Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything in It

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Ten-year-old Tae Kwon Do blue belt and budding rock hound Brendan Buckley keeps a "Confidential" notebook for his top-secret scientific discoveries. And he's found something totally top secret. The grandpa he's never met, who his mom refuses to talk about or see, is an expert mineral collector and lives nearby! Secretly, Brendan visits Ed DeBose, whose skin is pink, not brown like Brendan's, his dad's, or that of Grampa Clem's, who recently died. Brendan sets out to find the reason behind Ed's absence, but what he discovers can't be explained by science, and now he wishes he'd never found him at all. . . .

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great reading for teens, adults and the young at heart
    I couldn't put it down. The plot was engaging, the characters realistic, the theme important to improving human relations. Thank you for this gift of a book!!...more info
  • I'm hoping for a sequel
    I really enjoyed this book. Brendan is a terrific character, and I am waiting for the sequel to find out what happens next. I found myself relating to the way he experiences the world, and admiring the decisions and choices he makes. The story is extremely engaging, filled with laugh out loud moments. Its also poignant and heart wrenching, and I shed some tears while reading this on an airplane.

    I was at a reading event for this book, and the kids in the audience were extremely interested in the excerpts read aloud. They all laughed at some of the funnier moments, and seemed really interested in Brendan's hobbies - rock collecting and TAE KWON DO.

    This was such a rich story, and I recommend it highly.
    ...more info
  • Very Captivating
    We got this book for our 10 year bi-racial son and LOVE it! It really gives a good look and perspective into what it is like to be a child and have to deal the daily struggles of being bi-racial. It touches on things that parents don't think about on a daily basis! I read this book prior to giving it to our son so I could quiz him on each chapter and had a hard time putting it down myself! A great read for any age!...more info
  • Truth, Lies, & Race
    Disclaimer: I am personally acquainted with the author.

    This is a well-written book that accurately targets its age level. Everything wraps up tidily, though not easily. Sundee has an amazing ability to get into the head of a young boy. If I didn't know better, from reading this, I'd think she'd been a young boy. Her characterization is that good, and that accurate.

    All pervading the scene is an underlying theme of lies and truth, connected to the healing of racial divisions. In Brendan Buckley's universe, lies lead to more lies; truth and openness lead to healing. This is clear even as Brendan relates the scientific method (another strong and laudable underlying theme). Brendan details every point of the method- accepting the final one, reporting the results in a peer-reviewed journal. The lack of this final step is telling; it is the truth-telling and sharing of science, by which the scientific community is sustained and information shared and confirmed. At that point in the story Brendan has not yet realized the importance of this final step, though he pursues everything else in science as the foundation of his life.

    Sundee writes for her audience with depth and insight. Children, especially boys, ages 10-13 should in particular enjoy this book, and those biracial or bicultural will particularly learn more about how to approach life and relationships in a healthy and loving manner....more info
  • Captivating and fun!
    Brendan is such an inquisitive boy and that is what I like about him. I love Khalfani's name and the antic he plays on his little sister. And both of these boys seem so real because of the "boy" things they do together. I love the strong message of the importance of family and loving each other regardless of race. ...more info
  • Loved it...couldn't put it down!!
    I just finished reading this book. I loved it! I felt like I was in the characters' world. It's like they are people I now know. I miss them already. Frazier does a great job developing her characters. My favorite characters are Brendan and Gladys, his grandmother.

    I can't wait to read it with my sons or have them read it themselves. I look forward to the good discussions we'll have about it. I could see it being read in a 4th/5th grade classroom to open a discussion about prejudice and racism, which I think is very important to do. Frazier handles the fragile issues of racism and family in a way that you have sympathy for all who are involved.

    To balance out the more serious issues, there are many humorous moments that kids would relate to and laugh outloud about. I highly recommend tis book!...more info
  • I really loved this book!
    Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything In It is a good book. It is a really good story because it is funny, it has exciting things happen and it is suspensful. My favorite part of the story is one of his experiments. I tried it. You should read it and try it too. It also made me want to do Tae Kwon Do....more info
  • Courtesy of Teens Read Too
    Brendan Buckley is into Tae Kwon Do and studying rocks. He would love to be a scientist and faithfully keeps a notebook with important questions and findings. During the summer, Brendan plans on becoming a rock collector. And he is trying to adjust to losing his best fishing buddy, Grandpa Clem.

    When looking at a mineral and gemstone exhibit, he meets a man who has awesome rocks and who knows a TON about rocks and minerals. His Grandma Gladys sees the man and yanks Brendan away. Well, what are the odds of this? That man was actually his other grandpa. A man he had never met. And is told to never see again.

    Although Brendan doesn't really want to disobey his parents, he wants to know this mystery man. Maybe he could help fill the void left by Grandpa Clem's death. Maybe this other grandpa could teach him about rocks. Maybe he could get to know him and find out why his mom has nothing to do with him.

    As Brendan sets out to get to know this man, he has no idea what kind of trouble he may be stirring up.

    Sundee T. Frazier has created a likable young boy with unique interests and love for his family. Readers will enjoy his adventures and see past generations with new awareness.

    Reviewed by: Dianna Geers...more info
  • A Powerful and Hilarious Book!
    I LOVED Brendan Buckley for many reasons. First of all, when I met the character Gladys I laughed until I nearly cried because she was such a spunky old woman. And then I was curious about Brendan's grandfather because of the way he acted toward Brendan. Khalfani was such a funny character! I was very disgusted in Chapter 8 when Brendan and Khalfani had a little "contest" about something that shouldn't be spoken of here.

    I would recommend this to people who like comedy, tae kwon do, and kid scientists. Five stars out of five because of its comedy and it made me feel like I had to believe in family and sticking together. ...more info
  • Warm story of family secrets.
    Sundee T. Frazier's BRENDAN BUCKLEY'S UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING IN IT tells of a ten-year-old Tae Kwon Do blue belt and rock hound who discovers a grandfather he's never met - who is an expert mineral collector who even lives nearby! Brandan sneaks off to visit his grandfather - and makes discoveries he'll come to regret in this warm story of family secrets....more info
  • Brendan Buckley Takes Action!
    Brendan is both likable and complex, which is always a good combination in a protagonist. In fact, he's the kind of character you really miss when a book is finished (I'd like to meet him in person!). I especially like that when he faces an important question, Brendan takes action (sometimes even the drastic kind) to find an answer and when he uncovers something that he senses is wrong (in the world or even in himself), he doesn't rest until it's made right. The themes of family, race, and forgiveness are all poignant. Plus, there's a lot of fun in this book. A worthy read for kids and adults alike. ...more info


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