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  • another great show
    it's so nice to see a network take a chance on a new show and first let people like me watch it before it airs on the network. this show is going to be an awesome. can't wait to watch the premiere again on wednesday....more info
  • Macs are the new Betamax
    Why don't you Mac people take a flying leap? Your outdated hardware only hangs around because of you cult maniacs. It's an unpopular system, so nothing is really geared for it. And then you just complain. Go back to your own planet and make your own entertainment. I bet you have a PAL format TV and stare at an empty screen all day and curse at the programming you're getting.
    Sheesh. Get a life!...more info
  • tv show
    I really like the show. I use to watch the original Bionic Woman with Lindsay Wagner. She should have made a guest appearance or been the mother role....more info
  • Mind Blowing
    This show started off fantastic. I would say the pilot pretty much shows the viewers how "the bionic woman" came to be. We get to see her life, how it was lived before the accident and the effect it had on her afterwards. We get an in depth look at how the Bionic process works on the body. As Jamie (bionic woman) adjust to her new life she meets the first bionic woman. The amount of emotion that Jamie was feeling while standing upon a roof taking all this in was just chilling. With all the emotions and tension in the air this made for a great suspense/action episode. Not to mention the graphics were amazing. The best I have seen on a tv show yet. ...more info
  • just about right.
    i was expecting far worse, which is perhaps why i enjoyed it. regardless of the other review i just saw, there was exactly enough sex .. there was enough to show the intimacy between the central characters, but not so much it took away from the plot. as for the complaint about violence.. what did you expect, jamie summers in a speed knitting compitition?
    not since jessica alba in her dark angel days has a pretty girl kicked serious behind... jamie might pull it off.

    now i'm just waiting for NBC to drop the ball and make the show as stupid as most of their others.
    and that is the big question... they did the pilot episode very well, i believe.. but can they avoid tinkering with it? or will they adopt their normal policy of " if it isn't broke, fix it till it is" ?
    ...more info
  • Seems to be a good show...
    NBC seems to be on to something. I liked what I have seen so far, but whoever the actors are that play Jamie Somers and her boyfriend are, SO SO. I don't know what it is, but they just don't seem to be acting their parts good. Maybe they need time (or maybe I just do not know what I'm talking about) Anyway, I can already see where the writers are headed with this one. I think by the 4th or 5th show, we will know if its going to make it or not. I hope it does, because the special effects are really good this time around!!!...more info
  • Bionics meet the Bourne Identity
    I really enjoyed this pilot. I was expecting something more similar to the Bionic Woman of the 1970s, but this show turned out to be a great update of the original concept. It reminded me of the Bourne Identity to a degree - similar notion of "what is happening to me" and "who are these people." Not quite on the same caliber, but I'm guessing that the money and time put into this project was a bit lower, too. ;-)

    Contrary to some other reviews, I did feel a connection to some of the main characters....more info
  • Intense!
    This will certainly be great series. The pilot was riveting from beginning to end....more info
  • Good new show.
    The show was great. It was entertaining and action packed throughout.

    I'll have to watch a few more before I really decide how much I like it. Part of that will depend on the main character, I'm not sure about the casting for her yet, something feels off but maybe she will grow on me....more info
  • Welcome to the year 2007
    This remake took me by surprise. Sure it was not the greatest pilot episode, but it is good and yanks you in. There is so much potential for this series and I am happy to see the 70's "camp" is gone. Don't get me wrong. I loved both the Six million dollar man & Bionic woman. I grew up with the series. It's great to see that this remake has been updated and they are going for a edgy show for our time .

    I can see NBC holding on to this series that can build a fan base with time and help the peacock network rise in the ratings game. They could even put the Bionic Woman after Heroes if the Wednesday nite slot does not work. After viewing this pilot, I think Jaime will hold her own against Private Practice.

    I liked the first episode and look forward to seeing more. Here's to a full season and more of Bionic Woman ! ...more info
  • Nice attempt.....
    I like the old days of Lee Majors.
    So far, after only having see the pilot I have to say, nothing new. Of course they made it more modern, got rid of those weird Electro-Sounds but overall it's still just a fast, strong gal with a good eye and ear.

    The pilot could have been much more with a little more of a plausible intro to how she becomes an agent. They violate her with those tool implanted, she mad for a bit but then "all cool" about it. It is just a little odd to me.
    I will possibly watch another episode or so but if it does not improve drastically, it won't be a show for me....more info
  • Please release the original Six Million Dollar Man in quality DVD
    Nope. Can't recommend this. Dull and clich¨¦ story. Please will someone release a quality remaster of the original Six Million Dollar Man on DVD for Region 1....more info
  • Better than expected
    Having been a huge fan of the original Bionic Woman in the 70's, I was convinced that I would hate the new version. Amazingly enough, I didn't. It may be that aside from the bionic replacements nothing is really the same. I did like the fact that in spite of the fighting scenes, you sensed a vulnerability in Jaime, not unlike that of the original bionic woman. The story will need to be developed further--a pilot episode is not necessarily an indication of things to come--but it was a promising start and I will continue to watch. ...more info
  • It Really is Better, Stronger, Faster . . .
    I loved the original Bionic Woman, although watching it now as an adult is a little painful. This version will, I'm certain, age better. Let's see: hot star, great writing, kickass origin story, powerhouse villain (Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck, Katee Sackhoff nearly steals the show).

    And if you must have a complete sentence, here goes: It's got a sci-fi edge, but it uses high-tech shinies like bionics to tell us all something about ourselves (or, more specifically, the struggles of a young woman just coming into her own). The good news is that as with Battlestar and its portrait of post-Apocalyse humanity, you don't have to care about the messages and meanings to love the show.
    ...more info
  • Cheesy opening but has potential
    Killing done by number 1 = cheese. knock-off from video games.
    Accident scene = awesome
    recovery scene = awesome
    relationship with sister = confusing, superficial
    relationship with a man = superficial, no chemistry.
    kiss scene = seems fake
    Father and son mystery = too much gap
    No. 1 and Jay = too much gap
    Girl fight = cheese, why is there a fight scene? why not a chase scene to chase off no. 1? why not no. 1 crushing helicopter pilot? The fight between 1 and 2 was pure velvita.

    Overall, has potential, but so far lots of cheese. May need more writer power. More down to earth writer power....more info
  • GREAT new tv show, VERY promising new tv series
    This new tv series really has some great promise for being an awesome tv show. THe main actress shows some very good potential for the series lead actress, and it has some great writing in my opinion in the pilot episode. The addition of having Katie Sackoff from the Battlestar Galactica series adds extra excitement and creates interesting conflicts in her character in the show. Seems great so far....more info
  • Interesting
    Interesting remake of the original...

    The Pilot was ok...nothing special, nothing great...to me having "Starbuck" in the series beginning is not a real draw after having to endure Battlestar Gafartica remake with her in it...Other than that, the episode didnt really do much. Im guessing this series wont last much longer than its predecesor unless they really vamp up the whole concept.

    Hope you folks like it......more info
  • Not Battlestar, no matter how hard they are trying
    You can see the Battlestar ethic both in-front and behind the camera here in the new Bionic Woman. Problem is, you can also see all the spots where the network got wishy-washy and made them ground down the sharp edges (the edges that make Battlestar so good).

    I will probably watch a few more, but if the lead doesn't get stronger (it seems they chose her to look the part rather than acting skill), and the network pablum level doesn't go down a bit, its unlikely I will stick with it....more info
  • Very good pilot, I thought...
    I thought this pilot was actually quite good. I'm a Sci-Fi fan, but don't watch TV. I thought Galactica started well and devolved into chaos, and who knows where we go from here, but the Bionic Woman setup is really good and the pilot is well written, well acted, and plausible. It's got a bit of a "La Femme Nikita" redo feel to it (which is a good thing by me), with the chilly interplay between the handlers and the (sometimes reluctant) agents. I was pretty happy with the Amazon Unboxed download; I'd definitely buy things episode by episode that way (I've been considering buying the little video I watch from iTunes). Installing the player didn't bother me, although I would like to see a Mac version too (I have both and am moving more and more stuff to the Mac). Getting it before the TV release (and for free even) was a great promo! Smart move, NBC. So far, so good!...more info
  • The New Age Bionic Woman
    I had mixed feelings after watching the pilot episode. All of the male performers were portrayed in a negative light, even the absentee father.
    In the same manner, not all of the women were portrayed in a positive role. I was disappointed that the previews showed the majority of the show. The photography visual effects were really good, but I would have liked more modernized sound effects. I didn't understand the time lapsed photoreaphy scenes involving only the original bionic woman. Her cliche' remarks didn't impress me either. I liked that the writers of the show incorporated her missing father as a separate story which gave the show a mysterious component. I also thought the show should have ended when she realized what had taken place and her recovery would begin in the second episode. The younger sister was refreshing in the role that she played....more info
  • Support for LINUX already
    Wake up marketing and sales departments!!! Millions are using LINUX now and need your support. Trust me I would buy from you if you supported LINUX. Now I have to download to my Windows machine, then remove the DRM and then load it on to my LINUX laptop to enjoy your shows. Make it easier for us please and you'll reap the rewards....more info
  • Not what I was expecting, but great nonetheless..
    Ok, so I am a original 70's girl who grew up with the bionic woman and the 6 million dollar man.. The shows back then were great for that era.. I figured this new series would be similar, but it isn't, and that is awesome, it's kinda dark with a twist of SciFi. Great idea to bring this back, but I am kinda wondering what will make this stand out in peoples minds? When you think back to the original shows the one thing that stands out for me is, and I know it is cheezy, but it's the bionic sounds, ha ha.. That is how you knew that they were using the bionic parts of their body.. (like I said, cheezy, I know...) I wish there was more background on Jaime Sommers, but maybe they will expand on that in future episodes. I think if the producers keep it going with the intense story line they will get a good following on this series.. I am excited for the next show. I shall be a bionic woman watcher!! ...more info
  • If you like Electra you will love this....
    Come on how can Jamie Summers afford to take care her teenage sister that looks the same age as her, sport thos stylish clothes, live in a loft apartment and wear Tiffany jewelry on a Bartenders salary. And with little education and a Blue collar job she landed a Hot Surgeon who is also a Professor... lets get real; where did she meet him in the bar... it was not addressed at all just like alot of the plot.

    Also I thought I was watching Electra or watching DareDevil, I was waiting for Evanescence to start singing on the Soundtrack.

    They should have showed the surgery of the Bionic limbs being put in place. The writers should have showed Will teaching her all of her cool features now.

    What is the whole story with the other Bionic Woman.. what a wasteful spin.. that should have been the final episodes trump card to get you to watch next season.

    Call it preference but this Jamie Summers is nothing like to first Jamie Summers which was a turn off.. and please get rid of the teenager..I mean the twenty something girl... Get someone younger to play the sister......more info
  • Not convinced yet
    I wanted so much to love this episode but to be honest it wasn't that enjoyable. With so many Battlestar Galactica Alumni in the show i had high expectations. It was a bit too melodramatic for my taste, too stylized in parts and jumped around quite a bit which effected the whole flow of the episode for me anyway. The lead is likeable enough and her nemesis played by Katie Sackhoff (Starbuck) was quite effective but most of the other characters were pretty much forgettable. Personally, i will keep watching with the hope that things will improve....more info
  • Indescribably awful
    Watched the Unbox version of this for free. The show was terrible and made no sense. Characters appear and disappear without explanation, people run and fight for no reason, and there are no special effects, really.

    The Unbox player was almost unusable. The controls kept freezing up; I'd hit buttons and the player would ignore me, couldn't close it, had to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to kill it. Went through this several times trying to watch this show.
    ...more info
  • I don't know
    I have a Mac and was not able to download it. I have seen the series since and it is terrible. I don't think it is on anymore. Where is Steve Austin?...more info
  • First David Eick version was better
    The first version of the show produced by David Eick without interference from NBC was much better. Dark, edgy, quirky. Then NBC executives got afraid that Battlestar Galactica's dark mood was what killed the show in its third season (it wasn't, just bad writers). NBC ordered recasting and reshooting. (Mae Whitman had been great as Jamie's deaf sister!) The result is this boring, committee-produced monstrosity. Flat, stale, boring and ultimately unprofitable. I won't watch it. Hopefully, Life and Pushing Up Daisies can save the new TV season. ...more info
    I would like to view my videos on my PC while at home and on my laptop while away. I downloaded several to my PC, but NOWHERE are there instructions on how to authenticate another computer. So I can't take my videos on the road. The help page is awful. When I try to log into my account from unbox on my laptop, it tells me it's not authenticated, but doesn't tell me how I can. This product really needs some help....more info
  • Didn't meet expectations
    It was an OK show, I was just expecting it to be a LOT better. I had assumed the "bionics" were going to be more... flashy I guess... but didn't even hold a candle to the 70's show....more info
  • An average show - nothing special
    It was interesting to see 2 characters from Battlestar Galactica in the show, though one was probably a special guest. But the show's main character acting and lines were extremely weak.

    And the pilot was just plain boring. The bionic woman gets a grasp of her skills immediately, without any training, common, make it plausible.

    Acting and the lines of the script were so flat, I really felt that I should have fast forwarded the show to the end.

    I was originally looking forward to it, but I had to high expectations, by the end of the show, I was seeing fight scenes straight out of the matrix and other action flicks, and it bored me.

    Character development is crucial, and I didn't see it. Nothing compelling, and nothing to see here, just move on....more info
  • What a waste of my precious time...
    Writing-poor. Characters-undeveloped. Acting-awkward. Special Effects-funny (at best). Simply a pathetic attempt at another superhero show. Smallville and Heroes have that covered. Skip it....more info
  • Has potential
    I have been looking forward to this pilot episode for the whole summer, hoping to get into another cool sci-fi with a strong lead female. But I was a little disappointed with the actual product - it just seemed a bit cheesy.

    It was a decent enough pilot to keep my attention for the length of the episode, and into the start of the series. But I'm hoping the acting from the cast improves - I thought Ryan's delivery was a little contrived and artificial, and the rest of the cast seemed to fall into typical "government/military secret operation" stereotypes a little too easily. I didn't catch any depth of character or motive in this first episode. In general the story was flat, and I wasn't kept emotionally involved throughout the show - the cheesiness kept distracting me.

    However, I know that you can't expect the same cast interaction/character depth from a pilot that you get from a fully developed TV show. I'm interested in seeing how Ryan's character grows as the series progresses, and I'll be tuning in for the first few episodes. Hopefully it'll get better!...more info
  • Time Compression Gone Wild!
    When I watched this I thought "I must be missing something."

    For one, they replaced the unique deaf sister from the 1st pilot's trailer with a snot-nosed, annoying, poorly acted, generically clich¨¦ hacker sibling. I mean, c'mon! I expect more from Eick and Morgan.

    Second, this intro to the new series was so time compressed I thought I was watching a summary instead of a real, full-length premiere. The jumps in story and plot are borderline offensive- definitely insulting to the genre shows like BSG, Heroes, Firefly, Farscape, Enterprise, Torchwood, and the new Doctor Who helped revitalize.

    If you haven't watched this pilot yet, keep an eye out for all the jumps- not like you actually have to work at it, though. They're pathetic and pervasive.

    I hope this pre-release episode isn't what we see come the broadcast premiere.

    I can't fault the cast for this poor showing, but I will fault the director, producers, the person(s) who thought a hacker sister would be a novel approach over the deaf one, and whoever approved the chop-chop editing.

    There's a whole cadre of scifi viewers who are going to be very disappointed by this. I, for one, am extremely disappointed....more info
  • Finally a good action sci-fi on network TV!
    The action and special effects were very much like that of the Matrix. The Bionic Woman is like the female Neo! There is great potential for a lot of plot. It was very visually entertaining. However, there wasn't enough character development to start out. I felt a bit disconnected from most of the people that we meet. Since this is going to be a serial drama, I hope that they begin to develop them soon. I also felt it was a bit unclear as to what this secret organization really does (although, maybe that is what we are meant to find out in the future). I really think that it will do well since Bionic Woman will appeal to the those who are looking for some action and suspense. I just hope that this doesn't get cut like many of last years serial dramas... right before you get the answers to all of the questions they incur....more info
  • Somewhat scattered
    This was all over the place for a pilot. I didn't much care for it. The fight between the 1/2 bionic woman and the fully bionic woman seems like it was lifted from the terminator. I kept rewinding wondering who that was and why I cared. Sorry NBC. Really liked your other shows though....more info
  • Great job!!
    I'm a big fan of the originals too. This one shows great promise in being true to the original, yet with deeper characters, better effects and better and more complex plots. I think this series will be to its original what the new Battlestar is to its original. BTW, some of the characters in the pilot episode are from the new BSG, which doesn't hurt my feelings any at all, either. ...more info
  • Great show. ITune and MAC users, get over yourselves!
    Great show. Some details needed work or to be snipped out.
    I too, found the sister-needing-babysitting [..]tiresome and ridiculous.

    Mac users, get overyourselves! If you can't download or play the WMV files you can't download them.

    Stop wasting review space talking about movies you can't even see.

    Buy a PC like the rest of the planet and move on! Sheesh!
    God forbid something not revolve around the hipster MAC crowd!!!...more info


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