TurboTax Deluxe Federal + State 2007 [OLD VERSION]

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Product Description

TurboTax Deluxe Federal + State 2007 guides you through your federal and state tax returns, with simple-to-understand questions to help you finish and file your federal and state taxes. Find over 350 deductions, get credit for your donations, and account for any life changes in order to get the largest tax refunds possible, guaranteed.

TurboTax Deluxe Federal + State 2007 guides you through your federal and state tax returns, with simple-to-understand questions to help you finish and file your federal and state taxes. Find over 350 deductions, get credit for your donations, and account for any life changes in order to get the largest tax refunds possible, guaranteed.

Get Your Maximum Refund - Guaranteed
If you get a bigger refund using another tax prep method, we'll give your money back. No questions asked.

Uncovers More Than 350 Deductions
Sit back and watch. TurboTax Deluxe searches your return for over 350 deductions, including those for mortgage interest, donations, and education.

INCLUDED. ItsDeductible Accurately Values Donations
ItsDeductible finds accurate values for your charitable donations. It factors in item conditions, so you get the deduction you deserve no matter what you donate.

NEW. Easily Qualify for Medical Expense Deductions
Should you report your medical expenses? We'll do the calculations, and tell you if you qualify for the deduction. No time wasted.

Watch Your Deductions Add Up
TurboTax Deluxe displays your tax savings total as it rises. It instantly shows how your deductions affect your refund.

View Deductions from A to Z
Looking for something specific? With just one click, TurboTax Deluxe tells you how to qualify for every deduction from A to Z.

Choose Easy

NEW. Reduce Your Risk of an Audit
Take comfort. TurboTax Deluxe shows you how unlikely your return is to catch the IRS' attention. We arm you with proof for your claims and help protect you from any IRS penalties.

Automatically Import Your W-2s
Don't understand your W-2? Make it easy. Import your income directly from participating employers.

Answer Easy Questions
No tax lingo here. TurboTax Deluxe walks you through your return, asking easy questions in clear language. We put your answers on the right forms for you.

Transfer Info from Last Year's Return
Watch as TurboTax Deluxe automatically transfers info from last year's return to this year's. Confirm your past entries to save valuable time.

INCLUDED. Prepare Your State Return
Relax while your federal info transfers into TurboTax State. You'll be half finished before you even start your state return.

Includes Everything in TurboTax Basic

eFile* or Print Your Return
Get almost instant gratification. When you electronically file your return - or eFile, you'll receive an IRS confirmation your return has been officially filed. What's more, you'll receive your direct deposit refund in as few as 9 days. Or, choose to print and mail your return. *Additional fees apply to eFile.

Explore Over 100 Deductions for Life Changes

If you had an eventful year, congratulations. TurboTax Deluxe will handle your new situation upfront so you can finish your return with confidence. Here's how:

Had a Change at Work
New job? Raise? Promotion? Whether your income has gone up or - dare we say - down, TurboTax Deluxe puts you in the right tax bracket automatically.

Bought a Car
Registration fees are deductible. So are hybrids. TurboTax Deluxe walks you through every deduction that applies to your new-car situation.

Bought a Home
Your new home could open up a wealth of itemized deductions. We automatically use the deduction method - standard or itemized - that gets you the biggest refund.

Sold a Home
How's this for easy? There's a good chance you won't even have to pay taxes on your profit. TurboTax Deluxe helps you qualify for the Home-sale Exclusion and keeps more money in your pockets.

Got Married
As joint filers, you could be entitled to a marriage bonus. Or you could be sentenced to a penalty. We'll help you determine the filing status - joint or separate - that's best for you.

Had a Baby
We'll help you qualify for every tax break that applies to your growing family. Welcome to the dependent exemption and childcare deduction (to name a couple).

Join the Millions Who Trust TurboTax

Relax. TurboTax is dedicated to protecting your personal and financial information. From the most advanced technology to our relentless Privacy Team, we have you covered.

Your Information Travels Safely
We protect your info like the Department of Defense protects theirs. Before you eFile, TurboTax encodes your information with the most advanced encryption technology. Only our computers can decode it, so you don't have to worry about unapproved viewers.

Your Computer Stores Your Information
After you eFile, rest assured only you can access your return. TurboTax CD and Download products store your information right on your computer. You control it.

Our Commitment to You
Our Privacy Team's only job is to guard you and your information.

Tax Forms
It's not as bad as it looks. Here are just some of the forms that TurboTax Basic fills out for you:

  • Form 1040 Individual Income Tax Return
  • Form 1040A Individual Income Short Form
  • Form 1040EZ Individual Income Tax Return EZ
  • Form 1040-V Payment Vouchers
  • Form 1040X Amended Individual Tax Return
  • Form 1099-DIV Dividend Income Worksheet
  • Form 1099-G Certain Government Payments
  • Form 1099-INT Interest Income Worksheet
  • Form 1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Worksheet
  • Form 1099-MSA Medical Savings Account Distribution
  • Form 1099-OID Original Issue Discount
  • Form 1099-Q Qualified Education Program Payments
  • Form 1099-R Distributions from Retirement Plans Worksheet
  • Form 1116 Foreign Tax Credit
  • Form 1310 Stmt of Person Claiming Refund
  • Form 2106 Employee Business Expenses
  • Form 2120 Multiple Support Declaration
  • Form 2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax
  • Form 2210AI Annualized Income
  • Form 2441 Child and Dependent Care Expenses
Plus tons more to get all of your taxes taken care of.
  • Walks you through over 350 deductions including mortgage interest, charitable contributions, education, medical expenses and more
  • Guides you through how changes in your life, like a new job, buying or selling a house, getting married or having a child, will impact your taxes
  • Downloadable Audit Support Center provides guidance on everything you need if you are contacted by the IRS
  • ItsDeductible helps you value your charitable donations
  • Includes a download of one TurboTax State product - a $34.95 value

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    This definitely makes doing taxes much easier. When I worked out my 2007 taxes before using TurboTax I owed about $150, after using TurboTax I received a huge refund. The only minor drawback is, that you have to pay about $40 per year to file your taxes. But that is much less than going to H&R Block....more info
  • TurboTax still rules!
    Now granted, not everyone is like me and can file a 1040A, but TurboTax's ability to fill out the current tax form (2007) using the old information from last year's tax form (2006) is as close to automation as one can get. It only took a couple of hours for me to complete both my Federal and State returns. For some that might not be fast, but within those two hours, I was on my way to the post office to drop off my returns.

    I got my refunds early last month and I didn't e-file....more info
  • Gets Better Every Year
    I have been using this product every year for about 6 or 7 years. It keeps getting better.....easier to use and the interface is very well done. There are alot of people who feel they can't do their own taxes no matter how simple, but this just takes you through the steps and asks questions as if you had an accountant sitting with you. I know there are other products and you can also do this online. I prefer using this on my own computer and not having to interface with the web. Now, there is even an easy option to backup your forms and also the software to another drive or CD/DVD. It's just a nice little feature. This product takes the sting out of doing taxes. If you aren't convinced that this is a good tax software, then there are lots of sites that review it, and it gets really good reviews....more info
  • E-File At Your Own Risk!
    Don't get me wrong; I like TurboTax software and have been using it for years. What I learned this year is that I will never never ever ever E-file again! During the E-file process, TurboTax checks your return for errors. On my return, it claimed that I submitted a blank W-2. I knew that wasn't true, but had to proceed. TT brought up my W-2 and the first box I filled in was my income. I hit the tab key and all the rest of the fields filled in automatically. OK, so I proceed on only to discover that TT had doubled my income and E-filed my return as an adjusted return with the new income. Instead of receiving $3200.00 in refunds, TT says I owe $21,000 in taxes! I attempted to contact TT but they ignored me. I have had to file two amended returns. It won't be until mid June before California gets to my amended return. They want their money now and are threatening to put a lien on my house if I don't pay. The Federal hasn't even processed my return yet. As a result, I won't get a stimulus check until they do. All TT did was refund my money for the E-file. If TT screws up on you Intuit WILL NOT HELP YOU! Again, DO NOT E-FILE USING TURBO-TAX!!!!!...more info
  • great product
    I use this every year and so far I have reason to switch. Plus if you use this product in back to back years it fills in all you information from memory. My tax situation is not all that complex so I can't say if it really gets all the deductions or not nevertheless I think its a quality product....more info
  • Downloads just don't work -- can't get state form
    I've used TurboTax in the past and been pretty happy, but this year is the pits. Downloading updates to the Federal form was horrible. It repeatedly failed and the on-line help was not useful. It instructed me to tune my firewall, but even with the firewall off the problem was still present. I finally managed to download the update manually and install it. But then when it was time to download the state form, the same connectivity problem came up. This time I even disconnected my router and connected the computer directly to the cable modem, based on a suggestion of the customer support person But even with the router disconnected, the firewall disabled and anti-virus software turned off,Turbotax would not download the state form. You can order a CD with the state form in it, but they don't guarantee arrival in time for the April 15 tax line. ...more info
  • TurboTax
    Easy to use most of the time. Some of the more unusual circumstances may be a bit harder to find out where and how to enter, but the new help format takes some of the pain away. Have used this program the last few years and will continue to use it in the future....more info
  • Exellent. Makes a tedious obligation a hell of a lot easier.
    A necessity! If you do not have a huge amount of deductibles (i.e. a house and kids) it is perfect. If you are doing a return that is more complicated than the standard deduction, then a CPA could be a more worthwhile alternative. For me, it was terrific, and idiot-proof, to boot!...more info
  • If you have Windows Vista, good luck
    This product DOES NOT WORK IN WINDOWS VISTA! There are several solutions to all the possible "errors" that occur in Vista but none of these solutions have worked for me, and many others in the discussion of this project below have gone to far greater lengths than I have to fix the errors they keep getting, with no successful results and a lot of stress added to the situation. Do not buy this product, or if you're determined to, really read the reviews to see if you qualify as a "victim of 2008" before purchasing this product.

    Here's the problem: TurboTax isn't updated so it wants to update automatically at installation. It's impossible to retrieve updates because Vista does not allow them through, therefore it's impossible to file and get the "up to date" forms that we supposedly need in order to file. Don't bother thinking you can get around the "efile" and simply print the forms. They just print out with the words "DO NOT FILE" written in bold letters all over the paper. This product is a real piece of work, it's just too bad it has people hooked every tax season thinking this is the be-all-end-all way to do taxes. It would be awesome if it didn't suck so much! I'm just sad I had to give it one star, cause it deserves nothing....more info
  • Good Stuff!
    As always, easy to use Federal and 5-minutes to do State. I have been using Turbo Tax for several years. Never had any problems with the software, service or my returns....more info
  • TurboTax
    As always, shopping at Amazon is amazing!. Product shipped and was on doorstep within three days of order...and with free shipping.
    Thank you....more info
  • crap-ware
    If your tax return is extremely simple this software may not be the worst choice. However, if you tax return is complex I highly recommend paying someone to do it right.

    I have learned several painful lessons using this software. I tried to open last year's return using the current version of TurboTax, thinking that it would be backward compatible. Wrong. If I try to open a .tax file created by last year's TurboTax, it tells me that it was not created with the current version of TurboTax and won't open it.

    I then tried installing last year's version of TurboTax, thinking how smart I was to save last year's software disks. It installed fine, but when I ran it it told me that it had expired. Huh? I paid good money for this software; nowhere on the product does it say it is functional only that year. How am I supposed to look at my old tax return documents in TurboTax if it won't run the old version and won't load the previous year's document in the latest version of TurboTax??

    I tried their technical support site. Being April 14th, they are busy, of course, however it said I could do an on-line chat with a customer service associate if I waited an hour, so I figured I'd eat dinner and just wait for them to come on-line. After a few minutes, I got a "network error" and my connection to their server was lost. That means that they are selling many more versions of the software than their tech support servers can support, and when their servers get overloaded, then just drop you. Nice.

    It offers you the ability to import banking and investment information from a short list of supported providers. Last year I worked for Robert Half, Inc. a huge nationwide contracting company, and Robert Half wasn't on the list! A giant company like Robert Half not on the list? bah humbug!

    It offers you the ability to import your W-2 from your employer if your employer happens to be supported. There is no list of supported employers, so you click the button and see what happens. Well, over the years using TurboTax I've never had it find my employer and I've worked for a number of different companies - large and small. Not a very useful feature.

    When you get to the end, it asks you if you want to file a state return. I live in Texas and there is no state income tax. So I told it I didn't want state income tax. It offered several times. How many times do I have to tell it I do not want buy state income tax too? Then in at least two places, they offer you this or that tax service that they sell. If you answer "no" to the first one, then the second one comes up and asks it you want to buy some other damn service. If I want your other damn services, I'll go to your web site and buy them! Let me do my taxes and get done with it. It's painful enough as it is without TurboTax messing with you.

    One final complaint: frequently pages have links on them telling you you can get more information on this form by clicking on the link. Rather than taking you to a web site that contains information about filling out that form, the link takes you to page in TurboTax that says to get more info, go to the IRS web site! Why don't they link to the appropriate IRS documentation for the form you're on. Just telling you to go visit the IRS web site is NOT helpful.

    I highly recommend NOT buying this software!!...more info
  • Tony's Music Box
    The product delivered by Tony's Music box (Turbo Tax Premier 2007) arrived very quickly, was exactly the product listed on Amazon.com and
    worked perfectly. No trouble at all! I would definitely buy through Tony's Music Box again. ...more info
  • SO EASY TO USE!!!!!
    This years product was even easier to use than years past. I would higly recommend this product to anyone that works, has kids, buys and sells stocks, works any side consulting jobs as well as has to fill out for multi-states. ...more info
  • It does what it says it does! Truth in advertising!
    Once again a deal of the day. We had been considering buying this to help our kids do their taxes. Ours are a bit too complicated and we still use an accountant. But it was SO simple and easy to use and both kids got their taxes done in under an hour! User friendly and you can get updates online. A no brainer!!...more info
  • TurboTax Rolls
    As a 6 time user of the software, I am still sold on TT. Although I felt at times that there should have been a more flexible way to get around to different forms through a quick link in the menu. If it was there, I missed it. I was particularly relieved/pleased that we did not have the internet disconnect problem that caused problems last year for us procrastinators. ...more info
  • Turbo Tax
    I love Turbo Tax! It takes me through doing my taxes one step at a time. Definately one of my favorite products!...more info
  • Great Product!
    TurboTax takes you through the tax return filing process step by step; very easy to follow and understand. I use TurboTax every year to file my tax returns! TurboTax uses your federal return information and transfers it to your state return; so your state return is almost finished before you start....more info
  • Turbotax--what happened?
    I've used Turbotax for years, but this version has a flaw in it. Don't use Turbotax if you have ANY complexity to your return whatsoever. The system is NOT intuitive, and if there is an error, you get stuck in the same loop, going over it over and over and over and over again without any insight as to what the issue is....more info
  • An Edit Function Needed for E-file
    Overall, I was satisfied with ease of using this product. My only quibble is the inability to edit what materials can be be sent by E-file to the relevant taxing authority. For example, a taxpayer may wish to change her withholding allowances in lieu of paying quarterly estmated taxes for an anticipated underpayment of taxes. With the E-file as presently designed, you do not have the ability to take that option. The California forms were also easy to use. ...more info
  • Not for stock day traders and Mac users! Worse than last years.
    If you're a day trader (and a Mac user), you might be better off filling out your tax return by hand. Something changed this year in TurboTax that doesn't allow you to quickly input your stock transactions. And TurboTax seems to run alot slower on the Mac.

    Unlike last year's where you could skip the "Easy Step" and go straight to the forms to directly input your transactions, now you are forced to either use the excruciatingly slow "Easy Step" or use the so-called Capital Gains "Speed Entry" Worksheet. And if you've had hundreds of transactions, "Easy Step" would require you to spend a few days to input all of them. And if you decide to use the Speed Entry Worksheet, you'd have to input each transaction in its entirety, not just the cost basis that your financial institution forgets to send you.

    Note that this CD comes with both the Mac and PC version. I tried them both and it seems the PC version is a little faster when it comes to editing stock transactions.

    Since the deadline's just a few days away, I'll just suck it up and use TurboTax's "Easy Step" to edit all of my transactions. Too bad I can't just used TurboTax 2006 for 2007's tax return....more info
  • did my pretty simple return
    My return is very simple, one job with a mortgage, 401K, real estate taxes. Not very complicated....more info
  • Turbo Tax
    Have used this product for seven years. It is the class of the field. No question about it....more info
  • turbo tax
    The software was easy to use and made preparing our taxes much easier. It was nice having ALL the forms we needed as we worked through the process. The prompts in the program given at certain points helped to reduce our tax which was nice....more info
  • Great Product but EFile fee is High
    I have used TurboTax both online and software editions for over 5 years. The online version would not allow me to import my Quicken files, so I opted for the Deluxe version with Federal and State. TurboTax is fast, quick and easy. Installation and updates were very smooth. Since I use Quicken, I love the option to import the files into TurboTax for faster and esier categoriztion. A big plus this year is the automatic import of W2 files. If you have one of the larger firms handling your company's payroll, this option is a great timesaver. It even calculates your Tax stimuluss rebate! The carryover of federal info to state is also a big plus.
    The biggest Con is the EFile fee, $17.95 for both federal and state separately. This is a rip off. Efiling your federal return will speed your tax stimulus rebate (if you qualify), but it is not worth it for both. There is an option when you have completed your taxes to give your feedback in a survey and to join the TurboTax Inner Circle. I strongly suggest you do so the let Intuit know what you think of their extra charges.
    Intuit makes what I think is the best tax filing software. I love having the detailed tax forms it allows you to save and print as well. If you purchase the software edition, you can import it into your Quicken file and easily update next year's edition of TurboTax. Intuit does need to do a better job of eliminating the confusing mulitple ediitons (Federal +Efile, Federal without Efile, Federal +State). They also need to be more reasonable with the Efile fee. ...more info
  • Same old same old
    Doesn't work with older versions of Quicken, and no upgrade path for folks with older versions who now have Macs....more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!
    Do not buy this Product. I bought it and when I filed my state returns, it did not even have the correct form. It also printed the wrong address to mail the forms to. DO NOT BUY!!! DO NOT BUY!!!...more info
  • Great new feature
    I have been using Turbo Tax software for the last 9 years (and used Macintax for the prior six years). There is a new feature which blows away whatever other upgrades in the last 15 years. When you complete the taxes, it burns a CD copy of the tax files, the PDF images of the completed tax forms and the program for paper-free and convenient storage. The 21st century has finally arrived in the world of tax preparation!...more info
  • TurboTax Tops
    This is the fifth year I've used TurboTax and it comes through for me everytime. Always new and helpful features, always accurate. ...more info
  • Does not import TaxCut 2006 tax files on Mac (does so on Windows)
    I interpret this either as 1. Intuit doesn't value Mac users as much as Windows users or 2. Intuit wants to lock out TaxCut in the Mac market. In either case, this product merits 1-star for Mac users, IMHO. I'm outside of the 30-day return window unfortunately. Note that TaxCut imports TurboTax files....more info
  • software good, fees SUCK
    Software is great, but added fees SUCK. You pay $40-$45 for their friggin' software and then they want $18 each to file fed and state if you want to file your returns electronically. Come on! What is it all about if you're not going to file electronically!? Oh, and if you owe the feds or state, they want 2.49% of the owed amount and you're using YOUR credit card to pay the owed taxes and they call it a "Convenience Fee." TT has convenienced themselves out of a customer that they have had for the past 8-10 years. Next year I will use a different software just because they are so greedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Turbo Tax filing fees
    I use Turbo Tax every year and I e-file using the Federal and State's filing services (which are free or minimal cost). This year when I was reviewing Turbo Tax's information while going through their e-file option I somehow activated the process for them to do the e-file.
    I was perusing their e-file process to find out the costs and any special requirement or information they may have in order to compare it with the two government tax sites. I don't know how it happened, I thought I ended the program before the final option of activating the process. It turned out to be very expensive, almost $70. Half of that goes to Turbo Tax and the other half goes to a bank that actually collects the returns and then they take both fees out before forwarding the remainder of the returns to my bank.
    I use Turbo Tax every year and this was the first time this happened. The calls I made to Turbo Tax and the bank were for naught. Turbo Tax people basically said their program gives warning before the e-file choice is activated, and they discounted my assertion of how it occurred.
    Bottom line is USER BEWARE.
    I would like to see advice on filing and ways to maximize deductions, but I suppose that is what a tax attorney or CPA is for....more info
  • Love it.
    Awesome product that really sells itself. Made Tax preparation and filing really easy. I've used Turbo Tax for the past 3 years. ...more info
  • Expected better
    I did taxes manually last year (as a first year resident) and decided to go with TurboTax this year, as I thought it would save time and provide some guidance. This has not been the case!

    The interview format is for the most part easy to understand. However, for some of the questions you can't really tell where the information will end up in the form and there is limited guidance. At least the IRS forms have instructions for each line (not the case with some of the interview questions in TurboTax) so you can easily go wrong with TT. I discovered that the software calculated my depreciation incorrectly and that I can't change it. Furthermore there is a bug in the SW for my State return so that once I get through 75% of the interview questions, the software removes the extra payment I made with filing my extension (and it cant be undone once this has happened).

    Given the uncertainties, I will need to redo everything manually instead so the SW has been of limited use to me. I am surprised of all the positive reviews of TT. Surely many other must have encountered similar problems.
    ...more info
  • Seamless!
    Beats the hassle of going over IRS rules, especially if you fall somewhere between "EZ" (nothing to report but income) and "tons of details" (accountant necessary). Better than Tax-Cut (or whatever that other one is called) -- that one is less intuitive....more info
  • General
    I have been a beta tester for Quicken (Windows) for a number of years. Each year I think "I don't think anything can be improved over last year's." And each year new additions and improvements are made. I have been using the final version for a month and I have no complaints and I am very happy with its performance.
    ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I have been TaxCut customer for about 10 years but decided to go with TurboTax this year because feedback columns reported that TaxCut and Vista did not get along well. While I have always liked TaxCut, I have to say that I liked TurboTax better and will stick with it in the future. I felt that TurboTax was much easier to follow and handled some of my tax issues (e.g. determining the taxable portion of pension income) much better. The only issue I experienced was a few minor errors in importing my 2006 TaxCut data. Guess that won't be a problem next year....more info
  • Very Happy
    Even though I choose free shipping I got my product before estimated ship date. I'm very happy with it, it was new and I got it fast. Thanks....more info
  • Very good as usual
    I have used Turbotax for over 10 years for doing my taxes and it continues to be quick,easy and gives me the results I want. Money back!! I saw on a Weekend news show a comparision of Turbotax, a tax place and an accountant. It looked at money back along with cost of preparation. Turbotax gave the same amount back at a cheaper price. Great to know.
    I'll be buying it again next year....more info
  • Never received item
    I ordered this item over two weeks ago and it has still not arrived. Given that it's tax return software, I have had to purchase it elsewhere and need to get a refund.TurboTax Deluxe Federal + State 2007...more info
  • good program
    it works fine. the only thing i don't like is you can't e-file with it. ...more info
  • Not good; screwed up my state returns for NY
    Can't stress enough how lousy Turbotax was for me. The program itself seemed all nice and simple, only to find out from NY state weeks later that they didn't receive all the forms needed for part-year residency. Awesome. This means I need to completely redo my state taxes for NY.

    I've tried getting in touch w/Turbotax thru customer support, but every time I call I sit on hold the ENTIRE TIME. I've been calling for two days and have yet to have a service rep even pick up the phone.

    Do yourself a favor: skip Turbotax and just go to an accountant. Definitely not worth it in the long run to go Turbotax....more info
  • Bye bye accountant
    There are sections for all different types of investments and rental properties, 401ks and such which made this year's version much more thorough than I expected. Pretty straight forward interface too. I've been using it for a few years now and recommend it....more info
  • Great update for Mac Leopard OS
    There are a lot of reviews already, so I will concentrate on how it now works on Apple computers.

    I have been using this program for years, but this time it wouldn't even load onto my old iBook. The Prez of Intuit had an apology on their web site, saying that they had to move on and support the new operating systems and Intel-based hardware.

    Well, I was beginning to run into more and more problems with new software and my old computer. Taxes were something I had to deal with so I found a great deal on a Macbook Pro and went for it. This has the newest Leopard OS.

    Glad that I did. This version of TurboTax is really much better. Far easier to use, nicer in every way. Clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate. The old version was so complicated that it was easy to get lost if you had to go back to check something. I did these returns in one-third the time, maybe less.

    When I was nearly done, the program noted a couple of "errors" that required me to go back and check some boxes. The only problem was that these were for things that didn't seem to pertain to my return. I think the "errors" were errors themselves.

    However, this was much better than the prior version where I spent hours chasing after numerous odd "errors", only to find new ones popping up. Arrrgh.

    The old info transferred over perfectly. I was worried about that because last year's return was on the old computer with an old OS and it had to be sent over to the new Mac and then downloaded into the new program.

    I like the way your refund status gets emailed to you so you don't have to access a web site.

    The process of getting your return saved, printed and sent off was very easy and fast.

    Many complain about the extra charge for electronic filing. I was aware of this, so it did not come as a rude surprise to me. Some people do want to mail it in and get a direct check, so maybe it is fair to make it an extra-cost option to have returns set up for electronic transfer and direct deposit. I just think the cost is too high though, especially for joint returns.

    You have to give Intuit a lot of credit for making it possible for most people to actually do their own tax returns. It must have been a monumental programming effort and I give them an A for sure....more info
  • Taxes anyone?
    Good software at a fair price to do your taxes. It caught things from last year that I missed and it also caught what a commercial tax preparer missed.
    Mo money
    Mo money
    Mo money...more info
  • So simple an English major can use it!
    Great software and very easy and fast to use. This is my 3rd year using TurboTax and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Overall Satisfied
    The product worked fine. The shipping was slow and was not packaged well. It was beat up pretty bad. I was surprised it still worked....more info
  • Very buggy this year
    I've used Turbotax for years with excellent results. This is the first year I had a problem and it was a huge one. When it first calculated my tax, it added my AMT to what would have been my regular tax rather than just using the AMT. I wound up owing $27K rather than $3K. I reran the calculations and the second time it got the actual tax I owed correct. It was close to being a nightmare and the time between thinking I unexpectedly owed $27K and the time I reran the software was wrought with anxiety. Next year I try TaxCut....more info
  • Serious problems with HSA on TurboTax
    As of this date, TurboTax has not resolved its glitch with Health Savings Account contributions. It gives "excess contributions" warnings despite contributions well within legal limits....more info
  • Maximize your Deductions? Didn't work for me.
    Running on OS X 10.4.11 on a Mac.

    Program refused to acknowledge my estimated tax payments on Form 1040. The "Moving" deduction part of the program does not do any calculations. For example, in Easy Step, it told me that I didn't meet the 50 mile criteria although we moved 200 miles. A check of Form 3903 indicated that the program had not subtracted the two mileage entries, and did not register the expenses entered after the mileage difference was overridden.

    I don't think I can trust this program. If I had used it blindly, I could have paid a lot of money to IRS. Maybe it works better in Windows....more info
  • Great Transaction
    I received item faster than expected and in pristine condition. Highest regards for this seller and I recommend using him again! Great job. ...more info
  • Quicken 2009 Premium Home & Business - (from a beta tester)
    I have been a Quicken Home & Business beta tester for several years now and a user of the product for many more years than that. In testing and using the new version of 2009, there was one clear enhancement that I think is worth the purchase all by itself, and that this version let's you customize the product in just about every manner to suit your tastes, how you use the product, and even just the visual appeal. This is important, because, unfortunately, as products like Quicken & competitors add features, it can get cumbersome, especially if you don't use all of the plethora of features. You can eliminate the screen clutter by customizing, so you don't lose functionality, but you can choose to use only what you want.

    From a quality perspective, being a beta tester for this product, as well as an IT Professional who beta tests other types of products, I have to note that the 1st wave of the beta test product came out very clean (from a software bug perspective). This is key to me as it shows Intuit did its' due-diligence in internal testing before releasing it to the beta testers. Software quality is something clearly lacking in the industry now, (look at all patches, fixes, etc) and these can be security problems. I'm not saying there won't be any patches for Quicken, but it was refreshing.

    There are also a bunch of other enhancements, that I'm sure have been posted, and I'm sure some people will not feel they are necessary, while others will, so I won't debate that, but it has changed quite a bit from even the 2008 version, so if you are before that version (or even at that version) it is worth considering (especially since you can make it more user friendly to yourself via the customizations).

    The only faults I find in the product (which ARE NOT new to the 2009 version), is that it should have a more robust home & inventory manager (I believe this may be a separate Intuit product now, but should be a part of this product). The other point is that I have a small partnership LLC company. My volume is low that it approximates that of a well-established sole-proprietorship, but not very heavy. As a result, I really do not need the double-entry features of Quickbooks, but because I don't use Quickbooks, I cannot automatically export the Business information to Turbotax Business (and I cannot use Turbotax Home & Bus because it doesn't accommodate anything other than a Schedule C sole proprietorship. Hence, I'm forced to buy Quickbooks and Turbo-Tax Business OR manually move my BUS numbers from Quicken to Turbotax Bus. It still moves all of my personal information over to Turbotax, but I'd like to see Intuit try to accommodate some of the smaller partnerships and LLCs in the H&B product. That's not a technical problem though, just a personal issue.

    Lastly, and this is not for Intuit, is that many people are now members of Warehouse clubs (eg Costco, Sams, BJs), and/or use Supermarket frequent shopper cards. Seeing that these companies gain valuable marketing and logistics information from us allowing them to collect personal information on what we purchase, I'd like to be able to download that information into Quicken as well. Realistically, if you fill up a shopping cart with products at A&P, do you go home and enter every single product/category into Quicken as a Split transaction??? This service would be great to assist in budgeting and seeing where money goes down to a granular level. (If anyone knows how to get this info, please share).

    Hopefully some of this review will help some of you. ...more info
  • Turbo Tax Deluxe
    This is a good tool for doing your taxes. I used it the previous year and knew what to expect. It was much easier this year....more info
  • Worked like a charm!
    Installed perfectly on Windows XP. Imported last years tax data perfectly.

    Manually downloaded information from all my financial institutions, using the correct import file that the firms make available for manual import. (Not the import button in Turbo Tax)

    IMPORTANT! Remember to get the correct file from your broker since the import function button in Turbo Tax does not import your cost basis for stock or options. Unless you do, you will have to fill this out yourself. Talk about time, and time is money..Get the right file!

    I find that there really is no need to buy the more expensive version, this product does schedule C for my business and home office. I used the Home and Business last year and quite frankly found very little difference in the product. Annoyingly, Turbo Tax kept asking me to upgrade.

    This year I knew that e-filing would cost and I gladly paid for it since I was afraid of the IRS's human/scan error in transcribing and I only paid $29 for Turbo Tax with State this year from Amazon.

    Received my State Refund in a week, and I my Federal Refund in 2 weeks. No extra costs, deposited right into my bank account.

    I still use the forms function to fill in most information, since that is quickest.

    ItsDeductable software is useless, time consuming and I question the high amounts it gives to used, very good condition clothing. For my purposes, I claim 10% of the new purchase price for a deduction. If a suit cost $125, the donation is $12.50. Come on guys, I've worn the suit--How can it be worth $65? Maybe this is why Turbo Tax sells extra audit protection? Since I did not pay for ITsDeductable, I still give Turbo Tax Five Stars this year.

    My son, the poor college student (sigh), will again file online for free with Turbo Tax, by accessing it from the IRS government website.

    ...more info
  • You Can Do Better
    If you've paid a lot of money in taxes last year this product is not for you. You owe it to yourself to visit a tax professional. As a test, I bought this product to see the refund it would get me. Dissatisfied, I visited a tax professional and they tripled my return that TurboTax would have got me. ...more info
  • Turbo-Tax
    A very easy to use program for doing your taxes.
    A LOT better than Tax-cut, (I used to use Tax-Cut,
    until I got penalized because the program calculated
    my tax incorrectly)....more info


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