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This is the only anger management system we've found that offers interactive exercises to help readers understand and modify their own behavior. Whether your anger is from tension at work, frustration at home, or just life in general -- this workbook will help you identify and modify the anger that keeps you from inner peace and contentment. From doctors nationally known in the field of Christian counseling.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great help!
    This book changed the way i veiw anger. Yes, i am a bible believing Christian and this book does use the bible as a source of reference. I learned so much about my anger and the anger of others. It encouraged me and gave me tools to work with to choose to control my anger. I can't wait to read their next book! I also understand how to respond better to angry people. It is a real eye opener!...more info
  • Interesting perspective on anger when secular view isn't enough
    We are doing a neighborhood discussion group based on this book; all of us coming from different spiritual affiliations. I have heard the neighbors saying it is a fresh perspective since they mostly hear the secular pychological views. So, they are ready for a new perspective. I figured the 13 step was like the 12 step for Alcoholics and included a spiritual view. I am sure the author was not meaning to bate and switch; just simply trying to appeal to the masses of all affiliations and of all different levels of understanding trying to offer something different for people to consider. It has dramatically helped me....more info
  • Should be in the religious section, not pyschology
    The cover and description of the book do not express that Les Carter and Frank Minirth are really only interested in appealing to Christians or people who want to convert to Christianity. I look to books like this for scientific reasoning, but was greatly put off when it started quoting Jesus on page 11 (after prompting the reader to complete workbook questions on previous pages therefore making the book unreturnable.) Anyway, I think it's a shame the authors do not put "For Christians Only" on the cover so at least their book would only end up in the hands they intended....more info
  • Book is a joke
    This book is supposed to help with anger management? I am open to listening to mythical stories about dudes who lived a couple of thousand years ago as much as the next guy, but in an anger management book? Sin is causing all my anger? Wow didn't know that. I do have a better idea of something that makes me angry now, religious mythology passing itself off as a self-help book. Get this book over in the religious section with the rest of the fairy tales.

    I wouldn't have been so upset about this if the book had something marked on it saying that it was religious in nature. I don't normally don't read such garbage and leave that to others who do believe in such things, but to slip it in and waste my time!!! Is this how you indoctrinate people in your beliefs?

    Oh well, there's plenty of other anger management books out there. I will be more careful next time I select something like this and get something actually useful.

    This book owes me some stars for being such a tremendous waste of time.

    I'm sure christians will get upset at hearing this, but I'm sure you'll turn the other cheek.

    If you need me I'll be over here with my "Sin"...more info
  • This peaceful releases you from anger
    It is written in an easy to read doctor patient conversations with Bibical scriptures laced through to help you develope a relationship with your God (higher power). Other than your scriptures this a must read for us all, from those who hold frustrations, panic, depression, as well as those who are volitle. We can lean about all and how to bring them under control. Most importantly, it distinguishes between feeling angry and sinning, anger by itself is not a sin. What a releaf! I cannot recommend it enough I am buying lots for xmas and we're doing a family read time chapter a day. For those of us who get SICK and hold it all in, it is truely a spriitual and physical release!...more info
  • You Can Change
    This workbook is amazing. Be warned in advance because this workbook demands 100% honesty. If you desire to be changed, this book will show you how. Being able to see myself honestly without fear has been one of the most freeing experiences of my life. In this world we all feel the pressures and pain of life. Whether it be from our own choices or the choices of others, this book shows us that God loves us. If you are ready to see yourself in an authentic mirror, then this is the book for you.
    This book is written in a way that is not accusatory. It simply states the facts, asks the questions and the honesty is left up to us. ...more info
  • Maybe people wanting Christian therapy only would like it.
    There was no information in the summary information on Amazon (and there is no information on the cover of the book) to tell you that this is a Christian oriented program. I like to separate my psychology and my spirituality. I was looking for something to use with clients who may or may not be Christian. It has many biblical quotes and refers to our innate or inborn sinful nature as being the cause of anger. It says that anger management is linked to spiritual stability....more info
  • Not very helpful about Children's Anger Issues
    I agree with the previous reviewers that the cover blurbs don't reveal this book's heavily Christian slant. I picked it up because there is a chapter about dealing with children's anger issues, and I hoped it would help me with my frequently-angry 9 year old.

    The book's easy-to-scan layout made this chapter a quick read. The heading are insightful, for instance, "Don't Be Threatened by Your Child's Anger," or "Let Choices and Consequences Shape the Child." However, I feel that the discussion in the text did not help with my particular situation. It might be useful for someone with a teenager or for someone worried about transmitting spiritual ideas to a child, but not for me, sorry.

    ...more info
  • Page After Page of Christian Verbage
    I ordered this book because I thought it would be helpful in my work with troubled adolescents at a non-denominational residential treatment center. Boy was I wrong! It seems like there's not one page without NUMEROUS references to bible passages! I couldn't even make sense of what the authors were trying to say when connnecting their points to stories in the bible. This book is useless for my work and now I can't even return it! It should have been made VERY clear on the description of this book that it is WRITTEN FROM A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE! All the Minirth-Meier Clinic series books should have that label/caution on them....more info
  • Life Changing
    This book has been life-changing. I bought it and am nowing buying a copy for my wife. If you reflect on the questions it asks you, you can learn a lot about yourself. I've been able to apply what I've learned about myself and anger management with my wife, kids, co-workers, customers, etc. I would highly recommend buying the Myers-Briggs temperment book, too. Together, these 2 books make for a powerful combination in learning about yourself and others....more info
  • Angry Young Man
    I've browsed through many Anger Management books and found this one to be good. Despite the reviews about religion and Christianity I picked it up with an open, objective mind.

    As a person who has suffered with anger issues for more than 25 years I can say that I've had so much help from this book, even more help than my therapist. The impact of writing out personal things inside the book is very helpful to get a better understanding of the material and make it more personal. I've always felt it important to write my thoughts down to get a better understanding of myself, rather than just speaking them out loud to a stranger, and this book does that.

    I'll admit that there was alot of references to Christianity, but I was able to take the core beliefs (I DO believe in God, and love for all man) and put the book to that use. It has given me a greater understanding of myself and why I used to get so pissed off.

    Just understand that in order for Anger Management to really work, it will take time. The foundation may be laid out in a matter of minutes (depending on how quick you read), but the real work (changing your ways and outlook) takes time. Don't expect a quick fix because you will never find one. At least nothing that will last....more info
  • not a christian and can't use it in my work.
    this book is for christians and i am not a christian. i cannot use this in my work as it is illegal for me to foster christian beliefs on my residential clients. i was very disappointed in it as it was noted nowhere it was christian based. i feel ripped off....more info
  • Do not be suckered!
    There is nothing in the title or on the cover to indicate that this is a book whose sole intention is to convert you to Christianity.

    The first two pages are about anger, but by page three you are being told that Jesus loves you.

    Sad, that religious people feel the need to deceive others in order to get out their message....more info
  • Wasted Money......
    Wow, I know that I can be a fool, but I was definately robbed of $16.00, even after reading the front and back of this very deceiving book! I mean, I know that I need help with anger, but this book just seemed to make me ANGRIER! I spent $16.00 on a wanna-be Bible (Something I could have gotten for free at my FORMER Church) and the contents only seemed to anger me more! Not only did half of their text not make sense, their descriptions of anger and recognizing anger only seemed to categorize the entirety of this country! The verbage used and perspective in which this ~story~ is told borderlines an autobiography of a man named "Tom". If you like a good bedtime story, like to waste time and money, and do not need real anger management help, then by all means buy this "novel". My opinion~ Dont waste your time or money, you already wasted enough reading my review! Kyle.... ...more info
  • Not great even for Christians
    I am a Christian psychologist and bought this on the Minirth-Meier reputation. Having used it with several clients, I'm not impressed. First, it's pervasive Biblical answers without presenting them in ways palatable for non-Christians makes it a poor tool to use with anyone other than Christians. Secondly, the book's vocabulary is written at the college level. I have a Ph.D. myself and can easily read and understand it, but good communication uses the most commonly used and clearly understood words; why fill a book with long words and jargon when you're trying to communicate to a broad audience? Third, I thought the emphasis of the book was strongly tilted to subconscious or preconscious emotionally driven ideas, with relatively little presented on basic and practical anger managment tools and how to apply them in different situations. I applaud the authors' attempts to communicate anger management principles in light of Scripture, but am disappointed in how they put it together....more info
  • Mis-lead
    I work for a correctional institution doing therapy and assessment with inmates. My treatment team ordered this book thinking it would have good information to give to the men we work with. We were completely SHOCKED to find out that this book is Christian based! It says NOTHING about being religious based on the front, the back, or in any description. Yet, the book quotes the Bible and expresses explicitly Christian ideas. Because we work in a state facility, we can not use this book. The authors need to state clearly on the front of the book and in the description that the book expresses Christian ideas and is designed for Christian readers. We were very very disappointed! ...more info
  • Could Go Either Way
    I cannot say I didn't know about the bible references when I picked up this book. I had read other anger manegement books and was still looking for one that would give me insight into my own situation. So, after reading some of the reviews and feeling it would be worthwhile, I plunged in and resurfaced somewhere near the middle of the book. I had promised myself I would keep an open mind but it seems that wouldn't be enough. Just when things were getting good and I felt I was making headway I would crash into a bible quote. "Who put THAT there??" I would ask. It really proved to be a distraction to me. Kinda like a hitting a pothole or playing bumper cars.
    Take chapter 7 for example, "How Pride Influences Anger".
    "Aha!" I said. Here's where I get to learn something profound. And so it seemed. I was having one of those "That's ME!" moments as I read about pride/insecurity/control when it happened again. Everything was moving along fine when suddenly I find myself confronted with
    "For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do" (Rom. 7:15)
    No lie! Straight from pg. 120.
    I started out a little angry, but now I'm baffled AND angry PLUS I have a tension headache.
    Somebody tell me how this book ends 'cause I just can't take it anymore. All I wanted was to seek some self improvement. Jeez!
    ...more info
  • Very Christian!
    I wish had thought to check out the reviews on a site such as this BEFORE I bought the book. Considering this is a work which is supposedly meant to help people overcome toxic anger, I imagine many people feel even more angry upon discovering the very heavy Christian slant of the book....more info
  • Anger Managment
    This workbook provided immediate results on how to deal with anger. I did not believe anger was an issue with me until I read and understood anger also comes in the form of frustration and irritability. In reading and working through this book I found that I have a choice on how I respond to situations and it's up to me to decide how I will deal with issues in my life. I am glad I purchased this book to use as a reference or to offer to my friends. ...more info
  • I thought this book was GREAT and HELPFUL!
    I am a Christian, and I found this book to be very helpful. It touches some personal areas that I wasn't aware of, and it has helped me enormously. I feel like I have a handle on my anger (with God help of course...)now. I recommend this to any Christian who needs it, and I'm sorry if this book offended those of you who aren't Christians. I think it has great basics covered, so even if you aren't a Christian I think it would help....more info
  • Deceptive
    This book professes to be for all people, but is in fact, just for the devoutly religious. I could not finish it because it was so faith based, it made me sick to my stomach. Maybe some people can just give over control of their lives to God, but I cannot. I don't think that the reason for anger is our sins, as the previous reviewer has written, but I do think this book is deceptive. Nowhere on the cover does it mention that this book will try to get you to give your anger over to God and let him take care of you, but that is exactly what this book tells you. It is a total waste of money....more info
  • The Anger Workbook
    I found this book to be very helpful in helping me to identify my anger and in giving me solutions to controlling it. I am buying a second copy to give to my husband....more info
  • Too Christian
    I agree with the other people who thought that This book was too Christian. Neither the front nor the back of the book mentioned how Christian the book was. I would have returned it as soon as I realized, but I had already written in it (it is a WORKBOOK after all). I felt totally ripped off and let down...more info
  • a refund please
    If you want a book that's based on religion, not psychology and practical ways to deal with your anger (as I was expecting), then this book may be for you. If, like me, you want a book that deals with anger from a psychological/behavioural stand point, then look elsewhere, as (like me), you may be angered by all the biblical /God/Lord references in this book and find it better suited to kindling or the recycle bin....time for me to go find a 'real' book on this topic now.......more info
  • Very helpful and not cheesy like most self-help books
    I'm good at being angry. I make people laugh with my cutting sarcastic humor - unless of course, they are the target. I have the power in my tongue to both raise people up from the pits and turn someone inside out or become a flame-thrower and torch an entire room to a crisp. I also use anger in the gym and have built a strong body. But what this workbook is making me realize is that I could have humor, quick-wittedness, strength and muscles, etc. without the anger, especially the unbridled anger. It is teaching me where my anger really comes from and why it comes, what situations. I have already got 3 other friends who want the workbook - and I have to send one of them to Hawaii sometime this week. That's another thing I've noticed. I attract angry, sarcastic friends too. But I'm confident that after this workbook, I'll be able to help them to help themselves. I mean, as much as I like my anger sometimes, I've seen it nearly destroy me and my close relationships too. It's not a good friend to have. It can't be trusted and will let you down. It may be hard, but I'm learning how to say good-bye to my old friend anger. I know I'll still get angry, and I should at times because God gave us sense of right and wrong. But how I handle it will be different, and healthy. That's the key and that's what this workbook is all about....more info
  • Religious or not...
    The book does have many religious concepts and examples, which can be taken from this book as one of many approaches to dealing with your problems. But this book offers much more than religious answers. I wouldn't say that this book was a life altering experience that has remedied all my ills, but there is a wealth of knowledge for understanding your emotions and building a personal strategy for dealing with the world more productively. Even excluding the religious passages, the book still accomplishes this. I recommend this book to anyone that has ever been angry or angered someone else. Everybody should read this....more info
  • The Anger Workbook

    The Anger Workbook is an excellent tool to use in groups
    where persons have anger problems. This could be used in
    recovery groups, prisons, and large organizations where anger
    is a problem. I enthusistically recommend it!...more info


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