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The new DC17 Allergy and Asthma is the latest model from Dyson. With a focus on the air you breathe this vacuum includes the Mattress Tool, Dusting Brush and a Flexi-Crevice tool. Best overal pick up and emits clean air!

  • New DC17 Asthma and Allergy
  • Includes the Dusting Brush, Mattress Tool and Flexi Crevice Tool
  • Emits Clean Air!
Customer Reviews:
  • Well worth the money
    I have asthma and allergies. I also have three cats and two dogs. Sounds like a good combination, doesn't it?

    I bought this vacuum from a big box store after doing a lot of research and deliberating. Spending this much money on anything is daunting for me. But I finally went out and closed my eyes as I handed over the cash.

    This thing is amazing. I had a Hoover before that barely did the job. We have been vacuuming our house and I cannot tell you the amount of dust, dirt, hair, etc. that have been sucked out of our carpets by this vacuum. It is convenient to use and has a lot of attachments for all of your vacuuming needs.

    I strongly recommend this vacuum to anyone who is tired of using subpar appliances. You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Nice full featured vacuum, wand come off.
    I don't really need to reiterate what the great points of this vacuum are. I just want to mention that I almost didn't get one because of all the comments about the long wand. Well the wand comes off and you can put attachments on the end of the hose, push the big red button and the hose detaches...
    I read many negative comments about Dysons before I picked one up off of craig's list used. It turns out every negative comment I have seen is the result of the user not looking at the instruction sheet. These are easy full featured machines if you just read the instructions (look at the picture manual), or even just look at the vacuum itself carefully instead of assuming the worst.
    You can download the pdf of the manual from the dyson site. Just go to this vacuum, then addtioinal accessories page, then the manual. The button for downloading a pdf for free is on that page.
    I am truly thankful that I found a deal I couldn't refuse or I may have paid attention to all the false negativity....more info
  • The Dyson is amazing!
    This vacuum is great! I started looking into it on the advice of a co-worker. Once it arrived I purposely vacuumed the whole house with our Oreck vacuum which has always served us well. Then I went back and immediately re-vacuumed with the Dyson. It is incredible how much more this picks up. We had to empty the unit after doing each floor! My asthma hasn't been bothering me as much since we got it, and I have to give at least partial credit to the vacuum.
    It was easy to put together although I found the instructions lacking. They did everything in pictures rather than do the translation to different languages. It was still enough to quickly get going though. Great overall product! ...more info
  • Dyson DC 17 learning curve
    The obvious advantage to the DC 17 is the awesome suction power. It wins hands down against all competition. Usability is another issue. The larger canister makes getting under most tables a challenge. When layed down to nearly flat you lose suction because the beater bar lifts up a bit. Another challenge is the wand bar and it's attachments. While the wand make reaching a breeze the attachments must be jammed on tight or risk falling off frequently. This design flaw must be looked into and can be resolved with a ribbed tube end that gives the fittings more friction instead of smooth plastic. I'd also make it possible to put attachments on with just the hose to make it easier when flexibility instead of reach is critical. Maybe the wand does detach but I have not experimented yet. The on/off plus extra button for hard floors is user friendly and a stroke of genius. But pressing the front of the vacuum with your foot to get the handle to drop is not intuitive. The beater bar gives great aggressive agitation to get deep down dirt. All in all a very nice vacuum with even more potential if the company delivers on some user issues and continues to perfect the old models. Speaking of models, I just bought the DC17 Asthma Allergy and hear that it's not going to be made anymore. No great loss as the guy that sold me the vacuum says it the same as the Animal which costs a lot more. Hmmmmm....more info
  • Dyson DC17 - Great Vacuum!
    I purchased this Vacuum after first trying the DC17 Animal, and thinking about purchasing the DC21 Canister Vacuum.

    I decided on this Vacuum and think I made the best choice. It cleans wonderfully. I have a dog, and it picks up so much hair it's amazing! I love the attachements as well with this cleaner. The extra $100 for the attachements with the DC17 Animal are definately not worth it. They don't stay on very well and don't really do anything. Expecially the small turbo tool. I have the dirt devil power paw, and it works better.

    The Canister Vacuum seems way to clunky and clumsy for me.

    Overall, great purchase! Jodi - Columbus, OH...more info
  • Dyson DC17 Vacuum
    The best buy we have ever made on a vacuum cleaner, We Love itDyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner...more info
  • Good suction BUT.....
    This is a well functioning vacuum and I like the ease of emptying the canister. I paid the huge price for this vacuum because it was supposed to be perfectly engineered. It certainly is compact and efficiently designed. I'm not sure they consulted a person who actually vacuums a house.
    The front of the vacuum is high and doesn't allow you to get under most furniture or under kitchen base cabinets so you need to move a lot of furniture.
    The cord is long but it also unravels and gets in your way. I got a small bungy cord to keep it in place except for enough to do a room.
    I like how the hose for the attachments fits right in the handle but it is so stiff that, when you reach into high places or across the room, it drags the vacuum along instead of uncoiling. This takes a good deal of strength to work with because the hose is trying to stay coiled rather than give you the length you need to get into tiny places.
    When I paid this much for a vacuum cleaner, I expected to get a bare floor attachment (especially when they advertise this is a whole floor vacuum) but it's an option and costs extra.
    The bottom line is I don't feel it's worth the cost when there are so many cyclone machines to choose from....more info
    I bought this vac with hopes it would be the best product ever (considering how much it costs). When I opened the box, there were springs and other parts that were not attached, and made the vac unusable. When I called the Dyson hotline, the service rep. was rude and told me I would need to return it to the store I bought it from. After I got my second dyson, it worked...for a couple of months. After about 8 weeks, I could not get the canister opened to remove the dirt. I would have to pry it open which got dirt everywhere again. There is so much suction that most of the dirt stays at the top of the canister, and I had to use a coat hanger to break it up so it would come out. When I called the dyson hotline, I was told that this was typical. Half of the time I had to put so much force to get the thing to recline I thought I would break it. Once again I called the dyson hotline. They again told me to return it to the store. I asked about their so called 5 year warranty to repair or replace, well because I bought it from kohl's dept. store, I had to return to the store. The only good thing about my story is that Kohl's took it back no questions asked. If you are considering this vac, I recommend a cheaper one like a bissel. ...more info
  • Dyson DC17 Asthma & Allergy
    When the machine came it was missing a minor part that connects the handle to the machine. Although an inconvenience, one call to Dyson fixed the problem. They were very responsive and sent the part right out. It came within a week and was no problem to install.

    This machine picks up everything. It had been two weeks since we last vacuumed the living room. This is not an overly long time since we are fairly clean. The amount of dirt this vacuum picked up was obviously left over from previous cleanings that the old machine didn't get. The carpet is soft and plush after vacuuming.

    The dirt bin is easy to remove from the machine. It empties directly into a trash can from the bottom of the bin. It's a very nice setup....more info
  • Buy it! The best I've ever owned.
    I was like most people and turned off by the price of the DC17. I decided to fork over the hard earned money because of the reviews that I've seen. All of the glowing comments are correct. This is the best vacuum I have ever owned. It pulled more out of my carpet the first time I used it than my old vacuum would in a week. It is a bit heavy but who cares when you see how well it works. I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone. ...more info
  • dam the dyson really digs out dirt
    I love my new Dyson DC17. After vacuuming my rugs with it and seeing all the dirt it got up, it seemed like my rugs had never been cleaned, ever. The Dyson got out so much dirt and hair, I couldn't believe. Well worth the money. Only drawback: it is a little heavy, but it has wheels. ...more info
  • Get it NOW if you have allergies!
    I've bought hundreds of items and books from Amazon and I normally do not write reviews. I am writing this after using the vacuum. It picked up stuff (disgusting stuff) that was NOT picked up by other vacuums. So much dirt and dust and who knows what else.

    If you have any kind of respiratory problems, I would get this unit ASAP and start using it. It works as advertised. The design is very efficient and user friendly. It may be a little heavy for women to pick up and walk up stairs or down but you can always just drag it up and lower it slowly.

    At first I was skeptical about the this vacuum. $450 is expensive, but it works and am very satisfied with it....more info
  • this is the one!
    I owned a Dyson animal before and had a few issues with it that bothered me. I am delighted to see that all of those are 'solved' now with this newer DC17 model! Of course it cleans carpets like no other! It feels heavy at first but is wonderful to navigate, the rotating brushes basically propel the vacuum by itself. I was delighted to see that the plastic cover over the rotating brush is now clear so you can see right away when there are things wrapped around the brushes. The way the stiff tube attaches to the hose avoids that you could damage the hose when sticking the tube back inside (you could damage the flexible hose in the animal if you're not careful). The opening mechanism to empty the bucket feels more comfortable and a click closure on the bottom closes it more safely after emptying it out. The mechanism to unlock the bucket from the vacuum is improved compared to the animal one. I am so pleased with it that I can't wait to use it again :)
    While trying out just about all Dysons at the store, this particular model seemed the sturdiest of all. I liked the 'ball' one but the mechanism with the plastic material seemed rather flimsy. The rotating brush mechanism in THIS model is a LOT sturdier than in all other models (this is the part that broke in my animal) and it looks very different as well. The switch to turn off the rotating brush to go to non-carpet areas is at a convenient place right next to the on/off switch and I no longer have to crouch down to turn an awkward wheel to switch (this is important to me as I often vacuum with my granddaugher in a carry sling..). The animal dyson had little side brushes at the front that would pick up pet hair and drag it along only to drop it later and I had to go over it again. The DC17 does not have these but gets absolutely flush into corners and sides and picks up everything from the edges! All in all the improvements are wonderful and I am happy to see that Dyson is changing little things here and there to make their vacuums better. It has a 5 year warranty (my animal only had 1 year) which gives me a bit more peace of mind.
    I would defnitely recommend this particular model for households with children and pets!...more info
  • I found the one!
    After weeks of reading reviews, back and forth to the store looking at different models and styles, we found the one!!

    Dyson Vacuum is awesome!! I never thought that I would feel this way about a vacuum but OMG, it really works. Don't think about it, just pay the money and forget about the rest. This is a case where if you buy a cheap vacuum you will feel the consequences, not with Dyson. You can rest assure that your money was well spent.

    Now, I don't need to look any further, I found the one....more info
  • It's all true
    My philosophy is: have as few things as possible, but what you do have, make it quality. I don't have allergies or asthma but my house came with carpet and until I can have it replaced, I wanted the most powerful thing I could find that will also later work on bamboo.

    What people are saying in the reviews is true--this thing is hard core. I agree with other reviewers that vacuum cleaner sales people for some reason have it in for Dyson--must be industry politics--so it's easy to find negative comments from them, but people love these vacuums and with good reason.

    Function and design, isn't that what Dyson says? It's a sexy vacuum. Our appliances should be beautiful, for this much money I want it to work and look good too. Amazon's picture doesn't give it justice at all, it's way cooler looking in person. Yes it spends most of its time in the closet, but when I take it out, I enjoy it both functionally and aesthetically.

    There are a couple things that are not quite right so I can't give it 5 stars. I find the wand awkward to use, it needs a retractable cord and it's very heavy. There are lighter weight Dysons, I know, but I chose this because Dyson rates it the most powerful in their line. When I say heavy, I don't mean the 20lbs itself, it's heavy to Push and I think with Dyson's engineering brilliance, they could make it lighter. I'm an average female, not a bodybuilder but definitely not weak. I do vacuum often (almost every day) and I have stairs, so that could have something to do with it. My brother wouldn't even notice the weight so this is an issue only for some. For me, dealing with the heaviness is worth the suction and the bigger receptacle. I would buy this again, I'm very satisfied but for people with any sort of back issues it might be a bit much....more info
  • Dyson Sucks!
    In this case sucking isn't a bad thing. The amount of suction power this thing has is awesome. My only complaint is the removable piece. It is awkward to work and doesn't extend that far. But the power and ease of use makes up for this. Overall, I recommend the Dyson DC17....more info
  • Attention Asthma and Allergy sufferers
    I have never owned a vacuum that didn't make me sick when I used it. Bagged or bagless they all blow a fine dust into the air. It meant a whiff or two off the inhaler both before and after vacuuming. Not with the Dyson. The air is truly clean. The HEPA filter on most vacs is poorly designed and works only marginally better than vacs without a HEPA filter. You simply don't get the benefit 5 micron or less filtering. Dyson gets it right. The air comes out clean.
    The vacuum suctions an astonishing amount of dirt. In our 10X13 bedroom I filled the canister on the first pass. That's with very little dirt visible in the carpet and some miscellaneous dog hair here and there. As others have said the wand takes a bit of getting used to, but generally works very well. The wheels are large enough on this machine so that it rolls easily, despite being somewhat heavy. It is dead is to dump the dirt container. Hold it over your trash can, pull the lever and out it comes. No shaking, no handling the dirt.
    Consumer Reports does not give this vac a high rating. They rate a Sears self-propelled over the Dyson. I disagree. I looked at the Sears unit and can say that the Dyson is a much better vacuum. It is more money, quite a bit more money. If you have allergies, though, it's some of the best money you'll ever spend. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever Owned
    We were at first a little hesitant in investing this much money into a vacuum cleaner, but the Dyson Asthma & Allergy was well worth it! We have a couple of cats at home, and this vacuum picks up all the cat hair in the house. It's incredible. My husband's allergies have gotten better as well as a result. It's very well-designed. The only thing we missed from our old vacuum cleaner was the little "headlight" that it had on it, but that's definitely something that can be overlooked for the benefits that the Dyson provides....more info
  • Nothing Short of a Miracle
    The Dyson DC17 Asthma and Allergy Upright vacuum is nothing short of a miracle. I suffer from a chronic cough (and some mild asthma that I suspect is related to the allergies) that can be attributed to exposure to over seven years' worth of environmental allergies and contaminants in the city of Los Angeles. Nothing seemed to cure my cough--not the asthma inhalers, not Singulair (a prescription drug for allergies that proved useless and even seemed to exacerbate the cough), and not over-the-counter Claritin.

    My frequent coughs are not the dainty type; rather, they are the severe type--the ones where you cough so hard that your face gets red, you get sweaty, your eyes get teary, and mucus and liquid expel from every bodily orifice. Not a pretty sight, and not too great a feeling either.

    Well, after seeking out many recommendations and reading allergy remedies on the internet, there were two overwhelming recommendations: 1) Dust mite covers for the bed (mattress, pillows, and comforter); and 2) a Dyson vacuum (or a similar high-quality type). I received several personal recommendations for the Dyson vacuum specifically, and after reading the Amazon.com reviews of the Dyson DC 17 Asthma and Allergy Upright, which unanimously received 5 stars out of 5, I knew this was the vacuum for me.

    I used a Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% off coupon and ended up paying $432.99 total (this includes taxes) for a product that was priced at $499.00 before the coupon. What a deal! Like a bunch of reviewers indicated, I, too, was very hesitant to buy such a pricy vacuum. All my life, I used the cheapos--I usually used a Eureka and, more recently, a Dirt Devil Featherlite, usually purchased at Sears for $50-$80. I had seen the Dyson commercials many times and, while impressed, couldn't help feeling that it was an utter scam to have to pay so much for a vacuum.

    Well, the intensity and the frequency of my cough did not appear to abate with the cheap, bagged vacuums. Both allergy and asthma medications did not help (and I really prefer not to be on prescription drugs). My last resort, thus, was a quality vacuum and possibly the dust mite covers.

    The Dyson DC 17 Asthma and Allergy Upright really is, simply stated, AMAZING.

    Day 1: I cleaned the entire house and only superficially vacuumed my bed and couch, since I had not figured out the wand thing quite yet. (There are three ways to use the wand). The carpeting looked almost new after vacuuming, and the air smelled cleaner. In contrast, my old vacuums would blow dust into the air. I was so excited by the outcome that I drove the vacuum to my mother's house, lugged it around, and then vacuumed my mother's entire house. I figured, if another person can benefit, why not? One downside of the vacuum: If you have to lug it around, it is heavy. My old vacuums I could carry with one hand. With the Dyson, I have to carry it with two hands, in an awkward way. After vacuuming my mom's place, the canister was full, brown, and dusty, with nine years' worth of dust.

    Day 2: My coughing has improved noticeably, both in frequency and in severity. The cough was still there, to be sure, but much better already! I didn't experience any of the hard coughing that sent me to the bathroom.

    Day 3: Some coughing still.

    Day 4: Almost no coughing.

    A part of me did consider that perhaps I was coughing less simply because I wanted to justify such an expensive purchase and desperately hoped that the Dyson would, in fact, live up to all of the expectations and the reviewer raves. Might this not be a form of self-fulfilling prophecy at work here? Maybe, but I doubt it. I cannot control my coughs, but I do know that my coughing has improved considerably. I saw a difference within a day!

    In conclusion, I really wish I had made this purchase years and years before. Had I done so, I would have suffered far less. The Dyson has worked so well that I don't think I will have to buy the dust mite covers for my bed. As many reviewers reported, and as I affirm here, the Dyson really is worth every single penny. Plus, there's the added entertainment value of seeing what's in the canister after vacuuming; analyzing the content, color, and quantity of the canister is surprisingly fun.

    NOTE: Before you purchase any Dyson vacuum, make sure you test-run it first. Go down to the nearest Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, Sears, or other retail store that carries Dysons, and have a rep there show you how to work the vacuum. Make him/her show you how to open up the canister, how to use the wand, the rug/hardwood floor switch, etc.

    AMENDMENT: Although I still highly recommend this product, I would recommend that for those with allergies--especially the ones with severe or chronic symptoms--see a physician for treatment/medication. The Dyson DC 17 Asthma and Allergy is outstanding, but it is certainly not a cure-all for allergy symptoms. A few days after my glowing review (which I still stand by), my cough reappeared. It wasn't about a month later did I get antibiotics (for bronchitis symptoms), which seems to have really cleared up the cough considerably. ...more info
  • WOW
    I was a skeptic. With a price like that, it's got to be more hype then reality. Not the case at all. This vacuum is superior to all others on the market. There really isn't a comparison. Once you use it in your home, you'll be glad you bought it. Excellent suction. Excellent filtration. Excellent removal of pick up. Excellent tools. This vacuum is a must for anyone that has indoor allergies / asthma. Just spend the money... your health is worth it, and you get what you pay for with this vacuum. Side note, the 20% off coupon from BB&B takes $100 off the price. Even with sales tax, you're still saving $75. Should help the price....more info
  • Well worth the investment
    I had always put off getting a high quality vacuum and finally took the plunge. The first time I used the Dyson, I was amazed (and horrified) at how much dirt filled the canister. It definitely has strong suction and I strongly recommend it....more info
  • My second Dyson
    I purchased the DC 7 when if first came out for sale in the US. I was very pleased with it but a bit over four years and it no longer did the job as efficiently. In all fairness to the vacuum, I must say that I raise pomernian dogs and also have a lot of birds which causes dandery fine dust. I live in an arid area with dirt roads and blowing wind. So my home is in constant need of cleaning.
    Four days ago my DC17 arrived. I had vacuumed very recently but of course I had to try out my new one. I could not believe how much dirt it found that had been missed. I let the CD17 plugged in and about 5 times that first day I would use it again. Shocking to see that each time I used it, it found more dirt. I had no idea my carpet was that dirty, but this is embedded dirt it is still pulling out. I do believe it has a lot more suction than the DC 7 ever had.
    I have a fairly thin rug near the bird room door. In the past I could vacuum it with no problem. The suction on DC17 is too strong though.
    I like the placement of the carpet/bare floor button since I feel using the carpet setting on bare floors would not be good for the floors. I did find this new one to be a bit harder to push..........I'm sure that is because it is sucking so hard.
    I wanted to get the ball but when I compared models, I found it has a much smaller bin and I didn't want to have to empty it as often as would have been required.
    It does leave tracks in my carpet. Not sure if it would on all types of carpet.
    ...more info
    Fantastic! I have a "vacuuming day" on the calendar each week, but I can rarely wait for Thursday and end up vacuuming a few times a week for the sheer joy of it - I, who used to shun any kind of tidyness and had to schedule it in to make sure I would do it! The Dyson is down-right fun. I've had it for about four months now, and it doesn't get any less exciting. I use the mattress attachment for everything. I vacuum the couch, the throw pillows, my mattress, everything! Even my parrot (who was so horrified of my old bissel vacuum that I would have to put him outside for fear he would hurt himself throwing himself about the cage in terror whenever I used it) even he seems to have made peace with the Dyson's soothing hum, and doesn't even complain (much) when I vacuum the dander right off of the seed catcher! We all breathe better, the air smells fresh and clean, and somehow this vacuum is good for the soul because I think everyone feels happier in the house now that we have it! My baby girl (11 months)doesn't wake up congested like she used to, and the soft-dusting brush gives me peace of mind that I'm actually collecting and disposing of the dust in my house (on furniture and the TV screen and such) instead of just moving it around. It will be the best purchase you've ever made. Stop craving it (as we did for years), and just buy it. I have a husband who is in the military and brings in El Paso dust and rocks on his boots from the field every day, a Golden Retriever who carries Lord knows what in on his fur, which then falls out all over every surface in the house, a macaw, who throws pellets, seeds, feathers, and dander everywhere, and a baby learning to eat solids who drops crumbs all around the table. My house is like the consumer reports testing ground for this vacuum,and the vacuum has emerged triumphant from every test. You won't know how you lived without it. I don't....more info
  • WOW!
    Even though I rated this vacuum 5 stars, I do have a couple of cons I want to write in:
    Con #1. The Dyson ball vacuums were much easier to use but weren't as powerful as this DC 17. I opted for power. I wish it were easier to maneuver under furniture and in tight spots. Hopefully, the folks as Dyson will work on this engineering issue.
    Con #2. It is heavy. The weight (and the clunkiness) reminds me of my mom's old upright Kirby she had from the mid-1960s.

    Okay, on to the reasons I rated this vacuum 5-stars:

    Pro #1. My son has been suffering from allergies. I am one step away from having him tested--sigh. The strange part about his allergy attacks is that they seem to be caused by something at home. It dawned on me that he is most likely allergic to dust/dust mites. And, we have a rug. Yesterday, I lost it as he was gagging so, I ran out and bought this vacuum. If I could wait, I would have purchased it through Amazon (price is low) but I couldn't. I came home. I quickly put the vacuum together and started using it. I was amazed! Not only did I just vacuum the night before, the carpeting was professionally cleaned just two weeks ago. You should have seen what my DC 17 pulled up from what looked like a very clean rug! The canister was filled in a blink of an eye--maybe 250-300 sq ft of carpeting was vacuumed--far from finished! I have had to clean out the canister three times in two days! (By the way, my son is doing much better)

    Pro #2. When I use this vacuum, I smell CLEAN AIR. I don't smell a cloud of dust....more info
  • Amazing!
    For the past 3 years we have had a Bissell Lift-Off which worked fine in our apartment and rent house. But when we bought our brand new house the Bissell couldn't handle all the carpet fuzzies. I would have to clean the vacuum out after every room to unclog the fuzzies and eventually the whole thing would overheat and I couldn't use it for a while.

    Today, my husband and I vacuumed our entire 2,600 sq ft house for the first time with our new Dyson and we literally emptied out 11 containers of dirt. I swear the carpet looks like it's totally new again. It just looks fabulous! With the attachments my husband easily cleaned the staircase which was never easy with the Bissell.

    Yes, this cost us a lot of money, but I will recommend this product to anyone especially with the 5 year warranty. Go for it!!...more info
  • The Best Vacuum I Have Ever Used!
    I bought this vacuum expected to be amazed and I was to say the least! I went over my already vacuumed carpet with this Dyson and I was stunned to see all the stuff in the bin. I recommend this vacuum for everyone!...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    This is the best vacuum ever (also good is the Dyson Animal). I own two Dyson Vacuums (a Dyson Animal for downstairs and a Dyson Slim for upstairs) and recently gave 3 as gifts. My niece who has severe asthma was shocked at the amount of dust that the vacuum picked up. She has been unable to vacuum (her husband has been doing the vacuuming with her out of the room) because of the fine dust particles that circulate when you use a regular vacuum. She is now able to do the vacuuming and there is a definite decrease in her allergy symptoms. Forget what Consumer Reports says - do yourself a favor and buy a Dyson vacuum. There are several choices but this one is especially good for people with allergies. ...more info
  • I'm only sorry I didn't buy it earlier
    I've only had this vacuum a little over 1 week, but so far I LOVE it. I put off buying a Dyson for as long as I did because of 1)mostly hardwood floors, 2)the carpet I do have is berber and I'd heard bad things about Dyson on berber carpet 3)price. It works fantastic on the hardwood floors. I have a cat and dog which shed constantly. I always have had a hard time getting the floors clean enough for me to be comfortable letting my 17 month old play on the floor. This vacuum has been awesome. It doesn't just blow the hair around like my previous Hoover. As far as the berber carpet, I've had no problem with the Dyson damaging it. Plus I love the way my area rugs feel after using the Dyson. They feel like new, no longer have that flat/worn out feel to it.

    Some people complained about Dyson's being loud. Yes, you hear it but it isn't any longer than my Hoover.

    I just hope it continues to perform as it does now....more info
  • This SUCKS!!
    ...and that means in a good way!!! I owned a Hoover and it was time to let it go. Everytime we vacuumed it smelled like burned rubber! Parts were starting to fall apart. So we finally decided to invest in a good vacuum. Since there's an array to choose from, we decided to go with the Asthma Allergy model. I wanted to feel that the air exhaust was clean and safe....imagine me vacuuming with my old vacuum holding my breath or airing out the house whenever I vacuumed...that was horrible. Well with a 2500 sq ft home. I probably unloaded the canister about 10x today. It was amazing how much dust was in our carpet..and we didn't even own pets!!!! I love our investment and would recommmend to anyone who is so indecisive with what model to choose from. You can't go wrong with a Dyson and their great warranty....more info
  • Dyson Customers For Life
    I just bought my Dyson. I agonized over spending $500.00 on a vacuum - I literally cried before I could bring myself to spend the money. Now that I've used it, I can't believe I even debated with myself!

    As a mother, pet owner, and year-round allergy sufferer, I had to vacuum every day. Consequently, we went through 2 vacuums in 4 years. We kept up the belts, filters, and maintenance, but after 2 years, both the Bissell and the Hoover just couldn't keep up with 1500 square feet or carpet, half of which was vacuumed every day, and the other half probably twice a week (bedrooms where the cat was prohibited and shoes were never worn). This was our 3rd vacuum in 4 years and I wanted something that was not only low-maintenance, but durable and up to the challenge. The Dyson was recommended by several friends, but again, the price made me balk.

    We have brand new carpet in all but the kitchen and mud room. It's about 1400 square feet of carpet that was put down. After running the old vacuum through twice, it died. The fluff from the new carpet, and the added strain of fur from the new puppy just overloaded our poor Bissell. After 3 days of coughing and sneezing, I caved and shopped for Dysons. One trip through the house, and I am hooked! The canister empties from the bottom, which was nice. At the touch of a bottom, it literally dumps into your trash. No flipping it over and spewing dust, pet dander, and dried leaves into your face! Plus, it's still closed as you walk to the trash, so no loose ends there, either. It's remarkably easy to push - it almost feels like a self-propelled vacuum, so it was very easy on my back. When the company says it cleans to the edge of the brush, they mean it. As I vacuumed along the walls, I thought to myself, "I don't have to get on my hands and knees with the crevice tool any more!" I was truly amazed. The cord was super long, too. I could clean our living room, formal dining room, and hallway all from one outlet. When I started poking over the whole thing, I fell more in love. No screws to unscrew if there is a clog. No weird foot pedals. No pieces you have to replace if you strip a screw (which we did with the Bissell from frequent belt changes!). No screws to lose, either!

    The thing I think I loved most about the Dyson was that even though I could feel the "exhaust" blowing on me, the air SMELLED GOOD. It smelled CLEAN. It wasn't dusty. I didn't have the 15 minute sneezing fit that typically ensued after vacuuming - my eyes weren't itchy, my nose wasn't runny and my face didn't feel puffy with congestion. We're in the middle of heavy pollen, so any relief is appreciated and not having to go through 15 minutes of torture after vacuuming was greatly appreciated! I can't wait to run this baby through my vehicles and over the mattresses!

    One thing I will mention - maybe I missed a page in the instructions, but all the wicked cool attachments aren't connected to the vacuum. For me it's not a big deal - I keep them with the steam cleaner in an extra baggie, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I found the places where several tools attach, but not all.

    I love my Dyson!...more info
  • Fabulous Vacuum! Very Highly Recommended!
    I know it's hard to spend $500 Bucks for a vacuum, but this machine is worth every penny! Having both asthma & allergies as well as 2 cats I have been wanting a Dyson Vacuum for many years. Finally after speaking to 5 other people that have one, they all LOVE it, I was convinced to purchase one for myself. I looked everywhere online, read all the reviews and I have to agree that the Dyson is awesome! The 1st time I used it the container was filled all the way up, you have no idea how much junk is in your carpet, and this was after I had used my Hoover Wind Tunnel! This machine is great, the cleaning wand is terrific and very handy. I would buy one again in a second, I LOVE IT! Very highly recommended especially for people that have pets and or allergies. Do yourself a favor and buy this incredible vacuum today!...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum.....works great!
    - New Review - 5 STARS *****

    Ok, so here is the deal, we got one of these vacuums and it did not work at all..so I wrote a review ( see below ) and rated it at 1 star because it basically sucked..and NOT in a good way. We exchanged it for another one hoping that the 1st one was just defective...and it was. This thing really works great. It picks up so much dog hair, dirt, dust etc. its not even funny. The attachments seem to work just as good and we have not had any problems with them not fitting properly like some other reviews state. We have had it for a few weeks now and so far it really is impressive. I would not hesitate recommending this to anyone willing for fork over about $500.00.

    - Original Review - 1 STAR *

    Ok, so we picked up the Dyson Asthma & Allergy vacuum and gave it a try. And to our surprise, this thing did not work like expected. From what I read and heard, this thing was the next best thing since sliced bread....and you know what...its not. The cord attachment works well..a lot of suction and works really good on the stairs. When it comes to cleaning the carpet, this thing blows big time. Went over the same spot over and over and over and it could not even pick up a tiny piece of birdseed shell. A cheap dirt devil vacuum that we bought a few day prior to getting this one works way better and was on sale for like $40.00!! Now I don't know if we got a defective one and we plan on exchanging it for another one tonight. Now I am not sure if we are going to get the same model or not ( may get the Animal one ) and we will try it out one more time to see how it works... IF that one produces the same results, then we will look to get something else. I cannot believe that a vacuum that performs this bad can get such good reviews, I have to guess we just got a bad one...only time will tell...an update will be coming soon on the replacement. MC...more info
  • Glad I spent the extra money!
    I am thrilled with this vacuum! Amazed at what it picks up...love how easy it is to use. I cannot believe how much cleaner my carpet looks and feels. I highly recommend!...more info
  • Great investment!
    I read a lot of reviews when it came to the dyson vacuums before I purchased mine. I'm so glad I did because I ended up buying the best vacuum yet! My husband and I don't dread vacuuming anymore because this machine is a miracle! It has great suction and easy usage. It is easy to maneuver and not heavy at all! LOVE IT!!!!...more info
  • Get one!!!!
    Just purchased the DC 17 allergy and asthma today. Have done a lot of research over the last week and read many reviews. I really wanted a good vacuum I can depend on; I have 6 kids and vacuum daily! Best I can tell each model has the same amount of suction, they just have different options in color, filter placement/type and attachments. I was set on the DC14 model but this was on sale for a great price and had a few more attachments I felt I would really use. So far I am pleased. It appears to pick up as expected, I'm pretty impressed with the amount of junk in the canister and my carpets feel cleaner. This is very easy to maneuver; I see no need for the more expensive ball model, unless you will use all the fancy attachments. All the full size Dyson's felt heavy to me in the store, so I was concerned with getting it up and down the stairs, but in comparison to Hoover etc. they all seem to be about the same weight and hey we could all use a good workout. I find no issues with pushing it around, it moves with great ease and transitions surfaces flawlessly. Turning the beater off to move from carpet to solid floors is a breeze and the feature works wonderfully, just a touch of an easy to reach button. The attachments fit on firmly and do not fall off. The wand will take some getting use to as it is solid for about 18+" and I am use to the hose being flexible at the base. I don't have to bend as much using it though so my back is happy! The hose is very easy to remove for use, just cannot use it for quick pick-ups until you unwind the entire plug, so one minor downfall. It states there is a 5 year warranty, I did not read what all that covers, I will just be relieved to have a vacuum last more than a year with the beating I give them. It is important as with ALL canister vacuums that you tap or wipe out the excess dust from the chamber weekly. I have had many canister vacuums and learned early on to do this often to keep the fine dust from building up or you will loose suction. The filter is easy to remove and clean by running under tap water, so will save on replacement filters in the future! Overall I am happy; we will see how I feel at the 6 mo. And 1 yr. mark. But no regrets today. The only negative I can agree with that I have seen over the last week is the not being able to remove the wand without unwinding the entire cord....more info