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Who Reads All You?
All You is created for the value-driven American woman. All You readers seek practical, reliable, affordable solutions for how to do more, buy more and accomplish more with less. They want “achievable inspiration,” not “unattainable fantasy,” reasonably priced products from stores where they actually shop, and real-life advice that fits their busy lifestyle. All You covers a range of topics from interpersonal relationships to home repair; recipes that can be made in 10 minutes to decorating ideas for under $100; health information delivered in language she can understand, to clothes for every body type, all presented in a lively, contemporary format.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Live Well for Less: An inviting two-page, front-of-the-book section offers practical, actionable ideas for saving money — from how to cut costs on energy to tips on maximizing coupons and more.
  • Dress for Real Life: All You is proud that women of all body types see themselves reflected on our pages. We showcase many different figures and often feature real women, not models, in our fashion stories. This regular feature can range from "We Found the Perfect Black Pants," to tips on how to find flattering spring dresses to how to choose a bathing suit to accentuate one’s best assets. These stories empower women and validate their needs. In each, All You showcases clothes from stores where women really shop at price points they can afford.
  • Your Health: Features breaking news, smart cures and simple ways to boost wellness.
  • We Made it Work: Inspiring first-person stories of women and families who have overcome challenges in their lives. In their own words, rare in their honesty, these women prove that by living their lives with grace and courage, nothing is impossible. Recent features have included how four women fought their way out of debt and joblessness, three adoptees searched for their birth families and others bravely beat cancer.
  • Solve Your Family’s Eating Challenges: An All You nutrition expert solves one family’s eating challenge, offering essential tips and advice on how they can live healthier lives. This makeover includes a before-and-after and the family’s reactions to the positive changes.
  • Reality Checkers: All You is focused on reflecting our reader and her real life in everything we do. A key element to this is its ongoing dialogue with a highly engaged group of over 20,000 readers, the All You “Reality Checkers.” Their tips and photos are featured in every issue and this ensures that all content developed is “Reality Checked” and will resonate with the readers. When readers see other women just like them in the magazine, offering advice, they relate to the peer-to-peer connection and are inspired to take action.
  • Real Family Food: All You showcases five easy meals one can prepare in a week that respect both the reader’s time and budget. The recipes include cost per serving, prep and cook times and stress-free kitchen tips. A handy, interactive tool called a “Tip Strip,” features a complete shopping list, organized for how she actually shops, which one is encouraged to rip and use.
  • Feature Articles: The magazine’s feature stories address money-saving solutions, no-stress, low-cost beauty ideas, simple fitness plans, practical home tips such how to make over your outdoor space on a budget and more. Recent stories showcased how to stock your pantry and save, complete with tips on how to whip up a low-cost meal anywhere; how to stash cash in tough times; outsmart PMS so you can feel your best every day of the month; and a guide to growing your own vegetable garden as a way to save.

Magazine Layout:
Editorial content is presented through a value-oriented lens, in an accessible, easy-to-read format, ideal for a busy lifestyle. All You delivers bite-size nuggets of information and realistic ideas for every area of a woman’s life. The photography, graphics, boxes and tips are presented in organized, visually compelling design. .

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All You recruits experts in key fields--health, relationships, pet care, fitness, and money savings. Many of them are women, since All You is for women, and all of them are able to speak in a direct and practical way to give readers advice they can use.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
The mission of All You is to provide readers with what they need but also to recognize, celebrate and encourage them. In every issue, on every page, All You makes women feel great about themselves and their choices.

Advertisers looking to reach the value-minded consumer run in All You. The magazine carries a wide range of advertisers from food to home to apparel to beauty.

All You has been named to ADWEEK's prestigious "10 Under 50" Hot List for magazines under $50 million for two consecutive years (2007 and 2008). In 2009, the category changed to "10 Under 60" (for magazines under $60 million), and All You made the list once again. All You also received an “Honorable Mention” in Capell’s Circulation Report Best Performers in 2008.

ALL YOU is designed for the value-conscious American Woman. The magazine provides practical, realistic and affordable ideas for every area of her life. ALL YOU offers recognition and encouragement that makes women feel great about their lives and themselves.

Customer Reviews:

  • Best magazine out there
    I absolutely love this magazine. It is all of your favorite magazines all rolled into one. It has cooking, fashion, gardening, beauty, health, fitness, etc. The only thing that it doesn't offer is celebrity gossip....more info
  • Haven't received the item yet.
    I don't know how the magazine is because I haven't received my first issue. It looks good and I'm looking forward to relaxing and reading it....more info
    I got in on a special here on for a year's subscription for only $10! What a great deal! This magazine is choc-ful of coupons and recipes! You can also find out how to use those coupons and get the most out of them from other people's blogs and stuff. Like
    ...more info
  • my new favorite magazine!
    I highly recommend this magazine for working or stay at home moms. There is truly a little bit of everything. Inexpensive fashion, makeup tips, healthcare, nutrition, fitness, relationships, family, etc... It doesn't prefer one to the other and there are useful tips jotted all over the place that are truly useful. There are very few ads in the magazine and the ones they do have usually come with useful coupons. It seems to market young moms ages 25-40. I am 31 and when this magazine comes in the mail, I honestly read it front to back. No useless stories or expensive fashion that is out of my reach. I just hope it stays as consistent and true to the market they are reaching. Thanks All You!!!

    7/29/08 UPDATE: I just reordered this for another 2 years. This magazine is still great and I actually start thinking about when another issue will be hitting my mailbox which hasn't happened since I was a teen.

    Top 10 Favorite Parts:
    1. Sudoku, Futoshiki, Crossword and Picture Puzzles in every issue
    2. Table of Contents shows a picture of the front cover with page numbers for each tag - quick to flip to what interests you.
    3. Easy layout to read. There are ordered sections called You Self, Your Health, Your World, Your Home, Seasonal, and In Every Issue.
    4. Normal everyday people - no stick figure models in the this mag.
    5. Fashion, decorating and make-up suggestions are all normal brands at normal stores (Target, Macy's, Gap, Walmart, Old Navy, LLBean, Pier 1)
    6. Little fluff and most of the ads that are in there have coupons
    7. Safe enough to leave on the table around kids (no kinky stuff)
    8. Just enough family and kid-fun info but majority appeals to women so you don't feel so mommyish readying it
    9. No gossip or celebrity picture. I don't buy anything that pays scummy paparazzi.
    10. I can read it from beginning to end the first day and still go back to the issue multiple times thru the month for decorating, fashion and recipe ideas. Great value

    I normally don't write long reviews but this is truly a great magazine!
    ...more info
  • Great Gift
    I bought this magazine as a Christmas gift for my aunt and my mom. They both loved the magazine and were glad to have a subscription rather than buying it at the store. The Amazon price was great, even cheaper than the magazine's website. ...more info
  • Nothing to lose!
    I really liked the information in this magazine and if that's not enough reason to buy it, it's FULL of coupons. You'll definitely get enough coupons out of this magazine to more than pay for it. :)...more info
  • all you
    even tho i have not received the start of this subscription yet, i know i will love it, as all you contains so many coupons that it pays for itself many times over....more info
  • Still not received
    Order was placed on 4/16/09. As of 5/17/09, 1st issue has still not been received....more info
  • All You Magazine Subscription
    All You magazine is sold only at Walmart and usually has close to or over $100 in coupons. It also has excellent articles. For a coupon seeker, this is a real find....more info
  • Great Read, Great Value
    All You is so very informative. A little bit of everything, for women of all ages. Food, self help, hair and makeup, relationships, children, crafts, and gardening; just to name a few. They are all jam packed in this magazine. That is why I so look forward to receiving it every month. As was said before, this wonderful magazine has many name brand coupons. It's like they pay you for receiving the magazine. Enjoy....more info
  • all you magazine
    ordered magazine (AllYOU) for my wife on 12/11/2008 have not received any magazines as yet 1/011/2009...more info
  • All you Magazine
    This magazine is great as a single mother I am always looking for new ways to save money and this magazine is jam packed with coupons...more info


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