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On the surface MIO Motiva Petite is a stylish, everyday wearable fitness accessory. But MIO Motiva Petite takes things one step further by including MIO's patented weight management system, giving you the motivation to reach your health and fitness goals. It also includes a bonus, interchangeable watch band right in the box! Your weight is directly connected to the foods you eat and the exercise you get. So, how can you easily manage both? The answer is simple with MIO Motiva Petite. Try the 3500 Calorie Countdown Program featured in this watch for maximum results. Set daily calorie targets and record the number of calories you eat throughout the day. MIO Motiva Petite displays how well you're doing and sets off an alarm if you go over. When it comes to exercise, check that your heart rate is up and keep it there for maximum calorie burn. With MIO Motiva Petite, you can literally watch the calories burn off! Get results faster with the MIO 3500 Calorie Club program Five (5) excercise timers - Count up, Count down, Count up with warm-up, Walk/Run and Repeat Interchangeable petite watch band with colors to fit your every mood (BONUS Petite Band Included) BONUS - MioSense Guide included

On the surface, the Mio Motiva Petite heart rate monitor watch--which offers a band designed specifically for petite wrists--is a stylish, everyday, wearable fitness accessory. But the Motiva Petite takes things one step further by integrating Mio's patented weight-management system, giving you all the motivation you need to reach your health and fitness goals. Your weight is directly connected to the foods you eat and the exercise you get. The Motiva Petite helps you manage the former by setting daily calorie targets and recording the number of calories you eat throughout the day. The Motiva Petite then tells you how well you're doing and sets off an alarm should you go over. When it comes to exercise, the device monitors your heart rate and makes sure it stays high during workouts for a maximum calorie burn. With the Motiva Petite, you can literally watch the calories burn off.

Specific features include the ability to accurately read your ECG heart rate without a chest strap, five exercise timers (count up, count down, count up with warmup, walk/run, and repeat), Mio's 3,500 Calorie Countdown program, and a user-accessible battery hatch. As a bonus, the Motiva comes with an interchangeable watch band in sky blue and orange, along with the MioSense Guide for Healthy Living, a booklet that includes information on health, nutrition, diet, fitness, and exercise, along with carb and calorie tables at the back for easy reference.

About Mio
The story of Mio began in 1999 when it was created by entrepreneur and mother of three, Liz Dickinson. Like many of us, Liz balances family and career, leaving little time for fitness. After several unsuccessful attempts to achieve her fitness goals and shed the pregnancy weight-gain of her third child, Liz turned to a personal trainer for advice. While working with a trainer, Liz realized the key to getting in shape and staying in shape is to practice smart eating habits, monitoring calorie intake, and using a heart rate monitor to ensure that she exercises at the right level. Liz realized there wasn't a product available on the market that would easily help her follow her trainer's advice.

Liz didn't have time to read labels and carry a calorie journal in her purse, nor did she have much patience for the uncomfortable chest strap she had to wear to get her heart rate. She knew there had to be a better way, so Liz used her technology and marketing savvy to create Mio, the world's first heart rate monitor to work without a chest strap. And, it didn't stop with just heart rate, as Mio also has a patented calorie management system that offers a straightforward approach to managing your diet. With the help of Mio and a balanced diet, Liz was able to shed those unwanted pounds and gain the benefits that come with improved fitness: more energy, more vitality, and less stress, and help many others do the same with the creation of Mio's products.

  • Slender heart rate monitor watch with patented weight-management system
  • Lets you set daily calorie targets and record the number of calories you eat
  • Accurately reads your ECG heart rate, on demand, without a chest strap
  • 5 exercise timers: count up, count down, warmup, walk/run, and repeat
  • Integrates Mio's 3,500 Calorie Countdown program; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Does what it says
    This product does what it says BUT is misleading when it comes to the heart rate monitor. It does not read it while exercising. You have to do it manually which is a bit of a pain when you're working out. Other than that the product does what it says but I was looking for one that reads your heart rate through out exercising....more info
  • Love this Watch!
    I recently purchased this MIO watch and I love everything about it. It is very small and cute, which is good because I have quite small wrists. I am easily able to see how many calories I burn during my workout and I love the little book that comes with it that has all the calorie tables. I had used Polar for years, but now that I don't need to wear a chest strap I don't think I will be switching back. ...more info
  • I returned it
    I was not impressed with this watch and ended up returning it. The dealbreaker was that it would not check my pulse if my fingers were cold....not to mention it was very hard to push. ...more info
  • I like this watch
    This is my first heart rate monitor. I debated between the one with and without the calorie counters and got this one. I find it generally intuitive to use with one review of the directions. For me the only notable issue has been the inability to take a reading while exercising. Much motion affects the ability to read, so you have to be pretty still while you do. This is an issue because the calorie burner uses your heart rate to calculate calories burned in the workout. This is fine for my DVD exercises since there are some breaks that I can measure my heart rate, but for jogging, for example, I had to stop jogging and walk slowly to get a reading. I would not recommend this watch if you want to check your heart rate during exercise without slowing WAY down or stopping. The reading is quick, maybe 6-8 seconds, so you don't have to stop for long. Having to push the bottons for me is not really an issue, I don't mind a small wait. Having to be pretty still is the issue.

    I like the net calorie counter. You enter the calories you eat each time, which is easy to do. It calculates how many you burned during exercise and adding the two displays a net calorie intake for the day. This is very helpful if you are trying to manage calories. There is a very small book with directions and a calorie table that is helpful with estimation.

    I have only used the timer for exercise. With my old timex
    Ironman I would use the timer for all kinds of other things than exercise, but with this timer tied to calories burned, I can't do that. I miss that feature. There is an alarm that would have to be used instead, but alarms need more set up to use and is therefore less desirable.

    The watch is fairly tall off the wrist, but the band does fit a small wrist fine. Changing between the two watch bands is easy, but I wish the other color was not such a bright orange which has more limited use than some other color would.

    I agree with the comment that the beep is very quiet. If you need to rely on a beep during your exercise, it would not work well. You need to look at the watch to check the status.

    Overall I have been happy with the watch and would purchase it again. I can't imagine wanting to wear a chest strap and think that the advantage of no strap outweighs the negatives....more info
  • MIO review
    The Motiva Petite is great! I love the interchangeable bands and the instant heart rate readings. The size is just right for me (I have small wrists). I especially love the calorie countdown....more info
  • Heart rate monitor is accurate enough
    I owned Polar F11 with the coded chest strap. I bought this watch because I want to use it for my lap swim (I'm not about to dip my $150 watch to the pool). I test the watch heart rate monitor accuracy during my morning walk by wearing my polar on the other hand. (I know it's overkill, but I need to know if the heart rate monitor is accurate). I took 7 reading from the watch, and 5 of them were accurate. They showed my heart rate the same number as my polar watch. If it's off, it would be off by 2-4 beats on the lower side than my Polar. Part of it maybe because my Polar reads my heart rate continuously while my Motiva reads my heart rate at a given moment and it takes time to read it too. The other 2 off reading might be caused by the way I pressed the sensor (I might not pressed it correctly) since it's a little challenging trying to get your heart rate while you are moving and using your left hand (I'm right handed).

    On my next walking exercise, I did another test. I took 3 readings and all 3 reading read the same heart rate as my Polar. So overall, I would say the motive watch is accurate enough.

    As far as design and construction, I think the watch is stylish enough to wear for daily time keeper, and the watch looks really sturdy and well made. It's also small enough for women to wear.

    The only complaint I have is the alert sound (whether is for the exercise timer, alarm or anything that needs alert). The alert sound is way too soft. I barely can hear it. Even, my rebook watch has a louder sound than it. I can even hear my rebook watch alert while swimming and listening to my waterproof MP3. Compare to my Polar, I can set up the alert sound to: loud, soft or silent. With my Motiva, I have to keep checking the watch all the time to see if I have reach my exercise time.

    I also took this watch on my swimming laps. The watch works fine, but I haven't have any luck getting my heart rate during my swimming. Usually I got it after I shower and change....more info
  • Stylish enough to wear daily
    I really like this heart rate monitor for its strapless feature. I have an old Acumen Eon Basix Plus before. After 2 years of continuous use, the transmitter strap became irritating to my skin even though I took care to clean it after every use.

    And the calorie counting feature is wonderful. The performance bars make it easy to tell how you are doing. It makes calorie so much easier than carrying a little notebook around. When my daily calorie get up to the "red" zone, I know it is time to add some exercise to get it in the "green" zone.

    I have gotten a few compliments from friends and co-workers about my "new watch." I used the blue and orange watch band that came with the package. The black and gray watch band is nice too, but I like a little more color....more info
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Watch)
    I LOVE this product--especially because it does NOT require a chest strap. I can take my pulse anytime (I wear it around the house doing chores, up and down the stairs, during my workouts, etc...) and test my heartrate frequently throughout the day. It's also very user friendly!...more info
  • Great if it worked consistently
    It seems like many reviewers expected the Mio to take a continuous heart rate while the wearer is exercising -- I knew it did not, and I don't mind checking my heart rate periodically. Unfortunately, twice now (the watch is only 2 weeks old) my Mio has provided heart rates LOWER than my resting heart rate, while I was 15-20 minutes into a high intensity workout. Clearly incorrect. Other times, I held the buttons for the heart rate monitor for nearly a minute (while trying to keep up my pace) with no reading at all. Perhaps it's something I'm doing wrong?! If I can figure it out, I'll be very enthusiastic about the Mio -- I love that it can be customized at the beginning with your own weight, resting heart rate, etc., so that the readouts it gives are more reliable than the generic ones that show on the gym machines. Now if only I could get it to work consistently, every time.......more info