The Whammy for Babies: Vacuum Cleaner Sounds to Soothe Colic and Fussiness

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Product Description

It's official. You're new parents! You have a beautiful baby and are more than overjoyed. You bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital and things are going great-that is, until the crying starts and you can't do anything to stop it. You soon realize your baby has colic. Your joy turns to panic-what are we doing wrong? And, most importantly, what can we do to ease the crying?

You're not doing anything wrong. You just have a baby with colic. And, there is something you can do to ease the crying. The soothing sound of an ordinary vacuum cleaner may help tremendously. And you can do it without worrying about burning the motor out on your vacuum. This is where The Whammy for Babies: Vacuum Cleaner Sounds to Soothe Colic and Fussiness comes in. Simply play the sound for baby and watch them relax and go to sleep. Then you can relax and enjoy your new arrival more than ever.

While there is no cure for colic, there are methods that work. The Whammy for Babies: Vacuum Cleaner Sounds to Soothe Colic and Fussiness is one of the best and easiest ways for parents to soothe their colicky babies. Don't go crazy-just get The Whammy!

The Whammy! is a full length CD featuring nothing but the sound of a vacuum cleaner to help soothe colicky babies.

Customer Reviews:
  • It works
    We were wearing out our vacuum cleaner running it during the babies colicky crying spells. We bought this CD and it works like a charm. The real vacuum quiets her down in 5-10 seconds and the CD takes 20-30 seconds, so she must be able to tell a slight difference between the real deal and the CD, but heck it works and we use it a lot. I don't understand why a vacuum sound quiets a colicky baby, but I'll do it....more info
  • works great
    My child had colic and with teething still has bad spots. When all else fails this works!

    Be aware though- the 72 min. are broken into 3 tracks each ~24 min. When one ends and the next starts there is a break in the sound and then a really loud start when the next track begins. This sometimes wakes baby back up once you get them to sleep. Woke me up the first time it happened! This is why I rated it a 4 instead of a 5.

    There was only one other Baby Vacuum CD I could find on Amazon and it was not rated while this one was. I ordered both. They both work.

    However, the other CD has 1 hour of a vacuum sound in one track. I prefer the one with the sound on one track but it is harder to find, available only from certain sellers, and often out of stock.

    If you can't order/find the other one, this one works and is better than running your vacuum yourself. The abrupt stop and start does not always wake my child (actually rarely).

    When I can't find the other CD I do give this as a shower gift....more info
  • Hello, calm baby!
    My daughter developed colick from about three weeks and I had no clue as to what to do to get her calm. Luckily, I came across this and she responded to it very well. It was like a miracle! Also, I like the longer lenght so she can sleep more soundly once she calms down.

    If you have a baby with colick, I would suggest this product without hesitation. It has really helped me and my husband deal so much better with it.
    ...more info