Elevate by Andis 80405 Professional Lightweight Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic 1875 Watts Hair Dryer

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Product Description

Andis Professional Elevate Tourmaline Ionic Dryer

  • Powerful Hyper DC Motor provides a lightweight, fatigue-free dryer
  • 2 heat/air speeds for quick styling
  • Cool shot button locks in style
  • Removable air intake filter for easy cleaning and long life, lightweight
  • INCLUDES: Professional concentrator and styling pick
Customer Reviews:
  • Not for thick hair
    If you're getting this because of the comb attachment, this is not the dryer for you. For those of us who have thick curly hair and actually need to use the comb attachment, you'll find yourself constantly having to re-start the dryer because of the high/off/lo switch being pushed. There is no way to hold this dryer while using the comb attachment that does not cause you to either toggle the switch or press the cool shot. Other than that annoyance though, it worked well....more info
  • returned this dryer
    This is the 1st item I've returned to Amazon. I hated this dryer!!!. The "cool" shot button only cooled the temperature to what would be considered "medium" on any other hair dryer. There is no other temperature adjustment on this dryer. Without using the cool shot button the temperature was VERY hot and damaged my newly chemically processed hair.
    The only good thing was Amazon was great with the return process!...more info
  • Lightweight & fast
    I stay quite frequently at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, IL, and I've always just loved their in-room hair dryers (Andis 80020 Ionic 1875W Ceramic Hair Dryer with Folding Handle and Retractable Cord). No other hotel I've ever stayed in (and I've stayed in quite a few) has a hair dryer that's as good, both in terms of performance and in terms of results.

    So when I needed a new hair dryer, I thought I'd like to try an Andis for use at home, and when I read the reviews, I decided to try this one because it's lightweight, and because - let's face it - the red color is really cool (at least IMHO).

    What I like: very light weight, comfortable handle, nice l-o-n-g cord, dries my hair really fast - definitely faster than my old dryer. When I'm done, my hair's soft and looks shiny (shinier, I think, than with the old dryer). Another nice feature is the removable lint filter on the back of the unit, should make it easier to keep accumulations of lint and dust out of the dryer (that seems to have been the death of all my previous dryers).

    What I don't like so much: at times it gets uncomfortably hot on the "high" setting, and another, intermediate setting in between the high and the low or an option to "fine-tune" the temperature, rather than just have a high and a low setting (plus, of course, the cool shot) would be nice. That's really my only complaint.

    Bottom line: I really like it, love the color, and I thought it was a good value for the price....more info
  • quick dry
    This product drys your hair quickly,therefore causing less damage. It is about as loud as any other average hair dryer and the attachments are great for straightening and styling your hair....more info
  • Light-Weight Power House
    It arrived quickly, was a beautiful red, light as a feather and, on high, dries hair super-quickly. Also, it's much quieter than my previous one with all the added power....more info
  • best blowdryer ever
    This blowdryer is absolutely wonderful!! I have never owned a blowdryer before because any of the ones I would sample at home, the salon or a friend's place would make my hair super frizzy, coarse and dry feeling. This one allows me to blowdry my hair straight (great attachments included) and leaves it feeling soft, silky and completely unfrizzy! I would definitely recommend it to any girl, especially one who has had previous trouble with blowdryers that have made your hair frizzy/dry. I also haven't experienced a deterioration/damage in the quality of my hair as a result of using this....more info
  • Lightweight
    I just received the hair dryer. Seems to have a good air flow and is lightweight. I have yet to test it. However, if you are looking for a quiet dryer this is not different from others. It has the normal noise of a regular dryer....more info