Farouk CHI Auto-Digital Advanced Wet to Dry Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron 1-1/4" with Free Stand and Thermal Pouch

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Product Description

CHI Auto-Digital Ceramic Flat Iron is the next generation in the collection of CHI State of the art Advanced American Technology using innovative and ergonomic tools created for Hairdressers and clients to create salon professional results everytime. Iron Stand included with purchase. CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Flat Irons will always give you the unparallel performance and versatility. The CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Flat Iron offers complete versatility for temperature setting. The controls allow you to set the temperature and the time. The digital monitor allows you to see the precise temperature for your requirements. You may also set a timer for automatic shut off when you are done with styling. Directions for use Prior to Use: Shampoo and Condition the hair with CHI Shampoos and Conditioners. Always make sure that your hair is 90-95% dry and combed through. Apply your CHI styling product to the hair (for example, CHI Iron Guard, CHI Shine Infusion, CHI Silk Infusion). Section the hair and start with a section approx. ? inch (1 cm) in thickness. Start from underneath and work your way up. Thinner the section = more intense and thoroughly heat Thicker the section = less heat will be directed to the section Plug the CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Flat Iron into the correct power supply . Turn the power switch ?ON?. Turn the power switch to ?OFF? position after the usage.

  • Digital display and controls for total control and precise temperature
  • Wet to dry ion generating function
  • Tourmaline ceramic plates for smooth shiny hair
  • Free stand & thermal pouch - $50 value
  • 360 swivel cord with GFI plug for ease of use

Customer Reviews:

  • straight up flat iron
    Have had this product for 4 months. Got this for my girlfriend and I love what it does for her hair!!! She uses it several times a week and likes the way it works. I bought this because her hair stylist uses it and I didn't have a choice...LOL Good product....more info
  • Excellent product and excellent seller
    I bought this for my wife as her birthday gift (because she was giving me hints all year that she wants chi iron). I am glad I bought this for her and she is very happy. This iron works like a charm. I recommend this to all the guys that if your wife/gf likes to straighten her hair this is best gift you can buy....more info
  • Straight
    This got my hair straight, shiny, & silky & my hair is very very wavy....more info
  • love it
    i have used chi, and generic chi, and this is the best yet...my hair comes out perfect everytime..i wouldn't own anything else..plus because it gets so hot, the whole process is much quicker..my hair is very long and very thinck and anything that will save me time is wonderful for me...thanks...more info
  • cheap alternative
    I bought this item expecting it to work similar to my regular chi iron, but was a little disappointed when it wasn't as good. I've got a Remington Wet to Straight flat iron that works just as well and it only cost me $35 at walmart...it's a much better buy...more info
  • I had higher expectations od the flat iron on wet hair
    I used on my damp hair, and the result weren't as I expected from this flat iron. This is not my first iron, and I also had Chi products before that I truly love such as my ceramic blow dryer. My hair was kind of stiff and dry, so the next time that I used I blowed dry my hair first and then I used the flat iron with much better results, but the fact is thet I bought it because I wanted to use it on wet hair, so if that is what you want I don't recommend it. ...more info
  • Farouk CHI Auto-Digital Wet to Dry Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron
    This iron was well worth the money. My daughter has curly hair and she loves that she can dry it a little bit and then use the iron to straighten it completely. Her hair looks beautiful all the time....more info
  • heats up fast, holder is great
    Love this product. Used someone else's and found it worked much better than my Hot Tools. This heats up in less than a minute, and saves lots of time. It stays hot and you can read the temp and know that halfway through it is still just as hot as the beginning of doing your hair. Allows me to finish the end with a curve, and not just broomstick straight. This was the best price I could find, and I checked everywhere. Having the place to put the iron while working keeps it secure. I used to end up knocking the flat irons down when I just put them down on the counter. This is spring locked into the holster, so it doesn't come out if you lean against the cord. I really like this flatiron. I have thick hair, and it works really fast and leaves me with a good shine, and a lasting style. ...more info
    I purchased this flat iron through Amazon.com about three months ago. At first, I loved it- it heated up quickly and it thoroughly straightened my very long, thick hair in minutes. I used it about two times per week for the past three months without any problems. Last week, it just stopped working- I would turn it on, it would start heating up, and then it would just switch off for no reason. I checked Farouk's website for the warranty information and was very shocked to read that the warranty is void if you purchase the product over the internet. If you must buy this product, please buy it at a professional beauty salon. Spend the extra money, because the iron WILL break, and you will need to use the warranty. I'm extremely disappointed with both Amazon and CHI/Farouk. I will never purchase another CHI....more info
  • Great Item at a Great Price
    This is the top of the line product. You can control how hot it gets. For my hair, I need to dry it completely before using this for the very best result....more info
  • Only works for 3 months!
    I purchased my Chi Wet to Dry iron from Discount Jungle online. The iron works great - when it works! After 2 months of minimal use, it started turning off in the middle of my styling for no reason. Discount Jungle gave me a replacement and the same thing happened after 3 months. This time the temperture display would zero out and then it wouldn't turn on at all. Discount Jungle wouldn't replace it and neither would Farouk since I bought it online. It's a shame because it really styled well. I only used it about 2-3 times per week and it was never subjected to any physical abuse. It's just a bad product. My hair sytlist had trouble with hers as well. Try a different iron or at least buy it directly from Farouk so you can use the warranty....more info
  • BE WARNED!!!
    Our flat iron broke after minimal use in only 4 months. Normally that would be a small problem, but the seller "Payless Beauty" did not disclose that the manufacturer does NOT warranty items sold over the internet. We would recommend buying only from a brick and mortar establishment....more info
  • great straightener
    I don't straighten my hair often, but when I do I pull it in to a pony the night before while it's wet so it's always a little damp in the morning. This straightener works great for that! I'm loving it! I only put 4 stars because I don't know straighteners all that well....more info
  • Farouk Chi Auto-Digital Advanced Wet to Dry Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron 1-1/4"
    Very satisfied with this product! Love the Chi product line! Have always had good luck with chi products. I also have the blow dryer which works awesome as well!...more info
  • Such a good deal!
    This straightener is awesome and it is half the price on amazon as it is in stores. I had the regular chi straightener but my blowdryer kept causing all my lights to go out so I thought I would try this and I am really glad I did. I would recommend blowdrying or toweldrying your hair for maybe 5-10 minutes before you use this just because it takes awhile to dry when your hair is super wet but it gets your hair very straight. I use it with Chi Iron guard and Chi straight guard. I can't believe how cheap it is on amazon. ...more info
  • Stopped working after 30 days!
    I bought this and 30 days later it stopped working. Chi will not warrenty it. A lot of wasted money.
    ...more info
  • Dont work
    My wife have long hair and I purchased it for Christmas. 1st time she used it we put it back in the box and its been there since. Problem: It "cools" as she used it on wet hair, then she had to let it heat back up. She says its just easier to blow dry. Im out $129 because I bought it at a Kiosk in the mall and went back, they were gone of course. Company has a return for exchange/credit, but not because its not effective....more info
  • Don't order from amazon - pay a little more and buy this from an authorized retailer
    I just got off the phone with Amazon customer service who informed me that they can do nothing for the fact that I have had this item a few months and it has stopped working. I have used the iron maybe a total of 20 times and no matter what outlet I use or how many times I press the reset button it is completely dead. Amazon has a 30 day return policy and will not budge. Not sure how the other reviewer was able to get a replacement...I even mentioned that on the call and he still said "oh, sorry". Amazon is also an unauthorized seller of this product so you have no recourse with Chi if it does break or malfunction. If you are going to buy it, get it from a salon....more info
    I have had this iron for two weeks shy of a year. The iron stopped working. I thought, "Great! Finally something actually breaks down two weeks BEFORE the warranty runs out instead of two weeks after!" After contacting Farouk, I learned that the warranty is VOID if the product is purchased over the internet. This was in no way, shape, or form disclosed to me when I purchased my iron. DO NOT BUY!! WAY too much money to drop on a flat iron that doesn't even have a valid warranty!...more info
  • Buy it now
    the product is owrth the cost, makes your hair shinny and soft and straight without hassle, my wife brought it and tried on my hair, it was straight in no time and became very shinny as well.. worth the cost....more info
  • CHI Flat Iron
    This is a wonderful product. I use it every day and have found how easy it is to work with. FANTASTIC!!!!...more info
  • I love it
    I really love this flat iron. It's amazing how smooth and shiny my hair is (especially since your hair starts pretty damp!). It heats up really fast and you can turn down the heat if your hair is not really that wet. Buy one!!...more info


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