Crane Adorable 1 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier, Pig Shape

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Product Description

Help improve your child's health with the Adorable Cool Mist Humidifier from Crane. Colorful, fun animal shapes match any nursery decor and make a healthy companion for you little one! Features: Child friendly designs Supports easy breathing - instant relief from year round heating and cooling Variable humidity control Whisper quiet operation 1 gallon tank for up to 11 hours running time Up to 2.1 gallon moist output per day Removable water tank for easy carry and refill Auto-shut off when tank is empty Low power consumption 120 volts, 60 Hz, 36 watts Humidifiers help to decrease the levels of dryness in the air dramatically, and enable you and your child to enjoy improved health, improved quality of air, and even an improved home interior. They have been proven to cut the levels of dust and bacteria within the home, helping to eliminate health issues and allergies. Featured on ABC News, NBC News and HGTV Shipping Note: This item ships via UPS Ground within contiguous United States only. Cannot be shipped to AK/HI, PO boxes, US territories, or APO/FPO addresses.

  • Provides relief for cough, cold and flu symptoms
  • Supports easier breathing and congestion relief from allergy and asthmatic type symptoms
  • Provides moisture for dry coughs, sinus irritation, dry skin
  • Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation
  • Moisture output up to 2.1 gal. per day

Customer Reviews:

  • So mine's were just broken...
    I got this item (Penguin) at the retail store. It produced only a bit of mist so I had to return it. I could not tell the obvious defects. Water leaked everywhere when I pick it up. I had to say I hated it except how cute it looks. A lot of people seem to like this product. Mine might have been broken already when I purchased it....more info
  • Works find but power indicator light too faint
    When I look into the little hole where the light is supposed to be it's just dark, but when I look down at the unit (placed on my kitchen counter) I can sort of the see the light near/through the little hole, very faint. I suspect the light was not accurately placed when assembled. Otherwise the unit works fine. So I'll not go through the hassle of the returning and trying another one....more info
  • Great product
    Bought the Hello Kitty Humidifier for my daughter. It is very quiet and makes nice mist cloud from the ears. And it has a night light built in. It looks great in the dark. My daughter loves it. We later also bought a frog and a panda. Both are good but no night light. Make sure do not turn the setting to the highest--water will set around it if too much mist comes out. I like to set it at about 3/4. The adjustable settings are very good to control the amount of mist. We bought one from Walgreens and there was only two settings of how much mist was generated with an adjustable opening. We had to return that one due to too much mist which made the night stand wet the next morning.
    We are very happy with this product. Highly recommend it to girls who love Hello Kitty....more info
  • works perfectly
    Great little humidifier- I like that it has no filter (the filter ones molded CONSTANTLY). If I have it cranked up all the way there is a little bit of a dripping sound but that goes away at a medium level. Works wonderfully and has a large capacity - It can be left running at medium low for 24 hours or more....more info
  • broke in 1 month
    This product is adorable and worked really well for a little more than one month. My daughter and son loved it and it wasn't too loud to have next to their beds. However, after 6 weeks of 3-4 night a week use, it broke. We followed the directions exactly and are really disappointed....more info
  • Works well
    This product does what it has to. The noise is tolerable and all parts of whole body are clean. Good design is the one you can get as a bonus....more info
  • very very good product
    very good product. makes A LOT of steam. absolutely silent. contains a lot of water that lasts a long time. ...more info
  • Wanted to Like it. Ordered 2. Both Broke
    I really really wanted to like this humidifier. When I saw the kinds of humidifiers offered at the closest big box store, I wondered why they were so darn ugly and why someone couldn't design one that was aesthetically pleasing. Then I found the penguin humidifier online and promptly ordered one. Well, it didn't work. At all. It simply did not turn on. Something was wrong with its power supply. I sent that one back to Amazon and got a replacement.

    The second one worked. It was easy to fill and the mist came out of its beak right away. However, the light at the front soon started to flash from green to red to green to red repeatedly. Upon reading the manual, I found that the light should either be green (indicating adequate water level) or red (indicating the need to add more water). The sensor was malfunctioning and would alternate between thinking it had water (which it did), to it having no water. Eventually, it would just stop misting. So I had to send it back and ask for a refund.

    A penguin-shaped humidifier is a great idea. Too bad these are poorly made....more info
  • Very cute humidifier
    This is my first humidifier and a really cute one. My toddler son loves it too. I was impressed by how quickly (2-3 seconds) the mist start coming out after switching the humidifer on. The water tank is quite big. Even a quarter of a tank works for a whole night.
    The only disappointment was that sometimes mist doesn't come out after switching on the humidifier. I couldn't understand why. It does appear that mist is forming but not enough for it to blow out from the outlets. So, I always end up emptying the tank from previous use and refilling before I use it....more info
  • Love it! Lots of steam! Super cute!
    I love this humidifier! Pretty quite, produces a lot of steam (if you want it to), and it's easy to clean. Was recommended to me and we love it!...more info
  • Great for Babies and Kids Rooms - Overall Great
    I reviewed cool mist humidifiers for weeks and read all the reviews and this one stood out. We've had it for 6 months now and I can't say enough good things. The automatic off when it runs out of waters is great so it doesn't wake up the babies. IT is whisper quiet which I love and I love the ability to turn the penguin's head around so that I can hide the green light on the machine (for kids room at night... they focus on it) and be able to adjust the direction of the mist. Being able to control the power of the mist is also huge. And I originally read some people were unhappy with the the fact that the water sloshes around and it doesn't have to if you are careful. I mean all humidifiers slosh. This one (I've had a few) only has a small amount of water left in the base and as long as you always bring a small towel when changing/adding the water then you never get water anywhere. Just love it!...more info
  • Cool & Excellent Humidifier
    My son was coughing throug the night until I saw this on Amazon. We went ahead and bought an elephant for him. That nigth he only coughed once or twice. It works so well that I purchased another one, penguin, next day to use in the living room.

    And that penguin become my son's toy in the living room. Look what he did to it. A smoking penguin.

    Go ahead and buy one or two for your house. It increases the humidity in your house and feels cool during the summer.

    ...more info
  • Lasted 2 days
    We used this product for 2 days when my wife had a bad cold late in pregnancy. We followed all the instructions, kept it on the proper surface, and did not move it while full of water. It worked great for the first two nights, but on the third night it stopped working. It was an adorable design, but unfortunately it did not work out for us and I will not be buying this item again....more info
  • Cracked item and weak mist
    I just received the Crane Cow Humidifier yesterday and already there was a big CRACK on the right side. I tested it by filling the tank with water to see if it still work. I told myself returning it would be too troublesome if it works. After 10-15 minutes the mist didn't come out of the top. I opened it and saw really weak mist stationing inside. The setting was on MAX too. I dropped it off at the Post Office today and placed an order for the PIG. Let hope it doesn't come damaged and actually works!!! >(...more info
  • You won't believe how well this item works!
    I bought this Crane Elephant Humidifier because I was so tired of the Vicks models I've tried. The Vicks brands barely put off any mist. But, this Crane humidifier really-really works great! You will be so pleased. It's easy to fill as well. Very quiet too, even on highest setting. Buy it, this is the ONE!...more info
  • great humidifier, cute too.
    This humidifier works great, is pretty quiet, and blends right in to a kid's room. Proper care and use of item ensures it will be in good working order for years to come. The mist is so fine and I'm impressed with how long one tank of water lasts- it holds less than a gallon but lasts a generous night's sleep and a nap or two. This one is way quieter than most others.It can be difficult to fill if you're not careful, but there is only so much that can be done without sacrificing design. I would definitely buy another if there is a need, or give as a gift. ...more info
  • Very Nice humidifier
    I put this in my bedroom because I thought the penguin was cute. It works great for my sinuses and keeps my cat occupied trying to figure out if it's real. I keep the demineralization cartridge up to date and haven't had problems with white dust because of that....more info
  • no problems
    After much research, I finally purchased this adorable little dragon. It is working great. Plus my seven year old loves it....more info
  • did not last long
    it worked well when it worked. but just a year after purchase it stopped working....more info
  • Leaping for joy. The frog humidifer does it job!
    First of all the Frog Mist Humidifier just looks fun. The kids have no idea what it does, but they fight to see who gets in their room. It was purchased as aid in the ever present fight against colds. With the door closed, it takes 10 minutes to get the room moist which helps the kids breathe when they have stuffy noses.

    I have no complaints the Humidifier does a great job and the frog is fun enough to leave out as a decoration. Everyone breathes easier after sleeping with the humidifier on. I would recommend this for any parent who has children with stuffed up noses. ...more info
  • Great humidifer for the baby's room
    I live in a dry climate with harsh winters, so I needed a good humidifier for my baby's room. I bought the penguin model about 3 months ago, and it has turned out to be a great buy. I run it at night, and after only a few nights I noticed that my baby's skin was significantly softer and less chapped. This humidifier has been great for helping my baby to sleep (and breathe) better at night.

    When I first started using the humidifier I used distilled water, but I eventually switched to tap water with no adverse results. My guess is that any white residue left by the humidifier depends on how hard your water is. I've never had problems with leakage or dripping on the surface where the humidifer sits; if I run it on high all night, the carpet directly in front of the humidifier will be damp in the morning, but that's all.

    This humidifier is easy to use, and with a gallon of water it will run all night, even on the highest setting. It is not as powerful as the more expensive models but on high it can put out a fair amount of humidity (although it does work best in a smaller room). I sit it on my baby's dresser about 3-4 feet from the crib, and that works fine. It runs relatively quietly: it makes a gurgling noise like a small fountain, with an occasional "belch." The green light starts flashing red when the water is getting low, and stays red when the water is gone. I have noticed after a few months of use that occasionally the light will start flashing and the machine will sputter briefly even though the body is full of water, but its function hasn't seemed to be diminished and overall it works great.

    To clean this humidifier, I pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white vinegar mixed with several cups of water into the body and shake it for several minutes, then rinse it thoroughly. The base can be easily wiped with a cloth. I clean it weekly and have had no problems with mildew, but I also empty it out every night and use fresh water so the water isn't sitting in there for several days.

    All in all, I'm happy with this humidifier. It's a good buy for the kid's room....more info
  • Cute, but not real effective
    I purchased this product because this winter has been particularly cold and the heat in our condo sucks the moisture out of air. I bought this particular humidifier based on the fact that it received high marks from other reviewers. Is it cute? Yes. Is it easy to operate? Yes. Is it inexpensive? Yes. But, I felt it wasn't terribly effective, so I bought a hygrometer to measure the humidity in the air and was disappointed, but not surprised, at the results. Leaving this humidifier on high all day in a small bedroom with the door closed never raised the humidity percentage more than 10%-15%. Perhaps, these results will remain the same with another humidifier, but I'm guessing not. I plan on purchasing another humidifier (no animal shapes this time) to see if there's a marked improvement in humidity levels. ...more info
  • Cheap plastic junk
    The humidifier arrived with a piece of plastic rattling around in the base. Did not feel safe to add water as the housing was exposed where the plastic fell out.

    Amazon did an instant refund no questions asked, seems like there have been a lot of complaints with these humidifiers.

    What is more important? Cuteness or safety? I bought a real pediatric humidifier from the drugstore instead....more info
  • I really wanted to love this, but . . .
    it is truly a cheap, cheap quality humidifier. When it was working (for about a day), it did produce "mist"--but nothing that created any real moisture in the air. And then it started leaking . . . and leaking and leaking . . . and it's useless now. It's a cheap piece of plastic that looks very cute but does not function at all as a true humidifier, so beware. ...more info
  • It IS adorable...
    I've only been actively using this for three days, but it is simple to operate, works well, doesn't drip, is easy to fill, and looks adorable. Our pediatrician recommended a cool mist humidifier for whenever my kids are stuffed up, and it does seem to help my sick little girl breathe a bit more easily.

    I had another humidifier (ReliOn) that cost about $25 and ruined the veneer atop a dresser (at least $75 of damage!) because it dripped when it was not turned on. This new froggy one has a transparent tube that sticks up into the water tank (frog's head), and a rubber gasket on the fill hole that only opens when the tank is seated on the base (frog's body), so it effectively prevents it from dripping when it's turned off. I suppose it could leak if you overfilled it (past the tube), though. Also, there is some water that sits in the base when you lift out the tank to fill it up. But my point is that the surface it sits on stays dry. That's what I was looking for.

    Also, I love that it's green, and goes perfectly with our forest/pond-themed nursery....more info
  • Best humidifier ever!
    I got this penguin humidifier after reading all the good reviews. It really is great! On a full tank he lasts longer than expected (at least a full night (10 hours) on the highest setting) and puts out a lot of mist instantly. My boyfriend and I can definitely tell a difference between the nights that he is on and the nights he isn't. My silly boyfriend even flooded him by pouring water in the top (where it's not supposed to be filled), where the mist comes out and got all the components inside wet. But surprisingly the penguin still works perfectly! He is very quiet and just super adorable but not too "little-kiddish" so it kinda matches the coloring of my bedroom. Great buy and great price. If you want a cool mist humidifier, get this little guy!...more info
  • Fun & Effective humidifier!
    I previously owned a Venta Sonic humidifier that I bought for $80 or so, but it broke down within a year. I came across this amusing line of Crane humidifiers and picked the blue Penguin one. Arrived in 2 days even with Super Saver Shipping (Thanks Amazon!)

    - Easy to fill water and clean
    - Runs more than 24 hours on 60-70% setting, which is enough to prevent the dry nose and throat I normally wake up to
    - Fun!
    - Relatively cheap

    - Water can drip a little when carrying the tank to refill it
    - Definitely can hear the water stream if I turn it up to max power, which is why I keep it at 60-70% where the noise is minimal

    I gave it 5 stars based on a great value, but bottom line is it works exactly the way I wanted it to....more info
  • Mixed feelings
    The design looks excellent and it is always welcome for my kid to have this humidifier next to him whenever needed. I find it difficult to understand why these things are designed such a way that you always have water leak when the surface is not even (absolute flatness I mean!) or when you try to change its location even a little bit. It is always messy (with water) and I think it is not specific to this particular model or brand. I always had similar problems and returned one recently. This one we like the appearance and once it finds itself a smooth surface it works great. I even arranged a tray underneath to avoid frequent leakages (I think the tray should come with the humidifier!). Adding water is easy as you don't have to remove the tank and just pour a big glass of water after removing the upper lid. We have another humidifier (Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut-Off) and the water tank rests safely without any water leaking. I would give five-star if this model had the same....more info
  • We love our Penguin Humidifer
    We have had the Penguin humidifier for about a year and a half now. I had placed an order for one and a month later it hadn't shipped so I canceled my order and got one in the store. I really love it. Its adorable in my daughter's room and works really well. It has a turn knob so you can adjust the output very easily. I think on high it puts off a little too much because it was empty and the carpet was damp in the morning. It is easy to fill and clean, doesn't use a filter and holds enough water for a night or two. My girlfriend has the elephant or frog I can't remember which and is also really happy with it. She has had it for three years I believe. Go for it, they are adorable and if you don't like it you can always return it!...more info
  • He's a Really Useful Engine! Sir Topham Hatt would be proud.
    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this product. It's not just a cheaply made one like others I've seen and had. It is truly adorable and although I got it for my daughter's room (she was obsessed w/Thomas when I got it, and still is quite fond of him), both my kids love it. The knobs are on the wheels - one to turn it on/off, one to turn the "nightlite" on/off, and one to adjust the amount of mist coming out. The mist actually comes out of his smokestack!! When you turn on the nitelite, the entire body lights up, which shows you the water level inside. The kids like using it for a nightlite. However, you can turn off the body light, as there are two lights on the front bumper and two on the back bumber!!! These lights are much dimmer, but perfect for those that like just a little light. It is a bit louder than my ultrasonic one, and I do wish it were quieter, but my kids liked the sound and slept well. It's best to keep this in a place where the kids can't get to it, as it looks like a toy. Our kids are old enough to know, so we keep it on a stool next to the bed - a nightstand would be perfect, if there's room on it. We use a ceramic tile to prevent any moisture issues underneath it.
    The only reason I gave it four stars has to do with maintenance. It's easy to clean, and the directions are easy to follow. However, I haven't figured out the most effective way to clean the smoke stack, which is a concern for me. Since I can clean the rest with a little bleach and water, I could try to clean down in it with a bottle brush or something...I may call the mfr. to check. My kids have allergies, so I'm [...] about mold. I don't see a place to install a demineralization cartridge, but since they are sold here on Amazon, there must be a way to put one in. However, I choose to use distilled water to prevent scale buildup and ensure clean mist. I did that with my ultrasonic one and it really has helped with its lifespan. The cute factor of this unit alone makes it a HIT (Thomas videos are from HIT Enertainment), but having a really useful engine that is also cute and works well is a positive. The only downside is that she doesn't want me to pack it away when it's not needed. I don't want it out due to the dust here in the desert. By the way, I also have a warm mist humidifier (it can boil water, so having it around a baby or toddler is not a good idea), but as I researched, I learned that a warm mist in a bedroom doesn't really do a lot of good, as the mist becomes cool as it reaches the face in bed anyway. The kids love to feel the mist coming out of Thomas' smokestack. Toot Toot!

    Crane makes nice humidifiers, so I recently ordered the dragon one for my son. He was thrilled, although we haven't tried it out yet.

    Update 5/3/2009: Still love this, and it so helps my daughter's allergies. She usually wakes up sneezing, especially during allergy season. However, be sure to change your water constantly. At first, I was adamant about changing it every day, but as I use only distilled water for purity and absence of mineral buildup, that could get expensive. Every other day worked OK, as long as I cleaned it w/bleach once a week, as the manual suggests. Recently I was so busy, but didn't use it for 2 days. I was tempted to just plug it in, but it's breathing equipment, so I thought I'd be pretty stupid to do so. Good think I listed to myself, lol. I opened and smelled a musty smell from the water. No thanks. It went for a good cleaning so it could be used again. It's up and running tonight to the delight of my daughter. She likes the white noise and sometimes the light. I like that the noise works for her, because it is a little loud, and that I can turn off the light, as it's pretty strong. Even w/the light off, however, we have the wonderful glow from the headlights and taillights. Great product. The dragon one isn't nearly as well made and we may give up on that one, since we received 2 that had been used, as had my first Thomas from Amazon.

    UPDATE 5/12/09: Still love how this works, but two issues have come up. There is no cartridge cleaner available for this item, than I can find. I'm not talking about a mineral cartridge, but rather a cleaning one. I'd bought the Protec cartridge, but it doesn't fit. Why? This tank cannot be opened fully. You open the bottom cap to put water in and pour it out. There is a cylinder inside the tank that goes up to this opening. The cylinder can't be moved, so no cartridge will fit. This makes for a cleaning issue. It's difficult to ensure all the old and cleaning water is gone because this hole's too small. Worse, you can't really get in to make sure every nook and cranny are clean, especially if you miss a day or two. The manual says to clean it once a week. I don't know if it's because I live in the desert or not, but if I have gone for more than two nights without cleaning, I get a musty smell in the tank and the cap inside smells sour. Obviously, having to clean this so often makes it a heavy maintenance item.

    Also, some reviews (including on other sites) have stated this is whisper quiet. I have other ultrasonic humidifiers that are whisper quiet. This one is not. However, the sound doesn't bother the kids. It's like white noise to them. One downside is that during the night, you can hear more water drop down and a water bubble sound in the tank. This is an issue with young kids, one of whom is newly completely potty trained, as the water sound can make her water come out. We actually run water in the bathroom if she's having problems w/it not coming out, yet she can feel it. She's had dreams she's going to the bathroom. It's still adorable, but these design issues need to be fixed....more info
  • Just Amazing
    Got this since we had a new born in the house. This works so well, ended up buying 2 more as gifts. Helps with allergies caused by house cat also. Great product. Had it for over a month with no problems so far. ...more info
  • a very good purchase
    This is a very good product for a very accessible price. It works fine and it's very nice....more info
  • Cute, Affordable and Reliable(?) But difficult to clean
    I owned 2 Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers. I used both of them daily for about 5-6 months each year especially when the heater is turned on which makes the air extreme dry.

    - Cute.
    - Quiet when turn on. Like the sound of water running through a stream which is soft and natural.
    - Reasonable price.

    - Reliability. My Penguin is more than 2 years old and the Cow is about 1.5 year old. Both never failed. However, recently, small amount of water started to leak from the base of the Penguin. And the motor started to make some mechanical noises, but not still not too loud. Personally, if each of them can last for 4 years, then this simple humidifier is reliable.

    - Difficult to clean. I clean both of them every 2-3 days. The opening to the water tank is small which makes the cleaning troublesome. To simplify the cleaning, I pour some vinegar into the water tank and let it soak for a couple of minutes and rinse until i don't find the wall of the water tank slippery.

    Happy and satisfied!...more info
  • Good for a cool-mist humidifier
    We've been using the Dragon shape humidifier for about six months now and I have no major complaints. It is quiet and has a decent capacity. The flow is very adjustable; from a tiny mist to a huge stream.

    I will say that the one thing I dislike about the cool mist humidifiers is how often you need to clean them. When refilling it, I smell for mold and also note any slime or buildup on the parts. It really needs to be cleaned about once a week. The white vinegar rinse and wipe method works ok, but this makes me miss our old evaporative humidifier (even though it scaled up and failed, and was an energy hog, it rarely needed any cleaning)....more info
  • cute~~
    The kitty shape is just soooooooooo cute, and as a humidifier, it works well so far......more info
  • It is cute!
    I like the Crane Adorable Elephant. My only compliant about this product is, it's awkward to refill. The shape of it drips water all over when I go to refill it. Other than that, it's a great product. ...more info
  • super cute!
    The Hello Kitty humidifier is super cute and works perfectly! It's nice and quiet and adjusting the humidity level is very easy. I deducted 1 star because you have to be careful not to let the rubberized feet sit too long in one spot, or they may mar the painted finish of whatever it's sitting on. But at least it won't slip from whatever it's sitting on. =)...more info
  • Cute Humidifier
    Bought for my daughter when she had a cold. Worked great. No leaks or water drips. I liked how this one included a night light to turn on when I want to check up on her. ...more info
  • Works fine, but big pain overall
    This humidifier works great and has a soothing, river-like sound. But I don't recommend it. The bottom part collects water overnight, so instead of just toting the main chamber to the bathroom, you have to unplug it and schlep the entire thing to dump out both parts. Then, because of the design of the main chamber, you can never get all of the water out of it, so you can never get it to fully dry out. I wish we had bought a conventional humidifier for our son - he wouldn't have known any different....more info
  • excellent for boys
    excellent humidifier for boys, can be a toy. a lot of steam. good quality. easy to refill water. great buy for young children....more info
  • Great Steam! Much better than others for more money.
    We have purchased three humidifiers for our mountain home, trying to find one that both works well and is quiet. This one puts out the most steam, but much be used on top of a dresser or other item. It is quieter than all the others, but you can hear the water gurgling. The other interesting thing is that is goes all night even though it puts out a lot of steam. The steam is cold, so that may be why. I highly recommend. It is the best one of the three we purchased....more info
  • Love the Product!
    We have had this product for over a month.
    It works great, is absolutely cute in our little newborns room.
    I am very pleased with this humidifier in all respects.
    My only observation, is that it has a light hum when operational, and can trigger off the baby monitor (when on voice activation) mode. Our monitor is however located immediately adjacent to the humidifier...more info
  • very effective - very cute!
    Easy to keep clean and stylish in a cute way, this humidifier made sleeping in a winter bedroom with previously super dry air pleasant again. I own the penguin and the frog. I was thinking about getting another to sit near where my plants gather inside in the winter as well. I like the ability to easily and quickly clean the unit without buying things - like replacement filters....more info
  • Video of Thomas Tank Cool Mist Humidifier in action
    Watch Video Here: Great little humidifier, works great. Great price....more info
  • Glug, Glug, Glug
    That's the sound this thing makes every six minutes or so. (It kept me from falling asleep, so I started running it for five hours before I went to bed instead. Guess what? It still makes the noise even when turned off!... although not as frequently.) If you can get past this, the unit works fairly well, and you'll find your throat is a lot less dry throughout the night. After five months my unit started leaking, but after a cleaning and rinsing out it seems to have stopped. If you run it for about eight hours a night, you may find that refilling it every few days is a pain. All in all, it's a good "test" humidifier to help decide if you want to spend big bucks for a real one.
    ...more info
  • Plenty of Moisture
    After waking up to nosebleeds for several weeks, I purchased the Crane Penguin Humidifier. It's added plenty of moisture throughout the night and my nosebleeds have subsided. The only con I have with it, is if you're a light sleeper, the bubbles sound like a fish tank and it wakes me up occasionally....more info
  • Poor Product
    First one did not turn on at all. Second one was extremely loud. Going for refund, not a replacement - again....more info
  • Nice Humidifier
    Decent Performance. Competetive price.
    Very Quiet. Easy to operate and move around. Looks cute like a Toy....more info
  • Great in my son's room
    I'm very happy with this project. It has helped with my son's asthma so he can now sleep through the night without coughing. He also likes the way it looks!...more info
  • Wanted to Like it. Ordered 2. Both Broke
    I really really wanted to like this humidifier. When I saw the kinds of humidifiers offered at the closest big box store, I wondered why they were so darn ugly and why someone couldn't design one that was aesthetically pleasing. Then I found the penguin humidifier online and promptly ordered one. Well, it didn't work. At all. It simply did not turn on. Something was wrong with its power supply. I sent that one back to Amazon and got a replacement.

    The second one worked. It was easy to fill and the mist came out of its beak right away. However, the light at the front soon started to flash from green to red to green to red repeatedly. Upon reading the manual, I found that the light should either be green (indicating adequate water level) or red (indicating the need to add more water). The sensor was malfunctioning and would alternate between thinking it had water (which it did), to it having no water. Eventually, it would just stop misting. So I had to send it back and ask for a refund.

    A penguin-shaped humidifier is a great idea. Too bad these are poorly made....more info
  • Wonderful humidifier... may require a simple fix
    Short story: I am now in possession of 2 working Crane Adorable Penguin Humidifiers that I am extremely satisfied with. However, neither of them worked at all when I received them in the mail.

    If you plug in your penguin, turn the switch to "on" and the indicator light doesn't turn on at all (as was the case with both penguins that I received), take the following steps:

    1) Open up the area of the base around the switch (this is also where the cord from the plug comes into the base).

    2) You will see two blue sleeves that are clearly supposed to be on the two prongs attached to the switch. Most likely, at least one of them is not on its prong. This is very easy to fix (especially if you have small fingers like me)!

    While I found it a bit shocking that I received not one but TWO defective products from Crane (both the original humidifier that I bought and the one that they [promptly and without much hassle] sent me as a replacement) I am now very happy with how they function.

    Hopefully, this review will save some of you some time....more info


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