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Product Description

UV technology effectively cleans your brush heads. View larger.
Philips Sonicare introduces a breakthrough innovation with a UV Sanitizer that helps kill up to 99 percent of bacteria* on your toothbrush. With a simple push of a button, UV Clean technology sanitizes your brush head to clean right down to the bristles.

The Sonicare UV Sanitizer not only cleans but also offers a storing solution to help ensure you are maximizing your oral hygiene regimen. Once activated, your toothbrush goes through a 10 minute cycle to kill up to 99 percent of bacteria off your brush head.

The unit fits Sonicare e-series and ProResults brush heads as well as other leading rechargeable brands including Oral B Flexisoft** and Floss Action***. The UV Sanitizer holds up two brush heads at a time. Remember to continue to replace your brush head at least every 3 months to ensure optimal results.

Philips Sonicare is the number one brand used and recommended by U.S. dental professionals. Recognized as a leader in oral health care since 1992, Philips Sonicare products are backed by more than 140 publications representing clinical and laboratory studies conducted at more than 40 universities and research institutes worldwide.

Sanitizes Simple Worry-free

UV Sanitizer Features
UV Clean Technology
Specially engineered Philips UV sanitizing technology helps kill bacteria on brush heads
All Around Clean
The reflector distributes sanitizing light around entire top of brush heads for optimal results
One Touch
Simple push of the button safeguards against bacteria
Auto shut-off
Turns off after 10-minute UV cycle is complete
Hygienic storage for your brush head

Fits These Brush Head Brands

  • Sonicare e-series
  • Sonicare ProResults
  • Oral-B Flexisoft
  • Oral-B Floss Action

What's in the Box
Sonicare UV Sanitizer, one set of brush head attachments for Sonicare brush heads, and one set of brush head attachments for Oral-B Brush heads (note that brush heads are not included).

*Kills up to 99 percent of E. Coli and Streptococcus Mutans
**FlexiSoft is a registered trademark of Braun Aktiengesellshaft Joint Stock Company, Germany.
***FlossAction and Oral-B are registered trademarks of Gillette Canada Company dba.

  • Specially engineered Philips UV sanitizing technology helps kill bacteria on brush heads
  • A simple push of the button safeguards against bacteria
  • Turns off after 10-minute UV cycle is complete
  • Works with Sonicare e-series, Sonicare ProResults, Oral-B Flexisoft, and Oral-B Floss Action brush heads
  • Also offers a storing solution for your brush heads

Customer Reviews:

  • Might make some feel more secure
    This device might make some people feel safer but the principle behind its operation is a bit suspect. For starters, killing 90% of the bacteria isn't that meaningful if the remaining 10% can grow rapidly. While there could be some benefit, hot water is probably close in effect and free. Finally, as another reviewer mentioned, the packaging on this is a real pain to open....more info
  • Sonicare Sanitizer
    My two sons are both potty training, and both of them have been difficult to train. Just days before my Sonicare Sanitizer arrived, I had to throw my boys' toothbrushes away. I'll let you imagine what potty training boys might do with toothbrushes! Although I keep my Sonicare toothbrush in the cabinet, I was still a bit worried about how clean it might be. I was really excited to find out that the UV Sanitizer kills E. coli! I wish my boys' electric toothbrushes fit in the sanitizer, but it's designed for the Sonicare and Oral B brushes. And since a head for my Sonicare toothbrush costs several times what my boys' toothbrushes cost, I don't mind replacing theirs half as much as I would mind replacing the head on my brush. Now, when I brush my teeth, I think about more constructive things (like how to potty train effectively) instead of about whether I'm going to die of E. coli the next day (how long DOES it take to die from E. coli?).

    Because I'm a BzzAgent, I got to try the sanitizer for free. The regular price for the sanitizer is a bit steep, but it's cheaper than hospital bills!!! Not everyone is potty training, but for those who are, this might be the thing for you!

    Although it would be nice to have a larger sanitizer that fits more brushes, I like the fact that the Philips Sanitizer is small and doesn't take up much room on the counter. My husband and I both have Sonicare toothbrushes, and we can sanitize both heads at the same time since both will fit in the unit at one time.

    I'm also hopeful that this winter we'll be healthier than usual as a result of our new Sonicare UV Sanitizer. Maybe we'll pass around fewer colds. That would be great! ...more info
  • Great little machine!!
    After getting the sonicare toothbrush for Christmas and loving it, I saw this deal on Amazon for the sanitizer and thought why not??? I assume it is working, how would I know??? It is easy, only takes 10 minutes. Seems like a good idea....more info
  • Awesome Sanitation Solution for Toothbrush Heads
    The Philips Sonicare toothbrush sanitizing unit is billed as being simple, sanitary and spectacular, according to the packaging description... and my weeklong experience with it affirms all three of these claims. The hardest thing for me about using this device was simply the matter of attaching the correct toothbrush head attachments, as there were four such plastic parts included in the box, and I first managed to mistakenly install the wrong ones in the wrong places. There are only two types of attachments (Oral-B and Sonicare), and only two positions they can go in, so I got to experience how easy it is to remove one set of attachments and replace them with the other... it's pretty straightforward. Once the toothbrush rests are installed by simply clicking them softly into place, they can rotate around the central UV lamp inside the device... which is small enough to fit on a counter near an electrical plug in the bathroom. Placement is important with this device, since it it should not be opened during the ten minutes when it is running, so it needs to be placed out of reach of small children.

    Before getting the Philips Sonicare, I'd been wishing for a way to better ensure cleanliness of my toothbrushes, since it seems obvious that the very process of brushing one's teeth must be placing germs and bacteria on the bristles of the brush that will be used again later that day or the next. While it's possible to run toothbrush heads through the dishwasher, that is a clumsy solution that does not work well for people who brush their teeth more than they do the dishes, and it's also not all that convenient. I've often meant to run my toothbrush through the dishwasher and forgotten to, whereas every day this last week I've intended and managed to run my toothbrush head through the Sonicare system after each time I've brushed my teeth. The brush has come out looking and smelling and feeling clean and sanitized... and while I do not have a bacteria detecting system with which to absolutely confirm the effectiveness of this system, it certainly passes the sense test of appearance, taste, smell, and touch. I already use an air filter which offers UV sanitization as one of its features, so I am familiar with the way fact that UV light has the power to sanitize, and I am aware that a ten minute exposure of a toothbrush to UV radiation seems like just the right length of time to ensure sanitization.

    The Philips Sonicare system is extremely easy to operate, taking just ten minutes to fully clenase a brush "down to the bristles" with a light blinking on top of the unit and the UV light glowing out the side of the unit to indicate it is on and operating. This is a very quiet device, so it's pleasant and rewarding to operate... and a great place to leave the brush head if you set it inside for cleaning and walk away.

    I would highly recommend the Philips Sonicare system to anyone concerned with keeping their tooth brush heads clean and sanitized. I would also recommend the Philips Sonicare to anyone considering the possibility that they can ensure better health for themselves during times when they are vulnerable to colds and flu. Some of us know to wash our hands, clean our doorknobs, and cover our noses then wash our face and hands after sneezing and coughing when sick, but some people are still coming up that learning curve. Using this product could be a relatively inexpensive and easy way for these people to discover for themselves the benefits of increased hygiene vigilance at times when illness is in their household. Keeping one's toothbrush head germ and bacteria free at the brush itself is a great way to help ensure better overall health and well-being, and the Philips Sonicare system is fun, fast, and easy to use. ...more info
  • Ingeniously Simple, Easy to Use, But With A Confusing Package Title !
    Five Stars. This is an ingeniously simple device to keep specific brands of automatic toothbrushes free of bacteria. Just put the toothbrush into the chamber, close the door, push the light blue button on top of the unit, the "UV clean" light begins blinking, the front door glass panel glows blue, and in ten minutes the tooth brush is clean and the unit shuts off automatically (they claim that 99% of bacterial is killed by the UV bulb). I have a Sonicare series e brush which fits perfectly into the chamber and the unit is held in place by the magnet in the base. Special adaptors are used for specific shorter brush heads. I also tried the instructions in terms of accessing the UV bulb (Philips sells the replacement bulbs) and fitting on the four brush attachments (2 attachments for Sonicare e-series and ProResults brush heads and 2 attachments for Oral-B Flexisoft and FlossAction brush heads) and it's a snap in both cases. In all cases, TWO different types of compatible brushes may be simultaneously cleaned and stored in the unit. The large box labeling, however, "Philips Sonicare-the sonic toothbrush"- might lead one to think the brush is included but it is not. The correct label "Phillips Sonicare UV Sanitizer" is in much smaller font to the side: this may confuse some buyers. PLEASE insure your brush head is compatible with this UV cleaner. That aside, this product is Highly Recommended. Five CONVENIENT Stars!!...more info
  • Excellent product
    Such an easy product to use. My husband and I are already in the habit of pushing the button right after both of us have brushed our teeth. Very economical and we feel confident that our brushes are sanitized....more info
  • Product looks good, works as advertised. But is it necessary? Probably not.
    The hardest thing about the Philips UV Sanitizer was getting the package to open as it was extremely difficult to cut through the clear plastic packaging. After that it was a breeze, place the brush heads inside the stainless steel lined chamber - the bristles should face the UV bulb - and plug it in and turn it on. The UV bulb comes on and the sanitizer does the rest. In about ten minutes, your brush heads are germ free. The bulb will only turn on when the unit is closed as a safety measure. When it is closed the translucent window down the front shows that the bulb is on. It's not possible to "see" any results, but it's the clinical way of sanitizing any equipment. You use this sanitizer with Philips Sonicare Elite or Pro or some Oral B brush heads with an adaptor. So the product is designed well and works as advertised which is the reason for the 4 star rating.

    However, if you're thinking whether buying the sanitizer is worth it, here's my take. The Philips website talks about the fact that studies have shown that there are more than one hundred million microorganisms can be found on the brush heads of even healthy individuals. The website also says that bacteria thrive in moist environments and live up to 48 hours even on dry brush heads. When I put my brush head into this sanitizer the UV radiation does the work to kill 99% of the bacteria, however my brush head remains moist till I take it out for next time since it's inside the chamber and does not get a chance to dry off completely. That is probably not a very good thing as per Philips own website which asserts the bacteria thrive in moist environments. So will the sanitizer improve my oral health? I am not sure.

    Also the sanitizer takes quite a bit of space than simply having just a toothbrush in its charger on the sink. Plus there is one more electric cord in addition to your toothbrush charger cord plugged into the outlet which clutters up the bathroom. If you ask me, If I hadn't received this product as a promotion I would not buy it....more info
  • Not All Bacteria
    I bought this not to kill the bacteria that might accrue from general toothbrushing in my mouth, but any bacteria that lingers in the bathroom in general. There is another review which goes into detail about digestive bacteria, etc. which is all very well and good (what? I can give up yogurt?) but I personally am not the only source of bacteria in my bathroom.

    And if I linger on that, I might buy a new toothbrush head daily. Bleah.

    It's proven that this type of product does zap bacteria, that's enough for me. Nice compact size, and it stores nicely too....more info
  • Handy travel case, perhaps more.
    I picked up this product on clearance at a local retail giant store as I was getting ready to go out of town.

    First impression:

    The idea of sanitizing your toothbrush is a fascinating ideal.
    The product design is sleek and fits nicely into the bathroom without being extremely big and industrial looking.

    It also features a cord wrap for storage if you choose to not use it for a period of time.

    It was a handy way to carry our brush heads when we traveled recently.

    Have strong scissors on hand to open the plastic sealed packaging the unit is housed in!

    Instructions are precise and clear. I have a Sonic Elite brush heads so I did not to use the extra including attachments to hold the. Close door, plug in unit and the sanitation cycle begins. Ten minutes later, cycle is completed. Remove brush heads and use as normal. No funny taste after usage.

    Overall impression:

    I read the manual and inserts fully but did not find scientific information of the claims of sanitation. I expected to "notice" a difference after the cycle was ran. No difference. Unfortunately I cannot prove if the product does as it states and I have a problem with not knowing if something truly works or not. In the end this product does not make much "dollar and sense" without some type of proof in the claim. If you happen to find it within the $10.00 range (which is the price of the carrying case Sonic makes) it is a nice carrying case for the brush heads. ...more info
  • Nice product, good idea with cold and flu season coming up...
    This is an attractive, easy to use product. I had no problem setting it up and using it. I am not particularly germ-a-phobic, but I like the idea of being able to sanitize my family's toothbrushes during the winter when we historically cycle through one cold/flu/etc... after another.

    I wish it accepted more toothbrush types, although I did find a fairly inexpensive Oral B for my kids. Since I am using the sanitizer for my whole family, I also wish it could sterilize more than 2 toothbrushes at a time. Regardless, I still I feel quite satisfied with this product for its ease of use and its presumed effectiveness.
    ...more info
  • Provides security to germaphobes, but is it necessary?
    First, this is easy to set up once you survive the hardest part... getting the thing out of its people-proof clamshell. Be careful... it's easy to hurt yourself opening these things -- but this is a problem for a lot of products not just the sanitizer.

    I visit my dentist regularly and change my toothbrush every six months. The dentist has never once expressed concerns about bacteria.

    When I set this up, I looked at the getting started directions and it begins with removing the cover on the bulb and inserting it. Well, the bulb is already in there, so this could confuse people. It should have directions for changing the bulb, but not at the start of the booklet.

    Anyway, any Sonicare toothbrush fits right in the sanitizer case. The kit includes some pads so other brands of toothbrushes can work with this. Unpack, plug in, put toothbrush in with brush facing middle, close door, and push button. That's all it takes -- so this earns points for simplicity. Plus this is sold separately so those who already have a Sonic toothbrush or other brand don't have to buy the double set with toothbrush and Sanitizer.

    Second, is it effective at getting rid of bacteria. I'm not a scientist, so I can't be sure. But as one person pointed out, we've lived without a Sanitizer for years and have gotten along fine without it. However, I'm a freak about germs (not OCD, though) and there's something comforting knowing my toothbrush gets a dose of UVA.

    This is wider than my toothbrush set which has a small charger and the toothbrush sits in it. Plus, this takes up another plug in the outlet. The toothbrush takes one outlet and this takes the other. This could be an issue if you regularly use other gadgets like shavers, hair dryers, curling irons.

    I also did research on keeping toothbrushes clean. The results led me to products... not articles or studies. I did find one article at WikiHow that says getting your toothbrush clean just takes toothpaste (which cleans the brush, too), using water and rubbing the bristles before and after... nothing fancy -- everything you already have....more info
  • No more recycled germs
    We love our Sonicare toothbrush. The cost of the replacement brush-heads was actually quite reasonable, considering you only had to do it every six months, and we found it did an outstanding job for our family. (I loved that the 'beep' after each quadrant helped my kids to keep brushing longer and do a better job!)

    I have long been an advocate of throwing away your toothbrush after you get sick and starting with a clean one so that you don't reintroduce germs to your body through the dirty brush-head. Using the Sonicare we couldn't do that without having to replace the brush-head early and incurring the cost. Enter the UV Sanitizer-- problem solved. Now we clean our brush-heads on a weekly basis and I don't ever worry that we are recycling germs from the brush-head.

    A side note: we had a problem with a bacteria in swimming pools last summer and they tried everyting to get the water clean-- increasing the chlorine in the water to a ridiculous level, closing pools and cleaning them... all to no avail. After researching the problem they have announced that this summer they have a much better plan for keeping the public pools safe for all-- they're going to use UV rays to kill all the bacteria. That just confirmed to me again that this is a really smart investment for a family that wants to keep their teeth clean and healthy without having to buy new Sonicare brush-heads every time someone gets sick. Thanks, Phillips!...more info
  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide Instead!
    There is a much cheaper alternative to this product.

    Go to the drug store and buy a quart bottle of hydrogen peroxide. It should cost about $.99. Come home and fill a small glass with the hydrogen peroxide. Then put your toothbrush in the hydrogen peroxide for about an hour. At the end of the hour you will have a disinfected toothbrush. You will notice that bubbles will form around the toothbrush as the hydrogen peroxide disinfects it. ...more info
  • $50 for piece of mind seems steep
    If this product does what it claims to do then it might be a helpful tool to have in the bathroom. That being said, you have no evidence of anything, although it does offer as a place to store your toothbrush heads and looks cool on a bathroom counter.
    Worth $50? Probably not unless you fear e.coli or other viruses like that. I do believe that it does work, however again at $50 its a lot for piece of mind...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to do great
    While that may be an excellent view for a biologist, there's no denying that the product does what it is intended to do: kill bacteria on brush heads. I've had mine since they first came out and had no problem with it. This space is for product reviews, not scientific theories, by giving a product a bad rating on the principle of the thing you undermine the process and mislead consumers. Sodium laureth sulfate and other similar agents do not act to kill bacteria as was stated:

    "Sodium laureth sulfate is an anionic surfactant that is used in household products such as toothpastes, shampoos, shaving foams, some disolveable asprins, and bubble baths for its thickening effect and its ability to create a lather. The molecule has a tail of 12 carbon atoms, attached to a sulfate group, giving the molecule the amphiphilic properties required of a detergent."

    Those substance are detergents and surfactants used for their foaming properties, they disrupts hydrogen bonding in water causing the bubbling in toothpaste. So, if you value your oral health much then I feel it's a small price to pay for a product that kills the bacteria in tooth brush heads....more info
  • Very good at what it does
    First, the good. It's not overly complicated to use. Simply put your brush head inside, close it, and hit the button on top. After about 10 minutes, your brush head is sanitized. It doesn't take up a lot of space on your bathroom counter, and doesn't look unnecessarily space-age or weird to draw attention to it. It basically sits in the background and does its job.

    Now the bad. While product pictures--even those on the box itself--show the brush heads inside, there are none included with the product. However, there are several adapters included which allow it to fit various newer Sonicare toothbrushes. Those using standard brushes or even competing brands will not find something they can use here.

    I recommend it if you have the right brushes. If not, I wouldn't buy the toothbrushes needed to make this work....more info
  • Another winner from SONICARE
    Once again, sonicare produces a superior product! In times like these, we all need a leg up on taking care of ourselves and staying healthy. This product is an answer to that and very convenient.
    Thanks sonicare!...more info
  • Hooray for Sonicare!
    I like and have numerous gadgets that probably aren't really needed, but to me make life easier and more fun. My friends actually tease me about it, so no one was surprised that I now have this sanitzer.I love my Sonicare Elite 9650 Power Toothbrush which I use 2-3 times daily and I have an Oral B which is saved as a back up. This sanitizer accepts both of my toothbrush heads. I agree w/ others that for this price, it should accept more brands and styles. Based on the info for my pricey air purifier w/ a UV light, I'm inclined to think this item works as advertised. Also humans have the least clean mouths likely caused by less helpful chemicals in our saliva unlike a dog or a cat, so that was one of my reasons to use it. As other reviewers noted, once set up it is a breeze to operate. It is extra clutter in the bathroom even with its small footprint, so I store mine in the vanity cabinet and plan to only use it weekly. I caution anyone w/ young kids not to let them use it, as if opened during operation, the light can potentially damage their eyes. Upon sending in the product registration, you will receive $29.99 in coupons for future Sonicare purchases. I probably will not get another when this one dies unless the price greatly decreases, but for now I like using it....more info
  • Great Product!
    This product is great. It's small, compact, don't take much room on the counter and sanitizes the toothbrush. This should really help during the cold and flu season that is coming up....more info
  • Philip's Sonicare Sanitizer
    This product is everything is was made out to be. I highly recommend it to anyone considering buying it....more info
  • Sonicare UV sanitizer set: small space and WORKS!
    Wow! UV cleaning in a tiny footprint of space and storage for multiple heads. Close the little door with your heads mounted around the center light and turn it on: easy.

    Add on to your basic Sonicare (or a good range of compatible toothbrushes which for the two of us, was a good thing with two different brands) and get those heads sanitized. Safe, compact, and here we are a few months later with no problems. Ours is stored in another room where we(well I) wander around to watch TV around the corner. This unit is so compact that it is easily overlooked in plain site, so, you know, go mobile and put it in, like our home, the office. One of those "luxury" items that once used gets to be essentialy part of the routine by choice. I love a great gadget: this is terrific, economical and gives us a lot of feeling safer about toothbrush sterility. This skeptic's won over!...more info
  • Breaks easily
    After one month took off the protective screen for cleaning. Now it doesn't sanitize - just get a blinking light. The Philips website says the bulb needs to be replaced. Also says the bulb should last five years. Yeah, right. Thank you very much, Philips!...more info
  • Lightweight, easy to use, multi-brand friendly
    The Sonicare UV Sanitizer uses a small but strong light bulb inside a chrome-painted plastic housing to kill electric toothbrush bacteria on a daily basis. All one needs to do is shake the water from the brush head, insert it into the capsule, close the door, and push a button. Ten minutes later, when the small green light stops blinking, the brush head is free of at least 90% of bacteria. (Don't think about the other ten percent!) Does it work? Since I'm not a microbiologist, I can't say for sure, but all the warnings that come with the box suggest that the light is powerful enough to do the necessary damage.

    The Sanitizer comes with adaptors that accommodate brush heads of multiple brands of electric toothbrushes: Sonicare, Oral B, and Braun. Not only do the adaptors address difference in bottom connectors (round or rectangular), but they also adjust for differences in height to keep the bristles at the right level. Users can insert the larger Sonicare brush assembly or a much smaller Oral B brush or both at the same time. (See product picture for illustration.) Since I use an electric toothbrush only once a day and use a traditional brush at other times, I wish that the housing could fit regular brushes as well. That feature might make this product nearly perfect.

    Unfortunately, the unit sterilizes only the brush heads and not the entire brush. This means that the interior needs to be cleaned at least once a week, if not more often, because of the saliva-and-water mix that drains from inside the brush and down its sides. The bottom tray and adaptors snap out fairly easily for cleaning; however, it would be nice if the entire interior compartment emerged germ-free.

    Although the sanitizer comes with strict warnings about not touching the bulb, making it not appropriate for use in the bathrooms of young children, it does have the safety feature of shutting off if the door is opened during operation. The canceled operation won't cool the bulb, but it will stop the UV radiation. The plastic bulb housing seems to protect the bulb adequately from all but the tiniest fingers. (I'm not even sure toddler fingers could get in, although kids have been known to defeat a host of safety devices.)

    The unit is lightweight and compact enough to pack on a trip for those who travel with their electric toothbrushes and who don't like the idea of invisible germs lurking in their bristles, even for a few days. All you'll need is a standard outlet and a small flat surface to set it up.

    I like the Sonicare UV Santizer for its easy of use. Maybe it's giving me a false sense of security since I can't tell whether it works or not, but ignorance can indeed be bliss....more info
  • Works but read the list of supported brushes carefully
    I was intrigued by this product and couldn't wait to give it a try. It was a little more cheaply constructed than I had expected from a Sonicare product, but seems acceptable. Then I tried to load my brush head into it. I had mistakenly believed the part of the description that said it supports most major brand brush heads. I thought the list of models were examples not the only ones that will work. Sadly, I was wrong. My brush, while an Oral-B, does not fit. This, however, was my poor assumption, not the fault of the product so I have not taken anything off the score for this. I just felt it was important to point out in the hopes I might save someone else from making the same mistake.

    Luckily, I was still able to try this out since my sister owns a Sonicare toothbrush so I took it to her house to play with it. Everything functioned as it should and she reported that the toothbrush did feel clean (softer bristles free of residue). Therefore I must conclude that for those with the correct brush, this is a useful product. I deducted one star for the flimsy plastic, as I'm worried that for the price it won't hold up long....more info
  • I guess it works, but is it necessary? Maybe for the germophobe.
    I am reminded of the episode of Mythbusters where they showed that toothbrushes pick up a lot of coliform bacteria (a common indicator of how sanitary something is). I'm sure a lot of people were disgusted by that episode. When you think about it, how many people do you know personally who have contracted E. Coli from their own toothbrush?

    This little device is designed to work with Sonicare, and one other brush manufacturer's brush heads. The idea is that you close-up the brush in the cabinet and turn on the UV light which kills the germs on the brush in about 10 minutes. Now your brush-head is sanitary, I suppose.

    I did manage to jury rig the thing to take the brush heads from my Ultreo and my wife's Oral B brush. It's really not designed to do that though.

    If you use this, you will not notice a difference in the way your brush tastes or performs (unless you've also been using it to clean out your belly-button lint or something). So, how do you know it's working? Well, without a laboratory - you don't.

    I can't honestly say that normal folks need or benefit from something like this, unless you want an iPod looking place to keep your brush heads when not in use. I guess if you had an immune system disorder or disease then this could be a good idea.

    I think people are way too germophobic today. How much anti-bacterial stuff is out there anyway? At least with a UV lamp we aren't raising strains of antibacterial-resistant streptococcus. A better idea is to replace your brushes regularly....more info
  • An Unnecessary Gadget
    Philips Sonicare sounds like a great idea - keeping your toothbrush free from germs on a daily basis. However, this can be done by simply dipping your toothbrush in a solution of hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol (however, rubbing alcohol does not taste good). In addition, this product only works with Sonicare and Oral-B brushes. Regular toothbrushes and other product names don't work with this machine. It's a clean looking machine, but for the money and the space on your bathroom counter, I'd don't think this is much more than a cool gadget. Besides, what do you do when the bulb burns out?...more info
  • Sanitize your electric toothbrush heads
    I used to have a toothbrush sanitizer, but it didn't hold the heads for my beloved electric toothbrush. I love using my Oral-B so much that I have a travel case for it and a travel charger. It really makes a difference in how my teeth stay free of plaque, and my dentist does notice that I use it.

    But since most toothbrush sanitizers are for standard manual brushes, it would be nice to sanitize the heads for the electric brush, especially if you share a unit and just put on your own brush heads.

    This unit is very simple to set up and use. The UV bulb was already installed in my unit. I did have to install some adapters for the Oral B heads--two platforms that clip onto a post and have a nub to set the brush head on securely. This took all of a half a minute to install (getting the unit out of the bubble pack took the most time!) Then I popped a brush onto the post, closed the door, and pressed the button on the top for the sanitizing cycle. This takes about 10 minutes.

    Cleaning the unit is easy because there is a removable drip tray. You wipe the protective screen over the bulb (it must be cool to do this) and wash out the drip tray, wipe the inside of the unit.

    The nice thing about this unit is the 10 minute cycle. You don't need to store the brushes in the unit overnight.

    UV bulbs lose potency over time. When this bulb is weak, the operating light flashes quickly to let you know to replace the bulb.

    This unit holds the following brush heads:
    Sonicare Pro Results
    Sonicare E-Series
    Oral B Flexi-Soft
    Oral B FlossAction

    This is a nice idea to keep the toothbrush clean and sanitary. ...more info
  • A Product In Search Of A Purpose
    This is one of the strangest products that I have ever reviewed. Judging it in its best light, I can say that it works as the manual describes. I inserted two Sonicare toothbrush heads in the sanitizer chamber, I watched the sanitizer's blue glow, and I removed the heads when the green light came on, apparently confident that my mouth would be bereft of bacteria. But was my confidence warranted? Since the manual did not include any scientific information on the efficacy of this product, how do I know that it works as intended? I have many unanswered questions. How soon after the sanitation process do the bacteria regroup? Assuming that the bacteria are killed, am I now healthier or are the bacteria killed anyway during ordinary brushing or by my mouth's immune system? Will this product inadvertently permit a heartier, resistant strain of bacteria to grow on my brush heads? Is this simply the first in a planned line of sanitizers for various parts of the body? Unfortunately, the list of questions is endless, and I, for one, am not persuaded that this product is necessary nor am I willing to make the leap of faith that the manufacturer cleary intends. ...more info
  • Not a biologist but not stupid either
    The "scientist" guy's review (who sounds like he didn't even buy one!) failed to mention all the bacteria in the bathroom as a whole. Every time you flush the toilet bacteria is released into the air (duh, Google it!). I'm far from being a scientist nor am I a germ-a-phobe but I do have common sense. Sure we've lived without this device and have managed to survive all these years but why not keep your toothbrushes in a sleek, nice looking container and have them sanitized as well? The newest version of the Philip's comes with the UV sanitizer compartment attached to the charger which is brilliant. And the guy who couldn't open the packaging...I totally agree! Why do we need to go through wrap rage trying to get the product out? One more thing... people actually put their toothbrushes in the dishwasher????? Gross. Overall I'm very happy. In fact I bought three more to give to family and friends for Christmas!...more info
  • Phillips Sonicare UV Sanitizer
    I purchased the Phillips Sonicare UV Sanitizer because I was concerned about how healthy my toothbrush heads were. I like having this product. It fits nicely on my bathroom counter and is attractive. I not only feel that my toothbrush heads are more germ free, but I also like it because I can store my heads in the sanitizer between using. The sanitizer has a convenient tray that the brush heads fit into and if the tray gets dirty it takes just seconds to clean. I would recommend this product to others.Philips Sonicare UV Sanitizer...more info
  • Good Companion Product for the Sonicare Toothbrush

    I'd just recovered from a sinus infection, when I used my Phillips Sonicare Sanitizer for the first time. I cleaned my Oral-B Flexisoft brush head as per instructions after I finished my antibiotics. (Normally, I buy a new one after I complete them.) I didn't get sick again. I can't say it was the Sanitizer; but I can't say it wasn't. Personally, I think it works.

    The Phillips Sonicare UV Sanitizer is brand-specific. It can only be used with Sonicare, Sonicare ProResults, Oral-B Flexisoft and Oral-B FlossAction heads. If you don't have a Phillips electric toothbrush, you have to use an adapter for the brush head. (The adapters are fairly easy to use.)

    I liked the Phillips Sonicare UV Sanitizer. It's a good idea. And it does what it says it will. However, it's small and requires dexterity that I don't have. Even though this unit is very compact, it's weirdly clunky. I have a difficult time opening the case after each use. I also have difficulty cleaning it. I have arthritis and the small components are really challenge. ...more info
  • Blue Light Special
    I've often read the importance of changing our toothbrushes/toothbrush heads, in order to avoid contaminating ourselves with nasty bathroom germs. I've also read that we can re-infect ourselves with cold/flu germs if we don't replace brush heads when we're ill.

    Is it true? Who knows? Whether it's true or not, I really liked the way this little item performed, and I FELT as though I'd done something healthy for myself.

    I rate the item 5 stars on each of the following:

    1) Packaging (Nice presentation in the box. Great for gift-giving.)
    2) Ease of assembly (Clear, easy to follow instructions. Parts that snap easily into place.)
    3) Space saving (It's a nice small unit, doesn't take up much space on the bathroom counter.)
    4) Ease of use (Plug it in, press the power button; green light flashes. When sanitation is done, light glows solid green and the unit shuts off automatically.)
    5) Effectiveness (I saw a difference in the brush color head after the first use.)

    Does all of this mean it actually works at sanitizing? Again, who knows! But that blue, glowing UV light sure seems as though it'll sterilize!
    So, for the few minutes it takes to run the cleaning cycle, why not feel healthier?

    Recommended....more info
  • Unpack, plug in, fill up, turn on.
    I would have to say that this is probably a good niche product and nice gift for someone who already owns a compatible toothbrush. It is a handy place to store the brush heads in a sanitary manner (if you believe that the UV light kills the bacteria).

    That said, for $50 plus S&H is a bit much for brush storage and cleaning.
    The recharging stand has worked well enough for me in the past, and I've never had any issue with bacteria on my brush heads. Rinse thoroughly after use and tap to get the water out, that should be enough in my opinion. As the "biologist" stated in his review, this seems a bit like overkill.

    This is a simple to use product that probably does what it says.
    But I think I'll give mine to family member who also uses Sonicare brushes and may appreciate more the gadget geekiness of the UV Sanitizer....more info
  • ordering a new bulb
    First let me start off by saying that the product itself is fine. I don't know if anyone else tried to order a new bulb from Philips, but let me tell you that it's not the simplest task. I looked on their website to order one, but it was nowhere to be found. I then sent an email to their customer support people and promptly got a reply with a phone number to call to order. After calling that number, I was put on hold for a while then told that I need to call the manufacturer directly to order a bulb. I called the new number and spoke to someone who also put me on hold. She said I selected the wrong option in the menu and needed to call back and select "other."

    So after all this, I finally spoke to the right person who had me reinstall the bulb to make sure it wasn't working. She then got my contact info and shipped out the new bulb free of charge. Philips could have made the process less annoying, but hey, free bulb....more info
  • Impressive looking but does it work?
    The UV Sanitizer is a very slick looking product that almost
    appears to be a futuristic item. The claim is that this product will
    sterilize the toothbrush of the various power and sonic toothbrushes.
    Does it actually work? Who knows! Is it really necessary to sterilize a
    toothbrush that is about to be placed into one of the most microbe
    ridden environments known- the human mouth? I really can't say.
    Therefore, it is impossible to judge the effectiveness of this product.
    Yet, it is a very impressive looking piece of machinery- neat and
    attractive. ...more info
  • Great product!
    I bought this product just for what it is advertised to do: sanitize my Sonicare brushes. It works quickly and quietly. I am very satisfied....more info
  • Sonicare brush sanitizer
    This works out very well with a Sonicare electric
    toothbrush. It cleans and sanitizes the brush.
    Brushes last longer too...more info
  • It's about time!
    Just after recovering from a bad cold, I started wondering what to do about my sonicare toothbrush. Do I have to toss it and purchase another at a larger cost than my "old" type of manual toothbrush every time I come down with a cold? This could cost a lot of money. I already purchase a new toothbrush every six months and now that time could increase to every few weeks with winter coming on. Then on my computer, I saw the new Sonicare UV Sanitizer. I immediately sent for one and have used it a few times already in the past few weeks. It was easy to set up and operate. It stands on my counter for easy use and has given me a new comfort level about my health and hygiene. It takes seconds to use and will save me money and give me ease of mind. Thanks for sending it my way just in time. It was so easy to order online and I will continue to order future products from Amazon that make my life easier.

    Mary in N.B....more info
  • Plug it In & Go - Nothing Extra Needed
    The Sonicare UV Sanitizer was easy to use right out of the box, with no assembly required. All you have to do is plug it in and it's ready to be used. The unit is small and doesn't take up a lot of room, which is a plus as you begin to accumulate numerous rechargeable products.

    The sanitizing is done by UV light, so there are no cleaning solutions to buy; once you've bought the Sanitizer, you're done. There's a light that flashes while it's working and it stays lit when the (approximately) 10 minute cycle is complete.

    The one caveat is that you need to make sure this fits your brand/model of toothbrush, as you won't be able to use it otherwise.

    When I used a manual toothbrush, I would typically throw one away after having been ill and begin using a new one. I realize there may be no scientific or biological advantage to doing this, but it always made sense to me. It's a little expensive to do that with cost of ultrasonic toothbrush replacement heads, so this is a nice alternative.

    While there is no tangible proof the UV light has actually sanitized the toothbrush head, we'll have to take it on faith that it has - and it's been made quick, easy and relatively inexpensive, so why not? Like the flu shot, just one more line of defense in the war against germs and illness! ...more info
  • Philips Sonicare UV Sanitizer a Must Have
    The Philips Sonicare UV Sanitizer a Must Have for any household. It's easy to set-up, use, and care for. I'm for keeping personal hygiene items as clean as possible; and the Philips Sonicare UV Sanitizer does a fantastic job of meeting my needs. I know it will meet your....more info
  • CLEAN TOOTHBRUSHES FOR EVERYONE (..that has a Sonicare :P)
    I used the sonic care brush cleaner last night. I don't know what to say about that, as what it does is not something you can see, taste, smell, etc. It was easy to set up and use. I certainly will use it in the future. Having a cleaner brush is a good thing, so I don't see anything negative here. The cycle of cleaning is only about 10 minutes, the unit makes no noise and it's just a matter of unscrewing the brush from the handle and sticking it into place. So, very easy, no muss, no fuss. So, I will keep using it and recommend to friends with sonic care TBs. At only $50 this product is really a steal & help keep your brushes fresher longer without having to replace them nearly as often. In my opinion this is a must buy item for anyone that owns a Sonicare brush....more info
  • Totally unnecessary
    This UV sanitizer is designed to sanitize your toothbrush head by saturating it with UV light, which is supposed to kill all the germs and bacteria that could be on it. The unit fits 2 brush heads, but before you even start to consider buying one, you should definitely read the list of brush heads that will actually fit (it's mostly Sonicare and OralB heads).

    Does the product do what it says? Yeah, I guess so. You fit the brush head inside, close the door, push the button, and a bright light turns on for 10 minutes, then turns off. Presumably during that time period, 99% of the bacteria have been killed. Since it appears to do what it claims to, I give the product more than one star.

    However, I have to echo the sentiments that more scientifically-trained reviews have expressed. This product is in almost every way unnecessary--I have never, nor do I know anyone who has ever gotten sick or a bacterial infection from their toothbrush. Exposure to a moderate level of bacteria is actually GOOD for you, since it acts as a sort of exercise for your immune system, strengthening it for more dangerous infections. When you use products like this and other germophobic products, you're probably actually increasing your risk of having a serious infection. I can only recommend this product to people who have compromised immune systems or are seriously germophobic and can only sleep at night with the peace of mind that a product like this gives. The bottom line: you could do so many other and better things with your $50 than spend it on a plastic light-bulb case that kills germs that weren't getting you sick in the first place....more info


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