Deli Fresh Gently Cooked Adult Dog Food, Chicken, Vegetable & Rice 2-Pound Tubes (Pack of 4)

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  • Case of four 2-pound tubes of fresh pet food (total of 8 pounds)
  • All natural with added vitamins and nutrients; keep refrigerated
  • Made with fresh ingredients
  • Gently cooked to lock in nutrients
  • No preservatives, never any corn, wheat, or soy

Customer Reviews:

  • The best dog food ever!
    My Westie stopped eating and drinking. She refused to eat anything, even chicken and rice. Thank goodness I discovered this food! The chicken flavor smells like human food (liverwurst-y smell), and loves it. If I put some water in her bowl with the food, she will drink all the water too. She has much more energy. I will never go back to kibble or canned. Highly recommended....more info
  • My dogs love this food
    This food is easy to serve, and my dogs love to eat it! Dinner time is once again the best time of the day. It is easy to portion out the food using the feeding chart and the lines on the package showing each 1/2 pound or 1/4 pound increment. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • My dogs love this food
    I have been purchasing this directly from my vet which is quite expensive.I would love to order a larger amount ~ at a better price.
    However, I was curious as to how you keep this amount fresh. My vet said it must be used within 14 days of purchase. ...more info
  • A great alternative dog food!
    Great Product. All my dogs eat this, even the pickey ones, the senior citizen set and the royal princess. It is hard to find one food that suits a household of different dogs! It is also a nice in-between product for those who are scared or concerned about preservatives and by-products in commerical foods but who are not ready to make a leap into the world of BARF/raw foods. My only "beefs" with this product are 1)that it is not easy to travel with (it has to be refrigerated and finished within a week of opening and it doesn't freeze well) and 2)it is not conducive to using with powder supplements; it slices like a salami and there's no way to "mix" it with other products, veggies or powders as is possible with canned dog foods....more info
    I am a bit obsessed with finding the perfect dog food for my 110 lb Mastiff. As far as moist dog food goes, this is the BEST! He absolutely LOVES this food & gets excited to see me bring out the log to add to his dry food. I do not use this food alone because harder/dry kibble is better for dogs teeth but this is a great treat to add to hard food! And the healthy ingedients are a must for anyone concerned about having a healthy dog!...more info
  • Will stick with this for a while.
    Our 15 pound terrier loves to eat, but after going through several brands of off the shelf canned food, which she ate without a problem, I really just became disgusted at the quality, no matter how much the can cost. The lists of ingredients, even when "lamb and rice" are the main ingredients was a very long list of added junk, which included wheat products that many dogs are allergic to. At her weight, I am feeding her about 1/8 of a roll at each feeding, so four plus days to a roll of food. With free shipping, that works out to about 28 bucks a month. Not bad, and the quality is superb. It actually looks like what it states that it is. Smells good, and she loves it. Her stools are much more firm, and trust me, that's a plus. I also like that you aren't littering the world with a bunch of empty cans. We also have fed her premium dry food from on online source, and although I think dry is really good for them, she just would not eat it....more info
  • Great Food
    I have a bulldog with really bad allergies. We went thru a bunch of different foods and couldnt find one that worked. Even special vet prescribed foods didnt help and were very expensive. Then we tried DeliFresh and he loves it. His allergies went away and now its the only thing we will feed him. Great stuff, its not the cheapest but who cares. ...more info


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