Car Air Ionizer/Purifier

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Product Description

As you drive, you are constantly bombarded with air pollutionnot only from passing cars and trucks, but from nearby factories and cities. Air poisons can take a toll on your energy and alertness, making you drowsy, giving you headaches. The air purifier not only cleans the air, but produces beneficial negative ionsimparting a crisp after-the- storm freshness that can make you feel clear-headed and revitalized! Trips seem shorter, you arrive fresh and fit! The air purifier plugs into your cars lighter. It is safe and quiet, it doesnt produce heat or chemicals. It uses space-age vacuum electronic gun technology to produce air-cleansing negative ions. Once you try it, youll never drive without it! Get one for each car in the family!

  • Generates negative ions for a cleaner & healthier atmosphere
  • Reduces dust, pollen and airborn bacteria
  • Significantly reduces tobacco & other irritating odors
  • Replaces odors and staleness with sweet-smelling spring freshness!
Customer Reviews:
  • car air ionizer
    Nice little car ionizer. Small, compact, no cords to deal with. Plugs straight into the car lighter/outlet. Makes a small buzzing noise while running and glows orange, but isn't too distracting. It does make the air in the car smell cleaner and better if there's an odor that's gotten into the upholstery, for example, but doesn't give the air any annoying artificial "fragrance". (Only runs while the car is turned on.)...more info