Panasonic MC-UG471 Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pepper Red

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Product Description

Easy, Quick Storage with Cord Reel: A single touch activates the cord rewind mechanism, making storage easy and convenient. Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment: The automatic carpet adjustment automatically adjusts to the proper setting for just about any carpet height. Quickdraw On-Board Tools: Your vacuum's Quickdraw tools rest in a side holster on the vacuum, ready for immediate use. The stretch hose, wand, dusting brush and crevice tool are always within reach for fast, powerful, above-floor cleaning. Reach Anywhere There's Dirt: A 12.5-Foot Attachment makes for easy, efficient cleaning. Your dusting brush and crevice tool will be able to reach the spots where dirt hides, all around the house. Features: Powerful 12 Amp Motor, Auto Cord Rewind, Quick Draw for Easy, bove-Floor Cleaning, 14-Inch Cleaning Path ,Air Turbine Attachment On-Board, 15-Inch Cleaning Path, Auto Carpet Height Adjustment, 24-Foot Power Cord, 12.5-Foot Attachment Reach, Motor Protection System, Integrated Convenient Carrying Handle, HEPA Filter Designed for Quiet Operation, On-Board Tools, 2 Standard Wands, Dusting Brush Crevice Tool

  • Upright vacuum cleaner with powerful yet quiet 12 amp motor
  • Automatic carpet-height adjustment; 15-inch cleaning path; HEPA filter
  • Quickdraw tools include 2 standard wands, dusting brush, and crevice tool
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort; headlight; carrying handle; cord rewind
  • Measures approximately 12-1/2 by 15 by 44-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • I LIKE IT!!
    I bought this over the internet so I wasn't sure what it would be like. I had previously owned a Panasonic upright for 16 years and loved it! Yes, this one weighs more due to the on-board tools. However, I find it quite easy to operate. Some people like the cord reel(I don't). This one has that feature, but I could do without it. I found mine for $80 so I was thrilled with the price....more info
  • Love Dependable Panasonic
    I'm glad to be back with Panasonic. I had a Panasonic vacuum that lasted at least fifteen years. Less than two years ago, in the process of blowing insulation into the walls, from the inside of the house, my beloved vacuum died. Needing one quick, I went to Consumer Reports, and, based on their recommendations, purchased an Eureka Boss. BIG MISTAKE! Pain to use, tired of getting hit in the leg with the hose, when not in use. When you needed to use the hose, you had to stop what you were doing, move the dial -- hose -- then move the dial back to vacuum regular. Tools falling off. You get the picture. Hated to have to vacuum!

    Even though I take good care of my things (especially now a days, when nothing seems to last), the Boss broke in two, less than two years later. So, I came back to Panasonic and am VERY HAPPY I DID.

    The UG471 is GREAT!

    I have two non-stop shedding Siberian Huskies. This vacuum works great picking up their hair on hard wood floors and on carpeting. The tools, especially the hose, stay on board, when not in use and there is a place for all the tools on the vacuum. Retractable cord -- lovely!

    The only downfalls I would site -- needs a longer cord (but it seems every manufacturer has shorten them to 30 feet. And a "grab" place on the front, for when you do not want to use the "power paw" when vacuuming stairs.

    Excellent buy/value. Next up, a new Panasonic answering machine. Goodbye crappy Uniden (another terrible Consumer Reports recommendation!)....more info
  • I sent it back!!!
    This was a horrible vacuum to use on thick carpet (new). The first time I used it, it was making a noise. Contacted Panasonic who said it might be this motor protector thing. That was on a Thursday evening...tried to use it again on Saturday...same noise. After one room, it started smelling like it was burning. It wasn't the belt. The motor started slowing down and the light dimming. I called Panasonic (and they are all foreigners!), but finally just decided to send it back to the seller. If you are using it on low pile carpet, it may be OK. It is not made for thick piles. Very hard to push....more info
  • 3 dogs, 2 cats give a run for money!
    5 star rating might be 4.5 if given the choice, but with 3 dogs (2 golden retrievers and a Nova Scotia retriever) and 2 cats (1 medium, 1 long hair) any vacuum with a beater bar is going to be needing frequent maintenance. The "just under 5" rating goes to that and the fact that the belt for the small couch/drape attachment may not be available for replacement.

    This is a very well built, sturdy feeling vacuum. A little on the heavy side, but I guess that is part of the sturdy feel. The little turbine driven , previously mentioned, attachment really does a good job, but with the fur issue, I'll be cleaning it every week or two. My wife has had Panasonic vacs for several years and the quality has remained at a high level since her first one. She has passed the 3 Panasonics, that she no longer has, on to our daughter and friends and they're still going strong. She's tried a couple bagless types along the way, but really prefers the bagged vac.

    She's happy, so I'm happy.

    Also, we got the vac in 2 or 3 days from order to door, so that was a bonus with standard shipping chosen....more info
  • Panasonic MC-UG471
    Purchased this locally in Battle Creek because the owner of the Sweeper Depot offered to match any Internet Pricing. I own The Victorian Villa Inn in Union City - an historic bed & breakfast inn - since 1982. Purchased two of these babies in January 2008 and my housekeepers were so delighted with them that I ordered two more in March 2008. We now have one of these vacuums on each floor of the Villa and in the Carriage House too. We purchased these for $ 120.00/unit plus a small shipping charge. We love them - I just ordered two more bringing our total to six of these units to use in our new lighting shop - The 19th Century Lighting Company and in our newest building acquisition - "1876 Office Suites" - where they will both be in daily use... These are powerful machines - great suction and smooth operation. Buy one - you'll love it !!...more info
  • Heavy and can't be operated on bare floors
    We had previously owned a Panasonic vacuum cleaner and our experience with it was wonderful over the years. In between the time it finally "died" we purchased other makes but kept the brand in mind for future purchases. We needed a new replacement vac which had onboard tools like a crevice cleaner and we have bare floors. Though the vac is self adjusting, it won't adjust for bare floors meaning you can damage it during operation. What was Panasonic thinking when it designed this model? That everyone has wall to wall carpeting in their homes? There is no information about this on the Amazon page! It's one heavy "mother" to lug around the house especially when you have to move it upstairs to do floors there. The design of the handle is not good given its smallish shape and because of the weight of the unit and the fact that you have to put pressure on the muscles of your wrist, it will grow tired as well. I wonder what effect prolonged use will eventually have on your hand? I don't understand why Panasonic suddendly turned their models into this "iron" of an appliance! The vacuum also has a tendency to tip backwards when any strain is put on the extension hose while in use. You have to continously put one hand on the machine to keep it from tipping when using the crevice tool and that's an inconvenience! Because we didn't purchase this model directly from Amazon, its' 30 day return policy doesn't apply or we would have been returned this machine to Amazon. On the "plus" side, it does do an excellent job vacuuming albeit (it's noisier than our older one) and there is also the legendary reliability of Panasonic applicances. In sum, I can not recommend this vacuum if you are looking for a light weight vac or one that will operate on bare floors.
    ...more info