AirFree Air Purification System - P2000

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Product Description

AirFree Air Purification and Filtration System Features & Specifications AirFree P2000 - Air Purifier The AirFree P2000 is gaining solid recognition with their award winning air purifiers. This silent air purifier uses a patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS) technology which has been proven through rigorous testing to sterilize air. It is this technology that accounts for reducing microorganism room count by an average of 90%! This new technology out performs most normal high efficiency particulate air purifiers such as HEPA, ionizers, and ozone.One of our favorite things about the AirFree machine is that it is completely silent and maintenance free! No more noisy fans or expensive filters or bulbs to replace - the AirFree is as quiet as a light bulb and requires absolutely no cleaning or replacement parts. The AirFree Air Purifier is perfect for protecting your home and family, especially those with babies and expecting mothers. Air quality is extremely important, be sure you take the proper precautions. What the AirFree P2000 Purifies:MoldPet danderTobaccoOdorsOzoneVirusesBacteriaPollenDust MitesParasitesRelief from allergens, dander and moldFeatures:Quality constructed and easy to use!550 Sq. Ft coverageHelps prevent the spread of colds and illnessesMaintenance Free - no filters to replaceNoiselessOzone Reduction TechnologyPatented technologyAwarded design Small and portableAnti-stress lightLow energy consumption3 year warrantySpecifications: ModelAirFree P2000 - 550 sq. ft. coverageDimensions8.4" Depth X 10.4" HighPower120V / 60Hz / 12 WattsWeight3.1 PoundsWarranty2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

  • 99.99% Efficiency Independently Tested.
  • Exclusive TSS (Reserved) ozone free Technology. Destroys indoor ozone
  • Maintenance Free and Noiseless. No extra expenses
  • Exclusive Adjustable Anti Stress Blue Light.
  • Focus on: mold, bacteria, virus and allergens
Customer Reviews:
  • Overpriced and Ineffective
    The AirFree P2000 literature claims that the product incinerates bacteria by heating the air to 400 degrees fahrenheit, and uses convection current to circulate air through the unit.

    I was skeptical, but as we were looking for a product to help with our kid's allergies, decided to give it a try. There was absolutely no difference in the quality of the air in their bedroom after a few weeks. The documentation does correctly state that the product does not work with allergens or dust that has settled on surfaces of the room, only for things floating in the air.

    However, the convection current is not nearly strong enough to really pull enough air through the unit to do any good at all. If you slap the carpet right next to the unit and look at the dust that billows up, most of it will settle right back on the ground next to the Airfree - even right next to the air intake vents, you can not see even the slightest pull of the dust towards the unit - it just settles right back down on the ground.

    The documentation also states that you need to keep it on for at least a week to notice any effect. However, just the airflow from under any bedroom door will replace more air in the room in one day than this unit can clean in a month, guaranteed! And that's if you leave the door closed.

    Think of it this way - you could get the exact same effect by leaving a burner on an electric stove turned on 24 hours a day. Would you even consider this as a solution to your asthma? It's just a waste of electricity.

    The unit is outrageously overpriced at $239. I opened it up to see what was inside. As expected, it's just a basic control circuit with a ceramic heating element. As far as the parts go, there is less here than what is used to build a regular $25 coffee maker or toaster. Ok, they don't manufacture this in mass produced volume, but they would still make a very good profit if it was sold for $50.

    There's not many products that I would give zero stars to, but this is one of them....more info
  • Highly recommended and costumer service very polite...
    this product is recommended by doctors in Brazil ,and I asked the doctor here in USA because our allergies from pollen , mold and dust is so bad each year , so I bought this one here and it`s working wonderfull in our room, we ( my husband and I)are sleeping better because we are breathing better,I couldn`t think about the spring and pollen season, but now I`m waiting for ... .I had some problem with fedex delivery ,whose was resolved very fast by customer service and the guy that attend me , Barry Midwinter, was so polite , I appreciate it so much.So what you are waiting for ..., buy yours and breath and live better......more info
  • Didn't know it was working, till I moved it, then noticed the difference!
    You have to dust it off, but it seems to take the allergens and bacteria out of the air. People come over, we don't get sick as often. I moved it to another room, and then my husbands allergies started up again, put it back and they stopped. ...more info