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Ideal for all solid floors & carpets Cleans and sanitizes, 1000 watts, 4 steam levels, Stainless steel boiler, Double steam distribution system, Carpet Sledge attachment loosens dirt and grime for vacuum cleaners, 17 oz. capacity, 12 inch cleaning path, 9 lbs., Lightweight, 25 foot cord, 1 year warranty. US Warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship. Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor 1000 watts 3.5 bar steam pressure 266F max steam temperature Dimensions: 48H x 12w x 7.25D inches 4 steam levels 17 oz. capacity 12 inch cleaning path 9 lbs., Lightweight 25 foot cord Cleans and sanitizes Stainless steel boiler Double steam distribution system Sprays steam downwards Trigger control sprays steam forward Carpet Sledge attachment -Allows cleaning of carpets -Loosens dirt and grime for vacuum cleaners Easy fill water tank Two Microfiber cloth towels attach to underside Ergonomic handle Ready in 3 minutes Steam ready light Power on light This fine product has an edge over the competition by offering 2 Direction Steam that comes out of the bottom and front of the machine. With its ability to clean both hard surface flooring and carpets with steam you can effectively kill bacteria without using potentially damaging and harmful chemical. The larger than average cleaning width will help you get the job done faster and the washable pads and no chemicals needed saves you money over most other cleaning methods.

  • 1000 watts
  • 266F max steam temperature
  • 4 steam levels
  • 9 lbs., Lightweight
Customer Reviews:
  • Handle is extremely flimsy
    I ordered this mop and spent an hour trying to put together the handle. It is so flimsy, it is difficult to even get it together. I'm sending it back because there is no way this will last even a year. Ken's charges for shipping and is making me pay for the return shipping plus insurance. I won't be ordering from them again....more info
  • Better than I expected
    This product is great. I researched steam mops for weeks and finally decided on this one. I've had it for about a month and am very satisfied. It is very easy to use and does a great job cleaning up everyday dirt and also gunk stuck to the floor from 3 small children who spill everywhere! I am using this mop about 2 times a week and I just feel that my house is so much cleaner. I don't have time to spend 2 hours on my hands and knees cleaning my floor all the time, so I would let it go. This thing takes about 20 minutes to clean my hardwood floors. I find that it does not leave streaks on my wood floors either (they are lighter in color). I have to stop and fill the tank again in order to clean my whole first floor, but it still only takes 20 minutes and it is a fairly large space that I am cleaning....more info
  • Steamer works but handle broke
    The steamer does work as advertised, but it does take some scrubbing action and pressure to get everything up. Thus the second problem the handle broke. I am not that strong and the handle snapped after my 3rd use. ...more info
  • Good appliance, although steam mops aren't all THAT
    I like this mop. Don't get me wrong. I no longer have to haul around a sloppy bucket and drag it all over the house and smear chemicals across my tile floor. I am grateful for that. However, I would say this cleans about equal to the traditional mop. And it doesn't clean the grout well at all. I use it for day to day cleaning of my tile floors. But for tough spots, and deep cleaning, you will still need to get down and dirty on the floor with a scrub brush. I bought this model because of the steam jets, so I could clean my baseboards. It is easy to push, but the microfiber pad isn't very fluffy and doesn't pick up dirt as well as I had hoped. It has a very sturdy handle compared to the shark. But the handle doesn't actually allow you to push any harder (scrub) the floor.

    Bottom line: Was it worth the $$$? I guess, I clean my floors more often than I did before, but they aren't much cleaner than when I used a mop and bucket....more info
  • Very happy with my purchase!
    I'd been wanting to purchase a steam mop for over a year, and I finally plunked down the money for this one. I'm very pleased with it! I was amazed at the amount of dirt that it removed from my kitchen floor, especially. That floor is textured linoleum stick-on tiles that are supposed to look like slate. Anyway, dirt tends to get trapped in the grooves, and it's very hard to remove. I was a little worried that the high level of heat would ruin the adhesive and lift the tiles, but that hasn't happened after several moppings. I had even scrubbed that floor on hands and knees with a magic eraser about a week before I bought my Monster, and yet there was more dirt remaining than I thought possible. Now, I can even walk around barefoot and my feet stay clean. My other floors are made of ceramic tiles, laminate, and linoleum. It has cleaned all of them equally well. I was a little leery about using the Monster on the laminate floors, but I just put it on the lowest setting and they are spotless and no worse for the wear. It should be noted though, that my laminate floors are glueless, so your mileage may vary if yours are glued together. This mop is super easy to use and what's more, it's fun! I've never had such clean floors, period. And with relatively little effort! Even my six year old had to try it out. Picking up her toys is another matter, but who wouldn't want to try blasting a floor clean with this thing? I also like the trigger on the handle that sends out a blast of steam--it's nice to blast around the base of the toilets, under the fridge, in corners, etc. I feel like this mop will be pretty durable too--there doesn't seem to be a whole lot that could go wrong with it. After all, steam irons last forever (my mom still uses one she inherited from her mother, daily, because she sews) and this is basically an iron on a stick. Overall, just a great, chemical free way to get your home really clean....more info
  • Great purchase
    I researched for weeks online and in stores for a steam mop, as most of my house is wood or tile. I could not be happier with my purchase. Here are the reasons why i finally chose the Euroflex Monster:

    1) It was actually designed to be used on hardwood floors - this was important to me b/c I didn't want to ruin the floors in our house
    2) It has 2 different steam levels, which makes it safer and more effective at cleaning tile and hardwood. i could not find any other steam mop w/ 2 different steam levels.
    3) it has a good sized water chamber. i can mop the whole house on one filling if i don't press the trigger too much to get extra steam to come out the front.
    4) steam jets on the bottom AND front. i don't remember seeing this in any other brand.
    5) it heats up hotter than most steam mops - to 240 degrees F. Other steam mops don't get as hot so to actually sanitize you are supposed to hold the mop in one spot for 15 seconds, which would make mopping a house an all day event.
    6) it also has an attachment for steam cleaning carpets - i have not tried this yet, but liked the feature.

    It has been great at cleaning well and quickly. It really does wipe away grime... even grime that's been there for a while. The pads are machine washable and come out clean every time. Be sure to use distilled water so that you don't get any build up in the chamber (that goes for all steam mops). My only complaint is that if you do have to refill the water chamber mid-cleaning session, you have to wait to 5 mins unscrew the cap (b/c of steam escaping when you unscrew the cap)and then another 5 mins for the mop to heat up after you put more water in the chamber. ...more info
  • Lots of good but not best for my use
    I recently took up most the carpet in my house and replaced it with tile and hardwood floors. I hate carrying a mop and bucket around the house so I purchased this for my upstairs which is around 600 sq ft of tile and hardwood.

    I first vacuum and then use this to get floors clean. It works well if the amount of dirt isn't too much but if there is mud or spills, it tends to just spread around the dirt around. The pad isn't the most absorbent and once it gets dirty - pretty quickly in my house - it then just pushes the dirt around. It comes with two pads for tile & hardwood floors (1 for carpet) and I have to change pads half way through to keep it from just spreading the dirt. I have two large dogs that sleep in the upstairs bedroom so the amount of mud and dirt in my house may be more than the expected use for this. I am going to look into the larger, bulky (yuck) steam cleaners since those are probably better for our use.

    On the good side, this is light weight and easy to move around. It gets in corners and along walls well. I also really like that you can adjust the amount of steam - I use high for the tile and low for the hardwood floors. I am able to fill it up once for the ~600 sq ft area which is nice. I like using the hot steam to clean but I think it's not sufficient for my house. It does leave the floor slightly damp but no worse (maybe better) than my mop so it doesn't bother me. Some minor cons are that the hole you pour the water into is tiny so you tend to spill and it takes a good 5+ minutes to be ready but if you plan ahead that's not a big deal....more info
  • Momma's in love!!
    Love it love it love it. I got this after doing about 2 weeks of research i wanted a good price for a good steamer and man did i get it. i just used it for the first time 10 minuets and had to come write a review. it heats up so fast! i did 2 rooms on one tank (decent size rooms)the cord is a little shirt (couldnt do hall way and room on same plug) not a big deal. get one best thing ever!! mom of 2 kids 6 neighborhood kids and 2 huskies......more info
  • It impressed me!
    I purchased this particular steam mop because of the size of the water tank. Most of the other steam mops only hold a small amount of water but this thing holds quite a bit. It leaves some water on the floor but no more if you would have mopped with a regular mop (probably a bit less). Please pay attention when putting the handle together. When I first put my handle together and tried the mop out the front steam jets didn't work when I'd depress the trigger. I called Premier and they basically said to call Euroflex because they are so fantastic to deal with yada yada yada. I called Euroflex and got a machine that told me to leave my name and phone number and they would call me back (yeah right). I haven't heard anything yet from them and I have a funny feeling that I won't. The front jets eventually started working so everything is fine now.
    The instructions for putting the handle together are in the back of the booklet behind the foreign language instructions.

    For me it is easy to use and it leaves the floor looking and feeling really clean. Of course, you have to sweep first because even though the floor pads are nice and thickly made I don't think it would pick up a lot of trash off the floor. I ended up ordering more replacement pads through [...] because they are not available on Amazon at this time.

    I used to use a large commercial mop bucket with ringer and I am glad to finally be rid of having to lug it throughout the house. The steam mop does not fit between the toilet and wall in one of my bathrooms but I think I can live with that. Overall I am happy with my purchase so far.

    UPDATE: I used this steam mop on a room with a vinyl tile floor and it did a horrible job. I put it on the lowest setting and everything and it left a streaky lines all over the tile. It looks as if the steam (even on the lowest setting) was way to hot and pulled a layer of wax or whatever they use on this type of vinyl tile right off of it. Anyway it looks like I won't be using it in that particular room again but it does such a wonderful job at cleaning ceramic tile that it is still a great mop.
    ...more info
    I love this steam mop! After watching an infomercial for another steam mop, I started researching reviews and after watching a video on how to operate this one I chose it. This one does not seem to have the problems of others. It does not leave the floor soaking wet, and it heats up quickly. It also has a very long cord. I have marble, granite, hardwood, and laminate floors, and it did a great job on all of them. It does not make them "shine" but does clean them well. I found it even removed gum and paint. I have 3 teenagers and 2 dogs and this is the first mop that actually cleaned all the grim and dirt away. Get this mop, you will not be disappointed!!! I bought mine from GOvacuum and got free shipping for around $106 and received it in a couple of days from placing my order with Amazon....more info
  • 4.5 stars - A great hard floor steamer
    This is the 3rd floor steamer I have owned. The first was a Eureka Enviro-steamer - had it for several years and loved it - then it broke. They don't seem to make them anymore. Next I bought a Lysol steam-mop. Don't bother. It's a glorified Swiffer. Flimsy, water us barely hot - not really steam, very short cord, and every time I filled it it would promptly relieve itself on the floor. Junk.

    Then I bought the Monster. It's very much like the Enviro-steamer. Light comes on when steam is ready. Cool feature is that the steam only comes out when you lower the handle. Steam is hot and does a great job on my tile floors. The cord is longer than most other steamers. The water heats in just a few minutes and I can steam about 1500 sf of tile in 2 fills of the tank - and steaming is way faster than mopping. Yes - you do have to vacuum or sweep first. This isn't meant to pick up debris. And yes - there is a 'steamy' scent as you mop - but it goes away pretty quickly.

    The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because it is supposed to do light steam cleaning on carpets too (with the sledge) but it did nothing on my carpets and it doesn't get under the cabinets too well due to the height of the boiler. Oh well. Minor stuff for an overall great floor cleaner....more info
  • A Monster Cleaner
    This little cleaner is awesome!! And I mean awesome! I only use it on tile, so keep that in mind, but it does a WONDERFUL job. The steam powerfully removes dirt and dried on stuff. I was so impressed the first time I used it and that feeling continues. There's very little "scrubbing" involved, just pushing - and that's not too hard, though a little harder than a regular mop. The beauty is that you don't feel like you're pushing dirt around the floor like you do with a regular mop. It really seems to come up and stick to the microfiber cloth (I always vacuum before mopping too). I even did a paper towel test on a section of tile that I'd mopped with the Monster - no dirt on the paper towel. Now that's impressive. It does take about 5 minutes to heat up when filled with cold water, the handle is a little flimsy for my taste, and yes, it doesn't reach all the way under cabinets because of the way it's designed, but the cleaning power outweighs any of these issues. Hope this helps someone make a great decision. A clean floor with little effort and no choking chemicals. You can't beat that....more info
  • Steam vs. Scrub
    After trying other steam mops hastily purchased for my mom at Target, Sears, etc...I've decided I love MY steam mop - this steam mop. Whether its called the Euroflex or Monster Steam Mop, it produces a lot of steam and actually sanitizes. Others like the H2O mop need up to 15 seconds in a spot to actually sanitize. After trying other steam mops, this one works extremely well and does what's promised.

    I also want to give my opinion about HOW these products clean, because I have both the FLOORMATE and this EUROFLEX. If you are trying to decide to go steam vs. scrub, here are the pros and cons.

    If you are trying to decide steam versus floor scrubber, consider the pro's and con's.

    EuroFlex or Monster Steam Mop
    - Steam comes out from top & bottom
    - Sterilizes floors which is great for kids
    - Gentle on tile
    - Lightweight and Easy to use
    - Environmentally friendly; BUT...
    - Pushes around dust & debris; sweep EVERYTHING up first
    - Takes at least 5 minutes to warm up
    - Handle is a bit flimsy

    FLOORMATE or other scrubber
    - Scrubs floors using chemicals & water
    - Vacuums up debris & scrub water into canister
    - Very thoroughly cleans even tough stains; BUT...
    - You have to "clean the cleaner" after each use
    - You need to assemble and disassemble major parts after each use

    I use my Floormate once every two weeks and the steamer in between times....more info
  • THE "monster"............
    Well, I think that it is VERY easily assembled! It DOES MOP the floor BEAUTIFULY, BUT......... I got it, because I had rust stains and well, I wanted them off of my kitchen floor, and it did NOT get it, HOWEVER the company was very fast to respond and offer a solution! The handle is a bit "flimsy" If you push too hard, I feel personally that it would SNAP in half! lol... It does come with 2 pads and a carpet steamer, which I will try today. The cord is long, and other than the flimsy handle, it's OKAY. I will post an update in a couple of weeks. The only flaw that I had with it really was ON THE HANDLE, I couldn't get it to spray out of the front because there is a "switch" that you have to MAKE sure is ALL the way up in order for it to spray out of the front. I don't think that it get's under counters very well, because it is so bulky, It does not go "sideways" very well... Or get corners, but they front spray does in deed spray very well, and far! ...more info
  • Monster EZ1 Steam Mop Review
    Watch Video Here: This is a video review of the Monster EZ1 Steam Mop brought to you by Govacuum. ...more info