Joe Campanelli's Stain Remover Professional Formula

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Product Description

GoVacuum offers a 100% money back guarantee on this product. If your stain does not come out, you may return it,(as long as the bottle is 3/4 full) for a full money back refund. This product is a powerful carpet stain and spot remover. It is designed for instant cleaning. Contains no chlorinated solvents, which might soften carpet backing. Although product will not harm most surfaces, it is recomended that the surface be tested for color fastness prior to using. To test for color fastness, spray small aread of surface in a hidden or out of the way spot and let dry. If color is affected, do not use. Directions: Remove cap and insert sprayer. Point opening of sprayer towards spot or stain. If spot contains some solid matter, remove as much as possible before application of this product. Apply in short bursts using undiluted product allowing penetration of spot or stain. The use of a soft brislted brush in a circular motion may help remove stubborn stains. Let solution sit on stain for 60 seconds, then blot up with a clean cloth. For older stains, let solution sit for 4-5 minutes. You might have to repeat process for really old stains.

  • Easily Eliminates Stains Due to: Pet Stains
  • Dirt, Oil, Coffee, Wine, Fruit Drinks,
  • Soft Drinks, Cosmetic, Lipstick, Grass Stains,
  • Also you can use on Upholstery
  • Great for Laundry!

 Customer Reviews:

  • Works well.
    Bought this to get out a tea stain in the carpet. Had to spray the spot several times and ended up using almost the whole bottle, but it got out eventually. The only problem now is that I have a spot on the carpet that's cleaner than the rest of the carpet!...more info
  • The Best There Is!
    I have never written a review of anything on the Internet or in a newspaper. However I decided to do so that I could help others learn about this miracle product known as Joe Campanelli's Stain Remover- Professional Formual and to help out "Joe" or the company that makes the product. Plase note I do not work, know, or have any type of affiliation with the company.

    In addition to the product's on-label uses, it works on everything I have tried. For example we have two1 year old, Corian, creme-colored kitchen counter tops and a matching sink. An enbedded rust stain from a 25 year old ceramic-coated cast iron baking pan (La Cruset) was left overnight to soak. Unfortunately that produced an impossible to remove stain in the sink. Nothing I tried, including the cleaner recommended by the manufactuer,removed the stain. But just two spray applications of this great product, and about 1 minute of my husbands' elbow grease with a "Scotchbrite" cleaning pad, and voila, the stain was 100% gone!

    So many products that claim to do a good job often just do not work. This product is worth the investment ten times over.

    SFG ...more info
  • Amazing!!!
    I just bought some of Joe Campanelli's Stain Remover, which I had never heard of, but was out of carpet stain remover and saw it on the shelf so I picked it up. When I was paying for it, the cashier raved about it and said it got permanent marker out of her carpet. I have a two year old and a four year old plus two dogs and four cats so there is always a spill or mess on my carpets. I think I have tried just about every carpet cleaner out there, so I was thinking I would get the typical so so results. Wow! Was I amazed! This stuff is like magic. I sprayed it on lipstick that my two year old had smeared into the carpet. I am not came right out and the stain was about three weeks old. So, I went around spraying it on other stains in my house. It worked so well that when I went back to blot up the stains, they were gone and I couldn't remember where I had sprayed this stuff because there was nothing to see but clean carpet. I never write reviews, but this product is an absolute must have, especially if you have pets and children! I am going to try stains on clothes and stains on my car carpet next. What a find!...more info
  • Does what it promises
    I was skeptical, but this stuff took old, set-in pet stains out of my carpet with no rubbing or scrubbing, just spray and go. When my daughter and her friends dripped blue and green popsicle ALL OVER the carpet on our stairs, I thought we'd have to get new carpet, but this stuff did the trick. You just spray and the stains are gone....more info
  • Amazing!
    I bought this cleaner in a set from QVC as the "today's special value" specifically for the carpet cleaner that came with it. The carpet cleaner worked like magic on some old stains on my berber carpet. I was wearing my favorite white blouse (cotton poly blend) and got caught in a FL downpour in the middle of the parking lot (as in - it wasn't raining when I walked out of the building, but it dumped before I go to the car) so I was soaked. When I got home and got out of the car I learned that my steering wheel was filthy...and that it was now clean from rubbing on my shirt the whole way home. Great. Bleached it, soaked it, tried every pre-treat spray I have, the bar soap trick, the Dawn dish soap, shaving cream...nadda. In tears (did I mention it is my FAVORITE shirt?) I started digging thru my cabinet of cleaning supplies and found Joe's stuff. It said "safe for fabric". worked on the carpet...might as well give it a shot. Threw a towel on the washer, spread out the shirt and started the foam hit the shirt - it was turning gray! (the foam, not the shirt). OMG - spray spray spray - got out the nail brush, rubbed in circles - EVERY bit came out and i'm telling you it was like the size of a salad plate. This is my new favorite cleaner. Try it - your laundry room should not be without it!
    ...more info
  • A Great Stain Remover!!
    The Joe Campanelli's Stain Remover really WORKS!!! This is my second order. If this product will not remove a stain then nothing will!!! FKW...more info