When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads, Revised Edition

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The double whammy of successful infertility treatments and an increase in the number of women having children later in life has resulted in a staggering--but perhaps not surprising--phenomenon: a tremendous increase in twin, triple, and quadruple births. When You1re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads is an outstanding, much-needed addition to the pregnancy genre for women who face the alternating joy, terror, and ambivalence associated with carrying, delivering, and coping with young multiples.

Subjects like nutrition, mom's changing body and emotions, fetal development, potential complications, and labor and delivery take on new meaning when you add another baby or two to the standard equation. With the goal of minimizing risk factors associated with multiple births, Dr. Barbara Luke and her team of writers cover each subject with a buoyant determination to tell it all and tell it well--avoiding the typical "how to name and dress your twins" issues. Accompanying the detailed medical perspective of Dr. Luke are personal experiences gathered from the journals of a few articulate moms, making each subject as real as it is educational. Simple illustrations, valuable charts (including one to plot and monitor fetal growth in grams or pounds), specific menu examples (like how can you consume 4,500 calories if you're expecting quads???), and lots of reassurance make this book a winner. --Liane Thomas

"A Clinically Proven Program for Women Pregnant with Multiples

Completely Updated, with 50 Recipes for Optimal Birth Weight

You're expecting more than one baby? Congratulations! In When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads, Dr. Barbara Luke's practical, nutrition-based program has been proven to lower complications, resulting in much healthier babies. This revision offers more nutritional information, 50 recipes to maximize birth weight, and new guidelines on nutritional needs and vegetarian options. It also includes updated information that reflects the most current obstetric and pediatric practices, such as expanded safety information on exercise and reducing your risk for complications."

Customer Reviews:

  • Informative
    This is a wonderful informative book for mothers expecting multiples. The nutrition and diet information is great however, I found out I have gestational diabetes and so the menu and diet information was not relevant.
    I would have liked if the book also catered to those who have gestational diabetes, preclampsia or other pregnancy complications.

    ...more info
  • Another living proof!
    My twin babies were born 8lbs and 8lbs4oz at 38 weeks 3 days, and are as healthy as can be. Being someone who likes to know all the possible risks and be mentally prepared for them, this book gave me that. At the same time I actually found the book very comforting with milestones to look forward to (for example the head circumference diagram and footprint comparison of each month the babies stay inside the womb). I also followed Dr Luke's weight gain recommendation and packed on necessary pounds which I believe helped contributed to the high birth weight of the babies. I definitely recommend this book to pregnant moms of multiples! I have read other books on multiple pregnancies that were downright depressing and uncaring, and other light readings like "Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy", which was fun to read but not at all helpful for a high risk multiples pregnancy. Thanks Dr Luke and Tamara!!! I am so grateful for your book....more info
  • Take some and leave some
    Read it and take what makes sense to you and leave the rest. I promise you'll learn something you didn't know and it could make a difference. My twins weighed 7lbs 15oz and 6lbs 12oz. I made it to 37 weeks...without vitamins...without preterm labor...without hospitalizations...only delivered c-section due to the positions of the babies at the last minute. My girls NEVER saw the inside of the NICU and went home with me 48 hours later....more info
  • Read this - then ask your Doctor
    I just came from my first appointment with a nutritionist in my OB's office. I told her I had been reading a book that recommends gaining a lot of weight when you're pregnant with twins. She immediately said, "Do you have Dr. Luke's book? Most of my patients who read that one arrive in tears about having to gain so much weight. And funny how Dr. Luke doesn't tell you how to take off those extra pounds after the birth." She says I really need to only gain 40-45 lbs. - not the 40-56 recommended here.
    But the nutritionist does agree with the frequent mini-meals or eating every two hours strategy and said the general guidelines for protein, fat, and carbs are good. We've worked out a diet that's somewhere between what one would eat for a singleton pregnancy and Dr. Luke's plan.
    (BTW - I'm at Mass. General in Boston - not some local practice in the middle of nowhere).
    Like some other readers I found the second author's tale of her horrific twin experience frightening and felt it was there to scare me into following the plan lest I experience the same outcome of preemies in the NICU.
    There are many helpful chapters in this book, but, unlike other readers I'm not sure it's the be all to end all of multiple pregnancy advice....more info
  • My triplets book
    The book take 1 day to arrive as specified. It was new as expected. I didn't have any surprise...more info
  • Informational
    Very informational and great guide for someone with a multiple pregnancy. It's helpful as a guide from the beginning of pregnancy to post pregnancy....more info
  • Must have book if you are prego with multiples
    I purchased this book when I first found out I was prego with triplets. I was quite distressed because my regular OB wanted me to reduce down to twins as he was sure I wouldn't be able to carry triplets to term (for trips)and healthy. I am also a petite woman (5ft)and he said "there isn't enough room in your uterus". I read this book in two days and was so encouraged by all the things expectant moms can do to increase their chances. So far, so good. This is the Bible for HOM moms. I have since spoken to other triplet moms and they too LOVE this book. I have referred to this book several times during the course of my pregancy and keep it by my bedside. This is a must have!!!...more info
  • Good Information
    Overall I really liked this book. I liked the information about protein and the importance of rest. I loved the baby foot prints and looked at them often.

    I was not always able to meet the protein recommendations, but I did more than what I would have, and I think it helped. I drank protein powder drinks the last few weeks.

    In the end -- my babies were born at 37 1/2 weeks, weighing 6 pounds 1 ounces and 6 pounds 5 ounces. I am 5 feet 3 inches tall, so this was a lot for me. But -- I felt kind of like a loser b/c in the book the "good moms" have 7 or 8 pound babies. But now (6 months later) I just feel lucky to have healthy babies, and happy I was able to carry them so long and that they had a solid birth weight, and I do think this book helped me. It helped me take my pregnance seriously, too. ...more info
  • The best out there
    This book is truly the best resource out there for moms carrying multiples. This book provided a lot of reassurance that I could carry triplets, and some great tips for making my pregnancy with the triplets last as long as possible. It really is a must have for multiple pregnancies. ...more info
  • A Great Book for a Healthy Twin Pregnancy
    If you are pregnant with twins you definitely need to read this book. I followed Dr. Luke's advice on diet and weight gain and I had two very healthy twins. Even though they were born at 34 weeks they were both 5 pounds (the nurses in the NICU were hugely impressed!). Also, all of the information on the first few months home with multiples is great - feeding, caring, etc. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • I cannot say enough about this book!
    When I found out my husband and I were expecting twins after first having a miscarriage at twelve weeks, I felt determined to learn all that I could to be as healthy as possible.

    This book is simply fantastic! It discusses in depth what you need to be eating to ensure proper weight gain, complete with recipes! I still remember to this day: my goal was 24lbs by 24 weeks. My OB mentioned at one of my visits that I had gained quite a bit from my last visit and mentioned, I think only half-jokingly, to 'not eat an extra piece of pie' at Thanksgiving. Thank goodness I had already started reading this book. I just smiled and nodded, all the while knowing that I had my own 'agenda'!

    I credit this book, in part, for my boys being so healthy when they were born 9 1/2 weeks early at 30 weeks and 4 days due to PPROM. Neither one was ever on the vent, and they went home WELL before their due date. They were due April 4th and went home Feb. 23 and March 1st. The nurses had even mentioned that I must have done 'something right' and had taken really good care of myself during my pregnancy for the boys to have been so healthy.

    In short, I wouldn't hesitate to completely recommend this book. It is a great resource and so unlike other pregnancy books that discuss multiple birth as an afterthought. ...more info
  • Good Information
    I am Prego with Boy/Girl Twins due in May 2007. This book was very informational but like with any advice or information you do have to filter out the stuff that might not apply or be practical. ...more info
  • Great Food for Thought
    I live in a relatively large community and yet there are no birthing centers dedicated to multiple gestations. As a result, I am being seen for my twin pregnancy by an OB who works closely with a maternal fetal medicine specialist. My OB also referred me to yet a third specialist for my monthly level II sonograms. After reading this book, I felt more knowledgeable and empowered. I knew what questions to ask and what potential concerns I might face in the future. This book also provided me with more detailed guidelines on proper nutritional requirements associated with a healthy twin pregnancy. I now order a shake with my grilled chicken and vegetables!...more info
  • questions were all answered
    All my questions were answered when I read this book. My triplets made it to the 37th week and there were all above 4.2 lbs. This was the only book I read and it was worth it....more info
  • Unusually high quality pregnancy book
    When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads is a wonderful book.

    My wife is expecting twins, and it was great to find a book with so much vital information. We're a young, college educated, type-A personality couple, so the advice for multiples is sometimes hard to swallow. But the best thing about the book is its heavy bibliography, which adds major credibility. Much of the material is probably going to be unfamiliar to the average General Practitioner, but it's closer to the forefront of medical knowledge than what is typically found in an advice book. And yes, the big point of the book is "eat more, rest more". The book retains some of the political correctness of the typical pregnancy guide and softballs vegetarianism and other difficult-to-touch choices. Ramadan fasting gets no mention, for example. But it's nowhere near as bad as the pandering you get in some guides. Mostly, Luke and Eberlein call a spade a spade.

    It would have been helpful if Dr. Luke had included five pages describing in detail where the information contained in the book came from, since that is the crux of much of the criticism she has received in her rare negative reviews. Dr. Luke is a real doctor. She's just not a MD. She's a Johns Hopkins educated researcher in maternal and fetal medicine, and is published in prestigious journals. ScD equals PhD - it's just another name for the same degree used at a few schools, notably Hopkins, MIT and Caltech. She's a professor at a solid medical school, for pete's sake. Dr. Luke would probably be stumped if asked to perform an emergency appendectomy, just like your OBGYN would be stumped trying to design a double-blind study to determine how much, if any, DHA/RHA supplement pregnant women should consume. But I'm not a medical professional, so I would like to have more information about how standard medical advice is created, so I could better judge what's contained in the book.

    This background would be helpful, because of the state of medical advice on multiple pregnancy. It's still a research area, and your doctor might not be well informed. There are no official guidelines on diet, for example, that differentiate from singletons. Doctors highly experienced in multiples are thin on the ground, so it's nice to read a book written by someone with a great deal of experience and research credentials. You may be getting inadequate advice, and it's nice to be able to tell.

    Yes, the book is a little bit scary at times, but so is parenting. If reading a big book and eating more steak is the hardest thing you have to do as a parent, you'll be alright. It's well written, and reassuring in its way.
    ...more info
  • I had to stop reading this book it upset me so much
    I know a lot of people liked this book, but I felt like it put too much pressure on me to pack on the pounds. I didn't realise so much of the book was focused on diet. It says you should plan on gaining a pound a week, and the more you gain the healthier your babies will be. Well the first 13 weeks I managed to gain NOTHING, and I felt horrible about it, but food made me so sick the last thing I could do was eat MORE food to try to gain weight. The book said that according to my starting weight I should try to gain 50 - 60 pounds during my pregnancy! I decided to stop reading the book, and so far, just going by what my gut says about what to eat and when, I've managed to put on 20 pounds. My twins are measuring perfectly and are very healthy.

    This book isn't horrible, but I would check it out of a library or borrow it or buy it used, don't spend the $ on a new one... and be prepared to put it down if it doesn't sound right to you....more info
  • Invaluable Guide
    I bought this book from Amazon the moment I knew that my wife was expecting twins. We tried following all the recommendations in the book throughout her pregnancy. She had a full-term twin pregnancy, right into the 39th week, normal singleton birth weight for both twins and zero days in the ICU.

    What we really like about this book was the very positive message it carried. All the support, love and prayers of our friends and loved ones helped a lot too....more info
  • Very helpful book
    My wife and I are using this book in conjuction with the "What to Expect When You're Expecting: 4th Edition" book. Both are incredible books that really do work well with eachother as long as you realize that multiples do make a difference. Both books have helped both my wife and I raise questions to ask the doctors on our frequent visits. In all, this is a great book to have as resources as you travel through the incredible world of carrying multiples....more info
  • Love this book!
    Thank goodness I found this book...expecting twins, and my doctor basically said the only thing different about this pregnancy would be the need for a scheduled C-section. That didn't sound right to me, so I started doing my own research. The info in this book is logical, informative, medically sound and backed up by research and statistics...it covers everything in great detail and really left me feeling informed and empowered for this (slightly scary) journey through a multiple pregnancy. It answered almost all of my questions, and I've referred to it frequently as the weeks go by. This is not about finding cute names and buying matching nursery stuff- this is about doing everything you can to help a high risk pregnancy come to a happy ending. Some of it was a little scary to read, but overall it's a really positive book that tells it like it is and offers good, do-able advice about things like weight gain, bedrest and exercise, recognizing pre-term labor and other risks, what to expect at delivery, navigating the NICU, and making it through those first few months of nursing/feeding, etc. Even the recipes were good- my seven year old loves the food! (and I love the fact that they said ice cream and fast-food burgers are OK in moderation- the diet guidelines actually fit a real lifestyle.) I wholeheartedly recommend this book- it prompted me to find a new doctor who specializes in multiples, and she recommends the book too!...more info
  • Healthiest Pregnancy I've had, because of this book.
    I was expecting this book to be slightly helpful. But it had been tremendously. Not only did it offer a successful vitamin regiment that curb my vitamin nausea, it also suggest a way to reduce my chances of getting preeclampsia. My swelling with twins had been less then my swelling with the singleton I had. The diet suggestions have been right on target. I'm having a healthier pregnancy all around. I highly recommend this book to anyone expecting more then one. They covered all types of women from very underweight to, like me, very overweight. The nook has given me an understanding of what my body is going threw and when things do happen I fell better being prepared.
    ...more info
  • You will have a great multiple pregnancy!
    I picked up a copy of this book as soon as I found out I was expecting twins in 2006. Here is my story...I diligently read the book and found great merit in what the authors had written (all based on research). I followed much of their advice (drinking a gallon of water a day, omega-3 supplements, etc.) and I strongly believe this helped me to naturally deliver healthy twin boys at full term (38 weeks). Both boys had great birth weights: 6lb 10oz and 6lb 12oz. I even worked up until 37 weeks b/c I was so healthy and my doctors had no medical reason to put me on disability. My doctors called me "the poster child for twin pregnancy." I recommend this book to everyone who is pregnant with multiples!...more info
  • I really love this book!
    After reading a really awful and one-sided twin pregnancy book, I knew what kind of book I didn't want. This book is a dream for me as a pregnant mom to twins!

    What I really appreciate about the book is the honesty towards nutrition for small, medium and large women. EVERY book and website I've gone to looking for nutrition on overweight women has told me to consult with my doctor because I am overweight. Really counterproductive. However, this book lays it out for moms of ALL shapes and not only is it easy to understand, but easy to follow.

    I really enjoy the clinical facts of their nutrition program which promotes longer gestational pregnancies and higher birth weight babies. The clinic in which this program is based on has a great turnout for exactly what it is shooting for, and for me, that is the most important part of my pregnancy - going as long as I can and having healthy higher-weight babies. I really believe this book is providing me with the information I need to make that happen.

    Especially wonderful for pregnant moms is the fact that you can eat carbs and fatty foods without feeling guilt because this shows you how to balance your food scales. For someone that LOVES food a little too much, and is prone to weight gain, this book has been awesome. Plus, I am not gaining an excess of weight like I did with my first (singleton) pregnancy. Granted, I am still early on in my pregnancy, but I can already tell a difference.

    PLUS the eating schedule suggested in this book is helping me keep my morning sickness at bay. A HUGE BONUS for me.

    I really can't say enough GREAT things about this book. I highly recommend it to everyone with a multiple pregnancy!...more info
  • Interesting, but who wants to gain 85 lbs?
    I thought this book was very interesting, but when I asked my doctor about the advice on how much weight you should gain (I was WAY behind their suggestions) she laughed and told me that she saw "No reason you should pork out as long as the babies are growing well...you will have to loose that weight someday." So, run it by your doctor and take it with a grain of salt-- I only gained 45 lbs and my twins were 6lbs and 6lbs 12 oz. and I was induced at 37 weeks. I was glad that when all was said and done, I only had about 5lbs of real fat to loose to get back to my prepregnancy weight of 130 (5'6'')...more info
  • Best book on multiple pregnancy
    The recommendations on diet and nutrition found in this book are easy to follow and they really help to build stronger, healthy babies. The book outlines how and why a multiples pregnancy is NOT the same as a singleton pregnancy and should be treated completely differently. It is easy to read, contains loads of info on multiples, and has recipes! If you are carrying multiples you need this book to fully understand how to give your special pregnancy the best care.
    I recently gave birth to twins weighing in at 7.0 and 7.4lbs thanks to this book. I am on the petite side and have never really had a huge appetite so when I found out I had to eat for THREE I found it challenging. The book laid out exactly how I was supposed to eat, and by following the examples I produced a couple of huge babes!! The doctors and nurses couldn't believe I was carrying such huge babies and even came to visit them in my room after delivery, calling them a "success story." If you are looking for some help in the area of prenatal care, diet, and nutrition the book is for you!...more info
  • Only twin pregnancy book you'll need!
    I took every twin book out of the library before I actually bought any. This was the only pregnancy book I bought. It was invaluable. Regular pregnancy books don't apply to mothers of multiples!

    My twins were born at 38 weeks - 7 lbs and 5 lbs 12 oz. Read and re-read the book to give your children the best start at life possible. Thank you Dr. Luke!...more info
  • I'm sure there are better twin books
    This book was moderately helpful. It is written by both a doctor and a patient that had twins. The pregnancy information, I didn't find very helpful. They kept referring to the patient's personal experience. She evidently delivered her twins quite early, so everything kept referrring to that. I had my twins at 37 weeks, and had a fairly normal pregnancy. They got to come home right away. I got a little tired of hearing about all the worst case scenarios of tiny sickly babies, especially when you're so nervous anyway being pregnant with twins. I know multiples in pregnancies is risky, but can we get away from the scare tactics? The title refers to "...for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy" and they just keep talking about bad pregnancies with worst case outcomes. It should be called "...for a preterm twin pregnancy where your babies might not come home for weeks or months.."

    The post-pregnancy information was a little more helpful. They gave lots of tips on scheduling, and just ordinary day to day tasks once the babies were home. Even talking about living arrangements and parental nap suggestions adn lifestyle changes.

    Overall, I probably wouldn't re-buy this book....more info
  • Excellent resource when expecting multiples
    I am only 13 weeks pregnant with twins, but have found that this book is extremely useful! As several other reviewers have noted many books do not give proper information on multiples. Even doctors and nurses are vague about the special requirements of growing multiples. The book handles all angles (positive and negative) in a helpful and non-threatening way. It emphasizes dietary requirements, which are really important, and things to watch for during pregnancy to prevent problems, and advice to help you talk intelligently with your doctors. It does not give a week by week development guide, but those were easy enough to find online and free. This has much more useful information than any other book I have bought or borrowed on pregnancy....more info
  • More sell pitch than inform
    This book told you how great the author's clinic was, but very little of useful information about your pregnancy. It said you must gain a lot of weight thru any mean possible, including eating junk food. If you didn't follow their advice, your babies would be born premature and/or have low birth weight.

    I was depressed after reading the book. I read "What to Expect..." instead, and loved it! I followed their advice and gained only 30 lbs, not 40-50 lb as this book suggested. At 37 weeks, I gave birth to a 8 lb boy and 6 lb 12 oz girl....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for.
    While expecting twins I was living in Korea. It was so difficult to find fact based, comprehensive infromation on having multiples. I did not have access to a doctor who specialized in multiples and this book was my life line. I was able to inform the docotor of the things I needed or expected from him and had access to all the information I so desperatly needed. I strongly recommend this book. ...more info
  • Best Twin Pregnancy Book Out There
    I bought several books to guide me through my twin pregnancy - this one was the best by far. It stressed how much I needed to eat and how much I needed to rest. Lots of great, practical advice. ...more info
  • Essential for those expecting Twins or Higher order Multiples.
    This guide is essential for any expectant parent of multiples particularly the nutritional advice. I've bought a over dozen books on pregnancy preparation and researched extensively for advice and I found Dr Luke to be the best informed source on preparation for multiple births.
    My wife's twins are due(planned c-section) next week and have shown above average growth for twins despite being female,identical and having a low birth weight/petite mother(83 lbs pre- pregnant,5'0!). I believe that the uncomplicated pregnancy, the above average gestational attainment(37 weeks 4 days as of today) and the healthy weight estimates of the twins(both expected to be close to 6 lbs or heavier) are due in no small part to the recommendations set forth by Dr Luke. I urge any expectant parent of multiples to buy this book for the health of their upcoming offspring.
    However there is one caveat here. Dr Luke somehow has overlooked any mention of Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome which is a condition that afflicts about 25% of identical(monozygotic) twin pregnancies and is a leading cause of prenatal death among identical twin pairs.Please if you area having identicals buy this book THEN seek out information about TTTS....more info
  • Great book!
    Out of all the books I read during my twin pregnancy this one was the most important. I delivered my twins at 34wks/3days with birth weights at 6.4lbs and 6.2lbs. The nutrition information in this book is vital for multiple pregnancies because you really need to eat completely different than a singleton pregnancy. Without this informative book just on multiple pregnancy nutrition, my babies probably would of been a lot smaller and sick. I have heard a lot of stories of twins being in the NICU for months. I believe that it is a mothers responsibility to ensure that your babies recieve every advantage that they can have, since they already start out at a disadvantage being a multiple. This book was a life saver! Thanks Dr. Luke ...more info
  • Comprehensive reference book for a multiples pregnancy
    I think I found out as much as my OB knows about multiples pregnancies from this book. Definitely get it if you're a take charge kind of person who wants to ensure as healthy a pregnacy as possible for yourself and your babies....more info
  • Very good information
    The information provided in this book was extremely useful for me during my pregnancy with my twins. I read this book over and over agian.I especially liked the part where it tells which kind of food is important in what trimester and why it is important to concentrate on those foods more in that partcular trimester. I also liked the break down of the weight that needs to be gained with an explanation of why that break down is necessary. Awesome book. I will recommend this to anyone having multiples...more info
  • Worth the money
    Being pregnant with twins I read ALOT of pregnancy books, but they were geared toward singleton pregnancies and didn't address the specific concerns of multiples. This book addressed those concerns and made you understand what you were going through and helped with issues like proper weight gain and preterm labor. Singleton books make you feel scared that something is wrong or you are doing something wrong, but this book makes you understand it isn't wrong, you are just pregnant with more than one baby. I recommend this book to any mom with multiples....more info
  • The Ultimate Multiple Pregnancy Guide!
    Clearly, from looking at the ratings you can tell this is a wonderful book. It is a comprehensive, organized, easy read on how to survive a multiple pregnancy. It has impactful visual information, like comparing the size of your prenates heads at different weeks to common fruits. That will motivate you to follow doctors orders! It also has a incredible diet which targets optimal multiple health. The diet outlines calorie intake , suggested amounts of protein, fats, carbs, along with an extensive list of healthy foods which will help you meet your nutritional needs. It also has charts with suggested amounts of weight you should have gained at various points. I followed it, and my twins were both over 5 lbs when they were born at 34 weeks. I was 4'9, 110 when I got pregnant and gained about 50 lbs. While it was difficult for me, I fully attribute my babies health and weight to this book. It also gave lots of information on preterm labor (symptoms and suggestions how to avoid it), bedrest (how to survive when your on it) and medications/procedures commonly used in multiple pregnancies (so you actually understand what the doctors are talking about). This book kept me sane. I read many books (in all the bedrest freetime ) but I would highly recommend this book as the ultimate resouce for any expecting mom....more info
  • Worth every penny
    This book is a great resource for maintaining a healthy pregnancy with multiples. It was the only book I found that focused on the different and needs of carrying twins (or more). There's a ton of detailed information on nutrition, weight gain, planning and preparation. I would have enjoyed seeing a few more details on the development (what's going on with the babies each week), but you can find that information on a million websites or in other basic books. I found this was my go to book throughout my pregnancy to make sure I was on track with what I was supposed to be doing....more info
  • first time mom of twins
    When I found out I was having twins, I knew I needed a special book just for a multiples pregnancy. I am short and slender, so I was worried about carrying healthy, full term twins. I followed the nutrition advice from this book, which was to pretty much eat twice as much as a normal pregnant person. I was concerned about gaining weight but my babies came first and though I was nauseous, I tried to stick to their recommended diet. I only gained about 45 pounds, and went up to 38 weeks. I had two big, healthy twin boys (7lbs 11, and 6 lbs). I lost all my weight 5 months post partum, and my boys are always at least in the 90th percentile or even off the charts in size and weight. I'm giving four stars because I wasn't so impressed with their advice on twin breastfeeding....more info
  • this book really turned me off
    when i found out i was having twins (surprise) i ran to find anything i could read on the subject. i was very offended by the author's suggestion that most twin pregnancies are so precious... suggesting you should gain large amounts of weight (to support the babies), which my doctor advised against, and that you should not exercise. both of these things are myths that should not be continued in print!...more info
  • TWINS GALORE - the proof is in the pudding!
    7 lbs 5 oz and 6 lbs 11 oz - huge, healthy, and full-term!! Think about it - how many parents of twins can actually (truthfully) say that?? I'm living the reality of my dreams and hopes and I owe it SOLELY to THIS BOOK. And let me also reassure you that the outcome of my twin pregnancy was NOT just a fluke - I worked very hard toward it, by reading, understanding and fully implementing the entire protocol that Dr. Luke recommends. Now that I glow as a proud mom of beautifull, completely healthy, remarkable twins, I owe it to the world to share my secret - if you are expecting twins or more, PLEASE read and follow this book!...more info
  • read it early in your pregnancy
    I found this book very helpful, and only wish that I knew about it earlier in my prgnancy....more info
  • useless
    Other people w/twins recommended this book, but I found it pretty worthless. Here's basically what it says: eat a high protein diet, especially early in pregnancy b/c you won't have as much appetite by your third trimester. Why do you need to spend the money on this book for that? I've already summarized the whole book for you... Good luck....more info
  • Great book, a must read, but don't get discouraged if you don't gain all the weight recommended.
    I must say I was afraid to read this book b/c I'm not a big eater. I read all the reviews and the ones that people said they felt guilty b/c of not gaining weight frightened me. Comments about her pushing McDonalds, etc (which the reviewers totally over-exaggerated) But I must say even after reading the book, I am not guilty b/c I know I'm doing all I can to eat as much as I can. But I think the most important thing this book taught me is WHAT to eat.

    I am now 20 weeks pregnant with twins and I have only gained 7 pounds. Not from a lack of trying, lol....But my babies are thriving and very healthy, doing great. B/C I'm eating the RIGHT foods I am healthy, glowing, have no swelling to speak of. My doctor said I'm one of her healthiest looking twin mom patients. My blood pressure is great, and no signs of any health concerns. I give a lot of credit to eating right and healthy.

    The the only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars b/c it does put a lot of emphasis on gaining weight early. But sometimes it's pretty much impossible. I gained NOTHING in my first trimester,even though I had no morning sickness and I more than doubled my food intake. My twins take EVERYTHING I eat for themselves, and leave nothing for me. But I still feel great, have never felt faint or dizzy.Every ounce of my 7 pound weight gain is in my belly and my breasts.

    Other than that, it totally deserves the 4 stars. Because it teaches you HOW to eat, what to eat, and why to eat it. I love where it tells you what to concentrate on per trimester. So even though I'm not packing on the pounds, b/c of this book I'm eating healthier than I have ever eaten before and I understand the importance of it. So whatever I put in my body has a direct benefit to my babies. I am also drinking protein shakes b/c this book made me understand how important protein is and I KNOW that I can't get enough from food alone b/c I simply do not have the space. But it's very easy to drink protein shakes throughout to make sure my little ones are getting enough. My doctor said also make sure when drinking the shakes, to get one packed with other vitamins as well.

    My advice is to definitely read this book. It's a very interesting read, I read it cover to cover b/c it was so captivating. And DON'T feel guilty if you can't eat as much as she tells you to, b/c IMO it's quite ambitious and most of us simply cannot eat that much. It's OK, just eat WHAT she tells you to, and don't concentrate on how much!!

    Oh, and PS - One thing I noticed is that she LOVES to toot her own horn. I rolled my eyes quite a bit while reading, lol. But you just laugh it off and keep reading :)...more info
  • Mixed feelings. . .
    This is a great book in the sense that it made me feel like I had some control over a pregnancy that was high risk. I followed all of the dietary recommendations. I took time off work after about 20 weeks. I thought I was doing everything right. But, I still went into preterm labor at only 30 weeks and my boys were born at 31 weeks. My boys were great size for 31 weeks (4lbs and 3lbs 15.8oz) and had people in the NICU questioning their gestational age (I was positive)! So, perhaps it truly makes a difference for some, but it didn't seem to for me. (Perhaps I would have gone into labor even sooner, but I doubt it.) I do think the book gave me too much confidence that I would carry my boys to term that I failed to do as much research as I should have regarding life in the NICU (where my boys were for 5 weeks, 3 days). Additionally, my OB raised her eyebrows at many of the ideas saying they weren't necessary (too much food, too much weight, etc)--and my OB is one who normally just goes with the flow of things and encourages people to do what is best for them. Keep in mind that although this book is by a "Dr.," this Dr. is not an MD, but someone with a PhD!...more info
  • Hands down, the best available resource.
    I live in a rural community and have limited access to physicians. My OB wasn't treating my twin pregnancy as if it were anything special. It took a while to find a book that was about more than "Should their names rhyme?" and "Should they sleep in the same bed?" I am a very experienced mother of 7 who is having her first set of twins, and the information in this book is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I needed to know what was special about twin pregnancies... the risks, the concerns, the diet, and what I could do to give myself the very best odds. If you are looking for a volume on twin pregnancy, this is THE book....more info
  • A must have for multiples!
    This book was recommended to me during my twins pregnancy by a friend who had twins, and I LOVE this book! I have already recommended this book to another friend of ours who is expecting twins. This would also make a terrific baby shower gift....more info
  • Must have for moms-to-be of multiples
    I purchased this book when I found out I was having twins. This book was beyond helpful and offered excellent guidance to help me through my twin pregnancy. Every chapter provided helpful information. I especially appreciated the nutrition advice it offerred along with the healthy weight gain guide. It aided me in having two, beautiful, healthy girls weighing 6 lbs 6 ounces and 6 lbs 10 ounces. If you are pregnant with multiples - buy this book now!...more info


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