Muscle Milk Collegiate

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Muscle Milk Collegiate

  • With 5 strategically located warehouses in the United States, we'll get Muscle Milk Collegiate to your doorstep fast!
  • We have great prices on CYTOSPORT products and many other health and nutrition items.

Customer Reviews:

  • OMG
    this stuff is wonderful it is thick n smooth n rich i bought the banana i just love it almost like a malt (even my 6 year old drinks it) cant wait to try the strawberry next...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a wonderful product, it works great. Has a good taste and best of all... If you are in high school or college you will not fail a test.

    A+...more info
  • Great price and value, shy on taste
    This product is a great value for the price and quantity of the stuff you get. The only reason I give it 4/5 stars is for taste. I've had most of the other muscle milk and cytosport flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, mocha, choc chip mint, even lemonade, but this one just fell short of my expectations. The taste of the other muscle milk flavors is amazing and really enjoyable to drink, but this one just really misses the mark. Not that it's hard to get down (like some of the whey proteins and other powders out there), it just really doesn't taste like cookies and cream very much. Maybe in milk it would taste better, but I mix all my powders in water. I love this product, I would just maybe consider getting a different flavor next time....more info
  • This is good stuff!
    This was such a great bargain. It lasted me 2 weeks (though I do 2 shakes per day not 3 like recommended). Way better deal than Ebay or GNC. The taste is outstanding - it actually tastes like a milkshake. I've since bought another tub and am about to buy another. It seems that it really is working to help build muscle. Great product!!!...more info
  • Taste isn't great, but it gets the job done
    My trainer recommended this, since I'm a vegetarian and she said that I needed more protein to build more muscle faster. I couldn't stand this when mixed with water (too chalky), but when I use skim milk and give it a good buzz it in the blender it's much better (especially after a workout when I'm thirsty anyway). So far I like the taste of the chocolate mint the most. Don't expect it to be like a milkshake, though; you'll be disappointed....more info
  • Good taste, great value
    This product has a good taste for a protein shake, and you can't beat the value. I highly recommend it....more info
  • love this stuff
    creates lean body mass! Tasty stuff too. Creamy shake that makes my sugar craving go away.......more info


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