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Product Description

The Sun Touch Plus Lamp and Ionizer bathes you in sky effect light while simultaneously releasing healthy negative ions into the atmosphere. This helps in lifting up your spirits, which in turn balances your body clock leaving you feeling rested, refreshed and nourished all over.

Experience the powerful healing combination of 10,000-lux light therapy and negative ion therapy with this safe, soothing, and measurably effective light therapy system. The Sun Touch Plus Lamp and Ionizer bathes you in Sky Effect light while simultaneously releasing healthy negative ions into the atmosphere. Lift your spirits with this combination that balances your body clock, leaving you feeling rested, refreshed, and nourished all over.

The Sun Touch bathes you in Sky Effect light while simultaneously releasing healthy negative ions. View larger.
NatureBright captures nature's healing rays in an attractive and compact home lighting kit. Light and ions combine to lift your mood, stabilize your internal rhythms, and invigorate your body systems. Thirty minutes a day can bring about a marked change in your spirits, sleep cycles, and concentration, and can alleviate the nagging symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In some cases, it is even possible to reduce the effects of painful and prolonged menstrual cycles, all without drugs or negative side effects.

Are you, or is someone you know, suffering from symptoms of SAD? Take this handy self test to find out.

Get Relief from Eight Common Problems
Sun Touch Plus helps relieve symptoms such as:

  • Winter SAD
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Low moods
  • Fatigue caused by irregular work shifts
  • Menstrual and menopause discomfort
  • Irritability
  • Excessive tiredness and fatigue
  • Jet lag
How the Sun Touch Plus Lamp Works
The Sun Touch Plus emits energizing, healing rays, using 10,000-lux Sky Effect light while simultaneously releasing streams of negative ions. It creates the same fresh air you feel by a waterfall or from an ocean breeze.

The Science Behind NatureBright
Scientific researchers have discovered a new light receptor in the eye's retina that interprets signals from light rays, and sends the information to sections of our brain that stimulate hormone secretion and body rhythms.

The Sun Touch Plus' Sky Effect lamps emit the optimal blue light that best stimulates these receptors, which send signals to neurological receptors, energizing important centers in the body. While this light appears normal to human eyes, its special frequency tackles winter SAD, sleep problems, low moods, and even jet lag.

The Sun Touch Plus couples light therapy with negative ion therapy. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, electron-sized particles found in refreshing environments like on beaches and around waterfalls. Clinical studies show that high-density ion therapy provides an automatic antidepressant effect within a few days of use.

What You Can Expect with Sun Touch Plus

  • You'll safely receive Sky Effect light stimulation--the equivalent of standing outdoors on a clear spring day.
  • You'll synchronize your sleep cycle with your waking cycle, staying rested and on track.
  • You can take it with you when you travel. It's portable and easy to hold.
  • You won't experience harmful side effects.

As your world gets lighter, your mind can think more clearly and you'll feel calmer. It's easy to bring the gentle healing touch of nature into your home.

Tested for Safety
Sun Touch Plus with Sky Effect Technology has been submitted for safety testing to the Age-related Macular Degeneration Center at the University of Texas' Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. The study did not identify any cumulative toxicity to retinal cells following exposure to the NatureBright Sky Effect light. Based on these studies it would appear highly unlikely that the NatureBright Sky Effect light would cause any light damage to retinal cells in vivo when used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • System includes 10,000-lux light therapy and negative ion therapy
  • Balances your body clock, leaving you feeling rested, refreshed, and nourished all over
  • Can alleviate the nagging symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Clinical studies show that ion therapy provides an automatic antidepressant effect within a few days of use
  • Attractive and compact design

Customer Reviews:

  • It's a help
    Having suffered for years with seasonal mood disorder, this product has helped quite a bit. I've found I feel more alert and have less headaches.
    The fact that it also emits negative ions to breathe for 30 minutes is a definite plus....more info
  • Easy to use, seems to work
    With two young kids, sitting in front of this for 30 minutes is kind of hit and miss for me, but I will say, I have noticed a difference in my mood. This light has helped my mild depression and general blahs due to the dreary gray rainy Seattle winter. It has also helped my husband who was having a hard time when we switched to daylight savings. It's fairly sturdy too. I've dropped it a couple of times and it didn't break....more info
  • It wirks
    I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this product and most addressed the unit's fragility, and the smell. As to the fragility: I've knocked the sunlamp off of the table onto a hardwood floor, and it still works.
    The smell: I really don't like the smell, I'm very sensitive to smells, but you can shut that part off and just use the sunlamp.

    The product description says that the ionic feature is good for allergies, and maybe once you get used to the smell it works. I can't handle it, so I'm not going to try again until I'm really stuffed up.

    I've been using the sunlamp feature for about two weeks and I've noticed a marked increase in my energy (it has been very overcast lately, which usually makes me want to sleep all day), I've been sleeping more soundly and waking up refreshed as well. Nothing else has changed in my life, so I have to give credit to the lamp.

    Another of my concerns was the practicality of staring at a lamp for fifteen minutes a day, in the morning, I set it up slightly behind my computer screen and barely notice it.

    I have no regrets about the money I spent on this item, it was totally worth it....more info
  • Great Item!
    Perfect to keep energy up when in front of the computer all day. I ordered it to replace an old box style Ott light purchased many years ago. Replacement bulbs for that are no longer available and it had lost its brightness. I used to leave it on all day long. This light is VERY bright and I like the fact that you can use it for 30 to 60 minutes with the timer. I probably have it on for 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a day.

    It is true that the negative ion generator smells a very little bit, but it is not unpleasant and I think adds to the mood elevation aspect. And, as many reviews state, can be turned on or off separately. Good deal; highly recommend....more info
  • Negative ions GOOD!!
    I've been enjoying this lamp for a little over two months...especially at night as I have it next to my bed and I breathe the negative ions whilst I sleep! Seems to be a better, deeper sleep (which is always nice). One evening, however, I turned it on and the ions emitter wasn't emitting!! OH NO!!! NOT THAT!!! I contacted the manufacturer and they agreed to replace it for free!! Can't WAIT to get the new one...I NEED MY SLEEP!!
    PS: The light seems nice, but I rarely get a chance to use it more than about 10 minutes at a time, and to get the benefits from it I really need to spend more time than that. Perhaps in winter... ...more info
  • Pleasant results
    Like other reviewers, I was headed for the worst SAD winter in years. Frustrated, and having too much to do to feel this bad, I bit the bullet and decided to spend the money as a last ditch effort to feel better. Within just a few days, I "thought" I was noticing a diffence in mood/energy, but was convinced when my husband confirmed that he recognized an improvement. I have been using the light every morning at 6am for 30 mins. while having my coffee and watching the news. I have the kind of energy I do during the spring/summer. My "foggy" brain has cleared along with the aches and lethargy and it's only been 2 weeks! Highly recommend product as an alternative to feeling bad, and more importantly in place of medication(unless deemed necessary for the individual). Haven't used the ionizer yet, but it is a nice feature....more info
  • Did not work!
    I was excited that my light arrived so quickly. Unfortunately the light did not turn on! I have mailed it back to Amazon via Parcel Post from Alaska. It will arrive to them after the 30 day period but I hope I get my full refund as I mailed it before the 30 days. Probably just a defective model but I have opted to try a Verilux Happy Lite instead. ...more info
  • Wonderful Product
    I have had SAD or seasonal affective disorder for as long as I can remember but this year it seems to be substantially worse. I purchased this light box after hearing about it from friends and I must say it has worked wonderfully. I have more energy, less fatigue, and I feel like my old self. I do advise some caution as it can cause mania if used in excess.

    The air Ionizer does smell a bit odd but it helps especially if you have allergies.

    I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • good lamp
    I have had this light for about a month. I use at work for 15-30 minutes eac morning when i get into the office. I have it right next to my PC monitor so i can work with it shining right in my face. It seems pretty well made. No complaints...more info
  • too blue
    I found the light to be too blue and I did not like the ion therapy....more info
  • I love my SunTouch Plus lightbox!
    I'm in love! It's Christmas time!
    It hasn't happened in several years, but this fall, the sun just seemed too dim to me. It started to leave me feeling a little blue. Soon, I was starting to turn on every light at work, at home, whether I needed it on or not. Then my mother-in-law made a suggestion: "you should try a light box. My brother has one and he loves it."

    Just hours ago I unpacked my SunTouch Plus. My co-workers were looking at me funny (I had it delivered at work, but I'm taking it home with me tonight), but I took it out, put it on my desk, and turned it on. I know it takes several days to feel the long-term benefits, but as soon as I had the lights on, I never wanted to turn them off. Maybe its the effects of the negative ions, or maybe it is the light itself, but I fell in love with my SunTouch Plus. I'm going to be spending all winter with it.

    A note or two: another reviewer mentioned that the smell of the SunTouch Plus made him ill. It does have that new electronics/plastic scent, but I expect that to eventually fade away as it seems to on other electronic devices. In any case, it doesn't bother me. Also, it's the size of a laptop computer (you know, one with a 15" - 16" screen) in height and depth. You won't be able to hide this on your desk and use it without anyone noticing, like you would some of the smaller light boxes (maybe like the Verilux Natural Spectrum HappyLite Mini Ultra, Silver, which I'd get if I needed one at work). Fire up the SunTouch Plus and be proud, or take it home (as I plan to).

    I look forward to my 6 AM sessions with my SunTouch Plus in the living room while I watch BBC World News every morning. I'm looking forward to the rest of winter....more info
  • NatureBright Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp
    Bright noiseless light with timer in 15-minute increments. Separate on/off ionizer. It really makes a difference after about a week of use....more info
  • You NEED this if you have SAD!!!!!!!
    I can't believe the difference this has made! I started the downward SAD spiral in mid-October, did some research on SAD, and decided to bite the bullet and get this particular light box. Within a week, I felt a HUGE difference. I encouraged my 17 yr. old daughter to try it, too. Even a BIGGER difference in her attitude! I am on meds and she is not(I hate taking meds and didn't want to up the dosage, this has done it for me, yea! I also do not want to put my daughter on meds, and this has seemed to put off that need. She's a new person. :) ) I, also, LOVE the ionizer. To me, it smells clean and fresh!!
    So if you are dragging now, don't wait, this is the best product for it's price! Blessings, Kelly...more info
  • very helpful
    I suffer from SAD and this light has helped. I like the ion fan and don't find it strong smelling at all. It does take a minute to get used to the brightness but I definetly feel better after sitting in front of it for 20 minutes...more info
  • A great light box!
    This is a great lightbox that is small enough to move easily to wherever I need to be. I really like the timer feature. ...more info
  • Does make me feel better.
    I'm not sure that this light and ion therapy lamp really does chase the blues away, but when I use it, I do feel better. A couple of days I forgot to use it and I did notice I felt more "down" those days. So, maybe there is something to this light and ion therapy. Anyway, it's a good lamp for the money. It works good, is very easy to use and very portable. I set it next to my lap top computer in the mornings when I am reading and responding to emails so it's very convenient. If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or any type of depression or trouble sleeping, I do recommend trying this lamp. It's a great price and fast shipping. Definitely an A+ in my book!...more info
  • I love it!
    I live in North Dakota where we have about a week of fall before it turns into winter. Our winters start in late October or early November and last until March and sometimes late April. This product has really helped my family through the winter blahs. It's dark when I go to work and dark when I come home (I only work 8 hour days) and this light with the ions has really helped my mood and motivation. The ions give a feeling and smell of the fresh air right after a thunderstorm. I would recommend it to anyone who has a tougher time getting up in the winter and especially for EVERYONE who lives in the far North where we don't get much sun in the winter months. ...more info
  • SAD Light -purchased to change my circadian rhythm
    The SAD lamp/box has worked well with changing my circadian rhythm. The price point is good and I had it reviewed (and many other of these types of lamps) by an opthalmologist and he deemed it to be the safest at that price point. Even at that price point, he said that it is absolutely safe (for the retinas). The only displeasure I have with it is an unpleasant rubber or plastic smell. If the company could eliminate that, I would give it five stars instead of four....more info
  • NatureBright was helpful.
    I live in Alaska and purchased the NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp TWICE!! The first time I used the light once and it would not work after that. I received a replacement and used it ONCE and it no longer worked. The NatureBright Company paid postage when I returned both lamps. They also sent a third lamp. The conclusion was that the lamps were not working because the temperatures are so severe here. ...more info
  • Sun Therapy
    If you are wondering which lamp to buy, I would suggest you get this one and you will be happy. It is exactly what I needed, the size is great, has an ionizer, and the price is good as well. I found that using it in the morning while I work on the computer is a good plan. Makes a huge difference in mood, esp in the sun deprivation that we have in Michigan all winter. ...more info
  • Great for winter blues and an spectacular bargain
    This time of year in Chicago the sun is setting around 4pm, and on cloudy days it's hard to distinguish dawn, noon and dusk from one another. This product is compact but large enough to sit on a desk within the required range for effectiveness. The lights are great and so is the ion therapy that has a nice smell to it. I was somewhat suspicious of the ion therapy but it is a nice addition. The light therapy makes you feel awake and energized to start your day in the dreary times of the year. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • So far so good
    I bought this for my wife and it arrived very quickly. It's working great. Suggestion: order this in the off season. They get more expensive in the darker, shorter days of the winter months. Then in summer, they are available at a discount....more info
  • no change
    it does feel nice to have the light shining,I live in ND and it gets dark fast and the sun doesn't come up till 8AM. If I had started earlier I may have noticed more,I just sit with the light 45 min in the am and feel just a bit better....more info
  • Bye Bye Winter Blues!
    I have had winter SAD for a long time and if I knew the enormous difference this thing would have made I could have saved myself many seasons of suffering. Within a few days my mood has done a complete 180! I feel like "my old self" again! Thanks Naturebright your product has changed my life and I dont ever want to go without it again. ...more info
  • Great value!
    I researched a lot of these units and couldn't justify the expense, or how big and ugly they were. This unit is a great value, nice size, good appearance, quiet, has an automatic timer in 15 min increments then turns itself off. I almost didn't buy it because of the ion/ozone feature, but it has a separate on/off button so I just don't use it...though it does come in handy cleaning the air in my kitchen of cooking odors. Anyway, I love it. Winter in Wisconsin seems to last forever, and this winter I have my own little piece of sunshine! ...more info
  • Good SAD Light
    I have endured mild Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) primarily manifesting as fatigue and apathy during the winter months. I was happy to find a low priced and sufficient light (1000+lux) on amazon. The order arrived quickly and after using it for several weeks, I have noticed a more 'normal' feeling of energy level and mood. For those with some degree of SAD, I recommend this product because it is user friendly, compact and provides the appropriate amount of light required for light therapy (1000 lux). I have not used the ion-therapy much, but it is optional, so to each his/her own...though there is some information in the scientific literature about the emotional benefits of ion-therapy....more info
  • No winter blues for me!
    Love my light! Use it every a.m. for 30 minutes while I read or check my email & news. So far, so good. No winter blues for me. NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp...more info
  • Daylight at the touch of a button
    The NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp was a great purchase. I wake up early and the winter months can be tough. I use the light while I get ready in the morning. I don't sit directly in front of the thing as recommended, but move around a small room with the light on for about 30 minutes. It seems to work just fine in lightening my spirits. Highly recommended....more info
  • Defective
    The first one I ordered wouldn't turn on at all. I returned it for a free replacement, per Amazon's return policy. That one worked for two 30-minute sessions, and then I encountered the same problem - it wouldn't turn on at all. Either this company makes defective products or I've just been unlucky, but because of my experience I would not recommend this lightbox at all....more info
  • all that's missing is the sound of the ocean
    This Chicago winter was draining the energy out of me. This product seems to do what I was hoping it would do, revive my energy level. Who knows if it's true or just the power of suggestion, but I give it 2 thumbs up....more info
    I bought this (also after reading reviews) and all I can report is ......... this light ACTUALLY HELPS !!

    I've been using it twice a day and my messed up body clock is resetting !! Somehow, I'd been waking at 1:30 AM CST and going to bed at about 6 p CST. This little miracle product is getting my sleep/wake schedule regulated back to normal. I'm also noticing an improvement in my energy levels.

    So far, I've not had any problems with the ionizer that some reviewers have cited.

    1. Actually helps !
    2. Cord is 6 feet so easy for positioning.
    3. Instruction manual provides times and settings for use (more can be found via sun therapy books)
    4. If ladies choose to apply makeup while using it, it provides a great light as well.
    Truthfully, have not found a single one.

    I can't stay enough about how terrific this sun therapy light is !!...more info
  • Immediately broke

    Although for about 4 days I found the light component of this item helpful, the ionizer immediately broke and I had to return it. ...more info
  • Good product, but large
    I ordered it because of everyone's good reviews, however I found it too be too bulky. I returned it and found a product I like much more; it acts as an alarm clock but also has the light that can start in 15 minute increments leading up to the alarm going off.
    But amazon is always great with returns! ...more info
  • Light therapy makes me happy
    Got this for my daughter for the winters here in IL. After 2 days she said she had enough energy to take the dog for a walk! When she doesn't use it for a few days she claims she is tired, crabby, and short-tempered. She is happier, more energetic and even has the energy to exercise. Beats pills and therapists and costs alot less too!...more info
  • Pretty Good Light Therapy for the Price
    This Christmas Season I am serioulsy thinking about getting the Philips GoLight because of the great reviews it's getting. Last year I received the SunTouch (made by Apollo at that time) Plus and used it a few times during the dark days of Winter in 2007. I did feel somewhat better on those days but I'm not one easily able to discipline myself to sit in one location within the recommended distance from this lamp. Also, I didn't find it easy to put this lamp in my front of me right after awakening and was nervous about using it later in the day because of the circadian rhymthm thing. So, in a sense, a quirky neurosis or 2 kept me from consistently using it last year.

    This Winter in Alabama has been one the dreariest we've seen in a long time. I don't think the sun has peeped from behind the clouds in over 5 weeks! Since the days are naturally shorter this time of year, the overcast weather has quadrupled the normal, seasonal light deprivation effects. About a week ago, when all my friends were talking about how the lack of light affected their moods negatively, I made a committment to get out the SunTouch (which had been put aside and practically forgotten) and muster the discipline to sit in front of it for 15-30 minutes upon arising.

    The first 2 days I used the device, I noticed I could tolerate Christmas music again and even found myself singing along to a couple of Christmas songs. I also have found myself sleeping more deeply at night without the need to get up several times during the night for trips to the fridge to eat homemade white chocolate Christmas Fudge, which can be very fattening. After over a week of using the SunTouch and experiencing the benefits I now find it well worth the committment and the small discipline needed to get the recommended 15 to 30 minutes of light therapy per day. This has been one of the least blue Christmases seasons I can remember in years. I attribute most of that to this device.

    I still want to purchase a Philips GoLight because of the portability feature and the wider distance range for the device to be effective. Having to sit so close to the SunTouch I find to be somewhat limiting. However, for the price I now find the SunTouch is an effective product when used regularly. I give it 5 stars because it really works for me to spirit away the Winter Blues and its not as expensive as the Philips GoLight....more info
  • Feel great!!
    I got this Sun Touch Plus light for myself as a holiday gift because I live in the North East and winter is such a drrraaaagggggg. It is AMAZING!!! I feel cheerier and happier due to this lamp and winter doesnt bum me out nearly as much. I set up a little reading area with incense and candles around it...complete with carribean music and coconut lotion. Helps a ton. Buy will love it. :)...more info
  • Great Christmas Gift
    My boyfriend bought this for me last Christmas, as it was at the top of my Amazon wish list. I have had SAD my entire life, except maybe very early childhood. Honestly, I really love it. It is very pleasant to sit by, and I really like the ionization feature, which produces a strangely pleasant smell... sort of like new plastic? I've read a few negative reviews, one said that the light is too blue. Personally, I don't see what they mean, it looks pure white to me, in fact it is similar to the "daylight" CFL bulbs that I have. All in all, it works quite well, and really does lift your spirits fairly quickly. My only complaint is that I have trouble getting up in the morning to use it for the recommended 15-30 minutes. But now I've started using it in the afternoon, and it works great!

    Btw, I wish people would stop posting 1-star reviews because of DOA conditions of products, that has nothing to do with the performance of the product! Stop pulling down the rating because of a factory defect!...more info
  • Great gift item
    I purchased one of these for each of my parents (in their 50s). We live in Michigan, and by February every year, they are both itching to jump on the next plane to Mexico just to see sunlight. So, I figured that the light therapy would be helpful to them.

    They are skeptical enough that they said that it's not like actual sunlight, but that they do notice a difference when they have it flipped on next to their desks all day. My dad traveled last week and said that he wished he had packed his to take with him.

    ...more info
  • NatureBright Suntouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy
    I liked the product until the ionizer stopped working after about 10 days. I shipped it back, and am still waiting for a replacement, which is taking longer than necessary, in my opinion, and with no replies to my inquiries. I'm definitely not happy about having paid in full for an item that I do not have....more info
  • Best for the Buck
    Like a lot of Oregonians, I suffered from SAD for years. (There is a reason that Oregon has the most suicides.) Just using this product for a few days made a marked improvement in my mood and energy level in the mornings.

    After 2 weeks the effect kind of hit a plateau, but the good news is that, with continued use, the improvement again increased and today I am happier than I have been in many, many years...more info
  • Shouldn't have waited so long
    My doctor recommended light therapy for me 12 years ago, but I thought it was bunk. This season seemed worse for me and I bought one as a last ditch effort to avoid anti-depressant medications. I wish I bought it years ago! Don't know how or why, but it works! I've recommended it to other family members who suffer with SAD. Don't wait. Avoid the drugs....more info
  • Helped me with my winter blues
    I moved from Virginia to Iowa in '06 and experienced SAD during my first winter here. It wasn't something that I recognized right away and by the time spring came, I was 30lbs heavier and suffering from moderate depression. After some extra warm weather exercise and a resolution to not let it happen to me again this year, I did some research on sunlight therapy and settled on this affordable NatureBright product.

    I felt the difference within 2 days of using it! My mood brightened and I started to get my initiative back. Even though it is still cold and grey outside, I now go for walks, out to eat, on day trips and have started picking up forgotten projects around the house.

    Per the instructions included with the lamp, I sit in front of it for 30 minutes in the morning and then sometimes another 30 minutes in the early afternoon. I have the Ion breeze on throughout the day.

    In reference to the actual product, it has a timer which is wonderfully easy to operate and makes the 30 minute timing precise. There is an on/off switch for both the light and the ion air. The lighting area is about the size of a hardback book and has 4 long bulbs.

    Overall, I feel that this is a great item to use to perk you up during those winter months inside!...more info
  • sunlight
    The lamp works well, it is helping my wife deal with SAD. This is an excellent buy....more info
  • Not bad for the money.
    I was very excited to get this lamp to help with my slight Seasonal Affective Disorder. I leave the ion function running during the day and use the light to help wake up in the morning. I have it next to my bed but the light from the buttons need to be covered because they are very bright. The ions smell a little funny and it buzzes a little in this mode, but it's mostly fine. The light is great in the morning. It really helps me wake up and has replaced my morning coffee. I have not hit the snooze button since I bought this lamp. I live in Ohio and wake up at 6 when the sun is rising around 7:30. When I bought it the price was about $110. ...more info
  • Stopped working after 5 days
    I used the NatureBright lamp for about 5 days but when I went to turn it on the sixth time, it would not power up. I checked my power source and it's definitely the lamp that's defective. I'm returning the item and am going to look into different brands of light therapy devices. The price of the NatureBright was the lowest on the market which is why I was so hopeful that it would be a good product. I can say that I definitely noticed some improvement in my energy levels and I was excited to see how the light therapy was going to work in the long term. I'd still recommend trying the NatureBright. The return policy on Amazon is great so you have nothing to lose....more info
  • I bought this because of other people's reviews
    I have gotten down in the dumps around November every year. This year it got bad enough that I finally decided to buy a light box. What can I say, it works! I use it in the morning for 30 minutes while I check emails. If I have time I use it in the evening when I get home from work for another 30 minutes. The only cons I can think of is that the ionizer thing smells bad. Sort of a strong plastic smell. I have been using the light box for around a month. I feel very good. I am not down in the dumps at all. I highly recommend this if you have seasonal effective disorder like I do. I would have bought this years ago had I known it would actually work....more info
  • It Works!
    I use the SunTouch Plus Ion Therapy Light on a daily basis during winter months and on days I just can't seem to stay awake. It has been very helpful for SAD and even low grade residual depression. Although I add a word of caution: I like to use the light on an extended basis as I am working on the computer. Those who may be prone to mood disorders may find that this light may keep you awake at night if you are not careful as to how much you use it. Light therapy truly is helpful, and this is a good product. It was covered and reimbursed by my health insurance for the full amount as my doctor wrote a prescription for it. Also. once the "new" smell of the ionizer wears away, the scent is like that of after a rain storm. ...more info
  • Works Well
    I bought this in December to help with waking up and the relatively mild SAD I experience in the Northwest. It's bright, it turns on and off, the timer works, and it does everything it's supposed to do. I didn't really care about the ionizer, but I've found that it does make a nice fresh-air smell. I forgot to turn off the ionizer one day and when I came home from work my room smelled like I had had the windows open all day, which is a nice thing. I don't find it has a weird plastic-y smell like some people have mentioned. I would say for the price it's a generally good unit. ...more info
  • KathyLee
    Very relaxing just to sit still , I work in a Dark Spa Treatment room all day and with it being dark when you get of work sometimes you just need a little sun with no damage to the skin. Taking the time to use this is the only negative....more info
  • A significant change!
    I'll just be brief in saying that my wife has suffered from SAD for years. We bought this baby to last through the gloomy Michigan winters, and O' what a difference it has been. It's amazing. We went on vacation and she didn't have access to the treatments for a week, and it showed. We got back home and the first thing she started was her light treatments and bam! back to normal. I use this occasionally and do see a difference, but I don't suffer from SAD as significantly as my wife does. Good product, give it a shot....more info
  • SAD light box
    This is the second Sun Touch that I have owned and am very pleased with it. After almost 5 years, the old one stilled worked great but was discontinued, so I couldn't get new bulbs. Love the timer and the Ion Therapy option. Would definately recommend this product....more info


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