite a bit of damage. Luckily there's also melee combat involved. None of it is hard to pick up and learn, though it's quite surprising how difficult Uncharted can be. In fire fights where you're surrounded on all sides it can be difficult to find cover to let your health recover. Not to mention you can run low on ammo. And despite the melee combat, it can be hard to pull off on a single enemy when you're being shot by three others. Despite that, when you get the hang of it and you know where to go to get cover, Uncharted can be fun. It can feel a little repetitive at times, but with the good mix of cutscenes that don't drag on and puzzle elements, there's a good amount of variety.

    Likewise, you'll never find yourself in too dire need of trouble. The game is pretty linear for the most part. Despite all you can see in the environments, it's pretty straightforward. Should you find yourself lost the game will point you in the right direction. Just the same, the helpful prompts that remind you how to duck behind cover and how to shoot never stop popping up when it seems like your stuck. It would feel like the game was holding your hand if you couldn't turn these off, but you can and you're allowed to do things yourself. If you ever find the game being too hard or too easy, you can adjust the difficulty level on the fly.

    The strongest aspect of Uncharted is without a doubt the game's stellar production values. It's quite possibly the best looking PS3 out there. The detail put into the world you're in is incredible. There's eagle eye attention to detail. When Nate goes into water and emerges, for example, the water is actually dripping off his clothes and they look damp and he'll slowly dry off. Not to mention that the lighting effects are fantastic as well. There can be slight dips in frame rate, but you may not actually notice them. The music is also fantastic as it fits the adventure well. Better than the music, however, is the voice cast. Every voice suits each character well but they also put a lot of good emotion into it and inject the right tone when it's called for. The production values are one of the reasons to at least check the game out.

    While there will without a doubt be some who find the gunplay repetitive, at least the other elements keep the game afloat. If there was anything wrong with Drake's Fortune, it would be that the game is pretty short. Aside from that, it's a game that's worth checking out if you're into the Adventure genre....more info
  • Best Game On The PS3
    I have had my PS3 for about a year now. This is by far the best game on the system. I have had more fun with this game than any other. The replay value is very very high. Everything is fantastic about this game. It is not "another Tomb Raider" like some say. Nathan Drake is by far one of the best video game characters to arrive in the last few years. ...more info
  • Great Game
    I haven't got time to finish the whole game, but so far it's an amazing experience. The only downside is that, the characters in the game often seem to step on the air, instead of solidly on the ground. But that's a minor issue once you got attracted to the game play. ...more info
    What can I say about what I believe is not only the best game on the Playstation 3, but all systems, that hasn't already been said. How about if you haven't purchased this yet do yourself a great favor and purchase it now. I bought my copy in Dec. 2007 and paid $50 for it and thought I was getting a spectacular deal because at the time it was easily selling on the secondhand market for $57 and up. To see this game going for $30 smackers a year later would be an irresistible deal if I didn't already own it. The fact that it's holding it's value so well after a year is a clear indicator of what an amazing game it is.

    I played through this game twice in one week when I first bought it. Since, I have played through it 4 more times. That's a rarity for me to play through a game that much. To sum this game in one word: FUN!!!!!!! Everything from the locales to the gunplay to the characters is phenomenal. The main character, Nathan, controls like a dream. What makes it so fun is the adventuresomeness of treasure hunting and exploring. Add in Elena and Sully as your occasional sidekick and you've got a summer blockbuster popcorn movie in video game form.

    Replay value? Yep, it's got plenty of that. With several levels of difficulty(crushing be the most difficult....it will crush you to.....I finally got through it), 60 treaures to find, and 47 trophies to unlock you'll be at this one for a while. It's a fairly long game too. We're talking 20+ levels. I think the first time through it took me about 20 hours to go through it on normal difficulty, but I was taking my time trying to find all 60 treasures.

    Diversity? Ditto again here. Many different locales you will visit all presented in beautiful detail. Some of the views in the game are breathtaking! Character models are sterling. Level design is brilliant. Vast array of weapons to choose from and use. Aiming is a cinch. Even got a couple of jet-ski levels and a jeep driving section to mix things up.

    Sound? Got it going on here, too. Great voice acting and music round out this mega-awesome game. Superb gun sound effects! The character interaction between Nathan, Elena and Sully is timeless. At times they will make you laugh(great humor.....Nathan can be so sarcastic at times) and at others they make your jaw drop. Yes, there's a nice little twist in the game.

    To sum it up, this is by far the most fun I've had with a game ever. It ranks in my top 5 games all-time. That may sound like a profound statement, but play through this game and you may see why I made that statement. If you need more encouragement to buy this game just look at the average score of 292 or so reviews right here on Amazon. We're talking a 4.7 average!!!! How many games can achieve that? Not many!



  • Excellent Gaming Experience
    This was an excellent game with a great story line, plot and pace. Buy it!! Graphics and control layout are also very well developed... Cannot wait for the next one....more info
  • Just Plain Fun
    Without a doubt, this is one of the most purely enjoyable games I've played in a long time. A great balance of Prince of Persia-Type acrobatic platforming, and GOW-Type cover shooting. Both work flawlessly. If you've ever wanted Indiana Jones the game, this is pretty much it, from the story, to the game play (ok, there's a bit more shooting than in any movie), to the dialogue. It's also kind of an adult Ratchet and Clank, from a game-play perspective. My only gripe is that the puzzling could have been a bit more indepth. This is something I hope is developed better in the next one, to maybe put it on the same level as Half Life 2.
    Uncharted won't disapoint in Graphics, either. The textures are detailed, the models are fluidly animated, and the environments more than live-up to the tropical setting. At one point I scared away the Fruit Loops bird, just chilling on a log.
    One nice touch is when the characters get wet, the water line is appropriate to how deep the character goes into the water.
    To boot, the voice acting natural too. This is how people actually talk. It's great.
    Another clever touch, you can have Left and Right alternate on every death, so you have to reorient yourself every new life. It adds a nice challenge for your second run-through.
    I can not wait for the sequel....more info
  • 3rd person shooter combined with Tombraider and prince of persia
    The graphics for this game are sick and only give a glimpse of the PS3's capabilities. I'll keep this review short and sweet. You play a character named Nathan Drake, who is hellbent on finding El dorado and he only has a small book and an old map to go off of. During the game, you'll be climbing and jumping from wall to wall (kind of like prince of persia), shooting down enemies in 3rd person style, and figuring out puzzles like in Tomb raider. This game is one of many games that makes the ps3 worth purchasing. ...more info
  • this game rocks!
    this game is cool! a little to easy! but the kids love it! I mastered it quick. PS3 needs to turn it up a notch! whats up why are the games ONLY 780p! I pay a lot of money for my LCD and I want to see some 1080p! my opinion XBOX 360 is better! games and console! I HAVE BOTH AND XBOX 360 I QUICKER AND HAS SO MUCH TO OFFER! PS3 IS JUST A HIGH PRICED PS2!...more info


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