Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator
Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator

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Product Description

Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator is a concentrated serum of multi-proteins that works to immediately repair weak lashes and restore thickness of over-tweezed or thinning brows. Added conditioners soften dry, brittle lashes enabling them to grow longer, thicker and fuller.

  • Treatment Gel
  • Restores thickness to over-tweezed or thinning brows
  • Concentrated serum of multi-proteins that works to immediately repair weak lashes.
  • Added conditioners soften dry, brittle lashes enabling them to grow longer, thicker and fuller.

Customer Reviews:

  • YES YES!!!
    Its only been a couple of weeks and they are long. im not sure about being fuller but deff longer. I havnt really seen a big notice in my eyebrows but hopefully it will getup....more info
  • The $3.49 Wonder!!!
    I have bought this product mainly for my eyebrows because I over plugged them. It works wonders on my eyebrows! Just after the 3rd day I could tell the difference and now after using it for a few weeks, I am soo happy my eyebrows have never been this pretty. I grew a lot longer and fuller eyebrows and it seems to shape them to how you want them to grow. I do have to admit that I use a lot of the stuff... I'll press down the brush and try to get the most out of the white/clear gel on my eyebrows. I probably have about 3x more eyebrows than before. I tried it only twice on my eyelashes because I always sleep with my mascara. I know it's not good but I got used to it! I did try some under my mascara and just by one time using it, the next day I put mascara, it was much easier and they're way longer. Especially the one side on my eyelashes, I could tell it was much fuller than before, but you can't really tell when I don't put any mascara. I can only recommend because on other expensive products it says that you will see results after 4-6 weeks.... oh okay I don't want to wait thaaaat long! lol
    I am so thankful to have such a beautiful eyebrows and the price?!?!?! Can't beat that!!!...more info
  • Used on only one eye for comparison. Did not work for me at all.
    I have read such great reviews but was still skeptical so I decided to apply twice per day to only one eye's lashes (upper and lower) and brow. It's been more than a month and there has been no change whatsoever. I will continue to use my supply for another month and will check back if something changes....more info
  • it really works!
    i really like that stuff. the shipping costs are annoying, but the product works! my lashes are longer and thicker, and it didn't take long! i'd reccomend it to anyone :)...more info
  • Worth every penny!
    I bought this product instead of traditional mascara, since in the summertime it's easier to use mascara without any colour. So I didn't expect much, just that it would separate lashes and give a nice glow. I have now used it daily for a month an I'm amazed. My lashes are not only healthier and thicker, this product has grown me new lashes. Yesterday I had to tweeze some lashes from the upper lid, because they had grown a bit to high from the lashline! This product is amazing and i'd reccomend it to anyone how likes to have masses of helathy lashes with reasonable price. Just love this product :-) -Outi from Finland-...more info
  • Useless, cheap (you get what you pay for)
    I've been using this product -- Ardell Lash Growth Accelerator -- for a couple of weeks now (twice per day -- at night and during the day instead of wearing mascara) and have noticed absolutely no difference whatsoever in my lashes. Although it is a very inexpensive product (but shipping was high) compared to many others with a similar claim, it also appears that it is useless. I really don't like to waste money, regardless of how little -- not to mention the frustration of adding this to my ever-growing collection of products that don't live up to their claims. I will keep using the product for another few weeks and hope I will notice even a small improvement. If so, I will update my review. I really don't expect any change, so I will probably write this one off as another dud....more info
  • brow and lash
    It may be a little too early to judge, I've been using the product for about 3 weeks.I haven't seen any real change in my eyelashes yet, other than being a bit less dry and stiff. My eyebrows are beginning to fill in somewhat.I think I will continue to see improvement, and the price is so reasonable that's it's certainly worth trying. ...more info
  • Great for Lashes but Did NOTHING for my brows
    I naturally have long lashes but over time it thinned out somehow. The product was greatfor my lashes and I notice improvement and longer lashes in about a few weeks to a month. However, this product did nothing for my brows:-(...more info
  • Makes a difference
    It is definitely worth the price. I noticed a difference right away on my eyebrows. I continue to use this product just about every day now....more info
  • Get MORE than what you paid for
    For the price, this product works WONDERS! It's not AS amazing as the pricier brands, but it does lengthen lashes and thicken the brows. Great product!...more info
  • Great Product!
    I was very happy with both the price & how it actually makes my eyelashes look longer. Try it, what do you have to lose. For the price, you can't beat it!
    KatM ...more info
  • Seeing Results!
    This product does help strengthen lashes and if they are stronger they will grow longer! I didnt test it on my eyebrows because I dont need to so i cant review that part. But this product is great after the wear and tear mascara leaves on my lashes from wiping it off everynight. WONDERFUL price!!! But it, just becareful as you should be with any products that go near your eyes! ...more info
  • Great Buy!
    I bought this product because I decided to start wearing mascara since I never really wore it and I liked it so much I started wearing it daily only to find out it would make my eyelashes so dry and weak and then my lashes would slowly fall off. After months of using the mascara I could tell alot of my lashes were gone and it didn't look pretty at all so I stopped using the mascara and searched for a product that would help my lashes grow back fast and make my lashes longer, stronger, and conditioned. So I found this product and it does all of that. I noticed the results in just 1 week! Unbelieveable and you can't beat the price! I totally love this product!!...more info
  • Great Product
    I really like this product, it is not expensive and works very well comparing to other expensive product . after a week of used i can see my lashes are much fuller and my eyebrow as well ...more info
  • Ok but not great
    After a month of use. I can see a little improvement as far as thickness of my lashes. I have noticed that after only a week of using it, that my lashes seemed to be a lot stronger, so that was a big plus since mine had started to fall out. For the price, I would say this is a good deal and it was shipped quickly....more info
  • Good Things can come in inexpensive packages.
    I love this product. It does what it says it is going to do. It has been a little over a week, my lashes are stronger, fuller and healthier than I have ever seen them. I will report back later to see if they hold up when I stop to make sure they stay this way.

    As of now,(just one week) I am completely satisfied. I was very skeptically I hope they never stop making this. Funny how some companies charge 30 times as much for the same great result. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see there lashes growth improve. They look so great, I am foregoing mascara. Oh yea, and it is affordable too. =)...more info
  • I Love this STUFF!
    Ok, I love full eyelashes. I wore extensions for a long time, but they get messy, expensive, and too much of a hassle after about 6 months. I researched all the lash serums on the market. Many had issues with chemicals being nonFDA approved. I read the reviews for Ardell and decided to try it. WHen I say "IT WORKS" it really makes a difference in the fullness of my lashes. I cannot tell you how many people inquire and compliment my lashes. They ask are my lashes fake or what type of mascara do I use. Granted, I had lashes and I wanted to enhance what I had. Even my mother thought I was being dishonest when I told her my lashes were not fake. Ladies it worth trying. I love it; I bought my second tube the other day!! :-) ...more info
  • Surprised
    I'm Asian and I have short lashes with no thickness. I also basically have no lower lashes. I was overzealous when I was kid and overplucked my eyebrows. I was looking around for lash growth products and all I saw were products that were incredibly expensive. I then saw the Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator at such an inexpensive price. I have to admit, I was rather skeptical. If the other products are around $70 to almost $200, how could this work? I luckily found this at an Eckerd's for $4.19, so I grabbed one of the two that were there. I wish I bought the second one!

    I applied the product for almost four weeks, every night. I put it on my upper and lower lashes and my eyebrows. Today I curled my lashes and put on some mascara and they looked noticeably longer. Plus my eyebrows do seem to have grown back a bit. I thought I would never see them back, but I surprisingly have seen some growth! It lengthened my lashes, but it didn't thicken. I haven't seen any lower lash growth either, but I guess that's not a surprise considering I didn't have any lower lashes to begin with. I've been reading around and I've heard that the FDA-approved eyelash growth product Latisse lengthens AND thickens. But that's only available through prescription and it costs $120 for a month-supply.

    Anyway, I'm happy with my longer lashes. This product exceeded my expectations. For the price that they are, I'm satisfied with the results. I'll just thicken my lashes with a good mascara. Now I just need to find a good, thickening mascara that won't weigh down my lashes! And the journey continues... ...more info
  • Rosemary
    This worked for me very well and you can't beat the price.
    Happy in Indiana
    ...more info
  • did NOT work!
    this product did not work at all. i used like 90% of the bottle and saw no growth, lengthening, or thickening. im pretty dissappointed, but didn't expect too much anyway since this product was so inexpensive. i still cant bring myself to spend almost $100 on revitalash, but i might have to since this stuff didnt work at all... and plus the stuff smelled like old tampons...more info


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