Bissell 3260B Pet Pack Vacuum-Cleaner Attachments

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Product Description


  • Specially designed tools for easily vacuuming up pet fur and dander
  • 6-inch-wide TurboBrush with rotating brush and magnet-like rubber fingers
  • Flexible contour tool removes fur from curved or hard-to-reach areas
  • 2 adapters allow the tools to fit onto most major brands of vacuum cleaners
  • 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
    Finally an item that really works for pet lovers!! This will work on just about everything with great results..My furniture is cat hair free!!...more info
  • Bissell 3260 Pet Pack Vacuum-Cleaner Attachments
    The various attachments work as advertised, but would be even better if adaptors for longer, non-Bissell-brand extension hoses were included. Also, a wider turbo-brush attachment would be nice....more info
  • Great- really works
    I was surprised at this product. I have three greyhounds...yes they do shed. This really works!...more info
  • Dog hair everywhere - this does a great job!
    I use this to vacuum dog hair off furniture, beds etc. Works very well. Better than a brush attachment or those pet attachments....more info
  • Great product
    Works great! Using it on a shop vac. Getting the same results for a lot less money! Rugs & furniture are FINALLY clean of pet hair!!!!...more info
  • Wonderful
    This is a wonderful item to purchase if you have pets. It is very easy to use and the product is all that it says. It is a good investment. ...more info
  • Great Product for Pet Owners!
    This is a great product for pet-owners. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats (and therefore lots of fur!) and this is great. Completely compatable with my vacuum- well made and heavy duty....more info
  • Pet hair vacuum attachements
    These work much better than the typical attachments, especially the one with the rotating brush....more info
  • The best $30 I have spent
    I purchased these in hopes of getting something that would get rid of dog hair. I am happy to say that this was the PERFECT answer. I have a Bissell Lift off vacuum from about 5 years ago before they added the turbo brush. Since they released the new Revolution which included the turbo brush, I thought I would have to purchase the vacuum in order to get the tools. Thank heavens I found this kit. My husband said it returned our furniture from FURniture to actual furniture that looked almost new again. I have 2 dogs and a cat that think they own the furniture and now I am able to sit on the furniture without the worry of looking like I am carrying the dog with me. I do like the fact that it also comes with an adapter for other vacuums so that I can use it in my vehicle with the shop vacuum also....more info
  • Best Product I've bought in years!!
    Bissell got it right with this product! I have 3 dogs & 2 cats that love my blue couches! I've tried everything to get the hair off but this is only product that worked. I use the attachements with my Shopvac to get my couches clean. It also works on curtains, rugs & cat beds! Now if I could only get the animals to let me use this product on them!!...more info
  • Awesome !!!!!
    Just what I needed to get the job done. I love this pack it eats the hair right off of the couch like Cookie Monster getting a cookie!!:) I was looking to get another vaccum but my vaccum has great power and suction and I hatted to just throw it out so I thought I would try this first 30.00 for this compared to 130.00 for a new vac.. is worth a try. It put money in my pocket.. There was nothing wrong with my vac it just need a little help, and the Bissell Pet Pack did and does the job right.......more info