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The Movers - Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty -began in New Orleans and are fast-rising stars on the national kids music scene thanks to their combination of radio-friendly songs, kid-friendly themes and dynamic live shows.

In concert, the Movers teach high-energy dances, play games with the audience and make music on their one-of-a-kind trashcan drumset.

The Movers sing about messy rooms, healthy snacks, sibling rivalry and other topics that relate to being a little kid.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful CD!
    I recently bought this cd for my 2 yr old daughter and she absolutely loves it! She has to listen to it at home and in the car anytime we go anywhere. This is the kind of kids music I dont mind listening to. Has a great beat! ...more info
  • Shakeable You!
    This has all the songs from the show and a few more we have not heard yet. These songs are nice and have a nice message within the lyrics. They sing about healthy eating, exercise, cleaning up your mess and more! Some of the songs can be a little 'corny' but it is fun to watch the kids jump around to this upbeat music! I would recommend this to any Imagination Movers Fan. I think this is their best CD to date!...more info
  • Can't go wrong with this group
    Juice Box Heroes
    What can I say about these guys. All my grandchildren love this music. My daughter and her husband are grateful that the songs are so adult friendly. We ALL have our favorite songs. My four year old grandson wants to be a 'hip hop dude' and of course we were hard pressed to find any suitable music that he could listen to so he could 'dance'. This is so appropriate and it has just the right beat for it to be hip enough to pass for hip hop (to him at least) and the messages are great without being sappy. ...more info
  • The best music
    We have a blast listening to this musix. My three year old dances all the time to this. I love to listen to it too....more info
  • The boy loves it!
    I got this to put in my son's Easter basket. He's a huge fan of the Imagination Movers, so he was thrilled to get this CD. If he's happy, I'm happy!...more info
  • Wonderful entertainment for children!
    Our household are big fans of the Imagination Movers. We never heard of them until they started their show on the disney channel. My two year old loves to dance and sing while she watches. We play this cd alot in the car and she's always singing along. They are a fantastic group of guys with great personalities. We just saw one of their concerts in february and they were awesome!...more info
  • Movers
    My three year old son LOVES this CD! We take it in the car and listen to it on the way to wherever we go. He also loves to listen to it at home. He would rather listen and dance to it than watch TV! I even enjoy the music. It has an 80's feel to it....more info
  • They Keep Us Moving
    My son and I BOTH love it! Not only do we sing along we dance along whether it is to the CD or the show, it is a great way to get them off of the couch and moving - terrific beats to which we can dance. And he truly listens to the messages that the songs present. And he is only 3! Cannot wait for more CDs!...more info
  • These are the nicest guys...
    These are the songs as heard on The Imagination Movers show on the Disney Channel. I like them just as much as my son, and it's good to know that The Movers are just the nicest guys trying to set a good example for kids of all ages....more info
  • Juice Box Heroes
    This CD is awesome! My 19 month old nephew loves it, and my 2nd grade class begs to listen to it! Wonderful for children!!...more info
  • Better than other childrens music!!
    I bought this for my 2yr old and he loves it! I have listened to what seems like every kind of childrens cd and this one is the only one that I actually like myself. The music is very creative and it has a real message to it about everyday things that children face. If your kids like the wiggles and music like that, than you should try this. You will be pleased at how much you like this music better....more info
  • Great for entertainment in the car!
    My son already loves the Imagination Movers on TV. But when I play this CD in the car on long drives, he laughs and claps along to the music instead of fussing! The songs are actually pretty catchy and neither me or my husband mind listening to this as opposed to some other kid CDs which can be really annoying for the parents....more info
  • Love it!
    My boys were really excited to get this new cd. It has revised versions of some old songs which didn't bother them at all and were really excited to have the new songs that we'd only gotten to hear over the net. Love the Movers and can't wait for the Disney show!...more info
  • FUN!
    My two boys, ages 3 and 1, love this cd. My oldest loves to have dance parties to it. Fun to listen to in the car or at home, I enjoy listening to it as well and the songs all have a good message for children....more info
  • Love it
    Great CD. I bought it for my son and he lissens to it over and over. And the best part is that the music is something I can enjoy without going nuts....more info
  • Great!!!!!
    Their music is terrific. Great rhythms and riffs for mom and dad with great lyrics for the kids. I never travel with the kids (infant and toddler) without it....more info
  • Fabulous, as always
    We are BIG fans of the Imagination Movers (we are also from New Orleans) and my boys were THRILLED to hear that a "new" CD was being released. The music is great, as always, but we were disappointed that it was just remixed versions of the songs we already knew. I think there were 2 new songs and only one of the remixes was noticeably different. We are ready for some NEW STUFF. I don't want to give it less than 5 stars because they are awesome. I listen to them readily when my kids aren't even in the car. We just hope once they get settled in with Disney and their new show that they'll release a CD of NEW songs with the Movers flair we LOVE!...more info
  • Fun!
    I bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter for Christmas because she is such a huge Imagination Movers fan. We were playing it yesterday, and even grandma dnd grandpa got dancing to it. I can imagine myself listening to it in the car even without her with me, it's that good. ...more info
  • Great Fun!!!!
    I love Imagination Movers! Both my son, 5, and my daughter, 4, get such a kick out of them. We saw them in concert the last time they were in the Dallas area, and they were INCREDIBLE!!...more info
  • Excellent Music for Kids
    This cd is fabulous. My kids love it and we have to play it over and over in the car. The 2 year old bobs his head and the older child dances in her car seat. At home they both love to dance and move to the music. I find myself singing along! Not like some kids music that you dread hearing for the 100th time, this you can listen to over and over. The messages in the songs quite positive and uplifting! Great CD!...more info
  • Great Kids music
    We dlled this to my son's MP3. He loves the Imagination Movers & is really enjoying the new add to his player! ...more info
  • The Movers get you moving!
    This cd was released just before my 3 year old's birthday and he had been asking for it. He absolutely loves it! He sings and dances through the whole thing. And the music isn't annoying for me or my husband which is a bonus. The tunes are so catchy you can't help but sing along and get into it! I wonder if our neighbors ever looked in our windows when we were playing it what they'd think of us dancing like fools!...more info
    My daughter became interested in the Imagination Movers with their short videos on Playhouse Disney. This is now the only CD we can listen to in the car. She absolutely loves it. As a parent it is kids music you can completely tolerate because the beats are so similar to regular mainstream music. We now are all of course addicted to the show on Disney and are anxiously awaiting another CD or DVD!...more info
  • Huge success at Christmas!
    My 4 yr old loves these guys - they need more merchandise out next Christmas....more info
  • Great music for kids!
    My 3 year old son loves Imagination Movers...the tv show and the music. Whenever we are in the car, he asks for me to play this cd (it's the first cd that I don't mind listening to in its entirety while driving in the car). The music is fun, upbeat, and most importantly...educational. It also reinforces concepts like cleaning your room, and saying "please" and "thank you." The beat of the music is even fun for adults, since it mimics an alternative rock genre....more info
    We love this CD. I bought it for my boys age 1 and 2 1/2 . They can listen to it over and over again. My husband and I don't mind listening to them, we actually think they are pretty cool. If you love to see your kids dance around and go crazy, it is perfect. Right before we go up for baths it is Imagination Mover Time. ...more info
  • Even parents can jam to the movers
    the imagination movers have a show on disney channel & 4 cds. technically the 4th cd is a lot of older songs remixed and new songs released by disney. if you, the parent are into rock, blues, disco, jazz, ska type of music you will probably enjoy the movers. keeping in mind that this is kids music after all. i find that they are the most tolerable to listen to. they have a different range of songs. some are disco sounds, country, they even do a little rapping in some songs. my 3yr old seems to enjoy them A LOT. when he sees or hears their music he gets super energized, dances around and has a good time. always helps tire him out for bed time! i definately recommend the movers!...more info


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