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On Just Like You, her sophomore disc, Keyshia Cole proves for a second time--for sure and way beyond the shadow of a doubt--that she's headed for Mary J. Blige-style hugeness. If 2005's The Way It Is won fans for its bottomless vocal appeal and mild grit, Just Like You scores with a more potent and refined dose of the same. Right out of the gate these tracks grab hold: "Let It Go" latches onto a groove and rides it hard, and not just because Lil' Kim and Missy Elliott are gripping, too. It's a Keyshia-derived attitude, an even-keeled brand of cool, that seeps into all 14 songs and gives them heft and substance. Hear it on "Got to Get My Heart Back" and "Give Me More," two of the best and most honest-sounding tracks on a disc that got a lot of help--Diddy guests, and so do T.I., Too $hort, and Young Dro--but clearly didn't need it. Count on Just Like You landing on a lot of R&B top 10 lists for 2007. --Tammy La Gorce

LAST YEAR KEYSHIA COLE ROSE TO BECOME AN R&B PHENOMENON. USA Today said Cole separates herself from the average R&B/pop diva, as she makes you feel her heartbreak without the histrionics; and People said- [Keyshia Cole] shows that she is more than just a pretender on the thrown and Rolling Stone said Cole serves up grit beyond her years. Her fans agreed, The Way It Is went PLATINUM. Keyshia's sophomore album entitled Just Like You demonstrates that with earnest desire and dedication you can succeed; anyone can, like you!

Customer Reviews:

  • Job Well Done!
    I really like this cd. You can see the mature of Keyshia Cole in this album. My only problem is that she did not thank her fans. I would never buy another Keyshia Cole album. Keyshia you must thank your fans(hint: they buy your cds)...more info
  • I'm in love....
    Hot Damn, Keyshia, Keyshia, Keyshia...you are all that and a bag of chips and so is this album. Another impressive release from a diva following in the same successful path as Mary J. Matter fact, she reminds me of Mary J. first starting out, bringing that gritty/thuggish RnB quality to her music, and yet still hitting you with that soft side every woman possesses. This is a must buy, I love this album front to back, another hit for the year of 07'....more info
  • Ms. Cole Better keep her last name
    "I really got to get my heart back to the way, it use to be," Thank you KC for recording a song that reminded me of what needed to be done after a breakup. ...more info
  • A Good Sophmore Album
    I have to honestly say that I enjoyed this one much more than the last. I found myself skipping past songs on her freshman debut, but this one had me getting my jam on from beginning to end. Keyshia is definitely growing as a singer, and I see her lasting a long time in the music biz. ...more info
    Not the best I would have imagined from Keyshia but very good and safe. Good mix of ballads and club hits!...more info
  • Five out of twelve ain't bad....
    I am a huge Keyshia Cole fan and couldn't stop playing her first CD "The Way It Is." This album is not as good. Don't get me wrong, she does have some good tracks like "Sent From Heaven", "I Remember",Should've Let You Go" and "Was It Worth It". The rest of the album is just listenable. If she had more thoughtfiul lyrics to showcase her growth and maybe some backup singers.... it would be better....more info
  • Beyond Excellent
    This cd should be number one everywhere. Keyshia's got it going on. THE BEST CD I HAVE PURCHASED THIS YEAR....more info
  • No Fallin Off
    Keyshia Cole expands on the things that made her debut album such a successful classic debut and catapulted her into stardom. Even though it seems like she follows the Mary J. Blige formula, her music is undeniably honest and truthful. Having gone through heartbreak time and time again and having family issues, her emotion and lyrics are felt and people tend to relate to her just as they did a young MJB. Coupled with a gigantic voice and stories to tell, Keyshia Cole has established herself as an icon for the young generation. The classic ballads that she is known for are here ( I Remember and Work It Out) as well as the great midtempos (specifically Give Me More, Got To Get My Heart Back, and Let It Go). Last Night ft. Diddy is thrown on there for good measure. Keyshia Cole delivers on her sophomore effort and if you slept on it then wake up!...more info
  • Exceptional CD - Exceptional Vocals
    I was introduced to Keyshia Cole thru her latest release A DIFFERENT ME. I had no idea who she was but read a review of it, listened to some sample tracks and gave it a shot. I loved it, so much that I looked at her other work and saw all the raves for this JUST LIKE YOU, her second release. I purchased this and am so glad I did. I knew she was popular and also know that often second releases by artists are subpar. A DIFFERENT ME introduced me to a particular side of Keyshia and JUST LIKE YOU revealed yet another. In no way does this seem like a sophmore effort. This girl can SING !!! There is much comparison to her and Mary J. Blige. The only similarities I see are that both are immensely talented and possess strong, emotive vocals. Mary J sings with a rough edge to her voice while Keyshia's is just as powerful but with a gritty edge that has a more "pretty" quality. Her voice can mezmerize with its range.

    It is amazing that Keyshia Cole is so young, in her 20s, but for me why her music works is because all her songs clearly come from the soul and for such a youngin she has experienced a great deal. This comes across strongly and her music seems much older than her years. With so much music today dubbing and overdubbing the singers voice it is refreshing to hear music here with Keyshia's voice strongly in the forefront untouched, sincere and strong.

    For me there is not a miss on this set but there are certainly some standouts. With the uptempo numbers as well as the slower songs and ballads a smooth r@b groove permeates throughout the whole cd with her vocals leading it all. I REMEMBER is a defining moment for me with FALLIN OUT coming in a close second. LET IT GO, DIDN'T I TELL YOU, GOT TO GET MY HEART BACK and WORK IT OUT are all excellent.

    Bottom line, Keyshia Cole is not an overproduced product but a true artist. She is an amazing talent and it is reflected with each release. Her music shows her growth with her craft as well as with her own self. She sings from the heart and soul and possesses amazing vocal gifts. Her voice is raw, powerful and emotional with an exemplary range. If she wants it, a huge and long future is in the wait for her. What a huge talent.

    Highly recommend this cd....more info
    I just bought the newest CD of Keyshia Cole latest album. Just Like You. This Young Lady is a Phemon in the Music Business of late. She is in a class of her own. Although she will be compared to Mary Blige and nonetheless the Soul that Reigns and there vocals echos and there delivery of there songs. Mary Blige is a class of her own. Keyshia will be a Class of her own. I would encourage all everyone to purchase this album because is fresh from the beginning to the end. Keyshia put allot of heart into this album and it comes off astonshing. I would give Keyshia a 5 Star. Why all the tracks are not only appealling, diverse and compelling she is telling a story and you are looking for more to hear from her. I have My Personal Favories :

    1. Let It Go 5 Star Amazing!!!- The flow and dynamics anyone can relate too. Thsi track on this CD set the tone for the Album Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. The Melody (sample) from Mtume song titled (Juicy Fruit)

    2.Didn't I Tell You -4 Stars I really like this song. It grew on me but once you hear it a few times it is Amazing and Thought Provoking. The Beat is Awesome!
    3.Fallin Out 4 Star-Amother Amazing Melody
    4. Give Me More- 5 Star Amazing Track
    6. Should Have Let Go! 5 Star Amazing Track- The melody is Amazing
    7. Heaven Sent-5 Star- The chords are amazing the word and melody is so Gorgeous
    9. Got to Get my Heart Back - Very Nice and Refreshing
    11. Just Like You! Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, 5 STARS I just love the medlody and words -So Rich and Amazing. It puts you in tears if you listen to the words. It is AWESOME
    13. Last Night 4 Stars - this song grew on me over time. Innovating. Refreshing
    14. Remix Let It Go! What can I say 5 Star Once Again!
    Go Out In Get This Album.
    I can really appreciate Keyshia. She wore her heart on the lyrics, and music. She put allot of thought and the Outcomes Amazing Album.

    A Story/Album everyone can relate too. I can't wait to see her next album come out.

    I love all the track although they have there own appeal and favor.

    Just Like You-You Go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Giving more
    While my movie and book reviews are always substantial, I decided to try and review the music that helps me trek through the snowy days lately. Keyshia Cole makes me wish I could sing! LOL...

    I love this CD. At first I only purchased the CD to hear LET IT GO remixed, but after allowing the entire CD to play, this girl is seriously talented. Just Like You, Keyshia's sophomore release, proves that she is in the right business. ...more info
  • Ms. Keasha Did it Again! Pure Truenesss
    She has taken this Cd to another Level. If you didnt have the Last Cd.Keyshia Cole - The Way It Is you missing OUT. If you didnt See both of her dvd collections of her reality Show YOU Missed Out. I cant See why they Voted so Low On this Cd she Came Better and a Little More Polised and in Shape. She sat back and had talks with Mary J Blige because she been there and she wanted Keyshia to know that theres a better way to be a Women about your Business and Classy. She put her heart in this One. You can tell she was Singing about her Sister Sistutions tooo! and thats good. that women can come together and have that unconditional love for one another. Whom Ever Writes a Review you have too actual listen to the Cd More than Once before your make a wack commet on something! if you not Feeling a Artist then dont Post. ...more info
  • Not as hungry as debut
    She's hot and definitely talented, but this album seems smushy compared to the first one. So much-"Why'd you do me wrong" it's almost sickening. The Way It Is was much more open, revealing-this one feels closed and processed. Her voice gets her three, though. ...more info
  • off the hook!!!!
    My husband and I, my kids and I, whoever is in the car, at work on the CD player... this CD gets played CONSTANTLY!!! I have about 4 songs downloaded as ring tones and ringback tones... I can relate to so many of the songs and #7?? "Heaven Sent"... this was the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding.
    Track #9... "Gotta Get My Heart Back" is just for women who are fed up and tired of loving a dude who just doesn't love her back.

    All the tracks are slammin' and her new release doesn't disappoint either.

    Keyshia, keep it up girl!!!!...more info
  • Real Heart In Her Music
    Its good To see someone write about true experiences an with so much heart an soul you can really relate to a lot of her songs she had three singles come from this album lately people jus been putting garbage out an only dropping one single this album is worth buying better than her last album ...more info
  • Beautiful Album
    This was a Beautiful album. Keyshia cole is the best R&B singer out there. All these song's were great.

    Let it go 10/10
    Didn't i tell you 10/10
    Fallin out 10/10
    Give me more 10/10
    I remember 10/10
    Shoulda let you go 10/10
    Heaven sent 10/10
    Got to get my heart back 10/10
    Was it worth it 10/10
    Just like you 10/10
    Loseing you 10/10
    Last night 10/10
    Work it out 10/10
    Let it go [Remix] 10/10

    This was a great album. I really enkoyed it....more info
  • Yes, Grammy nom!
    congrats, Keyshia - well deserved!!! It's about time. From a college educated, upscale sistah - we got your back too. Keep hurtin 'em little sista! Real music wins out....more info
  • Just Like You
    I fell in love with Keyisha and he great voice that possesses such raw emotion with her debut CD: `The Way It Is'. The follow up: `Just Like You' is as great if not better. No sophomore slump here.

    I would say this CD has more of an upbeat sound to it as it has more upbeat songs on it than her first release. The CD starts off with the first single and a slammin song: "Let It Go" with some tight vocals from Lil' Kim and Missy Elliott - a song that you hear and instantly want to move to. Next up is a song featuring Too Short "Didn't I Tell You" that offers a great midtempo flare to it. Keyshia's vocals draw you in and catch your attention; much like a younger Mary J. Blige. My favorite song on this set is "Heaven Sent" - it is a beautiful slow jam that really showcases her vocal ability with a very melodic hook. Every song on here is radio friendly with catchy lyrics and great beats weather it's a slower jam or an upbeat cut.

    This CD is a great addition to anyone's collection. I cannot stop listening to it!

    ~~~JAC 07'
    ...more info
  • Great singer, weak production
    Keyshia is a phenomenon. I haven't heard a voice with this much passion and depth since Mary J. A voice like this deserves better produced tracks. A lot of the songs sound the same. How many times are we going to hear that Juicy Fruit sample? It seems like the producers aren't utilizing the dynamics in her voice. They seem to want her to sing hard and loud through all the songs. But this is no big deal, as she matures she will learn to take her time with her music. Keyshia is on way to becoming one the greats along with Aretha, Chaka, and Mary J...more info
  • decent album
    This album is pretty good. I enjoyed about every song on this album. Seriously, if you're going through heartache or a bad breakup this CD is for you. ...more info
  • Best R&B CD 2007
    This is without a doubt the best R&B CD that came out in 2007. The CD is a straight banger because you can listen to it from front to back. There is no need to press the skip button. All ladies that have ever been through anything with a man need to get this CD. Keyshia Cole touches on relationship issues that are relateable to women. In that since, she is truly "Just Like You". ...more info
  • Keyshia Cole
    I love Keyshia Cole, but this CD is not as good as I thought it would be. It only has a few good songs on it....more info
  • One of 2007's best
    "Just Like You" is easily one of the best musical efforts from the year 2007. 2007 has not been that good of a year for music. Music listeners were presented with a whole bunch of new acts with singles, most of which will not be around a few years from now because the vast majority of them lack originality and true vocal talent. Keyshia Cole's sophomore album was a breath of fresh air for me because I have listened to a lot of albums released this year (2007), and this one definitely stands out. Keyshia the person is a raw woman who doesn't take any mess from anyone. Keyshia as an R&B artist is very focused, and this is proved because her voice control has improved considerably since her debut, "The Way It Is." Also, her lyrics are good. They are far from what is considered "deep", but her lyrics are very befitting for the individual that she is.

    This album talks mostly about heartbreak, but that's alright. Although lyrical versatility is wonderful, it isn't always necessary. I appreciate the fact that this album has uptempos, midtempos and ballads. Keyshia holds her own on the faster songs, but she is at her best when she's singing those ballads, without a doubt. "I Remember" is this LP's strongest singles. This ballad is so beautiful; you will find yourself crying, pushing the repeat button, and hollering, "Sing it girl!" Not only is this the best song on the album, it's also one of the best releases this year. "Just Like You" is worth mentioning, too. It's a midtempo track with a really nice beat, but the lyrics and hook are what make this song as good as it is. "Let It Go" and "Last Night" received a great deal of airplay, but that's alright because they are wonderful songs. "Last Night" features Diddy, and he also produced the track, but Keyshia outshined him on his own song! Now that's irony. "Didn't I Tell You" is an okay song, but the production is all over the place. There is too much going on with that beat, plain and simple. And Too Short? Oh, please! His career was over in the 1990s. I find it hard to believe that other artists still find him even remotely relevant at this juncture (but I'm not knocking anyone's hustle.)

    If you are in the electronics section of a department store and you see two eyes on the front of a compact disc, it's Keyshia Cole's "Just Like You" CD, and you...and you...AND you...need to purchase it.

    Mikeisha's Top 5

    1. "I Remember"
    2. "Fallin Out"
    3. "Let It Go"
    4. "Just Like You"
    5. "Last Night"
    ...more info
  • Greeeaaat!!
    I don't regret this purchase one bit. This is the best Keisha Cole yet in my opinion. The whole cd is good! I love it! ...more info
  • Fire
    A We All Knew Keisha Was On Top Of Her Game With First CD Now Shes Blazing Trails I Love This One Its Like She Just Came Out Of No Where And Took Everyone By Storm You Can Really Feel The Music A Good Buy Go Get It

    G Nice...more info
  • One of the Best R&B albums in a while!
    As of this year there are only three R&B albums (out of probably 12) from last year that I'm still listening to and hearing more reasons why I really like them. And that is Alicia Keys "As I Am", Ledisi's "Lost & Found (People don't sleep on that album. It's grown and sexy.)and this nice work. I'm still feeling some songs from Mario's "Go" and Lyfe Jennings' "Lyfe Changes" right now but for albums I can listen to all the way through, these three are the way to go. Okay everybody wants to compare the direction Keyshia is taking musically to Mary J. Blige in her My Life/Share My World/Mary vibe but I disagree. Keyshia (and her record label) wanted to give her a more polished approach than her first album (which was good but "rough" around the edges in more ways than one). The results was this. She approaches ballads in more smooth approach (I Remember) versus what she did with "Love" (I like that song but you know she oversang that). The singles were all great. The best being the acoustic "Heaven Sent". I also love "Let it Go". Sample is overplayed but she pulled it off. And I really like "Give Me More" and "Falling Out". The main point of this review is that the singles were hot, and if you like them you should definitely pick her album. ...more info
  • I wish it were better
    Keyshia Cole has such a great voice, but she needs better producing. This album is so typical of everything else out there. I think the best songs off of this CD have already been released. I can't even really remember anything else I've listened to from it. I'm still a fan of Keyshia Cole, so hopefully she can get some talented, mature producers to come aboard and bring out her full potential....more info
  • As Real As It Get
    This cd, like her other one, reached out to me. I can relate to every song. It's worth buying over and over again. i cannot wait to see what she comes out w/ next....more info
  • 3-1/2 stars -- Just like her first album
    When Keyshia Cole's song "Let It Go" was released, I didn't know a whole lot about it. When I finally heard it, I was a little turned off because it uses the music from Mtume's "Juicy Fruit" for the umpteenth time (why do people keep using Biggie's ideas? ...Oh, wait; Lil' Kim's there). But I guess that wasn't an issue for most because when her latest album Just Like You came out, it was so popular that it debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 (hell, it even landed higher than Foo Fighters). And this album DOES feel a lot like her first album -- but don't get it twisted; that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    The songs that stand out to me most are the slower songs, like "Losing You" (with Anthony Hamilton) and "Work It Out". "I Remember" is even better than those, however; but even more powerful than THAT are my two favorites: "Heaven Sent" and "Fallin' Out". "Was It Worth It" is also pretty decent.

    There are also a number of fast songs that, although above-average, seem a little formulaic, like the Scott Storch track "Give Me More", and the obligatory end-of-album remix-of-the-first-single (featuring T.I. and one-hit wonder Young Dro). "Last Night" is thrown on here for good measure, but the Too $hort-assisted "Didn't I Tell You" (the necessary goin'-out-to-the-club-with-my-girls-after-bein'-done-wrong-by-my-man track) doesn't hold much weight.

    Just Like You is still worth adding to your collection (and I didn't mind looking at that VIBE photo spread Keyshia did a few months ago, either), but I still can't help but name it the latest winner of the Kanye West good-but-overrated award.

    Anthony Rupert...more info
  • Pretty Decent... Most Tracks Are Good
    I Kept Hearing That This Cd Was Pretty Good. Its Ok, But Personally I Enjoyed This Cd Better Than Her First One....more info
  • "I Remember" Today's " O Mio Babbino Caro"
    I am a 50+ African - American optician in Norfolk,Virginia.I hosted a classical music program on radio from 2004-2005.Most of my time is spent listening to classical music. 2 weeks ago,I was tuned to VH1 Soul.I heard a song and a voice that stopped me in my tracks.The voice belonged to the lovely Keyshia Cole. I bought "Just Like You" that day.There is not one less than perfect song on the cd.She has an amazing vocal range.She wraps you up in her beautiful tone.Hers is a voice with staying power. She will ,if possible ,only get better."I Remember" possesses the ethereal elements I would associate with Lauretta's aria "O Mio Babbino Caro" & Tosca's aria "Vissi Arte".Expose yourselves to 1of the greatest singers of this generation,Miss Keyshia Cole!!!Buy this wonderful cd. I'll be buying another copy soon. I'm wearing this copy out....more info
  • I expected a bit better.
    The first time I heard it, I was not that into it. It has grown on me in these past few weeks but it's still not THAT great. It's a good cd though. I love that TOO SHORT is on one of her tracks!...more info
  • The best
    She just keeps getting better and better. I never really dug her first cd but when I heard THIS, she won me over. Very soulful and looks like she's our next Mary J.

    ...more info
  • Nice...Miss Cole
    It's definitely not a bad album. I can tell that Keyshia is growing as an artist. Lyrically, she's almost there. I just feel that she needs a little more variety of style because some of her songs are a little too similar either in meaning or melody.

    My favorite songs off of "Just Like You" are:

    Let It Go
    I Remember
    Heaven Sent
    Just Like You
    Fallin Out
    Didn't I Tell You

    All in all, Keyshia is a great artist....more info
  • Great album
    This is Keyshia Cole's greatest achievement thus far. Great album, music and lyrics combined into one. Worth every penny....more info
  • Very Good Sophomore Effort
    I don't care what anyone says, this is a good cd. Keisha Cole delivers on her sophomore effort "Just Like You". She delivers the same types of songs from her first cd, except they are at a maturer level. This is one of those cds that you can listen to from beginning to end....more info
  • Will listen to this for years to come!
    This is the best female artist cd that I have had in a long time. Keyshia is at her best here. The whole cd is about the hurt that she has been through and I love every story. I cant believe M. Debraux's reveiw. Apparently he/she is just hating on Keyshia. Although I agree with J. Highsmith in saying that I hope her next cd will tell of some good things happening in her life, this one is the finest expression of heartbreak that I have ever heard. And SO WHAT if Keyshia made a whole cd about her broken heart...Mary J. has made a career of cd's about her broken heart. Now as much as I love Mary, she is definately one who needs to "Let It Go". ...more info
  • Keyshia Did It Again...
    Keyshia Cole does it again with her sophomore album. If you don't have, cop it(do not boot-leg it). She deserves her props and the benefit of all sales. If you have the money to do so "Let It Go" and add this cd to your collection. I also recommend you get her single "Silent Night." She put her heart into that one, too. Peace and Blessings!...more info
  • I Love IT!!!
    Aside from "Didn't I tell You" featuring Too Short, I can listen to the album from start to finish. Had she left Too Short off then it wouldn't be a half bad track. My favorite favorite FAVORITE track is "I Rememeber" she sings the mess out of that song, the vocals are perfect, and you feel her passion. Other standouts for were "Fallin Out" "Just Like You" "Was it Worth It" and "Losing You". Watching her show on BET has given me a whole new perspective on her as a person and as artist. Keyshia deserves to make it. This little woman carries so much on her shoulders, I tip my hat to her....more info
  • Good music...
    I took a risk on this CD. The few songs from Ms. Cole's debut CD never impressed me and I didn't quite believe the hype of her being the new Mary J, especially since I don't believe we need two. Then Let it Go hit the airwaves and I just had to check this CD out. Believe it or not the CD has been on my table for nearly a year. Turns out this is a great CD to workout to. I wished there were a few less ABW (Angry Black Woman)syndrome songs, but it's still a project worth checking out. ...more info
  • Great
    I love this CD I am lot older than Keisha Cole is but this cd is great a wonderful job....more info
  • A Great Second Album
    Keyshia Cole has done it again, and it sounds even better than the first. "Let it Go" is an infectious song, sampling Juicy Fruit. "Didn't I Tell You" has a crunk flavor, which I normally hate, but she does it well. "Fallin" Out" is a song I can definitely relate to.

    The only gripes I have is that the album pretty much only speaks about relationship problems. Surely there must be something less depressing to talk about. Also #8, "Same Thing" is a silly interlude, and it just sounds scripted. But Overall Keyshia came back strong and she reminds me more and more of Mary J everyday....more info
  • Just Like Her
    This album speaks about my current relationship. Heaven is the best song. The words say everything that I am unable to speak....more info
  • "A long awaited solid and concrete album"
    This album definitely illustrates her growth, progress, and skill in her career and in life. She has taken vocal coaching and has really allowed herself to express her pain and struggle lyrically, which is truly a unique gift. Keyshia's album by far is phenomenal. I can actually say that "I love all of the songs on the album". There I said it. I cannot say the same for many others. I strongly believe that she will prosper and be very successful as an artist and an icon and role model. She represents a lot of us urban youth. She does so with a sincere attitude, yet proves that despite her upbringing and past, she can perservere and be the voice of much of America. The greatest thing about her music is that it belongs to her. She writes and co-produces her own. That is something many successful artists never achieve. Like I mentioned before, I absolutely adore her entire album, however there are five songs that I adore the most and there are:

    1. Got To Get My Heart Back

    2. Losing You (Feat. Anthony Hamilton)

    3. Work It Out

    4. Heaven Sent

    5. I Remember

    7. Shoulda Let You Go (Intro. Amina)

    8. Just like You

    9. Fallin Out

    10. Just Like You...more info
  • The best cd I've purchased in a while...
    What? Keyshia Cole did her thing on this one. I'm liking the majority of the tracks on this cd. I feel like I definitely got my money's worth. Keep it up Keyshia. You have me as a fan now!...more info
  • keshia does it again
    love this album miss cole's 2nd album is as good if not better than the 1st....more info
  • Keisha Cole "Just Like You" cd
    another bangin' cd by Keisha I just love her music and this cd says it all definitely a must buy...more info
  • good
    I purchased this cd for a song that I really liked with the hopes that I wiould like more. There are a few more I liked but not all of them.
    ...more info
  • My newest favourite artist :-)
    Over the last year or two, I've found a new favourite artist. Keyshia has a fantastic voice and with great songs to match, the combination is great.
    This is her second album and I like it as much if not a little more than The Way It Is. I don't think there is a single song on here that I dislike. I love them all but I think my standout songs are Fallin Out, Heaven Sent, Let It Go and definately Last Night.
    I think she has a long, long career in front of her. Her voice is terrific and she is so talented, that while I love this album and her first, I'm now busting for another release. I love it when a singer puts out a cd like this with songs you can't stop singing to. I highly recommend this cd to all R&B fans and to fans in general of good vocalists. She'll be around for a long time to come....more info
  • Keyshia Cole
    I love this cd! I listen to this cd everyday! I would reccomend this cd to anyone who asks about it! ...more info
  • Just As I Expected...another good CD!!!
    I have Keyshia Cole's last CD and like both CDs. The previous CD seemed to release more hits for her, but this one is good too! It's just slower, but the lyrics are still as rich as we have become accustomed to getting from Keyshia. I highly recommend this CD. Some of my favorites are:

    Let It Go
    Give Me More
    I Remember
    Shoulda Let You Go
    Heaven Sent
    Same Thing
    Got To Get My Heart Back
    Just Like You
    Losing You

    You'll Enjoy it if you're a fan of Keyshia's heartfelt lyrics & one-of-a-kind voice!...more info
  • A Ladies' Anthem
    Produced by such folks as Missy Elliott, The Runners, Ron Fair, Scott Storch and Darkchild, this CD is definitely one for the ladies. As a male, it's hard for me to really get into the CD and fully appreciate it. The main thing that propelled me to buy it is the fact that I really enjoy her reality show on BET, which came to an end for this season a few weeks ago. Also, Best Buy recently had the CD on sale for only $8, which is a steal.

    Strong cuts:

    Let It Go--Keyshia's lead single, which made it to #7 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the R&B charts, it's a ladies' anthem. Plus, it sounds so much like one of those 90s cuts.

    Fallin' Out--Reminds me of the Love Keyshia, it has a slow, percolating background element to it. The verses are sung in a catchy way. It's a good track.

    I Remember--Just in time for the slower Winter months and the quickly-approaching Valentine's holiday, Keyshia's 3rd single is so reminiscent of Love with a similar lyrical content. The song just feels good, and Keyshia handles it well.

    Heaven Sent--I love the marching band sound to it, the repeated "sent from Heaven" in the chorus and Keyshia's vocals. The ballads are Keyshia's strong suit in my opinion.

    Losing you--Anthony Hamilton is one of my favorite male vocalists, so this pairing with him and Keyshia is awesome. A mid-tempo that really picks up with the 2nd verse sounds real good. I think it would work well in concert.

    Last Night--The hit single with Diddy, this song is fiyah!

    Weak Filler Cuts
    Give Me More
    Got to Get My Heart Back
    Was It Worth It
    Just Like you
    Didn't I Tell you

    Overall, this CD is definitely a ladies' CD. The message of all the songs gets tiring after a while. Plus, Keyshia's vocals, while good, begin to sound too samey after a while. I am surprised by the CD's runaway success. At this point, it has sold over 800,000 copies, and Keyshia has no sophomore slump thing going on at this point or no 2-hit wonder status at all. I recommend it for those who like a CD full of ladies' anthems with a lady who sings from the heart....more info
  • Superb Album
    Miss Cole has placed herself on the music scene permanently as a hit maker with this album. Just put it on and let it flow...song after song hit after hit...more info
  • only because i didnt receive it
    it was sent a1 courier and they marked my order as delivered when it
    NEVER WAS.....IM BEYOND ANGRY...more info
  • Stellar Sophomore Release more aptly titled 'Heartbreak Hotel'
    I was pleasantly surprised when I first played 'Just Like You.' I will be the first to admit that it has taken time for me to catch on to the Keyshia Cole hype but it's just something about her voice that kept drawing me to her.

    I too like everyone else realize the similarities between Keyshia Cole and MJB, but where more people seem to view these similarities negatively I do just the opposite. As Diddy pointed out in the most recent issue of VIBE in which Keyshia graces the cover, that 'SOMETHING' that draws people to her voice is how she like MJB is able to translate pain through her vocals, which a lot of artists aren't able to do. This is why we appreciate them so much. If you know anything about her past you will understand why she sings with such emotion. After watching a recent episode of her show we learn from her mother how they have a generational curse when it comes to the men in their lives and that she distrusts them the most.

    Unfortunately that's her reality, hence the recurring 'Heartbreak Hotel' theme of the album. Without this background it does seem that the disc is over saturated with pain. But after a second look and knowing she wrote all of the songs on the album, I am able to give her a pass and conclude that she gets an A++ for effort. It was a great idea to lead off with her upbeat #1 single 'Let It Go' and the catchy 'Shoulda Let U Go' given the remaining material. 'I Remember' has been delivered to radio in recent weeks and should be received well.

    With what we have to choose from today Keyshia Cole's collection of work on 'Just Like You' is definitely worth listening to and I think if she keeps in this direction she will just get better with time. I look forward to more from this talented artist.

    While I can play the entire disk all the way through my favorites are the ones that really showcase her vocal ability:

    Heaven Sent
    Give Me More(given she's a fan of MJB the ad libs pay homage in my opinion)
    Losing You
    Fallin' Out
    I Remember
    Shoulda Let U Go
    Just Like You
    ...more info


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