The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner (Practice Planners)
The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner (Practice Planners)

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For more than a decade, PracticePlanners? have set the standard for mental health treatment, by presenting complete guidelines and pre-written language for drafting high quality treatment plans and progress notes, as well as by providing hundreds clinically-tested client homework assignments for treating a wide range of presenting problems. Now clinicians can buy a complete set of the most popular PracticePlanners? in handy, value priced sets. The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment set includes the latest editions of The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, the Adolescent Psychotherapy Progress Notes Planner, and the Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner. Each book covers the most common mental health issues facing adolescents, including, chemical dependency, eating disorders, and low self-esteem. Updated to be consistent with the latest Evidence-Based Treatment Interventions, these indispensable resources have been fully-revised to keep pace with the state-of-the-art innovations in clinical practice.

Customer Reviews:

  • Research Supported Treatment Interventions Now Included
    This 4th edition of the Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner has been revised to include Evidence Based Treatment (EBT) Objectives and Interventions. The latest research evidence has been integrated into the content of most of the chapters. Those Objectives and Interventions that go beyond "Best Practice" to being based on replicable reseach results are highlighted with an EBT symbol. Now the reader can be assured that all the latest research has been reviewed and suggestions for treatment based on successful results are noted in those chapters where research evidence exists. Where there is not sufficient research evidence available for a presenting problem, best practice interventions continue to be suggested. As federal funding sources as well as some other third party payers are beginning to insist on treatment based on research evidence, this Planner offers just such Interventions.

    Please be reminded that all of our psychotherapy suggestions assume a compassionate relationship of empathy that is crucial for effective treatment. Good psychotherapists realize the critical importance of a therapeutic relationship while delivering research informed treatment. ...more info
  • Great resource
    This is a great resource when learning to work with clients as a new counselor. Not only does it guide you on how to run your sessions but it also helps to write treatment plans! I have also bought the child one too and I plan to get the homework version. ...more info
  • Helpful treatment planner but doesn't cover enough topics.
    I needed a treatment planner to help me write treatment plans faster and more effectively. This book is helpful, but it does not exactly give you measurable goals that you need for treatment plans today. Certain areas are not listed in this book, and some particular goals suggested by this book are inappropriate to place on a treatment plan that is being looked at by an insurance company, and unfortunately therapists working in non-private practise have to follow particular rules for treatment planning. All in all, the book is somewhat helpful, but not exactly what I needed to help me with my job for a community based out-patient center. ...more info
  • Adolescent therapist
    I found this to be a great resource for writing treatment plans for my adolescents. Having used the the children planner prior, I found this to be more in line for adolescents....more info
  • Fabulous
    This is a very informative, helpful book when you are writing treatment plans and need ideas. I am a school based therapist and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone....more info
  • A godsend for the busy clinician
    I work in a mental health agency as an intake clinician, interviewing families and children and writing assessments to be used for case disposition and treatment planning. I see 4-6 families weekly and my work load has been eased enormously with this addition to my library. It sits right next to my DSM-IV and I use it daily. The language for long term goals and therapeutic interventions are clinically sound and there are a number of options in each to tailor for specific cases....more info
  • Well-done yet incomplete
    I bought this book to help me work with adolescents during my counseling internship. While it is very easy to follow, and the treatment plans are laid out in step-by-step precision, I was disappointed to learn that most of the extensive exercises recommended by the book require that you purchase other books. This book itself wasn't inexpensive and I wished the publishers had included reproducible copies of the exercises rather than refering you to another book. The book also includes books and games in the treatment plans which must be purchased. So while the treatment plans seem worthwhile, I couldn't put many of them fully into practice without considering more purchases....more info
  • Awesome Support
    I work for a community service board and with the large number of consumers coming in daily, this tool has been a God send. It guides my thought process as I am taking in information so that I can create not only a treatment plan that will satisfy insurance/medicaid companies, but be most effective for each consumer. It is worth your time and money to invest in the series of treatment planners that are offered by the authors....more info
  • A great aid for clinicains.
    If you work with adolescent this is a great aid to writing treatment plans for a beginner or a skilled clinician. It makes following this state regulations a lot easier. I would definitely recommend this book to all my colleagues. This book has helped me write treatment plans quicker and easier then I ever thought possible. I love this series of books....more info
  • surface but instructive
    I had great hopes for this book. After I glanced at it, I purchased it immediately. It certainly does reorient you to the distinctions between goals, objectives and diagnoses, but after using it for a while, it just wasn't sufficient for those more complicated kids. I'll keep referring to it, not so much for information but to place me back on course when I'm stuck and blocked- (happens more than I'd like, when the stress gets to me,) yet I still would suggest, for more seasoned professionals, a higher level of diagnostic and prescriptive content.
    If you are one of those good therapists who flounder when it comes to documentation; I'd say, "Go for it." But, if you're looking for a book to help with establishing a quality diagnosis and treatment plan for those true stumpers- sorry, this isn't the book....more info
  • Adolescent Treatment Planner
    The book was exactly what I wanted. I work with kids ages 5-18 and needed a book that would help me write treatment plans. I will eventually order the Child Treatment Planner. On advise of friends, I ordered this one as it would be easier to adjust the goals to younger ages than to try to adjust the child planner to older kids....more info
  • Treatment planner
    Great book and will be an awesome reference for treatment planning. Great product, quick shipping and good customer service.
    ...more info
  • Excellent resouce
    I have found this book of tremendous help as I have worked with children and adolescents here in the island of Jamaica. I recommend it higly...more info
  • Helpful guide
    This treatment planner is a good guide for writing up treatment plans for some of the most commonly diagnosed disorders for adolescents....more info


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