iRobot Roomba 410 Intelligent Floorvac Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Red

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The Roomba iRobot 430 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is not only easy-to-use, but it also includes an array of convenience features. Simply press the Clean button and the vacuum's artificial intelligence determines the room size and adjusts automatically from wood, tile, linoleum and low-to-medium pile carpet. Integrated sensors detect dirt and increases intensity of cleaning in that area. A three-stage cleaning system and a wide cleaning path uses counter-rotating brushes that scoop large debris into the dustbin and a vacuum to pick up fine particles, dirt and pet hair. Its edge-cleaning spinning side brush, combined with wall-following technology, removes dirt and debris from the base of walls, from corners, and other hard-to-reach places. The vacuum's stasis sensor detects when it's stuck and employs pre-programmed escape routines to free itself. Automatic Surface Transitioning - The entire cleaning head adjusts automatically for both carpet and hard floor surfaces Automatic Stair Avoidance System - Leave it by itself without worrying about it falling down your stairs 3x Bagless debris bin - Roomba's bagless bin now holds three times the dirt Wall following - Teamed with the side brush, clean right up to the walls Air Filter - Prevents dust and dirt from entering Roomba's vacuum system or your air Advanced Power System - Microprocessor-controlled charging system that provides up to 120 minutes of cleaning power 7-Hour Charger - Charge Roomba's batteries in seven hours Active Dirt Response - Detects dirtier areas and automatically increases the intensity of Roomba's cleaning Stasis Sensor - Immediately detects when it.s stuck and initiates its careful escape routine Cleaning Intelligence - Automatically calculates how long it needs to work to clean your entire room Dimensions - 18.3 x 14.9 x 4.7 Weight - 10 pounds

  • Entry-level robotic floorvac with dirt detection and infra-red cliff sensors
  • Auto adjusts to any floor surface; 2-hour continuous cleaning; easy-to-empty debris bin
  • Edge-cleaning sidebrush; stasis sensor; virtual wall for confining to designated area
  • Rechargeable APS battery, 7-hour charger, 1 virtual wall, and air filter included
  • Measures approximately 13 by 4 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • If only I could give less than 1 Star!
    After owning this Roomba for approximately 6 weeks & using it approx. once a week, it stopped working. It no longer will hold a charge & will only turn on for a couple minutes. But since I am past the 30 day return policy, it is now just a piece of junk in my garage!

    I have purchased numerous items, too many to count, from Amazon and this is the first real "dud". I am so very disappointed since the Roomba is not cheap! I suggest seriously reconsidering before buying this product....more info
  • Love it!
    This thing works great. We love just turning it on and watching it go. It works very well for smaller rooms, for larger rooms, it runs out of batteries before it finishes, so we split it up by using the room divider....more info
  • wow...awesome little machine!
    OK, first let me start by telling you I purchased this based on a friends review. They have 2 dogs and we were discussing the dog hair situation. I usually take the large vacuum to the floors 2-3 times per week. I was sick of this. I know walk out the door in the morning with the Roomba runs for approx 1 hour and OH MY Goodness the dirt and dog hair it picks up in that one hour! The dirt reservoir is full when I come home to empty it. If it was capable of running over an hour it would need a larger reservior. I love it! My wife was skeptical but now she loves it. Once a day for an hour is awesome. We have three dogs..white lab, black lab and a coonhound. Two of them shed constantly. WE can now walk on our floors without dirt and dog hair being a problem...I would love trialing the one that washes the floor next. I have been simply amazed by this maching. Yes I was skeptical at first but I will never be without it as long as we have the three dogs!
    Buy it will never regret it! (As far as getting stuck..only once under my dishwasher and we have had it for several months now!)
    We call it Helen after my mother in law who vacuums every day! Buy it Buy it Buy it and oh yes.......BUY IT!...more info
  • Fine while it lasts
    Rommbas just aren't tough enough to do the job. They have plastic gears, the mechanisms and the computer board are not protected from dirt. There is an optic dirt sensor that is not protected from dust either.

    I think I spent more time cleaning the Roomba than I ever would have vaccuuming and now that the motor refuses to turn the brushes I'm done with it. People rave about how great it is for pet hair, but 2 short-haired cats seemed to produce enough hair to defeat mine.

    I bought a 12 lb. Hoover for $50 that does a better job faster and takes less of my time because it doesn't get clogged by the fur and I don't have to continually take it apart and clean it....more info
  • Awesome for 30 months, still going strong
    I bought my Roomba 410 here more than two and half years ago. I run it over my whole house, twice a week and I follow all of the care instructions (except for the ones about changing the filter often). I had to replace the battery after a year and a half because it was no longer holding a charge, but hey, that's to be expected. I replace my laptop battery more often than that.

    People are always skeptical about the Roomba until they see how clean my floors are. Several of my friends and family have bought one and have been happy. Even my set-in-her-ways, anti-technology granny uses and loves hers.

    Get one. You'll be happy you did. Your pets won't mind it either. Even my scared-y cat barely notices it. ...more info
  • low life battery - very poor return policy
    I purchased the iRobot Roomba Floorvac 6 weeks ago. It only worked for about 15 minutes and we kept thinking the battery would get a full charge and work longer. Instead it went down to five minutes, which is unacceptable. However, since we are past one month on Amazon, I can not return it under Amazon's return policy for full price. I have not been able to figure out how to return it as a defective product for full price and shipping. We are very disappointed and absolutely recommend not buying this product online from Amazon, and although I have bought many products from Amazon, I will probably not buy electronic products again. Amazon's return policies are not adequate and Amazon's website for defective products is really deficient. ...more info
  • iRobot
    this is my favorite little fellow. He works and works while I watch and watch. I empty his tray a couple of times. I am so pleased that I purchased my little friend. He is a time saver for me. I have a cat and my little friend (gotta figure out a name) cleans the carpets for me about three times a week. Keeps things looking great. I'd recommend it for anyone who has a large open area. I do prep the room but it takes little work for me as I don't have a ton of "things" sitting around. Love my new friend....more info
  • Roomba
    After owning a Roomba, and correlating my experience with several other users, I believe all Roomba's can be summarized in one sentence, "Great while they last". Unfortunately, they rarely last much past their warranty period. I believe Roomba has created a huge brand problem for themselves as being low quality, and after all new users are dried up they will be in trouble. I hope another vacuum company is going to introduce a more reliable product sometime soon....more info
  • the best thing EVER!!
    This is the best thing I have bought for myself in forever! I have a huge floor that is all laminate. I hate to sweep! We live in the desert and sand is constantly blowing in the house or being tracked in by the dog and the husband and the kid. I can turn on "spot" while I am getting ready for work, and when I am done getting ready, the floor is clean! ...more info
  • Great help!
    Well, first of all, I want to say that this is not a replacement for your regular vacuum cleaner!

    That said, it is a great thing to have around. Let me give you some background information regarding my situation and use for this little machine...

    I have 5 cats in a three-story townhome and need to vacuum my place a couple of times a week. Once a month, I have a cleaning lady who does a more thorough cleaning (and uses the regular vacuum), but I still need to do some vacuuming a couple of times a week because the carpet ends up covered with cat hair, dust, etc.

    But I also work full-time and have about 2 1/2 hours of commute every day, so I really don't feel like spending the time vacuuming when I am home. That's why I bought this toy.


    - To be honest, you should always have it running while you can keep an eye on it. The manual says it will learn the location and you only need to supervise it the first couple of times you use it, and it may very be that I will use it on different floors with different layouts alternatively so it doesn't get to learn the floor plan, but it has a tendency to get stuck on the same spots, so it's good to at least keep an ear on it while it works so you can come and rescue the little beast when it gets stuck.

    - Also, the cleaning isn't as thorough as what you get with a full-sized, regular vacuum cleaner.


    - Even if you need to keep an eye (or ear) on it, you can let it run around while you are doing other things that you need to do yourself, like the dishes, watching TV, playing cards, working on your bills, etc.

    - It beats the hell out of having to pull the heavy and awkward vacuum cleaner out of the closet, drag it up and down the stairs and doing the vacuuming yourself!

    All things considered, it was a great investiment! I know it's $150, but I would be paying the cleaning lady more than that extra per month if I had her coming over every week, as I had at my other place because the mess of hairs just used to get out of control.

    Good luck! :)...more info
  • Great! It's like having another pet, but it cleans up
    I really like this product. I bought it for my boyfriend because I thought he'd like a robot, and it would be funny, but we've ended up liking it much more than I anticipated. I have three dogs and a long haired cat, so our floors always seem dirty and we both hated lugging out the big vacuum. This little gadget is cute, fun, and doesn't upset our pets. It cleans much more thoroughly than I thought it would. It even seems to have a personality (we named him Rufus). Whenever a room looks dirty, we just take Rufus in and shut the door. A little while later, it's clean, like magic. Our dogs seem to tolerate it like an annoying puppy. They just stay out it's way while it's working. Very cool, if you like robots, because it's fun to watch how it navigates around obstacles. Also great if you have a lot of fur on your floors. Our house is mainly hard woods, with one carpeted room. It handles it all fine, and only occasionally gets hung up on throw rugs....more info
  • Works for me!
    I really like the Roomba 410. I especially like the fact that it gets
    under my beds. That was always the hardest part of cleaning....more info
  • Love my Roomba(s)....Hope they last!
    Had a Roomba (silver I think) for a year before it "died". Bought two refurbished "reds" from Amazon about two years ago. Now don't get excited, they did sit idle for almost a year (don't ask why). I have them both out again and am using them on alternating days. They do a fine job picking up cat hair, dog hair and general dirt from carpet, hardwood floors, terrazzo, and linoleum. I use them throughout my whole house and love that they keep my floors TIDY.

    Using Roomba gives me the extra time and energy needed to actually mop my floors weekly...something that did not happen when I had to run a vacuum cleaner and broom around my whole house. I clean the brushes after each use (not a big deal if you do it often) and empty the lint filter many times throughout each use (I have a LONG-haired cat!). Not a big issue, whenever I walk by it, I empty it. In the meantime, I can do laundry, do some exercises, pay bills, play on the internet, multitasking at its best.

    I have my fingers crossed that these will LAST, but recognize from my own experience and these reviews, that Roomba seems to have a lifespan of little over a year of use. Still, for me, it is worth it. My floors are far cleaner than they would be and it is still cheaper than weekly maid service. I took away stars because you never know if you will get a "lemon" or not with this company and because the lifespan is so incredibly short. It doesn't make sense to spend more than $100 on one of look for sales/deals! I believe I bought it 2 for the price of 1....more info
  • Roomba 410
    I love my Roomba 410 to death.
    This is one of the cheaper version, but it fits my particular situation. A small apartment, tile floor, uncluttered. Under those conditions, this thing works great. I run it once a day, and my floor is cleaner than it's ever been. It can't reach edges and so it leaves a tiny strip around edges, so every once in a while I run the fine-tipped suction tube of my old carpet cleaner around all the edges to get that.
    The bottom line is that is now easy to have an apartment with clean floors. Put the Roomba down, it does its thing for an hour and quits, pick it up and clean it, put it back on the charger and you're done. Cleaning requires a grand total of three minutes, so whereas I once vacuumed once a month, I now vacuum once a day.
    And my floors are clean, and they STAY that way.
    I have some extension cords down but it NEVER gets stuck on cords. It'll drag the cords around but it has never gotten stuck. It's amazing to watch this thing go into a tight spot, bounce around cleaning, and come right back out.(I've done some programming. The program in this thing has got to be VERY sophisticated.) It gets under beds, tables, and chest of drawers, no problem. I don't have any rugs so can't say anything about how it handles rugs.
    I have two cats. This thing picks up cat hair by the ton. The cats get used to it in about a week.
    Replacement batteries appear to be expensive, but I've already got a line on a place that reconditions batteries, and the present battery will probably last until the warranty expires.
    For my small apartment (around 500 square feet) the seven-hour-to-charge battery is as effective as the three-hour-charge battery, because it can all gets done on one charge. Besides, as a chemist I've got a feeling the seven-hour battery is likely to last longer.
    Initially, the first three or four days, expect this thing to pick up a ton of dirt. In fact, on first use I recommend stopping it halfway through the run and emptying it. With daily use, the normal load will drop to a little dirt and cat hair. Depending on traffic in the room(kids, you know.I have no kids.), of course.
    I believe the next cheaper model does NOT have the dirt sensor. (The dirt sensor is a thing that detects it has hit a particularly dirty spot. When this happens, the Roomba will stop and pay particular attention to that spot. It'll flash a little blue light in outraged indignation while it circles around cleaning that spot.) I recommend getting the dirt sensor (which my Roomba has). In my opinion, a Roomba is much more efficient when it can detect it has hit a dirty spot.
    I already know I want one those Scooba thingies, too....more info
  • Watch Roomba clean for you!
    I know Roomba has been around for a couple of years and this is an entry level model. It does an amazing job! It will run around the house and clean while you watch TV or just sit around and watch Roomba cleaning! I love it! However, if you have a little more cash to spare, go with a higher model that has something called a home base. This one you have to plug it in to charge and unplug it and push the buttons so that it can start working. If you have a big house or your place is full of dust/hair (like mine), it might run out of battery mid way and get stuck. The one with a home base is smart enough to go back to the base to recharge before it runs out of battery. (If you played laser tag before, it's a similar concept - fight - go back to base to charge - and go out to fight more till the battle is over)
    Either way, get a Roomba - this basic model or a fancier model with a home base! :)...more info
  • Excellent robot vacuum
    This is the fourth roomba that I've owned and I love them. Even this most basic model expertly picks up dog hair around the house. I run this vacuum at least 3 days a week and it is perfect for cleaning up while I am out. No complaints....more info
  • Awesome device! Get one!
    First off, I want to say - get this product through Amazon directly. The third party resellers don't appear to stock product inventory and it can take weeks to ship (had to cancel a previous order from a third party reseller for this reason).

    As for the iRobot Roomba 410:

    Awesome little device. I use it downstairs in my kitchen and living area. I have two cats and a stained concrete floor and it does a magnificent job picking up cat hair and other miscellaneous dirt, bugs, etc. The first time I ran it, after only 20 minutes, I stopped it and opened the dust bin - pulled out a massive ball of cat hair and dust I wasn't even aware was on the floor. Over time, the amount of debris I have extracted from the unit has decreased substantially indicating it is doing its job. Fantastic - exactly why I bought it!

    The cats love it; they follow it around and jump out of the way when it decides to suddenly turn in their direction.

    Like any mechanical device, there are a few quirks and things to be aware of:

    1.) It can get hung on power cords and rug edges. Watch the unit for the first few times you run it and (if possible) modify your space to eliminate these hazards (I taped down my rugs in a few places which helped a lot). Afterwards, you can let it run without worry.
    2.) It has a small dust bin and as such, may need to be stopped and emptied every 20 minutes or so (at least on the first few runs, or until the room starts to become clean).
    3.) Let it run until the battery goes down (about 45-60 minutes). This maximizes battery duration and performance. Accept the fact that the battery will expire in a year or so (maybe less) and you'll have to buy a replacement from iRobot (50 bucks, big deal).
    4.) The unit is made almost entirely of plastic. I estimate a life expectancy of approximately 4-5 years, maybe longer if I clean it regularly and replace the brushes, bearings, etc. when needed (all available for order in iRobot's website). By that time, I'm sure iRobot will have 4th or maybe 5th generation Roombas available and I'll definitely be in the market for a new one!
    5.) Don't expect it to return to its charging base every time. In my case it usually doesn't. I just pick it up and set it on the charger (maybe one day it will find it on its own and surprise me).

    Overall, I'd give it a 9 out of 10. It efficiently does the job it is designed for, has a great "coolness" factor and it is a heck of a lot of fun to watch!
    ...more info
    I bought a refurb model of this and it is AWESOME. Picks up hair from 2 dogs. The only problem I have had is the dirt drawer sometimes comes off so have taken to taping it on and now it is PERFECT! LOVE IT! ...more info
  • Rawhide!
    Roomba Roomba Roomba Roomba Roomba (song like Rawhide)! What a great product! And this model is at a great price : )...more info
  • Two roombas and both error out and don't work
    My first roomba quit working and they would not repair it nor give a discount on a new one. I had all the extras so I bought a second one, each computer chip went nuts and quit or it then only goes in an error circle. Called at least 3 times to help desk left on hold over an hour.

    The batteries die out and are expensive to replace and charger cord covering so thing it cracked.
    ...more info