Just A Drop Toilet Odor Reduce Neutralizer - 15 Ml

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Product Description

INDICATIONS: When you put Just' a Drop in your toilet bowl, it creates a deodorizing layer on the water surface that neutralizes odors instantly. Just A Drop Toilet Odor Neutralizer, Last 90+ Days. Just a Drop before Spray no More. Non Toxic. Biodegradable. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Just A Drop Toilet Odor Neutralizer Last 90+ Days.
  • Just a Drop before Spray no More.
  • Non Toxic.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Customer Reviews:
  • Okay For Ahem..Light Duty...
    I was got excited about this product, and having read lots of positives, ordered two bottles. It sort of worked, as long as you are, shall I put this delicately, below average in the waste department.
    The product has a strong medicinal smell, very much like a urinal cake. That is not too bad, I suppose. However, "Just A Drop" is somewhat a misnomer, as the instructions do call for several drops to be used. At $7.99 a pop, I would expect better results.
    Unfortunately, the product only seems to mask the toilet odors, and the combination of the two can be quite unpleasant. Also, the little plastic bottle can leak if pressed slightly(as when secreted in a jeans pocket) which can result in a person smelling like mothballs the rest of the day. I tried to use this product at work, as the bathrooms are adjacent to the office, and have no vents. No one ever made any remarks about the embarrasing smell before, but I assumed they were being polite. After trying "Just A Drop", Everyone complains about the aroma.
    I do give it one star because it does seem to make the bathroom smell better as long as no "business" is being done in there. Other than that this item is a STINKER.
    ...more info
  • Great product!
    I was pleasantly surprised to have this product work. I'm always stressed about having to go to the bathroom at work where there are a lot of stalls. This product has solved that problem, and it's pretty strong. It has a handy hanger that I put on the wall of my office. It's small enough to easily fit in my pocket. I wish it was available in a store, though, because the s&h made it expensive. I ...more info
  • Just a drop
    It was not what i expected it is messy and the drops come off on the bottle. The liquid isn't strong and doesn't take the odor away. I wasted my money on this to gather i paid out twenty five dollars for the both deordant's. I would not recordmend this one to anybody you waste more then you use. Thank you,wish i could get my money back the smell is good but doesn't last long...more info
  • How did (my co-workers) live without this product?
    Out of respect for the sensibilities of my co-workers, I did some Internet research, and found this wonderful product. As advertised, you simply spray Just'a Drop into the toilet immediately before your sit down. It completely eliminates any foul odor that would normally issue forth from the bowl. I don't know what the secret formula is, but it definitely works.

    It would be amazing if they could come up with an automatic dispenser that could be installed on your toilet. That would be ideal for home use. I've been using one 15ml bottle for the last four or five months, and I'm not even halfway through the bottle. A terrific value!...more info
  • Prefer dropper method over the spray
    I thought I was ordering the dropper method which I have had before. I was dissappointed to see it was a spray method. I feel the dropper works better but even the spray is excellent to keep in your purse for those "oh so embarrasing times"....more info
  • Just some drops
    I saw this on Donnie Deutsch and thought it would be great for people who need help with toileting. I tried it on my family and after a lot of laughter, we agree, it works. Not sure how long one bottle will last though. More than "just a drop" came out....more info