Bissell 3920 Pet Hair Eraser Dual-Cyclonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, 12A, Dual Cyclonic Vacuum, 2 Times Cyclonic Action For Superior Suction, 15" Wide Cleaning Foot, Pet Hair Lifter, HEPA Media Filter, Easy Empty Dirt Container, Pet Contour Tool Pulls Out Dirt & Hair From Hard To Reach Areas Like Stairs, Pet Turbo Brush Works Like a Magnet, MAP Price: $149.99.

  • Upright bagless vacuum cleaner with powerful 12 amp motor
  • 2-stage cyclonic action provides superior suction for removing dirt and pet hair
  • On-board tools include dusting brush, crevice tool, pet-hair lifter, TurboBrush, and more
  • 7 manual carpet-height settings; HEPA filtration; cord wrap and carrying handle
  • Measures 15-1/4 by 15 by 45 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Works well but has few kinks
    I just used it for the first time last night and was both pleased and annoyed. I am replacing a Self-Propelled Bagless Hoover Windtunnel and thought this vacuum reminded me more of my old Fantom Thunder, that was the best vac I ever had, but is no longer made.
    Bissell Pet Vac pros:
    *Moves like it is self propelled, even in my high carpet, surprised how light it feels!
    *Does pick up like my old Fantom, but slows if the dust cup gets half full
    *Loved the contour pet tool, it made my steps and couch look like new!
    *Stayed cool, even though I did the entire house without letting it rest.

    Cons: (First is almost a deal breaker)
    *Front shield designed to pull pet hair in with static is a BIG problem
    It pops up by itself if it barely touches an item or corner
    It also prevents you from getting a close vacuum in corners or sides on bare floors where is supposed to be pushed up. I had to push it back down on bare floors to get in tight spots since it blocks you otherwise.
    *As mentioned before, just the dirt cup getting half full slowed down the suction. It would also somehow glob all the contents in the cup over on only one side, and stop spinning and cleaning.
    *Grabs area rugs fairly easily, even on lowest carpet setting.

    I will give it some more time, but it is not the beloved Fantom that I can never replace. I do believe my Hoover picked up a bit more, but it was literally falling apart in pieces after 2 years and no longer self-propelled, even with new belts. This seems a step up after dealing with the Hoover. ...more info
  • If I only had pets it would be OK.
    I personally HATE this vacuum. It seems to work OK on the pet hair, but doesn't pick anything else up....let me rephrase picks everything up and then spits it back out. If I want to vacuum my childrens rooms I have to use the hose. I've found myself just borrowing my neighbors vacuum while this HUGE ol' thing sits in the closet. What a waste of money!!!...more info
  • This vac really sucks!!
    Great vac. This thing does a great job on flooring and carpet!! Great buy, my wife loves it....more info
  • Awesome results!! So glad we have this.
    We received this vaccum as a wedding present. We have a large pit bull mix and he sheds like crazy. I thought this would help the pet hair situation but I had no idea how amazing it was until I tried it out. After about 5 minutes of vaccuming the whole canister was full of dog hair (gross). And, we vaccum on a regular basis, but with a "normal" vaccum that obviously was not cutting it. It is very easy to empty and has tons of different attatchments for furniture and difficult to reach corners. I can't imagine how dirty and hairy our house would be without it. Best wedding present ever! I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Finally, A vacuum that works, at a price I can afford.
    After extensive research and reading reviews, I finally made the decision to purchase this Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, Model # 3920. I have only owned this product for little more than one week and so far I'm impressed. My friend owns a Dyson, and I'm willing to bet this bugger would give him a run for his money! The overall value is what impresses me. To get a vacuum with this many options and cleaning power, I was certain I would have to spend $200 or more.

    It has a sleek appealing design(if you care about such things), adorable little paw prints adorn the cyclonic tank. An extremely long cord 35'! I can clean multiple rooms without unplugging and moving. Everything is so easily accessible for easy cleaning and removal. From the turbo brush accessory to removing the rotating beater bar to remove tangled up hair and string (you know what I'm talking about). No tools required to remove the beater bar!!!

    Let me talk about the turbo brush - I was MORE than skeptical. My previous vacuum, which brand shall remain nameless, had one of those. I found that the brush rotates using the vacuum's suction. So on the ex's vacuum, as soon as I would touch the little turbo brush to a surface, it would lose suction and the brushes ceased to rotate. If that sounds like your vacuum - then THIS vacuum is for you. I couldn't believe my eyes. Not only does this little turbo brush hand tool have AWESOME rubber teeth lining the mouth of it (excellent for grabbing dust and yes, pet hair from crevasses) I used a little elbow grease and those brushes were still just a turning. I have not used the contour tool yet, but have read other reviews saying that too works by design.

    I have got to mention the drop down hair and lint bar. It's our beloved old fashioned lint brush on the front - ingenious! So, you push that little bar down in place - when you pull back it grabs hair and lint, push forward it slides off onto the floor and you vacuum it up.... there's so much more.

    The pre-motor filter is washable - as are most these days. The tank is really easy to release and empty. The entire cyclonic tank comes apart so that you can rinse/wash, dry and put back together for your next use. In my mind, giving me more control over how long my vacuum will last me, and how clean the air is I put back into my room. Speaking of which, it has a post motor HEPA filter on the side. HEPA filters work!!! I have sucked up so much sand, dust, dirt, cat hair - you name it - since I got this vacuum (my other vacuum really didn't do the job and I felt dirty the first time I emptied this thing). Not ONCE do I turn on the vacuum and have a poof of dust fly into the air. You must replace them every 3 months at minimum for optimum performance. I'm an allergy sufferer w/ asthma, so I will replace them more often.

    There is only one feature that would make this vacuum better - a switch to turn off the beater bar when using the hand tools. It in NO way affects its operation, and when in the upright locked position, the beater bar is far enough off the ground it doesn't bother. It would still be nice to have this option to save wear and tear on the belts.

    Bottom line - this vacuum has exceeded my expectations considering other vacuums in the same price range. With proper maintenance, I feel this vacuum is going to be good over the long haul. It feels sturdy, a solid constructed unit.

    Does it work on pet hair --- YES, YES, YES!!! (and so much more)
    ...more info
  • Not just a sales gimmick!
    Nowadays we are inundated with a whole slew of products vying for our important dollar by making claims to make our lives easier and do all of the things we wish something could do, only to find out these products fall far short of such claims, and we are left with another useless purchase to fill our closets or attics.

    Not so with the Bissell 3920! After spending weeks researching vacuums both online and at stores I convinced my wife to take a chance on this one. We own a 2 year old Australian Shepherd mix who's hair has found its way into every crevice of our daily lives. Inviting guests over is a chore involving a few hours of sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and brushing our dog... and we still find ourselves saying "oh don't sit there, that's where he lays down all of the time and you might get hair all over you". The ritual lint-brushing my wife and I partake in before we go out anywhere can be time-consuming, exasperating and sometimes comical.

    After convinced on trying the Bissell 3920, we researched for the best price, and found that going to Sears we could save $10 versus shopping online, despite the temptation of free shipping. We brought it home, and I set it up fairly quickly.

    When you open the box, you will find that the hoses, the little attachments, and the handle are separate. The instructions are simple but I believe that they could improve them by using photographs rather than drawings, although for it's price I can't blame them for saving a few pennies. It does come with several screws that you will have to put in, requiring a MEDIUM to LONG length cross-tip (phillips) screw-driver. The head of the screw-driver shouldn't be too small or fat. Take your time, don't get frustrated, and don't crank or bend things, it's all pretty easy when you're not in a rush, and one person should do just fine.

    - Extra long cord! Granted it takes some time to coil back up, but all my life I have had the issue of having to constantly unplug/re-plug the vacuum every so many feet, particularly in rooms with lots of furniture. With the cord on the Bissell 3920 I can plug it into the dining room and vacuum the entire living room while having plenty of slack left!
    - Bagless. Easy to empty, no trips to the store for land-fill clogging bags!
    - Powerful! This vacuum absolutely pulls everything out of our carpets and rugs, and using the hose only seems to give it more concentrated power unlike most vacuums I've used.
    - Assisted Drive? Haven't read it in the manual, but I noticed that while vacuuming that the Bissell 3920 practically drives itself forward requiring little to no pushing effort... life saver on the wrists!
    - Effective attachments. The hose attachments do an exceptional job at pulling hair out from furniture... even the ones that our dog has "claimed" for a long time! No need to be slow with it either, I've found that a rapid back and forth action with the hair-getting attachments work better than a slower sweep. Cracks and crevices of furniture no longer hold a safe-haven for fur!
    - Long hose. This hose is exceptionally long. It's long enough to reach the top of the stairwell while the vacuum is at the very bottom! I use it regularly to get above door and window sills WITHOUT a foot stool!
    - Bright light. You can practically use this thing in the dark! Ha!
    - Maneuverability. I love the way this baby easily turns and gets around furniture and for as big as it is it will get pretty far underneath couches and other furniture saving you time from having to whip out the hose or move furniture!

    - Noise. It's not the quietest, and the turbo pet hair erasing hose attachment does sound like a turbo, but it isn't like you're using it all the time, it's so powerful and deep cleaning that it gets brought out less than our old vacuum!
    - Cord. Like I said earlier, takes a minute to wrap if you unwrap it all the way. Not really a con considering the benefit, but I dream of the day that the vacuum companies devise a self-contained retractable cord!
    - The Hose. Yes, folks, if you pull on the hose the vacuum may tip over. But I blame this on the user. I have found that if you hold the hose about half-way and then extend the hose from your hand RATHER than from the vacuum you will have NO ISSUES. The BEST way is to hold the handle of the vacuum as if you were pushing it (with the front part locked up) and have the hose in your other hand. Trust me, it's simpler than it sounds.
    - Dust spew. I read from others, and experienced my self some dust spewing out of the open tube when you use the hose. But after a minute of examining, I found out that it will only do this IF the vacuum itself is sitting on a dirty part of the floor. A easy solution to this is vacuum that spot up FIRST, THEN use the hose.
    - Messy Canister. Yes, the canister leaves some dust and whatnot around where the canister is pulled out. Just take a damp cloth and wipe it. It is still better than dealing with a bag.
    - Weight. It's really not that heavy, but lugging it up and down stairs might be difficult.

    Don't blow your money on that exorbitantly priced "Dyson"! This utilitarian masterpiece will get every bit of your furry friends' hair, and do an exceptional job at cleaning EVERY nook and cranny of your house that you will never look at vacuuming as a difficult futile effort ever again!...more info
  • Worse vacuum I have ever owned!
    I bought this vacuum about a year ago, and probably not long after buying it I wanted a new vacuum. It worked initially, but after a few months I realized it wasn't picking anything up. I was emptying the canister all the time because if you don't it gets too full and the dust ends up on the floor again and the vacuum. I looked at the canister while it was on an realized that dog hair would get stuck up in the top of where the canister locks into, so I had to reach in and pull it out a little at a time. This was a pain because you can't get your hand into the area easily.

    I would never recommend this vacuum to anyone with animals, which is ironic because this is a vacuum call the pet hair eraser. If you have pets buy something else!...more info
  • HATE IT! Sucks hair but not dust/dirt!
    I received this vacuum as a wedding gift about a year ago. I only have one, rather small, room in my house that has carpet; but I do have one really long haired cat that drops hair all the time! I registered for this vacuum for that reason. I have only used it a handful of times because it throws dust so dang bad. When we first moved into our house, the carpet had just been cleaned. So I didn't notice right off that this vacuum was going to be so bad, or I would have immediately returned it to the store. I have taken it to a vacuum service store, and they put a new belt on it, cleaned it out, and really didn't see that anything was wrong with it. Brought it back home, and still the same thing! As soon as I turned it on, dust blowing all around it. The vacuum itself had been wiped off and cleaned up when I got it, and after using it for just a couple of minutes it was COVERED in dust yet again and I was coughing and hacking from all the dust in the air. It does have suction, because I can see a few lint and hair balls spinning in the container- so I know that it is "working". I have never been so dissappointed in anything in my life-- At least not that I can remember!! I have asthma and allergies, and I am stuck with a newer vacuum, that to me, is a complete piece of junk and hazardous to my health. I does suck up hair, but it just blows the dust and dirt! I would NOT recommend this product to anyone, allergies or not. I will most definitely be looking for something else so I can hopefully just vacuum my one room and move on with life-- still being able to breath and not having to go over all the furiture with a dust rag!!! ...more info
  • Adding on previous review of product..our broke in a month
    I wrote a glowing review of ths product when I first purchased it as it did do a great a job. I am revising the last review however because it broke within a month of receipt. It was just past the return date too..figures. The machine just suddenly stopped picking up the hair. My parents now have Dyson Animal that they got on clearance at Walmart fot $250 and it is absolutely terrific. We have had it for six months now and not a problem at all. I wish the bissell was better..none of our bissell products have had a long life span in our household staring to wonder if they are as good as they used to be......more info
  • Everything I expected and more...
    I love this vacuum. I have always stood true to my Hoovers, but wanted to try something new. So far Bissell has not let me down with this particular vacuum. Nor has Amazon! It was shipped VERY fast... and I didn't even need the directions to put it together. (They were included however.) All but three screws and vwalaa... my 2 yr old could have figured out where to put them. It comes with a few handy attachments that I haven't gotten to test yet... but they all fit neatly onto the vacuum without being in the way. The attachment hose is VERY long... which is great because the vacuum itself is bulky and I def. wouldn't want it tipping over. It literally pulls itself though... so despite its size, it is not hard to move about the room. The extra pet hair extractor on the front is an excellent option and I truly trust that my carpet is hair free when I put my kids down on the floor to play. The vac does require some pretty regular cleaning to keep the pet hair from clogging it up (haven't had this problem, but assume it could be?)... BUT anyone that actually would expect a maintenance free vac with the demands of indoor pets and children would have to be crazy. Naturally... any machine is going to need some TLC to keep performing top notch. So far... no complaints from me. Great job Bissell!...more info
  • Flawed product
    I read Owen's review and after having tried and returned a Dyson myself, thought the Bissell Pet hair Eraser might be more cost-effective.
    Well, as it turns out, I ended up returning the Bissell and getting a different Dyson model (DC-17). I'm not the type to jump on a bandwagon, but after comparing these, I have to admit the Dyson is by far the better machine.

    Here's what I didn't like about the Bissell:
    - It's LOUD. There's also a high frequency component to the noise which I really don't like.
    - The dirt container is quite small, and requires frequent emptying (2 - 3 x per room). When removing it, fine dust tends to spill around the vacuum and floor.
    - The upper tank clogs frequently because dog hair clogs the air entry. Removal and cleaning of the inner cyclone is a pain, and a dirty job too.
    - The rotating floor brush -- doesn't. It frequently stops moving. The height adjustment, even when set to MAX doesn't seem to work. This resulted in the vacuum being REALLY hard to push over carpet, and also limited its effectiveness.
    - The tools fall off.
    - The pet hair-lifter is an ineffective gimmick.

    I paid $190 CAD for this vacuum, so it is certainly cheaper that the Dyson, but having compared the two, my opinion is that with the Bissell, you I didn't get what I paid for.

    I should also mention that after cleaning with the Bissell, I could still see pet hair on the carpet despite having vacuumed the area repeatedly. A few days later when I bought the Dyson and went over the same area, I could not see any hair on the carpet.
    ...more info
  • Super vacuum clean for collie hair!!
    we have four 70 lbs. collies who are in the house at night and when the weather is too cold or hot for them. You can imagine the amount of dog hair left behind after visits! I purchased a Bissell 9320 Pet Hair Eraser Dual Cyclonic. The afternoon it arrived, it was used on carpeting that had been vacuumed that morning. The residue left over from the morning cleaning filled the Bissell collection cup several times. What a marvelous machine compared to the Hoover it replaced. This 9320 Bissell is very easy to maneuver and user friendly. I paid $134.00, shipping included, on line. For the money, it is as efficient or more so than vacuums costing three or four times more. Dr. M.M./Kansas...more info
  • The Worst Vacuum I've Ever Had
    Within a few months of my purchase, I realized I hated this vacuum. I kept thinking that maybe I was using it wrong. Maybe I had it set incorrectly for the application. I even called Bissell. After checking everything, it was determined that the machine was working properly, NOT! I have hardwood floors and a wool area rug. I also have 2 cats and 2 dogs (the whole reason for this purchase). To confirm that a vacuum is working, I always vacuum barefoot. If the vacuum is not working, my feet know it. This one was kicking back so much debris, I was endlessly vacuuming the same spot while picking up absolutely nothing, even though it was on the bare floor setting. So maybe this is a carpet vacuum, NOT. My dark blue whole rug would not give up any pet hair to this vacuum. I should have taken it back, I should have taken it to a repair center but in the end, it's going to the dump. My two years of cursing a vacuum are over. I should have gotten the Dyson like I had originally wanted....more info
  • Not worth the price
    Alright... so I caved and bought this vacuum, even though it was two times as much as the other vacuum I was considering (Tempo Widepath). Mostly because of Owen's review. I was very underwhelmed by it and will be returning it tomorrow. And it's not because of any "breaking" issues... I'm positive I didn't get a defective vacuum, so that's not why I'm rating it low.

    For background, I have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks (shorthaired dogs). It's shedding season right now and they are poofing everywhere. Also we have one shorthaired cat. My DD Jaguar died when I tried to vacuum a couch pillow and we can't seem to fix it, so I looked at a hundred million vacuums and reviews and decided on this vacuum over a Tempo because of the tools and because it's bagless. Shoulda gone with the Tempo.

    1) Quiet! I found it was much quieter than my Dirt Devil Jaguar (aka Breeze). Dogs didn't flee in terror... the baby didn't cry. Very nice.

    2) Tools work well on my couch and actually get the hair off. (Be aware the tools can be purchased for $30 here on amazon for any vacuum, so certainly not a reason to buy this vacuum)

    3) Easy to empty. Come on people, go empty it out in your dumpster. It's not that far and it'll keep the dust from floating around your house. My DD was ANNOYING to empty. You had to pull out the filter and bang it a hundred times to empty the canister.

    4) Hose is nice and easy to use and access. My DD was a pain to hook up, but this is very easy and intuitive.

    5) Seems to vacuum the bare floors fine. It didn't spit dirt back at me or anything, so that's good.

    1) Heavy. This thing is really heavy. It's a pain and makes my arm tired. And I live in a single level home.

    2) Lint bar is completely useless. Also makes it hard to get right up to walls.

    3) Tools fall off consistently. This might be because I use my leg to push vacuums forward though and I tend to bump the tools.

    4) Attracts hair to itself in massive amounts. Gross! This thing looks like a dog itself when I'm done vacuuming... I have to vacuum it off with the hose.

    5) Not as effective as a $150 vacuum should be. I vacuumed without the lint bar the first time, on the second to lowest setting (last time I had vacuumed was a week earlier with my DD).

    Went around three rooms. Dust cup about half way full. It was mostly full of loose carpet fibers but also some dirt and some dog hair and my long hair. DD didn't pick up carpet fibers, so that was impressive I thought. But then I got down on my hands and knees and checked my carpet...

    Carpet still had an average of 1 or 2 dog hairs per 2 square inches (on the non-frequented parts... more on the parts of the carpet my dog lays on). Sure, my carpet wasn't obviously covered in dog hair, but it wasn't before either. I was expecting this to pick up ALL of the dog hairs, not 85% of them.

    I had my daughter on the floor afterwards, and sure enough, she had all sorts of dog hair on her. This has not happened with my DD, so I know this is not picking up as well.

    Anyway, I thought I'd give the thing another try... so two days later, I put the vacuum on the "Bare Floor" setting and went over two rooms TWICE each. The thing picked up about a quarter of a canister full of dirt and dog hair; no carpet fibers this time.

    Got down on my hands and knees and looked... and... still 1 or 2 dog hairs per 2 square inches. 3 or 4 in the frequented areas. Went back over the most frequently laid on area with the lint bar down, three times. Got on hands and knees... same thing. There was dog hair laying on TOP of the carpet that STILL hadn't been picked up.

    What a waste!

    I would suggest not purchasing this vacuum! It is not worth $150....more info
  • What a piece of crap
    I bought this thing a year ago. It worked great then. Now, leaves lines of animal hair when I vacuume. I have to vacuume each room twice to pick up what it left. I have 2 short haired cats and a short haired dog, it shouldn't have that much difficulty picking up everything...especially when I vacuum every week. It also smells like it's getting overheated. I clean the filter out and the dirt container. I even clean the brush heads and where the dirt funnels down into the dirt container. There's no reason for all this. The green "light" is always on too so it's not in the red. I've never had so much trouble with a vacuume cleaner. I'm getting a Dyson and putting this on the street....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I got this vacuum for my daughter and her husband who have a dog and two cats that shed terribly. She had tried my Kirby and Dyson, and neither did the job. But this vacuum worked just great and removed the hair from throw rugs and furniture with no difficulty. What would normally take her five to ten minutes to vacuum was done in a couple of minutes. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone with pets!!...more info
  • Awesome!
    I am amazed at the amount of pet hair this vacuum picks up! I owned a Kirby for many years and got tired of not having on-board tools. My husband protested buying a new vacuum because of the amount of money we paid for the Kirby. I finally insisted on getting a new vacuum because the pet hair on my furniture and carpet was getting out of control! I own two black labs and a beagle. All have the short hair that seems weave itself into fabric! This vacuum is AWESOME! It picks up dog hair like you wouldn't believe and the on-board tools are so convenient. My only complaint is that it is heavy. I guess I should look at it like a workout and enjoy the extra calories burned!!

    ...more info
  • Expensive Disappointment
    I recently purchased this vacuum and have to say that the product is an extreme disappointment. Adding insult to injury, just previous to purchasing this item I had purchased a Bissell Revolution Lift-Off and LOVED it!! Unfortunately, just months after purchasing it our movers either "lost" or "stole" my new vacuum as it was the last thing put on the truck for our cross-country move and then they conveniently "forgot" to list it in the inventory! Because they didn't have record of it, they refused to reimburse me. I would have repurchased the Bissell Revolution Lift-Off again but it wasn't available for immediate purchase in my new location and I needed a vacuum immediately. So, I bought the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser instead. I wish that I had waited.

    The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser in my experience does anything but erase pet hair but, rather, redistributes it all over the house. The brush will not spin while in motion and the carpet level adjustor does not elevate accordingly, and carpet lint will not pick up. Furthermore, the dustbin design is poor and creates a mess upon removal and the turbo-brush simply does not pick up hair, dust, or particles. Ultimately for me this was a waste of money. Comparing the Bissell Revolution Lift-Off to the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, I'd rather have my Lift-Off back. Bissell tends to make good products but for me this one was an expensive disappointment....more info
  • Great on my berber carpet for 3 dogs and a long haired cat!
    We live in what they call the sticks!! And so A LOT of dirt and junk gets dragged in on the bottom of shoes when they walk in from outside. I also have 3 dogs that shed A LOT and a long haired cat.. So when my dirt devil clogged AGAIN for the last time, I bought this baby and was amazed! I loved the fact that all of the fixed vacuum tubes are transluscent so that you can SEE if there's a clog in there (which it never did anyway!) I was amazed at how much fine dirt and animal hair this thing picked up! I have a fully berber carpetted 3 bedroom house and it was hard to find a vacuum that would work for that kind of carpet. Not only did it pick up the usual stuff but it picked up so much fine dust that I didn't even know was in my carpet! Great product!! It does require a little assembly and the instructions did leave a little to the imagination, but it was up and running in about 10 minutes. Great product for not too much money!! My mom has a Dyson and I borrowed it once and I would compare this with hers!! Sorry mom! You wasted your money!...more info
  • the one and only review
    This is a great vacuum...the hose is long, the electric cord is long, the attachments are great. It took no effort to assemble and the power is awesome. I was able to pick up everything seen and could not see. I have owned a dyson animal and the comparison is great....the Bissell 3920 pet hair eraser is easier to handle, but you have to empty the container more often...but who is counting as long as the job is done at the fraction of the cost. I recommend this vacuum to everyone!!!...more info
  • pet eraser
    This product was a christmas present for my son. He has dogs in the house and loves this vacuum for cleaning the hair from the carpet and furniture...more info
  • Does an excellent job cleaning.
    This vacuum cleaner has plenty of power to pick up dust and debris and the pet hair pickup features work quite well. It makes some noise, but I don't really care about the noise since it cleans effectively. I just put on my headset and listen to my MP3 player. It is also a little heavy, but again, this is offset by the good job it does of cleaning. The attachments also work as advertised and are nicely stored on the machine. The washable main filter means I do not have to frequently buy replacement filters. I wish the HEPA filter was also user washable, but it has to be replaced when dirty, and is more expensive than it should be in my opinion. I only gave it three stars because of factors other than its cleaning abilities. First; emptying the dirt cup is a messy affair and best done outside. After emptying the cup you will have to vacuum the vacuum cleaner and the area around it. Second; the entire outside of this machine is a dust magnet. The black and clear plastic of this machine seem designed to easily show dust, and the entire machine quickly becomes coated. Vacuuming the machine off followed by wiping down with a damp cloth is required to get the dust off, but that is easier said than done. The machine has so many crooks and crevices that wiping it down is a difficult and time consuming job. Once I clean house, I must set aside a good portion of time to clean the cleaner! This might not be such a problem in some parts of the country, but in west Texas we have very dusty conditions, so dust can be a real problem in the house and on the vacuum. If Bissell had given this vacuum cleaner a more streamlined design it would be easier to clean. As it is now, I keep my filthy looking vacuum cleaner well hidden from friends and family. Not that I don't clean it, but it still looks dirty after being cleaned! I had an all metal upright before I got this one. I think it was made in the 50's and it worked well, just needed an occassional belt change, and had a bag that was thrown out when it became full, and no filters to clean or change, the bag served as the filter and replacement bags are still available! It was much cleaner to just change the dust bag, and the chromed metal surface never looked dirty like this one does. I gave it to charity, and replaced it with this one because the old one did not have attachments....more info
  • Pat Hair - Beware!
    I got this cleaner as an Easter present in 08 (yes, I had requested it, so I was VERY excited to get it). I have a long-haired black cat and beige carpet. I was very surprised how well this gets the long black hair clumps off of everything! It's so powerful, it begins to pull the hair in when I even sweep close to it. The long hose and useful attachments make it very easy to clean my furniture and drapes, as well as her pet furniture.

    The only drawbacks are having to empty the canister so much to retain the super suction (I need to empty it after 4 rooms, if I vacuum at least twice a week, if I do once a week I need to empty it at 2 rooms). It is a bit bulky, but I have accidentally slammed it into all types of furniture and it is holding together very well. The directions are terrible, but the folks at customer service are great when you call!...more info
  • Bissell knows how to suck pet hair and dirt! Great vacuum.
    Watch Video Here: The Bissell is a rocking vacuum. It pulled up dirt and hair from the carpet we never knew about. Cheaper then Dyson and if your looking for a vacuum that can really pull up the nasties from the carpet this is it, did I mention its bagless so you do not have that extra cost?...more info
  • Don't pass this up
    I bought this machine as a back-up to our $1400.00 Orick that is constantly breaking. This vac is heavy and not so great on smooth surfaces such as hard wood. You will not,however, find a better vac for carpets! I am always amazed at how good a job this thing does on our carpets and area rugs. We have a gaggle of kids and a pooch who sheds all over the place and this thing is more than up to the challenge....more info
  • Died after 2 uses.
    I read all the reviews about this vacuum, and was pretty pleased with it when I first got it home. It definitely picked up tons of dirt and hair that my old vacuum was leaving behind. I did notice that it made a loud, high pitched noise when I used it on bare floors, but a call to the service center informed us to raise the brush higher. We had to raise the setting to "high pile" carpet to make it stop making the noise on our bare floor, which I thought was odd, then why does it have the "bare floor" option?

    I was still ok with it until today when I went to turn it on and...nothing. We have used this vacuum twice and it is completely dead. Now I have to pack it up and take it to a repair center where it will take who knows how long to get a part in from Mexico. I am told the repair will be covered under warranty, but at this point, I am not holding much enthusiasm for this vacuum and I would not buy it again....more info
  • Absolutely LOVE IT
    I purchased this vacuum a couple months ago and decided to wait a couple months before writing my review for it. And let me tell you I absolutely love this vacuum. I have two 75 lb. labs and a cat and it's springtime in Wisconsin so they are all shedding their winter coats all over my house along with tracking mud and dirt in from outside and to this day it still sucks it all up and then some. I actually feel like my floors and furniture are clean when I am done vacuuming unlike my previous vacuum. The attachments work wonderful on cushions and in crevices - I would even recommend this to people without pets - that's how much faith I have in the cleaning power of this machine.

    When I was looking for a new vacuum, I read the reviews for this one and was hesitant due to some of the bad reviews. After much thought and realizing most of them are common sense fixes, I decided to give it a try. I empty the bin after each room and depending on how bad the room is, I sometimes empty half way through vacuuming as well. This allows the suction to work properly - as we all know that the more dirt in the canister the less air flow - which will affect the suction. I also take the canister etc. apart occassionally and rinse in the sink and allow to dry before I reassemble to keep the dirt from building up outside the canister so that it doesn't leave excess dirt on my floors when I dump the canister. I will also occassionally wipe down my vacuum as it will get dirty on the outside - just like everything else. See common sense fixes.
    ...more info
  • Vacuum
    The vacuum was purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter, who has two terriers. Now that she has a new baby, she is becoming more aware of the pet hair in her house. She said that the vacuum works really well, but she is having trouble getting enough suction through the hand-held attachments for them to be effective....more info
  • So far, so good!
    I just purchased this and i am enjoying it so far. I had some indecision early on because I couldn't decide between the model 3920 or the model 4104. My indecision was mostly because I couldn't figure out what the difference was. I know that some people in this forum suggest that model 4104 is newer and therefore is better.

    So I contacted Bissell directly to clarify the difference. Here is what they wrote. I hope it helps clear up the confusion for anyone else that might be confused.

    "Thank you for contacting BISSELL Consumer Services.

    The model 4104 is exclusively sold at Wal-mart retail stores. This model does not come with the pet hair lifter feature like the model 3920.

    The pet hair lifter is attached to the bottom of the machine, it works like a lint brush to gather more of the surface hair from the carpet.

    Other than this, the machines are the same."

    ...more info
  • disappointed
    I feel it releases to put stuff into the air and constantly clean the so called filter....more info
  • Clogged after 9 months
    I purchased this vacuum about a year ago and it stopped working 3 months ago. During its life-span, I was never impressed. It would vacuum no different than my hoover, which had not a single "pet" feature, and I often had to "self-service" this vacuum in between uses in order to clear it of clogs I could reach. I finally got the chance to take it into a Bissel Service Center recently to be told the motor was clogged with hair and it would be $50 to repair. I'm paying that amount only to have something to tide me over until I can buy something better. The repairman asked me what types of animals I had. I have one--a medium short-haired mutt. He said the amount of hair in the motor would make him think I had several huskies. That means hair has been entering the motor since day one. He also told me that he gets more of this type of vacuum in for repair than any other and referred to it as "junk". It hurts to hear, even though I already knew it. He recommended a bag vacuum over a bagless any day. I might just take him up on that advice.......more info
  • Incredible for dog hair on carpet and furniture!
    I LOVE this vacuum. First, I bought it directly from Amazon for $143 with free shipping; it arrived in two days - WHOA! (Ordered Thurs, came Saturday at noon). I had just vacuumed with my old vacuum, which like every other vacuum I've had, was a hand-me-down. I was astonished at how well this vacuum worked. Its suction was intensely powerful, and I plan to keep it that way by frequently emptying the collection bin and maintaining the filter. The vacuum took approximately 6 minutes to assemble - 3 screws total ... it was so easy, especially for someone who didn't realize it would require assembly. The vacuum has a special accessory that flips down in front of the main part of the vacuum that touches the floor. The accessory is a rough fabric-type lint brush that grabs any lingering fur when you pull the vacuum, and then all the fur on the lint brush is sucked up when you push the vacuum back. It's really cool, haha, I love it! I used the accessories to clean my sofa, which was disgusting with fur. The turbobrush is really great at getting all the fur off of flat surfaces, but for crevices you really do need to use the crevice tool. Anyway, I think this is the best vacuum I've ever owned. It was entirely worth the $140 I spent ... just incredible value and quality. As other reviewers said, it is a little heavy but by no means unmanageable....more info
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser
    Easy to assemble. Good price. Excellent cleaning power; picked up dog hair, dander and dust my Kenmore canister hadn't for years. I am quite impressed....more info
  • Dirty! Hate it! Do NOT buy! No Stars!
    This is the worst vacuum ever. It is dirty. Dust flys all over when you use it! The dirt bin is hard to empty, fur gets stuck in the top portion and you have to reach in and pull it out. What a mess. The attachments do not stay attached. The beater brush does not turn all the time. I complained and they told me to take it apart and make sure it wasn't clogged. I am just so handy, I love to take apart vacuum cleaners when they are new. :-) Stay away from this model. I purchased a wonderful clean Hoover....more info
  • Don't buy'll be sorry.
    We've had this vacuum for 2 years and I hate it. I was relieved to read some of these reviews to see that I'm not the only one. It does pick up a lot of pet hair, but other debris just flies around. If the filter clogs (which it does frequently) then the vacuum will not work. Sure, you could clean it out, only to find that it'll clog up again in 5 minutes. Emptying the container is gross and stuff flies around everywhere. I think I'll go back to a vacuum that has a bag. I hate this vacuum and I want a new one....more info
  • Efficient..but nothing special
    I recently bought the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. After reading the reviews some good and some bad-thought I would go ahead and form my own opinion. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. We have two dogs, a cat, and two young boys. Needless to say I vacuum often. It does a decent job with picking up the dog hair. I do however have to go over the carpet several times for it to pick up crumbs, lint, ect. We have mostly wood floors with area rugs. It does a wonderful job on shorter carpet, but with longer carpets not so well. As far as being too heavy I find it to be just right. No heavier than what a normal vacuum should be. All in all it gets the job done....more info
  • pretty good
    1) This really gets your carpet clean. It has a lot of suction and gets everything out. The amount of pet dander that it picks up is simultaneously remarkable and disgusting. Better in the trash than the carpet.
    2) It sucks up all of the hair from my adult GSD. That's a lot of hair!
    3) The attachment are novel (and "fun," if vacuuming is fun) and useful. They are thoughtfully designed for the needs of pet owners - they really help get hair out of all of the nooks and crannies it hides. There are also several extension tools to get up high.
    4) It's self-propelled. Thats nice for going forwards with it.
    5) It's reasonably priced compared to other vacuums that are made just for pets.
    6) There are two filters, which keeps the pet dander particulates from floating around and settling again.
    7) Its bagless, which is essential if you have a pet who sheds a ton of hair, and would go through a lot of bags otherwise.

    1) It's kind of heavy. I'm pretty small, and I get a real workout using this. It's actually so heavy I can't use it on the stairs and use my old dirt devil for that.
    2) The suction is so strong that it will suck up things that come near the beater. This may be an adjustment if you're upgrading from a cheap vacuum.
    3) It's pretty big. This may pose a storage problem if you're limited on space.
    4) The canister is a little small. It would be nice to be able to vacuum without having to empty it every few minutes.
    5) It scares the dog. But any vacuum does that.

    Overall, I love this vacuum despite its drawbacks. It's absolutely essential for keeping my house clean with a heavy-shedding dog. ...more info
  • Really gets the cat hair
    We purchased this vacuum after the Hoover my husband found on sale at Home Depot dropped dead after only 3 months. With two cats, we needed something that would get the cat hair. This vacuum does the job better than I could have imagined. ...more info
  • great suction
    I really am impressed with the suction of this Bissel vacumn. my only problem is that I am disappointed with the BRUSH still rotating on the bare floor setting. I have real wood floors and they do not do well with the brush....I wish it had a wood floor setting, like the Dyson has, so the brush would NOT damage my wood floors....My bedrooms are carpeted and it works GREAT....but on the hardwoods, I have to tilt the vacumn back and use the hose attachment.......more info
  • I will pay someone to get it out of my house....
    I have written one product review in my entire life - about a north face t-shirt that I absolutely loved. I 'm not a big complainer...but I feel the need to speak up about this product.
    Perhaps some of this is due to the fact that I have never owned an upright? are the issues I have. (I am a cheery person and like to find good things about everything, but I just can't seem to come up with one good thing about this vacuum!!!)
    It was a gift, and I unwrapped it on xmas eve and was so excited. It looked fast. We have a long haired dog and a long haired cat - and two small children. (one with long hair, one with short case that matters...)
    I pushed it around in my living room - saying "wow - this thing rocks! look at me go! goodbye hair!!"
    Then, I actually had to use it...
    I quickly found out that the little sooper-dooper-hair-removal piece on the front of the vacuum just means that it won't fit under anything. Cabinets, coffee tables, dressers & door stoppers. All of these now required me to stop, pull the hose off, attach some random piece, and try to suck up dog/cat hair out of the places that used to be easy to reach with my canister vacuum. This step adds a lot of time to the vacuuming process. So, my husband removed the little front piece with a screw driver. Didn't matter. I still couldn't reach those places because the front of the vacuum is so thick.
    Then the little plastic piece that holds the tube in place, broke off. So...the tube now drags on the ground - begging you to step on it or, better yet, trip over it as you're trying to quickly clean your house.
    Then the plastic piece that holds the cord in place broke off. So, we only have one piece to hold the cord on, which only holds on a cord if the entire machine is in the upright position. So, you click the little handy-dandy-foot-petal to start vacuuming - and the entire cord drops to the floor for you to trip over. I said - screw the cord...I will just vacuum over it. Bad idea. Running over the cord actually removes the rubber coating from the cord...and I now have 2 sections of cord that have exposed wire. I now know that I'm supposed to lift the vacuum over the cord (that won't stay on the little hook).
    This introduces another huge problem with the vacuum. It weighs more than my 5 & 6 year old children combined. I am a strong person. I run marathons. I lift weights. I'm not a wimp. I can't lift this thing over its' own cord. I have stairs in my house. I get it up one step...try to move the enormous thing from side to side to clean one step...look up and think "good Lord - I have 9 more to go. I can't do it!!"
    Did I mention that my fingers are numb just from pushing the thing around a single room?
    Bissel should also have a warning for people to wear full body protection when using the vacuum. You think it's sucking up the dirt, unless you are wearing shorts or capris. Then you realize that it is actually just shooting it across the room - as it fires debris at your ankles and lower shins.
    I know this is an extremely lengthy negative review, but I feel the need to share a couple more:
    - emptying the canister is just nasty
    - trying to remove/replace the little attachments is next to impossible. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm missing some kind of release button to get the "pet hair remover attachment thingey" - or if you really do just have to firmly place both feet on the ground, put one hand on the handle and pull as hard as you can until you think you might break yet another piece off this useless appliance?
    Ok, you get my point. It is terrible. I'm sorry Bissel. I rarely complain like this...but I felt the need to share my horrible experience with your vacuum. I'm not trying to take you down via negative social marketing - just trying to save one person from making the same mistake that I did. I'm sure you have many other models that work like a dream:-) I, however, am turning to an Electrolux canister;-) ...more info
  • Worse vacuum yet
    I have used Hoover vacuums for over 30 years and have fairly good luck with them. My last was my first bagless and I really liked it but it had started to go through belts with a vengeance. When looking at new vacuums I found the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser and having two long haired dogs and a cat decided it was for me. At first I was impressed by the amount of hair it sucked up but then noticed that although the canister looks large it only fills halfway up and my vacuum only fills on one side for some reason. This means I have to repeatedly empty the canister and each time I almost have to go outside or else it drops dirt all over my just vacuumed floor. In addition, the filter quickly clogs with dog hair and it is difficult to put the filter back in as you have to do so blindly. Finally, the hose nozzle is too fat to fit under most pieces of furniture and whenever I use the hose and attachments the whole vacuum tips over and has fallen on me more than once. If it wasn't so heavy I would probably have tossed it out the window by now. Now that I have spent the money I feel I have to live with this vacuum for a few years at least but I wish I had spent more money and gotten a better vacuum or at least gone back to the Hoovers which are the same price as the Bissells....more info
  • If it loses power, it needs a new belt !!!!
    I have had this vacuum for about a year. It was great for 6 months. Then it started not picking up anything. So, I read others comments on here and one lady said "Get a new belt if it goes bad" Yes, I did that and now its fine !!!!! It sucks up SO MUCH DIRT, I can't believe my house is that filthy. So, if your vacuum loses its suction, don't throw it out. Just buy a new belt !!!...more info
  • Works great for us!
    I bought this vacuum not because we had pets, but because I was looking for a heavy duty vacuum. Our old Oreck had trouble with the hair from a pair of long haired humans, and was always getting clogged. I've had this vacuum for about a month now and it's been working great. The first time I used it I had vacuumed with our old Oreck the day before and it still picked up half a container full of dust and dirt. It has made our old carpets look better too! This is my first bagless vacuum and seeing the amount of dust and dirt it picks up really motivates me to want to vacuum more. ...more info
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum
    I read a ton of reviews before purchasing this vacuum because we were tired of spending so much money replacing vacuums that didn't live up to their hype. We have a Black Lab and white carpet throughout the house, so you can imagine the challenge previous vacuums have faced. We were very interested in purchasing the Dyson Animal vacuum based on early reviews, but simply couldn't justify spending so much on a cleaning tool! We waited until we had enough saved before making the decision, and I wanted to do more research before buying the very expensive Dyson.
    Other users on Amazon recommended the Bissell very highly- even against the Dyson! Not only did we save hundreds of dollars, but we are VERY happy with the results of the Bissell. It comes with amazing tools to help pick up stuboorn pet hair on furniture, stairs, and along baseboards. I show everyone of our friends with pets the vacuum when they visit, and they can't belive the price difference with the Dyson. There is also a GREAT attachment on the front of the vacuum that works like a magic pet hair eraser for heavily coated areas. Very inventive! Works great- we love it. We also love the money we saved!
    Thinking about getting one? Trust the reviews and make the purchase- you will not regret it!...more info
  • Awesome Product
    "Let me start by saying I have bought 2 Kenmore cannisters in the last 25 years and thought they were the best until now. I didn't want to invest 300$ at this time and I wanted something to handle the mass hair from my dog. The reviews I read raved about this unit. They did not come close to how great this unit is. Not only did it pick up dog hair I had no idea was in the carpet, it picked up dirt, borax powder, that carpet powder that has been sprinkled over the years. I vacummed a spot for five minutes, emptied the cannister, and went over the same spot again and it still sucked things out of the carpet I never saw. I thought I needed to clean my beige carpet, it was getting pretty dirty from traffic, it has pulled out so much dirt from the fibers I probably only need to clean in spots. I filled a plastic grocery bag with 1/2 hair and 1/2 dirt in one good vacuuming of my small duplex, and I vacummed at least three times a week with my kenmore. THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME !!!!! MIGHT HAVE TO KEEP THE DOG...." ...more info
  • pretty good vacuum-even for cars
    i got this after doing lots of research, although i have only used it twice it definitely picks up the pet hair, so much in fact that you will find yourself emptying the container a good bit. i also used it for the dog hair that is all over my car (black cloth seats are a nightmare with 2 dogs) and it worked very well. i wasn't overly impressed however with the special pet hair tools that are included, they definitely didn't work well in my car but to be fair i haven't tried them yet on my furniture which is what they are actually designed for. overall i am very pleased with this product, it does what it is supposed to do & the price was very reasonable.

    ...more info
  • This vacuum has been very very good to me!
    I bought this vacuum a couple months ago and have been using it for general regular cleaning since then. I have been very impressed, but today I found out that it is WONDERFUL!

    Due to family scheduling I had to do Easter celebrations with my two children a day early. On a creative whim, I decided to scatter an ENTIRE BAG of Easter grass all over the floor leading to their baskets (Because the Easter Bunny is SO MESSY). Later, I pulled out this vacuum, and it completely cleaned up the entire mess. Except for having to empty the dirt cup a couple times (which is extremely easy to do) because of the bulk of the grass, this vacuum had no problem at all getting the job done. AMAZING!

    I see a lot of people complaining that this vacuum is somewhat heavy. They are probably carrying it by the handle. Underneath the handle, where some of the tools are kept, there is an upside-down U-shaped area. If you pick it up gripping this area it becomes significantly lighter.

    In short, BUY THIS VACUUM!
    ...more info
  • disappointed, to say the least
    I generally like to review a product after a few months of use. By then, you aren't biased by the 'new toy glow'.
    So, after 6 months of use, I can honestly say there is not one thing I love about this vacuum cleaner.
    We have 2 dogs - a Golden Retriever and a Great Pyrenees. After researching several vacuums marketed to pet owners, we agreed this one seemed to be the best reviewed and the price seemed reasonable.
    Within a few weeks of daily vacuuming, we noticed that where the pet hair winds around the roller (we actually had to use scissors to cut it loose), the hair had actually burned 'tracks' into it.
    It is awkward to manuever. It doesn't fit along the edges of the kitchen floor that run under the cabinets.
    The suction is great...if you don't mind picking things up and 'feeding' them to the vacuum cleaner.
    The hose is stiff and heavy, making stairs even less delightful to vacuum.
    The brush 'stalls' when pulling the vacuum back toward you unless it's on the highest plush setting (we have berber). The result is that wonderful burning rubber smell that remains long after you unplug the thing.

    Perhaps people with short haired dogs will have better luck, but if you have long haired breeds, steer clear of this one....and let me know if you find something good! ;) ...more info
  • Quickly breaks down
    We bought this vacuum 14 months ago. It worked great for the first 3 months. By 6 months we needed to replace the belt. By 8 months the height selector was broken. We talked to Bissell to have it fixed as it was still under warranty, but the only good option for us was sending the vacuum back to the company (we don't have a dealer close). It was going to take up to 7 weeks before we got it back. With 2 cats and a St. Bernard, we can't wait 7 weeks to vacuum. By 13 months we needed to replace the main brush. Pet hair gets wrapped around the upper filter (above the dust cup) and is difficult to remove with out making a mess. I think if you don't need to use the "pet hair" height regularly, or have really short carpet, this vacuum may last longer. For us, it was not a wise choice....more info
  • Not thrilled
    It's almost as though they never expected me to vacuum up pet hair with it! I have only 1 lab who I give shed treatment regularly...and I vacuum every other day. What a big surprise that EVERYTIME I use it I have problems. Clogged filters on a vacuum recommended for pet hair? I empty it after every use - WHAT A MESS! I keep out my other vacuum to vacuum up after I empty the pet hair eraser. It's heavy...the hoses are always disconnecting...the tools stink. I cannot think of anything nice to say about this vacuum. Oh, I guess it does a satisfactory job on the rugs, but certainly not worth he trouble and mess that it creates. I will be replacing ASAP....more info
  • Great at first, overall a frustrating disappointment.
    We have a suede couch and had recently gotten a dog. Decided it was time to get a vacuum with decent upholstery attachments...Got this thing home, I was initially impressed with it. The attachments worked well for what I needed them for, had good suction etc....The next time I used it, not so good. Really if you want to maintain optimal use on a bag-less vacuum you should free the beater bar of any tangly hair and thoroughly clean the filters each time. I do this after each the 5th use of this thing, something had burned through the belt and melted rubber all over my carpet... Okay, so i replace the belt, turn it on and the same thing happens, the little part you hook the belt on was getting way too hot and burning through the belts! I wasn't missing any parts or anything!

    I ended up taking this vacuum back, they told me that they had received an inordinate amount of returns on this model for various reasons, and honored my return even though I was past their return policy time-frame!

    *Has decent suction at first and you can see what you're getting up
    *Cool attachments
    *I liked the sensor on there that tells you if you have a clog or blockage
    *Long cord
    *Easy assembly
    *Wide path, very nice

    -Heavier than necessary
    -Loud as all hell (I know it's a vacuum, but still, ridiculous)
    -Does not edge well, you will ALWAYS need to use the attachments where baseboards and furniture legs are concerned
    -The unit gets REALLY dirty on the outside of itself, not sure if it was blowing the dust around but the dirt even after 5 uses was just THICK all over it.
    -Apparently not designed for long term light duty work... Seriously, my place is only 1200 square feet, the dog barely shed when we had him and I take care of my things... What gives?!

    Vacuums are expensive these days, I won't risk buying another bissell upright.
    ...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    This vacuum lasted about two months before it clogged on us. I have one dog so there isnt all that much hair and after cleaning every possible filter, it still was showing the filter being clogged up. I suggest you read reviews of people that have had this vacuum for at least a few months, you'll be glad you did. DONT BUY!...more info
  • Very effective
    I just bought one of these and used it in my living room and bedroom. I have 4 cats, one of which is a fluffy long hair. I also know someone with all kinds of allergies who periodically visits and stays overnight. She said that a friend highly recommended this vacuum and now I see why.

    I just cleaned a small area rug and the living room furniture and emptied the vacuum. Then I cleaned half the floor of my bedroom and emptied the very over full vacuum. (I was watching the floor, not the canister.) Then I cleaned the other half of the bedroom floor and emptied the vacuum again, because it was over filled again. Finally, I cleaned the cat furniture and a small bathroom floor and emptied it again. Holy crap, this thing is effective. I think that I threw out about 3-5 human head sized balls of fluff and dust.

    I would definitely recommend this thing to anyone with several pets, especially if you have friends with allergies....more info
  • Less than impresses
    I read lots of reviews before deciding to buy the Pet Hair Eraser ($150 12/08) upright vacuum. Our Bissell Powerforce ($45 08/07) was only meant to be a temporary replacement for our Hoover WindTunnel V2 that bit the dust before vacation in August '07. Based on those great, positive reviews I thought I was buying a better cleaning machine, but so far have not been impressed by it's ability to erase pet hair.

    It has no more suction than our model that cost 1/3 of the price and I do not see a difference in the amount of pet hair that is picking up. The "eraser" on the front of the machine is like an old lint brush. It's in the way when it's up - preventing one from getting under furniture - and when it's down it doesn't get up to the edge of the walls. The smaller attachments have silicone on the bottom. They are the only part of the cleaner I like, but they aren't perfect. They seem to help get the hair off the stair treads, but it's still a slow and painful process.

    I know it's winter, and the air is really dry and full of static, but everytime we empty the dirt cup we have to sweep the floor again. Our kitchen has indoor/outdoor carpet with little or no padding under it. The vacuum practically walks across the floor and doesn't seem to pick up anything - and I can't get under the toe kick of the base cabinets.

    We have 60 days from our date of purchase to return it. As much as I hate to, I think we have to get our money back and go back to the Powerforce. It was cheap, but it works decently.
    ...more info
  • Not very reliable
    I have a German Shepherd so I thought this might be a good vacuum for my carpets. The first few days I was fairly happy with it. I've now had it for about 6 months. I've had to replace the belt five times. After speaking with repair people I've come to the conclusion that the belts were put on properly and that it's something with the design of the vacuum.

    Not only do the belts constantly break down, but the machine doesn't do a very good job to begin with. I have a small area rug that is black, so you can really see how much hair is on it. I can never get the hair off of it. I've tried everything. It just doesn't come clean like it has with other vacuums.

    The lint brush in front is totally useless. It just prevents me from being able to vacuum all the way up to the walls.

    The attachments are decent, though. I've had more success hooking them up to my shop-vac, though, than with the vacuum.

    All in all, this vacuum has made me very frustrated, sick of spending ages trying to get hair off of carpets and sick of replacing belts....more info
  • belt slips off constantly
    I have this vacuum cleaner and the belt doesn't stay on long enough to fully vacuum one room....more info


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