REMINGTON T Studio Collection 20-Heated Clip Hair Setter (Model: H-2050)

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Product Description

The worlds first hair setter with DUAL HEATING TECHNOLOGY sets long lasting curls in just 5 minutes! Unlike traditional rollers, the Remington T-Studio setter has ceramic plated heating clips that provide additional heat transfer onto the hair. The roller heats the curl from the inside while the clip heats the curl on the outside- setting a beautiful, long lasting curl in just 5 minutes. Professional Features:- 20 Velvety Rollers - 2 Roller Sizes (8 Medium 1 Rollers and 12 Large 1 ? Rollers) - On / Off Indicator Light - Color: Black/ Light Pink- Hinged Clips with Ceramic Heating Plates- 90 second fast heat up- Convenient Cord Storage Compartment- Tourmaline Ionic Conditioning- Dual Heating Technology - 4 year factory warranty.

Customer Reviews:
    THE BEST!! So easy to use!! AND thanks to the heated clips I can curl my hair in no time! Highly recommend!...more info
  • Best I have ever used
    I have used various types of hot rollers for the past 30 years. This is by far my favorite. I never burn my fingers. They are very quick to heat up, about half the time you needed with older rollers. Like any rollers, when you leave them plugged in for a long period of time, they will get too hot to the touch. The results are awesome. People I have known for years made comments. Even on a windy day my super straight hair held a curl. Highly recommend. I purchased mine through a local discount chain that begins with a W. Saved about ten big ones....more info
    I liked the look of this set (horizontal styling) and that the clip was on top of each roller.

    They don't call it "DUAL HEATING TECHNOLOGY" for nothing. Each time I grabbed a hot roller it not only burns your hair, it burned my hands!

    I bought this setter because it appeared to have the type of clips I'm looking for. I found the clips hard to HOLD OPEN while my almost burned hand was trying to hold the roller in place for it.

    My current set up is my old clairol flocked set which uses metal clips. I have since purchased a bag of the plastic clasps that work great, but wanted ones that actually "go" with the setter. So far I haven't found good clasps with a new setter. Seems simple enough.

    Someone told me to try babybliss (sp)?

    I've been using hot rollers for 25 years without ever getting burnt if that helps.
    ...more info