Rabbit Air MinusA2 (covers 700 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier - 6 Stage filtration w/ free Customized Filter - Long-Lasting Filters - Energy Star?, Toxin Absorber

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Product Description

The latest brainchild of the RabbitAir family of Air Purifiers is the MinusA2. Say Goodbye to Allergies and Asthma. The MinusA2 features a relaxing Mood Light never before seen in an air purifier and incorporates a cutting-edge 6 stage progressive filtration system (all filters in one case). This advanced HEPA filtration system needs very little maintenance requiring you to replace the filters once every 2 years at 12 hrs/day operation. The MinusA2 is designed to ELIMINATE, REMOVE and DESTROY many allergens, odors and germs. The 1st stage is the Pre-Electrostatic filter (washable), captures large size particles, dust, pet hair, and allergy germs. The 2nd stage is the Medium filter, this anti-bacterial filter traps allergens and mold greater than 1 micron in size. The 3rd stage is the RabbitAir HEPA filter which captures all airborne allergens and mold 99.97% of the time down to 0.3 microns in size. The 4th stage is your free customized "Toxin Absorber" filter which is specially engineered to remove off-gassing from furniture, carpet and paint. The 5th stage is the Activated Carbon filter which removes household odors, chemical smells and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). Finally, the 6th stage is healthy negative ions which facilitate the purification process, as well as, provides mental nourishment. The motor design of the MinusA2 is ultra-quiet producing only 47 decibels at Turbo Speed and 21 decibels at low speed; much, much, quieter than conventional air purifiers. It's also Energy Star certified and Wall-Mountable. This is the best investment for you and your loved ones for many years to come! Backed by an Industry-Leading 5 Year Warranty

  • The Toxin Absorber filter is a specially engineered filter designed to provide an extra layer of protection beyond the MinusA2's already advanced filtration, so choose the filter that will benefit you most. Best of all...it's free. Toxin Absorber filter eliminates smoke and toxic VOC's that are off-gassed from furniture, carpet and paint.
  • Amazon A - Z Purchase Protection & RabbitAir? No-Hassle Return Policy ~Fastest Shipping through Amazon~ Compare our 5 YEAR WARRANTY to the competition! Energy Star? certified appliance at only 47 watts at Turbo and 8 watts in silent mode; remote included; Virtually No Maintenance; Unit Measures 20" H x 21.4" W x 7" D
  • Zero Ozone Emmissions, ETL safety approved; True HEPA filter traps airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97% of the time
  • Unit can operate at 4 different speeds + Turbo & Different Modes Available: Auto, Baby or Rhythm; Innovative Mood Light will calm and relax you while providing elegance to your home decor; Effectively covers 700+ sq. ft.; Wall Mount Option (search MinusA2 wall mount on Amazon); Superior Quality backed by an Industry-leading 5 year warranty; compare to our competitors' 0-1 year warranty!
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: (1) Minus A2 Air Purifier, (2) Remote Control, (3) 2 AAA Batteries, (4) User's Guide, (5) Pre-Electrostatic filter, (6) Anti-bacterial Medium Filter, (7) RabbitAir True HEPA Filter, (8) Customized Filter: Toxin Absorber, (9) Charcoal based Activated Carbon filter
Customer Reviews:
  • best air filter and looks good filtering.
    This is my second Rabbit air filter, and i'm loving it. I put one in the kids room and one in the living room. Does not take up much space cause you can hang it on the wall. My previous filter was a honneywell it's a good filter too but the noise level is higher and does not look as good. ...more info
  • Very beautiful, looks like a giant Desktop PC/iPhone
    This is the most gorgeous looking air purifier I have ever bought. It looks like a shiny flatscreen tv from a distance, and up close it looks like a huge Desktop PC with all the lights. Its quite heavy, about 20 pounds, but its Thin flat profile allows for you to place it almost anywhere in the room, and even wall mountable (kit sold separately).

    I just received mine today in black. Rabbit Air shipped it Wed, and it arrived Friday. Very cool.

    When the machine first turned on, it automatically set the fan speed on high because it sensed my air was dirty, then about 5 minutes later, it went to silent room and gave me the blue light for ok air quality.

    This thing is SILENT. I can barely hear it running when it is in "silent" mode, and even at "turbo" it is still quieter than my Honeywell 50502 on soft. It's energy star compliant which is a plus.

    It has 5 different filters, and you will have to replace them in 12-24 months (depending on use) for a total of $75 a set.

    I haven't done any "scientific" experiments to put its claim to the test, and will update this review in 12 months when the filters need replacement and will let you all know how it has gone. I gave it 4 stars based on looks and quietness.

    I highly recommend you try it out and don't worry because there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

    For those who want a quick tech specs, here are the details off rabbit air's website regarding the model SPA-780A


    Size of Product (INCH) 20H x 21.4W x 7D

    Weight 19.4 lbs.

    Color Black and White

    Power Consumption 8 to 53 watts

    Sensor Air Quality (Adjustable Sensitivity) & Light

    Mode of Operation Manual, Quiet, Auto, Pollen, and Sleep

    Effective Coverage Area

    Normal Residential Use 780 square feet

    Allergy Sufferer 390 square feet

    Air Flow (Cubic Feet per minute)

    Speed 5 (Turbo) 224 CFM

    Speed 4 (High) 165 CFM

    Speed 3 (Med) 123 CFM

    Speed 2 (Low) 99 CFM

    Speed 1 (Silent) 62 CFM

    Noise Level

    Speed 5 (Turbo) 50.2 dB(A)

    Speed 4 (High) 43.6 dB(A)

    Speed 3 (Med) 35.6 dB(A)

    Speed 2 (Low) 27.6 dB(A)

    Speed 1 (Silent) 23.9 dB(A)

    CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

    Pollen 208

    Dust 200

    Smoke 193

    Filter Life

    Nano-Silver Electrostatic Pre-Filter Washable/Permanent

    Medium Filter Up to 2 years

    BioGS HEPA Filter Up to 2 years

    Custom Filter Up to 2 years

    Deodorization Activated Carbon Filter Up to 2 years


    Parts Warranty 5 Years

    Labor Warranty 5 Years

    ...more info
  • Sleek and Sexy
    I'm an artist so I'm pretty picky about what is visible in my room. This thing is sexy! It looks great and it's super easy to figure out. Through no fault of RabbitAir, I was actually sent the wrong custom filter and they fixed me right up and sent the correct filter ASAP. Kudos to RabbitAir!

    Only downside is that I expected it to remove smells from my room. Granted, it knew right away when my roommate cooked up some nasty greasy crap the other day. I was surprised when it's sensor lit up and it cranked really hard to filter out the smell. It was just too strong though. The smell took forever to go away.

    Bottom line, it works great, it cycles a lot of air. Good buy....more info