Olympus WS-311M Digital Voice Recorder and WMA Music Player

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Thoughts often bring ideas. When you get an idea, write it down. Better yet, record it onto the Olympus WS-311M Digital Voice Recorder. Ideal for the business traveler who wants to travel light, or the constant thinker rushing to remember revolutionary thoughts. The WS-311M saves all file types to its memory in an instant - voice files, music, presentations or text documents. With its 512MB of internal memory it allows you to store over 138 hours of recording time and the WS-311M is USB direct so no driver installation is required. Six recording modes - Use STXQ, STHQ and STSP for stereo recording or HQ, LP and SP for extended recording Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) records only when sound is sensed One long-life battery (supplied) provides 21 hours of continuous operation Low Cut Filter minimizes air conditioner noise and other similar noises Five file folders, each holding up to 200 files, provide unparalleled organization Up to 16 index marks can be set in a file USB Storage Device can store many file types, not just audio files Lock files to avoid accidentally erasing important information USB Direct design provides direct connect to a PC - High speed USB 2.0 provides fast download times Noise Cancel feature cuts out unwanted background noise Voice Filter enhances the human voice by cutting low and high frequency noises during playback Slow and fast playback speed variations Repeat and Random playback WOW XT technology provides rich bass and three-dimensional stereo sound Customize the sound with a built-in equalizer In addition to transfer with a PC, The WS-311M can be used on a Macintosh computer that has Windows Media Player for Mac installed. Windows Media Player for Mac can be downloaded for free at Microsoft's web site. Will accept and play audio files Windows Media Audio (WMA) and mp3 formats. It records exclusively in WMA format. The WS-311M h

  • Professional-grade digital voice recorder
  • Record up to 138 hours of digital audio or store up to 120 MP3 and WMA music files
  • 512 MB of internal flash memory
  • Can be used as a USB mass storage device
  • Convenient USB 2.0 direct design for fast data transfer

Customer Reviews:

  • Olympus audio goes bad
    Most of the Olympus audio products have lost quality since they abandoned the 240 series. By increasing the time in the voice recorders, the quality of the sound has deteriorated to the point where they can't be used for capturing real sounds. The distortion level is so terrible that even as voice recorders, they are garbled. Where as the VN 240 series was a great bargain, the later models are largely a waste of time for anyone interested in real sound....more info
  • Excellent
    The Olympus WS-311 works great. The internal mic is not the best, but an external one improves sound quality immensely. (I use it primarily to record mini-lectures for my students.) I am not a big gadget guy, but it is nice to have a single device which records and plays audio + stores data like a flash drive....more info
  • Great product, reasonable price, can be used (with other product) to record phone calls!
    I needed a voice recorder to record some classes I was taking by telephone, and this seems to work great in connection with the Olympus TP7 Telephone Pickup (available at my local Radio Shack). No interference, and the phone call (both sides of the conversation) is loud and clear. Operation is extremely intuitive. I had already successfully used most of the features before I cracked open the manual to see if there were any features I wasn't aware of.

    I went to Frys to see if they could help me record a telephone conversation, and the sales person looked at me as if I were talking in a foreign language. Thank goodness a little Internet searching produced this elegant, flexible, and convenient solution. ...more info
  • Ease of use, just what I needed
    I needed a small, discreet voice recorder. I was replacing my older micro-cassette tape recorder which is much more cumbersome. With the WS-311 I can keep it in a shirt pocket and it is un-noticed. I can use it while driving, in meetings, and for general use.

    One of the uses for this is to record meetings in a "CYA" sort of mode. I do real estate, and sometimes transactions and closings can go badly. They then devolve to a "he said/she said" kind of thing. With this, at least I have a recording of what went on, dated and time stamped, for my own protection. It may not be admissible for a criminal trial, but to protect myself, it is invaluable.

    It is light and simple to use. Downloading WMA files to the computer only requires a USB port and no software to be installed. Those files can then be used, e-mailed, copied, whatever you need.

    My only quibble, and it is mostly my fault, is that when you try to play back a file at the highest volume, the recorder goes into a "system reset" mode. This is actually covered in the very comprehensive owner's manual, but I must have missed it the first time through. The solution is simple: If you are stuck in reset mode, unplug the battery section from the rest of the recorder and then reconnect it. Then when you play a recording, just don't use the highest volume setting and all works correctly.

    I have mine set to record up to around 70 hours, but it can go higher than that if you want.

    The only accessory I am considering now is a small lapel type microphone, otherwise the recorder is absolutely perfect as-is.

    I haven't used it as a flash drive or music player, I have separate equipment for that, so I can't comment on the music end of the device.

    Ease of use, ease of recording, ease in playback, ease of downloading. A good deal, and about $30-40 less than in a brick and mortar store.

    I recommend this without reservation....more info
  • Excellent digital recorder!
    I have been a cassette tape user for years, and, had never truly grown tired of using a cassette tape player/recorder, because it/they have alwasys been dependable. Decided to try digital recorder, and, I think I'll be using no more cassette tapes...perhaps!

    This product works well, and when I master is fully, I'm sure I'll get complete use of it. The storage capacity is great, and the separate folders to hold and organize my recordings removes the need to search and remember the analog readout on the tape counter! Very nice! I guess it's good to get out of the "stone age"!

    The only drawback, (minimal I suppose), is that this unit feels "cheap", and the battery door on mine now doesn't close, and I have to use clear tape to hold it shut. Otherwise, I'm pleased with the overall look and operation of this particular unit. ...more info
  • Olympus WS-311 A fine product
    Small, easy to use, very sensitive microphone, logical controls, long (AAA) battery life. Olympus quality throughout. Was a little hard to find this model, but well worth the effort. MacOS X and Windows compatible....more info
  • A Great Little Machine
    This recorder is perfect for journalists and researchers who do interviews. I just "field tested" this recorder in Italy, where I did 20 interviews and was highly pleased. The machine is unobtrusive, easy to use, and gives excellent stereo sound quality. A handy feature is that one can easily download recorded files onto your computer by plugging the recorder directly into a USB port. It goes long on just one AAA battery and can hold more than 100 hours of recorded sound. This is the field recording device I've been waiting for.

    ...more info
  • Olympus 311M
    I actually bought this for my daughter, who is a detective. She loved it. Received an excellent product at a good price, combined with great service. Very pleased....more info
  • Good recording quality
    We're pretty happy with this recorder and player. It seems to pick-up pretty well but the quality of the speakers are not too great for play-back. You really need to hook it up to a computer and have you music play through the computer speakers to get good sound. But luckily you can do that and even download it to a CD if you want....more info
  • It seems to be working...
    My thanks to amazon.com and all who posted about this product. It was largely due to the reviews that I read that I went with the WS-311M when I found it on clearance at Best Buy for $61.99. I just got it yesterday so I'm only writing after my initial experience with it but so far, so good. I haven't looked at the manual yet. I've made 2 recordings with it. It's very intuitive. I like the imaging with the stereo mic. I would be curious to know how much different/better the DS-40 would be for $35 more. The files effortlessly downloaded to my Mac desktop and sound fine for what they are - I don't think I would have had the same luck with the Sony ICD-* models under $100.

    My main reason for purchase is to record song ideas as they come but since I just got it and was feeling a like a kid at Christmas, I thought I would bring it and play with it a little during a church service that I was at today. The recording turned out great for where it was. I put the WS-311M on top of the head of my amp, pointed it back toward myself and pushed record. I wanted to see what it would kind of audio it would capture. I paused it at one point where there was some talking by pressing the record button a second time. I pushed the record button again and the WS-311M continued to record in the same file as opposed to creating a new one.

    I was standing at the front of a stage but with my guitar amp turned around and facing the back of the stage, toward the B3/keyboards and percussion player. My amp is mic'd and does not face out toward the audience. It is in front of me, right about where wedge monitor would be. I have an EAW wedge on my left with a lot of my vocals and some drums and piano coming thru for reference. The WS-311M picked up a good amount of electric guitar, both mine and the other guitar player. It captured a lot of ambiance, but in a good way. It sounded pretty cool. Not a lot of bass came through. Between the sound echoing from the Front Of House P.A. (the speakers that the audience hears) and the mix in my own wedge, I could hear a good mix of vocals, drums, piano, percussion and guitars.

    The internal speaker on the WS-311M should not be used as a gauge of the sound quality. I listened back to the first set of songs on a pair Westone ES-3 IEM's (ear phones) and the second set of songs out of a low end desktop stereo system that had a sub. The Westone's sounded a lot better but both systems demonstrated that the WS-311M did an adequate job of capturing the ambient sounds of a band stage. The recording level was just at the default setting of the 2nd highest quality format called ST-HQ.

    I think the WS-311M will be a good investment and would recommend it. My only complaint is the .wma format. It should be a more universal format like mp3....more info
  • Wish it had one more function.
    So far so good. There is one thing that I would change, though. I bought it for my wife, and she needs to record lines - she's an actor. If, while recording, she makes a mistake, she has to start a new file, or start over. The only way to edit is on the computer.

    I'd like it more if we could stop mid-file and record over part of it.

    Oh, and it works fine on a Mac. As long a s files are Mp3s. ...more info
  • Nice Navigation for Podcasts
    This unit has a "music" mode, that allows for playing MP3 files. I use the unit to play podcast (netcast) voice audio. The purpose of this review is to let readers know about how the "fast forward" and "rewind" functions work on this unit. I have not experimented with playback of voice files, but I presume it's the same.

    The large plus-shaped control you see on the front of the product allows you to initiate fast forward / skip forward and rewind / skip back. Pressing the right side of the control starts fast forward (FF). As you press and hold FF, nothing happens for a moment, then the unit beeps, then silently begins advancing through the currently playing recording. The longer you hold down the FF button, the higher the RATE of advancement. There is a nice "progress bar" on the screen that shows you the fraction of the recording that has passed. You can effectively position yourself to begin listening anywhere within the recording in just a few seconds. For instance, if you hold the FF button 5 seconds, you'll advance 45 seconds. Hold 10 seconds for a 5 minute advance, 15 seconds for a 20 minute advance, and 20 seconds will take you over an hour into the recording (the rates seem to be about 10 seconds per second for seconds 2 through 5, 48 sec for 6-10, 240 sec for 11-15, and 480 sec for 16-20).

    Instead of skipping forward, this unit also has the ability to playback at 150% speed. Of course that doesn't get you very far if you really want to advance ahead, but it's great for podcasts that have clear speech, like professional radio, but not so good for less professional podcasts because they're less understandable to begin with.

    Another fact not described in the literature is whether the unit "saves your place" within a track if you have to stop listening. The news is good here: if you stop in the middle of a track, and "power off" (actually called "hold" from some strange reason), then "power on", you will start at the point you left off (not at the beginning of the track). You DO "loose your place" if you plug the unit into your computer via the USB port, or even switch to the voice mode, but are able to change the battery and still keep your spot.

    In summary, this unit is great for the podcast listener who doesn't mind plugging in every day or so (it's only got 512MB -- if you need more check the WS-331M). The FF controls are effective to skip commercials in podcasts and you can set it down for an hour or a day and when you hit play, you pick-up where you left off....more info
  • excellent sound quality and extremely portable and light
    This is a great sound recorder! It's perfect for lectures and captures crisp sound at the highest quality, and has tons of memory and files so that you can organize your recordings. I highly recommend it for students and people who need to record their thoughts every now and then. ...more info
  • Perfect for dissertation interviews!
    I bought this unit several months ago to record interviews I was conducting as qualitative research for my doctoral dissertation. I took this recorder to three states, interviewed 11 subjects, and then transcribed each audio file into a word processing document. The recorder worked perfectly for this purpose; in small group settings, no external mic was necessary and the battery life was beyond my expectations.

    I have recommended this unit to several other colleagues in my doctoral program, and all have been very satisfied with its operation. Now that my dissertation is completed, I use the WS-311 primarily as a music player. The sound quality with ear buds is excellent.

    It has been very easy to transfer both audio and music files to/from my PC with this unit. I recommend this product without hesitation....more info
  • Froze/Broke After 2 Months - Also A Drag For Mac
    Liked this unit, but it broke after only 2 months - permanently froze and, amazingly, there's no magic reset combination like "Cntrl-Alt-Delete" so I have to send this thing in. Ugh.

    I haven't been abusing it, and it's the second Olympus recorder I've had that broke easily, so I'm moving on to Sony.

    Other than durability, I liked it fine. Liked the instant USB feature, but it records in WMA files which are a drag to get into iTunes. You need to install "Flip For Mac" then open in Quicktime, then save as an AIF, then drag into iTunes and convert to an MP3.

    Other pain is that it doesn't really have a proper "on-off" switch - it has this Hold button, and it's easy to forget you've left it on and drain the battery....more info
  • Awesome
    For the price this little recorer is great! I bought it to tape my African Drum classes so I could practice the rhythms when I got home. I could hear all the details. And it's so easy to use. The built in speaker isn't very good but if you use head phones or hook it up to your stereo it's pretty good....more info
  • Very good, plenty of space
    Tons of space. I use for lecture recording. Even the lower quality settings sound ok, with which you can hold literally hundreds of hours.
    The only negative is that in higher quality/reduced storage mode, you would expect the recording to be very clear, but it really isn't that much better than the lower quality/high storage settings, which have that "watery, metallic" sound (if that makes any sense).
    I wouldn't use it for "jotting down" a guitar lick because it won't sound good, but is very good for normal voice recording, even at a distance such as with a lecture - you have no problem understanding what people are saying on the recordings and it connects easily to computer with no wires required.
    ...more info
  • It's great.
    I love it. It works great in a classroom setting as well as a one-on-one interview. A little confusing to use, but I get confused by microwave operation......more info
  • Digital recorder
    Excellent. Works great. Used it for all my classes during last sememster and will be this semester. Would highly recommend it to others....more info
  • Good product. Works easily. Small.
    We are very happy with this digital voice recorder. It is small and works easily. It is nice how it has the USB plug built in. It is cool how the USB plug is hidden by the battery case. The case snaps off and you plug it into your PC/MAC. Works with our MACs. Only thing I am trying to figure out is how to get the audio recordings on out iPods....more info
  • Disappointed
    I am very happy with the WS-311M except for one very serious problem, battery life. The LED shows full battery, but the recorder will fail showing "system check". Replace the battery and it's okay. No reliable indication of battery life....more info
  • Awesome recorder
    This is a great little recorder. I recently used it at a conference where I was seated to the side of the speaker, 8 rows up, approx. 40' away. The recording was clear, battery lasted forever, and the unit is simple to manipulate. Highly recommended!...more info
  • So So Piece of equipment
    I took this voice recorder on vacation to record the sounds of Israel and Egypt. The Olympus works quite well and is easy to operate. Unless you are very close to the person speaking it is difficult to understand what is being said. Also unless you put the recorder down when recording, if I touch the recorder near the mics the movement was easily picked up as background noise.

    I also tried it in a lecture. Again one needs to be near the person being recorded. I found it difficult to hear the speaker on playback.
    Any noise in the auditorium is picked and inhibits the voice of the speaker to be heard clearly.

    Since this is my first voice recorder I cannot compare to any other devise.

    I do think an external mic might be very helpful.

    ...more info
  • EASY TO USE! :-) WMA only! :-(
    I was impressed that it was really easy to use. I read the manual (100 pages) in a very short amount of time. I only read it to find out what features were available. I dont think I can record to mp3 but hey it makes up for that with the ease of use and quality of the recordings. I give it a 4 because i have to live with the wma format unless i convert it on my computer to something else :-( . The fact that it plays music too is a big plus. Easy to carry around. :-)...more info
  • Storyteller
    Great product. I have been using it for learning Mandarin. Very easy to use. Great recording quality....more info
  • Excellent!
    I just bought 3 of these for the guys at our office who do sales and recruiting and want to record their pitches for training. The sound quality using the built in mic is very good, maybe too good. It was picking up conversations across the office while recording a pitch! Plug this puppy in directly to a phone or computer to record from and you can eliminate all ambient the background stuff. My wife wants one of these so she can record record our daughter saying all her crazy little 2yr old sayings. One reason she likes it is that its very simple to use, you do not need to be a techie to use it. Once you have recorded just pull the bottom off and plug straight into a USB port, hows that for convenience? I havent tried any of the other recorders out there so there may be something better, but as someone savvy and particular about sound i.e. home theater, car speaker etc. the quality from this unit is excellent, you can stop your search here....more info
  • Fine for anything not requiring quality sound
    I'm a photojournalist and had heard good things about the WS-3** line of recorders for audio slideshows. Very much not so. The internal mic is fine for dictation and conference calls but leaves much to be desired for anything even close to what's required for slideshows and online media. Terrible background noise turns a moderately quite coffee shop into a cacophony of sound.

    I also tried using a Sony ECM-DS30p mic on the recorder and, although the sound quality is slightly better, the background noise just gets worse. The built in noise reduction turns voices and sounds tinny but does little to correct the issue with the dominating hiss. I've also tried a Sony ICD-UX80 which, while still having some hiss, is much much better with regards to background noise control and levels regulation.

    I'll probably either go with a Sony or figure out a way to carry a larger, heavier but better sounding recorder. ...more info
  • Fantastic little digital recorder!
    I've owned this for several weeks now, replacing an older Panasonic recorder. What can I say? Excellent battery life, GREAT recordings. It has settings for different types of recording, but is very intuitive. And the recording time on the highest quality setting is a little over 8 hours! I use it primarily for recording lectures. And one of the best features is that it records WVM files - just transfer from the recorder to your computer. No conversion necessary! Get one!...more info
  • Usefull electronic memory help
    Excelent device for maintaining a brain memory in the pocket, connection to PC by USB and power to file any kind of document.Best quality stereo sound....more info
  • Great Product
    This digital recorder is easy to use and can download a LOT of information onto your PC. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • If you are a PICKY musian type, then READ this, ignore the rest!
    I will make this as short as possible for other very picky musician types. I drove myself crazy trying to decide what to buy, I finally decided on this recorder and I am incredibly pleased. Anyone who says negative things about it probably doesn't have the patience to read the manual. The built-in mics are very good, enough to CLEARLY record ideas, music or interviews etc., but if you use something like a Sony ECM-MS907 mic you will be totally blown away, I am not kidding. The sampling rate is 44.1 khz on the highest setting (which I have not even used yet, but yes, it's THAT good) which is CD quality (in theory). In practice, because it compresses the files, it's not CD but it's very, very good. BTW, with a good mic, the background noise or 'hiss' is pretty much nil, (the built-in mics are a bit more noisy but easily tolerable) quite amazing. With a good mic, you could take this to a club or record your band and it would be extremely good quality. If I were to go up to what I felt is the next level, I would buy the ZOOM H4 which costs quite a bit more but looks amazing. For the bucks though, this unit is excellent. Again, don't be scared off by negative comments. It is very easy to use but you should really take about 30 minutes to 1 good hour to read the manual. The negatives are that 1)I can't record line-in from like a stereo mini-plug, seems to be some annoying impedance problem (overloading) so if you want to record the radio, you'll have to set it in front of your blaster or speakers to record whatever show which kind of sucks. 2) The headphone output volume could be louder but considering the size, hey... 3)It is VERY small (3 and 3/4"H X 1 and 1/2"W X 3/8"D) You'll be shocked at how small it is. It's like it was designed by elves so everything is painfully small - you get used to it but if your vision is not 20-20, you'll need your reading glasses to use it but then everything is like that these days but I aint kidding, this thing is TINY....more info
  • Nice try, but lousy service
    I purchased this unit in March to record college lectures. Every third time I set it down, the recording mode shuts off temperamentally. When I tried to talk to Olympus today about my problem, I was told I'd have to send the unit into them for 4-6 weeks with no other option. Without purchasing a new unit, I would not be able to record the lectures--why I bought it in the first place. They were very uncooperative and were not willing to work with me to find any alternative with an attitude of "too bad it's your problem."

    Lesson learned...when you buy Olympus, you roll the dice. If the product works as advertised, you win. If not, "Too bad, it's your problem." ...more info
  • love it
    i am in an acoustic instrumental band and the guitarist and i (violin) needed something to record as we write our music, so we can go back to it, remember it, modify it, work on it until it's done. or he can record his part, and i can listen to it so i can write mine ...

    this recorder is fantastic for that. the clarity is unbelievable. i even brought it to a full band practice with probably 6+ musicians including drums and put it on the floor to record practice, and the result wasn't perfect sound quality, but totally captured the sound and feel for my own purposes.

    when in a pinch, our band has even uploaded recordings of songs from this recorder onto our myspace page. if you want to hear the sound quality (recorded in the bathroom for acoustics!) go to www.myspace.com/starfkradium and listen to "the minuet"

    we love it....more info
  • Good recorder for the price
    I bought this little gadget mainly for recording meetings and live music. Previously I used a Sony MD-recorder, which is also quite good but required MD-tape and the sonicstage software for transferring and editing isn't exactly very updated.

    The recording quality is quite clear. One tip in recording is that make sure that both the left and right mics are equally expose. I put the recorder sideway (I originally thought that one side of the mic facing up would be ok already) in my bag when recording live music and the left and right stereo sound turned out to be a bit unbalanced.

    I've compared a meeting recording between Sony MD and Olympus, which were placed next to each other, and discovered that the vocal in MD is louder but there is also sort of a background hum, whereas the vocal in Olympus is quieter but no background hum. Both recordings are quite clear so no real big issue there.

    The transfer to computer is also very easy. Just plug the recorder in the USB and copy and paste the files. No need to install driver or use additional software at all.

    Generally, I am quite satisfied with this recorder. It's easy to use and the recording quality is quite good. I gave it 4 star because I think that the recording quality could be better. However, keep in mind that various variables will affect the quality of the recording: how close you are to the speaker, the position of the recorder, the size of the room, etc so it's hard to judge whether it is good enough. I've done 2 recordings of the same live show from different position and received different results. Also, it would be great if the audio file could be recorded other format such as mp3 or wav and not just WMA.
    ...more info
  • Amazing Device
    This little recorder is awesome! The ability to have so much recording time and store the file on my computer for future reference is just what I needed. I highly recommend it....more info
  • accurately records musical instruments
    As an elementary music teacher, I often have a need to make recordings. After researching my options, on a limited budget, I chose this digital voice recorder to record my grand piano playing vocal parts. At first I was very disappointed, until told to listen through the ear buds, not the speakers on the tiny device! What sounded awful at first, ended up being the best piano recording I have ever heard from a portable device, which used to be a cassette recorder! The cd's turned out great.
    Today I recorded a saxophone soloist as I accompanied his piece we are preparing for a state honors concert in a few days. I just sat this small recorder on my windowsill and I am absolutely amazed at the sound quality! It sounds as good as when the band director brought all of his equipment and large microphones to my studio!
    Often middle school or high school musicians are required to make a recording for seating or auditions. I would highly recommend this WS-311M to do the job!...more info
  • great voice recorder
    i bought this to record my chinese lessons with my tutor - the sound is clear and crisp. the best part is that the sound files can be converted to mp3s so you're not stuck with a bunch of .wav files....more info
  • Great little recorder!
    This recorder is easy to use, and has great recording clarity. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • amazing
    I have found the ws 311 m to be far better than I had expected- sound quality is excellent, the built in mic is effective for voice, and the controls for noise etc simply briliant to the ear. To say I am satisfied is too much an understatement! I know it is no i pod, but it also does far more of what I wanted-a voice recorder, and still gives me so much versatility with music that I am stunned. I am older perhaps, but I found this technology to be awesome...would I buy it again? I am looking for another to use as a backup. I can record all the trash talk in my office or even important notes to myself--all with one AAA batery, and a built in usb plugin that is just incredible. Go Olympus!!!...more info
  • Excellent tool for the aspiring songwriter in you
    I find this little gizmo indispensable when I want to record something in a flash. There are so many features but the fat instruction book covers them all and makes it easy to use. It's great that you can just detach the bottom and stick it into a computer, but on my laptop the recorder juts out beyond the base of the laptop so in effect I have to hold the laptop up so as not to put all the weight on the unit. Luckily they enclose a short USB to USB cable that fixes that problem.

    It can play mp3s as promised, and the slow-down speed-up feature works for those as well. I especially like that you can set track markers and play certain parts over and over again. Quality is excellent, though it doesn't sound too good coming through the internal speaker. Better to use headphones or transfer to your computer, which is also a cinch.

    While I was hoping to pay less, I think the $80 is worth it if you plan to use it a lot. I have not used any of the lower-priced ones, but just by looking at the feature list, I am glad I spent a little more....more info
  • Nice Recorder
    I purchased this to record music lessons and jam sessions. I play bluegrass and wanted something quick and easy but wasn't worried about audiophile quality. The recordings sound much better through headphones or computer speakers than through the device speakers - but hey - that's how I planned to use it.

    The feature set is good and it is easy to transfer recordings. Also works well as a music play too.

    If you're looking for a very simple way to record music, like me, then this is a great purchase. I'm sure the higher capactiy players would be nice but I didn't want to keep my entire music collection online. I got hard drives for such.

    Great player. ...more info
  • Great recorder!
    I'm a reporter and need quality audio, and this unit delivers. Outstanding quality, even with just the condensor mic! Plus, all you need to do is pull the unit apart and plug it into a usb port and the audio plays through media player. Other units I've had needed a patch cord and software. I've only loaded a couple songs on it, but it's easy to do and sounds great, even with twinky headphones....more info
  • It works
    This is a nice product. It is small, has a long battery life on rechargables and does well what it was designed to do. I find it easy to operate and to use the navigation menu. When plugged into my laptop it functions like any other external storage device. (I have not used it as a music player.) For someone wishing to have multiple and/or extended voice recordings and wants to preserve then on their computer, this is an excellent choice....more info
  • Poor Support
    I bought an Olympus W-10 a few years ago. Not a bad device, but when I tried to install software on my new Vista laptop, Olympus told me "Too bad. Your device is just outdated." And, "No, we don't have any plans of supporting your device on Windows Vista". I think that says it all. Unless you want to buy one of these every few years....more info
  • Poor Variable Control Voice Actuator Function
    I bought this product for the sole purpose of recording seminars. Poor Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) function ruins this otherwise excellent digital recorder.

    VCVA records only when the device senses sound. Hence it helps trim out downtime and is an important time-saving function when listening to recorded material.

    What I've found is that the VCVA is not sensitive enough to work properly unless the lecturer speaks directly to the recorder within about 3 feet. So even when I am sitting in the front row, this device still misses out reocrding most part of a lecture when I set it at the VCVA mode.

    Addendum 6/29/08: My assessment of VCVA performance was based on the more sensitive of the two mic settings, the "Conf" mode....more info
  • Love it!
    This litttle guy is awsome. The sound quality is great. I use it to record African Drum classes so I can learn the rhythms and I can hear all the different tones, slaps and basses on play back....more info
  • Simply amazing! Outstanding!
    Wow, this item cost me a lot, but it is certainly MORE than worth it.

    It is a very small (so small that I don't know what would happen if you drop it... hehe) and sleek voice recorder. There are several models of this WS series, and this was the most suitable for me because it has a lot of memory and it is actually quite cheap (funny thing, the previous model to this one -WS-300 I think- is more expensive, so you'd be paying more for less memory).

    Concerning memory, this little and amazing thing has 138h 30m when it's in its lowest recording mode (LP). In the next mode (SP) it has 69h 40m, then in HG 35h 25m, in ST SP the same as the latter, in ST HG 17h 40m, and finally in ST XQ 8h and 45min. In my opinion there is a wide difference between the LP (worst) and ST XQ (better) modes. In the latter the quality of the audio is really amazing, you can definitely hear how good it is (lots of depth). In the former the quality is amazingly good, so if you record 138h 30m you will have 138h 30m of VERY good quality. The difference with the 1st mode is still a lot, but both modes are nothing short of amazing. The mode that I recommend using is the HQ or the ST SP, which gives you 25h 25m of very good quality recording but stlll with enough space for recording a lot.

    I really liked that this model is basically a Voice-Recorder USB key, hence it is compatible with MAC! That i s the main reason why I chose this model, because since I have a Mac I obviously needed a (digital) recorder compatible with my computer, and it works perfectly. I just connect it to the port in my keyboard and voila, it appears!

    I still haven't managed how to open the aufio files with iTunes or to convert them to MP3, but hopefully I'll somehow manage.

    Overall, I cannot stop recommending this to my friends, it is assuredly a useful and amazing digital voice recorder, and you most certainly won't regret buying it!

    Cheers!...more info


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