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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 12/11/2007

"Irritating, but endearing." That's Frasier Crane in a nutshell, as diagnosed by Julia Wilcox (an Emmy-worthy Felicity Huffman), KCAL's abrasive and condescending new financial analyst. That's a delicate balance, but Kelsey Grammer still manages it with the usual aplomb in Frasier's penultimate season. Grammer is at his best when his character is at his stubborn, high dudgeon worst, as in "Enemy at the Gate" when he causes a parking garage backup while protesting a $2 parking fee, trying to find a suitable new coffee shop after Caf®¶ Nervosa hires a folk singer (Elvis Costello) in "Farewell, Nervosa," or, after scamming his way into becoming a silver level member at an exclusive health spa, "chasing the eternal carrot" of the gold level ("'Please remain in the relaxation grotto.' Have crueler words ever been spoken?") in "Door Jam." But he wins us over anew as he does the hard-hearted Julia with his insistence on doing the right thing and faith in the good in people.

Frasier's tenth season takes a dramatic turn early on with a three-episode arc in which Niles (David Hyde Pierce) undergoes heart surgery, but, much like Niles, the show rebounds quickly with more characteristic episodes such as the Emmy-nominated farce "Daphne Does Dinner," in which another Crane party hurtles toward disaster. In addition to Huffman, other memorable star turns this season include Millicent Martin as Daphne's impossible mother, Jeanne Tripplehorn as a coach whose berating of her students causes Frasier to conjure up hallucinations of his own former gym teacher, portrayed by Bob Hoskins. Bebe Neuwirth returns as Lilith, as does the magnificent Harriet Sansom Harris as Bebe Glazer, who shows up as Dr. Phil's agent (or is it just another Bebe scheme?) in "The Devil and Dr. Phil." There are throughout this season some wonderful play-it-again moments, such as the unwitting Frasier speaking Klingon at his son's bar mitzvah and invoking Sam Malone's classic, "Are you as turned on as I am" to bring a shouting match with Julia to an hilarious anti-climax ("No!" she screams disgustedly). A showdown between Roz (Peri Gilpin) and Julia doesn't make for the most compelling season finale, but because season 11 was previously released on DVD to coincide with the broadcast of the series finale, at least we don't have to wait to see how that turns out. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Frasier
    This is a great season of Fraiser. In my opinion all of them are good but this completed my series. Great for all individuals that love dry humor and who enjoy the field of mental health....more info
  • Yipee!
    I finally have the entire collection of Frasier. I loved that series when it was on, and it is wonderful to have it on DVD so I can watch it all over again....more info
  • "The Best of the Best---- it is pure Classic"
    I would say that I speak for myself but after reading most of the reviews, I believe that most feel as I do. The "Frasier" TV sitcom has got to be the all time Classic of the century. The writing was superb, the directing was flawless and the acting was non other than brilliant. I have never enjoyed a sitcom as much as I have this one. I did not watch the series prior to re-runs as I was taken by the movies that Lifetime aired on cable and had no knowledge of "Frasier" at that time. But when I finally did come across the series, I was totally hooked. The actors, every single one of the main actors, gave brilliant performances and in my opinion, all seemed to have bonded with one another as a true family. Their feelings for each other surely showed with each episode. They have all gone onto something new and will be an asset in any venture they choose but, I believe that "Frasier" will always be the crowning glory of their careers. I have all the other seasons encluding the Eleventh and Final season and when the Tenth Season arrives in the next few days, I will have the complete series. I could not be more pleased with my purchase because I truly enjoy each and every episode time and time again. To be completely honest, there are not that many programs on TV that I would classify as really good programs. Some may make you laugh now and then but "Frasier" not only makes you laugh, it makes you feel good. There is an episode or two that will put tears in your eyes and that is good as it touches your heart and allows you to express heartfelt feelings. For anyone who may be thinking about getting a "Frasier" DVD, do not hesitate, as you will not be disappointed. I watch these DVD's quite frequently and can speak each actor's part and I will say that I do not get tired of seeing them. Even knowing when a certain line is sure to get me laughing, the anticipation gets me laughing before the actor has spoken a word. Kelsey Grammer, John Mahoney, David Hyde Pierce, Jane Levees, Peri Gilpin, Moose (Eddie) and Anthony LaPaglia are fabulous, brilliant, perfection and irreplaceable. Anthony LaPaglia who played Daphne's brother, Simon, was truly brilliant in his character portrayal of someone always consuming beer, outspoken, loud at times and his accent was none other than perfect. 10 stars to Mr. LaPaglia. Watch Mr. LaPaglia in "Without a Trace" and you can clearly see how his portrayal of an English speaking beer drinking brother is such gifted actor. To all the directors, writers, crew and especially the actors, "thank you" for bringing laughter into this world, episode after episode. ...more info
  • Innocently funny
    Frasier has managed to be funny without profanity and without a political agenda. The first season was hilarious and every season since has been better. I'm sorry to see the series stop after 11 years and I hope something comes to take its place as a comedy series that the family can watch....more info
  • Frasier - The complete comedy
    I have the entire Frasier collection. The writing and character chemistry is the best. I enjoy watching this series over and over. The best of personal entertainment for the money! ...more info
  • No bells and whistles, just a great show.
    Not chock full of the extras we are used to seeing for DVDs but fine by me; I came to watch the great shows anyway. Only the first disc has the previews/ads that you have to 'next chapter' through, the others go right to the menu; thank you Paramount. One of the better seasons of the last half run of the show in my opinion, as they occationally abondon the "Frasier and Niles end up as losers due to their snobbery/insincerity/stubbornness" theme to do something more original, but everyone's got their own view....more info
  • it just gets better
    I never watched frasier on tv. and have absolutely loved the dvd series.
    I thought by series 9 and 10, it woulg get a bit tired,but it just got better and funnier and more endearing.. and now to watch the final series.
    ...more info
  • Smart AND Funny
    This enitre series of Frasier is great. Very smart and funny. I am on my second time watching the series almost back to back!...more info
  • Fantastic Television, but shady Paramount/CBS
    I'm giving this one star because of the vague ominous disclaimer "some episodes may be edited from their original network versions" stated in bold letters on the back of the packagaing. Come again? What does this even mean? The fat cats at Paramount apparently love to do this often - in researching online exactly WHAT has been censored or edited in the DVD versions, it seems they did this with the "Wings - Fifth Season" boxset as well. And notice how every other season of Frasier except 9 & 10 say "The COMPLETE xxth Season" on the cover"? Why does Season 10 omit the word "complete"? I smell conspiracy. That's why I gave this crummy hack-job only 1 star. Every episode is brilliant, and if you liked the other seasons there's no reason you shouldn't like this one too. But CBS/Paramount deserve major eggs on their face for their not being forthcoming about what they've edited out. Shame on them....more info
  • One of the best seasons ever!
    I love Frasier, and this is prob one of the best season's of the whole series!...more info
  • Vintage Frasier!
    Series 10 is just as funny as the others------makes one wish for a reunion episode just to keep the banter coming! ...more info
  • Good Season
    Despite what some might say, this season is pretty darn good, of course, I love them all. It completed my collection. But all Frasiers are great, beginning to end. Perhaps the parking garage episode is the only annoying one, but in a funny way. ...more info
  • Take Your Lumps 'Cuz It's Almost Over
    We love Frasier and rewatch the complete show again and again, sometimes even back to back. However, this is one of our least favorites. It is, of course, necessary to see it so as to follow the characters, but Frasier is particularly snobby and self-centered this season--in a negative way instead of in his usual hysterical way. We find ourselves not liking him each time we watch this one. Fortunately, it precedes the final season, which is one of the best....more info
  • My collection is complete!
    I love the tenth season, but i think all the seasons are just as great....more info
  • Consistently Funny
    If you are a Frasier fan then you'll love this season like the rest. This show is consistently funny and withstands the test of time. Not all shows can say the same thing.

    ...more info
  • Now got all the 11 Frasier season's on DVD...
    Finally the Season 10 was out - completing the DVD collection for us Frasier fans.....

    The first set i recd. of Season 10 from Amazon - had scratches all over Disc no. 2 - the one where Niles has the surgery etc etc - but Amazon Customer care promptly replaced the complete set with a new one. I was pretty pleased at this.

    Season 10 is a good one - although not the best - but very enjoyable for those who love the "upscale" antiques of DHP and the rest of the gang......more info
  • As good as it gets
    Finally the 10th series of Frasier has been released on DVD (the 11th and final series was released some time ago). And it is excellent. I thought the humour tailed off somewhat about Series 6 but it's back better than ever. Thoroughly recommended....more info
  • Fun to watch
    I enjoy being able to watch what I want when
    I want to watch them....more info
    I awaited today's date to arrive anxiously and rushed to the store today to complete my Frasier collection...and before opening the package (which I still haven't), I noticed in tiny print, "SOME EPISODES MAY BE EDITED FROM THEIR ORIGINAL NETWORK BROADCASTS." I am livid!! I frantically got out the other seasons to be sure they hadn't said the same thing! None did.

    Not only must we expect that "some" of the episodes in Season Ten "may be" edited, we aren't told which ones or even how many, and are even led to believe that they only "MAY BE EDITED". I feel ripped off and furious.

    Somewhere lost in my collection of thousands of unwatched VHS tapes are the original network airings of this season, which I'd never gotten around to watching, and which were taped after I'd moved across the country and was using only a rabbit ears antenna that year on the lowest signal station in town, which came in completely snowy and sometimes the reception was so bad that even the sound was screwed up.

    I bought these DVD sets to have complete, perfect versions of a show that I watch over and over every single day. This is a slap in the face and I want to know WHY they did this. If anyone can compare these disks to their tapes of the original broadcasts and tell me what's missing, I would love to know....more info
  • Frasier is the best show on TV!
    Like my reviews on the previous Frasier seasons, I think the dialogue is witty, contains a great balance of intelligent humor as well as slapstick comedy - and Kelsey Grammar is a brilliant actor in this timeless show. I highly recommend you start at the first season if you are interested in the story....more info
  • Season 10 - A fine continuation
    Carrying on from a strong Season 9, television's best sitcom delivers another fine dose of intelligent, well written humour.
    Season highlights include a Bar Mitzvah blessing spoken in Klingon, Crane (attempted) dictatorship over the Condo Board and shady dealings in the Caviar underworld.
    Not to mention another visit from Lilith, and a cameo by Dr Phil.

    The Niles and Daphne relationship remains a focal point throughout the season, with their wedding(s) and the couple's dealing with Niles' health crisis. A nice shift in focus here as one of the story's longest running subplots is allowed sufficient screen time; something which was somewhat lacking in Seasons 8 and 9.

    The three parter (Bristle While You Work, Rooms With A View & Don't Go Breaking My Heart) at times resembles more of a Drama than Comedy, however this is to the show's benefit.

    As usual, excellent performances by the entire cast and plenty of the superb writing we've all by now come to expect with each episode. A season not to be missed....more info
  • batcall
    Frasier lasted as long as MASH and spinned off from Cheers which lasted 11 yrs. also. Other than 2 and a half Men, very few can compare....more info
  • Quite a let down...
    It's fantastic to have the entire series of Frasier now, following the release of season 10. However, series 10 was quite a let down when compared to the brilliant comedy achieved in other seasons of the show. Nyles and Daphne's wedding could have been the highlight of all 11 seasons of Frasier....more info
  • The penultimate season rising to the call.
    Well it certainly took long enough, but we finally have the 10th season of Frasier to enjoy.

    A marked improvement from Seasons 8 & 9, winning episodes include "Fathers & Sons", "Daphne Does Dinner" & "Fraternal Schwinns" which has some wonderful visual gags of Niles & Frasier trying to learn how to ride bikes. While the physical timing of many episodes ("The Ring Cycle" for example) is rather off it's better than most series could ever hope for.

    Once again there are no extras but at least we don't have to suffer through previews on Disc One as you can choose to go straight to the main menu. Compared to the Seinfeld DVDs, I have to wonder why Frasier gets such a poor treatment. This is one of the great sitcoms of all time, can't we at least get some bloopers, commentary, or at least a list of Emmy wins? I suppose not unless we get a Blue Ray "Ultimate" edition.

    We have quite a few guest appearances this season; unfortunately none of them are particularly memorable. Dean Cain, Brent Spiner, Bob Hoskins & particularly Nana Visitor who spent seven years starring in Star Trek: Deep Space 9 only to be regulated to a few minutes in "Daphne Does Dinner". I wonder just exactly why she took this job since she doesn't even get a close up, not to mention any memorable lines.

    Also, if you look at the small print on the DVD box, you'll see that some of the episodes may from the syndicated run instead of the original full length versions. I would think that if CBS Video had the original masters for the previous 10 DVD releases, why do they not in this particular season? This is rather disturbing, especially since they do not indicate which episodes are from the syndicated run.

    Having said all that, I have enjoyed this DVD edition and would recommend it to all Frasier fans.


    - The final tally of spine photos is as follows: Eddie 4, Frasier 6, Eddie & Frasier 1

    - Dr. Phil once played football for the University of Tulsa...and he was a linebacker when Houston scored 100 points on them back in 1968. Interestingly enough, Larry Gatlin was a wide receiver on the Houston team.

    - Yes, that is Elvis Costello ("Farewell Nervosa") who is called a "young man" by Frasier even though he's actually a year older than Kelsey Grammer.
    ...more info
  • Better Than the Last One
    This is the second to the last season of a really memorable series. The preceding year (ninth season) was not all that good, honestly.

    The good news is that this season, while not the best of the whole, improved a great deal. It's really effective in setting the stage for the grand finale. Also, the writing recovers from some of the absurdity which dominated season nine and relies more on character interaction and depth.

    So, while it ain't the best, it's a good season. Sorry to see it go! So...when are they going to make "Frasier: The Movie??"...more info
  • Outstanding Entertainment
    I love Frasier and have watched all the series religiously but Australia is behind the game as far as the final series goes so it was fantastic to find it available on Amazon. I spent a long weekend watching all the episodes and the quality of the show didn't diminish at all over the final series. Love it all and would recommend it to any fan....more info
  • Not the best
    Somehow season 10 is not that great. It came after a series of seasons where the program had steadily improved and proved to be one of the best shows of its kind. Here, the episodes are simply not that funny and come off somewhat forced. Season 11 would be a return to form however. So it was a kind of a transition season for all involved. The best episodes actually invove Frasier at the station and not so much at home. There is a nice episode with a cameo by Elvis Costello taht is worth watching....more info
  • The Crane boys are at it again!!
    I am one of those who was late in discovering this great show. You'll be shocked to know that I didn't even catch onto it until it was released on DVD! haha! Sad Huh? I did the same thing with Seinfeld! Anyway! you can not go wrong with Frasier. It can always make you laugh and bring a smile to your face. Frasier was the perfect marriage of writing and acting, and I could wager that we'll not see a show as great as this for a long time to come. It's up there with I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Bob Newhart Show to name a few. I was one of those people who wouldn't give Frasier a chance, so I'd encourage those who are like I was to give Frasier a chance. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I have. ...more info
  • Frasier 10
    At last the long awaited 10th season. Now I have the complete frasier and the whole saga is complete....more info
  • funny
    Season ten was almost the best season besides 9. episodes start from daphne and niles, to niles getting in to serious.......oh wait you have to see it to frasier and niles getting in the bronze door, than the silver door, and the gold door?, or maybe even the titanium door roz said. to frasier dating someones uhhhhh...wife? to farewell nervosa cafe, to dr phil and the devil, to roz moving out. I just cant give the whole season away, two words, buy it...more info
  • Glad and sad
    I used to think that Frasier got weak in the last few seasons (not the last though). This proved how wrong I was -- it is still one of the few shows that I will burst out laughing while watching by myself. TI was so happy to watch this in one fell swoop, but the sadness comes from the fact it is the last season of Frasier to be released on DVD. There is nothing new to discover....more info
  • it's finaly available
    grab it now. another super season of laughs and enjoyment with frasier and the crew. reccommend it 100%. you'll just love it.
    ...more info
  • Really great entertainment for 11 long years
    Frasier was full of laughter & fun; very pleased that we now have the full collection of this smart, witty, charming, and very funny sitcom. thx-...more info
  • A disappoinment for Frasier Fans
    While Frasier is my all time favourite program, I have to say this is the weakest of all of it's series (nine was also disappointing, but they managed to come back to form for series eleven). The arc of the season is uneven, even taking us to a particularly serious storyline of Niles' heart condition. There are bright spots - episodes Father and Sons (featuring David Ogden Stiers as a family friend whose similarity to Niles and Frasier has Martin doubting he is their father) and Door Jam (where Niles and Frasier try and move up to the gold level of an exclusive spa) are two of the best in all eleven series. I bought it to complete my Frasier collection, I wouldn't encourage anyone else to buy series 10 unless it was to do the same...more info
  • Hilarious!
    I knew Season 10 would answer a few questions I had by filling in the gap between Season 9 & 11. Why Season 10 was the last to be released on DVD, I'll never understand. This set was hilarious! A few of the best episodes are on this set. Priceless moments like Frasier speaking Klingon at Freddy's Bar Mizvah, and Niles wrapped up like a mummy walking through an alley are not to be missed by any Frasier fan....more info