Bissell 5770 Healthy Home Vacuum Cleaner - Deluxe Kit

List Price: $285.95

Our Price: $285.95

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  • One Bissell 5770 Healthy Home Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Extra Bissell 3282 Healthy Home HEPA Filter Cartridge
  • 10 Year Extended Parts and Labor Warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • This thing SUCKS!!! (And I mean that in a good way)
    I was blown away by the power of this vacuum. IT is INCREDIBLE! I had vacuumed my bedroom just the day before this arrived. I could not believe the amount of dirt and hair that this vacuum picked up. We have three labs, so hair happens. The carpets have never looked so good. The power brush works great on the stairs. It isn't quite as tip resistant as they claim, but if you make sure the hose is not clamped down to the body at all, it stays upright most of the time. The power button on the top of the handle does cause accidental shut offs during use, but if that is the worse part of the vacuum, I can live with it.

    I have incredibly bad allergies and asthma. This vacuum is so great for getting rid of dirt and dust. The only other negative I can think of is emptying the container needs to be done outside of into a very deep garbage can because it will cause dust to fly up.

    Make sure all your rugs are secured down before using this vacuum or it will get sucked up, it's that powerful! I love using this vacuum... a statement that I never thought I would ever say about house cleaning! The amount of dirt and hair this thing pulls up makes you feel like you have done ten times the work that you used to do with your older vacuum....more info