Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend, 100% Japanese Tea Leaves, 100 Tea Bags

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Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend, 100% Japanese Tea Leaves, 100 Tea Bags Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend Ryokucha. 100% Japanese Tea Leaves.

  • Sencha green tea with matcha blend!
  • Nylon filter bag for optimum water flow during brewing!
  • The tag has a slot pre-cut in it to fit on the edge of your cup!
  • Green Tea is a proven source of antioxidants, which promote eye health and aid the immune system!
  • Great Taste - noticeable sweeter than other brands!

Customer Reviews:

  • great tea!
    I am really picky with tea. I rarely drink from a tea bag..But this green tea actually make me wanting to get a box of 100 tea bags!! Amazing!
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  • Taste to value ratio is fine, surprizingly good taste!
    I have never been a friend of tea in bags, but this one I really like.And only one tea I drink in bags without complaining.
    (And I should add the bags are nice nylon and separately packaged). Of course if you drink the very expensive green Japanese loose teas,prepared in a traditional way, this one is of course such a great taste as expensive macha with bright green color.

    But I am not such gourmet. Nor I have been in Japan. This one is good for me, nice taste, ( slightly dry green and has sweetness of rice), nice color. Of course the water can't be too hot, or bag shouldn't stay for longer than 30 sec.And water needs to be filtered for better taste,as water can spoil so much.
    The price for the taste is in my opinion really good, and this one is my daily tea,it is not fancy, yet really good. This matcha is a blend,so, we don't know from which region it comes, is generic, but I don't mind.
    Again, it is not a gourmet tea, and I gave five stars for being special in its class: inexpensive teas in bags. Also excellent tea to introduce green tea haters into drinking green ones. (Many people don't like certain aftertastes, this one is mellow enough and fresh tasting).

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  • Wonderful flavor
    This is easily my favorite of the several different green teas I've tried. It has a comforting smooth and slightly sweet flavor that is natural without tasting bitter or grassy. It's very inexpensive and the tea bags make it convenient to make compared with loose teas.

    It helps to read the directions because this tea only needs to be steeped for 30 seconds. And like other green teas you should use water that is not too hot to keep from burning it and causing it to be bitter....more info
  • A decent cup of green tea, even better iced
    While I wouldn't describe myself as a tea connoisseur, I am a regular tea drinker. I like both green and black teas. I buy the Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha blend especially for brewing iced tea: 5-7 tea bags in cold water left overnight in the refrigerator, remove tea bags, and serve with or without ice. I find it needs no sweetener or lemon. Tea bags left longer than 24 hours will make the tea bitter and the matcha sediment can also become bitter.

    There are other teas I like better, such as a Gen Mai Cha or a high quality Jasmine tea. For the price, the Kirkland brand is just fine and reliably available at Costco....more info
  • Unique Brew
    The tea bags, brewing instructions, and flavor are unique. In just 30 seconds of brewing you get a great tasting green tea. This tea tastes good even without adding any sweetener....more info
  • The best green tea!
    I have never liked green tea very much before, but I love this green tea. I drink it constantly. You can make iced tea easily by steeping the tea bags in cold water for only three minutes. Yummy!...more info
  • Yum
    This is my favorite cheaper green tea. One of the few I can stand not sweetened. Not nearly as bitter as many of the others I've tried. Has kind of more ricey flavor. ...more info
  • This is it. Good green tea available in the U.S.
    It was described to me by a friend and green tea aficionado as "About the quality of gas station tea in Japan." While not as good as the best $2/gram matcha teas I've had, what I can say is that the 30+ brands I've tried from Asian markets around the country (USA) have nothing on Japan's gas stations....more info
  • Great Japanese green tea with the best price
    This is a great Japanese green tea with full yet delicate flavor. I love to serve it to guests in a big mug, and everyone loves the fragrance, the taste, and also the packaging (the pretty tea bag). I also love the fact that each tea bag is individually packaged, so I can give them out as gifts. I was given a box bought from Costco, but I can't believe that I found it on Amazon for only $[...]!...more info
  • Best Green Tea
    One of my co-workers turned me on to this green tea (he gets it from CostCo but since they don't take Discover I'm skipping on that one). It is the best green tea I've ever tasted. It has a light sweet taste and it reminds me of some of the teas I had on vacation in Japan/China. ...more info