Sweet Revenge

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Goldy Schulz is thrilled to be catering a holiday breakfast feast for the staff of the Aspen Meadow Library. But little does she know that on the menu, alongside the Great Expectations Grapefruit, Chuzzlewit Cheese Pie, and Bleak House Bars, is a large helping of murder.

While setting up at the library, Goldy spots a woman lurking in the stacks who bears a striking resemblance to Sandee Brisbane -- the Sandee Brisbane who killed Goldy's ex-husband, the Jerk. But Sandee is supposed to be dead. Or so everyone believes.

Goldy's suspicions mount when the body of Drew Wellington, a former district attorney, is found in a corner of the library with a map worth thousands of dollars stashed in his clothing. She's convinced that Sandee is involved.

But the holiday madness is only just beginning for Goldy. Soon she's drawn into the dangerous, double-crossing world of high-end map dealing. And like the ghost of Christmas past, Sandee keeps making an appearance. Could she be out to prove that revenge is sweet?

Customer Reviews:

  • Goldy Needs To Grow Up
    Like several of the other one-star reviewers, I've been reading this series out of habit. I also confess to an interest in seeing how the character of Julian turns out. I don't always like Marla, but I enjoy her weight and her wealth as something different among the genre's usual sidekicks.

    I am thoroughly sick of Goldy Bear Schulz, though. Davidson lost me a few books back in the installment in which Goldy suspects her husband of infidelity and then proceeds to be unfaithful to HIM (though not sexually) in truly spectacular ways, lying, sneaking, committing felonies of her own, and finally getting someone killed because she impersonated a police officer -- without Davidson seeming to have any personal moral awareness of her character's horrific conduct.

    Goldy's just as criminal and neurotic in this episode. She steals a car, with no thought of how this will reflect on her husband if she's caught. She's still freaky about her 15-year-old son, overreacting to his every mood, nagging and brooding and generally carrying on as if he were a toddler instead of three years from emancipation. In the first few pages of the book, she cleans up a crime scene while the police are on the way, removing all evidence of the attack for which she called them!

    Goldy continues to be abusive to the people she supposedly loves by endlessly lying to them about all things, large and small, and recklessly embarrassing them. A lot of the lying is simply childish. Example: ' "I'm fine," I declared, although in truth, I ached from what was now the third bust-up I'd had that day. Which had been worse, crashing [someone's] car, rolling to the creek bank, or being assaulted at a ski area?'

    All three of these were depicted as creating potentially life-threatening head injuries, but Goldy lies to her doctor (!!!!) as well as her family and slogs on. Is this supposed to make us think she's brave? Admirable? No, she's a moron.

    And obviously I am too, because I'll probably read new installments just to see how Julian's character turns out, but I'm smart enough to get them from the library.

    Ms. Davidson, PLEASE allow Goldy to grow up. She's worse than a teenager right now. And her desperate, degrading sucking up to clients along with melodramatic nervousness about whether they'll like her work is something out of a bad 1950's sitcom. Evolve past it, please. She can be interesting without being a flake. You can depict the compromises service professionals have to make with unreasonable demands without turning Goldy into a complete lickspittle.

    She should stand up for herself with dignity, not histrionic hysterics. She should treat her husband with respect and honesty, as if she took him seriously as a person instead of a caricature of Desi Arnaz: "LuuuuuUUUUUCY!!" He's her husband, not her warder. And for heaven's sake, moderate her obsession about with her son! It's getting really creepy!

    Apologies for any hurt feelings; after all, these books sell very well and this is just one person's opinion....more info
  • thriftbooks
    good book in good shape ,got it very quickly,very pleased will use this seller again
    ...more info
  • Never Been Done
    A caterer who helps her husband, the detective, solve murderers/crimes, all the while thinking about the Jerk and her cooking. She has to race around, getting in the way but, yet, solving the crime. This has definitely never been done before. You don't have to love cooking to love these books. Still, every book series or TV series has a character reappear after their death or their crime or something. Sandee coming back?! It was almost obvious, we just had to wait for her. But I'm definitely looking forward Fatally Flaky! :-)...more info
  • Short but not so sweet
    This review will be short but not so sweet. Everything that is Dianne Mott Davidson is not in this book. Everything that is Goldy is not in this book. If Dianne Mott Davidson wrote this book I'll eat my hat! I am so disappointed....more info
  • This is bad
    I've read a lot of (and enjoyed) DMD's culinary mysteries with Goldy Schultz, but this one was just really bad. {Spoiler alert} Goldy was rude, whiny, and annoying. She continually put herself in danger for stupid reasons, despite repeated physical assaults. She wrecked her friend's car. She tries to get a clergyman drunk so he will spill information told to him in confidence. Later, she "borrows" another car, pretending to be a valet in order to get the keys. That is perilously close to theft, and I expect more from Goldy, especially in view of the fact that her husband is a police officer, and that she wrecked the last car she borrowed.

    Her friends and family, normally fun, are instead cardboard thin and way too easy on her. Ditto the other reviewer on her husband referring to her as "Miss G". Her clients are tedious caricatures of the wealthy. I don't think I will read any more from the series. One star because I know the author can do so much better....more info
  • Another Great One!!!
    Great book. Kept me at it till I got it read!!! Recipes are better than ever. Can't wait to try them. Story line good and kept my interest....more info
  • Goldy is sure to please. Bon appetit!
    An unlikely list of suspicious items and an equally unlikely list of villains are found in the newest culinary mystery offering by Diane Mott Davidson. The worlds of map collecting and map sales are cut-throat businesses. Knives enveloped in snowballs, Rohypnol, stolen maps and the ghost of a dead murderer are featured here. First and foremost, our heroine, Goldy Schulz --- proprietor of Goldilocks Catering in Aspen Meadow, Colorado --- always seems to end up in hot water. SWEET REVENGE is no exception.

    Goldy has come a long way since her first culinary mystery 14 books ago. Her confidence, cooking skills and expertise have increased exponentially. In SWEET REVENGE it is the Christmas season, always a very hectic time in the catering business. A large scoop of trouble is brewing: Why did Sandee Brisbane return to Aspen Meadow? After murdering Goldy's ex-husband, she threw herself off a cliff into a raging forest fire. Or did she? "The specter appeared on November 25, which fell on the Friday after Thanksgiving, when I was on my way to Smithfield and Hermie McArthur's house to book two parties." Former District Attorney Drew Wellington would be invited to one of these parties. However, due to an unforeseen circumstance, he would be unable to attend.

    Larry Craddock, another map dealer, has Goldy in his sights. Sometimes, when people have been sold a fake document, they don't go directly to the police. Some take matters into their own hands and try to exact revenge. Unfortunately, this guy won't rest until everyone is miserable. He accosts Goldy, as well as her former assistant, Julien, and starts verbal altercations throughout Aspen Meadow. What is his beef?

    One great consistent theme in Davidson's books is the cooking. Every time Goldy makes espresso and adds a heaping tablespoon of whipped cream, you can almost taste the creamy, rich mixture. Her recipes are usually not too complicated and are added in an appendix in the back of the book. Cleverly designed, the What-The-Dickens Holiday Breakfast for the library staff and volunteers includes charming Dickensonian names: Great Expectations Grapefruit, Chuzzlewit Cheese Pie, Tale of Two Cities French Toast, Bleak House Bars, Hard Times Ham, Christmas Carol Coffee Cake. But the best part is that there are also recipes for Chicken Divine (a lower fat recipe for Chicken Diane), Prudent Potatoes au Gratin, Stylish Strawberry Salad, Unorthodox Shepherd's Pie, Deep-Dish Cherry Pie, Got-a-Hot-Date Bars, Pina Colada Muffins and Door-Prize Gingerbread.

    The bottom line is this: If you appreciate a good mystery with several recurring characters, lots of culinary undertones, great recipes and some Goldy family history, you should savor Diane Mott Davidson's books. Reminiscent of a new age Miss Marple with a good business mind, sense of humor and great cooking skills, Goldy is sure to please. Bon appetit!

    --- Reviewed by Marge Fletcher...more info
  • Yummy!
    This is better than the last two Goldie novels. The food tips are fun and the recipes great. Davidson moves the plot nicely with interesting characters. The pieces always tie together nicely, a great dessert....more info
  • I miss my DMD sweet indulgences
    The Goldy Bear mysteries have been one of my favorite mystery series. I would look forward to loosing myself in the pages that went into great detail about the cooking of the recipes and found myself salivating as they were described. In the last few books DMD has moved farther and farther from the roots with which she started this series. The cooking
    and recipes are now just a filler device that barely get more than just a mention. In the early DMD books the recipes were included in the section of the book where they were refered to and I would linger over them as Goldy described how she developed the recipe, steps in the cooking of it and lushious descriptions of how they tasted. The recipes are now listed in the back of the book, which may be easier for finding them, but takes part of the fun out of the book in my opinion.

    I had to force myself to finish this book. The plot was so stupid, map dealers are in no way interesting. The new characters brought in to move the plot never seemed like real people and they were all bad or had questionable motives. They were never fleshed out. The regular cast of characters were flat and dull and predictable. The descriptive element was also poorly done. With such a beautiful backrop, you'd think DMD would include it more in her writing.

    I have been at a DMD book signing and heard her speak and she is an amazing, intelligent and funny woman. I know she is capable of so much more than this book would lead one to believe. I will continue to hope that the next book in this series will be better. But I won't automatically pre-order as I have done in the past. Please DMD, go back to your original style!
    ...more info
  • Sweet Revenge/Another Goldy Culinary Mystery
    I have read all the books in this series and while I have enjoyed all of them, Sweet Revenge's ending was somewhat of a let down (anticlimatic). I would still recommend it but wish the ending was better....more info
  • absolutely horrible
    I still can't believe it. I actually bought this book and 'Dark Torte'!
    Both were a terrible disappointment. I read all of her first 12 books,
    twice and loved them. What the hell happened? Mott Davidson could not have possibly written this book! How many times does a writer have to use 'had had' in one book, even on one page? I am an author, that is just plain laziness. All of the allegories, or made up cliches, if you will are horrible. The ridiculous way that Goldy continues to put herself in peril for nothing are worse than horrible. This woman has been banged up so many times, she should have been dead, five episodes ago. She's not James Bond, let's face it. I am slogging thru it, just to say I finished it but it's difficult, to say the least. The ony advantage of owning my personal copy, is that I can mark it up, with as many black marks, as I want to. C'mon Diane (may I call you Diane?). I don't know which lackey you handed off your 'pen' to but pick it back up again. This is not you!
    ...more info
  • Leaves you hungry for more--and not in a good way
    I have been a fan of this series since the beginning but I was terribly disappointed with this effort. The character of Goldy has always been somewhat neurotic but now is additionally portrayed as rather shrill and overprotective, especially in the depicted relationship to her son, Arch.

    I agree with a previous reviewer that much of the book was filled with Goldy's speculations about who might have been motivated to commit the crime as well as needless recapitulations of events. All in all, it was a tedious slog instead of a delightful bit of light mystery fiction.

    ...more info
  • Annoying and predictable
    Diane Mott Davidson has missed the mark in this Goldie Schultz series Goldie has become tiresome and annoying in her amateur detective side line She interferes actually with the investigation and she needs to get a spine!! The other characters are very one dimensional and I think part of the problem is the reader I have never really enjoyed Barbara Rosenblatt's interpretation I really liked the early readings done by Mary Gross and I am totally sick of Goldie's husband calling her Miss G...more info
  • Ugh.
    This could very well be the worst Goldy mystery yet. Not only are the characters mere two-dimensional puppets, Goldy has turned into a narcissitic busy-body who I found myself rooting against. The supporting characters are merely that -- props that allow Goldy to to do whatever the heck she wants and then pull her out of trouble when she finds herself stuck.

    How many times can one person put themselves in harrowing circumstances with no clear reason? How often can Goldy tromp over her friends and lie to everyone under the sun to stick her nose where it doesn't belong? How many map dealers could there possibly be in one small town? And how often can DMD use the phrases "white stuff," "two-step," and "quickstep?" The mystery itself doesn't make much sense, and Goldy vacillates from feeling sorry for Sandy to quaking in her boots at the mere mention of her name.

    I used to love this series, but I'm afraid it just went onto my "don't waste your time list."...more info
  • Sweet Revemge
    Once again Rita Mae Brown has made a satisfing taste of mystery.
    From the 1st page to the last she kept my attention.
    Definitely worth reading again and again. I will look forward to the next book in this series....more info
  • She did it again!
    This is another fun, relaxing and lucious mystery from Diane Mott Davidson. I've enjoyed them all. And, as usual, the recipes are just what I want to try someday--but probably never will. I always expect to gain a few pounds reading her books, because of the amazing meals, and because I need snacks until I find who done it. ...more info
  • Sweet Revenge
    This book certainly measured up to Mrs. Davidson's former works. She captured the essence of Goldy and made her real...again! Her mouthwatering recipes are so enchanting, that even though I am not a cook, they make me want to try them all. When Goldy and Tom get in the kitchen, they make one believe they are real people and that they have so much fun...it is a delight to read about them. Thank you once again... for a fun read!...more info
  • Sweet Revenge
    This was more enjoyable than her last book. It held my interest throughout the whole story line. It makes for fun reading and the recipes are great....more info
  • tepid leftovers
    After "Dark Tort" bored me to tears, I was looking forward to the latest release. "Sweet Revenge" was worse. I felt we were served leftovers. The recipes offered nothing that I even wanted to try. Maybe it is time for a new series - Goldy is in need of a polishing....more info
  • Can't believe it's the same author
    I have read every book in this series and have enjoyed each and every one -- until now. The books have always been entertaining, fun and light-hearted. This one was slow-moving and full of filler. It seemed like the author needed to produce a specific number of pages and didn't have enough material to do so. The solution -- recap over and over what had happened so far in the story. While a summation at various points can be helpful to the reader, every few pages Goldy (the main character) would "review what she knew so far". That review was always good for filling up the page but did nothing to advance the story. I found myself extremely impatient with the device since I lost count of how many times it was done. Many pages were also devoted to taking her son Arch and his friends to the snowboarding recreation area. There are only so many times I can read about planning on going, preparing to go, driving to the recreation area, planning on picking him up, loading the equipment in the van and driving back home or arranging for someone else to take him since Goldy was busy. FYI -- if you got impatient with reading that last sentence, think about it taking pages throughout the book to describe !!

    In addition, the characters weren't developed in any fashion. Tom (Goldy's husband) spent the entire book enveloping her in big bear hugs and fussing at her for interfering. Her son Arch spent the entire book making sarcastic comments and being a general irritant.

    I don't know if Goldy has run her coarse and needs to be retired, but more books of this quality diminish what has been an outstanding series. Either improve the quality or end it gracefully ! ...more info
  • More please>>>
    This is one of my favorites.
    Wish she would write more...and put those recipes back in the context!...more info
  • Stale reading
    I only keep reading it because I remember how fun these mysteries used to be. The plot is ridiculous, Goldy is ridiculous...this is NOT a fun read!...more info
  • sweet revenge
    another great mystery from DIANE MOTTS DAVIDSON. I have read all of her books and enjoyed them all...more info
  • Just the right amount!
    I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was thr right recipe of drama,humor,cooking and romance. I had no clue who was guilty till the very end. It will be a book I read over and over. I can't wait till the next one. ...more info
  • losing interest in series
    I have never enjoyed the character of goldies ex husband and exceptance of his behavior for the sake of her son. And now just plane sick of the kid. I hate leaving a book wanting to strangle a character over and over again.
    I'm done....more info
  • Goldy has jumped the shark.
    I've read every book in this series. It never pretended to be great, or even very good fiction, but that's not why we read mystery cozies, is it? No, we read them because the characters themselves are warm, entertaining, and fun. Goldy has been a character that I've enjoyed for years now, as she and her family developed over time.

    Until now.

    Diane Mott Davidson has, sadly, begun relying on at least two really awful mystery-writing cliches: wounding/imperiling the hero(ine), and slapstick.

    Mystery hero(ines) are of course often in peril--that's what makes mysteries fun. But I am now expecting Goldy, in the next novel, to be shot in the chest but *insist* on catering a brunch while Tom and Julian cluck over her, saying "I'm FINE, I can finish the brunch, I'll just hold my hand over the wound to staunch the bleeding." Good golly, how many times can she be wounded? In one DAY yet! Wounded, then sleep 4 hours, wait up sore, drink espresso--cup after cup of minutely-described espresso--and feel fine again.

    And the slapstick. In the past three books, I've had the feeling that Davidson's editor went through and indicated the places where she should add some slapstick falling down & dropping things in order to increase the "humor" quotient. Well, it doesn't work. Some cozy mystery writers--notably Janet Evanovich--can do it, but DMD cannot. Instead, I'm just annoyed reading about Goldy's klutziness.

    I agree with other reviewers that DMD seems to be relying on oddly extensive descriptions to fill up the pages.

    I just read the last three Goldy books in a row, so they are all fresh in my mind. Each was vastly inferior to the earlier ones in the series, but in "Sweet Revenge," Diane Mott Davidson has truly reached her nadir. This so often happens to series. DMD will either need to reinvigorate Goldy or move on to a new series. Clearly, she has lost a number of her loyal readers with this book....more info
  • When will it end?
    I have read several Davidson's mysteries and enjoyed them. This one was so hard to finish. It went on and on with repetitious material and I literally skimmed about 100 pages. Goldy goes over and over the same clues and it gets so boring. She just keeps talking to herself with the same information. Also, I don't know how many times a person can get attacked without ending up in the morgue. Gee, one attack would have been enough, but it seems that Davidson had a goal of 500 pages which she missed by one. What a boring story and I don't recommend the book, but her recipes seem to be worthwhile. Maybe Davidson should just put out a cookbook with her recipes if she continues to write this fluff....more info
  • A Downward Trend for the Series
    This is the 14th of the Culinary Mystery series featuring caterer Goldy Schulz. These books have sort of become an obligation for me, rather than ones I look forward to with baited breath. I will keep reading them I'm sure, because it's like catching up on what's happening with old friends. The actual mysteries are OK but seem to be getting a little repetitive. This time around it's the height of the Christmas season and so Goldy's catering business is packed with business. This serves to drive the hectic nature of the events that occur; actually now that I think about it, all of these books are "hectic" as Goldy struggles to juggle all that comes her way.

    I have to say I am a little worried about the future of this series. It is hard for new plots to top previous plots anymore and so Goldy is starting to act more and more outrageously. In this novel she acts spontaeously quite a few times with very little fore thought and gets herself into so many dangerous situations that you have to wonder at her judgement. She breaks the law at will to get answers to her questions, even though she is married to a cop. And even he seems to be growing tired of the way she takes matters into her own hands all the time. The supporting characters were two dimensional and added little to the plot except to be in the right place at the right time in order for Goldy to become even more of a busy body. And the residents of Aspen Meadow, the Colorado town that is the centerpiece for all of the novels in the series, are as kooky as can be... really over the top. So much so that realism suffers as well as credibility.

    This is really too bad. I have been a fan of the series since it's inception and have twice been to Ms Davidson's author's readings at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver. Goldy has been a great character but it seems like the well is drying up. It may be time for Ms Davidson to retire this series and begin a new one.
    ...more info
  • Delicious mystery
    I love Diane Mott Davidson's mysteries, they are well written fun books. The mysteries are tightly woven and unpredictable, and the recipes are divine. She is delightful and entertaining. I wish I knew Goldy Schultz (the lead character) personally....more info
  • Sweet Revenge - Not to My Taste
    This is my first and last Goldy mystery. I found the audiobook in a clearance bin at a bookstore I frequent and couldn't believe it was so inexpensive. I'd always seen this series but never took the time to purchase one. I should have passed this up as well. The narrative is quite repetitous - all filler and no substance. The main character seemed flighty and a bit dense at times. Many of the supporting cast of characters were quite unlikeable. This is definitely a case of "You Get What You Pay For". I'm sure this culinary series has some redeemable qualities - as it is so popular, but this has to be one of the times that the cake fell flat....more info
  • No idea
    Have no idea if good or not. My sister wanted for Christmas so, I bought....more info
  • This one was okay
    I finally got to (and through) this one and it was okay. Like the other reviews I thought the map topic was boring, but kept reading. What was really odd was how reckless Goldy was, wrecking Marla's car and fur coat, sneaking into a crime scene, taking a catering customer's car. The original Goldy would have never done things like that. Is Goldy getting younger? I don't remember her getting married to the Jerk and having Arch when she was 17?? But she kept making references to her age and him being 15. Also, I hope the next book takes place in the spring when the roads are not packed with snow and ice. I'll read her next one though, just because I like the series. ...more info
  • Sweet Revenge
    I love this author - have read all her books. It is similar to her earlier books but it is like visiting an old friend. I am looking forward to her next book....more info
  • Repetition
    Being a loyal Goldy fan I must be honest and say this is the worst of the series. The chapters are repetitious. The details of the plot, and they are few and convoluted, are repeated over and over. It is written as if it took years to do and the author needed to remember were she left off. The chapters also did not flow. One chapter would end in mid thought and the next pick it up. There was no flow or continuity.

    Don't get me wrong... I love Diane Mott Davidson's' previous Goldy books but this one was a bunch of fluff!
    ...more info
  • Couldn't put it down
    Another great book by Davidson as usual I couldn't put it down I had to get to the end to find out who the killer was....more info
  • Sweet Revenge
    This is a great mystery! Goldie Schulz, caterer, while setting up for a holiday breakfast at the library, sees a woman who had died in a forest fire several months earlier after she had confessed to committing a murder. Then there's the murder of a patron in the library; a former district attorney and map dealer who uses the library! Coincidentally or not so coincidentally, Goldie's catering a dinner for a very wealthy map collector and his wife at their estate home at the end of a very winding two lane mountain road. Going on!!!A fight between two dealers at the party of the map collector, another murder, Goldie is attacked by the 'dead' woman, Goldie is attacked by an unknown someone else, maps are discovered to have been stolen, and a final, very unexpected ending. A really entertaining story, plot, and characters. (Some great recipes, too.)...more info
  • Murder, catering, and Christmas
    Goldy Schulz is a caterer in Colorado. With the holidays approaching, she has 25 parties to cater in December. Hermie MacArthur and her husband Smithfield, a map collector, are throwing two of those important events in the Aspen Meadow Regal Ridge Country Club.

    About a month before, Goldy thought she saw a ghost in that she thought she saw Sandee Brisbane, the killer of her ex-husband, driving around time.

    While getting ready to set up for the library breakfast the next morning, she and a library employee find former DA Drew Wellington murdered in a corner of the library.

    Can Goldy complete all her catering jobs while doing some investigating of her own? Especially when she appears to be in the crosshairs of the killer.

    I love this series, but I have to be honest and say that this book and Dark Tort were not my favorites. It felt, to me, as if the author had a specific word or page count to meet. I prefer mysteries to be under 350 pages. Her latest books have been well over.

    Plus it felt like the author tried to have everything happen over too short a time period. I found myself asking whether so many things could really happen to one person in one day.

    All that said, I love Goldy, Tom, Arch, Julian, and Marla. They are such likeable characters. I love all the discussion of food as well. The Colorado location is fabulous, too. I recommend this book and look forward to reading many more in this series.
    ...more info
  • Other one-star and two-star reviewers are on target!
    Like many of the other reviewers, I used to really enjoy these books, but they have taken a definite downward turn. They are packed with boring filler, inane comments and Goldy being proud of herself or speculating on what the men on her husband's police force really think of her. It has taken me months to read this one and there is no end in sight (though I've read several other books during this time). Might be time to hang it up. ...more info
  • repetative and boring
    I've enjoyed the other Goldie books that I've read, but this one was really quite boring. Goldie comes off as more of a busybody in this than a sleuth and she really sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. She describes other characters as acquaintances or people she's met, but she bends over backwards to help them out of sticky situations that any normal person wouldn't be involved in. (When Patricia comes to her house because her lawyer told her to?!? What?) Yea, we get it Arch needs to clean his room, but do we really need the details? All the details about her driving made me nervous. Why is she chasing Sandee down? Why hasn't Tom arrested her for involving herself in a police investigation? This mystery seems disjointed and full of fluff. Not nearly as enjoyable as other Goldie books. ...more info
  • Sweet Revenge
    Goldy Schlulz is back in this, the fourteenth entry in the series. Goldy is now 34 years old, the mother of a precocious 15-year-old boy. She is the owner of Goldilock's Catering, although she describes herself as follows: "First I was a mom and a wife, second I was a caterer, and third, every now and then people wanted me to figure out what had happened to their loved ones, loved ones who were victims of crimes."

    This time around, Goldy is preparing to cater a party at the home of a very wealthy man whose hobby is map collecting. But not long before the scheduled event, one of the guests, a former District Attorney, is found dead in, of all places, the town library. When the dead man's fianc®¶e, a former client and "sort of a friend" of Goldy, shows up at her door shortly afterwards, Goldy's ambivalence dial is turned up: Goldy cannot believe she is guilty, but the police certainly think she is, and promptly arrest her.

    Complicating matters is that three weeks prior to these events Goldy was certain she had seen a young woman who six months before had admitted to killed Goldy's ex-husband, fondly remembered as "The Jerk," before apparently jumping to her death in a blazing inferno. That same young woman, Goldy believes, was sneaking around the library aisles just before the body of the dead man was discovered. Was the woman a phantom, as Goldy fears, or was she real, and what was her connection to the murder?

    With the help of her best friend, Marla, who happens to be the other ex-wife of The Jerk, Goldy tries to discover the identity of the killer, to the dismay of her husband, an investigator with the Sheriff's Department. Always entertaining, as usual in this series, in addition to the solving of the mystery the reader is treated to the usual collection of mouth-watering recipes. Fans of this series will not be disappointed.
    ...more info
  • Goldy's in hot water again!
    Diane Mott Davidson manages to combine my two favorite things; a good cozy mystery and food. I enjoyed my time with Goldy and the gang as she tries to solve the mystery of a dead woman who seems oddly alive. Davidson captures well the teen angst phase in Goldy's son, Arch. The mystery was a bit slow going at times, but the culinary info kept me interested. (I tried out the Chicken Divine and found it quite good.) I do think husband Tom would do well to believe his wife when she tells him she's onto something. The woman has solved her share of mysteries, for goodness sake and he was downright condescending at times. The Sandee Brisbane thread was a tad heavy for a cozy, but as someone who has been guilty of interjecting some depth into my own cozies, I admire her for adding some layers. All in all, another satisfying read from Davidson. ...more info
  • This book was so bad I finally quit reading it about 40 pages before the end.
    I no longer CARED who-done-it, I just wanted it to be over. I sometimes think successful authors publish really mediocre books either a)because they're under pressure to come up with a book and they just don't have it in them to write it, or b) they're so successful that they can get away with things the publisher/editor would not allow a less successful writer to get away with.

    This book seemed self-indulgent -- not edited by an objective editor. It was way too long, all other issues aside. I heard way too much about wonderful Goldy and her wonderful family in her wonderful town cooking wonderful meals and solving mysteries that stump the police, and way too little about the actual mystery.

    I got really tired hearing about Goldy's wonderful but mouthy son Arch, and even found myself wishing that he and his two buddies were upstairs cooking an illegal substance instead of cleaning his room (we hear about that activity throughout the book) -- it would have livened the book up. I also fantasized Goldy discovering that her husband is having an affair -- anything to make this book less of Goldy's-wonderful-life and more dramatic.

    Arch wanting to go snowboarding and what the place he snowboarded was like should not have been repeated over and over again. And it's not just that snowboarding stuff that got repeated several times. The author regularly summarized the same material over and over again. I couldn't decide if she was getting paid by the word and had to pad the book (to pay the mortgage?), or really thought the reader was too dumb to follow along without frequent repetition. Or maybe the book was meant to be published as a serial in a magazine? Because from time to time, there was the kind of summing up that allows readers who haven't read any of the previous chapters to follow along anyway.

    I love mysteries, and I love cozies, but this one should never have been published. I rarely write a review that gives a book less than 3 stars, but I had to make an exception on this one. In fact, I wish I could get back the money I spent on the book -- shouldn't books come with guarantees or your money back?

    I haven't read any other in the series by this author, but this one discourages me from wanting to reading earlier books about Goldy, since by page 400 or so -- it's quite a long book for a cozy mystery -- I was bored silly hearing about Goldy and her world. I get the idea, however, that her earlier books was much better, so I may eventually give one of them a try.

    ...more info
  • would not purchase again
    the main character is just too sweet to take. She defers to her man in all things. This book belongs in the 50s with Father Knows Best...more info
  • Okay, but Some Things Bothered Me.
    I enjoy this series very much, and while I did mostly enjoy this book a few things bothered me enough that it distracted me.

    I am tired of Goldy painting a picture of Tom as being feared by all. It gets tiresome as it's not believable that this man elicits fear from all because he's so incredibly intimidating as an investigator. I would like to see him as more of our average everyday guys.

    Also I had a very hard time with Arch, more specifically the sleepover scenes in the book (the last few actually). It describes Tom as setting up DVDs for the boys, setting up their sleeping bags, etc, and Arch is almost 16-years-old! I myself have a 13-year-old son, and I cannot imagine going in and setting up a DVD for him. The character of Arch is so unbelievable as a 16-year-old that I hope Davidson corrects this. I had to keep flipping back and checking on Arch's age as he sounded and was treated by the author as a much, much younger child. His brother, Gus, and his friend, Todd, also come off as much younger as well. It becomes somewhat distracting.

    There was also a timeline issue where Goldy says it's 11:45 AM, and a luncheon started in an hour. She then says after serving the luncheon, that it takes two hours to clean up. After leaving the event and driving around a bit, she comments that it's 2:00 PM. As an avid reader, this sort of thing irks me. It probably isn't a distraction for others, but it was one of those little things that bugged me.

    This book is a good summer read, and as always I enjoyed the descriptions of the recipes and catering event. I also enjoyed the character of Julian as much as I always have. ...more info
  • Two and a Half Star Average
    While not the best in the series, yes Goldie gets herself into self-induced danger, this story was enjoyable enough for me to give it 4 stars. However, the audio version read by Barbara Rosenblatt is so awful, I have to give it 1 star. Ms. Rosenblatt's montone reading makes me wonder if she thinks the book is beneath her standards. And the fake Southern accents -- please!...more info
  • A little too sweet.
    Sweet Revenge

    Don't get me wrong. It was a good book. Had a lot of fun reading it. But it was the same old line. I wasn't able to guess right away who did it, but still, it was the same old thing. Also, I agree with other readers. It was a bit much to read her packing up her stuff, going over the same lines again and again and yet again. Her husband doted on her TOO much this book for me, and the whole snowboard and picking up Arch it just seemed sloppy and she just needed to fill a LOT of pages with something.

    I do enjoy the recipes, it makes my mouth water. I enjoy a lot of the scenes, like the snowball and the scene with other people. All in all still a good book, but you can cut out about 150 to 200 pages, which doesn't leave you a whole lot left. ...more info
  • Sweet Revenge #14
    Now that I'm fully retired, I have decided to read more. My wife introduced me to Diane Mott Davidson's Culinary Detective, Goldy. I'm Hooked. In fact, Goldy should be a movie series. Hello - Hollywood & Hallmark. Goldy caters a Holiday Breakfast at the local library and runs smack into another murder. The deceased,a former D.A., is discovered with a valuable map on his person. Not only does Goldy have to contend with murder and her hectic culinary schedule, she keeps seeing a woman who resembles the murderer of her Ex-Husband, the Jerk. What's going on? Read Sweet Revengle to FINd OUT. Waiting for Diane Mott Davidson next book. ...more info
  • Great Cozy Mystery Book
    I love Diane Mott Davidson character, Goldy, and this is another great book. Never a dull moment. Would recommend to a friend who likes light mysteries....more info
  • This is the last one I read... and I mean it
    Do you ever find yourself reading a series and you just can't stop? Even though you're no longer truly enjoying it? I've found myself in that rut with this series. The first few I read (admittedly, I started out of order) were fine, but then as the series wore on Goldy got on my nerves more and more... her over-indulged son, Arch, during his `rebellious' nasty teen tantrums, running over her, all the lamenting about the abuse by her ex... it got tiresome. The character came across as whiney and pathetic. I think to mention it once or twice, sure, but to beat it into the ground over and over became so tedious that I just had to put the series down.

    But for some reason I picked it up again. Out of habit? I'm not sure, but the first 100 pages of this book took me a long time to get through. I had to keep setting it down because Goldy annoyed me so very much. Even Tom, her loving husband, irritated me in this book. He came across as... arrogant. Once the actual mystery started, I was able to read it mostly for that and plowed my way through the book (though the people who kept coming to Goldy for help because she `solves crime' was trite and unrealistic... I think I'm getting more and more annoyed with the amateur sleuth series that seem to imply a regular person is so much smarter and more equipped to solve murders than, say, the police force. And Goldy's false modesty didn't ring true or sit well, either.). I think I'd give the mystery portion of the book four stars (a pretty decent cozy) and the characters a single star. Technically that averages out to two-and-a-half, but I'm rounding down. Maybe I'll be smart enough to not even start the next one....more info
  • Sweet Revenge a Goldy Culinary Mystery
    The Goldy Culinary Mysteries are always entertaining and hard to put down. A real plus are the recipes at the end of the book. I've tried several of them and was well pleased with the results....more info
  • A step down from Dark Tort
    I concur with most of the disappointed readers. I have read all the books of the series, most of which I could not put down, but this is slow, plodding.
    I do think that it's never a good sign when you resurrect a character (Dallas, anyone?) AND I missed the separated sheets with the recipes, which in this case are interspersed in the narration. (What is with all the "'Cuz", btw??).
    The plot is confused, the murders do not make sense, too many ingredients in this soup: it all seems contrived. There are some good moments, but, while I don't want the Goldy series to end, I would like it to return to its previous, very enjoyable standards.
    ...more info
  • Davidson serves up another literary trifle
    After 14 books, Diane Mott Davidson's Aspen Meadows is starting to look like Colorado's answer to Cabot Cove.

    This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy "Sweet Revenge" or its 13 predecessors. Davidson's culinary capers are the cotton candy of the mystery world -- fluffy, fun and light on substance. Just the way I like my murder mysteries. The pun-tastic titles and the whimsically named dishes (complete with recipes!) are enough to keep me entertained.

    But the shtick is starting to wear thin. How many dead bodies does caterer Goldy Schulz need to discover before she decides it might be safer to live in Detroit or St. Louis?...more info
  • Love the series, but....
    I think it really *is* time for Goldy to develop more, or take a trip somewhere, or solve a murder that doesn't involve her ex-husband or someone who knew him. I have hugely enjoyed the series, but this book did seem tired- full of recap, as one reviewer noted. Also, I found it pretty unbelievable, even for fun fiction murder, that a woman who wrecked a car, fell in a creek and was attacked and nearly suffocated all in one day would still get up and go to work in the morning (after a steamy shower with her husband, no less).

    I love the cooking; I think the author is a great story-teller, but wouldn't you just love to see Goldy grow up a little? Or change? Or have something different in her life? Most of us do face change and challenges eventually. I keep thinking she and Tom need to have a baby or Marla needs to remarry or Julian open a new restaurant or SOMETHING. It feels like this book was the same as the last one... too bad, because Goldy is a lot of fun....more info
  • Rosenblat rocks!
    Barbara Rosenblat rocks reading this most recent course in the "Goldie the caterer" series of Colorado Rocky Mountain (sugar) Highs, culinary delights, and cozy murders. Rosenblat even reads the included recipes with an enthusiasm and inflection that would process Julia Child into a Pavlovian canine (or maybe I've just been reviewing too many diet books lately ;-)

    This entr®¶e in the Diane Mott Davidson oeuvre mixes in morsels from former capers, so you might want to enjoy those first, if you haven't already.
    /TundraVision, Amazon Reviewer
    ...more info
    I agreed with some of the other posters who weren't too thrilled with this book. I've read every other book in the series & liked them all, except this one. It was boring & just dragged on. I had to force myself to finish it.

    Her husband calling Goldy "Miss G." is getting old now.

    The constant mentioning of the Regal Ridge Snow Sports Area or RRSSA. Who actually talks like that? Most people would just say something like, "We're going snowboarding. Would you drop us off?"

    What caterer would actually be asked to smooth things over with 2 guests who didn't like each other? Not realistic.

    The way Goldy just runs off to confront a possible murderer - even when there's a house full of people she could tell where she's going.

    The constant snowing is making driving hazardous, yet Goldy continues to drive everywhere.

    Did you notice that characters in this book always had to drive over to someone's house to talk to them when they could just pick up the phone & ask???

    Anyway, this was the worst book of the series. Very disappointed in it....more info
  • Not as sweet
    Not one of her better works...way too unbelievable and frenetic. Even the recipes were boring....more info
  • Better than ambien.
    Like others I found this book dull, the characters dull and the storyline listless The author doesn't seem to know what to do with her characters now that they are all one big happy family....more info
  • Diane Mott Davidson's newest
    This book was great reading and just as lively and as much fun as her others. I love escapist mysteries (especially with the added benefit of new recipes to try out!) but not at the expense of good, competent, engaging writing and complex story lines. I hate jumbled plots that go nowhere under the pretense of being complex, and I don't like to be bored by the predictability of being able to figure out what will happen within the first several pages of the book. This book did not disappoint! It was on a par with Goldy's other mysteries and I thoroughly enjoyed it!...more info
  • recipe for story doesn't work well---ingredients need refining this time
    I enjoyed most of the earlier mysteries tremendously, and I relished the recipes since I have a passion for baking and cooking like Davidson and Goldie.
    However, in this book Goldie seems to repeatedly put herself into peril without exercising any discretion, or thinking of what would happen to son Arch and husband Tom if she were seriously injured or disabled. She exercises no regard for other people's property: Borrowing a car from her best friend, Marla, is acceptable, but commandeering a party guest's vehicle is not. In general, Goldie seems like the Energizer Bunny running around, fueled by double espressos, and not at all like a sane, friendly person you would want to know.
    Here's hoping in the next offering, Davidson is back on track, describing a Goldie who is a little less manic and a little more mature....more info
  • Typical Diane Mott Davidson
    As usual this was a very good read. Will continue to buy her books....more info