Arched Back Lumbar Stretcher Extender, Model# 83-4866V

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Product Description

Arched back support for lumbar and spinal health.

  • Great for aching muscles, stress and more
  • Gently relieves pressure
  • Helps relieve aches and pains
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves posture

Customer Reviews:

  • great for the price
    i haven't tried the pricier versions, but this is great and affordable. won't get the kinks out, but great for relaxing and stretching while you're watching tv. ...more info
  • Works Great!
    Bought this product a few days ago from this company through Amazon. Delivery was quick, and price is great. There are a couple others I saw on Amazon that look similar, but appear to be constructed of bare metal, and are over three times the price of this one. This one's shape is similar, and it is padded and professionally upholstered. For 20 bucks, I figured I'd try it. The instructions are a little vague, you're supposed to lay on your back, with this device under your back, and stretch out with your hands over your head, yet it does not say what to do with your legs. (There is a picture that shows a woman with her legs outstretched as well) however, I found it fairly uncomfortable to have legs outstretched, almost seemed that legs should be bent at the knees slightly. Just lying and stretching out didn't seem to help me at all and at first, I was disappointed. (I had a dull pain on the lower right side of my back, which I often get, and after this first use, found no change in my back. This was early morning. An hour or so later, I decided to try it again. This time, I laid with the arch under my back and positioned the arch so that the pain in my back was in contact with where I felt the most comfortable pressure from the device. (You simply slide the device forward or backward to achieve this). Then, with a pillow positioned under my head, I stretched out like before (hands over head, but this time, after stretching out, I bent my knees, brought them up together towards my chest(like in a sitting position, except I was laying on my back on the floor), and then slowly lowered my legs and extended them out, and CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!, I could just feel the pops and cracks going down my spine. Repeated this a couple times, and then I got up. The dull lower back pain was gone and stayed gone rest of the day. Later in the evening, after some yard work, pain reoccurred, so I used it again and repeated the process, and again with the cracks and pops, and it felt great once again. Amazing to me. I do go to a chiropractor, and I love the results I get there, but it's expensive, and this seems to be great for in-between treatments, or hopefully to increase time between treatments.
    Either way, it's great to have something around the house to relieve the pain whenever I need it. Super deal, for the money, I highly recommend it.
    My experience so far has been only positive. I wrote such a lengthy review to detail the procedure I discovered that helped me, in the hopes that if others who purchase this product don't see results from simply stretching out like in the instructions, they might benefit from the method I described above. It helped me, I hope it helps you too. Good luck....more info
  • Rapid Transit
    I purchased this item well before Christmas to avoid the holiday rush. It came within a week and in excellent condition....more info
  • slow shipping
    Great for stretching the back and relaxing. Shipping was extremely slow.....close to one month!...more info
  • Great Stretch!
    I purchased this for twice the price on tv Christmas of 2007 and it was still worth it. Its light and portable and it helps relieve tension and stretches the back. The trick is to actually use it which is easy to get lazy about. ...more info
  • okay
    Okay, but not what I had expected. I was hoping to be able to relieve lower back pain. Maybe I just need to go to a chiropractor cause this didn't do it....more info
  • Great back relief!
    My mom had been using the Back Magic, which had helped immensely, but when I gave her this one she liked it better...likely due to the padding, which is much more comfortable. She swears by it!

    I paid almost $18 for expedited shipping (for two), and that was a waste of money because it didn't come very quickly. But it's a great product!...more info
  • Take it slow at first, build youself up.
    This unit is helping me to a point. I have a lot of severe back issues that require regular medical intervention. Inbetween visits this helps some. I have heard the "pop" that relieves pain. It does feel very good to streach the spine like this.

    I ordered from Amazon market place vendor. The unit came looking old and had a strange odor. After letting it air out it is okay but I'd advise using Amazon direct, this must have sat in a warehouse for some time. The bag inside had been opened and old yellow twisted tape was on it. The unit itself was not damaged, so I kept it as the price was really great.

    I would recommend the unit but work up time slowly....more info
  • Very Helpful
    I've had a lower back issue that came about when I was bent over doing Tae Bo. This has been more helpful than an inversion table. I find the higher/steeper portion of the stretcher to be best placed at my lower back. I also find starting on a bed is easier because the bed flexes and the stretch is not as extreme. After one or two of these sessions, moving to the floor much easier. I start with pillows, and remove them as I stretch out. I also find myself standing taller after using it.
    ...more info
    I bought this product after the second epidural in my l4-l5 disc didn't work. I also have several bulging discs and so thought I was on a course for surgery. I have the spine-worx which I have only been able to stay on for about 60 seconds. It does align the back ... I hear the pops, but I couldn't stay on it long enough to stretch the back because it was painful. So I bought this because it was padded and I was considering a very expensive decompression machine at my pain doctor. Let me confirm that I have had back pain for the last 20 years but only recently have I had shooting pain down my hip and leg all the way into my shins. I have had this acute pain for about six months. So you can imagine my amazement when after stretching for three 15 minute periods the first day, my leg and hip pain got considerably better. I also use it on my sides to stretch the rib cage. I found that I get the best alignment pops when using the large end at the base of my spine, keeping my knees bent and slightly rolling side to side, loosening up my spine. I have been using it for two days which is why I'm so amazed. I still begin to have pain if I sit for too long and compress my spine ... but I am 80% better. I have had no less than 15 cortisone shots and epidurals in the last year and if this can produce results like this in two days, I am going to live on this thing. I highly recommend you try this before you try back surgery. My back is still sore from the shot, but the shot hadn't helped the pain at all which is why I ordered this immediately. Pain drugs really bother me and don't help the source of the pain. Try this....more info
  • back lumbar
    This small and easy to store object stretches and eases my back. It helps after a long day on the computer. It usually feels great, but sometimes it hurts. I think I need it more that day. ...more info
  • back stretcher
    There weren't any instructions for this item, but I was familiar with how it works. I showed it to my chiro. and he said it can't hurt but it's not meant for the lower lumbar area. I do feel a bit of stretching while using it but no cracking or popping. ...more info
  • broke after one use
    laid down and crack, opened it up an saw it was made from cheap wood and glue. still can get a little stretch out of it, so I gave it 3 stars....more info
  • great for the price
    this product works well. I needed something that was very firm because my back has been hurting really bad, and this product definitely did the trick. Before I realized that this type of product existed, i use to fold pillows and put it underneath to support the lumbar area; The pillows were too soft and did not help. If you are looking for something soft, than this might not be the product. ...more info
  • my travel companion
    This stretche goes everywhere with me in my suitcase. It does not break and after a long day it definitely does miracles on my back!...more info
  • Good quality, cheap price
    There's nothing special about this lumbar extender, but it works, is very good quality, and is substantially cheaper than other models out there....more info
  • Feels great!
    The back stretcher feels wonderful and has definitely helped relieve my back pain caused by sitting in a desk chair for 8 hours a day. I rated this item 4 stars only because I have not been able to get the "pops" that so many people mention in the reviews. I'm 5' tall so maybe my height plays a part in that. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Works well
    This item does help to stretch my back muscles and take away pain and fatigue....more info
  • pleased
    I try to stretch daily and this back stretcher helps me to stretch muscles that would be difficult to stretch without it. I wake up in the mornings with tight back muscles and back pain. I warm up a little in the morning and lay down on this back stretcher and after I am done, I feel my muscles are less tense and loosened up. It feels great, gives pain relief and relaxation. I lay up higher on the back stretcher and down lower on it to stretch differant areas of my back. I tend to hunch forward through out the day which is bad for my posture and causes back problems. This back stretcher restretches those muscles back. Happy I bought this!...more info
  • A good stretch at a low price
    There is definitely no shortage of gimmics out there for back pain, but this is simple and does what it says. From the first time I used it, my back popped several times and stretched out nicely. I use it for just a few minutes and have to take it slowly and careful because I'm usually so stiff, but it always feels good when I'm done. I look forward to the popping too; it's like going to the chiropractor without the cost! It's a good solid product. I might like a little softer padding, or more of it personally. I'm so stiff that it's still a little uncomfortable to use at first, but after the first few times it feels better....more info
  • Arched Back Lumbar Stretcher
    This product has been very helpful to me. I've experienced less back pain since using this product....more info


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