Newman's Own? Organics Adult Cat Formula, 76-Ounce Bag
Newman's Own? Organics Adult Cat Formula, 76-Ounce Bag

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  • My cat actually loves it......
    ...and he hates everything. I fed my cat Iam's for years, because his vet reccomended it and therefore I figured it must be the best for him, but after the cat food scare, I wanted to get out of all the traditional brands. The vet reccomended another brand, which I cannot think of the name right now... that you can buy at PetSmart. It was pretty pricey - about $28 for a 64 oz bag. My cat hated it, he refused to eat it, and it looked wooden.But I took him to a playdate at a friends and he has this habit of eating out everyone's bowl and came across Newman's Own in his friend's food bowl. He loved it! My friend sent me home with enough to transition him and I ordered a bag instantly from Amazon. And if you are looking to go organic with your kitty, comparatively, the price for Newman's Own is right. Much cheaper than those in the same class. ...more info
  • My cats seem to love it.
    I've got two cats. One is about 8 years old, grey shorthair domestic, and very calm by nature. The other is about 4 years old, abyssinian, and a loud pain in the butt by nature.

    I've been feeding them the Nutro for fat cats, and they eat it up, but never all at once. I decided against IAMS a long time ago because of their issues with animal cruelty while doing their nutrition/diet tests on animals.

    Today I decided to buy them Newman's Own Adult Cat. I didn't give them too much since it's not a weight control formula (which, frankly, both my cats need). They both practically inhaled this stuff. Later on the abyssinian even went back to lick the dish some more.

    After they ate it they both instantly became very calm and went to sleep.

    I'll keep an eye on how much they keep on liking this food. If all goes well, I'll keep buying it despite the slightly higher price. (The price at Whole Foods was similar to the price here on Amazon... where can I get this for the other price people have seen? That's like half the price... are you guys sure you're getting the same size bags?) But it's Newman's Own and they give money to animal charities, so that takes some edge off the price.

    My only wish is they also made a weight control cat food as well....more info
  • My pets hate Newman's products
    I've bought Newman's own products a couple of times, and both dogs and cats spit the stuff out. They absolutely hate it. I've heard that from other petowners as well....more info
  • Fine food...
    Newmans cat foods are among the finest and tastiest (according to my four furry friends) canned food available. Haven't found any of the varieties which they didn't thoroughly enjoy and finish every morsel. Thanks Paul !!!...more info
  • Good for cats - Loved by cats
    Approximately 20 years ago, I began to exclusively feed our cats Iams or Science Diet. Those brands were recommended by our Veterinarian after our first cat showed signs of Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS). I had previously fed the cats the typical brands such as 9 Lives, Purina and Friskies.

    I continued with IAMS and Science Diet, because the other brands caused FUS, caused other digestive problems and the good reputation of IAMS and Science Diet.

    Then last year, one of our cats developed bladder disease and died.

    Not long afterward, the pet food scandal broke. Cat and dog food from nearly every pet food company, including premium foods like IAMS and Science, were tainted by melamine. More than 150 brands of cat and dog food were recalled. IAMS and Science Diet were two of the recalled brands, as was natural sounding brands such as Nutro.

    I vowed to never again purchase pet food from the brands that had betrayed my trust. I began searching for pet food that was all natural and organic. Newman's Own is both natural and organic. It was also one of the few brands not recalled. Although it was difficult to find a local source, I finally found a few, including Amazon.

    My cats love Newman's Own canned and dry food. They also love Innova EVO. I love it because I don't have to worry about tainted food poisoning my cats.

    1. Peace of mind
    2. Does not cause FUS, as did Purina and other similar brands
    3. Much less likely to be tainted by lethal contaminants
    4. The cats love it
    5. Does not cause the other digestive problems.

    1. It is more expensive than the non-premium brands
    2. It can be difficult to find a nearby store that sells Newman's Own.

    Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. And I can now add Amazon to my list of sources for the food....more info
  • Good so Far
    I've been feeding my cat this food for the past three months and she loves it. She hasn't gotten sick from it or shows any signs of being sick. A few weeks ago she got a clean bill of health from the vet, so I know there is nothing in this food that is potentially harmful. I really like this food, and the fact that is doesn't have any animal by-products is a plus. I would recommend Newman's Own Dry Cat Food. I would give this product 5 stars, but its only been three months. ...more info
  • Great Food
    My wife has a male cat who throws up EVERYTHING EXCEPT this food. The cats prefer this food over the wet food we have tried also.

    Great Quality, good price....more info
  • Best Cat Food Ever
    This is the best cat food I gae ever tried on my cat, She loves it, it smells all natural and is good for her....more info
  • Healthy doggie food , too!
    This cat food is great. My big tom cat eats it as well as my two tiny doggies. Its all natural and doesnt make them sick or throw up. Nothing like that. That animals normally do with cheap processed pet food. And Amazon's price is much cheaper than the health food stores around. Good luck!...more info
  • Want organic cat food?
    Want a really satisfying organic cat food?

    Try teaching your cat to get off its dusty [....] and try catching a mouse now and then. Now that is organic.

    The whole concept of an "organic" cat food is just designed to get gullible people concerned about the planet to cough up a premium for marketing hokum.

    People who think this organic stuff is really healthier or better for the planet obviously live in cities. If they lived in the countryside, they would actually know that nature is not fragile....more info
  • my cats love this
    normally my cats will not eat healthy cat food .. and normally they cry for wet food but since i started with the newman's dry food we have no problems they even turn their noses up at wet food now ...more info
  • great cat food!
    I bought Newman's Own after the cat chow scare as well but was surprised at the change in my cat's behavior and activity level within the first month of the switch. I wish it were available nearby but I'm signing up for the auto ship which gives you free shipping and a lower price. My cats love the flavor and respond well to the nutrition and absence of processing in their food. I know how lethargic I feel when I get busy and eat too much processed food-why would they react any differently? It's well worth the money-I've tried cat chow naturals and while it is better than regular it does not produce the level of improvement that PN does so I'm sticking with the good stuff!...more info
  • Sorry, their kibbel doesn't pass the taste test for cats or dogs!
    I purchase excellent quality dry dog and cat food for my little loved pets. Newman's Own has gone for squirrel food each time. I have a bag of Newman's Adult Cat formula that my two cats just would not eat another bite. I opened a bag of Wellness Indoor and they both started eating like I had been starving them. The product sounds good enough but the animals just don't like the taste of it. Call the company and ask for a sample before spending the money!...more info
  • Great food
    My cat started throwing up while I was on a business trip. I used amazon prime to overnight this to the friend that was taking care of her. He switched her over to this food, and she stopped vomiting.

    She has been happy with this food for 6 months, which is a long time for her. Being able to get anytime, anywhere is a big plus for me.

    It's also a nice round shaped food, which works well with automatic cat feeders....more info
  • Product--Outstanding; Price--Gouging!!
    We researched cat foods to find the best, and Newman's is one of the best. The problem is that I can buy it for ~$9.60 for the 3lb bag and ~$13.70 for the 4.75. It was not easily found at local stores, but definitely worth the effort. I hope Amazon gets a little more realistic in regard to pricing this line...more info


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