Waldorf Maple Teether Natural Teething Ring

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Product Description

The Camden Rose teether was designed to stimulate sight and touch with beautiful organic shapes and the comfort of hardwood. Easy to grasp for little fingers and soothing to rub on tender gums, the Maple Teether is best for the baby who, at about 3 months, starts to explore the object-mouth relationship. Each teether is fashioned from maple wood and finished with non-toxic beeswax.

  • Non-Toxic Maple Wood Teether
  • Easy to grasp for little fingers
  • Soothing for tender gums
  • Handmade in the USA from Natural Materials

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Natural Teether!
    We bought this for our daughter and she absolutely loves it. It is the perfect size for a 6 month old baby to hold and she gets excited when seeing it again and again.
    I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to give their child something without harmful plastics in them....more info
  • great natural teether
    If you worry about those liquid filled teethers made in China that can possible harbor Salmonella, this is a great alternative.
    It is shaped perfectly for an infant's hand, and my boy really seems to enjoy it over all other teethers.
    It also makes for a great keepsake of your child's infant years, unlike something plastic.
    ...more info
  • Great Teether!!!
    This is a GREAT product. My son plays with it all the time, and chews on it when he gets the urge. I was a little surprised at it's size (a bit smaller than expected) but when I realized my little one could hold it with one hand (or two) and hold onto furniture to walk with the other, I couldn't have been more pleased! It's definitely NOT too small, it's the perfect size for a toddlers small hands....more info
  • Fabulous!
    My 5 month old just loves this to chew on. It's easy to hold and obviously tastes good too as it's constantly in his mouth! Best of all there's no chemicals to worry about. Given it's "teething" time this teether is always kept close by!...more info
  • too tiny for a teether
    I bought this teething ring a week ago and i could not beleive how tiny it was. I was chocked! my baby girl is 6 month old and starts teething i though this ring was a good idea. But she cannot even hold it with her both hands because it's too small. If you want to buy it, be prepared it doesn't look nothing like on the picture, the size is 2 inches interior diameter, the color is much lighter almost white, the shape is nothing but simple. It is not shiny as the picture shows.Overall it was a desapointement. the only good thing is it's natural and light. I posted a picture of the ring in my daugter's hand....more info
  • It's Like Magic!!!!
    This teether is magic! So many of my mommy books said that babies need something soft to use as a teether. That couldn't be father from the truth. They need something hard. After a friend recommended Palumba I bought one of their teethers from their website. When I gave it to my daughter she was holding it and looking at it with intense eyes. And then she put it in her mouth and it was like a soothing wind caught her breath and made everything roses. Pure magic!

    Suggestion: Put a little water on it and put it in the fridge for a while.

    Also, it is hand made in the USA, NOT CHINA - thank god!...more info
  • works great!
    Once my son figured out what to do with it, I cant leave home with out it! This by far is much easier to use than those teethers that go in the fridge. Fits great in a little guys mouth and great for little hands. The one thing I wish is that one side would be completely on same plane, having all sides with variation is good but one side should just be smooth....more info
  • Couldn't be happier
    We bought this teether for our 4 month old son and it's the only teether we've bought(out of 4) that really can fit in his mouth. It seems to soothe the irritation and calm him down for awhile. ...more info
  • As long as it's not Made in China
    Though somewhat pricey for this actual item, the peace of mind knowing that our 5 month-old is not ingesting lead or plastic compounds is well worth it. And, it's always good to buy and support our home-grown craftspeople....more info


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