The Three Faces Of Eve

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  • I loved it...any objections??? That's what I thought...
    Yes, I love this little gem of a film that inspired my interest in the wonders of the human mind. Joanne Woodward has my vote for Best Actress with the only flaw in the film being parts of the script and the questionable casting of David Wayne as the dim-witted husband who refuses to accept his wife's disorder. It always earns rave reviews here on campus and several of my fellow students ask to see it and study it for psychology class and to get an introduction into the life of a multiple personality case. It's already a fave among the teachers and staff here. This is the perfect companion to the film "Sybil" and I hope it's released again on video soon....more info
  • Excelent
    Film arrived on time, in excelent condition. Digitally remastered the black and white was sharp and clear. The sound was mono but very audible.

    (This old classic is unintentionaly funny, in that the Doctor as well as the main character both smoked cigars and cigarettes in nearly every scene.) ...more info
  • Strong performance makes this "Face" memorable
    "The Three Faces of Eve" broke new ground when it was released. It was the first examination of multiple personality disorder in a dramatic setting. Joanne Woodward gives a stunning performance as Eve a southern housewife who suffers from migranes, seems in constant emotional turmoil and has memory lapses. Her psychiatrist Dr. Luther (played by the marvelous character actor Lee J. Cobb) believes he's treating a common form of depression but he's startled to discover during one of his sessions that he's not speaking with Eve but with a whole different person. Based on the famous book documenting the real case (and not a "novel" as per the DVD case) by Corbett Thigpen, MD and Harvey Cleckley MD, Nunnally Johnson's script may be a bit pedantric for audiences today but there's still powerful performances and sharp direction that makes it worthwhile.

    This special edition from Fox part of its "Studio Classics" collection includes a commentary by film historian Aubrey Solomon. Solomon's commentary provides precise and fascinating tidbits about how the film varied from the book and from the real case in addition to the usual background on the production of the movie. There's also a Movietone News Reel included of the Academy Awards (Joanne Woodward won for Best Actress). The original theatrical trailer is included and the restored image and sound are quite good.

    Well worth picking up for fans of classic Hollywood movies from the 50's. My only complaint is Fox should have done a featurette on the making of the movie with interviews of Woodward and others and/or an alternate commentary track from the actress discussing the making of the movie. ...more info
  • Not the best, but very good nonetheless
    I disagree with most of the other reviewers on this page. I thought the Three Faces of Eve was a very good movie. There were some bits that were moderately cheesy, but overall it was a very effective piece of filmmaking. I do believe that Joanne Woodward deserved the Oscar for it....more info
  • Box-Office Poison
    The viewer from New York overrated this film by giving it only two stars...what a waste of time!...more info
  • Acceptable, but Woodward didn't deserve OSCAR
    This film was more like a well-informed, coherent documentary rather than a full length motion picture. It didn't really elicit any individuality or dramatic depth of all the actors. The script I feel was pretty raw and not a suitable one for a movie. However, it was pretty interesting to learn that this was a true story and the fact that there is such a thing as multiple personalities.

    I feel that Lana Turner should have won the ACADEMY AWARD for PEYTON PLACE (Not a superb film either with some of its own flaws but nevertheless very effective and powerful, with a strong message and Lana at her poignant best)....more info

  • JoAnne at her best
    I have been a fan of JoAnne for many years. And while I do especially love to see her and Paul Newman together--such chemistry!--she is absolutely at her best in this movie. Her ability to change characters almost at will shows fantastic talent, and she is totally believable in each of the three characters. And if you want to see how much she grew from this, just watch her in The Miracle Worker--truly one of our great actresses....more info
  • Stunning performance by Joanne Woodward
    If anyone else had played Eve/Eve/Jane, it would not have worked. Joanne Woodward proves herself worthy of the Oscar she won for this movie. She is an actress of the highest magnitude. I can't imagine anyone else coming close to pulling it off but Joanne. This movie is amazing. It will change your life and the way to see things. One of the greatest films ever made....more info
  • perfect
    my dvd came in EXACTLY how the description said.
    it was of great quality and i fully enjoyed it....more info
  • Joanne Woodward is incandescent in this complex role.
    This compelling drama centers around superb performances by Joanne Woodward and Lee J. Cobb. The unusual nature of the story is introduced and explained by (a very young!) Alistair Cooke, and that setting prepares viewers for what is to come. Because this presentation is art, not news reporting, the film may not always be exactly true to the "real story." Fine art takes purposeful liberties with reality, and this film is certainly a fine example of cinema art. Engrossing, entertaining, and enlightening! Highly recommended....more info
  • Very well portrayed
    This film is a classic and quite avante nu for it's time. This film was written and acted during the times of Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver, The Nelson's, Father Knows Best, My three Son's, and the Mouseketeers! So, when you watch this great movie, give it credit for stepping out of the comfort zone of many of the studio's. If acted out today the movie might be too gory or violent or graffic.

    Joane Woodward played the part perfectly. The personalities were believeable. The "swithes" were made in a way that the audience could follow. Many multiples have even more diverse and flamboyant personalites to live with. Sometimes the personalities are angry or troubled as was depicted in the movie. Many are amnestic, loose time, and are unaware of other personalities or their activities.

    This movie just touches the surface of a very complex subject. Thankyou, to those who were brave enough to broach this subject, in the 1950's, when so little was known, and so few believed....more info

  • The Three Faces of Eve
    Based on an actual case, "Eve" is a distant precursor to the TV drama "Sybil" (also featuring Joanne Woodward) and broke new ground in Hollywood's treatment of mental illness, while also taking a hard look at prescribed gender roles for women in the 1950s. Few actresses have made a more impressive acting debut than Woodward, starring opposite veteran Cobb, especially since she had three roles to juggle: a dowdy Southern housewife, a libertine, and a pragmatic, cultured woman. She brought off this complex, nuanced characterization with such finesse that she walked away with a Best Actress Oscar....more info
  • Blackouts are her friend.
    The Three Faces of Eve starring Joanne Woodward has to be her best role to date. Woodward is captivating as Eve who suffers from multiple personalities. The ending is kind of corny and over-hyped so that is why I am not giving this film a perfect rating. Just watch it for Joanne's memorable performance....more info
  • Unintentional polygamist (recommended)
    His wife's medical diagnosis is incomprehensible to simple minded Ralph White (David Wayne). Therefore her blackouts, reckless spending, and amnesia test the limit of his devotion. Dr. Luther (Lee J. Cobb) patiently strives to unify two Eves -- as different as Black and White -- and a woman called Jane with a personality somewhere in the middle. But Ralph is not prepared for three wives.

    In a role originally intended for Judy Garland, who battled her own mental illness, Oscar winning Joanne Woodward adroitly depicts THE THREE FACES OF EVE. She is, in one moment, a subjugated housewife and in the next, a loose party animal. This true story of the first documented case of Multiple Personality Disorder is an educational precursor to the much more intense SYBIL. In the former, one childhood trauma is the trigger. The latter has multiple childhood atrocities to blame and includes Woodward as the psychiatrist.

    Movie quote: "See, she's feelin' awfully low. An' when I got what she had on in her mind, it near 'bout scared me half to death! Ya' know, if somebody didn't stop her, I'd be gone too. Ya' know what I mean?"...more info
  • Great Movie
    This is a true story that Joanne Woodward does a spectacular job. Very interesting story. ...more info
  • 3 characters- all famous and beautiful
    How could you go wrong? Joanne Woodward plays 3 multiple personality characters, she's famous and beautiful.
    Need I say more. A black and white classic. ...more info
  • Once you watch it you have to finish it.
    The movie was great! It gave me an idea of what it's like to have DID...more info
  • amazing
    this movie is absolutley amazing i mean that is a real actress. she plaid that movie with such passion it was truly perfection....more info
  • Three Faces of Eve
    Based on a true story & started us thinking about mental health. A must see. The stars are wonderful...more info
  • Great
    it was great it let you know what it was like back then with this kind of multiple personality's. I really enjoyed it my teacher made us watch it in class. I am glad she did....more info
  • Great pre-Sybil movie
    This film really goes to into the world of mental health. Joanne Woodward and Lee J. Cobb are excellent as patient and doctor working together to find the hidden truth of one woman's past....more info
    This was an awsome movie! It was so interesting, yet weird at the same time. In class, my teacher made us watch it, then I got caught up in it! It is so neat!...more info
  • a tour de force
    I was quite surprised at how much i remembered this film i remember watching it many years ago on television with my mum and something about it never left me. If you turn the volume down and get rid of the music that is a dead giveaway on the part of the filmmakers to tell the viewer of eve's change into her other personalities you will see an absolutelly astonishing performance from Joanne Woodward. Why this woman is not used more in films today is beyond me. ...more info
  • A good movie.
    This was one of my moms favorite movies. Im really interested in mental health so this movie was great to see. If you get the chance, my psych teacher showed me real footage of Eve on youtube and its very interesting! ...more info
  • very good movie
    A very good movie, especially if you are interested in psychology. Woodward does a great job of playing Eve....more info
  • "The Three Faces of Eve" Remains a Classic
    My wife and I watched "The Three Faces of Eve" on DVD the other night and were very pleased at how well this story has held up and remains relevant today. Joanne Woodard's performance was amazing and enjoyable to watch. The supporting cast was likewise excellent....more info
  • A Worthless Piece Of Garbage...
    and that's all I really have to say about this God-foresaken fil...more info
  • entertaining, but kind of silly
    Joanne Woodward was splendid to watch in this amusingly dated film about multiple personalities.

    I do realize it was made in the 1950's, but I'm sure hypnosis and the switching of personalites were a little more dramatic in the time of mashed potatoes and meatloaf.

    I don't want to give away anything if you haven't seen the movie, but the little secret eve/jane was harboring all of those years, that made her personality split, was a letdown. I'm unfamiliar with the actual case, but I'd love to know if there was something more shocking going on there that was considered inaapropriate for moviegoers at the time. My other qualm was the accent... why didn't the real eve/jane have a southern accent? that made no sense to me.

    Overall, the film was entertaining. It just wasn't very believable....more info

  • Beautifully Unconvincing
    This was not a very bad movie, however an honest Hollywood mistake. Joanne Woodward gives a shaky performance unworthy of an Oscar. This motion picture looked too unreal and the plot was like a fictional comedy to me instead of a tearjerker. To this day, directors still have not learned that there are some subjects you don't make films on, like this very private matter of a woman with multiple personalities. This was my first Joanne Woodward film I've seen; winning shamefully the Academy Award for Best Actress. This film just drags on and on with no real inciteful meaning. Take it from a guy who knows a thing or two about films: DO NOT BUY THIS ONE!...more info
  • Three faces of eve
    We just wacthed this movie in school. I thought it was a really good movie. I read a review and I thought I would clear this up! Her "traumatic" experience was made up! The case was released to the public, except the public didn't know what really happened and what caused her split personalities. So, they made that part up!...more info
  • Breaks New Ground
    The film is effective as an introduction into the realm of multiple personality disorder, but that's as far as it goes. Joanne Woodward is functional in the role, but I agree that it is in no way an Oscar performance. I have also witnessed multiple personality change under clinical conditions, and the person does not change in any dramatic fashion (like the lowering of the head). It's an imperceptible change at first. I read that Joanne Woodward studied film of Eve White's real life counterpart going through the change. She said there was no obvious physical punctuation whenever the other peronalities came out, and that she wanted to play it that way. According to the article, the studio wanted the lowering of the head, etc. so that the audience wouldn't become confused whenever a change occured. No faith in the public. David Wayne is superb in his role, and I feel he is underrated in the part. I've known people like his character, and he was right on the mark with his performance. His role is easy to get lost in the overall dramatic screenplay. It's a brave film that enters relative virgin territory. It held my interest....more info
  • The three faces of Woodward
    Woodward gives a great performance to a script that ultimately becomes a let down. I agree the the hypnotizing scenes and personalities switching (minus the headaches) are unbelievable and probably because the subject matter rather new in the 50's. Still Woodward takes plenty of acting risks and for me they all paid off. Recommeded...more info


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