Amcor APC 2000E Personal Air Cooler

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Product Description

PERSONAL AIR CONDITIONER Ideal for cubicles and small office spaces. This multi-functional 1,000 BTU air conditioner offers cooling, dehumidifying and air purifying operations without the need for venting. Rotary compressor for quiet operation. 2.1 amp motor provides 240 watts cooling. Features include washable filter, 2-speed fan control, 24 hour timer, 6L power cord and moisture collection tank with bucket indicator light. Recessed casters for easy mobility. 115V. Dimensions: 13 ?W x 11 ?D x 23 ?H. 1 year warranty.

  • 1000 BTU cooling power
  • Personal air cooler, dehumidifier, and air purifier.
  • Electronic Membrane controls with full tank indicator and humidistat to control humidity
  • 2 speed fan / 24 hour timer setting
  • Built in castors for easy moving
Customer Reviews:
  • WORKS GREAT with only minor modification
    Out-of-the-box the unit blows cool air towards the person, and hot air out the back. I directed the hot air through a window (via a small hose), and that way it cools-off the whole room. It works quite well in this configuration.

    ...more info
  • An excellent personal cooler.
    I purchased this Amcor APC2000E to replace a mobile swamp (evaporative) cooler that quit after almost 5 summers of service in the Arizona desert. I've used coolers of this form factor up close and personal for many years while at my computer, next to my recliner while watching TV or by the bed when napping or retiring for the night. This saves a ton of money as the only time I use the central air conditioning is when I'm doing some kind of whole-house chore or project and between 4 and 9 PM on triple digit degree days. With humidities in the single digit range for most of the summer, the swamp cooler blows air at temperatures 10 to 12 degrees cooler than it sucks in - until our monsoon season arrives; humidity rises significantly and central air is used all day. That's why I decided to give the APC2000E a run and I'm glad I did. It blows air at 20 to 25 degrees below ambient, it's quiet, compact, light, rolls easily and doesn't need the water management a swamp cooler does. It's 93 degrees at my computer desk as I compose this; the APC2000E is about two feet off to my right and I'm very comfortable. I'm looking forward to using this through the monsoon season and right up to the day our heat "breaks" as we say in these parts. It will warm up a room, though, but only if all your windows are closed; similarly, a swamp cooler will make a closed room clammy. Nor will it cool down anything other than your bod while you sit next to it. Anyone expecting this, or any such unit, to cool an entire room doesn't quite grasp the concept of personal cooling and needs to do more research before purchasing....more info
  • Makes the room hotter than it already is.
    I bought this piece of junk to keep my dogs cooler during the day. It actually made the whole room a few degrees hotter. It is horrible. If you want to feel a slight breeze, you need to literally put your face in the vent. The dehumidifier portion barely works. You're better off taking a cold shower. And who the heck has enough room to put one of these things under their desk?...more info
  • junk
    They carefully call it "Personal" because you have to sit, per manufacturer, 2-3 ft. from the vent. They also acknowledge it generates heat. It heated up my small room, making me warmer! Get a cheap rotating fan instead. ...more info
  • Ok, but not great
    I nearly didn't purchase the unit after reading the only review posted so far but decided for $200 it was worth the chance. I gave it 3 stars because it performed as the product said it would (which isn't a lot if you read its' description on the manufacturer website). It provides a cool breeze (somewhere between room temp and temp of my full powered wall unit) but does not cool the ambient temperature at all in the room which it doesn't claim to do. It is basically a fan that modestly cools the air instead of blowing room temperature air around. So with all this in mind, it is an effective unit for myself bc I use it as such underneath my desk at work. I would say don't purchase the unit unless you plan to only use it for a direct cooling breeze when you are sitting very close to it. However, with all this said, it is the only remotely effective portable a/c unit practicle for a desk at work due to size limitations and exhaust hose requirements....more info
  • Please DO NOT BUY this product!!!!!
    I should have known better. I am not sure how the other components of this machine works but I know for sure the air conditioning part is worthless. For you to feel a pinch of coolness you would have to literally sit in front of the blower. It does not cool the room at all. Even when you sit in from of it, it is still not cooling. It is no better than a fan. I should have known it was too good to be true....more info