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Rainbow E2 Series vacuum Brand New. If you've never used a Rainbow, you're in for a shock. With regular upright bag vacuums, dust particles escape through the pinpoint size holes in the bags. The water canister that sits under the Rainbow actually traps dirt, dust, etc. in the water as you vacuum. You actually see the water getting darker and darker. You can vacuum everyday with a regular bag vacuum cleaner and still not get your carpet as clean as you can with one pass of the Rainbow! * Genuine attachment set includes an Hose, Wands, Power Nozzle, Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush, Floor and Wall Brush, Crevice Tool, Attachment Caddy and Inflator/Coil Cleaner Tool GoVacuum is an independent vacuum cleaner company and is not associated with the Rainbow Company or Rexair Inc. Rainbow is the registered trade marks of the Rexair Company. There is no warranty included from Rainbow, or Rexair LLC. 10 Year Motor warranty provided by ASC (Asssociated service corporation) , not by Rainbow or Rexair.

  • Water Filtration Vacuum
  • Brand New in the Box
  • Free 10 Year ASC Motor Warranty
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Many extra attachments
Customer Reviews:
  • Asthma? E2 is the BEST!! Pets? NO more doggie smells!!
    1. I've had asthma for over 50 years. The Rainbow is the ONLY vacuum I can use without having asthma attacks. I've tried top of the line Electrolux, Sears, Dyson, Hoover, etc. They all blow dust back into my home, onto my furniture and bedding.
    2. The Water Basin: I love the water basin. I place a large strainer over my toilet and strain the gunk, flush then dispose of the debris in my trash which is carried out nightly. When I wash the bowl and I know it is squeaky clean when I put it away. I'm not keeping the bacteria in my home until the next time to clean because my bag isn't full yet.
    3. We have dogs. The bacteria built up in the old bags and filters was disgusting. As soon as the motor is turned on....smelly doggie odors. YUK!! With the Rainbow, clean fresh air. I love using a bit of fragrance before company comes, too. NO MORE CANDLES to emit carbon into the duct work and no more black smudges built up on the walls and ceiling.
    4. Certified Air Cleaner: I keep mine on low almost 24/7 when I'm at home. I breathe better, sleep better, enjoy clean fresh air....I don't have to "go outside to get a breath of fresh air"...unless it has just rained...I love being outside after a rain.
    5. Our carpets have never been so clean by using the carpet cleaning attachment that we got for free. All we had to do was refer 4 of our friends and we got the attachment for free. We also get other products for free with the referral program. I simply ask my friends to take a look and if they want to, they do, if they don't, that's fine, too. I offered. Many have told me they were so glad I did. We love our Rainbows.
    6. The Referral Program: I love the machine. It's just like a good movie or restaurant, I tell a friend when I'm pleased with a movie or a restaurant or car dealer... why not tell them about my vacuum. I feel confident in telling my friends. It's a good product and they need clean carpets, too.
    7. This vacuum is not only a vacuum, I scrub and squeegee my sheet flooring and tile. No more money out the window for mops and no more junk in the landfills. I also clean my bedding.
    8. Speaking of landfills....I will have this vacuum for 20 or more. No more filling landfills and creating garbage with bags and filters and more cheap vacuums. My dealer said Rainbow has saved more than trees...it has saved entire forests.
    9. We have always cleaned once a week, but with the Rainbow, the dust seems to be gone for much longer and we now clean about once every 1 1/2 weeks. The dust just sucks right up into the machine.
    10. I love the canister because they go under the furniture and work well on my hardwoods and tile. The E2 has a trolley that moves with ease in my home. The wheels turn 360 degrees.

    Comment on other reviews. The water basin is no more cumbersome than moving a large pot of water from the sink to the stove for pasta. I don't consider that a negative. Yes, one has to empty the water and debris, but for an asthmatic with severe dust allergies, it beats having an asthma attack. Not one speck of dust goes out the back...not even the microscopic ones that are not caught in water because of the Hepa filter...and those are few in the average home.

    From this customer's point of view, you should have it shown in your home and see for yourself. We did and both of us are so happy we did. Good luck on your selection of the perfect system for you. I hope my review helps....more info
  • Cleanliness That You Can Feel - Great For Allergies
    -When you use a conventional vacuum cleaner, you see dust blown all over especially if you look with the sun rays streaming through your window. You see a much big difference using this vac. One of our sons have bad allergies and this helps a lot.
    -You not only see the difference, you also feel that you are breathing much cleaner air.

    -It is heavy as a bulldozer. Imagine hauling it up and down the stairs. This is the reason we use this vac only 6 times a year. My wife has to call me to help tugging it along.
    -Price - too much! We got it half price, but probably we still paid too much.
    -Maneuverability. Annoying and it really needs some muscle to work with it.
    -You also need to clean the vacuum every single time you use it. No, you cannot wait until the bag is full - there is no bag. It has a canister that you fill halfway with water and if you do not clean after each use, it grows bacteria and smells like a dead skunk. Believe me, we have done that.
    -It is a hassle to use. Need assembly every time you use it.
    -So loud...more info
  • 10 Reasons Why You Don't Want to Buy This Vacuum!
    I've owned a Rainbow for 15 years. My first Rainbow was wonderful and I traded it in 5 years ago for a new one. Now, 5 years later, I will never own another one. I just purchased a Panasonic and can't believe I put up with the Rainbow all these years. Here's why:
    1. It is soooo heavy, especially after you put the water in it.
    2. It doesn't have a 360 degree hose maneuverability. It is very cumbersome and hard to move. You end up picking it up to move it because that's easier than trying to pull it from room to room.
    3. It's so expensive! You can buy a $200-$300 vacuum that does just as well. Especially since my Rainbow died before it hit its' 5 year anniversary. And there are no service centers in my area.
    4. It doesn't have an automatic cord rewind. Sounds trivial but it's a real pain considering the price.
    5. It is so loud!! My dogs ran for the hills every time they saw me pull that thing out of the closet. My new Panasonic is probably 10 times quieter.
    6. It has attachments and gadgets that do not store easily. My new Panasonic stores the attachments inside the canister. Rainbow keeps three hand attachments on it, but the other attachments are separate.
    7. Did I mention how expensive it is? The Rainbow people want you to believe it's suction is soooo much better than other vacuums, but in my experience that's just not true.
    8. Because it uses water as the dirt trap, the vacuum hoses and attachments have moisture and they collect dirt as well. You end up having to scrape layers of dirt off the insides of all the hoses and attachments.
    9. Carrying the dirt filled water outside doesn't sound like a big deal, but when it's 10 degrees below zero, it is! Also, where is a good place to dump that stuff? When you have dogs, the water will have dog hair in it as well as human hair. It's really disgusting all mixed in with floor dirt and water. I live in the country so I walk it out to the timber but if I lived in a subdivision, I'd have to dump it, wait for it to dry and rake it up and throw it away. More work than necessary!!!
    10. The biggest drawbacks to me are that it's HEAVY, cumbersome, hard to manuever....and NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!!!
    Happy shopping and I hope you find the perfect vacuum for you! I just don't think you'll be happy with this one. ...more info
  • Rainbow E2
    Owned an E2 Series for the past 6 yrs and personally never liked using it at all. Its heavy and besides the hose's kinda short so you have to carry it most of the time to transfer to every spot. Of course, I need to fill the basin up with water and that adds up to the overall weight.
    I have really deep regrets in buying it. Its expensive and I compared it with a Kirby and suction-wise, Kirby does a better job. Indeed I can trap all the dirt inside the basin but then the overall quality of sucking all the dirt from the carpet is "thumbs down". We bought it at $1200 and I think I can get the same suction from a $200 vacuum cleaner. It looks impressive with a salesman but overall if someone would scrutinize it, its not worth paying >$1000. My mistake, I won't let it to happen again....more info
  • Best Vacuum I've ever owned
    I am a mother and step-mother of 7 and I have owned this vacuum for over a year now and we love it. Everytime I vacuum I get so much dirt and hair that it just amazes me still. The water idea to collect the dirt and dust is magnificent, it works! I use it to purify the air after the kids leave for school, and in the winter, I used it to keep the air from getting too dry. I believe that products should be "multi-taskers" and this one does so much...It vacuums, can clean the air, can inflate, use it to blow the dirt off your sidewalk or porch, you can even use it for light carpet cleaning. Sure it is kind of a pain to fill it with water and then empty it out when you are done, but it is well worth it, you gotta take the good with the bad. Also, there are lots of parts that don't have a good storage....more info
  • Rainbow vs. Dyson
    The only way you can truly judge the effectiveness of any vacuum is to use it in your own home.

    I've owned a Rainbow E Series vacuum for the last 12 years. Vacuumed dirt gets trapped in the water basin and it's true there is no dust of any kind that comes out of the exhaust. I've always felt suction was ok because it would pick up anything off hard floors and there would always be carpet filth after vacuuming the carpet.

    A friend of mine recently bought a Dyson DC07 Absolute so I borrowed it to compare to my Rainbow.


    The Dyson suction was so tremendous I had to empty the canister 9 times just from vacuuming the carpet! I couldn't believe the amount of filth the Dyson pulled out and the Rainbow was leaving behind.

    I will say the Dyson suction may be a little too powerful. If you have older carpet, like I do, it tends to rip out carpet that may have been hanging on by a thread.

    The Rainbow is easier to clean up. I pour the canister contents down the storm drain and hose out the inside. The Dyson has fine dust clinging to the inside of the canister. This had to be dusted off over the trash can. I'm very allergic to dust so I had to make sure not to kick up any dust when cleaning. I found using a Swiffer Duster did the job well.

    The Dyson as constructed can not reach under furniture less than 9 inches above the floor without using hose attachments. The Rainbow's reach was about 4 inches.

    I paid $1200 new for my Rainbow and the Dyson sells around $600. Overall I think the Dyson is a much better value and would replace my Rainbow for a Dyson....more info
  • Best Vacuum EVER! It actually cleans...
    My brother bought a Rainbow 8 years ago and we all use it for the carpet, floors, car, sofa, bed, and everything else in and outside the house. It vacuums everything from dust to pet hair and all you have to do is flush the water down the toilet afterwards... i've been doing it for 8 years and the toilet hasn't clogged yet. It might be bulky and a little complicated, but at least it cleans, and i never have to have dust in my face from other bagless vacuums. My sister just bought the newest rainbow and its awesome... my mom's friend has the older version and it's still kicking.. i actually saw that same model at my local movie theater and i was shocked it still worked after 15+ yrs. It's that great of a product!...more info
  • worst vacuum ever
    My mother and aunt each bought a Rainbow vacuum from a commissioned salesman and then we were unable to use it for its serious design flaws. First, you have to carry a heavy pan of water the Rainbow uses to filter the dirt. This is very inconvenient and sloppy. After vacuuming you have to carry the dirty water out of the house to dispose of. The suction is the least of any vacuum I have ever used. When I used the hose I found the Rainbow would not pick up lint. We bought a Dyson and after first vacuuming with the Rainbow the Dyson picked up so much fuzz and dirt the Rainbow left behind it was shocking.

    The Rainbow vacuum company operates a racket preying on the elderly who think that paying a lot of money gets them a superior vacuum. Wish attorney generals in all the states would investigate Rainbow's selling practices....more info
  • Pricey, medium learning curve, worth it
    My main problem with the Rainbow is how it it sold. You have to let the salesperson into your home and they have that darn referral program. But with all that it can do, you really need a presentation. We bought our Rainbow on the spot and have never regretted that decision. We have 2 big, shedding dogs. I have bought the most privey Hoovers and Bissels but none would get rid of that dog smell or fur. The Rainbow purifies the air (also deodorises) as it vacuums. Powerful suction allows you to clean fans, blinds etc. effortlessly. We also have the carpet and floor cleaner. Although more cumbersome than an upright, it does a better job than others that I have tried - even the commercial Rug Doctors. This machine is not for people looking for ease of use. But if you want deep down cleaning, nothing else compares. Tip: when emptying out the canister, sift it so that only the dirty water goes into the toilet. Dump the rest of the clumped dirt and hair into a trash can. We bought our whole system for $1800 and it is still doing a wonderful job. You can also use the Rainbow to blow inflatable pools up and as a small wetvac....more info